Sunday, September 30, 2018

What To Do As Opposed To Suffering In Silence

The latest issue of Our Parish Times offered a predictably milquetoast response to perhaps the most significant Church scandal in recent history, if not in fact the entire history of the Church.  The issue in question is this August 2018 edition and the article is at the bottom right-hand corner of the front page: A Breach In Trust by Patricia McGann.

You'll have to follow the article to page 8.  There you'll see the problematic sentences in the last paragraph.  We're supposed to:
  • "Do our best to live according to God's laws"  Fair enough, in and of itself.  But that is not all that is required.  What is not said is just as important as what is said.
  • "Seek comfort and courage by praying together and in the silence of our hearts"  Oops!  Problems here in the underlined parts!  Forget this "seeking comfort" crap!  It's time to put on the big-boy and big-girl pants here and stop this incessant focus on emotions, particularly the weepy variety!  And again, let's forget the "silence" nonsense!  Let us listen to St. Catherine of Siena on the matter: "We've had enough of exhortations to be silent!  Cry out with a thousand tongues!  I see that the world is rotten because of silence!"
  • "We won't waste our time judging or condemning Cardinal McCarrick or those who were complicit with their silence, because that's God's job and we trust He'll take care of it".  Did McGann write this before McCarrick resigned from the College of Cardinals?  Maybe so.  Anyway, while we don't judge or condemn McCarrick, Wuerl, et al as persons, we most certainly do condemn the rapes of young men and their cover-ups.  It is our job to root out this mess and shine the light on it relentlessly.  By the way - beware of the phrase "God will take care of it".  Often enough, that is simply a sanctimonious cop-out phrase used by people who just don't want to take up their responsibilities as Church Militant, for reasons of laziness and/or cowardice.
All that said, I'm happy to provide some evidence that some Catholics are indeed waking up and confronting the evil where it is to be found.  These are examples to be emulated.  Within the past two weeks, Cardinal Maradiaga, one of Pope Francis' "gang of nine" visited the Diocese of El Paso, Texas.  From Ann Barnhardt, we get a pictorial report of the greeting they provided to him.  Look at the pictures!  It'll do your heart good!

Below I post a video taken by the blogger behind Mahound's Paradise, a Chicago-based Catholic blog.  He cornered Auxiliary Bishop Bartosic and tried to interview him regarding the tyrannical behavior of his boss, Cardinal Cupich.  My!  Some people really do squirm under scrutiny, don't they?

These are the types of actions that we must all be prepared to emulate if we are to purge the various progressive diseases from our Church.  Prayer and reparation are useless if we aren't willing to undertake practical action.

Friday, September 28, 2018

McCarrick's New Digs, Thanks To The Octopus

Today the Archdiocese of Washington put out a statement regarding Archbishop Emeritus McCarrick's new location in Victoria, Kansas.  They are rather nondescript about the place.  The last sentence is basically telling Catholics not to stage any protests there.  For that there may be reasons that the ADW declines to divulge.

From LifeSiteNews we have more details.  This friary in which McCarrick is staying is next door to an elementary school.  Please note the location on the map.  Just a few blocks away is a high school.  Was this just a gross oversight - or is the octopus simply catering to McCarrick's, uhhh. "preferences"?  That's a fair question, given that Cardinal Wuerl made the arrangements, per the statement of Bishop Gerald Vincke of Salina, the local diocese.  Notice in that statement that he seems to be reassuring the local Catholics that "our diocese is not incurring any costs in this arrangement".  So who is picking up the tab?  Are we of the Archdiocese of Washington getting stuck with this bill?  If so, this is yet another reason to starve our local octopus of any funds; refer to this post for a strategy to stop doing so.

By the way - if you know anyone in that locality in Kansas, or even in a broader radius, let them know that there is now a clear and present danger to their children and that they might wish to consider taking action, even to the point of withholding their own donations and conducting their own pickets.

Interesting update, from George Neumayr:

Octopus - Fight It, Don't Obey It

In yesterday's Vortex, Michael Voris describes the corruption in the Church as an octopus whose tentacles crush the life out of Catholics.  That is an apt description.  It is a network of gays, progressives, masons, etc who will destroy the authentic Catholic faith and those who profess and defend it.  I saw that manifest in my own parish during Lent of 2012, when the DC hierarchy, led by Cardinal Wuerl, sought to destroy the vocation of Father Marcel Guarnizo when Father prevented a sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion by a lesbian.

I will also link to an article from Lepanto Institute, regarding a fashion designer who was told by a satanist about the scheme to destroy the Church from within.  What came to my mind immediately was the account of Bella Dodd, a former communist who worked to insinuate perverts into the seminaries during the early 20th century.  Both accounts corroborate each other.

We know that Father Kalchik is in hiding from that mafia-octopus that seeks to end his vocation, if not his life.  Archbishop Vigano is in hiding, too.  He released a statement regarding the pope's disgraceful silence that names some more names; LifeSiteNews has the English translation of that.

So how was this octopus able to insinuate itself so easily into Church structures?  Well, this from Hillary White gives us some excellent clues.  We as faithful Catholics were taught the importance of obedience to our lawful superiors.  However, we were not warned against blind obedience; that omission was both thoughtless and dangerous.  In fact many of us were taught that even if our superiors ordered us to do something that was inherently sinful, we were to obey, because our obedience would excuse us from guilt.  I believe that faulty reasoning was quite prevalent in religious orders.  Recall that "consent" and "partaking" are two of the nine ways of cooperating with the sins of others.

