Friday, June 24, 2011

"Environmental Literacy" Required To Graduate From MD High Schools

This past Tuesday, the Maryland Board of Education voted to require that each student be "environmentally literate" before they graduate from high school.   Let me translate - the progressive lemmings who control the Board of Education have dictated that all students be brain-washed into parrotting the junk science known as environmentalism.

Meanwhile, kids are graduating school without decent foundatons in real subject matter.  If I had displayed such poor language skills as do many of today's high school graduates, I would have flunked fourth grade.  Why not teach the kids to read and write a proper sentence?  How about focusing more on math, biology, physics, history (and not the politically-correct variety)?  How about a basic civics course, so that kids actually know how the government works?

By the way - John Dewey, for better or worse (and I think it's worse), is regarded as "the father of modern education".  Well, he certainly did put modern public education in an adversarial role to true education.  Google his name.  I did so and saw this.  Notice how one of the bullet points says "Regarded education in a democracy as a tool to enable the citizen to integrate his or her culture and vocation usefully."  In other words, Dewey saw education as a tool to brainwash pupils into being docile little puppets who would blindly follow the flow of "his or her culture", "culture" of course being the progressive, politically-correct gestapo known as "government" today.  Of course, Maryland is one of the leading liberal la-la lands in the USA today, thanks to the left-leaning progressives who prowl the State House and legislative buildings.  They love environmentalism, as it is a perfect vehicle by which they may encroach into our lives.  This latest move of the Board of Education stems directly from Dewey's vision of education.

I'd now like to direct your attention to an article written by Pat Buchanan, entitled "The Dumbing Down of America".  He focuses on the abysmal lack of knowledge of US history that so many students display today.  I for one think such ignorance is intended, so that students remain unaware of their national heritage; thus, they would be more likely to disregard their national past in favor of progressive machinations.

Such is the People's Republic of Maryland!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rockefellers - Key Players In Culture Of Death

Michael Voris's "Catholic Investigative Agency" has released a 33-minute clip regarding the prominent Rockefeller family.  It delves into:
  • The Rockefellers' dalliance with the eugenics movement
  • Their partership with Fr Hesbergh (of Notre Dame infamy) to compromise Catholic education
  • Their promotion of "one-world government" via the United Nations and subsidiary organizations
  • Their promotion and exploitation of environmentalism to further one-world government and population control
Real Catholic TV has catalogued their source material for this clip; it can be found here

If you can't see the embedded video, click here.

Catholic University Faces Lawsuit - For Being (Gasp!) Catholic

Last week I heard the news that Catholic University was restoring its policy of housing men and women in separate buildings.  To be honest, my first reaction was "Restored??  I didn't know its dorms had gone coed!"  However, I did welcome the news that a Catholic institution was actually reinforcing some Catholic morality.

Comes now the news that some progressive law professor from George Washington University heard about this and bunched his undies over this announcement.  To be fair to John Banzhaf, the CU move is quite - dare I say it? - politically incorrect!  Banzhaf, on his own website, claims to be such a champion of "equal bathroom access" that he calls himself (drum roll, please)..


Who can make up this stuff?  I think, for the sake of brevity, we'll call him Poppa-Potty!  At any rate, CU has no concerns about the legality or constitutionality of its decision.  I for one commend CUA president John Garvey for taking this step.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maureen Dowd Gets It Right??

Well, stranger things have happened!  To put it in context, she was arguing against the Church's opposition to gay "marriage", but she did make clear that the hierarchy's harboring of gay priests compromised their moral authority.  On that last point, I must agree.  So does the Vortex.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

The Corapi Situation

As most know by now, Father John Corapi was accused by an unidentified woman of "abusing" her.  I won't rehash that entire history here; you can read it on his new blog.  At any rate, his faculties were suspended and it seemed that he was given no rights whatsoever to defend himself.  Agree with this or not, John Corapi has decided to forego public ministry as a priest.

As you read through the comments, you'll notice a variety of mindsets.  There are those who state quite plainly that they always believed he was an egotistical fraud.  These adolescents don't deserve the time of day.  There are those who understand why he's chosen the route that he did.  While I have no basis of opining on his guilt or innocense, I do know that the hierarchy's investigative processes are fatally flawed.  He didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of obtaining fair treatment.

