Monday, October 31, 2011

Of Porn And CCHD

The German bishops, for years, have been 100% owners in a book-publishing company called Weltbild.  One might think that it publishes only Catholic literature, with perhaps some world history or cultural classics as well.  Apparently not, according to this Lifesite News article.

German Catholic activist Gabriele Luby has been sounding the alarm for over ten years that the publishing house carries about 2500 pornographic titles, as well as other books promoting satanism and other assorted heresies.  She distributed a 70-page dossier to each bishop detailing what was happening.  Her warnings, and those of other good Catholics, fell on deaf ears.  It's not clear to me just how this came to the attention of the German public, but now that it has, the bishops are shocked - just shocked! - that these sorts of shenanigans were occurring.  Never mind the warnings that they've ignored for years.

The American parallel is obvious.  How long have we been sounding the alarm about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development?  We've been sounding our alarms for years about their grants to ACORN.  Only after the multiple scandals surrounding ACORN make headlines did the bishops finally concede that there were difficulties with the CCHD granting process.  Now that Reform CCHD Now's report has come out, they still insist on remaining in denial regarding the irreparably jaded nature of the CCHD and are even now trying to bilk faithful Catholics of their money to divert to questionable organizations.

For those who will endure a CCHD extortion collection attempt in November, don't give them a penny.  Instead, why not drop them a note telling why you won't contribute, and then donate to a crisis pregnancy center?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Father Guarnizo At Germantown Rally

This session of 40 Days for Life will conclude a week from tomorrow.  At the beginning of this session several weeks ago, in Germantown MD, Father Marcel Guarnizo of St John Neumann Church in Gaithersburg delivered an address at the Kick-Off Rally.  He addressed the obligation (not option but obligation) for all Christians to combat the evil of abortion.  It is important to note that this particular 40 Days location is at the Germantown location of Leroy Carhart, and the church where Fr Guarnizo delivered this address is literally around the corner from the mill.   Watch Father's address below.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Abortion Workers Plead Guilty To Murder

I touched a bit on Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist, who was under investigation for the death of a woman at his abortuary.  It became clear that a practice of his was to sever the spinal cords of the little ones who managed to exit their mothers' wombs alive.

Today it was announced that two of Gosnell's staff are pleading guilty of third-degree murder for their roles in the death of the woman and of a baby born alive during one such failed abortion.  Lifesite News has more details, as well as more details of the disgusting conditions that were found in Gosnell's slaughter-house.  Operation Rescue posted photos of some of the little victims.  It's so repugnant even the Washington Post found it impossible to ignore (read the comments that excoriate those who continue to pretend that abortion is just a "choice").

So two of them are pleading guilty in this case, while others (including Gosnell himself) will likely be deemed guilty of murder.  The fact is that anyone working in the abortion industry is guilty of murder.  I don't know the degree of individual culpability, but it's reasonable to opine that with any basic training in biology, as the doctors would have, would come realization that they are deliberately taking the life of an innocent person - the definition of murder.  God help them and God help anyone who remains silent, passive and apathetic in the face of such monstrous evil in our society.

Update On Yesterday's Post Regarding Muslim Students At CUA

From Catholic Vote, we read that a complaint has been lodged with the DC Human Rights Office on behalf of the Muslim students.  To their credit, the students themselves didn't file this.  For that, we can "thank" the same busybody who filed action against CUA when the latter resumed single-sex dorms.  I'm speaking of John Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University.  I agree with Catholic Vote that Banzhaf seems to have an axe to grind when it comes to CUA.

What's more ridiculous is that the DC Human Rights Office is actually entertaining this complaint.  And there are still those who scoff at the idea of an impending persecution?  I call upon Catholics to speak out now, and utilize fully your rights as American citizens - before they are taken away from us, little by little.

PETA's Whale Of A Whopper (And An Original Song!)

That choice of words above was not mere hyperbole.  In San Diego, CA, PETA is suing Sea World Parks, allegedly on behalf of some orca whales.  They claim that the whale's 13th Amendment "rights" are being violated.  The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits slavery - slavery of human beings, that is. By the way - a link to the text of the US Constitution is on the right sidebar.

The suit has yet to be filed in court, so it's unknown at this time just what compensation PETA is seeking on behalf of its clients.  I seriously doubt if those clients are capable of handling money, so of course PETA, being the kind-hearted souls that they are, will take upon themselves the onus of being the, uh.., custodians of any cash awards that might arise from this suit.  Of course that assumes that the judge won't have a modicum of common sense and dismiss it as the frivolous crap that it is.  But even if that happens, PETA has stuck itself in the limelight and probably has conned more than a few suckers into parting with their money.

Perhaps that's the point - to fatten the PETA bank accounts and put themselves in the public eye, even if they have to act like buffoons in the process.  The whole thing can actually be summed up nicely in a little ditty that I threw together this afternoon, in honor of PETA.  Since they're ostensibly concerned about "slavery", I set this to the tune of the old spiritual, "Let My People Go".  So sing the following in PETA's (dis)honor!

When PETA's cash flow was running dry - let the orcas go
They cooked up a scheme to keep their profiles high - let the orcas go
Go down, PETA - way down to Sea World land.
Tell those zoo folks - to let the orcas go!