This false notion of unfettered obedience is most likely a factor in the willful blindness of some Catholics in regards to the evils being allowed and perhaps initiated by this pope.  That in no way excuses what can only be called obstinacy in refusing to acknowledge the truth and in their papolatry.  If some reading this are still so afflicted, please shed the blinders and rose-colored glasses, for until you do, you are actually contributing to the corruption in the Church by aiding and abetting the papal octopus.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Maryland To Investigate Archdiocese Of Baltimore For Clerical Sex Abuse Coverup

The Archdiocese of Baltimore released this today.

Where to begin?  There are so many places to start, it might be hard to choose!  There are several parishes that are gay enclaves, such as St Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard, St Bernadette in Severn, etc.  And who can forget St Mary's Seminary on Northern Parkway, aptly nicknamed the "pink palace"?

Who can forget also the travesties wrought against Catherine Cessnik, Joyce Malecki and other girls who died "mysteriously" who were associated with Baltimore Catholic schools?  This mess has got to get out into the open.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Petition For The Removal Of Cardinal Cupich

A petition has been started for the resignation of Cardinal Cupich from his position as Archbishop of Chicago.  Please sign it and spread the word.

He has his priorities exactly ass-backwards from where they should be as a Prince of the Church.  Let's look at Cupich since he is actively engaged in trying to destroy another good priest, Father Paul Kalchik.  As reported before, he has ordered Fr Kalchik to go into confinement for "psychiatric treatment"; i.e. he ordered the priest to undergo brutal brainwashing.  Kalchik has literally fled for his life, much as Archbishop Vigano has.

But Cupich does have some priests in Chicago who would be legitimate patients for "psychiatric treatment.  Mahound's Paradise advises us of Father Richard McGrath, who has been credibly accused of sodomizing a 13-year old boy.  Their response?  Why, allow him to live within walking distance of a Catholic grade school, of course!  The mess was all over the Chicago newspapers so the archdiocese cannot credibly claim ignorance over the matter.

Then there's Father Michael Pfleger, "Obama's other pastor".  That nickname most likely indicates the reason why Pfleger wasn't sacked while the Messiah Most Miserable befouled the White House.  But now Obama's gone, so what's the excuse?  Could it be that Cupich and Pfleger are of the same mindset?  Well, let's see!

Cupich thanked Chicago police for allowing Pfleger to shut down Chicago highways to protest "gun violence".  Yes Pfleger is so against "gun violence" that he threatened to "snuff out" a gun shop owner.  I wonder if that is how the two vicars got their idea to issue their none-too-veiled threats to Fr Kalchik?  But I digress.  Anyway, perhaps I'm being too hard on poor ole' Pfleger.  After all, he can be the model for civility, calm, rationality.  Perhaps he doesn't need "psychiatric treatment"!  See for yourselves!

See?  Isn't that just charming and reassuring?  No wonder Cupich lets him go untethered.  He and Cupich are of the same mold - and that is NOT sarcasm.  Please sign that petition and call the Chicago chancery.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Father Kalchik Leaves Resurrection In Face Of Serious Threats - CALL TO ACTION

On Thursday I wrote of the situation concerning Father Paul Kalchik, a faithful priest in the Archcioese of Chicago.  I suggested action in that post.  If you haven't done so, I suggest you do it now, but first read this important update.

From One Peter Five we read that Father Kalchik was preparing to celebrate a wedding when Auxiliary Bishop Mark Bartosic barged in unannounced as Kalchik was vesting for the wedding. Bartosic told Kalchik he had minutes to vacate the parish or else he'd be arrested for "trespassing".  Kalchik did so.  Bartosic was at least good enough to celebrate the wedding and not leave the couple high and dry.

Kalchik left with his brother who was visiting him.  At least we know he is safe for now.  The other day two representatives, Father Jeremy Thomas and Msgr Dennis Lyle (the latter played a role in ousting Fr Frank Phillips, the faithful pastor of St John Cantius) told Kalchik not only to vacate, but to "commit himself to psychiatric confinement".  In other words, he was to submit to brainwashing.  Addendum: In the course of that conversation, Kalchik told the two vicars that he was needed in the parish to say morning Mass.  They replied, "what would happen if you were dead"?  In other words, they threatened his life!

Mahound's Paradise gives us more history behind the gay flag and how it stemmed from the perversions of the previous pastor, who was a flaming gay.  Be warned, some of that history is rather gruesome.

I now link to Resurrection's bulletin for this weekend.  Therein Father Kalchik gave his account of the flag-burning.  I downloaded it and suggest you do the same, for the archdiocese will undoubtedly take it offline.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION - If anyone contents themselves with prayer but refuses to take action, such prayer is useless.  Call Cupich's office (again, for some) at 1-312-534-8200 and rebuke him for his ouster of Kalchik and his demand that Kalchik submit to draconian brainwashing.  Call that same number, search for Bartosic's and Lyle's names and offer them some stern rebukes.  You may have to leave voicemails, but that's ok.  Leave messages on Resurrection's site.  Those of you in the Chicago archdiocese should announce immediately your financial boycotts until Cupich apologizes to Kalchik (and Father Phillips, for that matter) and cleans up his act.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's Rebuke Cupich NOW!

