Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gamaliel Foundation Still Receiving CCHD Funds

And this after it was caught giving a falsified letter to the CCHD regarding its relationship with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement.  The latter organization promotes gay fake-marriage.  I urge you to read the article released today by Red State regarding the subterfuge unearthed by the Reform CCHD Now Coalition and Societas Restituo Catholicam.

The article contains an embedded youtube of a Gamaliel Foundation rally in which their cry "Hear Our Cry, Obama" sounds oddly like a prayer of petition.  Are they ascribing to him the status of deity?  It sure seems like it!  Click here if you cannot see that embedded video.

The overly nonchalant attitude of the CCHD towards this situation is inexcusable.  For those of you in dioceses where the CCHD collection will soon occur, please boycott it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wow! New Migraine Treatment Under Obamacare!

Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps I've been unfair to the Messiah Most Miserable and his plans to destroy revolutionize health care!  I've just been made aware of some new, innovative, cutting edge therapies that will be made available to all us poor suffering slobs under Obamacare.

I know Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius must have suffered tremendous headaches in their valiant efforts to curse bring us Obamacare.  Therefore I suggest that they take first place in line for this most healing of therapies!

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

CCHD And CRS - Two Different Standards?

The blog Societas Restituo Catholicam highlighted some apparent discrepancies between recent behaviors of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Catholic Relief Services.  The CCHD withdrew a grant of $48,000 to the Land Stewardship Project because the latter is a member of two coalitions that are pushing for the promotion of gay pretend-marriage.  SRC contrasts this with the behaviors exhibited by Catholic Relief Services - behaviors that were made known to the public in recent months.

It is my understanding that both CRS and CCHD are agencies operating under the auspices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  While they may have different managers and supervisors, they answer to the USCCB.  Here's my off-the-cuff take on the matter.

  • The CCHD has been subject to much more intense scrutiny, and for a longer period, than CRS.  Their collections have suffered accordingly.  Given the same type and duration of examination, CRS would feel similar pressure to conform to Catholic teachings.
  • While the CCHD's conduct in the case of the Land Stewardship Project is what should be expected, this still seems to be the exception rather than the rule.  The recent report put out by ReformCCHDNow bears evidence of that fact.
These two organizations, along with Catholic Charities, are not worthy stewards of our donations.  It's best that we find good Catholic and pro-life organizations who are true to Godly principles and donate to them directly.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

3rd Party Foolishness

I'm addressing this post primarily to those who insist on either sitting out this election or voting for a 3rd-party Don Quixote because they erroneously - or perhaps stubbornly - avow the opinion that there is no difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama when it comes to life/morality issues.  Their refusal to look at the facts of this election - particularly Obama's past deeds - and to acknowledge the necessity of removing this man from office causes me to doubt the wisdom of these individuals.  I know others are wincing as they read this, believing that I should couch my thoughts in more delicate terms.  I respectfully disagree.  The stakes in this election are way too high; it's high time the kid gloves came off.

In addition to what I've posted previously, others on Facebook have issued statements.  Here is one from abortion-survivor Gianna Jesson.

Here's one that might be a bit hard to swallow, but there's much truth in it.

Why "selfish"?  I don't know why the creator of that graphic used that term, but in some discussions I've actually read some pretty strange things.  One person said, "my vote is about my conscience".  I can name that person.  At any rate, the statement basically says "my vote is about me and how I feel; forget the larger picture and the consequences of my actions on the country."  Is it selfishness?   Poorly formed conscience?  Some combination?  I think many folks fall into that rut.  I beg them to snap out of it, look beyond themselves and do what needs to be done November 6th to save this country.  That means vote for Romney!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh, Nooo!! More Voting Bimbos!!!

From the Agenda Project, the nitwits who produced the "Granny Off The Cliff" video to demonize Paul Ryan's proposed budget, we are treated to the gem below (entitled, "My Country, My Choice").  Again, why do these so-called "champions of women", these "feminists" find it so necessary to either 1) portray them as sex-crazed bubbleheads who only care about getting their contraceptives and abortions and/or 2) showing them baring themselves?  The Agenda Project was founded by a woman, and of course all these actors (along with Lena Dunham) are women themselves.  Has progressivism so corroded their thinking that they have lost all sense of dignity?  Click here if you can't see embedded video (ht - Jill Stanek).

Obama's Voting Bimbo - Parodied

This one exposes the Lena Dunham tripe for what it really is - a misogynistic diatribe, with Duham herself playing the quintessential "useful idiot".  Therefore, if any were so gullible to take Dunham at her word, think about this one before voting November 6th.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank Bishop Kagan!

