Wednesday, June 30, 2021

With Cardinal Gregory's Blessing, Holy Trinity Continues Its Descent Towards Judgment

Holy Trinity parish, a Jesuit-run parish just south of Georgetown University in Washington DC, announced that they "stand with our archbishop, Cardinal Wilton Gregory" and will continue to commit sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist by offering Him in Holy Communion to pro-abort Biden.  They made that perfidious announcement on their web page.   

While we're on Trinity's web page, let's just take a stroll, as it were.  We see that they are in the midst of a "social justice book discussion".  The book is written by one Dean Spade.  I googled him.  Actually, it might be more correct to refer to Spade as "her".   Her claim to fame is that she is a trans-activist. Inside this wikipedia blurb is the blunt statement about "his personal experience as a trans law professor and student".  In other words, "he's" a she pretending to be "he".

The book itself is called "Mutual Aid" and seems to be just a glorified manual on conducting "community organizing" .  Why, it even comes with a "study guide" by a person or entity called "Radical in Progress".  Move over, Saul Alinsky!  Well, I've given Spade more than the attention that she deserves, save only to recommend her and others like her to Our Lord in prayer.

Not surprisingly, Trinity defiled Holy Mass by formally celebrating all manners of perversions.  They called it a "LGBTQIA+ pride Mass".  Doesn't it seem like that list of letters gets longer and longer?

Some might recall back when Biden and Obama were respectively elected Vice President and President, that Biden attended Mass there soon after that election.  Not only did he receive Holy Communion, but the priest led the congregation in giving Biden a standing ovation - during Mass!  So Jesuits seem good at ruining parishes.  Now they are running riot over the entire Church.  

Please be praying your daily Rosaries.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Accepting The Vaccine Is Complicity With Organ Harvesting From Aborted Babies

Please listen to this homily from Father Dominic Clovis from Toronto, Canada.  As far as I'm concerned, his arguments from Church teaching cannot be refuted.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Father Peter Daly - Committing Assault?

The Association of United States Catholic Priests is an organized bunch of dissident priests.  Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute and others engaged in a protest of their annual meeting in Minneapolis last week.  The protest included not only a Rosary of reparation outside, but their own conference in the same hotel as the dissidents.  That led to some up-close confrontation with the AUSCP's evils.

Jim Hale is a correspondent for LifeSiteNews.  He filmed some of the meeting and was accosted by three priests from that bunch.  One of them went so far as to assault Hale.  That assailant is none other than Father Peter Daly, retired priest of the Archdiocese of Washington.  It's rather a pity that Hale decided not to press charges.

So here's the clip.  You'll notice that not one of these dissidents is wearing his clerics.  Some find it deplorable.  I for one appreciate that at least they are minimizing the disgrace to their roman collars by declining to wear them during their heretical gab-fest.

Catholic laity, again we have with these protesters some sterling examples of how to speak out for Holy Mother Church.

Good Citizens Give Progressive School Boards An Education - What Can Catholics Learn?

Many local school boards are literally in the pockets of the National Education Association.  They are controlled by Soros-funded socialist cabals (but I repeat myself).  Their latest stunts, while suffocating our children behind those wretched masks, include the force-feeding "gender sensitivity" along with critical race theory. 

More and more decent parents and other citizens are seeing the dangers and are deciding that they will not have their children stupefied and corrupted by such progressive pig-slop.  They are making their displeasure known to their local school boards in no uncertain terms.  Below the jump break I post below some videos.  Below these I will post what I think is a "take-away" for Catholics who want to see renewal in the Church.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Dubia Cardinals Should Have Dressed In Spiderman Outfits! Then The Pope Would Have Spoken With Them!

Super-hero gee-gaw!  That's what's needed these days for a papal interview!  Forget about tradition and the dignity inherent in the office of Christ's Vicar!  Why, that's so, so ... rigid and pelagian!

It figures after this encounter that the pope would crab at us bloggers who do try our level best to defend Holy Mother Church.  Perhaps that is a good sign, of us having a beneficial effect.

Nine Faithful Persecuted Priests Tell What They've Experienced

It's no secret that good faithful priests are being actively persecuted by their corrupt, compromised bishops.  Why?  Because the fidelity of these priests exposes to the world the lack of faith of their prelates for all the world to behold.

