Monday, September 6, 2010

Catholic Bloggers! Contest Time!!!

First, I'll provide some background for this proposed contest.

Remember the post about Catholics In Allliance For The Common Good?  Well, it turns out that Chris Korzen, formerly affiliated with CACG and current director of Catholics United, announced that the CU group is launching its own news organization.  Catholic News Agency has the full story.

Notice that he would not reveal how it will be financed; wanna bet that Soros will be helping in that regard?  He did say that one purpose of this organization will be "reporting on the activities of CNA and EWTN."  Sheesh!  Why bother with a whole new organization?  Why not just put up a one-page site that has the URLs to both CNA and ETWN?  I suppose they want to put their own special leftist flavor to it.  Such is their First Amendment right.   When asked about whether or not this organization will be used to elect Democrats in November, Korzen was rather cagey.  So what?  We already know the answer to that question now, don't we?

Of course, they'll have much news from the progressive catholycs to report, as things over in that sector are so vibrant, so relevant.  Behold!

On second thought, maybe they had better just stick with the Democrat politicking and the snooping!

The news of this watchfulness, however, leaves me feeling, well, INSULTED!!  Aren't we Catholic bloggers  troublesome enough to Korzen that they aren't snooping on us, and "reporting on our actvities"?  Golly-gee-whiz!!!  Doesn't that just hurt my poor widdle feel-bads?  Boo-hoo!  Sniffle!  Whine! Sob!  Waah!

Now that I've dried my tears, it's time to do something about that dismal state of affairs - hence, the contest to which I alluded at the beginning of this post.  Bloggers!  Let's see who will be the first amongst us to cause angst and consternation with Korzen and cabal.  We know how we can determine that now, don't we?  I haven't figured out a prize yet, but we can work on that later.  Have fun!


  1. That antics in that Liturgy are brutal. Just brutal.

    Count me in the contest!

  2. I'm glad I watched the entire video.

    Watching the aging priest holding up the consecrated blood, silicon glass so full and he so unsteady, like a 5 year old walking with a 3/4 full drink in his raising.

    This just goes to show you:
    1 45 minute homilies will not make mass too long.
    2 Holy Communion without Extraordinary Ministers will not make mass too long.

    African dance, Hawaian dance, olympic dance, old folks home dance, psychiatric ward dance - they got it all baby! Everybody participates in the presentation of themselves to each other, except the Jesus puppet, who's masked like loveable Mickey at Disney.

    So this is what old hippies look like.

  3. Had I been present at this 'liturgy', I would have been forced to immediately find a real Catholic Church and attend a real Mass.


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