Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pope Francis Strikes Hands With Anti-Life Mayors Promoting Death In Guise of Climate Change Concerns

This past Tuesday the Vatican hosted about 150 mayors of cities throughout the world with the ostensible goal of "combating climate change".  Ten of those were US mayors, most being pro-abortion.  They included Bill De Blasio of New York.  Joining them was CA Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown.  They met in a workshop entitled "Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of the Cities".  Hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the meeting was hosted by rabid population-control advocate Jeffrey Sachs.  I've written about both these before in recent months.

As Breitbart points out, Tuesday's seminar was immediately followed by another, in conjunction with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Cities and the Sustainable Development Agenda entitled "Prosperity, People and Planet in the Cities".  Notice how that phrase "sustainable development" keeps popping up like kudzu?  Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we are being bombarded with that phrase deliberately so that we will be accustomed to it and not notice when the death-dealing underpinnings of "sustainable development" are fully implemented in our midst.

The pope addressed the attendees at the first meeting; Zenit has the full English text.  While it is indeed a rambling mess, we can see within it the insinuations of progressive poison.  I'm going to address a few of these points.  Again, there seems to be very little organization of thought here but there are some odd things that must be pointed out.

He ended one paragraph by claiming that "wars are an element of the imbalance of environment".  No.  James 4:1-5 has a bit to say of the origins of wars.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta had words of wisdom on the topic when, at the 1994 prayer breakfast, she uttered, "But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"  Recall that many, if not most, of the attendees of this workshop are actively facilitating this "destroyer of peace".

Further on down the pope said, "man is creator of lack of culture because he doesn't look after the environment."  The only way that can be accurate is if "environment" = God.  Culture becomes debased when man's disobedience to God becomes ingrained in the culture, as has happened to western civilization over these past few decades.  Hallmarks of this "lack of culture" have been:
  • the removal of any mention of God in official public life (ending of prayer in schools, removal of crosses and Ten Commandment plaques from public buildings, etc)
  • the legalization and even promotion of contraception and abortion by civil government
  • the exaltation of sexual perversion and disdain for true families by the culture at large.
These have been both cause and effect of the degradation of culture.   The size of "carbon footprints" and other such nonsense have little, if anything, to do with the health of real culture.  Most, if not all, the city officials in attendance have fostered these detriments to real culture.  The pope would have done well to address these.  Instead, he made no mention of these and chose to utter politically-correct ramblings.  After the meeting de Blasio was interviewed and the transcript is on Zenit.  De Blasio is quoted as saying, "He is moving people on an extraordinary level. And we have few truly international leaders in any sense. What he is doing is creating an international voice of conscience," and "He is literally saying to us that we need to reset our assumptions and think more deeply and morally about our actions, because our current sense of practicality is digging our graves, and I think his voice is having a very big moral impact."

I'll be impressed with this "very big moral impact" when de Blasio and ilk do a 180-degree turn and stand for the unborn babies and true marriage in their respective localities.  Otherwise it will be made plain that one effect of this whole charade is to let pro-abortion pols be enabled in their "lack of culture" policies by misguided papal affirmation.


  1. "Laudato Si" has the latest version of "The Challenge of Peace" and the "Seamless Garment." I.e., elaborate propaganda with one aim: giving Catholics rationalizations for continuing to vote for pro-abortion politicians. Because the pro-life politicians want to BLOW UP THE WORLD!!!!!

    1. Hi Fr. VF,
      I was skeptical too about the seamless garment until I read this. Turns out there is more to it than I originally thought. :)


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