Then there are those who I might call the sappy petulant whiners, waxing oh-so-sanctimoneous in their disappointment in Corapi's decision.  I'll try to sum it up in a hypothetical paragraph: "Oh Father, why didn't you submit?  Our Lord is trying to purify you!  Perhaps He wants you to engage in contemplation!  You should submit even as He was scourged!  You must learn humble submission"  As I read all this, I thought of how Our Lord denounced the Pharisees who sought to lay heavy burdens and not lift a finger to help.  They seem to want Corapi to fall on a sword for them so that they can "be edified" from afar.  With "friends" like those, who needs enemies?

An important note - I am neither theologian nor canon lawyer.  I've no knowledge about Corapi's innocence or guilt.  On the other hand, I don't think that the other few hundred folks who've commented have any more credentials than do I.

Today Corapi announced that he filed for civil damages for defamation.  Before there's any self-righteous sniffing about him "taking the low road" or other such nonsense, let's consider two things.  First, let's consider how scandalous it is that Corapi would have to seek relief from a civil court as opposed to canonical court.  Second, he did this on the advice of both Bishop (Emeritus) Rene Gracida and the founder of his religious society.  By the way - I commend to your reading a post by Bishop Gracida, as he sheds much-needed light on this situation from a bishop's vantage point.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Archdiocese Of Boston Allows "Gay Pride Celebration" Mass

The buck stops with Cardinal O'Malley in regards to this travesty.  I cannot believe that he did not give permission for this blasphemy to go forward.  If he didn't, he must stand up forcefully and resolutely now and defend his flock from this scandal.  If he doesn't, he will forfeit any and all moral authority as a bishop, perhaps irrevokably.  He will have betrayed his solemn vows as bishop.  He will have in fact opened the sheep gate to the wolves.

St Cecelia has been given permission by the Archdiocese of Washington Boston (thank you anonymous for typo correction) to resume plans for their blasphemous celebration inside a Catholic church.  Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament will be subjected to all manners of abuse.  It will be much like the buffets and spitting that He endured during His Passion and death.  A sin that "cries out to heaven" will be celebrated during the Mass.  So what can be expected at this Mass?  Will there be behavior and scenes such as these inside the Church?

A few good Catholics in Boston have been speaking up.  However, there should be a deafening outcry.  Where is it?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Radical Imam At St Rose of Lima Tomorrow

As I posted last week, a radical muslim imam is going to be delivering an address, at St Rose of Lima, on "Islam: A Religion of Peace or of Terrorism?"  If you haven't yet done so, please examine the links for the pertinent information about this man and his mosque.  Take special note of the laudatory comments he made regarding the Hamas operative at his mosque who was caught video-recording the supporting structures of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge - strange sort of hobby, wouldn't you say?  Take note that the Fort Hood shooter attended his mosque.

He also made the incredible statement that "you will see Islam move from being the second largest religion in America-that's where we are now- to being the first religion in America".  Did he suffer any repercussion?  Not at all!  In fact, on June 20th, a very naive parish and archdiocesan chancery are actually providing a forum and an audience so that he can lull good people into a rose-colored-glasses type of passivity regarding Islam.  That's quite unlike the violent rampaging that occurred in the name of jihad when Pastor Terry Jones stated his intention to burn a Qu'ran.

Speaking of Pastor Jones, he staged a protest at an Arab International Festival in Dearborn Michigan this past Friday.  Here's the local report, along with video.  Notice the reaction.  These "festival goers" aren't merely shouting at him.  They're actually shoving him, prompting the police to arrest at least some of them.  Of course there's the obligatory silent blaming of the "inflamatory language", but the reporters also state that they recognize some of the thugs as being too familiar, as though they may be "professional".

As I said in the previous post, the pastors of St Rose of Lima and the Archdiocese of Washington chancery should be ashamed of themselves for behaving as willing dupes.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Holy See Versus the United Nations

In February of 2010, I posted news about a bone-headed stunt that Catholic Charities of Albany was doing - spearheading a "needle-exchange program" for drug addicts.  I was reminded of this when I read that the Vatican has raised its voice against a similar act of stupidity underway at the United Nations, in the form of the UN General Assembly's Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS.  Read the words of Archbishop Francis Chillikatt.  In his statement, he emphasizes the Holy See's opposition to condom distribution and needle-exchange programs because they facilitate sinful and dangerous lifestyles.

