Sunday, August 30, 2020

Covid And BLM Meant To Pave Way For Socialism And New World Order

 On Friday 8/28, Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute published an address that he gave, reflecting on various current events and connecting some very obvious dots.  At the 32:58 mark, he begins to talk about an article mentioning "resetting the economy".  This "resetting" that is being bandied about by various "leaders" entails the introduction of "socialistic policies" and "green new deals".  Is anyone surprised?   Among these "leaders" is the World Economic Forum.  They specifically laud the "ideas" of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

At the 37:03 mark, Hichborn quotes them as stating that the Corona virus "has created an important opportunity".  While it certainly is an implmentation of the Alinskyian rule "never let a crisis go to waste", this is almost verbatum repeated by the pope in a recent address that he gave.  I will now post both videos below.

So now we have a reasonable supposition that the covid thing is being hyped in order to pave the way for socialism.  From the second video, it almost seems that the pope is in on the scam.  They are now becoming quite open about their schemes to implement this "new world order".  Hichborn mentions a site called  Take a look at it.  Please also watch the full videos.  We must inform ourselves and others, and need to be willing to invest the time to do so.

We have to do a few things to combat this socialistic, masonic evil being foisted upon us.  We must (if we aren't doing so already) commit to praying the Rosary every day.  In November, we must vote to defeat the baby-slaughter socialist party.  That means we vote Republican, from Trump on down.  Don't give me any blather about "sitting out the election" or voting "third party" for if you do, you will be sinning against the virtue of prudence (as well as committing other sins).

Friday, August 28, 2020

A Tale Of Two Sisters

During the Republican National Convention this past week, we heard an outstanding address from Sr Deirdre Byrne.  Please listen to this outspoken pro-life sister in full habit speak of fidelity to God and to Chrisitan morality.  True, she did refer to Our Lady as an "unwed mother".  However, when was the last time someone held up a Rosary and proclaimed it as "our weapon"?

In contrast, dissident nun Sr Simone Campbell "prayed" at the Democratic National Convention.  I put "prayed" in quotes for I'm not quite sure to whom or what she prayed.  She's on record as saying that the banning of abortion is "not good policy".  She also said that the abortion matter is "above her pay grade".  Above her pay grade!  When did we hear that before, regarding abortion?  Oh, yes!  From the Messiah Most Miserable himself.  Remember this?  She doesn't like wearing habits.  Come to think of it, that might be a good thing; at least she won't disgrace it when she makes it apparent that baby-slaughter is just okee-dokee with her.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Disastrous Ripple Effects Of Tinkering With Sacramental Rubrics

 Many of us heard of the story of Father Matthew Hood of the Archdiocese of Detroit.  He had recently been sent a video of his infant baptism by his father.  He watched that, then read a document from the Vatican that clarified what constituted the correct language for the Sacrament of Baptism.  Recalling his viewing of the video of his baptism, he realized that invalid language was used during his baptism, effectively nullifying the baptism.  The deacon used the language "we baptize" instead of the correct "I baptize".

Realizing that his invalid baptism also nullified his subsequent sacraments, including his ordination, he contacted his archdiocesan superiors about the matter.  Very soon, he received all the sacraments correctly and he was a properly ordained priest.  Father Hood and the archdiocese are now attempting to contact all those who believed they received sacraments from him, and from the deacon who committed the invalid baptism against Hood approximately thirty years ago.  The alacrity and sense of purpose evinced by both Father Hood and the Archdiocese of Detroit in their efforts to correct that thirty-year old blunder.

My concern is not at all with them but with some Catholics who are commenting about the accounts of this situation.  They display a lack of the most basic knowledge of their Faith, and an even more deplorable carelessness about the same.  Most of those comments are along the lines of "well, God gives the grace anyway because everyone meant well".  There is reason to doubt the validity of the assumption of meaning well, but for the sake of argument, let's just assume that's true, for the moment.  At one time every Catholic knew that in order for a sacrament to be valid, three things must be present: form, matter, and intent.  It seems like most understand the necessity of intent, but that's not all that is necessary.  The other two are just as important, for the grace from sacraments is an objective reality.  Form includes such things as words used, actions performed.  When Father Hood was baptized, the deacon used language not prescribed by the Church.  Form was deficient in that case, so Baby Matthew Wood remained unbaptized.