PETA!  If you co-opt the above musical masterpiece for your fundraising without cutting me in on the take, I'm gonna sue!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muslim Students Whine At Catholic University Of America

And just what is it that is causing them to wax indignant?  Well, it seems that when they gather for their prayers in empty classrooms the Crucifixes on the wall make them feel (gasp!) uncomfortable! 

Imagine that!  Crucifixes on the walls of a Catholic classroom!  Who'da thunk it??!!??  Oh, the politically-incorrect indignity of it all!!  But really!  Can you just imagine if the reverse situation had taken place?  That is, what might have happened if Catholic students at a Muslim institution had complained about the cresants and prayer rugs everywhere?  The beheadings would have commenced immediately!  Oh, wait!  My bad!  No Catholic would have ever been allowed admittance in the first place, so why bother considering that hypothetical situation?

It seems that things at Catholic University have improved immensely, at least from six years ago, when Cardinal McCarrick besmirched the University (and his own sacerdotal orders) by praying to "allah" as a kiss-up to the king of Jordan (if anyone forgot about that debacle, here it is).  I take this opportunity to commend again the CU administration for doing away with the co-ed dorms and pray that they hold fast to their Catholic convictions.

As for these muslim crybabies, may I suggest that they just high-tail it to Georgetown University?   Georgetown has already jettisoned its Catholic identity, and I suspect that damage is irreparable.  Hey - they've already demonstrated their propensity to take down or cover up their crucifixes, so these muslims should feel right at home!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Pontifical Proclamation That Wasn't

Much of the liberal mass media is all atwitter with the "news" that "the Pope is calling for a world central bank"!  Well, not quite!  The document came from a Vatican office, meant as a study.  It bears no weight of authority whatsoever, let alone Magisterial authority.  Phil Lawler has a nice piece on it.  Today's Vortex also treats the topic well.  As you note the sayings, though, of Father Thomas Reese, SJ, recall that he was editor of America magazine, the left-wing "katholyc" rag.  One of the very first things that Pope Benedict XVI did when he assumed the papacy was to remove Father Reese from his editorial position.  Now Father skulks the halls of Georgetown University, where he undoubtedly feels quite at home.  Perhaps that might put Father's strange remarks in perspective.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

ALL's CCHD Report - Reviewed By A Moral Theologian

As noted in previous posts, American Life League's expose of current/recent CCHD grantees ruffled the feathers of national CCHD officials.  They tried to rebut it.  Howver, they flopped in that attempt simply  because truth is impossible to refute.

To help answer any lingering questions about the timeline of events, you may review a FAQ list on the Reform CCHD Now site.  Linked to that site is a review written by Dr. William Marshner, a professor of moral theology at Christendom College.  I urge you to read that as well.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Images Of Abortion

Dr Monica Migliorino Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (and one of the Notre Dame 88) has released a new website dedicated to the telling, in pictoral format, the truth of abortion.  The pictures are horrid.  The reality is even more devastating.  As painful as it may be to behold them, consider the utter agony which these children were forced to undergo as they were literally torn apart.

These murders happend in the US at least 3500 times every day.  We have much blood guilt as a nation.  What are you doing to stop this?  To the extent that you remain passive in the face of such evil, to that extent you have the blood of babies on your hands.  Get up from your comfort zones and act NOW.  Join a 40 Days for Life effort for a start.  Continue that witness beyond the 40 Days session.

The site is  It will also be featured on the right bar of this blog.

Faithful Catholics In El Paso - Reclaiming Their Church

While they pray and petition Bishop Armando Ochoa for the reinstatement of Father Michael Rodriguez as pastor of San Juan Bautista Church, faithful Catholics in the Diocese of El Paso are working to counteract heretical teachings emanating from the Tepeyak Institute and its classes that lay teachers, etc are required to take in order to serve in various parish capacities.  As you watch the Vortex below, you'll hear how the attendees heard that "God is feminine", the hosts for the Eucharist should be made of indiginous foods.  Listen to the second person; what caused him to walk out of the class was when the teacher said "Mass is just for fellowship."  Now listen carefuly to the third person, Ms. Celeste Herget.  She relates how she was told that after death there is a "second chance", constituting a denial of the particular judgment.  Now from where did that clap-trap come?  It seems that it came from Bishop Ochoa himself - yes read this article penned by His Excellency!  We "go into overtime at the transition of death"?  This is a new one on me!

So please watch the Vortex - but scroll to the section underneath it, for I do have some observations about how this situation and Father Pavone's situation, are being portrayed in some Catholic blogs!  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

First I'll say this right now.  While I could be incorrect, I think that Father Pavone is being railroaded.  Mark Crutcher's video set forth some issue quite nicely.  It is interesting to see some patterns in other Catholic blogs.  Some of them are piling on Father Pavone, calling him "prideful", "disobedient", and on and on.  Yet on these same blogs I can find no sign of concern or even interest regarding the situation in El Paso.  I find that to be - rather illuminating, to say the least!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

NARAL Editorial In The Gazette - A Call For Letters To The Editor

Several months ago the Gazette ceased home deliveries in my neighborhood, so this escaped my notice until today, when a friend advised me of its existence.  Here it is.  It seems that two NARAL officials are taking umbrage at the truth being told on the pages of the Gazette.  Between then and now, responding letters have been published that shed much-need light through the smoke and mirrors that the NARAL folks attempted to throw in our faces.

