Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black Pro-Life Leaders To Protest NAACP

The NAACP's Image Awards event in Los Angeles will be protested by the National Black Pro Life Coalition because the NAACP promotes abortion.  Noting how the NAACP has aligned itself with Planned Parenthood and its racist policies, the black pro-life leaders state that the NAACP has betrayed the black community.

I for one commend these pro-life leaders as the NAACP has shown itself to be completely prostituted to the culture of death.  I only regret that some in Catholic "social justice" circles have been blinded by political correctness and have struck hands with these people (see the post immediately preceding this).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Maryland Catholic Conference - Careening Towards Irrelevance

Some might think my title is overly harsh.  Actually I think it's rather mild as it may be lurching towards dissidence.  For those who have been keeping an eye on the state Catholic Conferences, along with the USCCB, this is no surprise.

On January 19th the Holy Father released a statement that made plain that Catholic agencies should refuse partnerships that would indirectly support activities opposed to Church teaching.  He is confirming what so many faithful Catholics have been saying all along regarding the questionable alliances concocted by the "social justice" arms of the Church bureaucracy and of the insipid toadying to prominent pro-aborts done by Church prelates.

On page 3 of the Jan/Feb edition of Our Parish Times appeared an article about the Maryland Catholic Conference and its choice of priorities.  What are the top two in the headline?  "Death penalty repeal" and "Catholic school support".  The third most popular was "gun violence".  The word "abortion" was not to be found once in this article and while "stem cell research" was mentioned, there was no clear explanation that embryonic stem cell research is a form of child murder.

I knew the "death penalty repeal" appeal could make the MCC susceptible to the temptation to involve itself in all manners of squalid associations.  So far I'm proven correct.

I discovered that tonight Maryland Citizens Against State Executions held their 2013 Rally and Lobby Day.  See the link for further details.  You'll see that they act contrary to the Holy Father's Jan 19th directive against lending indirect support of sinful activities.  In this meeting, the MCC has allied itself with:
  • Equality Maryland
  • ACLU
  • NAACP (and various chapters)
  • Progressive Maryland
  • Amnesty International
All of these organizations promote baby-murder and perversions of sexuality and family life.  This evening the Maryland Catholic Conference, once again, sold its soul.

Below the jump break I'll post two relevant videos so...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vortex Report On What Should Have Been Done At The Beginning

We do need to address contraception as the fundamental evil that it is.  The pro-life movement, following a misguided "ecumenical" impulse, looked the other way on this.  No longer can we do so.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Today's March For Life

Here aare some "bird's eye views" of over 500,000 people who attended today's March for Life (and this is with the snow and cold).

You will not see these in the lamebrain-mainstream media!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Then a video clip is worth a million (or should we say "trillion" to impress the denizens of the White House).  Two scenes recorded by pro-lifers reveal how the embrace of abortion corrupts the mind so that the pro-abortion proponent eventually embraces violence - in both word and action.  Think about it.  Abortion is THE most violent act possible against one who is least able to defend him/herself.

First, from South Bend IN, we have "doctor" George Klopfer envisioning the sidewalk counselor's daughter being gang-raped.  His equally ghoulish thugs employees chime in.

Then from Jackson MS we see a pro-abortion security guard pepper-spraying three pro-life activists.  I understand that the three are pressing charges.  I hope that they are also holding liable the abortuary as the guard's employer.

Caveat Emptor

Well, too late now!  We're in for a rough four years.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy 40th?

If the Salon article (from the previous post) wasn't enough to illustrate the intellectual and spiritual vacuity of the pro-abortion mentality, perhaps the following clip from the Center for Reproductive Rights will suffice.  As you watch it, you'll see why some think that pro-lifers put it up as a spoof on the pro-choice embrace of Roe v Wade.  But no, this is indeed the slop-job of pro-abortion proponents

Below that clip I will post one from Day Gardner that lends some perspective to the CFRR clip.  I'll put both of them below the jump break.

So What If Abortion Ends Life?