When it came time for the other sacraments that Catholics usually receive as they are growing, i.e., Confession, Communion, Confirmation, they too were invalid for Father Hood because valid matter was lacking - a baptized Catholic.  Similarly, his ordination was also invalid.  Not being a validly ordained priest, he could not confer sacraments as again matter lacked - a validly ordained priest.  Who knows how many hundreds of confessions and marriages were invalid?  Of course, none of those recipients were guilty of any sacrilege (including those who may have received communion after attempting to confess mortal sins to then-Mr Hood) for they acted in good faith.  But no sacramental graces were conferred.

Another common excuse for pooh-poohing the need for proper form is that "God is not bound by man-made rules".  The obvious fallacy here is that the "rules" are not "man-made".  They were originated by Our Lord Himself through His Church to convey spiritual realities.  When a priest or deacon says the words "I baptize you", he is acting as an "alter Christus" who would have spoken in the singular.  Whether or not God is "bound" is not the issue.  We, His Church, are, and we must obey that.

So the deviancy of one deacon, through one invalid baptism, had a detrimental effect on the spiritual lives of hundreds of people.  It is reasonable to assume that he botched other baptisms, creating similar ripple effects.  I pray that the efforts of the Archdiocese of Detroit and of Father Hood to find these people are successful.  If nothing else, this should show the dangers that one rogue deacon can cause, and the need for more traditional Catholic education.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Our Lord Jesus Christ - A Teeny-Bopper?

 Recall this blasphemy from the current pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It seems that is not his only episode at belittling the Person of Jesus Christ who is God Incarnate.

At the 7:30 am Mass on Sunday July 26, Father Walsh remarked during his homily as he commented on the Gospel, that up to that point recorded in the Gospel, Jesus had been talking "like a teen-aged girl".

Whatever else he may have said in that homily, be it good or bad, is irrelevant.  He dared to speak irreverently of Our Lord, in whose name Father was ostensibly ordained.  By the way, his quip also betrays a rather condescending opinion of teen-aged girls, if he's using their demographic grouping as a tool for mockery.

Again, I'd suggest that parishioners contact him with concerns.  You may wish to consider redirecting your contributions elsewhere.  One of the Six Precepts of the Church is to "support the work of the Church".  Since when is it the "work of the Church" to make Our Lord the butt of tasteless, irreverent jokes?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

We Must All Be Prepared To Do This

This recently happened in County Mayo, Ireland.  My people are from there, so maybe they are distant relatives.  I'd be pround to claim them as such.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Pope Francis Flunked Biology 101

 Today the pope broadcast his accolades for a nun in Argentina for opening a home for "trans-women".  I put that in quotes for "trans-women" are really males who dress like women and insist that those surrounding them humor them in their charade.  Many of them have even had their male organs removed and take female hormone pills in a deliberate attempt to mutilate their masculine natures.  We don't need to guess at their motives to understand that their actions are inherently sinful.

The nun, Sister Monica Astorga Cremona, had a ribbon-cutting ceremony today for the apartments in which these males and their partners will live.  That's right.  She is directly facilitating homosexual perversion.  Far from being a laudible action, this constitutes formal and material cooperation with mortal sin - which is its own mortal sin.

In his praise of Sister's endeavor, the pope himself cooperated with that sin by referring to these males as "the girls".  The Vicar of Christ confirmed both the males (I won't call them "men" for real men don't carry on like that) and Sister in their mortal sins while at the same time denying simple biological facts.

We have yet another reason to pray our Rosaries daily.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Another Reasone Why the Underhanded Syndicate of Corrupt Communist Bishops Must Be Defunded

A few days ago, Donna Toliver Grimes, an official at the United States Conferenc of Catholic bishops, waxed lyrical about the selection of Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee for Vice President.  She thinks that Harris will benefit marginalized people.  Obviously Grimes is not thinking of the millions of babies slaughtered via abortion, that Harris loudly applauds.  Some good people are stating that Grimes should be fired for these remarks.   Be that ever so true, Grimes simply demonstrated that she fits right in with the progressives who skulk about the halls of the USCCB.