It dawns on me that the Albany Catholic Charities mirrors the progressive-oriented United Nations more closely than it does the Magisterium.  Such seems to be the case with all three of the big so-called "catholyc" pass-through organizations: Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities.  I suggest complete cessation of contributions to these three organizations.  Rather than give to them, give directly to a charity that will uphold the Magisterium and use your contribution dollars wisely.

Friday, June 17, 2011

American Catholic Church - Too "American", Not Enough "Catholic"

Today's Vortex talks of nothing new.  This wrongly-placed emphasis in too many parishes and chanceries is a problem foreseen (and probably budding) during the pontificates of Leo XIII and Pius X.  Both popes wrote extensively about Americanism and Modernism (and progressivism).  A blogger names Brother Andre Marie delves into a bit about the relationships and contrasts of these problems.  On the sidebar I link to the Vatican site that contains the writings of the modern popes; the writings cited by Brother Andre can be found therein.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bad/Weak Bishops ARE To Blame For The Church's Ills

They are, after all, the shepherds to whom Christ entrusted His Church.  Michael Voris makes this plain in today's Vortex as he addresses the two Catholic meetings that took place in Detroit over this past Pentecost weekend: the American Catholic Council, full of all manners of dissidence, and the Call to Holiness Conference, attended by faithful Catholics.

As you listen to the Vortex, please note that Voris is rebuking an unnamed speaker at the Call to Holiness conference.  Why he didn't just name the names I'll never know; I for one have no use for that sort of silence as I see no real charity in that.  At any rate, what he has to say about the ultimate responsibility for the mess that is rotting through our Church is quite right.  But ladies and gentlemen of the laity, it is up to that person staring at you in the mirror to take an active role in addressing the rot so that it can be corrected.  Please don't leave it to the clergy.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Most Holy Redeemer In San Francisco Pulls Another Gaffe

I am linking to a video of a transvestite orgy.  That really is a man that you see performing the disgusting dance and that really is a bunch of perverts hooting and hollering and tossing him money.  Is this debacle taking place in some seedy bar in a run-down section of town?  No.

It's occurring in an auditorium of a Catholic parish - Most Holy Redeemer, in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.  Read more about the event from California Catholic Daily.  As you read, take note of other planned sacrileges at that parish that were canceled by the archdiocese under outside pressure.  Ladies and gentlemen, that "outside pressure" came from faithful Catholics throughout the nation (and probably beyond) who rose their voices in protest.

If ever a parish needed to be suppressed and the building/grounds de-consecrated, Most Holy Redeemer would be at the top of that list.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End Of America? Some Sobering Words

As a nation, we certainly are spiralling down a path of destruction.  I don't necessarily ascribe to Voris's implication that the destruction of our nation is inevitable, but at this time, this is our direction.  I do recall from the Bible the verse from 2 Chronicles 7:14 "And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land." (from the Douay-Rheims; see the right side bar)  However, Our Lord places an onus on our shoulders to do reparation.  As we approach the 4th of July, we might wish to set aside time for prayer before we even consider the fireworks.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Boston Archdiocese Waffles On Rainbow Gathering

This past Sunday I reported that the rainbow "mass" scheduled to occur in a Boston church was axed by the Archdiocese of Boston chancery.  Many of us were rejoicing that at last Cardinal O'Malley had found his moral compass and his backbone.  Well, such joy is, shall we say, now tempered.

From the blog "Bryan Hehir Exposed" we learn that the pastor of St Cecelia, Fr. John Unni, from the Sunday pulpit, accused faithful Catholics of "hate".  In attendance was the auxiliary bishop, Robert Hennessey.  The bishop, by his silence, both then and afterwards, gave assent to that sorry excuse for a homily.  Read the excerpts on the blog, and pray for God's mercy upon the souls of these two ordained priests.