This is today's Vortex.  Besides its main message, it will be something to bear in mind when I delve into the voting guide (?) contained in this week's Catholic Standard.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

More On Obama's Voting Bimbo

The actress in the advertisement flop that the Obama campaign spewed forth a few days ago is not quite what she appears to be.  Lena Dunham is a professional actress - or at least considers herself to be. This wikipedia write-up is quite interesting.  An unassuming person looking at this ad might think that her parents would be quite disappointed in her - probably not hers!  Her father paints "overtly sexualized pop art" (it figures) and her mother creates "disquieting domestic tableaux with dolls" (whatever the hell that means).

I can only imagine that in this lovely economy (delivered to us courtesy of the Messiah Most Miserable), Dunham is hard up for work so she glommed onto this Obama slop-job.  I can't imagine this will look impressive on her resume.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Father Guarnizo On Kresta In The Afternoon

Today Father Marcel Guarnizo was a guest on Ave Maria's Kresta in the Afternoon radio show.  I have linked to the podcast.  Many long-time readers of this blog will recall that Father Guarnizo, while parochial vicar at St John Nuemann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, withheld Holy Communion from an avowed and practicing lesbian.  In doing so, he was obeying Canon 915 and attempting to keep her from committing yet another mortal sin by receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously.   I won't get into the detail here as it can be found in previous posts.  The podcast of the show is here.

Kresta introduced Father (at the 17:40 mark) and asked him to comment about the incident.  Father pointed out that he still remains a priest in good standing with all faculties intact (at the 23:30 mark).  He declined further comment, pointing out (at the 23:48 mark) that the matter is being investigated by Cardinal Wuerl's superiors.

The conversation then turned towards the synod where Father Guarnizo currently is.  Pope Benedict XVI and the synod fathers are addressing the need for reevangelization of the world.  In talking of the economic and cultural situation in western Europe, Father had much to say about the need for sound economics and the damage done by welfare states (at the 34:00 mark).  I wonder in listening to this if we may have unearthed some of the motive behind the horrid treatment Father received last March, given some progressive elements that lurk in both the DC chancery and the USCCB.

If We Thought The "Lady Parts" Thing Was Tasteless..

This ad sinks to new lows of banality.  We all know the Messiah Most Miserable no longer has a lock on the "women's vote".  Both he and Romney are tied in that regard.  So now the Minions Most Mindless are desperate to get the gals back.  But perhaps they should fire their campaign managers, for the following tripe will backfire.  They only betray their own condescending attitudes towards women if they think this will win them back.

I think for most ladies with "lady smarts", this will only drive home the point that Obama thinks of them as a bunch of promiscuous bubble-heads.  While the gal is ostensibly talking of her first time voting, the innuendo is clearly intended.

I often say "click here" because many older smart phones cannot look at embedded videos.  I suggest all do that so that you can see that this video is's youtube page.  Do so soon, for I suspect that this video will be yanked when they realize that it's another backfiring flop.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jim Moran's Son - Giving Voting Fraud Advice

Patrick Moran is was Field Director for Jim Moran's reelection campaign in Virginia.  Pat is also Jim's son.  James O'Keefe caught this little exchange on video where Pat was giving advice on how to commit voter fraud on behalf of Democratic candidates.  Instead of rebuffing and rebuking the suggestion, he offered advice and even the services of a DNC lawyer.  I suppose it beats trolling the neighborhoods for Romney yard signs to steal and vandalize!

After the video was released, he resigned his position with his father's campaign.  However, does the apple ever fall far from the tree?  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Rev Harry Jackson Endorses Mitt Romney

Reverend Harry Jackson is Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church in College Park, MD.  He has taken leadership roles in defending traditional marriage both in DC and MD.  He recently produced a video explaining why he believes Mitt Romney, rather than Barack Obama, is the superior candidate for US President.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

2012 Election - Board Of Education

I haven't said much about the Montomgery County Board of Education elections that are also on November's ballot.  They certainly are crucial as they'll set the direction and tone for the education of thousands of children in Montgomery County.  I'm not aware of the elections of the school boards of other Maryland counties.

Montgomery County voters will recall being approached by poll workers handing some distinctive flyers out to them as they approach the polling places.  These are the ubiquitous  "Apple Ballots", put forth by the Montgomery County Education Association.  They are the local chapter of the National Education Association.  It only takes a precursory glance at the ballot to make plain that the MCEA, like its national parent, is unabashedly in the corner of the progressive elements of society.  Notice the requests to vote "yes" for both the DREAM Act and for marriage distortion.