Ladies and gentlemen, the pro-abortion advocates are no longer bothering with "pro-choice" and denying that the fetus really is a baby.  With the advent of 4-d ultrasound, how can they?  The title of my post is the title of an article that appears in "Salon".  It is written by Mary Elizabeth Williams

"Sacrificed for circumstances" - Still murder
Read it, for it clearly illustrates the complete arrogance and death of conscience that will occur to anyone who espouses the pro-baby-murder canard.  For instance, as she says of the relationship between mother and unborn child, "She’s the boss. Her life and what is right for her circumstances and her health should automatically trump the rights of the non-autonomous entity inside of her. Always."  Those of us who have some recollection of history (and it is not the liberal who's been brainwashed by humanistic-driven public education) will recall that in the days of the ancient Roman empire, when a mother was in labor, there was a pan of water placed nearby.  If the child just born didn't suit the father for some reason, the infant was immediately drowned.  I daresay that most (even "pro-choice") would instinctively recoil in horror at the thought.  But how are the beliefs of that ancient Roman father any different from those voiced by Williams?  They aren't.  So in Williams' warped world-view, the little person can be ripped from limb to limb because he/she is not deemed "right for her (mother's) circumstances".

I won't pick apart the entire article lest this blog post become its own article.  She ends hers by acknowledging her "conviction that the fetus is indeed a life - a life worth sacrificing".  No, my dear.  One sacrifices only what is their own.  You do not own that baby; he/she is not your property.  Therefore, in that last sentence, "sacrifice" is more aptly rendered "murder".  That comes at an eternal price - namely the torments of hell.  Somehow I don't think hell would be right for anyone's "circumstances".

Monday, January 21, 2013

Remedial Training For Behaving At Mass

A few days ago came the announcement that the Vatican will soon publish a manual of sorts to help priests celebrate Mass more appropriately and for the congregation to participate accordingly.  No thinking person doubts that such an effort is necessary; it does reflect poorly on both the training that priests receive in seminary and Catholics receive in their education - actually "don't receive" might be more to the point.  Today's Vortex touches upon this topic.  Below that I'll post a challenge to faithful Catholics, as it is up to us to "raise the bar" on conduct in church, particularly before the Blessed Sacrament.

Now I suggest some immediate actions that can - should be taken by serious Catholics.
  • No chit-chat in the nave of the church, either before or after Mass.  If someone comes up to you and starts talking, politely insist that you move the conversation into the lobby.
  • Dress as though you are going to meet someone vitally important, for that is indeed what you're doing.  That means no jeans, shorts, sneakers, sandals, tee-shirts, polo shirts.  Women should dress modestly: skirt or dress no higher than knee, blouses should have sleeves, nothing see-through, nothing clingy.  Men should be in jacket and tie, dress shirt/shoes/slacks, nothing baggy.  Got the picture?
  • Father, please don't crack jokes in the homily or at the altar.  We came to Mass, not the Jay Leno Comedy Hour.  The words you say during your homily might well be the difference between salvation and damnation for someone in your congregation; that is a matter of the utmost gravity and should be regarded as such.
  • Liturgical committees and other planners, please take the concept of "inculturation" and put it in the trash where it belongs.  Mass is about Christ's Paschal Sacrifice and our worship of Him.  That's it and nothing else.
  • No applause whatsoever.  The Holy Father has made quite plain his displeasure at this unfortunate practice.  There should be no distraction from God in favor of some person - not even "for a minute".
  • Additional suggestions are welcome via the comment box.

Biden Says "Keep The Faith"

No, my fellow Catholics!  I hate to dash your hopes, but Plugs was not talking of his own much-neglected Catholicism.  He gave this pseudo-spiritual exhortation to environmental activists at a "Green Ball".  And why should the climate change nazis wax hopeful?  Because, in Biden's own words, the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless will compel us to "finally face up to climate change".

"Faith"?  Isn't that a quality found in those adhering to some religious/spiritual tenet?  I thought the climate change folks were all about purely scientific proofs - so why would they be hearkening back to faith?  Could it be that environmentalism has indeed become - its own religion???

Well, there be skeptics among us, I daresay.  One of them is NOAA, who show that average temperatures have been holding steady for some time now.

Lent is not that far off.  Soon we'll be hearing clarion calls from USCCB progressives urging us to climb onto the Catholic Climate Covenant bandwagon.  We'll be prepared to skip that ride.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Holy Water Spraying - Why Some Prolifers Are Wrong On This

On Jan 9 at an abortuary in Alabama,  a 70-year old pro-life activist named Joyce Fecteau was arrested.  Why she was arrested seemed somewhat nebulous at the get-go.  The Lifenews  posting said in its lead sentence that she was arrested "after sprinkling Holy Water on a public sidewalk" on December 22, 2012.  Only after we read the full article do we see that she "was reportedly not arrested for spraying Holy Water, but for another reason after she did so".  The emphasis is mine.  So right there we go from "sprinkling" to "spraying" and then we have this mysterious "other reason".  Right then and there I knew we weren't being told the full story.  I found it disconcerting that LifeNews did not disclose the precise nature of this "other reason".

