Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maryland's Gubernatorial Race

Note - The following is my opinion only.  I'm not some guru, just a citizen exercising First Amendment Rights. 

The last two posts (and other posts more in the past) make plain my belief that in Maryland's general election, there is no solid pro-life candidate running for that office.  The Republicans had such a primary candidate, Brian Murphy, but he lost to Bob Ehrlich.  The GOP establishment was stacked in Ehrlich's favor, giving him an unfair advantage, but that is its own rant.  I'd have to say that right now we have a flaming pro-abort and two iffy candidates running for governor.

Who's the "flaming pro-abort"?  Do we really need to ask that question?  Martin O'Malley is endorsed by Maryland NARAL.  What more needs be to be said?  He's been a disaster for Maryland, just given the taxes.  There are no positive points to his candidacy.  The other two are superior to O'Malley without a doubt.  But of these two, is one better than the other?

Regarding Eric Knowles, I've already detailed why I believe his pro-life plank is flawed.  He seems to be more libertarian than conservative.  Libertarians seem to have a rather stunted appreciation of the legitimate role of government and the rule of law.  There is a reluctance to acknowledge the responsibility of government to protect the helpless from unjust aggression.  That's not what it means to be appreciative of true liberty; it's more of dodging proper responsibilities.  That being said, he does seem to favor restricting abortion in Maryland.

Bob Ehrlich is the second of the two tepid alternatives.  I've heard several arguments in favor of his candidacy; none have to do with any sterling qualities of Ehrlich himself.  One such argument is that he won't work against pro-life legislation as would O'Malley.  That's probably true enough.  Still, isn't it a sad commentary on the citizens of Maryland when the best candidate they have is one who won't sabatogue pro-life efforts?  Another is that "we need a Republican governor to help redraw the districting maps".  I will say this.  When the Dems did their map redraw a few years ago, they made a royal mess of it - no logic at all.  Take a look at Federal District 4; it is like a long snake, with the bottom end in Charles County and the top end in upper Montgomery County, MD.  Does this make sense?  Now for the objections against Ehrlich.  I've already reported what he did to Bob Smith in 2004, when Ehrlich fired Smith because Smith voiced his Catholic beliefs privately.  Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't "water under the bridge".  What Ehrlich did to Smith he actually did to each and every one of us who dares to bring our faith and morality into the public square - which is our right and responsibility.  Ehrlich has never apologized for his moral malfeasance.  To me, that's a clear indication that he'd be inclined to do so again, should another occasion arise.

To sum up, O'Malley is most definitely unacceptable.  Between Ehrlich and Knowles, it's a toss-up.  Again, that's just my opinion - take it or leave it.


  1. I dunno. I'm rabidly actively pro-life. I may probably vote for O'Malley.

    Better an evil enemy than luke warm vomit feigning as semi-supportive though anti-Catholic. Republicans have been luke warm vomit for Life.

    Look what Obama has done for abortion - so many pro-"choice" people are sick to their stomachs over how much he pushes it.

    Vote down the vomit, vote for the one who's sin will more quickly devour itself.

  2. For me at least, it is morally irresponsible not to support Ehrlich. Yes, he is a flawed candidate, but he is the best choice. As you said, he will not work against pro-life legislation, which would constitute a major change in Annapolis. However, I do not believe that is the strongest reason to support Ehrlich. The best reason reason is redistricting. The Democrats, as you said, abused the redistricting process a decade ago, as evidenced by the gerrymandered shape of many districts. The Democrats have a commanding advantage in the state legislature that will largely remain in place after Election Day. Ehrlich would give Republicans and conservatives a seat at the table in the redistricting process, thereby forcing the Democrats into creating districts slightly more favorable to pro-life Republican candidates.

    Ehrlich is also the superior candidate because Knowles cannot win. A member of the Constitution party will not win statewide in Maryland. Even if he is a good candidate, I would suspect he has no name recognition or campaign funds. This, combined with the fact that he is also a mixed bag on pro-life issues, demonstrates that a vote for Knowles is a vote wasted. Why throw your vote away when we have a chance to slightly change the culture of death present in Annapolis?


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