With that said, my inclination will be to use their "apple" guide and vote against their suggestions.  I cannot but believe that they are endorsing only candidates who really don't understand that marriage is between one biological man and one biological woman (note I stressed "biological" to differentiate between them and those "transgendered" folks who are confused about such matters).  As a taxpayer, I don't want those NEA puppets using my tax dollars to brainwash children with progressive propaganda.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catholic Voting Principles - Undermined In Catholic Parishes

This report from is a repeat of the same sad song we hear from Catholic parishes.  Some of them, and even entire dioceses, are refusing permission to allow distribution of guides that follow the bishops' instructions on prioritizing issues.  They prefer instead things that hearken back to the "seamless garment" scam.  Are they being a tad too solicitous of their much-adored "501c3" status?  Some are, but some aren't!

Case in point - Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, DC, right off the Georgetown University campus.  Like Georgetown, Holy Trinity is governed by Jesuits (doesn't that explain a lot?).  In last week's bulletin, a pro-life activist found an article praising Obamacare.  Moreover, it contained this line: "Although I take very seriously the role that we as Catholics should play in bringing our values to the discussion of specific aspects of national health care policy, I think it is more important to make sure that everyone who needs health coverage has it - period."

Got that?  Let me paraphrase:  "Forget about those icky, inconvenient pro-life and pro-family values!  We need Obamacare, even at the expense of having the blood of babies on our hands!"

Some might recall that this is the church that then-VP-elect Joe Biden attended.  Right after he sacrilegiously received Holy Communion, the priest and the congregation gave him a standing ovation - while Mass was still in progress!  If that tripe had to appear in a Catholic bulletin, it's just as well it happened at Holy Trinity, since they're so far gone anyway.

Pray for their immortal souls.

Monday, October 22, 2012

More On "Lesser Of Two Evils" Voting

Last week I posted a warning to those Christian and pro-life people who are contemplating abstention from the vote (or voting for 3rd-party candidates) because Mitt Romney's pro-life credentials are iffy at best.  Please read it and the two posts to which it links for relevant information, as I won't take the time to rehash everything here.

In one of those posts I outlined the Catholic moral principle of double effect.  In it I outlined how I believe a vote for Romney fulfills the double effect criteria, but also how "3rd-party" or abstention fails that criteria.  I also reiterated that I do not believe that Mitt Romney is the ideal pro-life candidate.  However, when someone asked me if Romney was an acceptable alternative to Obama, I replied that he's the only alternative to Obama.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We Are Warned! "Do Not Elect Mitt Romney"!!

And who uttered that dire warning?  The United Nations!  Well, I guess that wraps it up, doesn't it?  Why, if the UN takes the liberty to butt in on our internal affairs, why...why, they must be correct, right?


UN = Useless Nincompoops

This is a bunch that belongs in the dung heap of history's chapters of nonsense.  We should withdraw from that silly bunch - the sooner the better.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maltreated Gallaudet Official Gives Press Conference

I wrote last week about Dr. Angela McGaskill, the Gallaudet University official wrongly suspended for signing the petition to put "gay" marriage/perversion on Maryland's general ballot.  On October 16, through an interpreter (Dr. McGaskill is deaf) she gave a press conference.  I present it below.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Why Are Many Episcopalians Becoming Catholic?

We've all seen several accounts of Episcopalians becoming Catholic - sometimes as entire parishes.  See here and here.  In these situations the people have said that the left-wing leaning nonsense of the Episcopalian hierarchy was becoming too much to stomach.  Mind you, this is the denomination that originated because Henry VIII of England wanted to divorce his wife and that opened the floodgates of contraception and abortion with its abysmal capitulation in its 1930 Lambeth Conference.

Some of that lunacy is apparent locally.  Take, for instance, St Luke's Episcopal Church in Bethesda MD.  It is at the intersection of Old Georgetown and Grosvenor.  What do they put forth as their image to anyone driving on those roads?  How's this for an example?

This is what folks driving north on Old Georgetown Rd see.  Of course they have a labyrinth; how helpful when goofy doctrine has one literally wandering in circles.  But notice that little blue yard sign towards the bottom.  It is a sign urging voters to vote "yes" on Question 6 on Maryland's general ballot.  That means that Maryland's Episcopal congregations are acting to facilitate perverted lifestyles at the expense of the God-given institution of marriage.