An article about this on Lifesitenews has more detail.  The deathscort who was sprayed is Lisa Cox and she reports being hit in the face with the vapors.  Fecteau said that Cox was burning a "noxious substance" so she tried to spray it away.  She said she couldn't tell if it drifted onto Cox's face.

Jill Stanek's blog has a video of actual incident.  After viewing that, I have to opine that the lion's share of the blame does rest with Ms Fecteau.  I don't know why two weeks lapsed between the actual incident and the arrest but that doesn't change the facts depicted in the clip below.

Ms Fecteau is a sidewalk counselor.  So am I, and I speak as a sidewalk counselor. While we know we're doing the right thing, sometimes that knowledge can go to our heads and we can get downright cavalier when it comes to minding our own manners. Somehow we think that God will overlook our "little peccadillos" because we're "such great folks" for being on the front lines. Not so! We must be absolutely above reproach. The video clearly shows that, at best, Ms Fecteau was abysmally careless with the spray bottle. I saw another video (on LifeNews and LifesiteNews posts above) where there was much conversation between her and the police. If she was mouthing off to the cops (and yes, fellow prolifers, we have done that!), then I can see where they might have construed her actions to be deliberate.

When examining things such as this, we must be diligent to keep our own biases in check.  Unfortunately, both LifeNews and LifesiteNews fell short in that regard.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Change Agents - Part 3

My Catholic Media Coalition colleague Stephanie Block has just released the third installment on Alinskyian organizing efforts.  This one delves into the ideology underlying Alinskyian organization, and by extension, the ideology underlying many (if not most) of the "social justice" arms proceeding from the USCCB and state Catholic conferences.

Please read it and spread word of it.  It can be downloaded.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama Phone Lady Ditches Obama

Remember when the nation met the Obama Phone Lady?  Watch that clip - then watch the following.  The lady's name is Michelle Dowery and she has had quite an epiphany.  She, like so many of us, has seen her paycheck eaten by taxes and knows who is to be blamed for that.  She also mentions some more of Obama's promises upon which he has reneged.

I congratulate Ms. Dowery for being willing to come forward and hope that many more wake up before it is too late.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

If Obama Is Really Serious About Ending Violence

Then he'll start by ending abortion.  He will cease being the money-grubbing hireling of Planned Parenthood and defund that murderous cabal at once - and he'll jettison his insidious Obamacare immediately.  Barring a miracle, that won't happen - because he hasn't seen an abortion that he would have banned.

Yesterday he issued 23 gaffes composed of smoke and mirrors.  Not one of these measures would have prevented the Sandy Hook shootings, but it sure did provide the Messiah Most Miserable with a nice photo-op.  We will not be blindsided by that, but we recall Mother Teresa's words to us almost nineteen years ago when she said "the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion".  Listen to her here.

So now all the progressive wonks are clamoring for an "assault weapons ban".  Well, let them start by banning the one below - one that kills thousands of babies every day.  Yes, I know it's horrible to behold - but place yourself in the position of the poor little babes who are murdered by it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Are Maryland School Officials Completely Bereft Of Common Sense?

It would seem so!  Two weeks ago I wrote of a poor little boy who was suspended from a Montgomery County School because he pointed his finger at another child and said "pow".  That suspension was dropped and I understand that the parents are contemplating legal action (I hope they go for it).

Last week two six-year-old boys were suspended in Talbott County for the dastardly deed of (gasp!) playing cops and robbers!  Oh, the horror!  The terror!  Little boys acting like - little boys!

I've come to expect such stupidity from Montgomery County.  But now I see that the brain rot has spread east of the Chesapeake.  How disappointing.  Perhaps a class-action suit might be in order here.

USCCB's Upcoming Catholic Social Ministry Gathering

This year's gabfest is scheduled for Feb 10-13 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.  With John Carr, Ralph McCloud and Mary Wright of Just Faith on the Planning Committee, one can safely assume that the stench of progressivism will drift throughout the meeting halls and workshops.