Let's take a look at Ms. Grimes history, shall we?  Open Secrets details her donations in 2008 to Obama's presidential campaign.  Eight years ago, she gave an interview to a Pax Christi publication, wherein she mentioned that she herself was on Pax Christi's national council, and in that capacity worked with Just Faith.  I have written about Pax Christi and Just Faith many times in the past.  Protestations of being "pro-life" aside, she has allied herself with progressive, anti-life forces for many years.  One might wonder how these facts escaped the scrutiny of the USCCB as they allowed her to take a position of influence.  I believe the USCCB is well aware of her proclivities, and far from finding them at odds with their standards, they believe her to be well-suited to their own mindsets and goals.  The powers-that-be in the USCCB embrace her dissidence because they themselves are dissidents.

If you are still contributing to your parishes, please make sure you are doing so in a way that no portion of your donations goes to the diocese.  Just as parishes are assessed by the dioceses, so too are the dioceses assessed by the USCCB.  They deserve not one red cent of your money.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Attention Gloria Purvis Et Al - What Do You Have To Say NOW???

When the whole George Floyd situation happened, I looked askance upon the knee-jerk reaction of so many who claimed that racism was a motivation behind the officers' actions against Floyd.  I've no doubt that their actions contributed significantly towards his death and that criminal actions should be pursued against them. However, even if it is deemed to be murder, we all know that murder can be motivated by many things other than racism.

But no, too many had to jump on the politically correct bandwagon as the Pied Pipers known as Black Lives Matter piped their tunes, leading the sheeple to follow blindly like the Piper's rats, as they rioted in the streets, committing murder and mayhem.  One wag on Facebook quipped that "BLM" stands for "Burn, Loot, Murder".  That might as well be the case.

Last month a panel discussion was held, called "Racism Is A Life Issue".  I think I did a reasonably good job at debunking some of the manure that oozed forth from that gabfest.   Since then, two events have happened that further illustrate the utter brainlessness of the politically correct "chicken littles" that are either mindlessly - or perhaps deliberately - stoking the riots and unrest.

I don't know why this took so long, but bodycam footage from one of the officers was released that shows the entire encounter with Floyd.  Floyd's behavior was consistent with the reports that he had high levels of drugs in his system at the time.  He was resisting arrest all the way, despite attempts by the officers to accomodate his alleged "claustrophobia" by opening the cruiser windows.  While the officers are by no means completely exonorated, I believe the video shows the racism canard to be an utter fabrication.  I will post the video later.

Now onto the second event.  Last Sunday in North Carolina, five-year-old Cannon Hinnant was playing in his family's front yard when 25-year-old Darius Sessoms walked up to him and shot him in the head execution-style.  There had been no previous interaction, the shooting was entirely unprovoked.  The little boy died.  He was white and his murderer is black. 

We don't hear a peep among what is laughingly called the mainstream media about this senseless murder.  Let's be honest.  Had their races been reversed, we would be hearing nonstop about this and more riots would be tearing through the country.  And of course, the USCCB and their allies would be issuing statements right and left.  So far they've said nothing.

Floyd had several televised funerals (with no "social distancing", mind you) and protest marches, with riotings, etc.  Ms. Purvis, you even joined a panel discussion that (let's be honest!) was occasioned by Floyd's death.  Will there be another for Cannon?  After all, his life mattered too - right?

Now will we stop following after the BLM sirens?

Friday, August 14, 2020

As The Elections Draw Near, Never-Trump Trads Need A Verbal Spanking

As I write this, the Democrats have announced that Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden's running mate.  I would expect that Plugs himself was rather shocked at the news, but I don't want to explore that tangent just yet.  Suffice it to say that if (God forbid!) the Dems manage to cheat their way to victory, the most pro-abortion duo will ascend to power.  Given Biden's obvious mental issues, Harris will be less than a heartbeat from the presidency.