Since letters did appear in last week's edition of the Gazette (see here and here for example), I think it quite possible that the Gazette is still accepting them.  So please write to the Gazette!  Send emails to, and include your name, address and phone number(s).  Your letters can and will make a difference.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

CCHD's Pathetic Excuse For Vetting

Remember how the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, in the afterthroes of the ACORN scandal, promised us that all was hunky-dorry with its "vetting process"?  Well, you'll be shocked (just SHOCKED, I tell you!) to learn that this wonderful vetting process isn't as wonderful as it was cracked up to be !  Surprise, suprise, suprise!!

Lifesite News has details of the NYC AIDS Housing Network, a current CCHD grantee, and its flagrant violation of CCHD guidelines.  In its distribution of condoms, it violates Catholic teaching regarding contraception.  NYC AIDS Housing Network allegedly lied to the CCHD when applying for their grant.

The USCCB wrote about this group on their Facebook page, "During the time it was funded by CCHD, the organization went through the same rigorous vetting process that included the support of the bishop. If at any point the the dioceses or CCHD had found evidence that the organization was in any way involved with condom distribution, the grant would have been immediately canceled. There was no evidence of this."  However, the group was listed as a condom distributer on a governmental website.  How is it that this "rigorous vetting process" failed to determine that?  Additionally, private investigators phoned the group and were told that they indeed distribute condoms.  I suspect that these investigators did not expend much effort to learn that information; could not the CCHD vetting crew have at least done as much due diligence?

Moreover, on September 22nd, Michael Hichborn of American Life League met with senior CCHD officials to discuss these findings with them.  At the time, they remained adamant in dismissing Hichborn's findings, preferring to rely only on their perfunctory phone call to the NYC AIDS.  One can reasonably assume that such was the "rigorous vetting" to which they subjected all their grant applicants - so much for their due diligence with the hard-earned money donated to them by the Catholics in the pews.

Let's take a look now at the CCHD Grant Agreement.  On that pdf, please go to page 5.  Of interest is Section G-2.  It says, "In the event of termination of this CCHD grant, USCCB shall provide Grantee written notice of such termination and of the cancellation of any portions of the grant that remain to be paid. USCCB may, in its discretion, require Grantee to  refund to USCCB the full amount of the CCHD grant and to transfer title to USCCB of any property purchased by the Grantee with CCHD grant funds."   Will the CCHD leaders have the decency to demand return of the money?  I think not, but not because they lack courage.  I think in many ways they are of like mind with the leaders of NYC AIDS and all the progressives who strive to undermine our Christian moral underpinnings.

Please boycott the CCHD and let's help bring this monster down.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Frederick MD Man Nearly Starved To Death

Daniel Sanger suffered a heart attack and seizures.  At Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland, before he lost consciousness, he stated clearly to his doctor and mother that he wanted to live.  However, the hospital went with the wishes of his wife and stopped feeding him last Friday.

His mother and brother, Phyllis and Mark Sanger, obtained the assistance of Alliance Defense Fund.  With that, the hospital was ordered by the courts to restore water and food until a hearing next Wednesday.  Daniel Sanger is now responsive to hospital staff.

The ADF will seek to have his mother and brother named as temporary custodians instead of his wife.

The trial is set for next Wednesday.  Let us pray that the mother and brother are named as Sanger's custodians and that legalized starvation is defeated in this matter.  By the way - the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network did provide assistance to the ADF

Another Planned Parenthood Security Guard Flies Off The Handle

This past Wednesday in Columbus OH, some pro-lifers were protesting at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.  The event was called "Condom Couture 2011", a rather interesting name, but I digress.

A rogue off-duty cop who was moonlighting as a security guard for Planned Parenthood aggressed on the demonstrators.  They called a police detective.  When he came and tried to explain constitutional rights to the guard, the guard then assaulted the detective.  Fortunately the pro-lifers had a camcorder and caught the debacle; a "youtube" of it is online and is embedded in the Lifenews report, with additional details.  If you cannot see embedded video, please click here.

This situation is quite similar to another situation that occurred at a building in which Planned Parenthood rents office space in Silver Spring MD.  There too was an agressive security guard that was there at the behest of Planned Parenthood.  As you watch the video below, you'll see the assault in the second half of the clip (click here if you cannot see embedded video).  The building management eventually forbade Planned Parenthood to retain guards outside their building.  Important note:  If pro-lifers did not have camcorders at the ready to capture the evidence of violence, there most likely would have been no corrective action taken in either case.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vortex On El Paso Situation

Today's Vortex focuses on the persecution of Father Michael Rodriguez for speaking up for the truth of marriage.  His bishop, more concerned with the church's tax-exempt status (or so he says) removed him from his parish and sent him 200 miles away.  This blog has mentioned the situation earlier

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

"40 Days Of Lies"? Seriously??