Lest anyone think that some "champion of marriage equality" plopped that sign in front of the church sign without proper authorization, here's another one by the Grosvenor entrance to the church.  Even if both of them were unauthorized, then why would not church personnel have removed them?

Holy Mother Church has her problems, to be sure.  But she still retains the Sacraments and Christ's teaching authority.  Many good Protestants, seeing the slop occurring in their churches, are coming home to Rome.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cdl Dolan Snubbed Judie Brown But Dined With Obama

There are times when I think I heard it all, when it comes to priorities of some prelates which can only be called "whacked out".  Those times generally don't last too long for I invariably am taken aback by new whoppers (ht - Pewsitter).  That happened again as I read Judie Brown's blog piece today.

Judie Brown, as most in the pro-life community know, is founder and president of American Life League, a leading Catholic and pro-life organization.  In her article today, she relates how then-bishop Timothy Dolan backed out on an invitation by Pro-Life Wisconsin to give the invocation at their annual banquet in 2009.  Why did he do that?  Because Ms. Brown was to be the keynote speaker.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bums On The Bus

That's probably a decent alternative moniker for the so-called "nuns on a bus". On Monday Oct 15th in Marietta Ohio, the "nuns" rolled into that city. We know, of course, that in this election Ohio is a "swing state" but (ahem!) it's just the strangest of coincidences that this Soros-funded farce extended to Ohio - of course!

 The local Tea Party and some real Catholics were there to greet them. Click here if you can't see embedded video.

The above video comes courtesy of - obviously a right-wing publication. Not to worry! Nominal Catholic Reporter came to the rescue, with their video of the bus tour participants trying to tap-dance their way around their progressivism and to bedazzle the real Catholics with their seamless-garment gobbly-goop. I don't think they bought it. For a laugh, their video is below. Click here if you can't see embedded video

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MSNBC: "More People Will Die If Romney Wins"

Borrowing some nonsense from Nancy "Pope" Pelosi, MSNBC issued dire warnings of what might happen if Romney wins the election.  Why, more people will die under a Romney administration than they would an Obama one.  Eeeek!  Eeeek!  Aren't you just scared out of your wits??

Well, as they failed to count the state of California when giving those overly-rosy unemployment numbers, they fail to count the massive increase in the babies to be slaughtered should Obama win the election.  Aside from that, though, this MSNBC clip is absolutely laughable.  Do they really think it will work?  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ALL Releases Report On 2011-2012 CCHD Grant Recipients

On Saturday October 13, Michael Hichborn of American Life League was a guest on blog-talk radio.  During that interview he announced the upcoming release of ALL's latest report on the CCHD grantees.  He highlighted some of the more blatant violations of CCHD guidelines by several grantees.  You can listen to the program here.

American Life League has just published its latest report on the CCHD grantees on the Reform CCHD Now site.  On that main page you'll notice bar graphs to the right.  Note that during these past few years the total number of grantees has been decreasing.  Conversely though, note that the number of grantees in violation of CCHD guidelines has been increasing.

On the main page, click on the "Reports on Grantees" tab.  You'll see an introduction, the main report itself and a moral theologian's review of the report.  The theologian is Dr. William Marshner of Christendom College.  The main report lists the problematic grantees; the names are hyperlinked to take you to the appropriate detail.

A rather troubling DC-are grantee is Empower DC.  Hichborn talked a bit of this one on the radio program. As you look at the "problem" section at the top of the page, please note that EmpowerDC itself took these anti-life positions; they weren't merely partners with other organizations that did so (although that itself would have been problematic to say the least).  In his theologian's report, Dr Marshner stated that the act of granting funds to EmpowerDC placed CCHD - and thus the Church itself - in a position of formally cooperating with grave moral evil.  But there's more!

On July 17th I did a blog piece on EmpowerDC and its utter unworthiness of receiving CCHD funds and found even more unsavory alliances.  I was surprised by what I discovered in doing my research: that EmpowerDC and St Augustine Catholic Church in DC use the same street address.  If you listen closely to the radio program, you'll hear that Hichborn wasn't aware of that unsavory fact.  Now consider - without the knowledge of the shared address, Dr. Marshner concluded that the donation of money to EmpowerDC placed the Church in formal cooperation with grave moral evil.  Now we know that not only did the Church contribute $50k to this anti-life bunch, but they lent use of a Church address to the same.  Might they also have lent office space, staff etc to them?  What that means, ladies and gentlemen, is that the degree of formal cooperation is even more profound than originally realized.