Yet even in the face of this looming disaster, there are still some who call themselves "traditional Catholics" who are announcing, perhaps virtue-signaling would be the more appropriate verb, that they will write in some obscure person or not vote at all in November 2020.  They have more disparaging things to say about Trump (who actually has made some solid pro-life accomplishments) than they do for the Dems, who are unabashedly pro-abortion.  I can only characterize their attitudes towards Trump to be so overly persnickety and finicky as to border on effeminacy.  They are more concerned about satisfying the unreasonable demands of their emotions (what they call conscience) as opposed to an actual rigorous examination of the matter in the light of Tradition.  I've taken a stab at so doing.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll link to two such posts of mine, here and here.  The comments in those posts illustrate some salient points as well.

Father Pavone of Priests for Life published a list of Trump's pro-life accomplishments - not promises but accomplishments.  In contrast, Biden, while Obama's vice president, assisted him in all his pro-abortion endeavors.  For her part, Harris is equally pro-abortion and has made no secret of her anti-Catholic prejudices.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have some "never-Trump" people in your circles, please speak directly with them.  On this upcoming election depends western civilization, millions of lives and yes, souls.  

Friday, August 7, 2020

Vatican Academy - "Forget God! We Want Our Audience!"

That is exactly what the Vatican said when they were caught several weeks ago wasting a bunch of paper and ink on that verbose plop that blamed the covid virus on us not paying attention to that other piece of nonsense called Laudato Si.

They deliberately disregarded God in order to promulgate their earth-worship tripe.  It's more important to them that they have the "widest possible audience" to push their globalist new-world order tripe.  All that neopalagian, triumphalist talk of Jesus, sin, eternal salvation, etc might alienate the ungodly from the really important stuff, you see!  Not only might the promulgation of the One True Faith offend the sensibilities of atheists, but that message flies in the face of the lies of the "new world order" that these progressives want to promulgate.

Doesn't that put the Lourdes debacle (see previous post) in a whole new light?

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Blasphemous Pictures On Doors Of Our Lady Of Lourdes In Bethesda - With An Important Correction

This past Saturday I attended Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes in Bethesda and saw this picture on several of the entrances.

It is not my purpose in this post to discuss the inherent merits or demerits of masks (for another post).  In fact, I will uphold the private property rights of owners and/or custodians to determine what attire must be worn to gain admittance to the premises.  Indeed, it would be a delightful thing if pastors insisted upon a modicum of decency in attire - for both men and women - as people approach Our Lord.

The issue is this.  Jesus, as a Person, is Divine.  He always has been.  He has two natures, but is Divine.  It is blasphemy to depict Him as one who can get sick and/or spread disease, and that is precisely what this picture is doing.  It is not cute, it is not humorous, it is not harmless.  Fifty years ago, no sane person would dare have been so flippant with His image.  The same thing holds with pictures of Our Lady.  We are seeing her similarly mocked.  Recall that she was conceived without original sin and its effects.  Pictures of her masked fly in the face of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

I do not mean to impugn the motives of the parish staff.  I've been told they simply wanted to introduce "lightness" in the face of the pandemic situation.  Be the motives ever so benign, they don't mitigate the damage done by the blasphemy.  What heresy does this communicate to children and to those poorly catechized?

From what I'm hearing, Lourdes is not the only parish so blighted.  These pictures, and pictures of a masked Blessed Mother, are being found in several parishes.  Truth be told, I don't see that much difference between these masked pictures and some of the vandalism that is running rampant.  The motives might be different, but the outcomes are still the same.- defaced and mutilated images of Our Lord and Our Lady.

CORRECTION - There is at least one other crucial difference between the vandalism and this blasphemy.  Many of the vandals profess no religion at all.  I think we can safely assume that none of them are ordained priests.  The blasphemy at Lourdes is being committed by an ordained priest of the Roman Catholic Church.  As such, he is an "alter Christus".  More's the disgrace - and possibly sacrilege against the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Here is contact information for Our Lady of Lourdes.  Please email Father Walsh, being both respectful and direct.  Tell him that there are other ways to properly communicate the masking policies of the parish without joining Antifa and Black Lives Matter in disrespecting Our Lord.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Alinsky, Covid, And The Riots

That was the topic of last Friday's webcast from Lepanto Institute.  Due to technical difficulties, the presentation appeared in two videos.  They are worth an audience nontheless.