Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maryland Primaries September 14th

As promised on August 31, I am adding more input on the Maryland elections.

Sometimes we can determine our voting choices in a round-about fashion.  An example is to see whom the forces of the Culture of Death are endorsing.  For example, peruse Equality Maryland PAC's list.  Here's Maryland NOW's list to date; it's a bit sparse but it seems that they're trying to flesh it out a bit.  MD NARAL's list is not up at this time.

So take a gander at these for those whom we want to defeat.

Let me say a word about "bullet voting".  It's applicable when you are allowed to vote for more than one candidate, such as three people to the MD House of Representatives.  One might feel almost duty-bound to cast all three votes.  However, that can actually be counter-productive.  Please remember to vote for only the candidate(s) whom you truly favor.  If you vote for your favorite candidate and a less-than-ideal candidate, you may inadvertently help the second one defeat the first one.

Early voting has opened up in Maryland.  Go to your county board of elections web site to learn how to take advantage of this.  For those who will be "working the polls" on Election Day, this will help you exercise your own voting duty.

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