When I saw the email from Dan Holman of Missionaries to the Pre-Born (IA), I thought he was forwarding to me news of a pro-abort satirical effort designed to mock the 40 Days for Life campaign.  Not so!  Here's the screed email.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Postmodern Seminarian's Dictionary

Here it is.  Pray for those priests and bishops who seem to adhere to this thinking, but don't feel guilty for laughing at this!

Here's an idea!  If you have any "relevant" additions, please add them via a comment!

Exposing Just Faith

My colleague Stephanie Block has commenced a series on Just Faith.  I'd suggest that one and all read it - particularly if you are contemplating the assumption of this program into your parish.  My suggestion is even stronger if you are contemplating personal investment in Just Faith.  Ms. Block's article is well-researched.  As you review her sources at the bottom, you'll see that many sources come from Just Faith materials.  Peruse that material for yourselves as you read Ms Block's article - or as you do your own analysis.  You might as well see for yourselves what you are being asked to believe.

This blog has spoken on Just Faith in earlier posts.  See:

Monday, October 17, 2011

White Mass' Contradictory Planning Committee

On page 6 of the October 2011 edition of Our Parish Times is a 2/3 page advertisement for the annual White Mass.  It will take place Sunday, October 23rd at 11:30am at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew on Rhode Island Avenue.  This Mass is meant to "honor persons with special needs".

Listed therein is the "2011 Honorary Planning Committee".  We see on that list Mark Shriver.  No doubt he is on that list because of his parents, the late Eunice and Sargent Shriver.  Both did heroic work in their service to handicapped youngsters.  Moreover, both were pro-life and did not countenance abortion. 

Sadly, not all their children followed in their footsteps, but rather those of Uncle Ted.  Many people don't know that Ted Kennedy once was pro-life, but flip-flopped with what he perceived to be public opinion and literally threw the babes under the bus.  Mark Shriver, in his public career, promoted the legalized murder of babies, as evidenced by a Washington Post interview during his failed run for US Congress (the pertinent remarks are near the bottom of the page).  The "right to choose" often involves the deliberate murder of babies found to be handicapped, precisely because of their handicap.  Now why again should he be honored by being on this "honorary committee"?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time For Some Weekend Humor!

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

As Promised On Thursday Oct 13th

A collection of articles written by members of the Catholic Media Coalition on the topic of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is now online.  It includes Stephanie Block's series, some postings from this blog and some new items.  Please review the articles.  The older articles do give valuable background information that will be indispensible to understanding the entire CCHD situation.

Please pass word of this material to your contacts.  You will see that these (and any linked material) will give ample reasons why the CCHD should be abolished, and in the short term, boycotted.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Father Pavone Disses Bishop - Or Did He???

The Amarillo Globe News is atwitter about the "news" that Father Pavone pulled a "no-show" on a meeting with Bishop Zurek.  Of course this is being portrayed as reckless disregard of a bishop's authority.

Well, there's more to this than meets the eye - or at least, the eye of the Amarillo Globe.  On Lifenews we have a statement from Rev David Deibel, a canon lawyer who is assisting Father Pavone.  I leave it to you to read what Father Deibel has to say about the latest events.

Please keep this situation and all involved in your prayers.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't Liberals Say The Darndest Things?

The latest plop of nonsense came from the former (thank God!) Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.   The GOP is backing a bill (the Protect Life Act, HR 358) in the House that will cut federal funds from those parts of the Obama Hell bill that would pay for baby-murder.  The drying up of funds to her favorite campaign contributers is just throwing poor old Nancy into a royal hissy-snit-fit!  According to her, a yes vote on this bill will "say that women can die on the floor and health care providers do not have to intervene".   Got that, ladies?  If those mean, ole' conservatives stop the funding of baby-murder, we'll be dropping dead all over the place!  Better make sure your wills are written and that you've gone to Confession (especially you, Nancy!).

Come to think of it, Nancy, how can you be so certain?  After all, we have to pass the bill to see what's in it, right?  That's what you said when that 2000-page monstrosity of a Hell Bill was up for a vote!  She goes on to say, "I can’t even describe to you the logic of what it is that they are doing."  I believe her, for I don't think she can describe any logic whatsoever

I'm so glad she's no longer 3rd in line for the Presidency.

Conclusion Of Ms Block's Series On The CCHD

Here it is.  Very soon we anticipate that this latest anthology of writings on the CCHD will be added to the Catholic Media Coalition's already-sizable dossier on the CCHD.

USCCB Loses Anti-Sex-Trafficking Grant Over Abortion

LifeNews reports that the USCCB lost a federal grant aimed at the prevention of sex-trafficking.  Under the Bush administration, they were awarded a five-year, $19 million grant to help victims of sex-trafficking.  The bishops made certain that they did not use subcontractors who pay for or promote abortions.

The ACLU had a snit-fit over the abortion prohibition and filed suit.  They alleged the funding was unconstitutional because the bishops forbade the referral of women for abortions.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take deep breaths as you read this slowly.  The ACLU's conclusion that the funding is unconstitutional is, in my opinion, correct.  However, I do believe their reasons for their conclusions are incorrect.  Such funding is unconstitutional.  Nowhere in the United States Constitution do we see delineated that it is within the purview of the federal government to be funding any charity.  The ACLU might want to bear that in mind, for that is the reason why Planned Parenthood should not receive federal funding.