There is also to be a "prayer service" at the same time during which the original "mass" was scheduled, with the approval of the Boston chancery.  Mind you, these are people who aid and abet those living a gay lifestyle.  Therefore, it's appropriate to question the deity to whom they are ostensibly "praying".  If they were praying to the One, True God, He'd be telling them in no uncertain terms to repent of the lifestyle that could damn them to hell for all eternity.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

St Rose Of Lima To Host Radical Muslim Imam In June

I first got wind of this in a blurb in my own parish bulletin.  It was entitled "Finding A Pathway to Peace: Why Christian-Muslim Relations Matter".  That was enough to raise red flags - flags that really went flying when I saw that St Rose of Lima in Gaithersburg is hosting this session.  A more detailed description of the program is on St Rose's own site.

Just who is Imam Johari Abdul Malik?  Google his name, and take a look at this.  He is the imam of Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center of Falls Church, VA.  Apparently, when he was discussing with his congregation the impact of 9-11, he took the opportunity to laud one of his congregation who was a Hamas operative who had just been arrested for videotaping the structure of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  Another notable attendee of that mosque was Nidal Malik Hasan - the Fort Hood shooter.  Read some more about this mosque and its extremely chequered double life.  Considering the two-faced natuer of this mosque, and by extension, its leadership, look at the title of this talk that Malik is slated to give at St. Rose: "Islam: A religion of peace or of terrorism?"  The answer will probably be similarly two-faced; the attendees will be given glowing assurances that "Islam is a religion of peace", but the actions and associations of the mosque will communicate another answer altogether.

On June 13, a Muslim woman named Farhanahz Ellis, who is with the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, will speak of the basics of the Muslim faith and "women and Islam".  She herself is a convert to Islam - from Catholicism (Odd!  The St Rose blurb doesn't mention that teensy little detail!).  In other words, she's an apostate coming to talk with Catholics?  Hmmm..  I hope it's not lost on her that she is an apostate who will receive an audience from the faith from whom she "converted".   An interesting question to ask is what happens to Muslims who dare to convert to Christianity?  What would she say if confronted with some of these stories, or these

But wait!  There's more!  Apparently there was a "bonus" session this past Friday featuring none other than Cardinal McCarrick.  He spoke on "Christian-Muslim Relations".  Unfortunately, in September of 2005, His Eminence gave us a glimpse of how he prioritizes "Christian-Muslim" matters, as detailed in this blog's associate website.  Click here and read the last article at the bottom of the page.

Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  St Rose of Lima is wrong for providing a forum so that Islamic radicals can lure naive progressives into passivity and even compliance with their aim of the islamification of our culture.  The pastor and the DC chancery should be ashamed of themselves for letting this travesty occur on Catholic property.

More Cockroaches Flee The Light!

This past Saturday (yesterday) and Friday I wrote of several scandals that were either corrected or prevented as a result of the Catholic blogosphere alerting other faithful Catholics to raise their voices.  I have learned of yet another triumph.

My friend at Throw The Bums Out notified us Tuesday that a Rainbow Mass was scheduled to occur in her Archdiocese of Boston.  Thanks to her blog, and some other, a deafening hue and cry issued forth, such as could not be ignored by the Boston chancery. carries a brief article on the matter, but not so brief that it could not include the obligatory whining and sniffling from the gay community there.  However, I'll also ask you to check out the first blog's Saturday post for a more in-depth picture of some of the chicanery that may still be occurring in the Boston chancery.

In the meantime, blogs such as ours are here to stay.  Thank you for your support, and thank you for adding your voices to ours.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Catholyc" Feminism - From A Proverbial Horse's Mouth

This month's issue of New Oxford Review (see right sidebar), in its book review section, has a piece on a book by Mary J. Henold that details the history of feminism in the Catholic church.  This author is herself an unabashed feminist, but the book seems to be of value for detailing the goals of this particular progressive infestation and the thinking of many of its key players.  I urge you to read this review.  While on the surface we see many of the proponents aging and dying off, the damage done still continues to fester and it must be corrected.

By the way - for a relevant commentary on feminism, particularly its response to "Weinergate", see what my colleague, Dymphna, has to say.

Friday, June 10, 2011

God Works Through "Curmudgeonly Bloggers" Again!