Michael Voris of Church Militant recently brought together nine priests whose plights were put in the public eye.  In this interview, one gets a first-hand glimpse into the evil machinations that occur in quite a few chanceries, including that of my home diocese.  I urge one and all to watch the entire thing and to spread this far and wide.  Not only will such promulgation be educational, but it just might help protect these men.  If prelates understand that the future of these priests is in the public eye, they might - just might - be careful about exacting vengeance on them.  Cockroaches hate the light.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Faithful Catholics Protest Cardinal Nighty-Night's Radio Station

Last weekend a group of faithful Catholics protested against a radio station owned by Seton Hall University in Cardinal "Nighty-Night Baby" Tobin's Archdiocese of Newark NJ.  The station, ostensibly Catholic, plays vile satanic music in disregard to the feedback issued by faithful Catholics.

This is the kind of action that faithful Catholics must take when these evils emanate from the prelates who are supposed to be protecting their congregations from these wolves.

Monday, June 14, 2021

The Men's March Against Abortion - Now What Follows?

It happened in Washington DC this past weekend.  Given that the event was put together with relatively short notice, I understand that the attendance was quite respectable.  LifeSiteNews covered it and I now link to their post.

But this was one day.  What about the rest of the year?  I haven't found any talks that hint of any follow-up, so I pray that these men will go back home with concrete plans to bring about a culture of life in their own localities.  As the saying goes, "think globally, act locally."   One rally, by itself, will NOT suffice to protect babies and restore Godliness to western civilization.  It will require regular, disciplined prayer and action throughout the year.  That is where the rubber will really hit the road.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Why Did Maryland Catholic Conference Side With NARAL Against Maryland Right To Life?

In the lead article of the latest edition for Defend Life's newsletter (in which I regularly write a column), one is led to ask that question as the MCC supported a bill in the Maryland State Legislature that would allow Planned Parenthood into schools for easy access to school-aged kids.

I needn't rehash the excellent Defend Life piece but rather, I'd suggest you read it yourselves.  Some things need to be highlighted about the MCC's support for HB 401.  First, two local pro-life groups opposed it.  Didn't Molly Sheahan think it might have been wise to inquire why the other two groups opposed it?  I would think it should have been a part of some "due-diligence" research on her part.  Second, NARAL, existing only to promote abortion, favored it.  I might have thought  that might raise a red flag or two as to whether or not HB 401 was really beneficial.  Defend Life staff questioned Sheahan about these matters, only to receive an evasive response.

So now the question must be asked.  What, or maybe, who urged Sheahan to disregard the voices of others in the pro-life community and stand side by side with rabid pro-aborts in support of HB 401?  I would not be surprised if those directives came from chanceries.  Recall that all three Maryland prelates sit on the Board of Directors of the MCC.

The Archdiocese of Washington has displayed some strange behavior towards pro-life activists.  I touched a bit on it three years ago.  Might our prelates have been willing to support HB 401 in exchange for some other favor?  We don't know.  Suffice it to say that Sheahan most likely would not have supported that bill without obtaining at least the permission of the MCC board of directors - that is, the area bishops.  I regret this episode might be more than just an error of judgment.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Summing Up All The Events Of The Recent Past

What follows is a summation of all the destructive things that we've been seeing over the years, many of them facilitated by Pope Francis.  This is from a post that I saw in Facebook.  I will release his/her identity if and only if I receive permission to do so.  I may disagree with him/her on some minor points, but overall I think this illustrates how seemingly disparate events really do speak to an overarching agenda.

One thing that I did not see in this list is the now-looming attack on the Traditional Latin Mass.  I will have more on that in the following post.

Now follows the facebook post...

