Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Maryland Abortuary Down The Tubes

Last week I commented on Stephen Chase Brigham, a multi-state abortionist who lost his license along with two others in his employe.  While he was embroiled in trouble in Cecil County, a few miles south in Severna Park, MD, Romeo Ferrer, who ran the Gynecare Center there, was having his license suspended.

From Christian News Wire, we read that he hired another abortionist, Ghevont Wartanian, to continue his slaughter.  This man had his own problems.  He had over 18 lawsuits to his credit, and the results of his "healing arts", besides the murders of countless babies, include patient brain damage and the deaths of newborn babies.  It seems that the spectre of a 40 Days for Life Campaign was a little too much for him to endure (the 40 Days started September 22nd).  He cancelled all his appointments and made clear to the staff that he wouldn't return.  Thank you, 40 Days for Life!

We pray that no other abortionist can be found and that this closure will be permanent.

By the way - click on the 40 Days for Life link and see how you can get involved in this vital prayer witness at the mills.  You just read of one excellent result of it!

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