Among the featured speakers is Mark Shields of PBS.  Of course that means his salary is paid in part by you and me via our tax dollars.  Therefore, is it any wonder that he complained that "no Republican in the House or Senate for 22 years has voted to increase taxes"?  No tax increase, no raise - the poor fella!  But that was in December.  Now he must be breathing sighs of relief after the GOP capitulation over the "fiscal cliff" deal.  In this clip you'll hear him say, "losing their virginity on the issue of tax cuts is an important thing to these Republicans who have not voted to increase taxes...".  Actually, the GOP lost their virtue with the fiscal cliff deal, but I digress.  I certainly hope that such metaphors will not spew forth from Shields' mouth at this USCCB session.  The clip is below the jump break so

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Planned Parenthood Drops "Pro-Choice" Schtick

That's right!  They are dropping usage of that label at long last.  Don't believe me, pro-aborts?  Then check out RH Reality Check!  Notice how the author of that article then asks "what does it mean for the movement"?  She can no longer call it the "pro-choice movement".  That must leave her feeling a bit tongue-tied - the poor dear!  (For a laugh, read the comments in that article to see pro-aborts snarl at each other!)

Lifesite News quotes from a variety of articles.  Apparently PP's Vice President Dawn Laguens thinks "choice" as a word sounds too frivolous.  Well, yes, when one considers the object of "choice" here is the murder of a child.

I've stood outside Planned Parenthood for many years now.  As I've watched many beaten-down young women walk in there under duress and with tears in their eyes as their parents or boyfriends marching them along, I knew that "choice" was not what was on display.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Michael Voris In Bethesda MD

On Friday, Jan 11, 2013, Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV (whom you see on the Vortex clips frequently posted here) gave an address at the Rock Creek Council KofC Hall in Bethesda, MD.  His address was part of an ongong lecture series conducted by Defend Life.  I recorded it and post that video below.  Please watch it and pass it along to your contacts.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cardinal Dolan's Wimpy Response To Cuomo

Normally I avoid the Patheos blogs like a plague, but once in a while they do have news.  In today's State of the State address, New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to pass a "Reproductive Health Act" bill designed to render New York even more hospitable to baby-murder than it already is.  New York's abortion rate is twice that of the national average.  But Planned Parenthood, giddy over the 2012 increases in  its baby-murdering business wants even more blood money.  Since Cuomo knows at least some of that blood-money will flow into his political coffers (and he probably has his sights set on the White House), he is all too ready to do the bidding of those who hold his purse strings.

Cardinal Dolan of New York issued his response to Cuomo's address.  I saw it on "The Deacon's Bench".  This blogger entitled his piece "..Cardinal Dolan Shows How It's Done.."   Well, I beg to differ.  In the light of Cuomo's obvious indifference, if not actual hatred of his Catholic heritage and Church teaching, I see this response as one of the most wimpy, simpering things that I've ever read.  This is not a response to evil that would be incumbent upon a Shepherd of the Church.

So that I can add my own commentary in red, I'll reproduce the Cardinal's letter below.  I hope the New York chancery takes note (hey - I can dream, can't I?)

Dear Governor Cuomo: 

Congratulations on your third State of the State message earlier today. There is much to cheer in your report, and my brother bishops and I look forward to working with you to advance much of this agenda. 

In particular, we share your absolute horror at the many incidents of gun violence that have had such a terrible impact on our society, none more so than the unspeakable massacre of 26 innocent children and women at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14. We commit ourselves to working with you to address this urgent problem as you look toward meaningful reforms of our gun laws, improvements in care for the mentally ill, and safer schools. Meanwhile Cuomo promised to make the culture more hostile via abortion.  Cuomo has no horror of the "unspeakable massacre of innocent New York children that occurs daily.

Allow me also to single out for praise your continued interest in reforming and improving our state’s health care system, as well as your support for a long-overdue increase in the state’s minimum wage. I am hopeful that real progress can be made in these and other areas that enhance the lives of those who are living below or near the poverty level in our state.  Why go on and on about this trivia when babies are being butchered?

