Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Protest of Patrick Kennedy Bill - I Protest The "Protest"!

Patrick Kennedy introduced a bill, HR5466 that, among other things, would ban faith-based groups from receiving federal funds if they use religion in their hiring practices.  Over 100 groups are allegedly protesting this legislation, claiming that their religious freedoms are being violated.  Naturally the USCCB is adding its voice to the clamor.

These so-called "faith-based" groups forget what charity is.  Charity must be voluntary on the part of the donor; else, it is nothing more than slavery with a genteel veneer.  Ladies and gentlemen, from where do these "federal funds" come?  Our tax dollars!  How many families see both parents working, and some working multiple jobs, to pay their various taxes?  Is this moral?  Is this "charity"?  Is this how are "faith-based" groups are to be funded?  It truly is a disgusting sight to behold, when otherwise Christian groups forget the commandment "thou shalt not steal" as they kick and claw for their "share of the pie", like greedy little piglets fighting for a federal teet.

Granted these groups need money.  Well, here are some solutions.
  • Immediately order the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to fund those charities that are directly involved in the Works of Mercy.  CCHD should fund nothing else.
  • Parish priests must remind the Catholic in the pew that it is his/her solemn organization to contribute time, talent and treasure towards these charities, as opposed to lobbying for more tax dollars to go towards them.  Of course such preaching must take place within the context of preaching the entirety of Catholic truth.
  • If any governmental lobbying is to be done, lobby for greater tax deductability of charitable contributions.  For starters, allow contributions to be deducted before AGI is calculated, no matter the income level of the taxpayer (At present, contributions are deducted only if the taxpayer can itemize).
Regardless of Kennedy's motivations for this, I cannot see how faith-based groups have any legitimate grounds for complaint in this matter.

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