Thursday, July 30, 2020

Badmouthing Pro-Life Activists In The Name Of Racial Equality

A panel discussion was held this past Tuesday, entitled "Racism Is A Life Issue".  I'm not clear where it was held and it may very well have been a virtual panel meeting.  A report of it appeared on both online pages of Catholic News Agency and EWTN, written by Matt Hadro.  In the opening line, we see the leftward tilt of this discussion.  To wit: "Black pro-life leaders spoke during an event Tuesday about the need for the pro-life movement to become more consistent and less political on the problem of racism in order to advance the cause of life.". 

Too cynical of me, you say?  Well, let's turn that opening line around a bit, shall we?  "racial equality leaders spoke about the need for the civil rights movement to become more consistent and less political on the problem of abortion in order to advance the cause of racial inequality".  When we start seeing statements like that, then I might take such gab-fests seriously.

Anyway, the theme of knocking pro-life activists as knuckle-dragging, bigoted neanderthals was plainly evident in this account.

Let's look at LA State Senator Katrina Jackson.  I cannot comment about the quality of the legislation that she authored, but I will point out that during the 2016 presidential election cycle, she contributed $750 to Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Let's examine some of her precious pearls of wisdom.
  • First one
    • Carnard - "You cannot ask a person to choose birth but not support that person’s life and their opportunity at the American dream" comes courtesy of LA State Senator Katrina Jackson (D)
    • Unpacking..  Let's state the reality via the opposite perspective.  In asking them to choose birth, we are in fact asking them not to slaughter the unborn child.  But let's age the child a bit to age 2, for we know there is no difference between the two other than age and location.  Now let's rephrase the canard: "You cannot ask a person not to slaughter their 2-year old but not support that person's life etc".  Do I really need to explain that one?
  • Second one
    • Canard - Again from Sen Jackson we hear that "pro-life advocates had alienated potential supports by treating life as a party-political issue.
    • Rebuttal - Does the good senator recall which party made access to abortion a plank in their party platform?  Where are her words of rebuke for them?  Oh, that's right!  It's her party!
Then we hear from Gloria Purvis, whom I hold in regard.  Nevertheless, she appears to be adopting the now-discredited "seamless garment" talking points.  I'll go through a few of them.
  • First one
    • "Stop trying to dictate to black people how they should vote, what should be their number one issue, or that somehow you know better than they do about what real racism is. Do not do that."
    • Reply - That is a rebuke that would be better directed towards the murderer of Bernell Trammell, who was murdered in front of his pro-Trump signs.  But the fact is, Church teaching does make the eradication of intrinsic evils the prime determinent of how we will vote, and abortion is chief among those right now.  That is a message for everyone, not just black people.  I hope Ms. Purvis is not trying to imply somehow that black people are exempt from that moral imperative that binds us all.
  • Second one
    • From the article, "In line with the event’s title, Purvis said treating racism as a life issue requires first that pro-lifers not deny it is an issue at all."
    • Reply - Notice the tacit assumption that pro-lifers are en masse denying that racism is an issue.  In fact, it is abortion proponents who pose the biggest threats to minorities, as abortion mills are found more readily in minority neighborhoods than in white areas.  In the DC area, the black population is close to zero-population-growth thanks to abortion.  If the perils of racism are to be combatted, then combat it where it occurs - in abortion mills.
  • Third one
    • "For goodness’ sake, stop saying things like ‘the real racism is abortion’,”
    • Reply - Request denied.  We will continue to say it for indeed that is the unpleasant truth.  Blacks at one time comprised about 15% of the population, but had over 30% of the abortions.  That is a fact that must be faced.  Black babies are being victimized in greater percentages than are white babies.  The adults in those babies' short lives bear the moral responsibility and they will face it, either in this life or the next.
  • Fourth one (very last part of the article)
    • Purvis said the “number one pushback” she receives in her outreach is the belief that pro-lifers “only care about black life in the womb when it comes to politics or election time.”      
    • Ms Purvis has been in pro-life circles for quite some time now.  I trust she recognizes left-wing brainwashing when she sees it, and doesn't let that slander against good people stand.
By the way - many pro-life activists are themselves black.  Yet the implicit and (I hope) unconscious assumption is that they are all white.  A tad racist, perhaps??  Ms Purvis called upon pro-life activists to have more "humility".  These panelists could use a little of that themselves.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A Matter Of Hearts

Last Friday a diocese in Argentina conducted a virtual "Community Spirituality Course".  Right away it sounds like a hoot. Anyway, Pope Francis sent a video message to them.  It was brief, very brief, uncharacteristically brief - and that was probably a good thing.  I quote, "I ask you to let your heart beat, nothing else."