This past Saturday I touched upon Cardinal Cupich and his malevolence to one of his priests who is actually acting to expunge evil from his parish.  The flag-burning did occur, with Father Kalchik's participation.  Apparently this symbol of sodomy was used by the late Cardinal Bernardin (surprise!).  It was hung so that it blocked the hand-carved Crucifix over the altar; see the PJ Media article for a depiction of the sacrilege.

I called for a phone and email blast of the Chicago chancery over the treatment that Cupich is inflicting on Father Kalchik.  Some replied that perhaps Cupich just didn't want a media spectacle.  To that I say, "too bad"!  Where is Cupich's concern about "spectacle" when Father Michael Pfleger acts up?  And is he really having cold feet because he doesn't want a spectacle, or is he just doing the bidding of his gay-mafia puppet masters and sugar daddies?  Should the Apostles have stopped preaching the gospel because of "spectacle"?  Read in Acts how Peter and John responded to very similar demands by the sanhedran.

Speaking of faithful priests persecuted by dissident bishops, I post now an interview that Father Marcel Guarnizo gave to His segment starts in the middle of the clip so you can just move the button to the middle; where his picture appears is the beginning.  Father Guarnizo rightly states that the bishops are indeed the source of the problems AND that the laity must act to rectify the matter.  Yes, we must pray, but we must also act.  Too often faithful Catholics have been way too reticent when it comes to speaking out.  What is the source of that?  Timidity? False humility?  Whatever it is, we must overcome these obstacles, for if we don't, our prayer will be hamstrung, if not outright nullified.

With that in mind, we can start by protesting Cupich's draconian and vindictive treatment of Father Kalchik.  Here is the contact information for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Call the first number 1-312-534-8200.  Then follow the "search by name" prompts for Cupich's office.  You will get his secretary.  Voice your displeasure politely but sternly.  The gay cartel have these campaigns down to an art and we must best them at that.  I called this afternoon, and I hope that many more will call.  Spread the word.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Narcissism And Dissidence

When I wrote yesterday's post, I omitted an important connection between religious-star-wannabees and perversion.  That common thread is narcissism.  If you look at the links that I embedded in that article, narcissism reeks throughout.   Speaking of which, I learned of this official portrait of the pope.

Notice how he's standing in the light, in the center of the thing, while the Holy Family is shoved into a corner, partially obscured by shadows?  And why are his hands folded in a manner that hides his pectoral cross?  I also can't help but notice the rainbow; is that a nod to the cabal that seems to control the Vatican?

Now for another more glaring instance of the narcissism found in dissidents, I just became aware through LifeSiteNews that the pastor of St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan has been removed due to "boundary violations" with an "adult male who attended the parish".  The pervert's name is Father Bob VerEecke, S.J.  The acting pastor claims there was "nothing criminal", just "lack of good judgment".  This acting pastor's name is Father Daniel Corrou.  Given his dismissive platitude, I am none too confident in Corrou's fitness for his new position.

I've written plenty about that parish over the years, given their coddling of gays.  Now it turns out that the pastor is himself gay.  Is he also a narcissist?  Go back to the LifeSiteNews article and watch the video to see how he profaned Pentecost Mass in 2017.  By the way - should that video "disappear", please notify me via comments for I took the precaution to download that evidence of corruption.

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Sex Scandal And Consecrated Religious Trying To Be Entertainers

Yes, there IS a connection, and it centers around the disregard for dignity and decorum befitting a religious.  Listen to this homily below and understand why the recent onslaught of religious-entertainer-wannabees is a blight upon the One True Faith, not cute nor harmless.  See here and here and here and here.   As Michael Matt said in his video in the previous post, we Catholics need to grow up and we must demand the same of our religious.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Remnant TV On The Vigano Revelations And Real Reform Needed

Michael Matt of Remnant TV shares some insights below.  It's necessary to emphasize a crucial point bout the dog-and-pony show that is to occur this coming February.  The point is something mentioned by Church Militant this past week.  This meeting ostensibly will focus on prevention of sexual abuse of "minors" and "vulnerable adults". The two terms, by definition, do not include seminarians. A goodly percentage of the targets have been seminarians, so they'd be excluded from consideration at that meeting. Seminarians were the "victims of choice" of ex-cardinal McCarrick. It can be argued that seminarians who submitted to de facto rape were so psychologically impaired that they would not have been suitable for the priesthood.  They obviously lacked the presence of mind to fend off their assailants - not at all excusable on their part.  I've repeatedly called upon them to come forth and bring this matter to justice, as their silence only served to enable their predators to continue attacking others.  Anyway, here is Mr. Matt's video.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Latest Betrayals By The Pope And Cupich

At the end of this month, the pope will formalize an agreement with Communist China that will essentially give to the Chi-coms the authority to decide who will be appointed bishops in that country.  As part of that agreement, the current bishops who have served the Church in the face of hostility and threats from China will be thrown under the bus by their chief shepherd.  The memories of those Chinese prelates who died in prison, are who had their lives shortened by communist brutality will be held in disregard, if not outright disdain.

Many church leaders had been calling on the pope to cancel the so-called "synod on the youth" to be held next month.  They rightly state that the Vatican in its current condition has no moral credibility to deliberate on how to serve young people correctly.  Well, the charade will go on (as of this writing).  Today the Vatican released a list of those who will participate in this synod.  Those names include Cardinals Tobin and Cupich, two prelates who are implicated in Vigano's statement quite heavily.  With this tone-deaf list, the pope and Vatican prove once again why this synod will be an abysmal joke.