I have a better idea for the USCCB.  They can take the American Life League's report on the CCHD, defund the groups listed therein, and have money to fund the anti-sex-trafficking programs.  That would be a most appropriate use of Catholic donation dollars

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ms Block's Continuing Series On The CCHD

As promised, I now link to her latest installment.  My comment on her piece will be more of an addendum.  For that, I will hearken back to an earlier post from last year, as we were fighting off the attempt by NARAL to silence pro-life pregnancy centers.

Ms Block makes mention of the Midwest Academy.  It was Michael Voris' Vortex that revealed that Midwest Academy itself was a CCHD grant recipient.  I think it's not too much of a stretch to say that the CCHD helped fund efforts (albeit unwittingly, I hope) to hobble pro-life pregnancy centers and thus to aid and abet baby-murder.

USCCB's Lame Defense Of The CCHD

Preface: As I was writing my commentary below, Stephanie Block's commentary was published on Spero Forum.  It is excellent and I recommend that all read it.

Well, it had to happen.  The USCCB has come out with an attempt to rebut the American Life League's report of ongoing misuse of Catholic donation dollars by the CCHD.  The USCCB rebuttal is here.

The USCCB alleges that ALL's report is nothing but a "repackaging of past charges already addressed by CCHD".  To the USCCB: What are some examples of these "past charges" that have been corrected?  I for one see no specific examples cited in the USCCB rebuttal.  If no evidence of reform exists, I think it quite fair for ALL to broach those charges again.

One paragraph in the USCCB missive states, "They rely almost exclusively on unverified web-based information and primarily on internet sites of organizations that are NOT funded by CCHD.  These accusations are almost always made without contact with the CCHD funded groups or diocesan staff."  Again, I'd like to see some specific examples.  While we wait for such (and please don't hold your breath), let's look at some examples where the damning evidence is indeed on the CCHD grantees' websites.

I wrote an article last month that was published on Spero Forum and Defend Life.  In it I examined some Maryland-based CCHD recipients.  In the case for "Out For Justice", I pointed out where the very act of CCHD's funding of Out For Justice put them in partnership with the Open Society Institute.  I then pointed out how the very website addresses themselves made plain that "People Acting Together in Howard" and "Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland" are branches (respectively) of the Industrial Areas Foundation and the Gamaliel Foundation.  Of course both these organizations - in their own websites - state quite openly their national affiliations with their Alinskyan parent organizations.

Here's a very confusing paragraph in the USCCB rebuttal: "Groups which work on legitimate issues were listed as 'partners' or 'members' of another organization which allegedly took actions in conflict with Catholic teaching. The CCHD funded group had never agreed to be a partner nor was a member of the other organization and had not participated in the development of an offending policy and was not even aware of the position that they were alleged to support. CCHD groups have asked that their names be removed and have protested the identification of their group with a policy that they had no role in developing, approving or advocating."  Some clarification is in order.  To wit:
  • If a CCHD group was unaware of an aberrant position taken by another "partner" or "member" organization, how could they have known that they should "protest identification"? (Refer to underlined portion.)
  • If indeed they were aware of another groups' anti-Catholic position and their name was misappropriated, why would not a CCHD group have initiated stronger action, such as a lawsuit?  At the very least, one might have hoped that they would post a disclaimer on their own site.
  • Again (the perennial question), what are specific examples of such victimized CCHD groups?  Also please cite the actions they have taken to correct those unfortunate identifications.
Here's some more smoke and mirrors. "Other accusations involve several CCHD funded groups offering sessions on their good work at a large meeting of thousands of people and a thousand other workshops, including some workshops and other activities in conflict with Catholic teaching.  In researching these allegations with local dioceses and groups, there was no evidence of CCHD funded groups supporting or participating in the objectionable workshops or activity, but rather they shared their own experiences on issues of common concern with the Catholic community and CCHD."  I don't know of any conference, etc that offers a "thousand other workshops".  Usually these affairs offer maybe ten or twenty of them on given days during the conference.  By the very act of joining in a conference, an organization lends to other organizations the credibility (or lack thereof) of its reputation to that of the other organizations; conversely it assumes some credibility (or lack thereof) of the others.  Do the bishops think us so naive as to not realize that?  In fact, would they be so blithe if the CCHD were giving a workshop just down the hall from a Ku Klux Klan or neo-nazi workshop?  I think not.

Let me now call to all our minds an instance were indeed there was a real, authentic attempt to reform a diocesan CCHD program.  In August 2010, Rey Flores, who was then the CCHD Director for the Archdiocese of Chicago, did initiate some real reforms.  He rooted out a number of local grant recipients who were involved in anti-Catholic activities and replaced them with some pro-life pregnancy centers.  However, the old progressive cartel in the archdiocese, led by liberal priests, rose up to dismantle the reforms and to return the Chicago CCHD to its function of siphoning Catholic dollars to progressive organizations.  Flores himself was fired.  So much for "real reform" of the CCHD!  We heard not so much as one peep from the national CCHD office about this debacle in Chicago.  By the way, if ever there was a flouting of true social justice, it would be the treatment meted out to Rey Flores, who was fired for doing what he should have been doing - directing Catholic monies to worthwhile charities.  Where was the justice due to Flores, when he, a father of a young family was fired and had to scramble for another job to feed his children?