Pardon my french, but what the hell does that mean??  Does it mean that the pope was simply too tapped out of bovine excretement to cough up something more verbose and convoluted?  I guess for that we should be grateful.  But why does any living person have to let their heart beat?  It will beat until the day we meet God in our particular judgments.  It also says absolutely nothing about Our Lord or the Faith, which actually says quite a bit about the derth of worth in that "spirituality course".

On the other hand, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has initiated an "International Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation", to atone for sins against the Blessed Sacrament.  Those kinds of sins have always abounded, but during this covid thing, bishops and priests have actually multiplied those outrages by mandating Holy Communion in the hand, denying the Sacraments to the faithful, etc.  One of his chief aims, and it should be ours', is to make reparation to His Sacred Heart that has been outraged by these sacrileges.  If there's any "heart" that should be at the center of our attention, it would be Jesus' Sacred Heart.  Please read that link for practical actions to participate in this crusade.

But turning our gaze again to Argentina, they are doing the exact opposite.  At least Bishop Eduardo Maria Taussig ordered Catholics in his largely conservative diocese to receive Holy Communion in the hand.  When priests and faculty at his diocesan seminary objected to the orders to commit sacrilege, he closed his own seminary.  The pope approved his actions.  Just what kind of "heart" does the pope think is beating in Argentina?

Again, seriously consider Bishop Schneider's crusade.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Waking Up With A Big Picture Of The Mess In The Church Today

All these videos are relevant to our current situation today.  In the first, our memories are refreshed by some historical perspective.  We of course are seeing the errors of Russia, that is, marxism/communism, being spread not only in secular society (aside - recall that one of the BLM founders admitted to being a trained marxist).  We are seeing it in the Church; such is the underlying mentality of the USCCB (and its state-wide counterparts) as they push progressive agendas and give, at most, lip service to intrinsic evils such as abortion and homsexual perversions.

In this one, Michael Matt opines that Catholics are waking up.  While I have seen signs of that, I pray that it is not "too little too late".

More obvservations about the amoral and ungodly mindset of so many bishops.

I'll end with this.  By now it is no secret that McCarrick was abusing seminarians at his beach house.  Hitherto, I thought he used his beach house to indulge his own perversions.  Some new lawsuits bring to light that McCarrick was actually running a sex ring out of his beach place, allowing buddies to have their ways with young seminarians.  I just wonder what more depraved things we'll learn.  Remember - McCarrick was one a leader, if not the de-facto kingpin, of the US Church.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Vatican Pontificates On Covid

The recently bastardized Pontifical Academy for Life (hereinafter referred to as Paglia's Peons) has released a 4,000-word tome entitled, well, the title is a mouthful in and of itself.  One little tidbit about the title is that part of it is "untimely meditations".  It's untimely, alright.  Here is the link to it as it appears on the Vatican website.

Notice that it is a pdf.  That means word searches can be done on it.  Others such as Church Militant notice that some key words are missing: Jesus, God, church, sacraments.  Other words missing include sin, repent, eternity, heaven.  The word "hell" is used only to describe refugee camps.

This is ostensibly a Catholic document, posted on the Vatican website.  In all those 4000+ words, they couldn't mention Jesus Christ  just once?  For crying out loud - we are His Church!

What words do we find?  Well, there's earth, poverty, solidarity, global, social - words that one might expect to find in a social justice tome.  I'm surprised that words such as accompany and surprise didn't make it in there.

So what is really to blame for Covid, according to Paglia's Peons?  According to this display of verbosity, the causes are myriad:
  • deforestation
  • exagerated demand for meat by first world countries
  • financial greed
The common theme is this, according to Paglia's Peons.  We didn't do sufficient obeisance to Laudato Si, thus we are reaping the consequences.  They certainly won't address the role that China played in this pandemic, be that role deliberate or inadvertent.  Covid originated there; recall that it was originally called the Wuhan virus.  Large Eurpoean infestations first arose in areas heavily populated by Chinese.  But of course it wouldn't be appropriate for Paglia's Peons to mention that inconvenient little truth, seeing how the Vatican is suspected of being on the payroll of the Chicoms, to the tune of billions of dollars.