Speaking of Cupich, he is at present preparing to snuff out an ember of faithful Catholicism in his diocese.  Father John Kalchik of Resurrection Parish in Chicago announced that he was going to hold a public burning of a gay rainbow flag that the previous pastor allowed to desecrate the Church.  The local gay mafia notified Cupich who immediately ordered Kalchik not to proceed.  The parishioners took over and held the flag-burning anyway.  So now Cupich is threatening to remove Father Kalchik's faculties as a priest.

Doesn't Cupich sound like the sort of person who would be the least qualified to discuss spiritual guidance for the Church's young people?  So did Francis select in spite of his disdain of Catholic morality - or because of it?

But faithful Catholics must remain silent and not raise their voices, you see?  Else we might be "punished by serpents".  Yes, he really said that.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Hush-Up And Cover-Up Attempts Continue Unabated

Yesterday the pope met with Cardinal DiNardo and other US prelates.  Ostensibly they were discussing the ever-growing scandal of bishops covering for priest-rapists and/or engaging in those rapes as well.  They were serious.  They were somber: an appropriate attitude for crimes of this magnitude.  Can't you see their sincerity, their contrition, their firm resolution in this picture?

I agree with my blogging colleague Conquered By Love that the jocularity evident on the faces of the pope and the others is a slap in the face to the victims, their families and the aggrieved church at large, not to mention a spit in the eye to God Almighty Himself.

They must have been discussing strategies to silence faithful Catholics, that is, we the Great Unwashed, for they got right to it.  He used his homily to take jabs at Catholics who have had enough, calling us the "Great Accuser" This term has often used for Satan.  Perhaps this is a good entry for the Little Book of Insults.  He said, and I kid you not, "in these times, it seems like the Great Accuser (i.e., us) has been unchained and is attacking bishops".  Awww!!  The poor widdle bishops!  Their widdle feel-bads are hurt!  Let us all shed a tear!  Boo-hoo!  Seriously!  How many bishops knew and uttered not one peep?  Even if they did not engage in the perversions themselves, they cooperated in sin by their silence.

His faithful "vice-pope" lapdog, Cardinal Maradiaga, took his cue from that homily and tried to tell us that McCarrick's abuse of hundreds of young men was "of a private order", decrying its exposition.  Well, most abusers do try to keep their crimes "of a private order".  Perhaps Maradiaga bears some scrutiny?  Regrettably he is "talking the talk" of a serial abuser.  I'm not necessarily saying that he is an abuser, but he's using the language and tactics of an abuser.

These strategies are nothing new.  Church Militant reminded us of the usage of them in Bridgeport about eleven years ago.  A priest brought to light the massive embezzlement committed by another priest.  When then Bishop Lori dragged his feet in addressing the matter, Father Madden hired private investigators to help jail the embezzler.  Bishop Lori's response was to force Father Madden to apologize at Mass for "overstepping his bounds".  I suppose for Lori it was more important for him to save face rather than bring a criminal to justice.

Sometime before that in the Diocese of Arlington, Father James Haley attempted to get Bishop Lori to rein in some priests who were also embezzling, or using pornography, or conducting affairs with married parishioners.  As a reward, Loverde not only defrocked him but excommunicated him as well.  I might point out that Arlington is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Lori took over as Archbishop shortly after this excommunication.  While he didn't commit that injustice against Father Haley, neither did he address it.

If they think they will silence us, they deceive only themselves.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

From The Fox Guarding Hen House Department - Lori Investigates Bransfield

Bishop Michael Bransfield of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston (WV) is no longer the prelate of that diocese.  He is currently under investigation for alleged homosexual predation on young men.  He is 75 years old anyway and accordingly had to submit his resignation.  This diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore is leading the investigation into the Bransfield allegations.  He will also serve as apostolic administrator of Wheeling-Charleston until the pope appoints a new bishop.

This is another case of the fox guarding the hen house.  Church Militant articulated their own concerns about this development.  In addition, I have written quite a bit about the homosexual infiltration that has been allowed to fester within the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Much of my writing has been focused on St Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard.  Its pastor, Father Joseph Muth, has been defiant in his promotion of the mortal sin of sodomy, going so far as to lead his parish as they march in Baltimore's "gay pride" parade year after year.  Over the years I and others have written to Lori to ask him to replace Muth, as he is leading many in this parish to hell.  A friend pointed out to me that in addition to St Matthew's, Muth is now scandalizing the parishioners of Blessed Sacrament on Old York Road as well.  That is a recent assignment and had to be Lori's doing.

Lori is probably yet another prelate who should be thinking of early retirement.  He is not qualified, by dint of his own facilitation of gays in Baltimore, to be investigating anybody.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

WaPo - Trump Has Power Over Hurricanes

In June of 2017, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had a hissy-snit because President Trump rescued the United States from that fraud known as the Paris climate agreement.  They betrayed their ignorance of the US Constitution by claiming that the US ratified it.  That did not happened.  While the Messiah Most Miserable signed it, that was not sufficient to ratify it.  According to the Constitution, any international agreement must be approved by the United States Senate before it can be considered binding on the US.  That simply didn't happen.

Pope Francis has glommed onto this climate-change junk science, championing the Paris climate covenant.  Long-time readers of this blog will recall that for years I have decried the pope's servitude to environmentalism.  He has gone so far as to parade all sorts of anti-life people through the Vatican in the name of this environmental idolatry.