Last week I highlighted a Vortex episode that exposed a planned Qu'ran reading during Holy Mass in a Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC.  Again, when light shines, the cockroaches flee!  We just learned that the bishop of Charlotte, Peter Jugis, ordered that the planned debacle be canceled.   We thank the good bishop that he protected his flock from this planned exercise in blasphemy and heresy.  We thank God for His intervention, and we also thank Him for allowing us in some small way to be His instruments: both in enterprises such as the Vortex, Lifesite News, etc, the efforts of bloggers, and the efforts of all who alerted Bishop Jugis to malfeasance in his diocese. 

The internet and our usage of this critical tool has proven in this case, and in the Notre Dame case (see previous post) to be pivotal in correcting serious error.  We need to use this tool well.  Please see the Vortex episode below for more explanation on how the laity can use the internet for good.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Emily's List Contributer Resigns From Notre Dame Board Of Trustees

Last week the news broke that Notre Dame University appointed to its Board of Trustees Roxanne Martino, a big-time contributer to Emily's List.  Thanks to the Cardinal Newman Society and the protests of thousands of Catholics, Ms. Martino has stepped down.  She stated that her resignation was in the best interests of Notre Dame.  On that point she is correct.

Our prayers are with Ms. Martino so that she reconsiders her support for baby-murder before she faces eternal judgment.  We also pray for those at Notre Dame who had invited her to the Board in the first place.  Under no circumstances do I believe that they were unaware of her contributions to Emily's List.  Therefore, either they just don't give a hoot about the murdered babies, or they themselves are supporters of baby-murder.

Faithful Catholics, your prayers and actions do make a difference.  Ora et labora!

"Praise And Worship" Music

In browsing through the Pewsitter page, I came across this excellent article by Fr Christopher Smith on the Chant Cafe blog regarding "Praise and Worship Music".  I suggest its close study, as I think he is spot-on.  A little personal background is in order.  Several decades ago, when I was young and naive, I not only attended "guitar Masses"; I did them.  Week after week, I hauled my 12-string to Mass and performed with several others.  Granted, at that time I was a victim of youthful ignorance and lousy catechesis.

About 20 years ago, when I started doing my own research on my Catholic heritage, I realized that such music is not appropriate for Mass for all the reasons Father Smith succinctly states.  (No more would I pick up a guitar at Mass.)  I think that it is also part and parcel of the progressive movement to divert attention from The Unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass and to excite the emotions.  In saying that, I speak as a musician who was trained on methods to elicit emotional responses from the congregation.  Notice Father's 8th point about conversion being primarily an act of intellect and will.  The role of emotions is secondary at most.  However, such confusion about emotions is only symptomatic of our culture, which does place feelings over thought - often with deadly results.  Also look closely at point #9.

There are a few other points that I do think Father overlooks.  If you've been in older churches, you'll notice that they all have choir lofts in the upper rear of the church.  I think the reason is very obvious.  Attention was never to be focused on the choir, and this location was deliberately selected to prevent that (I'm sure it was elevated to aid in acoustical considerations).  Now they're often in front; where do you see a lot of people look during the singing?

Fr. Smith touches upon the aberrant liturgies of the Life Teen organization.  He mentions that none of his Life Teen friends are still practicing Catholics.  I for one am not surprised, as the apple generally doesn't fall too far from the tree.  What can that possibly mean?  Consider that one of the three founders of Life Teen, Fr Dale Fushek, was excommunicated by Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix several years ago.  Read this article and notice the comment by Stan and Jan Nicpon.   Such are the fruits of misplaced emphasis on emotions.

It does appear that people are finally waking up.  They are forsaking the music of overgrown hippies and discovering their true spiritual and cultural heritage, and not a moment too soon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Union Thuggery On Display

In May 2010, about 500+ union thugs stampeded all over the lawn and front porch of a banking executive in the Bethesda/Chevy Chase area of Montgomery County.  I wrote about that here; please review it.

