Saturday, June 9, 2018

Maryland Primary Elections Freak Shows - Parental Advisory

IMPORTANT UPDATE - It dawned on me after posting this piece, that a Parental Advisory is in order, due to Madaleno's flaunting of his perversion.  While the spectacle is more juvenile than anything else, parents may wish to review this before deciding whether or not it's appropriate for their children.  Think of it - a political ad that flaunts the mortal sin of sodomy!  That itself is reason enough to vote for Hogan, should Maryland's Democrats be so dense as to nominate Madaleno for governor.  Besides, wouldn't we want a governor whose main concern is the welfare of Maryland, as opposed to "p***ng Trump off" and other such childish taunts and temper tantrums?

Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, has trouble keeping secrets as we all know.  He has declared his intention to run for US Senate; I posted one of his ads.  Among his many poor choices in life was his selection for campaign director.  Perhaps he or she is merely of the same mind as Manning, for they both thought it the most wonderful campaign move to feature Manning as he hisses and snarls his way through various shots of violence, with cheap horror-show sound effects in the background.

Not to be outdone in sheer stupidity is an ad by Rich Madaleno, currently a Maryland State Senator, now running for governor (one of several Democrat lemmings to do so).   Below is the stinker that he plopped.  Click on the word "youtube" at the bottom to see this on the youtube channel and then read the comments.  Of course this thing went over like a lead balloon.  That these liberals put this trash out in public, thinking that it will shoo them to victory, just shows how deluded they really are.

The primaries are June 26.  How many more of these will emerge to insult our intelligence?

First Manning's, then Madaleno's...


  1. O am abandoning my Maryland residency for Florida this week! These people are demons.

    1. Enjoy! But please vote in the June 26 primaries. We need all sane votes that we can get!


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