Not all are taken in by the hype.  Investor Business Daily reports on the sheepish admission by the UN that this Paris accord is a joke.  Of course sane people, including President Trump, knew that all along.

Sane people are a rarity in mainstream media.  The Washington Compost outdid itself today in its op-ed by claiming that because Trump pulled us out of that agreement, he is to blame for Hurricane Florence.  I wish I could say it was satire, but they are serious.  They said, and I quote, "when it comes to extreme weather, Trump is complicit".  What?  Do they think Trump did some American Indian rain dance to conjure up a hurricane?  Do they ascribe divine attributes to him?  Do they have one iota of common sense?  When you read the article, look at the comments.  Most are mocking the editorial, as well they should.

Now I wonder how the denizens of that USCCB building off Michigan Avenue are reacting to the editorial.  They are probably nodding in assent.  It's time to abolish the USCCB.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Listening Session At St Mary's In Rockville

This evening St Mary's Church in Rockville MD held a "listening session" inside the church.  Unlike the "small-group" format at my parish, everyone had a chance to address the entire gathering via open mike.  Many did so.  The general consensus among those gathered (including me) is that Cardinal Wuerl must resign as archbishop of Washington.  A few chided the clergy for "not speaking truth to power" and for covering for him.

I regret that two people used their speaking times to shill for female ordination.  However, I was also pleased that some acknowledged the homosexual aspect of these crimes against young people.

Most people acknowledged the need for prayer and fasting.  One lady astutely observed the emphasis on those to the exclusion of practical action.  I was wondering if someone was going to mention the withholding of donations to the chancery, but none did.  Many people got up and it was not my parish so I didn't think it appropriate to float that suggestion.  I might do so at the next session that I attend.

Friday, September 7, 2018

From The Season Of Healing Department - Bathhouse Romper Functioning As Priest In DC

Is the following account typical of what we might expect in Cardinal Wuerl's "season of healing"?  George Neumayr smoked this out

Seven years ago in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, a Carmelite priest was arrested after he touched the buttocks of an 18-year old man.  The perp-priest's name is Father Emmanuel Betasso (legally Patrick Anthony Betasso).  He admitted to doing so for a "cheap thrill".  He was 45 years old at the time and had just been named pastor of a parish - and was teaching a workshop for new pastors.  I shudder to think of what that workshop syllabus contained, but I digress.  The archbishop revoked his priestly faculties and the Discalced Carmelites suspended him.

Fast forward to the present.  How in the name of heaven is Betasso on a "priest prayer list" for the DC province of the Discalced Carmelites?  His name is number 10 in the "October" column.  Given his history, how was he deemed fit by the Archdiocese of Washington to be granted faculties here?  According to Cardinal Wuerl, all this abuse happened "decades and decades ago".  Newflash!  Seven years is NOT "decades and decades ago".  Any adult male who gets a "cheap thrill" out of touching the private areas of anybody is a pervert.  For the sake of his own soul, let alone the welfare of potential victims, he should not be in a position of trust that could allow him opportunities for abuse.

This "season of healing" promises to be quite the trial.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Yippieee! We're Having A "Season Of Healing"!

In the wake of the Labor Day event at Little Flower this past Monday, Cardinal Wuerl announced that he was instituting a brand new band-aid for the gaping wound that both he and ex-Cardinal McCarrick caused and allowed to fester in this archdiocese.  It is worth noting that after the meeting on Monday, he didn't stick around for the picnic; he scooted away quite quickly.  Here is the letter, dated today, that announces this "season of healing".

Notice the focus of this letter; it's the same as was the focus of our parish "listening session" (the one that focused on feelings as opposed to opinions).  It's strictly on the victims.  Certainly it is important to minister to their needs, but that cannot be the sole focus so much that other facets of the mess are pushed from our minds.  I frankly suspect that we are hearing all about the victims precisely because the chancery doesn't want us to raise other questions or worse (for them), to propose solutions uncomfortable for them.

I am hearing from various sources that a goodly percentage of archdiocesan priests have called for Cardinal Wuerl to resign, owing to his sheltering of McCarrick during his time as Archbishop of Washington.  From the letter I get the impression that he has no intention whatsoever of resigning.  This is one instance where I hope to be proven incorrect.

Anyone in the healing professions will tell you that in order for proper healing to occur, there must be removal of the harmful agent that is causing the distress.  In the Church's present situation, that means that the removal of errant clergy - both the actual perpetrators and their enablers - must be removed.  They must be removed from their positions of power and they must be laicized.  I can think of three positive effects of such a move.
  1. Their removal will help prevent further abuse from happening.  Some of the situations of which we are learning are rather recent - within the past five or ten years.
  2. Their removal will assure the victims that there still remains in the Church a sense of justice.  That will have healing effects that will far exceed that of any "listening sessions" or "accompaniment".
  3. The removal will have salutatory effects for the perpetrators themselves.  They will see that their crimes will not go unpunished in this life; perhaps that will cause them to repent and make good confessions before they die and go to their judgments.
As I said, this bogus focus in the victims is a trick to keep us from deliberating about how real healing and justice will happen.  It is designed from contemplating actions of our own since this archdiocesan chancery clearly isn't going to remove the perpetrators and the homosexualist elements from its midst.  Here are some humble suggestions from me.
  • Obviously prayer and penance must be undertaken by each of us.  That certainly means the daily Rosary and remaining in a state of grace.
  • Discuss this matter among your fellow Catholics.  Many are still quite oblivious to the current state of affairs.  Educate them.  That is one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.
  • If your priest strays from liturgical rubrics or preaches heresy, call them out on it.  Be respectful, but by no means be demure about it.
  • If your diocese has a problem with pervert clergy and they still retain their positions, cut off all funding to your chanceries.  At the very least, that means boycotting any diocesan collections.  If your diocese assesses parish collections, explore ways to contribute to your parish in ways that don't benefit the chancery (assuming your parish is orthodox).  Don't be discouraged by talk of your boycotting hurting other charities; you can always contribute to the charities directly.
Let's get real.  This situation will most likely get worse before it gets better.  In fact, it is worse than it appears at present; we'll just have to face the ugly truth.  But sunlight is the best disinfectant.  We simply have to "man up" and "woman up" and deal with it.  The suggestions are, I hope, ways we can bring about real cleansing and healing.  Any other suggestions?