Yes, there is much to praise.  What????   However, I would be remiss if I did not renew my great disappointment regarding your continued support for the radical Reproductive Health Act. I know that you appreciate the fact that millions of New Yorkers of all faiths, or none at all, share a deep respect for all human life from conception to natural death. I also know that you are aware that New York State’s abortion rate is, incredibly, double the national average. Sadly, nearly 4 in 10 pregnancies statewide end in abortion. In some parts of New York City, the rate is higher than 60 percent, mostly in the impoverished Black and Latino communities.  Of course Cuomo knows all that!  He doesn't give a damn!  He's lock, stock and barrel in bed with the abortion cartel!  How can that be more obvious??

As we have discussed in the past, we obviously disagree on the question of the legality of abortion, but surely we are in equally strong agreement that the abortion rate in New York is tragically high.  Your Eminence, this is not mere "disagreement".  Cuomo is disobeying Church teaching to the possible damnation of his own soul and blood guilt of an entire state.   There was a time when abortion supporters claimed they wanted to make abortion “safe, legal, and rare.” Yet this measure is specifically designed to expand access to abortion, and therefore to increase the abortion rate. I am hard pressed to think of a piece of legislation that is less needed or more harmful than this one. 

I do hope you will reconsider this position. Your Eminence, you are his bishop.  Why not tell him that he stands in real danger of going to hell, with all its pains and torments, unless he repents?  As his bishop, order him to repent and if he disobeys even that, then instruct your priests to obey Canon 915 and not allow him to partake of Holy Communion.    I stand ready and eager to discuss this or any other matter with you at any time. My brother bishops and I would very much like to work closely with you to reduce New York’s scandalous abortion rate and to provide an environment for all women and girls in which they are not made to feel as though their only alternative is to abort, something which goes against all human instinct, and which all too often leads to lifelong feelings of regret, guilt and pain for them, and for the baby’s father as well.  Of course there is the reality of damnation should they die unrepentant of their sin.  Why, oh why, do you not mention that everlasting reality?

I look forward to discussing all of these issues with you further when I visit Albany on March 19 and 20 for the New York State Catholic Conference’s Catholics at the Capitol event. 

Wishing you and your family speaking of "family", is he still living in fornication with Sandra Lee?  When, oh when, will you broach that?  Again you are his bishop; do your duty!  every blessing in the New Year, may I remain 

Faithfully yours, 

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan

Your Eminence, you have a duty to speak truth to this man about his own sin and the sins of immorality that he is foisting upon the state of New York.  I realize your job is not easy, but it's still your job!  Do it!  I ask the intercession of St John the Baptist, St Thomas Becket, St Thomas More, St John Fisher, St Charles Lwanga and all the other saints who stood up to immoral political leaders

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another "Safe And Legal" Abortion - Right?

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics interviewed Deborah Cardamone, mother of Marla, who was butchered during a so-called "safe and legal" abortion.  Mamie Till-Mobley, mother of Emmett Till, insisted upon an open-casket funeral for her son so that the world could see the utter brutality of racism.  Marla's mother also insisted on an open-casket funeral so that the world can see how women are routinely butchered during so-called "safe and legal" abortion.

Ms. Cardamone sought Crutcher's help to expose the needless violence of her daughter's death and the horror that is abortion.  Below is the clip of their interview, with pictures from Marla's autopsy.  The pictures are graphic.  This is a link to a flyer with more details on Marla's situation, along with pictures of Christopher, her unborn baby who was still in her womb when she died.

"Safe and legal abortion" is an oxymoron.  Those who insist on maintaining a pro-choice facade share complicity in the death of this young woman, others like her and of course, the murders of 3500 babies every day.

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Biden Gaffe Machine Strikes Again

If any GOP politician said this, his career would be over - and rightly so, in my opinion.  So how, oh how, does the Vice President of the United States get away with saying this?

Of Clerics Who Won't Proclaim The Truth

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris takes to task those Church leaders who speak of moral issues only in light of contemporaneous circumstances without broaching the truths of God's laws.  Some might think Voris is being rather harsh towards weak clerics.  I on the other hand think that if Voris errs, he errs on the side of ascribing to many clerics too much nobility.  For instance, instead of speaking on moral issues at all, many clerics don't utter a peep regarding them.  They say not one word on the evils of contraception, but they'll rattle on and on about "social justice", "evil guns (not the gun owners, but the inanimate guns)", etc, etc.  Then there are those who "wine and dine" perpetrators of heinous evils simply because those perpetrators have worldly influence, money or power.

