Saturday, September 18, 2010

MD Primary Election Results

With one notable exception, the Republican gubernatorial race, the results were generally favorable. 

First, all federal office incumbents won their respective primaries.  Roscoe Bartlett of US district 6 is the only incumbent we'd like to see win the general election.  Now on to some hopefully new faces in DC.  For US Senate, I had favored Jim Rutledge, but Eric Wargotz won that race.  Wargotz is still quite acceptable and I urge support for him.  For the House of Representatives, in District 1, Andy Harris will run against "blue dog" Frank Kratovil.  Support Harris.  In Districts 4 and 5, let's support Robert Broadus and Charles Lollar respectively.  Lollar runs against Steny Hoyer, the current House Majority Leader.  Leaving aside the fact that we hope the democrats will have the "minority leader", Hoyer's defeat would be a strategic plus for us.  In District 8, I had supported Mike Phillips.  He holds a slim lead, which makes that race too close to call at this time.

Let's look at the Montgomery County Council.  The big news is (drum roll, please!)...


That's right!  Duchy Trachtenberg got blown away in the primary.  This former Maryland NOW president has been an absolute menace to babies and families.  First she authored  the "gender identity" bill, against which so many of us fought, then she authored the bill that slapped onorous regulations on the pro-life pregancy centers in Montgomery County.  Duchy and her equally nefarious sidekick, Dana Beyer (whose political aspirations were likewise slapped down in the MD district 18 delegate primary), will NOT be missed.  Good bye - and good riddance!

The same page that details Trachtenberg's defeat is the same that tracks the Republicans running for at-large seats on the County Council.  Robert Dyer leads the pack (but not by much).  He was the only candidate (to my knowledge) that rightly criticized the passage of the pregnancy center strangle-hold regulations.

I'm now going to say quite a bit about the Republican gubernatorial primary.  Some of this may be rather unpopular to my readers; so be it.  Brian Murphy, new to the political world, lost to Bob Ehrlich.  However, he did quite well (garnering 25%) of the vote considering the obstacles he had to face -some of those obstacles arising from within the Republican party structure.  In my humble opinion, it was downright unethical for the Maryland GOP to have endorsed Ehrlich before the primary had occurred.  As far as I'm concerned, this sort of behavior is akin to what was meted out to Christine O'Donnell of Delaware who just handed to Mike Castle his long-overdue pink slip.

There's something that these RINO-country-club types don't want to acknowledge.  When they treat good people such as Brian Murphy like pariahs, they also stick their fingers in the eyes of each and every one of the citizens.  Brian Murphy has decided to endorse Bob Ehrlich - not so I.  I'd also like to remind one and all of the insult that Ehrlich slapped upon Robert Smith in the summer of 2006.  By extension, he knifed in the back all of us who uphold the purposes of marriage as God ordained it (I won't rehash the whole thing here, please read the link).

I will have more to say on the gubernatorial race later this week.  I am awaiting some feedback.


  1. Great piece here. And how sweet it is to see Duchy gone!!

  2. Yes, Ehrlich was wrong in his treatment of Smith. But withholding your support only increases the likelihood of an O'Malley victory. Do you consider O'Malley a better option?

  3. Actually, I'm researching new facts so "the jury is still out" on that one. I'll have input in a few days. That being said, Ehrlich would only be doing the decent thing to apologize to Smith (and by extension, to all Catholics) for his behavior. If any in the MD GOP is reading this, please try to convince your boss not to take us for granted. I know he lost hundreds, if not thousands of us last go-around.


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