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Homosexualists Attempt To Shut Us Up

From the attempt to control our conversations at my parish last week to Cardinal Wuerl's failed attempt to spin his yarn at Annunciation last week, we see attempts to stifle the voices of faithful Catholics who are tired of debauchery in the highest levels of the Church.  I just mentioned local instances.

At his Mass on Monday, the pope tried to get us to resign ourselves to "silence and prayer".  The entire homily is here.  Notice the none-too-subtle swipes he takes against faithful Catholics: "people who do not have good will", "people who seek only scandal", etc.  I suppose these could be added to the Little Book Of Insults.  But if he's truly convinced that "silence is golden", might I suggest a little leadership by example?  For starters, he can stop uttering bloopers about "the emergency of plastics littering the oceans".  He also tossed in some shilling for open borders.

Good ole' Cardinal Cupich certainly got his talking points right, didn't he?  In his "rabbit hole" interview, he flat out said that the environment and immigration was more important than the victimization of countless boys at the hands of perverted clergy.

But somewhere along progressive communications lines, the talking points became a bit garbled.  A few days ago, a USCCB official informed Catholics everywhere of the latest update to Christ's Great Commission.  He said that "the struggle of working the Gospel, pure and simple"!  Of course that's rank heresy, as the Church's first mission, given by Christ, is the salvation of souls.  But isn't it telling, though, how the progressives are throwing out every worn-out canard to distract us from the moral rot in the Church, starting at the papacy?  They might have a fleeting chance at being believable if they could coordinate among themselves what heresy they're going to promote this week.

So such are their pathetic attempts to get us to shut up.  For the most part, they are almost comical.  Almost, I said, for the latest attempt aimed at Archbishop Vigano is nothing short of sinister.  The pope is consulting with Cardinal Coccopalmerio (aka Cocaine Cocco) and canon lawyers to explore canonical penalties against Vigano.  Cocaine Cocco is one of the prelates implicated in Vigano's testimony, so I wouldn't be surprised if he has some axes to grind.  I'm looking at the Rorate Caeli account of this and its analysis.  Canon law cannot be wielded at whim against anyone without canonical crimes being committed, and these would entail the commission of sin.  Of what sin could they accuse Vigano?  The fact that the pope et al are even trying is telling both of their fear of discovery and their vindictiveness against those who shine the light on their evil.

I saw a comment on another site that pointed out that if the pope actually does sanction Vigano, then he'll just further enrage faithful Catholics who have already had enough.  Is he foolish enough to try it?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cupich's Rabbit Hole Is A Qucksand Pit

Remember how a few days ago, when asked about the pope and Cardinal McCarrick, he said the pope wasn't "going down that rabbit hole"?  Refresh your memory here.

Well, it seems that Cupich has found himself trapped in quicksand, and it's both his own doing and following along the lines of his buddy McCarrick.  Two Chicago-area priests were in Miami (why did they go there?) in a car near a public beach performing oral sex on each other.  In other words, they were engaged in perversion.  The car's windows were not tinted and everyone - children included - could see what was transpiring in that car.  The priests were arrested.  One of the two, Fr. Diego Berrio, was a tribunal judge for the Archdiocese of Chicago and was involved in "youth ministry".  I say "was" for Cupich stripped him of his faculties.  I might suggest a thorough review of that "youth ministry".

I will have more to say about Cupich's inane interview later.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Wuerl's Appearance At Little Flower Today

Yesterday I suggested that concerned Catholics gather outside Little Flower Church this evening to pray a Rosary and to let the cardinal know that we won't let this matter of him harboring a criminal be forgotten.  I realize it was short notice, but unfortunately I was the only one there - well, not entirely.

At The Mass Ave entrance
I arrived at the Massachusetts Avenue entrance about 4:30, hoping to greet the cardinal with my bullhorn.  At the top of the driveway I saw a Montgomery County police cruiser (see photo).  This officer was looking into each and every car that pulled in.  One might have thought they were pulling into a military base containing secret weapons, the way that the cars were being scrutinized.

I too watched the cars for Cardinal Wuerl; later I found out that he had already scurried in.  I was praying the Rosary when a woman walked down from the parish grounds to chat with me.  Apparently she is a registered parishioner and tried to stop inside the Church to visit the Blessed Sacrament.  She was told she couldn't do so, as there was a "private function" occurring.  I don't recall whether or not she was aware of Wuerl's presence.  Regardless, does Canon Law permit the barring of Catholics from praying in their own Church?