It is my serious contention that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is beyond reform.  It is a blight upon Catholicism that should be abolished as soon as possible. At the very least, it should be stripped of the name "Catholic" (which it did not have originally) and expunged from the Church.  Let's boycott any and all future collections and starve this nefarious beast.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Liberalism Is Inherently Immoral

First let me state plainly that there are decent people and yes, sincere Catholics who do favor liberalism in terms of government intervention in matters of charity.  We saw many of these people befuddled last year about the Obama Hell Bill.  They honestly believe that the Hell bill would be wonderful if only abortion were expunged from it.  They do not understand that even if it forbade abortion, it would still be inherently immoral.  However, sincere those these Catholics are, they are simply wrong about this brand of liberalism and their sincerety will not mitigate the harmful effects of their errors.

A few years ago, I had occasion to write about the Maryland Catholic Conference's dalliance with such errors.  Read the piece here, and please make sure you read the offending article on the MCC web page to which my piece links.

I will be writing more on these matters in the future.  For now, I will leave you with this Vortex.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

CCHD And Planned Parenthood - Both With Ties To SEIU

Planned Parenthood and the Service Employees' International Union have some interesting ties.  For instance, PP of Oregon voted to unionize under SEIU.  That article intimates that other PP affiliates may consider unionizing with the SEIU.  One might wonder why Planned Parenthood employees might be motivated to unionize.  There have been no scandalous complaints regarding wages or other such matters (at least, none that have been allowed to make the news).  Another tie between the two organizations might explain matters a bit.  Kirk Adams, SEIU's International Executive Vice President and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, are husband and wife.

Prior to her tenure at Planned Parenthood, Richards was president of America Votes, a coalition of progressive organizations to elect progressive candidates (including the Messiah Most Miserable).  Andy Stern, a past president of SEIU, was a driving force behind its founding.  That's another significant SEIU/Planned Parenthood tie.  I'd like to point out now that while he was at SEIU, Stern had an assistant named Tom Chabolla.  He still serves in that capacity to the current SEIU president.

John Sweeney, Oct 2008

Here is a sketch of Kirk Adam's professional career.  As you read it, you'll notice that he went back and forth between SEIU and the AFL-CIO.  Someone else did that, too.  Remember John Sweeney?  He was president of SEIU, then moved on to be president of the AFL-CIO.  He's also quite chummy with Cardinal McCarrick of Washington, DC.  In 2002, Sweeney and his wife, along with the Cardinal, were co-chairs at the annual Catholic Charities gala.  Several months later, Cardinal McCarrick honored Sweeney at a Mass at St Mary's Church in DC, just outside Chinatown.  Because Sweeney supported abortion and gay rights, I led pickets of both events.   Last February, Sweeney received the Medal of Freedom from the Messiah Most Miserable himself.  Perhaps the picture of Sweeney to the right sheds some light as to why Obama might have been so inclined to honor Sweeney.

So what does this have to do with the Catholic Church?  More than one might think.  For instance, prior to his present position, Chabolla served as Associate Director of Programs for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  John Sweeney is a consultant for the USCCB's Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, which oversees the CCHD.

So the CCHD seems to have in common with Planned Parenthood a purpose to further the leftist aims of the SEIU, AFL-CIO and other organizations: aims to normalize baby-murder, sodomy, and the usurpation of God's role in our lives by an increasingly atheistic government. 

Please consider these reasons sufficient to boycott your next CCHD collection.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Warning To "Pro-Choice Clinic Escorts"!!

This post presents prima facie evidence that being a "pro-choice clinic escort" at an abortion center is detrimental to the mental well-being of the "escort".  It can come as no surprise to realize that if one serves as a lackey and shill for abortionists and provides assistance for them to receive the women to exploit and babies to murder, that they will suffer immense cognitive dissonance as they try to justify to their own consciences their aid and abetment of murder.

Today one escort (Ken, pictured at right), who with others is an operative of the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, provided ample evidence of mental/moral degradation, which I was able to record.  Click hereWARNING - Vulgarity peppered throughout the tirade!  (Little legal note - it is apparent as you listen that he knew I was recording him.  I did not solicit his comments, nor did I respond to them.)

To any current and aspiring "clinic escorts":  If you start or continue to act in the capacity of "clinic escort", you risk suffering the intellectual corrosion as evidenced by the screed that you just heard.  Escorts, do yourselves a favor and get away from that now (or don't start), lest you wind up talking like Ken.

Friday, October 7, 2011

We Are Born For Combat- Pope Leo XIII

So much for the huggy-kissy, gentler-kinder namby-pamby faux katholycism that was the fad of the 1960s kumbaya crowd.  Pope Leo XIII laid it on the line.  His encyclicals are linked in the sidebar on the right..  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Part 5 Of Ms Block's CCHD Series

Here it is.  Please read it.