It seems like these union thugs are not much more than organized mobs, whipped into frenzies by their progressive leaders/zoo-keepers to intimidate those deemed to be opponents - that is, those who dare to stand between them and the raw power that the unions lust after, while claiming to be for the "little guy".  One such individual that the union thugs hate is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  In his efforts to bring Wisconsin back to fiscal and constitutional sanity, he has made moves to curb the stranglehold that unions have had over the citizens of Wisconsin.  For this he has incurred the unbridled wrath of the unions - and I do mean unbridled!  Their hatred of him knows no restraint or decency.  The Governor officiated at a Special Olympics event in Wisconsin; the thugs were there and they disrupted it to draw attention to their own sorry little selves.  Gee!  Aren't the unions and their progressive task-masters supposed to be champions of the disadvantaged?  If so, why did they treat the Special Olympic participants with such utter disdain?   Could it be that they simply decided to drop their pretenses of altruism?  Read the Specator report here.  In case you cannot see the embedded video in that report (and I strongly encourage you to watch the union antics for yourselves), you can click here.

Ah, but there's more - this time from the Left Coast!  This time we hear that a teachers' union, on May 13, staged what they call a "State of Emergency" protest.  They want more funds, you see?  And guess what?  Not only did the teachers come on a school day, but they brought their students to join in the antics.  That's right!  These children were subjected to a progressive brain-washing exercise when they should have been in school.  The union members demand funds to manipulate these children instead of teaching them things like, you know, reading, language skills, arithmetic and other mundane things.  As you read this account, please take special note of all the pictures.  They are most telling in and of themselves.  You'll see that the children - with taxpayer dollars - are being taught to become good little socialists, to "tax the rich", how "bankers should go to the gallows", "fighting vampire squids on Wall Street", ad infinitum, ad nauseum.  It's just the type of crap the National Education Association wants to cram down your children's throats.  Your tax dollars - hard(ly) at work!

Keep this (and the post immediately preceding this one) in mind as another election season draws near.

Democrats - The Party Of Death

If there are any lingering doubts regarding the above statement, this news should dispel them.  Representative Allyson Schwartz of PA has been slated to be the direct candidate services for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.   She'll be in charge of recruiting, vetting and funding Democrat candiates for Congressional seats.  Of course she has a 100% pro-death voting record.

She also co-founded and directed - for 13 years - an abortion mill in PA.  She facilitated and made her living from the murder of babies.  Of course this abortuary, like so many others, committed its share of other crimes: assault, battery, perforated bowels and uteri, and even coerced abortions.  I put those verbs in the past tense because the mill declared bankrupcy in 2002.

The Democratic Party is literally the Party of Baby Killers.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

John Jay Study - Another Failed Damage Control Effort

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned the John Jay College of Criminal Justice to study the clergy sex abuse problem.  The study is released and published on the USCCB website.

It should surprise no one that this study does not acknowledge any correlation between gay clergy and this crisis - despite the fact that 90% of the victims were post pubescent males.  They ignore the proverbial elephant in the living room, in deference to political correctness; they've learned nothing over the years, and I'll elaborate on that later.  Just bear in mind that the USCCB funded this study.

This glaring omission was not overlooked by too many people.  Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, wrote a commentary that appeared in the National Catholic Register.  In it he skewers the lack of logic behind the JJ's - and the USCCB's - denial of the responsibility of gay clergy.  He does so by pointing out how the study contradicts itself.  Please read it.

Now I direct your attention to an article penned by Brian Clowse of Human Life International last year.  Why is that relevant?  It is VERY relevant because a friend of mine just posted this article to the USCCB's facebook page: and subsequently found himself banned from that page!  That is NOT a coincidence!

Earlier I promised elaboration on my "elephant in the living room" point.  Here it is.  Several years ago, shortly after the sex scandals became public news, the Archdiocese of Washington announced a series of "dialog sessions" to discuss the crisis and what the diocese was doing about it.  They announced that their first meeting would be held at St Raphael's in Rockville.  So I, and many others, attended.  It was basically a panel discussion, with the panel being various folks chosen by the Archdiocese; I cannot remember the composition of that panel.  At any rate, they too tried to downplay the correlation between homosexuality and the abuse crisis.  During the question-and-answer session, they quickly learned that we would not let them get away with that, well, bovine excretement.  We could see on the panel members' faces that they were expecting us to be docile and naive, and were almost afraid when we didn't live down to their hopes.  Thus ended the first - and last - "dialog session".