However, is it possible that Covid was meant by God to get our attention so that we would worship and obey Him as He has taught for centuries?  Instead, the bishops for the most part shamed their sainted predecessors and cowarded behind their shuttered doors, depriving their flocks of salvation-giving Sacraments.

Also today we received word that the US hierarchy is having a snit-fit because the President will not count illegal aliens in the US Census.  I can see where that might put a krinkle in their attempts to get government funding for settling illegals in this country.  But this is what the bishops are atwitter over as they disregard the Faithful who cannot get to Confession or receive Last Rites in hospitals.

Again, we see the USCCB bunch waxing indignant over the President actually acting according to the Constitution, but when it comes to state and local tin-horn tyrants closing their church doors, they are silent.  What's more, many of them positively approve of their flocks being deprived of the avenues for much-needed sanctifying grace.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Let's Not Lose Sight Of McCarrick And The Evils That He Wrought

Amidst all the turmoil regarding the corona virus, draconian governmental shutdowns, the thuggish behaviors of Antifa and "Black Lives Matter", it is easy to lose sight of how McCarrick made a mockery of the Church.  Indeed, we can probably lay at his feet the blame for the Church's wimpy and heretical responses to the above-named plagues.

One big matter that is slipping from the minds of many (and perhaps this is a goal of the progressive prelates) is the report on McCarrick that was supposed to have been released months ago.  It still remains under lock and key - whether that of the Vatican or the USCCB I don't know, but I'm fairly certain they are in cahoots.

I post below two relevant videos, but still have some remarks to make.  Taylor Marshall alludes to the election of Francis to the papacy.  Shortly after he was elected, some anomalies came to light and I posted about them here and here.  In the second link, I posted a video of an address given by then-cardinal McCarrick, in which he alludes to being asked to influence the election for then-Cardinal Bergoglio.  Marshall made mention of that.  In the two posts, I made known my concerns regarding the validity of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI; my concerns remain unaddressed and therefore I must admit his resignation may have been invalid and that he still remains the true pope.

Marshall mentioned the Lifesitenews summary of the study of McCarrick's network of accomplices.  Here is the link to that summary.

The Vortex below, also from a few days ago, looks at the McCarrick situation from other angles, particularly regarding the literal sell-off of the Catholic Church in China.

When I first started blogging, McCarrick was still archbishop of my diocese.  I started writing because I knew he and others posed problems for the Church.  At that time, the Catholic Standard had been ordered to cease publishing "letters to the editor" after he made allowances for pro-aborts to receive Holy Communion sacrilegiously.  However, at that time, I was not aware of the extent of evil perpetrated by that man.  I consider it an act of Divine Mercy that he was laicized.  However, the wheels of evil that he set in motion still continue to churn, and we see some of that in burned cities, ruined livelihood, vandalized churches, governmental tyrants run amok.

In addition to the Rosary that Marshall mentioned, we've got to act.  Getting in front of the USCCB meeting might be a good idea.  We have also got to get behind President Trump this coming November.  He has demonstrated that he is at least friendly to traditional western civilization, unlike the Democrats who are rabidly pro-abortion and anti-God.

Please spread this post and the videos around.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Vocal Catholics Keep Eucharist From Being Treated Like Drive-Thru Hamburgers

Please be advised that the following video is not satire!

That's right!  Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is being treated with all the dignity of a Happy Meal from the McDonald's drive-through. As we watch the people walk to their cars with their arms swinging in a normal gait, we know that Particles of the Host are flying everywhere from the wrappers.  By the way - did you hear any directions regarding the disposal of the wrappers - that probably containg pieces of the Host?  I didn't either.

Note: In the 0:07 mark, notice the drums to Father's right.  In most localities, singing is banned.  Perhaps that is a blessing in disguise for now the ears of the few Catholics who now attend Mass are not being assailed with all manners of ungodly racket.  Also at th 0:09 mark, take note of the lady in the pink sweater (bottom right of the screen) giving us all a demonstration as to why the masks accomplish the exact opposite of their touted purpose.  Just for fun, go to their website and look at all the laudible causes being pursued by their Justice Council. What's that?  Where's any mention of fighting abortion?  Oh, rigid of you!  But I digress!

