Thursday, January 1, 2015

Indiana Knights Of Columbus Council To Rent Hall To Lesbians - ACTION NEEDED

Today's Pewsitter pointed to a ThinkProgress article that revealed an impending scandal in which a Knights of Columbus council in Madison Indiana plans to participate.  It seems that a lesbian couple approached KofC Council #934 last September and solicited their ballroom for their debauchery celebration (I refuse to call it a "wedding reception") to be held on April 18, 2015.  The couple did render a deposit at that time.

At first, I found it hard to believe since ThinkProgress is unabashedly progressive.  Because they alluded to a Facebook page operated by the KoC council, I called it up.  Regrettably the ThinkProgress article is factually correct, as corroborated by the KofC Facebook page.  See the sorry spectacle here, the two posts dated yesterday.  (UPDATE - Council #934 removed their page from public view.  See this post for some of the posts/comments that were archived.)   As you read through the comments, you'll see plenty of gay activist trolls vomiting forth their mental and spiritual poison.  I congratulate and applaud those commenters who are upholding Church teaching thereon.  Oh, by the way!  Should those two posts "mysteriously disappear" or the Facebook page cease to be public, please advise for I saved screen shots of those posts with their comments (to date).

A few days ago the Council contacted the couple and stated that they could not rent their facilities to them as this celebration contradicted church teaching, and that the deposit would be refunded.  Apparently an uproar ensued, no doubt ginned up by gay activists.  The council's response?  In conduct unbecoming of Catholics, they caved.  As of now, they will allow the reception to occur on their premises.  Moreover, the council says they won't charge a fee at all, owing to the "confusion".

There is confusion - moral confusion,  that is.
  • First, when they were first approached by the lesbians, why did the council accept the deposit as though they should seriously consider the matter?  No consideration was needed as they were being asked to cooperate with mortal sin.  The couple's request - and deposit - should have been immediately refused.
  • Does this council understand that formal and material cooperation with mortal sin is itself a mortal sin?
  • Where is the KofC chaplain in all this?  Is he complicit in this sinful conduct?  I speak here of the conduct of the KofC council here.
  • The council plans to let the couple use the hall with no charge.  That means that every dues-paying member of that council is subsidizing this celebration of perversion against their will.
We need to take action to stop this travesty.  Some can be done by anyone regardless of location.  Here are suggested steps.
  • Contact the Grand Knight of that council.  His information can be found here.  The address of the council is here.
  • This council is located within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, headed by Archbishop Joseph Tobin.  His contact information is here.  Please ask him to have this thing cancelled. 
  • I'm sure this has occurred to members of that council who are rightly disappointed with their leadership.  They may wish to withdraw from that council and affiliate themselves with another if their leaders don't abide by their Catholic faith.
  • Perhaps other Knights, particularly those in leadership roles, may wish to discuss with their brother knights in council 934 the errors of their ways.
This thing is still 3.5 months away - plenty of time to prevent profanation of Catholic property IF we act now.  We hold these two very confused young women in prayer that they'll see the error of their lifestyle.  But even if they don't, there's no valid reason for the Knights of Columbus Council 934 of Madison Indiana to cooperate formally and materially with their mortal sin.

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