Friday, July 3, 2015

Vatican's Flirtation With Climate Change Leads To More Squalid Associations

Almost two months ago, I wrote of "the smoke of Satan" infiltrating the Catholic Church.  As you read the first post in that anthology, you'll notice that there are a number of avenues by which progressivism and by extension, Satan, is insinuating his anti-God agenda into the minds of Catholic leaders; I regret to say that evidence indicates that some of his nefarious ideas are seemingly being entertained by the pope.  Obviously with the Obergefell v Hodges ruling, our attention has been focused on the second bullet point.  However much has been happening with regards to the first and fourth points.

Again we owe much gratitude to the Lepanto Institute for smoking out some "smoke of Satan".  They discovered that within days of the issuance of Laudato Si, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Aposotoic Nuncio to the UN, gave formal approval to the "Sustainable Development" goals of the United Nations.  The official Vatican statement, made on behalf of Pope Francis, stated, "We support the verbatim inclusion of the sustainable development goals and targets as in the Report of the OWG (Open Working Group)."  We all know what that term "verbatim" means in this context; the Vatican has put its stamp of approval to all the sustainable development goals; that includes "sexual and reproductive rights".  Of course that means contraception, sterilization and abortion.

Read the Lepanto article for more detail.  I do have one minor disagreement with Lepanto.  Towards the end, they opine that the archbishop and the pope don't understand the ramifications of the sustainable development goals.  I believe the only way that could possibly be true if both the pope and this archbishop were absolutely clueless dunderheads.  Can we believe that without being simpletons ourselves?  Of course not: not when "sustainable development" and various synonyms are splattered all throughout Laudato Si itself.

But there is evidence to make clear that the Vatican, all the way to the pope, understand very well what is entailed by the phrase "sustainable development".  A key component of that evidence is the plethora of progressives and anti-life personalities who, at the behest of the Vatican, are providing input to the "climate change" initiatives of the Vatican: Ban Ki-Moon, Jeffrey Sachs, Hans Schnellnhuber.  It seems that this evidence is growing before our very eyes.

Word now comes to us via Catholic News Agency that yet another such individual will be working with Cardinal Turkson.  She is Naomi Klein and she describes herself as a "secular Jewish feminist".  She states that she was "surprised" to be invited to speak at a Vatican environmental summit.  Well, many of us share her surprise, albeit for different reasons.  She clearly has Marxist leanings (like so many in the Vatican these days) and has gone so far as to support the Occupy movement.

We clearly are getting an unambiguous picture of the attitudes of many in the Vatican when it comes to population control.  Whether they intend it or not, they are lending credibility to baby murder.

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