Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Minions Of The Nanny-State! Beware!

To the aforementioned group, I issue this advisory.  The truth about your proclivities WILL be spoken here.  You are being exposed, and the truth will hurt.  So proceed at your own risk!!

Still with us?  Alrighty, then!  You've been duly warned!

Have you ever wondered how it is that the same pro-abortion crowd who loudly proclaim "keep your laws off my body!" as they murder helpless children have absolutely no compunction whatsoever about barging into our kitchens, living rooms and cars to dictate what we'll eat and how we'll drive?  One big answer is relatively simple.  They think by waxing self-righteous on relatively trivial matters, that they can somehow assuage their consciences that have been seared by their sexual immorality and advocacy of legalized murder of helpless children.

Boys and girls, can we all say the word "pharisee"?  Phariseeim is NOT the following of the law to the letter, as so many liberals would have us believe.  It is the attempt to substitute man-made traditions for  God's law.  Want proof?  Read  Mark 7:1-9.

We even see that in many of the Church's "social justice" crusades who both crusade for the poor (a good in and of itself) while at the same time advocating dissent from the Magisterium's key teachings and/or celebrating those who do dissent.  A great "case-in-point" is the Catholic Charities Centenial Celebration that ends tonight; I've posted details in a previous post.  Another dismal sign of that is the so-called Just Faith program that has infested way too many parishes in the Archdiocese of Washington.  Jack Jesreel, its founder, openly brags how his so-called "ministry" has influenced Catholics to "crusade" for women's ordination and gay rights.

Watch Michael Voris' take on this pattern.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

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