Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Party Rally On Sunday Sept 12, 2010

This year's gathering was a bit smaller than last year's, as the press might have told you.  Of course they probably didn't bother to mention the huge Glenn Beck rally two weeks prior to that, or that many who attended last year are working on political campaigns.

Nonetheless there are concerns regarding the mindsets of some tea-partiers.  I attended, and I saw many signs protesting the encroaching socialism, the take-over of health care and other industries, the skyrocketing taxes, etc.  However, I saw only one of these.

This was the only sign I saw that was designed to keep in the consciousness of Americans the prime social evil of our day - the deliberated slaughter of babies in their mothers' wombs, fostered and fomented by all levels of civil government.

To all tea-partiers reading this:  Unless you keep this issue at the forefront of your efforts, you will follow the socialists, RINOs, etc into the dung heap of irrelevance.  Please do not listen to Haley Barbour and his ilk who want to forget about our moral matters.  Rather, heed the lessons taught by Christine O'Donnell and others like her.

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