Some clerics, most notably bishops, not only maintain utter silence in the face of monstrous evils and lick the boots of powerful evil-mongers.  They'll punish other clergy who are Godly men and who do honor their sacerdotal offices by serving God and truth.  Witness the abysmal treatment meted out to Father Marcel Guarnizo by the Archdiocese of Washington last Lent when Father upheld the truth of morality and Church teaching.  I wrote extensively on that last spring; read here.

Important "aside": I know some of you are sick and tired of having Father Marcel's situation called to mind.  However, until the archdiocese sees the error of its way and issues an apology to Father and to all faithful Catholics insulted by their actions, I will continue to shine the light upon this disgraceful episode.  Get used to it.  I will not let this "go away"!  There will be no "healing" until justice is done here.  How can real authentic healing occur when the disease of cowardice and political correctness continues to run amok in the DC chancery?

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sister Carol Keehan Dealing With Obamacare Reality

National Catholic Register interviewed Sister Carol Keehan.  She is grimacing a bit at the cuts to hospitals (including CHA hospitals) that are part and parcel of the ObamaHellBill.  Goodness!  She might even find herself taking a cut in salary!

Bear in mind that almost two years ago, this woman played a pivotal role in ramming this thing through Congress.  It's reasonable to opine that without her intervention with some of the Catholics in Congress, the ObamaHellBill would not have passed.  Now it appears that a glimmer of reality is breaking through the blinders that she put upon her own face.  I would say that it's rather poetic justice that's being served upon Sister, but the fact is that we all will pay for this mess.

Sister, perhaps you'd want to return your Pen of Perfidy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Archdiocesan Financial Report - That Isn't

In the Jan 3rd paper edition of the Catholic Standard appeared what is being called "Financial Report to the People of the Archdiocese of Washington, Fiscal Year 2011-2012".  It does not appear in the online edition.

Ladies and gentlemen, I work in the financial/accounting world.  What is published in the Standard is not a "financial report" in the professionally-understood meaning of the term.  At most, this is a montage of selected snippets of disjointed information.

I noticed immediately that the balance sheet was not provided.  Accountants understand that the balance sheet is "the main financial statement".  It states the assets of the subject entity (in this case the Archdiocese of Washington) on one side.  On the other side are the liabilities and equity: that is, who has claims on the assets.  The claims of debtors (such as taxing authorities, vendors to whom money is owed, etc) take priority over those of the directors of the organization.  Without this balance sheet we don't know the assets of the Archdiocese, nor do we know how much of those assets will go towards the satisfaction of just debts.  We do see a tiny clue of that on the page that describes the archdiocesan retirement plans.  We see that the actuarial liability of the retirement plan is underfunded by over $52 million.  In recent memory, what other entity had massive pension liabilities (which no doubt far exceed those of the archdiocese)?  General Motors.  This is a common problem, one that will blow up as employees start drawing retirement benefits.

I for one would be interested in seeing what is called the "debt to equity" ratio: that is, how much of the assets are earmarked towards outside debtors as opposed to being available for usage in future Church needs and endeavors.  I would hate to see that the debt total is greater than the total of assets.  We've all seen similar scenarios with upside-down mortgages and we know what a death trap that can be.  Is that the case here?  We, the "people of the Archdiocese of Washington", don't know.

This report seems to gather various archdiocesan activities into various categories, then sums up the expenses into "one-liners". We see "communications", "propagation of the faith", various schools, etc - but their expenses are lumped into one number.  There's no detail.  I would hope for each one that there would be a list of typical expense categories, such as wages/salaries, payroll taxes, insurance, legal expenses.  Well, maybe I just listed the reasons for the lack of disclosure - particularly when it comes to "insurance" and "legal costs".  Have those costs skyrocketed in the past few years?  I've no doubt that they have.

I've voiced questions for which I've no real expectation of answers.  If they choose not to disclose the sort of information that is conventionally disclosed in typical financial reports, such is their right.  In that case, though, I think they should be accurate about what they're publishing.  We did not see a financial report.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

When One Flouts God's Laws...

One often suffers consequences - particularly when those laws involve His order for family life.  In Kansas, a lesbian couple wanted to have "their own child" - biological child, that is.  Well, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God dictate (progressives, go get pen and paper and take notes, ok?) that:
  • It takes one man and one woman (not transgenders, by the way) to make a baby.  Remember Biology 101 before the "politically correct" days?
  • Nothing else will work.
They advertised on Craigslist for a sperm donor.  I didn't realize that Craigslist was the "go-to" place for fathers for one's children; the things we learn - but I digress!  Anyway, they found a guy who was willing to be the accomplice to their ill-conceived stunt; even his wife went along with it.  He was so altruistic that he decided to forego the "fee for services".  