I'll end this post with a Vortex perspective on the John Jay study.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Some "Nice" People Will Go To Hell

Watch this clip below of Father Tony Stephens (of the Fathers of Mercy) as he gives a mission somewhere.  He is clearly preaching the truth in a forthright, unabashed manner.  As Pentecost draws near, let us pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire similar preaching on the part of our clergy, who have a particular call by virtue of the Sacarament of Holy Orders to proclaim the truth.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coming To Germantown - Summer Of Mercy 2.0

Most pro-life activists in the DC area know that Leroy Carhart has set up shop in an already-existing abortion mill in Germantown, MD.  Since December 2010, they have been engaged in efforts to end his practice of baby-murder in Maryland; see the Kick Out Carhart site for further details (also at right sidebar).

On July 30th, a nine-day effort of prayer and activism will commence to intercede for God's mercy and to raise awareness of the local community regarding the murders being perpetrated in their midst.  It is called Summer of Mercy 2.0, and is a joint effort of the Christian Defense Coalition, Operation Rescue and Maryland Coalition for Life.  It will commence with a 7:00PM prayer rally at Covenant Life Church, located at 7501 Muncaster Mill Road in Gaithersburg.  Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life will be the main speaker.

See the Summer of Mercy calendar for additional event details.  Please come for as much as your schedule permits.  Remember - our physical presence at these places of death is just as necessary as our prayers.

Please pass word of this far and wide.  Thank you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

God Bless Archbishop Vigneron

I wrote several months ago (read all the postsabout the American Catholic Council and their subversive intentions for the Church.  Go to their own website and take a tour, as they appear to be quite proud of their mischief.

They're meeting in Detroit this coming weekend.  Among other things, they're going to have a "Eucharistic Liturgy" (heaven knows if it can be called a real Mass).  They didn't bother to contact the local bishop for his approval.  Accordingly, on his diocesan website, Archbishop Allen Vigneron has forbidden his priests and deacons to participate in this event.  Read it.  Then pray for more bishops like him.

The Kudzu Called ACORN

ACORN does seem to play the pesky dandilion that keeps popping up all over one's lawn, albeit under different corporate guises.  According to World Net Daily, the House inserted language authored by Steve King to defund ACORN subsidiaries and successors in HR 2017.  The WND article does plug a book by Matthew Vadum regarding the ongoing actvities of these little outfits.  I just ordered it, as I suspect it may be a worthwhile read.

Further down the article we see listed some of these outfits.  Notice that George Soros has his fingers in those pies; it seems that his cash pollutes anything it can.  I'd suggest we take some hard looks at these matters, as the primary elections are less than a year away.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boycott Pepsi, Others For Using Aborted Babies In Product Development

Children of God for Life discovered Pepsi's partnership with Senomyx in developing flavor enhancers for its products.  The latter uses cells from the line HEK - which stands for "human embryonic kidney".  This line was derived from an aborted baby.

As you read the COG site for information, you'll notice that Pepsi's responses have been dismissive and perhaps even flippant.  This is unacceptable.  I heard of this about a month ago.  Until then I had been drinking Pepsi almost exclusively.  No more.

RINO Leaders Talk Tough - To Tea-Party Activists, That Is!

Haley Barbour and Reince Priebus, RNC chair, warned conservatives not to impose "purity" tests on GOP candidates.  Barbour went so far as to say that "in politics, purity is the enemy of victory".  Says a lot about their priorities, doesn't it?  As far as they're concerned, it's all about unity, you see?

One wonders if they had this dress-down chat with those who threw Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle under the bus in 2008.  If the GOP had stood behind them, they might have won their seats.  One wonders if they've had this talk with Newt and Pawlenty as they glom onto the global warming hoax.  Somehow I think not.

Haley and Reince, I have a very simple response to your call to so-called "unity".  PPHHPFFTH!  Clear?  Haven't you learned yet that if you don't have principles for which you will stand and grow spines, you have no basis for unity nor victory?  Must you keep on earning the moniker "Stupid Party"?

