Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stephen Chase Brigham, Another Abortionist Hack-Loser

On August 13, at an abortion mill in Elkton Maryland, an 18 year old woman had her uterus perforated and her bowel cut.  Dr Nora Riley did the hack job.  She and Steven Brigham took her to Union Hospital in a rented car.  Mind you, they did not  call an ambulance!  According to this WJZ report, they were very cagey with hospital personnel about what happened.  The hospital called the police.

Brigham has already had his license suspended.  Thus, to operate his mills, he has to hire "circuit riders".  Riley comes in every other week from Salt Lake City, Utah.  The mill's supervisor, George Shepard, comes in from Delaware.

The state of Maryland immediately suspended the medical licenses of both Shephard and Riley.  They posted a "cease and desist" order on the door of the mill.  Elkton police raided the mill, seizing medical records and a freezer.  In the freezer they found the remains of 35 aborted babies in jars.  They were close to full term (for those skeptics who think Roe v Wade outlaws late-term abortions).

So much for "safe" abortion now that it's legal.  Read this report from Operation Rescue for more information.

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