As you read these and other posts regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, please realize that this organization is not worthy of one penny of your hard-earned money.  Instead, search out a truly worthy charity that actually engages in the Works of Mercy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stephanie Block's CCHD Series

It became apparent to me that I goofed up the order of Ms Block's on-going series of articles regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  I want to emphasize that she has done much research on the CCHD over the years and she draws upon her own knowledge of the machinations of the CCHD in addition to drawing upon the recently-released ALL report on the most current list of CCHD grantees.

At any rate, here is the list, in proper order.  Ms Block informs me that three more articles are to follow; I'll post them as they become available.
Please read these.  Pass them along.  Most important, when the CCHD collection basket passes by you, drop them a note explaining why you'll give not one red cent to them.

We're All Guilty Of This One!

How many of us thoughtlessly sliced poor little carrots, or heartlessly ripped to pieces the leaves of romaine lettuce?  Shame on us!

Of course the above is satire.  Let's hope that no one takes it seriously.

Sebelius Finds Pictures Of Aborted Babies To Be "A Discomfort"

Recently in Chicago NARAL held a luncheon that doubled as an Obama fundraiser.  Outside, a group of pro-lifers proclaimed the truth of NARAL's murderous nature by holding pictures of aborted babies.  Our less-than-illustrious HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius gave an address.  I suppose "Sebelius was feeling so bileous" (and yes, the pun is intended).  She felt that she had to commiserate with her fellow murder-supporters and acknowledge their pain (without calling it a pang of conscience, of course).  She sniffed, "I know that some people were a bit appalled at walking through the demonstrators as you came to this lunch.  It is a discomfort when you’re coming to lunch, but think about the women who are trying to tap into the health services they desperately need who have to go through that kind of gantlet in order to access all-too-infrequent services…."

A few things for Madame Secretary to consider:
  • Your little luncheon, funded at least in part by abortionists to support murder, was a blood-feast.  Most sane people find that appalling, let alone the daily murders of thousands of babies.
  • The sight of the babies was probably the only truth the NARAL crowd received that afternoon.
  • The truth hurts and causes discomfort only to those who insist on living in deadly fantasy-lands.  Like it or not, we will continue to proclaim that truth.

Planned Parenthood Embraces Ignorance And Disregard Of Science

So often we pro-life activists are accused of being ignorant of science and of putting our opinions ahead of science.  Now we see the advocates of murder showing their disregard and even contempt of science as well as human life.  The video below shows exerpts from a college debate; the entire debate can be found here at  Now here's the video (click here if you can't see it).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Insights And Information Regarding The CCHD

As I promised on Monday, I am forwarding to you additional articles on the CCHD (Catholics Contributing to Hell's Demons).  Here are some just recently published.

My friend Stephanie Block has released the second part in her four-part series.  Here it is.  Also read a blog from a Dallas area Catholic who writes "Reformed" CCHD worse than ever.   Read the fourth comment below that.  If that is correct (and it just might well be), what we have is good old-fashioned Chicago-style shakedowns in the time-honored tradition of Al Capone himself.  Why not?  The nightmare known as CCHD was spawned in Chicago, after all.

Oh, by the way.  The CCHD Fan Club is springing to the defense of this Alinskyan cash cow.  We have US Catholic whining "here we go again".  The article is quite laughable.  It assures us that CCHD is on the up and up because the diocesan CCHD directors monitor it; in other words, the hens are safe because the fox is guarding them.  Now here's a real bone-headed statement.  I quote "the Reform CCHD Now folks have never personally gone to CCHD staff with their concerns."  Au contraire!  They sent their report to each and every bishop well in advance of release.   None of this was news, anyway, for we have been raising these concerns for years now.  Then the author has the nerve to try to apply Matthew 18 and to say that the authors failed to obey it.  That would only strictly apply if the sin in question was personal - but many, many people have been wronged, and thus it must be addressed publicly.  The author mocks what he calls "guilt by association".  Gee - I wonder if he'd be so nonchalant about "guilt by association" if the association was with the Ku Klux Klan. 

There is no reason why we need to associate with questionable organizations to assist the poor.  There are plenty of decent charitable organizations that do not in any way taint themselve with others that advocate murder of babies.

On Facebook was posted the video below.  Watch to the end, particularly for Goal 27 (you'll understand when you see it).  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Update On Father Pavone From Mark Crutcher

What is going on?  (Click here if you cannot see embedded video)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Obama VS The Catholic Church

The Vortex tells it like it is.  As you watch this, consider the previous post regarding the CCHD.  Consider how the CCHD specializes in giving funds to left-wing community-organizing outfits, such as the ones that helped launch the Messiah Most Miserable on his way to the White House.  A necessary step that the Church must take in staving off the menace of this messiah is to abolish the CCHD.

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

"Reform OF CCHD" - Smoke And Mirrors

You may recall that after the CCHD was embarrased by the publicity garnered by the ACORN scandals of last year.  ACORN, a major community-organizing conglomerate, made national news with its various corrupt activites including (but not necessarily limited to):
  • Voter registration fraud
  • Misappropriation of funds by high-ranking officials (most notably the Ratke brothers)
  • Video stings showing ACORN giving advice on how to exploit underage girls for sex-trafficing to undercover reporters masquerading as pimps (This occurred in Baltimore!)
In the past, ACORN was a major recipient of CCHD funds.  Over the years, faithful Catholics have been warning the denizens of the CCHD, and the USCCB, of the corruption within the very foundation of ACORN.  Our warnings fell on deaf ears.  Thus, the humiliation of last year was long in coming - and totally avoidable.  The USCCB promised us that reforms have been undertaken, and now all is hunky-dorry with the CCHD.  Or is it?  The evidence points to the contrary.