I understand that since this video from Complicit Clergy was released till now, that the uproar resulted in this debacle being canned.  That shows what can happen when we raise our voices and make these careless clergy uncomfortable in their sacrilege. Please advise via comments of any other such nonsense, providing corroborating links so that we can shine light on cockroaches.  Thank you.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Caution! This Post Might Make Liberal Brains Explode!

Yes, the below picture is for real.  In the 1950s, most religious sisters were grounded in the Faith and by extension, in reality.  These sisters actually taught the responsible use of firearms.  They understood that firearms can be useful tools for self defense.

Below that is an episode from a 1950s western called the Rifleman - quite popular in the day.  We see the boy being quite afraid of the rifle after its careless use caused another to die.  He goes through quite the bout of blaming the gun for the other boy's death.  We can immediately see parallels between him and many leftists who blame guns for murders but who are all too willing to set murderers free from prison.  It's not until the boy sees the father using his gun against a murderer (thus saving his life) that he understands the benefits of responsible firearms usage.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Three Acts Of Persecution In The US - What We Must Do

On Saturday July11 2020, we saw three acts of arson against Catholic establishments.  The first happened in Ocala Florida when a man crashed his vehicle into Queen of Peace Catholic Church, then proceeded to light a fire with parishioners inside.  He then led the police on a chase and was apprehended.  This news page identifies the perpetrator as Steven Shields.  He is a white man.  If he had committed that crime against a black church, you may rest assured that riots would be ongoing even now.  However, the mainstream media's attitude is rather blase about it.  We have yet to learn a motive.

Across the country in California, the San Gabriel Mission Church was set ablaze.  It's an historical landmark at least 200 years old.  The roof is destroyed.  Because of the backlash of late against mission churches (alleging racism) the fire is under federal investigation.

That evening, in Dorcester Massachussetts, a statue of the Blessed Mother was set on fire.  Local police are investigating that as arson.

So that's three Catholic institutions in one day.  This has all the smell of a coordinated campaign.  Just last week Catholics were defending a statue of King St Louis IX against antifa and blm marauders.

Protestant establishments have also been targeted.  Recall that the historic St John's Church across from the White House was vandalized.  We hear also of Grace Baptist Church in Troy NY where mobs tried to block people from entering.

Below Taylor Marshall speaks of the first two incidents.  I think at the time he recorded this, the Massachusetts arson had not yet happened.  He talks of what he calls the three stages of persecution and describes these incidents quite well.  The persecution is real and I've no bones saying that those who deny its reality sin by their attempts to deceive themselves and each other with false comfort.  At the end, he suggests eight actions, some of them requiring men to take the lead.  Listen the whole way through and, as he suggested, please make news of these incidents go viral.  Our politically correct mainstream media will downplay them.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Elrich's Snitch-Ambassadors Vindictive Wrath Against Businesses

A few days ago, the Grille at Flower Hill (in Gaithersburg) announced on its facebook page that they would not adhere to the draconian mask regulations.  Predictably, that aroused the ire of the Democrat demagogues that run Montgomery County MD and County Executive Marc Elrich put out this spiel.  It would have done Hitler and Stalin proud.  As I listened, I could almost hear nazi-esque goose step marching with military drums in the background.

At the 1:05 mark, did you catch the part about "business ambassadors"?  Why should I believe these goons are any different than the dictators' minions who would routinely barge into a home or shop, demanding papers and looking for any deviations from the dictates of the overlord in charge?  Elrich states that the "goal" of the "ambassadors" is to "help" businesses comply - and heaven help them if they don't.  Then the tyranical hammer of tyranny will come down heavy and often.  At 1:40 he says "most businesses have chosen to be appreciative".  That's rather telling language, isn't it?  They either appreciate assistance or they don't.  Elrich seems to be inadvertently admitting that most businesses are indeed chafing under his so-called "ambassadors".  But for those who still imagine that they live in a free country, he has this to say.  "Since they would not accept the help of the ambassadors and would not comply with the guidelines, we closed those businesses down."  And a hearty "seig heil!" to you, Mr County Executive!   The Grille was one of the businesses that felt the iron fist of the tyrants.

He then segues into some $14M of public assistance for businesses impacted by Covid.  Just where does he think that money will come from?  Hint!  If you live in Montgomery County, look in the mirror!  Don't have a job?  You'll be taxed anyway!  