Within the next day or two I will be posting more on this.  Of course I reiterate my clarion call to abolish the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  All November collections to CCHD should be boycotted.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bloomberg Financing Gay Marriage Push In Maryland

The gay lifestyle proponents are tapping into some big cash in their push to play "pretend" with marriage.  We were successful in petitioning the measure to ballot.  It is Question 6 - we urge a vote "against".

O'Malley put out a cash call.  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is kicking in $250,000 towards promotion of a sinful lifestyle.  I take this occasion to suggest donations to Maryland Marriage Alliance.

Cardinal Dolan Thinks He Erred?

This New York Post article reports that Cardinal Dolan is having second thoughts about the Obama invite.  If true, it's about time.  Forgive me for being cynical, but we've been bombarding the New York chancery for months now about this photo-op treat that His Eminence was handing to the Messiah Most Miserable.  The cynic in me is shouting that the Cardinal is now trying to placate us.

Again, if it's true, let Cardinal Dolan do the right thing - rescind the invitation to the most anti-life, anti-Christian individual ever to pollute the White House.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still Planning To Deny Romney Your Vote?

It seems that the Messiah Most Miserable is receiving campaign assistance from a most unlikely quarter.  By and large, the denizens of this quarter are very good, sincere, pro-life and Christian people.  They simply don't think Mitt Romney is worthy of their vote.  Thus they plan to either:
  • Vote for some third-party candidate who hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of winning, or
  • Abstain from that ballot altogether
In previous posts (see here and here) I explained my opinion that not only is a vote for Mitt Romney morally acceptable, but also that the two options listed above, given the concrete circumstances that we currently face, would constitute objective sin.

This past week I've been engaging in three Facebook discussions on this very topic.  Two of the walls are owned by Catholics, the other by a Protestant.  In all these discussions (and others) I've noticed more than a tinge of anger at the current slate of candidates.  There were plenty of rational people joining the conversations.  One lady explained very succinctly what happens when either of the two bullet-options above are chosen; it reduces the number of votes that Obama needs to win the election.  One less vote for Romney will lower the bar for Obama.  Sounds simple, right?  But some were having none of it.  On a Catholic wall, I posted the following comment to one of the stubborn purists:

Consider the mathematics of how elections work. You need to open your own eyes. I think your own ego is somehow wrapped up in this. I too would have rather had another candidate, but other voters didn't agree with me - and I suspect they didn't agree with you. So what? Are you now going to indulge a little temper tantrum, hold your breath till you turn blue? What tangible, measurable good will abstention do you or the country?

I saw something similar to that on the Protestant wall when one commenter asked what we were doing to "stop Romney".  I felt like telling him that his question might have been more reasonable and relevant last year while the primaries were still in progress.  Rather, I posted the following reply:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gallaudet University Wrongly Suspends MD Petition Signer

A few days ago I posted a video from some kindred spirits from the State of Washington alerting us all that if "gay marriage" becomes law, attempts would be made to stifle all voices that oppose this gross attack on the God-ordained institution.  Well, the MD "gay marriage" bill has not even yet been brought to a vote and already supporters of real marriage are facing retribution for their opposition to this proposed law.

In July, I advised all that the Washington Blade made public 110,000 of the signers of the petition to put MD's "gay marriage" bill on the ballot.  Among those names was Angela McCaskill.  Until a few days ago, she was chief diversity officer of Gallaudet University.  Another Gallaudet employee noticed her name on the petition and complained to University officials.  Gallaudet President T. Alan Hurwitz suspended her while he considers future action.

In other words, he knows he's catching well-deserved flack.  Even the gay-marriage proponents see this as an attack on Dr. McCaskill's rights as a citizen.  But perhaps the flack isn't all that might be causing Hurwitz to consider the errors of his ways.  Boys and girls, can we say "lawsuit"?

The legal discussion, plus relevant DC City Code can be found here.  If Gallaudet doesn't do right by Dr. McCaskill, I hope she does indeed file suit against them.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Attention, Pro-Choice Clinic Escorts! Good News!

According to a statement made by Vice President Joe Biden today, there's no need for you to stand guard against us evil "antis" and our nefarious literature outside of Planned Parenthood facilities!  Why?  Because he announced that Planned Parenthood by law cannot perform abortions!  He sure did!  Click here if you can't see the embedded video.