My feeble attempt to end some confusion about current events, and explain the actual meanings behind some odd sounding worldwide programs put in motion by the Extreme Left. Feel free to correct, criticize or argue. Bear in mind that I am no Scholar or Theologian. I graduated high school and have a couple of years of Post Secondary education. What I do have is close to 70 years of observation, and a passion for research.
A schism in the Catholic Church is inevitable and necessary because the Vatican, having been taken over by the Extreme Left, controls Pope Francis who publicly, fully embraces all of the following plans:
Globalism / U.N. Agenda 30/ The New World Order
These plans include:
One World Government
One World Cashless Currency
One World Central Bank
One World Military
The end of National Sovereignty
The end of all privately owned property
The end of the family unit
Depopulation, the end of population growth and population density
Mandatory multiple vaccines
Universal Basic Income (austerity)
Microchipped Society for purchasing, travel, tracking and controlling
Implementation of a world Social Credit System (like China)
Trillions of devices hooked in to the 5g Monitoring System
Government raised children
Government owned and controlled schools, Colleges, Universities
The end of private transportation, owning cars etc.
All businesses owned by Government Corporations
The restriction of all non-essential air travel
People re-located into human settlement zones, cities
The end of irrigation
The end of private farms and grazing livestock
The end of single family homes
Restricted land use that serves human needs
The ban on natural non-synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine
The end of fossil fuels and replace fossil fuels with insanely expensive and unreliable ‘renewable energy’, in order to destroy the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors of all Western style Nations.
What isn’t stated, and what is absolutely necessary, is the elimination of all Religions.
Religions have always bred resistance and insurrection. They must be exterminated. We see this happening in Canada as Pastors are being arrested in Ontario, Alberta and Winnipeg for conducting Services in defiance of covid laws. Laws that exist under the guise of Public Health and Safety, but primarily exist to extinguish religious practices.
The Great Reset
Gives Government the ability to mandate all phones and communications devices to have hi-tech tracking and tracing devices, so that every citizen will have their every movement, location, contacts and purchases known, cross referenced and catalogued by Government. “Cashless Societies” will become the norm so that every penny that changes hands can be tracked, traced and taxed. Every transaction will be recorded. No more ‘Cash-No Tax’ deals. No more cash at chip wagons, or for contractors etc.
The Great Reset also means the total control of all Media by Government. With Government controlling all media - no contradiction of Government Propaganda is possible – just as it is now with the covid fraud.
The Green New Deal
Another fraudulent means to destroy Industry and the Middle Class through “Renewable Energy”.
The Paris Accord
Yet another fraudulent means to destroy Industry and the Middle Class through “Renewable Energy”, and the elimination of reliable, and comparatively cheap and plentiful fossil fuels.
As one tool to achieve “Population 500,00,000”. This number is deemed by Bill Gates, and other Hi-Tech Oligarchs as the optimum number of people required to satisfy their manufacturing and production needs. This requires the elimination of 7.5 Billion human beings. This 7.5B are considered to be unproductive, unruly, and unnecessary. They require endless resources and infrastructure, for their health and maintenance, use up valuable natural resources, pollute, and take up space for no good reason.
Gay Pride
The proliferation of “sexes” and sexual orientations as a continuous and ongoing attack on the nuclear family.
The extermination of the Middle Class
No Communist / Extremist Society allows a Middle Class. Middle class people have disposable income, mobility and influence. They are not dependent on Government for their existence. They are capable of resistance. Destroying the Middle class is a priority in all Extremist takeovers. As the Communists did in China's 'Great Leap Forward', (sound familiar? Eerily similar to 'The Great Reset' in intent and application), 70 million deliberately starved to death in the 40's and 50's; The Chinese Regime currently has a an estimated 2 million Christians, 2 million Muslims and 2 million Rohingya people in concentration Camps. The Russians under Stalin, 9 million murdered; the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, 3 million murdered; tens of thousands in Cuba murdered by Fidel Castro; hundreds of thousands murdered by ISIS; murders of millions in North Korea by Kim Jong-Il, and now his son Kim Jong Un; and on and on ad nauseum. In 1985, John Lenczowski, director of European and Soviet Affairs at the United States National Security Council, wrote an article in The Christian Science Monitor in which he stated that the "number of people murdered by communist regimes is estimated at between 60 million and 150 million, with the higher figure probably more accurate in light of recent scholarship."
The Middle Class in Canada are under attack by having their businesses shut down, (100,000 so far across Canada), using covid laws, ostensibly in the name of Public Health and Safety, but in reality, used as a weapon to destroy the Middle Class.
Pope Francis is the most dangerous and destructive force faced by Christianity in 2000 years.

My note: I don't know if I agree totally with that last sentence, but in my opinion, he ranks up there.

Details Of Attack On Traditional Latin Mass Emerge

If you haven't done so yet, please read the previous post.  It is an attempted summary on recent events.  In that otherwise-excellent summary, I saw no mention of the attacks on the Traditional Mass; perhaps the summary was composed before the nefarious designs against the Mass became known.

St Padre Pio once said that "it would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass."  He died before the Novus Ordo Mass was promulgated by Pope Paul VI.  St. Leonard of Port Maurice said of the Mass, "I believe that were it not for the Holy Mass, as of this moment the world would be in the abyss."  Clearly Saints Pio and Leonard understood the absolute necessity of the Mass - as it existed before Vatican II.

Vatican II, either by intent of some council fathers or by misinterpretation (and I think it's the former), led to massive changes in the Mass.  I don't have time to rehearse all of them, save to say that extreme violence was done to the dignity and theology of Holy Mass, with devastating spiritual and societal results.  Many good people understood the dangers, if only instinctively.  Thanks to them, the Traditional Latin Mass never completely faded into obscurity.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued a Summorum Pontificum, basically allowing priests to celebrate the Tridentine Mass without having to seek permission of their bishops, provided that a stable group of lay people wished to have said Masses and be willing to support them.  With that, the Mass in the Extraordinary Form started to be celebrated in many locations.  Many of the faithful Catholics attending them were young people.  These young people tend to have large families and thus their children were growing up in a decent liturgical setting.