The Tea Party ain't buying it!  We're not listening to your hollow calls for hollow unity.  Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and others have our support because they stand for real principles.  They aren't afraid to rattle cages - including yours!

Messiah Most Miserable - Wisdom From His Predecessors?

I understand that Obama "goes to bed with our nation's problems on his mind".  My! How noble!  If he does, he does so in the same house where scores of his predecessors also bore our naton's problems.  Does he draw wisdom and inspiration from them?  This Right Change video might give us a clue!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

RightChange PolitiZoid - D.C. Insomnia from RightChange on Vimeo.

Friday, June 3, 2011

"Why Are You Bloggers So Curmudgeonly?"

Why?  Because someone needs to shine the light on deeds of darkness - something that many official diocesan "happy-pap-crap" rags refuse to do.  Case in point - this latest slop of politically-correct heresy of religious indifferentism (called "Faith Shared") that is being foisted upon Catholics in the pews.  Watch this Vortex (click here if you can't see embedded video).

Oh, by the way - did you notice that the priest gushing with approval over this is Jesuit?  Go figure!  Here's the article link.

"Dr Death" Faces His Maker

This morning, after a long illness and hospitalization, Dr Jack Kevorkian, who murdered, uh, "helped" people commit the mortal sin of suicide, faced God Almighty in his Particular Judgment.  See this MSNBC article, that features his murder weapons.

Kevorkian did much to corrupt and corrode our society into a heinous culture of death.  Over 100 people were murdered at his hand, and he influenced the self-inflicted murders of countless more.  Now he has reaped the rewards of his deeds.  We can only hope and pray that he seized upon the last offer of mercy that was proffered him by God - but by any reasonable measure, things don't look good for his eternal fate.

Ladies and gentlemen, all of us will face God one day - sooner or later.  How will you stand before Him?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Shame From Notre Shame

Whew!  It's a good thing that Jenkins et al got rid of their ND88 boondoggle because they managed to put their feet in it again as this National Catholic Register article details.  They recently appointed to their Board of Trustees one Roxanne Martino, a ND alumna, a reputedly accomplished businesswoman and - oh, yes! - a big-time contributer to Emily's List.  Most people who are half awake understand Emily's List to be a cabal dedicated to the election of pro-abortion Democrat women to public office.  If you're just waking up, never fear - just look at the Emily List mission statement on their webpage; they have no bones about proclaiming their "purpose", such as it is.

When the news broke and went viral, the ND officials - including Fr Jenkins - tried to tell us that Martino, who is supposed to be a smart business person, had no idea that she contributed over $25k to an outfit whose sole, plainly-stated mission, is to get pro-abortion women elected.  But it's just a teensy-weensy little goof, right?   So much for "damage control"!

I'm now waiting for Georgetown University to pull off some stupendous stupidity.  Has anyone else noticed that Georgetown and Notre Dame seem to alternate with each other in providing grandeose insult to the Faith?  It's almost like a contest between the two!

The Guardians of the Grotto and the Cardinal Newman Society both helped to break this news.  Below is the Vortex take on the matter.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Those British Bishop Meanies! Don't They Know Fish Have Feelings, Too??

Thus pouts Bruce Friedrich, a vice president for PETA (bet you couldn't guess).  In his Huffington Post article on the topic, he sniffs that the bishops should include fish in the off-limits list for Fridays.  Why?  Well it seems that fish sing, have complex social structures, use tools, etc. 

What he says is most important is that fish feel pain.  He states with great angst that fish "are hooked, suffocated, crushed, impaled, cut open, gutted, all while still conscious, and they feel every agonizing second."  Gee!  Doesn't that sound similar to what happens to human babies as they're being aborted?

In his article, he has embedded a video of what happens to various animals as they are being butchered.  Below I embed a clip from the documentary entitled "Silent Scream", narrated by the late Dr Bernard Nathanson.  Watch it  There is no denying that a tiny child is being dismembered in the most cruel manner possible.  By the way - PETA, champions of so-called "compassion", waffle when it comes to opposing this barbarity against human babies; click here to listen to them squirm when questioned about their contradictory stances.  Rather makes Friedrich's self-righteous snit to be laughable, doesn't it?  Click here if you can't see embedded video.