Thursday, September 30, 2010

Champions Of Choice?

If by "choice" we mean the unbridled license to murder helpless unborn children, then I must say that the charlatan-doctors described below are exemplars of that movement.

Onenewsnow reports that in Orlando FL, abortionist Randall Whitney was arrested for skipping out on his trial.  He had been charged with felonious assault of a patient.  He had tried and failed several times to give her an injection.  When she started complaining, he slapped her.  Is this what the pro-choice crowd calls "dignified treatment of women"?  As he was being hauled away, he could be heard telling the pro-lifers who reported him that they'd "be sorry".  Let us pray that he stays behind bars.

Closer to home in Maryland, we get a more detailed look at the background of Nicola Riley, one of the abortionists whose licenses were suspended in the Stephen Brigham debacle.  It seems that her prior career in the military was equally chequered.  While in the Army, she allegedly directed a credit card fraud and identity theft ring.  After doing time in the Ft Leavenworth military prison, she went on to obtain her degree.  It took several tries over two years to pass the first part of the exam (passing within 5 points).  After another fifteen months to finish the exam entirely, she got right into baby-killing.  By the way - her license is suspended in Maryland, but she is currently killing babies in Salt Lake City, UT.

In the medical community, abortionists are not well-regarded.  Now we know why.

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