Friday, July 17, 2015

Yet Another Vatican Conference Will Promote Climate-Change Junk Science And Population Control

From the Catholic News Agency, we read that this conference will occur next week, July 21-22.  Ostensibly its purpose is to demonstrate a linkage between "climate change" and slavery.  Well, I daresay other linkages are made even more manifest by this conference.  The title of the conference is one indicator.  "Modern Slavery and Climate Change: the Commitment of the Cities" is the title of the workshop in question that will be held during the conference entitled "Prosperity, People and Planet: Achieving Sustainable Development in Our Cities".  The conference is sponsored by (surprise!) the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Let's focus on the conference title for now.  What two words indicate the underlying agenda with all this?  Sustainable Development!  We've seen that lots of times over the past few months, have we not?  Back in April, this same Pontifical Academy of Sciences hosted another symposium to prepare for the disastrous Laudato Si; the report produced therein specifically called for "reaching a level and sustainable population".  Recall that just after the release of Laudato Si, the Apostolic Nuncio to the UN gave the Vatican's formal approval to "the verbatim inclusion of the sustainable development goals and targets" of the UN.  That means that the Vatican has given approval for the usage of abortion, contraception and sterilization to accomplish those ends.  Oh sure, there might be the statements here and there decrying abortion, but they are far outweighed by the more insidious promulgation of concepts such as "climate change" and "sustainable development".

We also must consider whom the pope is taking into his confidence.  We've seen him include in various deliberations and conferences notorious "population control" advocates such as Jeffrey Sachs, Hans Schnellnhuber and others.  I point out that Schnellnhuber was recently appointed by the pope to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.  Can anyone doubt that he had much to do with the putrid output of these symposiums and conferences?

I wrote a piece two months ago explaining how I see the "smoke of satan"entering the Church through a number of specific avenues; one of them is climate change, but they all seem to dovetail into each other.  We also see how the "climate change" hoax makes it easy for guilty parties to excuse their enabling of the gay agenda.

Almost two years ago I wrote of a pastor within the Archdiocese of Washington who publicly announced that he condoned homosexual conduct while counseling Catholics.  At that time I wondered aloud if he would be allowed to continue in his post, where he posed a danger to souls.  Lo and behold, this week's issue of the Catholic Standard indicates that he still holds his post.  Not only that, but the Standard is holding Father Daly and his parish up as examples.  Why?  Because they've "gone green"!  In Father's words, it's part of "a living faith".  So, never mind about the souls of the poor homosexuals who need the truth of Jesus Christ and His sacramental graces.  As long as the parish and pastor are "green" (and don't you just love his green cap?), who care about souls going to hell?

Remember - Laudato Si and the proceeds from these junk-summits do not stem from dogma.  They fall within the realm of "prudential judgment" at best.  Truth be told, the level of "prudence" isn't that high, as these things do reek of progressivism.  We are not required, as faithful Catholics, to give assent to them.  I'll leave you with two things: the first is an excellent article by John Zmirak.  The second is a link to some very relevant entertainment for a Friday evening.

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  1. These prelates really are not Catholic in any sense of the word. And nope, they really don't care about souls going to hell because in their poor twisted ideology, there is no such thing as hell. They just kind of go up like a puff of smoke after death, if they are really sinful. Everyone else goes to Heaven, didn't you know??? Everyone goes to Heaven UNLESS you are a greedy Capitalist that doesn't care anything for the poor and marginalized. I differ with you slightly on the 'Smoke of Satan' in that the 'Smoke' has turned into a 'Raging Fire'.


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