At Chesterbrook
As we were talking, several men came over to us.  They had heard that George Neumayr was there and were trying to locate them.  They mentioned that they saw police at every entrance to the parish grounds.  They and the lady went off to find Neumayr.

At about 5:15 I headed to my car and drove to the other entrances.  Both were towards the back, away from Mass Ave.  I took pictures.  Here's one to the west of the church,   Yes, you are looking at three county cruisers.

The bottom picture is the last entrance to the east of the church, at Kirkwood and Jordan.  Two cruisers block that entrance.

At Kirkwood and Jordan
So there you have it - six cruisers in total!  I didn't know that Montgomery County was so crime-free that they could spare six or more officers to basically sit in the parking lot of Little Flower and twiddle their thumbs.  I certainly hope no real crimes (you know, things like rape and murder and theft, etc) happened with these cops just sitting there.

Of what was the chancery and/or parish afraid?  Were they afraid that Neumayr or I or someone else might have dared to (gasp!) ask the cardinal a question?  Neumayr asked one of them who called them there.  The officer said their lieutenant ordered them there.  That makes sense; those officers really had no say; they were dispatched to Little Flower so off they went.  The question is, who requested their presence, and why?  We Montgomery County citizens have a right to know for that was paid by our tax dollars.

So what happened inside that meeting?  Were the priests allowed to voice their concerns?  Or did they have the pope's sanctimonious demands for "silence" (see here and here) cast into their teeth?

Possible Reasons For Pope Benedict's Resignation

Dr Taylor Marshall reviews some situations in the Vatican that may have contributed to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy.

Dissident Hymnast David Haas Coming To Maryland

I just received word that David Haas is scheduled to give a concert at St. Ignatius of Loyola in Ijamsville, MD.  It will happen Friday November 9 at 8pm.  See here why David Haas and his "works" have no place whatsoever in Catholic worship.  Here is the announcement from the church's facebook page.  Let's contact them to cancel.  If they won't, we'll consider a picket..

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Prayer And Protests - Cardinal Wuerl

A few days ago some of us wondered whether or not Cardinal Wuerl took flight.  Well, he is back in town and offered Mass at Annunciation Church this morning.   He tried a verbal tap dance around the mess.  He then asked the parishioners in attendance to remain loyal to Pope Francis as "increasingly it is clear that he is the object of considerable animosity".

One parishioner just wasn't having any of that.  He shouted "shame on you!" as he walked out of Mass.  Another parishioner in the choir loft stood up, turned her back and folded her arms as Wuerl continued his spiel.  Usually I'm not a fan of disburbances at Mass, but neither am I a fan of dissident clergy carrying on at Mass as though the congregation was their captive audience.  That itself is its own disburbance.

I don't think these clergy should feel comfortable as they prattle on like that.  They need to be made most decidedly uncomfortable if they continue to play faithful Catholics like patsies.  Tomorrow lends to us another opportunity to do just that.

I have become aware of a gathering of priests tomorrow, Monday Sept 3, 5pm, at the Church of the Little Flower on Massachusetts Avenue in Bethesda MD.  I am suggesting that Catholics congregate on the public sidewalk in front of the church along Massachutsetts Avenue to pray and offer reparation.  If any do bring signs that ask for his resignation, please use language befitting Catholics - no profanity, imprecation, etc.

Revisiting The 2010 Gonzaga Debacle

In his now-famous testimony, Archbishop Vigano stated that Pope Benedict XVI had forbidden then-Cardinal McCarrick from offering public Masses, and this prohibition occurred between 2009 and 2010.  I could be incorrect, but I think it safe to assume that if it was later, then it had to have happened in the early part of 2010, certainly before June.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?  Long-time readers of this blog will recall that we picketed the 2010 commencement exercises of Gonzaga High because Sr Carol Keehan, who was so instrumental in foisting Obamacare on this country, was giving the commencement address.  Our account of it is here.  Please note that the video includes a very direct rebuke to then-Cardinal McCarrick, who presided at the Mass.

Now keep in mind that this Gonzaga even happened June 6, 2010.  Also consider from the first paragraph that he had been sanctioned by Benedict, probably before that commencement happened.  McCarrick was most likely offering that Mass in direct disobedience to Pope Benedict XVI.  Moreover, it is very likely he did so with Wuerl's full approval.  At the time, we had no way of knowing or even suspecting that.  We can assume the same ignorance of the Gonzaga administration and Sr Carol; I'm not sure they would have cared, but that's beside the point.

My account of the 2010 episode garnered many comments, some allegedly from parents.  We had some irate parents confront us, not caring that a dissident was addressing their sons.  We wonder now what they would say, knowing that a serial rapist of young men was in such close proximity to their sons.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Archdiocese Of Washington Lends Little Support To Grassroots Pro-Life Activists

I have been involved in pro-life efforts for approximately 30 years.  As a Catholic, much of my earlier activism has been within the contexts of parish and diocesan structures and other affiliated organizations.  I was a founding member of our parish pro-life committee.  At the same time, I was also praying along with many other Catholics outside a Gaithersburg abortuary.  Many of us in several parishes shared frustration that the support we received from several parishes was tepid at best.  This included the Archdiocese of Washington.  However, as tepid as that support was, the archdiocese did not try to squelch any actvism on our part, provided that it wasn't carried out as a specifically Catholic endeavor.  McCarrick didn't bother about us, one way or the other.  If others have different experiences, please advise via com boxes.

