Friday, September 3, 2010

Discovery Terrorist Espoused Mainline Environmentalist Mantras

James Jay Lee had a debate with American Life League activists during their "Protest the Pill" event at the 16th Street Planned Parenthood last year.  The videos are posted on Jill Staneck's blog.  Please read what she says, as the text and the first and third videos establish Lee's identity.  It's the second one in which he espouses his warped world view.

That world view, be it ever so demented, is shared by many environmentalists: some highly placed, in positions of respectability.  If you thought savetheplanetprotest was a whacky site to read, try this one - only it's not some thrown-together text on the web; it appears in Psychology Today.  It's entitled "The Five Year Ban: Because A Billion Less People Is A Great Place To Start" by Steven Kotler.  As the title implies, this man is calling for a 5-year moratorium on babies being born!  Really, now?  And just how does he think such a draconian farce of a law would be enforced?  That would make Red China look benign in comparison!

Moving on, we see something called the "optimum population blog".  It seems to be British; a recent post voices alarm that British population showed its first growth since the 1960s - horrors!  Looking to its right sidebar we see notable links such as Planned Parenthood, Maria Stopes and - get this one! - "populate and perish blog".

Then we have Sir Jonathan Porrit (again of England) who crows about the fabricated "necessity" of having no more than two children.  In this article, he seems to voice gratitude for China's one-child policy for having reduced the world-wide carbon footprint.  Oh by the way - if you're overweight, be advised that Sir Jonathan pronounces you more culpable for climate change than your slimmer fellows.

We also have the "eugenics" perspective.  Professor David Marsland, a British sociologist and (so-called) health expert, calls for the sterilization of the mentally and morally "unfit".  That sounds like he violated a copyright of Margaret Sanger's!

Common themes seem to be that we "must eradicate at least some humans if 'mother earth' or 'the animals' or 'the elite' are going to survive - which is pure poppycock.  These folks are imbued with a hatred for their own kind (perhaps themselves, at the root), and that drives their world views.  I see it amongst a large percentage of pro-abortion people with whom I deal.  We must call them on it, much in the same fashion as the young lady did in the preceding post.

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