Sunday, May 27, 2018

2018 Maryland Primaries

Reminder - Faithful Catholics of MD/DC Inc is not a non-profit as defined by IRS sec 501(c).  That means this blog is free to make any endorsement that it deems fit.  Readers will notice that I drew heavily from the work of  Should you not see candidates from your district in the post below, please check that site out, along with others.

Maryland's primary elections will happen June 26 (with opportunities for early voting) so I'm taking a look at the candidates.  I won't bother with the Democrat primary since they are either pro-aborts or people whom the Democrat party in Maryland will submarine.

Hogan is running for governor again and he is unopposed.  Let's look the the candidates for US Senator.  Chris Chaffee supports the defunding of Planned Parenthood but is wishy-washy regarding gay #mowwidge.  Evan Cronhardt on the other hand sings the praises of Planned Parenthood and in addition to being pro-abort and pro-euthanasia, shows himself to be quite the progressive.  He is absolutely unacceptable.  Albert Binyahmin Howard appears to oppose euthanasia.  Quite honestly I'm not charmed with the photoshopped picture of Mount Rushmore on his website and the "issues" page on the site appears to be a smorgasbord of tweets.  Tony Campbell appears to be quite acceptable, as does Brian Vaeth.  Not so Bill Krehnbrink.  He might be if he didn't play the loose cannon.  When he bloviates that he wants "to replace every Maryland congressman", does that include Andy Harris?  As far as Nnabu Eze goes, why isn't he running as a Democrat, given his leftist leanings?  Blaine Taylor, if I understand the Red Maryland site properly indicates that he is pro-life but also for assisted suicide - as well as being for gun-grabbing.  He'd be a no-go for me.

As far as US Congress goes in District 6 (mine) I cannot recommend Amie Hoeber; she is so-called "pro-choice" and smells of progressivism on other issues.  So is Kurt Elsasser.  Lisa Lloyd and Bradley St Rohrs are much more preferable.  So now we have a dilemma here.  We can only vote for one of these two and we don't want to split the pro-life vote in District 6; there's so little of it as it is.  My read of the redmaryland sketches indicates that Lloyd might be the better of the two.

Gail Bates is running for State Senate in District 9.  She is solidly pro-life.  I can say the same for Michael Peroutka who is running for Anne Arundel County Council.  Other decent candidates include:
  • Richmond Davis, running for US Congress from District 7
  • Patricia Fenati, Montgomery County GOP Central Committee - at large
  • Ms Fenati is also running for Delegate from District 14
  • Andy Harris, running for re-election to Congress from District 1
  • Dwight Patel, Montgomery County GOP Central Committee - District 20
  • Josephine Wang - The Red Maryland site is unclear as to whether she's running for Montgomery County GOP Central Committee or State Senator from District 17.  Either way I recommend her.
  • Thomas Sheahen - Garrett County GOP Central Committee 1A
  • Kathy Szeliga - Delegate for District 7
  • Gus Alzona - Montgomery County GOP Central Committee at-large 
If anyone has been paying attention to the kooky things coming from Maryland public schools (little boys punished for saying "pow" while high school kids play hooky while "marching for lives"), you'll understand that the various boards of education play a pivotal role in educating future citizens.  I for one would prefer that my tax dollars be used for truly useful and honest education and not progressive brain-washing; the latter is the order of business today in our schools. 

I will only focus on the Montgomery County Board of Education.  In the general elections I would recommend getting a hold of the "Apple ballot" from the workers at the door to see who the NEA endorsed and then vote against those endorsements.  Right now we don't have that luxury.  Of the at-large candidates:
  • I'd avoid Julie Reiley.  She admires as "role models" Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
  • Similarly, John Robertson admires Obama.  Need we say more?
  • I couldn't find anything on Brandon Orman Rippeon as a candidate for the Board of Education, but he ran for Congress in 2011 on a fairly conservative platform.  He might be the safest bet.  I couldn't find anything on the other candidates.
Here are the BOE candidates for school district 3:
  • Lynn Amano is endorsed by LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County and Progressive Neighbors - REJECT!
  • Patricia O'Neill has been on the board for many years.  Where was she when the teachers went bonkers over the little boy in Silver Spring who was suspended for saying "pow" to a classmate?   Moreover, she is endorsed by some progressive "usual suspects" like Montgomery County Education Association, SEIU, CASA, and some Democrat clubs.  REJECT!
  • That leaves Laura Simon.  Her redmaryland profile is rather non-descript.  However, compared to what we know of her two opponents, that is a plus.  I'm recommending voting for her if only to oppose meaningfully the two flaming progressives.
That is all I have - for now.  Remember to pray for wisdom and vote.  Both are serious morally-binding duties.


  1. Thanks for the post. But honestly, living in Maryland at election time is SO depressing if you are conservative. And don't get me started on taxes.....

  2. Believe me, I feel your pain. We're still obliged to try. We did get Andy Harris in.

  3. Maryland Right to Life has posted their pro-life candidates in time for MD's primary election at


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