Now you can breathe easier (at least while you're on this side of the grave)!  No one's "reproductive choice" is threatened because it can't be exercised at Planned Parenthood anyway.  So you don't need to be there.  That means you can go home, hug a tree, vandalize some "Romney/Ryan" yard signs, whatever floats your boats.

Not convinced?  Hey - it's your guy who said so!  I guess you don't believe him, do you?  That's understandable; neither do we.  How can someone who is "one heart-beat from the Presidency" be so utterly clueless about a major campaign contributor?  I can just imagine what must have gone through Cecile Richard's mind when she got wind of today's Biden gaffe.  Will she issue her own press release to correct that "inaccurate statement of fact"?

Of course, Biden "merely misspoke", according to the White House.  No big deal!  Biden does that all the time!

If You Missed The VP Debate...

Here it is (here if you can't see embedded video).

USCCB Takes Biden To The Woodshed

And it's high time!  Among the many lies Biden spewed during last night's debate (when he wasn't grinning like a permanent resident in an insane house) was the line, "With regard to the assault on the Catholic Church, let me make it absolutely clear: No religious institution, Catholic or otherwise – including Catholic Social Services, Georgetown Hospital, Mercy, any hospital – none has to either refer contraception, none has to pay for contraception, none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. That is a fact."  Ryan at one point then asked why the Church was suing the administration.

In a press release issued today, the USCCB pretty much asked the same question.  They called his statement an "inaccurate statement of fact".  They are being diplomatic to a fault.  I'll call it as it is: a bald-faced lie.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New CCHD Grantee Report To Be Released

Two months ago came the news (via Boston Globe) of yet another CCHD scandal - this involving the Chelsea Collaborative; I relayed the news at that time.

Today Michael Hichborn of American Life League highlighted that episode as just one example of the debacles that continue at the CCHD.  As his article states, a full report will soon be forthcoming.  Stay tuned.  For those readers whose dioceses will take up the collection next month, you may wish to consider yet another boycott.

Catholic Versus Katholyc

As Voris says, there are definite parallels between what's discussed in this video and the subject matter of the video in Monday's post - and that is by design of the perpetrators of these schemes to insinuate atheism and progressivism into our culture.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MD Elections - Ballot Question 6

Last March Governor O'Malley signed into law a measure that would grant same-sex couples the legal right to regard their sinful relationships as "marriage".  The law was not scheduled to go into effect until 2013.  We have the chance, by voting NO on Question 6, to keep the institution of marriage from being contorted.

Led by Maryland Marriage Alliance, activists quickly collected more than twice the number of signatures required to petition the measure to the general election ballot.  The Maryland Catholic Conference joined this effort, allowing us access to the lobbies of Catholic Churches.  With the overwhelming number of signatures collected, the gay-marriage lobby saw the futility of challenging the signatures; they never could have found a sufficient number of invalid signatures to stymie the effort.

When I discussed the matter of Question 4 a few days ago, I pointed out that it was a matter of prudential judgment as to whether or not one could oppose it.  The DREAM Act does not deal with matters of intrinsic evil.  On the other hand, Question 6 most certainly does deal with the mortal sin of homosexual conduct.  A Catholic cannot, in good conscience, vote "yes" on Question 6 to support the destruction of marriage, a relationship instituted by God Himself.  I think it most possible that since a vote for Question 6 would be formal cooperation with mortal sin (not certain of the "material" aspect), meaning that a vote for Question 6 might be mortally sinful.

So now, fellow Catholics and others of good will, it is up to us to spread the word and get our people to the polls.  Yes, that means YOU.  We don't have George-Soros types pouring untold scads of money our way (if anything, he'd be helping the perpetrators of perversion push through question 6).

Maryland is one of several states with such measures on their ballots.  Another state is the State of Washington.  Our colleagues in that state put an excellent video together that explains why so-called "gay marriage" is harmful to us all.  Please click here if you can't see embedded video.  To get active in preserving marriage in Maryland, please click on the the link in the second paragraph.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

MD Elections - Ballot Question 5

The Democrats, who have for many decades controlled the Maryland legislatures, have no qualms whatsoever about doing what it takes to advance the Party of Death on both the state levels and federal levels.  That includes gerrymandering the legislative district boundaries.  My first recollection of that was in 1994, when they had split MD district 15 into two districts: 15 & 39.  One of the not-so-secret reasons was to give MD representative Gene Counihan his chance to be a state senator without displacing Larry Leventhal.  Well, that was 1994, when the GOP had a massive nationwide victory, owing to Clinton's abject failures.  The MD plan backfired and both Counihan and Leventhal lost to Republicans.  I had been in district 15 until I was "remapped" into 39.