Shortly after the little girl was born, the lesbians went their separate ways and the one who was the biological mother lost her job.  To make a long story short (but you can read the WFF link) she and the state of Kansas are pursuing the sperm donor for child support.  They have come to the logical conclusion (albeit in a convoluted manner) that the donor is the father of the little girl.  He alleges that he isn't; but he is the male half of the source of that child's existence - so he's a daddy!

He whines "no good deed goes unpunished".  That's irrelevant in this case, for his "donor" deed was anything but good.  It's his sin that is being punished.  Of course the individual who is really suffering unjustly is the little girl herself.  She (and others like her) knows that her daddy doesn't give a damn about her.  Who knows?  Maybe he'll wake up and try to be some kind of father to her.

If nothing else, let this serve as a lesson to any potential "donors".  You may get burned like this guy is now - and if you don't heed the warning, you could get burned in eternity.  Please - respect Nature and Nature's God.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Catholic Morality And Right To Self Defense

Thanks to Pewsitter today, I found an excellent treatise on the right to self-defense as found in Catholic tradition.  The author refers both to Summa Theologica (click here and go to Article 7) and the Catholic Catechism, summarizing the conditions under which the use of lethal force may be allowed and even mandated.

I suggest that all read it.  One interesting point he makes is why so many abortion proponents seem keen on depriving us of the means of self-defense - and he makes perfect sense.  The progressives who push for abortion and the destruction of the traditional family wish to make the state into a de facto deity.  The right to self defense comes from God - a source outside the state.  Thus they perceive this right as a supreme threat to their state-idol. Their puppets in the USCCB and various chanceries are merely doing their bidding to make people more dependent upon, and subservient to the state-idol.  Why are these preceding sentences italicized?  You'll see below!

A perfect "case-in-point" occurred yesterday in the online edition of the Not-So Catholic Reporter.  The bloviations typical for that rag run rampant throughout the article, calling for disarming the citizen (What?  Do you  think crooks are going to obey gun laws and surrender their arms?)  One source of the whining is John Gehring of Faith in Public Life.  My Catholic Media Coalition colleague, Stephanie Block, exposed Faith in Public Life for the left-wing front organization that it is.  Here's another piece that she did.  Faith in Public Life has taken money from George Soros.  So much for their credibility when it comes to things Catholic.

Another key whiner is none other than the USCCB.  They issued a statement that says in a footnote (tucked away so we nasty right-wing bloggers don't notice!), "However, we believe that in the long run and with few exceptions -- i.e., police officers, military use -- handguns should be eliminated from our society."  Now compare this statement to the italicized sentences two paragraphs prior to this one.  The USCCB is indeed spouting the talking points of their progressive puppet-masters.  They are doing so even to the point of dissenting from Catholic moral teaching in regards to the right to self defense.  To me, that means that the push to disarm that may come from "social justice" arms of chanceries and conferences must be opposed and resisted as the departures from morality that they are.

Illinois Bishops Fighting Sodomite Marriage Perversion

Bishop Paprocki of Springfield has asked assistance in spreading information of his struggle for authentic marriage in Illinois.  Since Maryland has already degraded itself in that fashion, we are most happy to offer assistance.  Here is his letter.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Second Part Of The Voris-Carlin Interview

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

CCHD = Clueless Catholics in Hard Denial

Well, maybe the denizens that skulk through the halls of the USCCB aren't all that clueless, but they're hoping that the majority of Catholics in the pews are.  After years of our complaints and bringing evidence of corruption before them and the Catholic populace, the collection dollars for the CCHD are starting to dry up a bit.

So what do the CCHD folks do?  They play "shoot the messenger".  The Reform CCHD Now Coalition released a well-documented report on the CCHD's 2011-2012 grant recipients.  The national CCHD office sent a memo to its field offices deriding and dismissing the work done by the Coalition and American Life League.  As you read it, you will notice that they offer no specific errors or rebuttals.  Why not?  Most likely because they cannot!  Perhaps they think that if they huff and puff enough, they'll be believed.