Today the American Life League released a report of its review of the 2010-2011 CCHD grantees.  It is posted on the site  It is downloadable, as is the CCHD's list of grantees.  Take a look to see how the CCHD still funnels large sums of dollars donated by Catholic in the pew to organizations that work against the Church, against unborn children and that tear at the fabric of civilization itself.

For now, I'll direct your attention to pages 65-70 of that report, for it gives details on the anti-life leanings of a Maryland CCHD grant recipient, the United Workers' Association.  You'll see on that site how they've aligned themselves with Progressive Maryland and Equality Maryland.  On Speroforum is an expose on two other Maryland-based recipients of Catholic donation dollars.  Also on Speroforum, my colleague fron the Catholic Media Coalition, Stephanie Block has commenced a multi-part series that also examines recent grantees of CCHD funds.  Part 1 went online last weekend.

I will go out on a limb and say that there was no real intention on cleaning up the CCHD.  Ladies and gentlemen, it was founded with the intent of diverting the donations of unsuspecting and unquestioning Catholics towards "community organizing" outfits that are at emnity with the Church.  The empty promises of the USCCB to "reform the CCHD" was nothing more than a "CYA" strategem to once again lull Catholics into a false sense of well-being.  It's not working this time.  As more material is published online, I will be directing your attention to these.  We must all be informed.

For the Archdiocese of Washington, the CCHD collection has already occurred.  The collection for the Archdiocese of Baltimore is still in November.  I call upon all in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to boycott the CCHD collection this NovemberPlease redirect your donations to a truly Catholic and/or pro-life charity that will utilize your donations to the real benefit of people and the Church.

I now repost below an hour-long Vortex presentation on the CCHD, including its shady origins.  It's well worth the time spent in watching it.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Now Here's An Orange Vest With Class!

It sure beats those orange things that the WACDTF deathscorts wear!  No one with a grain of common sense can dispute this message.  Of course, common sense isn't that common anymore.  So feast your eyes on some common sense!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whoops! There Goes Another One! Rockford, IL

A year ago last summer I posted a video depicting some priests praying prayers of exorcism at a notorious abortion mill in Rockford, IL.  The website, based in that locality, has much more detail on the evil of that place.

Comes now the good news that the State of Illinois has suspended indefinitely the license of Northern Illinois Women's Center.  The lack of sanitation was that bad.  You can read LifeSite News for the litany of violations that inspectors found.  Click here if you cannot see the embedded video in that article.

It seems that so many of these killing dumps are found to be unsanitary.  Are you surprised?  These death mills are in the business of murdering people.  Given such callous mindsets, why on earth would they be mindful of the health of their patients, when they intend on murdering half of them anyway?

We will continue to work and pray for the day when they're all closed and condemned as the hell-holes that they are.

A Succinct Definition Of Atheism

I got this from Facebook.  Hey- it's as good a definition as any other!

From The "Get Your Hankies" Department

Yes, according to some who tilt to the left when it comes to the slaughter of babies, it is time to shudder and to shed a tear (and maybe some donation dollars).

First, let's look at a New York Times piece that appeared last Sunday.  There's a reason that some call this paper the "New York Slimes", and I think we see it now. At least they're putting this particular piece in their editorial section.  They should do the same for many of their pieces, but I digress.  As you read it, you can just see the angst and the fear as they see that the dear little baby butchers are being hindered from their baby-killing. That's what is entailed in what they call "termination of pregnancy".  Notice the first paragraph opines that we refuse to "accept the law of the land" and that we attempt to change it.  Excuse me, but since when are pro-life people to be considered excluded from the political process which is, by definition, the changing of law?  More hypocrisy is evident as they belittle the "onerous safety regulations like hallway width".  (By the way - that's to accomodate ambulance stretchers, should they be needed).  Would they be so dismissive of these regulations for a podiatrist office, or that of an oral surgeon?  I thought they wanted abortion to be a "safe" procedure - oh wait!  My bad!  They're after the safety of the money stream. 

Of course what they're trying to do is to gin up the usual pro-abortion activists to oppose the pro-life efforts.  We'd do well to make sure that we don't take too much comfort in this snivveling and to never relax our baby-saving efforts.

Speaking of snivveling, that is the modus operandi lately of Nancy Pelosi.  Read this snippet of an interview in which she referred to the House proposals to cut Planned Parenthood funding a "horror".  Got that?  She's HORRIFIED, I tell you!  Actually I can see her point.  If PP funding dries up, why, their PACs might have to cut back on their endorsements, donations and support of Pelosi's political hide.

However, I think her "horror" pales in comparison with what 3500 babies feel every day, no thanks to Pelosi, New York Times and the rest of the pro-baby-murder cabal.  By the way - listen to what the Vortex has to say about "horror".  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.