For many decades I was also in Maryland's Congressional District 8, misrepresented by pro-abortion Connie Morella.  Indeed, she had voted like a Democrat more than a Republican; she was officially Republican.  The MD Democrats remapped the Congressional lines, essentially stabbing their ally in the back; the lines were redrawn to limit District 8 to areas of large Democratic registration; areas of less Democrat populations were plopped either in District 6 or 4.  I found myself in District 4; that stretched from Montgomery Village south into Oxon Hill.  On a map it looked like an earthworm.  This time their plan worked; Morella lost that election to Chris Van Hollen.  Morella was such a pro-abortion RINO that I didn't shed too many tears over that election outcome.

But now the federal boundaries have been redrawn again.  Let's face it; they're now targeting Roscoe Bartlett, the long-time real Republican who has been representing western Maryland quite well for some time now.  The courts have upheld the maps, so we petitioned the scheme to the ballot.

To understand what I'm talking about, you'll have to see it for yourself - so here it is from the MD Dept of Planning site.  Isn't it a mess?  I'll point out some of the more ludicrous highlights.  The lavender thing is District 8.  It is literally running from the DC border to the PA border.  They've taken most of Frederic County and some of Carroll County, both conservative areas from Bartlett and coupled them with the southern half of Montgomery County, a very populated and uber-liberal area of the state.  That southern area is joined to the northern area by a strip that can't be more than a few miles wide.  To complete the effect of removing conservative voters from District 6, they extended it down to the western part of Montgomery County to diffuse the conservative votes that remain to Bartlett.  So once again I've been remapped to another district.  The bright side is that for once I don't have to be ashamed of my Congressional representative, but I digress.

Looking at Prince George's and Anne Arundel Counties we see stranger configurations.  That pink are is District 5.  The northern part of that district is surrounded by District 4 which is depicted in blue.  Now look in the Baltimore area.  See how four districts twist and wind and interweave with each other.  I fail to discern any rhyme or reason there; not being up on Baltimore-area politics, I don't know what the goal of that is.  The light green area is District 3.  It starts in eastern Montgomery County and contorts its way to southern Harford County.  That is beyond weird.

Important caveat: What you thought your district was may no longer be the case.  Use the "find district by address" feature in the MD Planning website to ascertain your Congressional district.

We will get rid of this convoluted mess only by voting against Question 5.  We need districts drawn using sane geographical boundaries, regardless of the political party registration of the residents of the various districts.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

MD Elections - Ballot Question 4

Besides the all-important presidential election, there are a number of crucial matters that are specific to the State of Maryland.  Among these are four "general referendum" questions.  I will deal with these in the order in which they'll appear on our ballot.  This post will deal with Question 4 - the DREAM Act.

As you know (even if you may not accept it), there are a number of matters in this election that deal with intrinsic morality (abortion, homosexual relations, etc).  A Catholic who takes his/her faith seriously, indeed the salvation of his/her soul, will never deviate from the Church's teachings on these matters.  There are other issues that are within the realm of prudential judgment.  Economic issues are an example.  While we adhere to Christ's teaching to care for the poor, good people can and often do disagree on the proper means to do so.  It is even permissible to have such disagreements with Church structures on these matters.

Question 4 is one such matter where intrinsic morality is not in question.  Many good Catholics believe that the DREAM Act is seriously, even fatally flawed.  I myself hold that opinion.  Indeed, I believe this is one example of how the progressive elements in Church bureaucracies can ensnare themselves in imprudent alliances and actions.

Because this is a lengthy and thorough analysis,...

The Presidential Election And Religious Freedom

The Catholic Association has released its Religious Freedom Scorecard.  The pdf can be downloaded here. Please do so, print it and distribute freely.  Here's a clip recently released by the Romney/Ryan campaign (click here if you can't see embedded video).

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why Vote For Romney?

Here's a nice summary.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Anglican Gay-Pandering Official Put In His Place

Today Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was officially installed as chief shepherd over the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  We all know what a tough job he has ahead of him; his predecessors have left the place an abysmal mess spiritually.

A glaring "shot across the bow" was fired at him by the Episcopal "bishop", Marc Andrus.  He issued a letter to his diocese characterizing the Church's teaching on marriage (which is really the law of God on the subject), as "oppressive".   When you consider that Anglicanism was founded by Henry VIII of England and various lapdogs for the precise purpose of allowing him to divorce, and then led the way to moral depravity vis-a-vis its 1930 Lambeth Conference (admitting contraceptive usage), is this really such a huge surprise?