The CCHD is Alinskyian in its roots.  With that in mind, what else can you expect from them?  Again, please do not feed this onerous beast at the collection basket.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

School Violence In Silver Spring MD?

At Roscoe Nix School in Silver Spring MD, a student was suspended for threatening violence to another student.  Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Let me fill in some details.  The school is an elementary school.  The "perpetrator of violence" is six years old.  His "deadly weapon"?  Yes - his pointed index finger.  And he did say "pow"!  The horror!  The terror!

Assistant Principal Renee Garraway wrote a letter to his parents saying "your son was involved in a serious incident.."   Serious incident????  Since when are six-year-old antics "serious"?  This woman and her equally silly bosses are the ones with serious problems!  I hope the boy's family sues the school and the county for all they can get!

I suppose some allowance should be made that this is southern Montgomery County MD, a veritable nut-house of liberalism and political correctness.

(ht - Pewsitter)

A Bi-Partisan Debacle

Enough of the RINOs lived up to their names and basically licked the boots of the Messiah Most Miserable in passing the so-called "fiscal cliff deal".  Here are the roll calls: Senate and House.  Please note that in the House, most of the Republicans opposed it.  However, the RINO contingent - including the Weeper of the House - cowed.  The bigger disappointment was Paul Ryan's "yea" vote.  Paul - et tu, brute?

I am thinking that it's high time for Boehner to be relieved of his gavel.  And yes, Paul Ryan has forfeited any esteem in my book.

Some time ago Ray Stevens put forth the following video.  Owing to the "kick the can down the road" mindset that grips many in Washington (of both parties!), it still has much relevance today.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Michael Voris Interviews David Carlin

David Carlin wrote a book called "The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America".  Below is the first of a two-part interview.  The second part will air Wed Jan 2nd.  I read that book and suggest that you all read it, too.  It's helpful to get some insight as to how the culture of death and secularization spread so rapidly during the 20th century.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Piers Morgan Threatens To Deport Himself

Piers Morgan, the British-born CNN host, is threatening to deport himself back to the UK after he evoked well-placed anger over his recent stupid statements.  After he made clear his opinions that good people aren't deserving of the right to defend themselves, he then stated his opinion that the Bible "should be amended" to allow for "gay marriage".

As he put it so arrogantly, "the Bible and the Constitution were well-intentioned, but they are basically inherently flawed."  By what imperious standard does he determine that God's word is "flawed"?  I've got news for Morgan; the Bible will be around long after he's a memory on the face of this planet!

As you read the first link, you'll see that Morgan is quite skilled at conducting veritable temper tantrums.  The only thing that I might change about the article is the title.  I'd change the word "threatens" to "promises".  However, I sadly suspect that this will be a promise that will be broken, just as Alec Baldwin broke his similar promise many years ago.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Parents' Vocations Prayer

Today after Mass I saw some friends in front of the altar praying, holding prayer cards.  A few minutes later in the church lobby, I asked one what they were praying.  She informed me that it was the Mothers' Prayer for Vocations.

I got a card and scanned it to my computer, front and back (please forgive the crooked appearance!).  I would imagine that if some men wanted to join, they could do a few substitutions, such as invoking St Joseph as a model for fathers.  So here it is!  Why not do this at your own churches??

2013 And The Fiscal Cliff AND A Congressional Pay Raise

To all: my wishes and prayers for God's blessings on you and yours for a blessed 2013.

The news from Washington today, however, suggests that the year is starting off poorly.  The GOP on Capitol Hill (GOP = Gutless Old Poops) seem to be displaying their usual lack of spinal and intestinal fortitude.  From CNS News comes the report of the Senate's vote to "stave off the fiscal cliff".  In other words, the GOP is capitulating to the Messiah Most Miserable and to Dingy Harry and going along with their scheme to postpone real spending cuts.  Only 8 senators voted against it.  Some of those 8 were Democrats; good for them!

Now it goes to the House (by the way - aren't revenue bills supposed to originate in the House?).  We can pray for a New Year's miracle that John Boehner will actually conduct himself as a leader instead of the "Weeper of the House".  That would be a welcome surprise.

In the face of this "fiscal cliff" package that raises taxes by $41 for every $1 of tax cuts, the Messiah Most Miserable issued an "executive order" to raise the pay of Senators and Congresspeople (boys and girls, can we say "bribery"?  I salute Michele Bachmann for her move to reject that pay raise.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.