Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bishop Vasa: USCCB Has No Intrinsic Authority

Let me say that I am glad that I can follow the previous post with this.  The previous post related the deplorable behavior of a bishop in undermining Catholic teaching.  Several days ago, Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon made clear that the USCCB contains no intrinsic authority.

This quote from Lifesite News sums it up nicely.  Bishop Vasa said of USCCB documents, "Such documents do not become normative for a particular diocese unless the bishop, either explicitly or implicitly, recommends them.”   Additionally, he made clear that no bishop has any obligation to adopt USCCB documents.

He then went on to give his evaluation of some USCCB documents.  He made clear that he believes that at least some are inferior and lead to confusion regarding authentic Church teaching.  The article calls to mind the similar stance assumed by Bishop Joseph Martino, Archbishop Raymond Burke and others who found it necessary to contradict the USCCB.

I salute these good bishops for standing for orthodoxy in the face of the progressive-infested USCCB.  I do have a minor difference.  I see no good in the USCCB, as it is overrun with nefarious elements and thus think it better that the whole cabal be disbanded, and its resources put to better use - but that's just my opinion.

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