Comes now the word from the Washington Post that when Andrus arrived at the installation at St Mary's Cathedral, he was kept in a waiting area with an archdiocesan employee until the ceremony started.  He left. The Archdiocese later said it was a "misunderstanding".  I sincerely hope not - and really don't think so.  Andrus had the unmitigated gall to try to school His Excellency in his perversion-condoning heresy.  I will take this as a positive sign of a cleansing breath of fresh air in morally fetid San Francisco.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Poor Widdle MSNBC! Sniff-Sniff! Boo-Hoo!

Watch this clip of MSNBC wonks/shills having a royal hissy-snit-fit over the debate last night!  Please - grab a hanky and feel their pain!  I think it's a safe conjecture that for Chris Matthews, the leg-thrill is gone!

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Eric Holder And Illegal Immigration

It has never been any big secret that US Attorney General Eric Holder has disregarded federal immigration laws.  At a La Raza summit a few months ago, he promised/threatened to oppose state and local efforts to control illegal immigration (mostly on the Mexican border).  Gee willikers!  Isn't the Attorney General supposed to enforce US law?  Or is Holder simply too, too busy prosecuting trumped-up charges against pro-life activists who convince mothers not to allow abortuaries to murder their babies?

These illegal immigrants often hire themselves out as cheap labor.  They well know that they have no legal standing to file complaint against exploitation by unscrupulous employers.  If they hide themselves from US law, then they cannot be protected by that law, can they?  It's simple common sense.

In Wake County, North Carolina, a chain of McDonald's restaurants has been found to be hiring illegal immigrants.  The owners of that chain are William and Deborah Holder.  William and the US Attorney general are brothers.  Well whadya know?  I'm in no way implying that William and Deborah are exploiting the illegals whom they employ.  But they are breaking the law with impunity.  North Carolina law requires that employers who employ more than 25 people (and the Holders have 4 restaurants) participate in the E-Verify program.  It's just the kind of law that the US Attorney General opposes - very convenient for William and Deborah, I'd think.

That's just another reason to vote this bunch out in November.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Obama Rant

No, no!  I'm not referring to anything the Messiah Most Miserable uttered this evening during his sorry performance at the debate (Dang!  No teleprompter!).  I refer to a video of a 2007 speech that he gave at Virginia's Hampton University five years ago.  Listen to him closely as he adopts a most unusual accent during his tirade!  He shows himself to be quite the angry snarling racist.  I wonder if this is a hint at how he must have sounded after Romney smeared him all over the stage during this evening's debate?

Speaking of this evening's debate, the cameras were focused solely on the candidates and didn't once pan to the audience.  Pity!  Colorado NARAL sent activists there: one of them was dressed as - bet you can't guess! - a "vagina" (I put that in quotes because they really don't understand anatomy).  That really seems to be quite the fashion amongst pro-aborts these days, as they reduce women to gross caricatures of female genitalia.  They should have sent in someone dressed as a brain - Obama could have used one of those.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vote Obama! For "Your Lady Parts"!

Remember how the 1960s feminists railed against being seen as "sex objects"?  They were the quintessential useful idiots who were used by progressive puppeteers.  The altruistic and idealistic veneer of these progressives is beginning to crack.  Rather, these progressives are simply dropping all pretenses of being concerned for "women's issues".  The first hint should have been the promotion of baby-murder, which was decried by original suffragettes such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  Then there is the deplorable silence by these same progressives in the face of the brutality suffered by women who live in muslim-controlled areas of the world.

Obama and his Minions Most Mindless are no different.  Plumbing new depths of incivility and tastelessness (and obviously taking cues from Code Pink), the Obama campaign put this charming little e-card on its Tumbir site..

Now isn't that just, well, special?  You won't find it on that site now.  They pulled it down after Rush Limbaugh called attention to it and gave it some much-deserved ridicule.

This ad is both condescending and imbecilic.  It is an indication of just what they think of the citizens of this country and shows why Obama et al do not deserve to inhabit the White House.  They never did.  Let's vote him out this November.

Monday, October 1, 2012

ActsFive29 Rally Report With Video - Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous post.  Again, because of the numerous videos, I'll place a "jump break" so..

ActsFive29 Rally Report With Video - Part 1

This past Sunday, September 30, I attended the ActsFive29 rally in Lafayette Park.  I took a good deal of video, so much so that I have to break this post into two parts.  I will intersperse clips with narrative, so..