As I mentioned in one of my posts this past Thursday, it became clear that the pope and many of the progressives in the Vatican have malicious designs upon the Tridentine Mass.  The edicts they are going to promulgate will have the immediate effect of hobbling those who wish to participate in the Mass of the Ages, with the ultimate aim at choking off that Mass altogether.

The details of this attack are now crystalizing.  Both GloriaTV and Rorate Caeli agree that there are two parts to this attack.  First (to come in a matter of weeks) involves focus on the clergy currently celebrating Traditional Latin Masses.  They will have to apply for permission from their bishops to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, even if the Mass is now well-established.  This is a direct contradiction to Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum. 

In addition to the previous post's take on current events, I post the June 4th broadcast of the Anchor Team, where Michael Hichborn and Jim Maughan put forth their own observations.  Please take the time to watch this and to read the other material.  I realize it's a lot of information and it can be overwhelming, but we - each and every one of us - must understand these matters so that we can understand and defend ourselves and our loved ones against all the forces designed to imperil our souls.

Might this wreckage be averted?  By the grace of God, it can.  Sometimes shedding the light and drawing attention to planned mischief can cause would-be perpetrators to reconsider their contemplated crimes.  Of course be praying your daily Rosaries.  Pray the prayers of Leo XIII after Mass.  They are a standard ending of every Low Mass anyway, but consider making them a part of your after-Mass thanksgiving.  Certainly be talking of these matter amongst yourselves to make all aware of what is happening and to strategize how you'll approach your pastor, bishop, etc.

As further developments emerge, I will post them.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Women's Ordination Feminazis Conduct An Aerobics Class

Join in the fun!  Get your pulse rates going!  Pump that blood!  Go for the burn (in more ways than one?)  Do some penance as you listen to the cheesy music!  What are you waiting for?

Persecutor Of Nick Sandmann And Friends "Blesses" Homosexual Sin

Of course the word "blesses" belongs in quotes, for under no circumstance can sin, especially one of the four mortal sins that cries to God for vengeance, can be blessed.  But that is precisely what Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, KY attempted on May 31st.  It's not the first time he bowed and scraped before gays.  Last year, during "pride month", he extended a "welcome" to the revelers and apologized that the Church wasn't "welcoming".  In reality, he was really apologizing for Our Lord Himself - a bit blasphemous by the way.

Maybe we've stumbled on a motive behind his obvious animus against Nick Sandmann and his friends.  They were Catholic young men attending the March for Life; I'm willing to bet that Sandmann wasn't the only one sporting a MAGA cap.  The fidelity of those young men put his own dissidence in a most unfavorable contrast.

Fr James Martin, Stowe's fellow dissident, let us know that this stunt was engineered by Dignity.  Stowe is up to his eyeballs in disobedience, jeopardizing his soul.  Those in his diocese should cut off all donations to him and let him know why.  We will also pray for him.

Thanks To Pope Francis, The Traditional Latin Mass Is In Danger - Act Now

Rumors have been swirling about this for a few weeks now, but not on sites that I trust.  Lo and behold, The Remnant Newspaper now confirms them.  Mind you, this document and the measures detailed therein is simply the first round in what may well be an all-out assault on Holy Mass.

For the record, I am now attending Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  I have been doing so for over a year.  During the disgraceful shuttering of the Churches, the Traditional Latin Mass was all that was available.  It seems that the TLM priests were the only ones to take their sacerdotal responsibilities seriously.  For a few months, I had to drive considerable distances to attend those Latin Mass, but it was well worth the effort to receive Our Lord physically and sacramentally.  I will continue to attend Sunday Masses at TLM locations.  During the week, I attend the Novus Ordo at local parishes, as the TLM isn't readily available. 

Now it seems that the Vatican progressives have the Mass of the ages in their crosshairs.  Early on in this papacy I was alarmed by Pope Francis' disregard of ceremonial traditions surrounding the papacy, being concerned that disregard of tradition (small t) often went hand-in-hand with disregard of Tradition (large T).  Regrettably I was correct.  Perhaps they intend to strip whatever vestiges of dignity that still remain of the Novus Ordo, perhaps festooning it with pachamama-esque debaucheries - once they've choked off any hope of Catholics escaping to the Latin Mass.

The Remnant article has contact information for people whom we should petition to spare the Traditional Latin Mass from progressive wrecking balls.  Please do so, and please explore the Latin Mass.