But that was at the grass roots level.  Cardinal Hickey had created a pro-life office staffed by good pro-lifers.  After he retired and McCarrick took over, I noticed disturbing things.  The parish pro-life groups simply weren't receiving much in the way of leadership from that pro-life office.  The latter's time was being gobbled up by what I can only call busy-work.  Much of it centered around the archdiocesan "youth rally" that they conducted right before the national March for Life.  There were talks, concerts, and a Mass that were all scheduled to end immediately before the march began.  In other words, the archdiocesan Catholics did not participate in Nellie Gray's rally beforehand and thus weren't included in the counts conducted by the Park Police.  That bothered me greatly.  I recall asking one official (don't remember who) why they did that.  I told him quite frankly that we could do with a simple Mass without all that other "dog and pony show" stuff.  He responded (I kid you not), that some of Nellie's speakers weren't suitable for Catholic audiences.  He mentioned one of the speakers as being the now-deceased Jesse Helms.  I was aghast.  From then on I didn't attend those rallies.  Since my parish did, with the buses dropping off at the rallies, I started going separately via Metrorail and made sure that I was at the entire rally conducted by Nellie Gray.

When I saw things going horribly awry within the leadership of the Catholic Church, I started the website and this blog.  I knew they weren't compatable with my membership in the Church-affiliated groups so I resigned my affiliations with the latter.  By that time I had also become involved in sidewalk counseling and protests using the abortion victim pictures.  Both of these activities the archdiocesan pro-life office (under different leadership) were loathe to support.  I began to see the wisdom of conducting pro-life work outside the context and restrictions of parish and diocesan affiliations.  When McCarrick retired and Wuerl came in, things became quite strange.

Several years ago I and other sidewalk counselors came across an announcement from the archdiocesan pro-life office that they were holding sidewalk-counseling training sessions, assisted by the Helphers of God's Precious Infants.  On one hand, I was quite pleased that the archdiocese was finally seeing the wisdom of offering help to women before  they did the deed and slaughtered their babies to their everlasting regret.  On the other hand, I was rather puzzled that they didn't ask those of us who had been in front of mills every week for the past twenty years and who have saved hundreds to attend, let alone offer the benefit of our own experiences.  We were being excluded and, I think, marginalized.  I don't think much ever came of their efforts.  A few counselors who I think were trained by the Helpers still remain, but I believe they are not operating under diocesan direction.

The archdiocese also thumbed their noses at the idea of associating with those who took leadership roles in dealing with Leroy Carhart when he first came to Germantown.  When "Pray For Germantown" held rallies and protests on Wisteria Drive, the archdiocese did not send official representation.  We are grateful for the individual priests who lent their support over those several years, but regret that the archdiocese did not join the other churches and grass-roots prolifers.  I learned why when archdiocesan emails were mistakenly forwarded to me.  They eschewed any affiliation with Troy Newman and Operation Rescue, claiming that OR's "reputation" (whatever that meant) was the reason.  I also know that the archdiocese is very squeemish about the usage of pictures of abortion victims.  To be clear, the archdiocese did conduct their own candlelight vigils, etc  along Wisteria Drive.  Still, their standoffishness was lamentable.  I understand that now that Carhart has moved to Bethesda, the archdiocese still lends no support.

We noticed something else in relation to crisis pregancy centers.  There are a number of them in Montgomery County - some run by Catholics, others by protestants under the Carenet network.  Generally we tried to utilize the Catholic ones when we had the opportunity to take women there, owing to their understanding  of the inherent evils of contraception.  When they weren't available, we would resort to the carenet cpcs, as time was of the essense in securing assistance for the women.

When we started counseling at Spring Street, two Catholic cpcs were nearby.  Centro Tepeyak at the time was located on Apple Avenue, within walking distance of the (now closed) Spring Street Planned Parenthood.  We walked at least two women to that cpc, where they received immediate assistance.  We also took women to Wheaton Birthright, located on Grandview Avenue.

A few years ago, however, very strange decisions were made.  First, Birthright moved away from Wheaton further north into Glenmont.  They moved into an archdiocese-owned building dubbed the McCarrick Center (I pray that they will rename that place, given recent revelations).  A short while later, we learned that Centro Tepeyak also moved there.  In other words, the location of both Catholic centers became less convenient to us.  Moreover, we found that their hours were cut back.  We couldn't depend on them being open when most of the area's abortions occur.

It certainly seemed odd to have two pregnancy centers located in the same building.  That situation didn't last, as Birthright was moved to Olney.  Frankly, I am not aware of any abortuary in Olney that would warrant such a move.  If in fact there is such an abortuary, please advise.  Well, at least the two protestant centers were open and (usually) available.  But they are further away than the other two were.

So there you have it.  In the space of a few years we see:
  • the archdiocesan pro-life office cutting loose the individual parish pro-life groups and not dealing with real issues of the day.  Did they ever do anything to prevent the passage of Obamacare, for instance?
  • the de facto marginalization of veteran sidewalk counselors during the archdiocesan efforts to institute their own program (that seems to have fizzled)
  • the archdiocese not joining with other churches in the efforts against Carhart in Germantown and Bethesda
  • coaxing two crisis pregnancy centers away from sidewalk counseling sites 
I had debated over the years whether or not to bring all this in the open.  Given recent revelations over the past few days, I must admit the possibility of a desire to hamstring the local pro-life movement.  I'm sure certain donors would have wished that very much.