Monday, July 13, 2015

Pope Francis Is Keeping The Blasphemous Bauble From Bolivia

As per his usual habit, the pope gave an interview during his plane trip from Bolivia back to the Vatican.

I'll start by providing a treat to my trolls and scolds who wax apoplectic when I point out the errors emanating from Pope Francis on an almost daily basis.  When they're not avoiding me, these "tut-tut-ers" wag their fingers and chide me for being "negative" (note that they don't accuse me of being factually incorrect, just "mean-spirited" and "negative").

Well, guess what?  Thanks to Crud, I can actually agree with the pope on something!  Responding to a question on the Greek economic situation, Crud states and I quote,  "The pontiff began by admitting he’s been “allergic” to economics since he was a boy. He said his father, an accountant, would bring the ledgers of the factory where he worked home with him on weekends, and the future pope found them mysterious.  “I don’t understand it very well,” he said."  AMEN!

We also read, The pontiff acknowledged that his commentary on the economy tends to focus on the poor rather than the middle class, insisting that the poor are at the heart of the Christian Gospel. However, he called the imbalance “an error of mine” and said reconsidering it is “something I need to do.”  DOUBLE-AMEN!

Enough of that.  Let's look at other things. The remarks above had to do (somewhat) with the flawed economic principles underlying the address about which I commented a few days ago.  I had done a little bit of a "word-count" exercise.  Vox Cantoris did more, and nicely pointed out the heresy of liberation theology that ran rampant through the address.

The matter of the blasphemous "crucifix" was clarified during the interview.  I say "clarified" for he made plain (once again) his approval of the piece of trash art, calling it "protest art".  Both One Peter Five and Rorate Caeli delve into the matter; rather than "reinvent the wheel" I link to their excellent pieces.

I will say this, though.  There are some who seem to believe that by laying the monstrosity at the feet of a statue of Mary, that he was "cleverly" entrusting her to deal with the blasphemy.  With all due respect, that theory makes no sense whatsoever.  If that were truly the pope's intention, that would be classified as the quintessential cop-out.  He is the Vicar of Christ.  It would be his solemn duty to point out, in no uncertain terms, why that thing is blasphemy.  He'd have no business trying to punt his responsibility to the Blessed Mother.  "Here, mother!  You take out the trash!"  No, no, no!  That doesn't cut it by any stretch of the imagination!

But we now know that it wasn't the pope's intention at all.  In addition to waxing lyrical about Father Espinal and his embrace of marxism, the pope stated that he was bringing the disgusting bauble with him back to the Vatican.  Will that, like the beach ball, find its way to an altar?

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