Hey, Marc!  I've got a better idea!  Let the businesses open up, with no governmental fetters!  Then they won't need your assistance!  Or do you want them dependent on government?  You progressives are becoming more and more transparent about your goals and mindsets.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Role Of Modernism In Today's Malaise

Last Friday, Michael Hichborn gave an online address regarding the heresy of modernism.  Pope St Pius X and Pope Leo XIII repeatedly warned against that poison.  It has found its way into the thinking of Catholics, many of them well-meaning.  I'd suggest a careful listen, particularly to my friends involved in charismatic circles, as I once was.  The over-emphasis on subjective experience was one trait of that movement that eventually led me to part ways with it.  (In the video, take note starting at 37:15.)  Even so, I didn't realize how insidious it is, until I heard Hichborn's reasonings.

Genesis of modernism is materialism.  For the modernist/materialist, science takes precedence over Church Teaching.  If there is a conflict (real or perceived) between science and Church teaching, then they will attempt to alter Church teaching to conform with their take on scientific pronouncements.  What is perceived by the senses informs their adherence to Teachings.

With their focus on the "here and now" (because eternity is beyond the realm of science), we understand the basis of the erroneous focus of most of the "social justice" activists in the Church on their various issues, while denying the right to life of the unborn and the serious nature of sins against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments.

Hichborn recommends (and held up) a book called "A Catechism of Modernism".  The author is Father J.B. Lemius.  It is available on Amazon.  The encyclical of Pope St Pius X can be found here.

Please watch all the way through.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Archbishop Lori Panders To BLM Thug Fans

First, thank you to the commenter in my previous post for alerting me to this disgusting situation.  How did Lori accomplish this latest debacle?  By retaining a BLM supporter in an official capacity.

LifeSiteNews has quite an expose of Howard Ross's activities and affiliations that show him to be quite antithetical to the Catholic faith.  He founded a "consulting" company called Udarta (cited in Archbishop Lori's announcement linked below).  Both Ross and Udarta are headquartered in Silver Spring, MD (a cesspool of new-age progressivism).  What I think the LifeSiteNews piece may have overlooked is Ross's New Age connections.  For instance, both he and his wife were speakers at an event (probably online) called the "Truth and Reconciliation Weekend".  It occurred the weekend of July 4-5, just wrapping up as I type this.  Looking down the list, one gets the impression that Ross is one of the few non-Indian people speaking.  The list of talks is rife with Buddhism.  We also see nonsense about "the 13th fairy" and "chakras" and "the goddess within me".  You get the drift.

Here is the official announcement of this appointment from the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Earlier, when I came across these deplorable announcements, I wondered how the Church could retain such individuals in spite of their chequered pasts.  Now I realize that the corrupt Church hierarchy retains these individuals because of their scandalous histories.

To my readers within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, you have yet another reason why you should not drop one penney towards archdiocesan collections.  Moreover, please try to discover if and how you can shield any parochial donations from archdiocesan assessments.

Friday, July 3, 2020

A Courageous Priest And His Craven Bishop

Father Theodore Rothrock of St Elizabeth Seton Church in the Diocese of Lafayette (IN) correctly identified Black Lives Matters rioters as "thieves, bandits, maggots, parasites".  The poor little snowflakes got their noses put out of joint.  Bishop Timothy Doherty ordered Father to "clarify" his remarks and apologize.  He apologized, but in light of BLM's own website, his original remarks were already accurate and crystal-clear.

However, that wasn't enough for a leftist front bunch called Carmel Against Racial Injustice.  They wanted Rothrock to be suspended.  Doherty, like a good little minion, obeyed them and suspended Father Rothrock.  Would Father have been suspended if he had spoken of the Ku Klux Klan or some neo-nazi group?  Somehow I think not.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Father Rick Walsh in St Paul the Apostle offered his own (?) "homily".  He declared that "Jesus is lesbian, queer, transgender" etc.  To my knowledge, Walsh has faced no official sanction of any sort from Cardinal Dolan.

By the way, scroll down until you get to OSP's statement on the death penalty.  Therein lies the perfect illustration of the leftists' whole purpose in trying to change Church teaching on the death penalty.  They know that if they can insinuate into the thinking of Catholics that if one facet of Church teaching can be altered, why not other facets, particularly those dealing with sexual morality?  The truth is either all of God's teachings are immutable, or none of them are.  God's teachings are immutable because He Himself is immutable.  His thoughts do not change.  They have always been perfect, in no need of so-called "evolution".  The death penalty is admissable in some cases of criminal conduct.  Under no circumstances is homosexual conduct allowed.