Friday, April 28, 2023

Leroy Carhart - God Have Mercy On His Soul

Leroy Carhart, infamous late-term abortionist who was responsible for the murders of thousands of helpless babies - many of them in Montgomery Count Maryland - has died and has had to face Our Lord.  Pray that he had the gift of final repentance, for without that, he is now in hell.  I understand that it is quite unlikely that one living in that kind of sin would even accept such a gift, but miracles can happen.

I and many of my fellow pro-lifers were in front of his Germantown and later Bethesda abortuaries, and others were in front of his Nebraska mills.  While we prayed for him, we beheld the destruction and mayhem that he wreaked.  Often enough, the mothers of the babies were endangered; two of them died at his hands.

Pray for his widow Mary Lou.  She was his accomplice during his murderous career and has blood guilt of her own.  Pray that she'll take warning from her husband's last days and reconsider the course of her remaining years of life.  Pray that Diane Horvath and Morgan Nuzzo, the two gals who recently opened the late-term abortion center Partners in Abortion Care in College Park, consider that they too will die and face God.  Pray that all involved in baby-killing will do the same.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

President Of Pontifical Academy For Life Blasphemes By Justifying Murder

Most of us veterans of the pro-life movement, particularly those of us who have gone "toe-to-toe" with deathscorts and other proabortion people will recognize a familiar ring to this phrase: "Personally I would not practice assisted suicide, but I understand that legal mediation can constitute the greatest common good that is concretely possible in the conditions in which we find ourselves."

Yes, it is another version of "personally I oppose abortion, but won't stand in the way of others to do so and won't judge their situations".  Maryland's former US representative Connie Morella used to chirp that pabulum regularly as she voted for every pro-abortion measure that came her way, and even co-sponsored (along with Chuck Schumer) the FACE act.

This nonsense was recently uttered by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.  Recall several years ago, he commissioned a gay artist to paint a blasphemous mural in his cathedral church in the Diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia.  All the people in the picture, including Our Lord Himself, are portrayed as gays, in homo-erotic poses.  One of the people portrayed is an unmistakable depiction of Paglia himself, complete with zucchetto.

Early on in his papacy, Francis revamped the Pontifical Academy for Life by ejecting all the solidly pro-life membership of that body and replacing them with those of lesser qualifications.  Some of them have shown themselves to be pro-abortion.  This academy is chaired by Paglia.

Here is the full text, translated into English by Google.  There is quite a bit of error here to unpack.  Right in the first paragraph is a whopper: "There is a mutual learning relationship between believers and non-believers."  When it comes to matters of faith and morals, nothing could be further from the truth.  The Church possesses the fullness of truth through Divine Revelation.  To imply that there is some kind of equality between the revelations from God Himself versus what mere man can dredge up is to blaspheme against Divine Revelation.  Mind you, this is a bishop uttering this garbage.

He then says, "due to the maturation (?) of reflection on rights, the pope has modified the Catechism".  I've no doubt that Paglia alludes to Francis' mangling of the catechism with respect to capital punishment.  I stated years ago that the twisting of that teaching would lead to other matters being similarly mangled, and I am proven correct on that score.

Then he goes on to say, "it cannot be excluded that in our society a legal mediation is feasible which allows assisted suicide in the conditions specified by the Constitutional Court's judgment 242/2019".  Let's stop right there and unpack this.  It is never "feasible" to violate God's Fifth Commandment and commit murder.  No "constitutional court's judgment" trumps the Fifth Commandment nor Church law.  The term "assisted suicide" is just a cutesy little euphemism for murder.  The chair of the Pontifical Academy for Life, an archbishop, just committed gross blasphemy by saying murder is feasible. 

This Pontifical Academy for Life, once a respected body, has been rendered into an abysmal joke and a tool of Satan.  The same can be said for much of the establishment in Vatican City and many of the chanceries throughout the world.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Francis Allows Anglicans To Commit Sacrilege In St John Lateran While Treating Traditional Catholics Like Dung

This news is brought to us by Taylor Marshall.  What would happen if the SSPX or some other Traditional priests sought permission to celebrate the Traditional Mass in St. John Lateran?  They'd be run out of there in a heartbeat.  In addition to prayer, especially the Rosary, we must resist.  That means attending a Traditional Mass, not donating to Archdiocesan collections, bringing these matters up in discussion.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Superiority Of The Traditional Latin Mass

There are two videos.  In the first, Taylor Marshall elaborates on what he believes are ten major differences between the Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass.  Having experienced both, I can say that I agree with many of his points.  One point I would add is that the Traditional Latin Mass is conducive to more reverent behavior on the part of the congregation than does the Novus Ordo.  I could chalk that up to poor catechesis on the part of Novus Ordo attendees, but at the Novus Mass, I have seen grown adults chewing gum throughout the Mass.  I believe they did remove the gum to go to Communion.  By chewing the gum, however, they did break the Eucharistic fast, but that's a whole other discussion.

I wonder if Mother Miriam, in the second video, was alluding to a similar incident when she answered a caller to ensure them that it's understandable to be disgusted at a Novus Ordo Mass.  To illustrate Mother's point further, GloriaTV has video of what passed for Holy Thursday Mass at St Sabina's in Chicago, headed by the none-too-impressive Fr Pfleger.  It's a pity that the video didn't exist before last week for watching that gaudy mess, for that would have added much to Lenten mortification.

Now will Father Pfleger be rebuked for that mockery of a Mass?  Well, with Cardinal Cupich for a bishop, I highly doubt it.  In order for Cupich to get his undies bunched over a Mass, it would have had to be a Traditional Latin Mass, such as what used to be offered at St. John Cantius.  

If you can, ladies and gentlemen, get yourselves to a Traditional Latin Mass.  So what, if you have to drive a longer distance than you normally would?  It's more than worth it.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

It's Been And Still Is Open Season On Christians

We see from here and here how the FBI set its sites on SSPX chapels in Virginia.  They wanted to plant informants in the congregations to snitch on "radical traditionalist Catholics" who might be hob-nobbing with "white supremist groups".  What?  They think only whites can be supremists?  How racist of them!  But I digress.

When the covid lockdowns were at their most draconian, and our bishops going beyond governmental dictates in completely shutting their doors, it was the SSPX that at least allowed us to attend Mass in their parking lots and receive actual Holy Communion.  The FBI order came out of Richmond, where I attended "parking lot Masses" at least eight times.  If any FBI boogeymen were in attendance, they got our license plate numbers.  I hope those poor dears don't die of boredom as they peer into our admittedly uneventful lives.  All joking aside, the FBI is behaving like the quintessential Communist gestapo; doing Hitler, Mao and Stalin proud.

Michael Matt below goes into some of the recent attacks on Christians, including that deluded woman in Nashville who thought she was a male.  Did she think she proved her point by committing murder against six people?  Yet some Catholics still insist on wearing rose-colored glasses, in denial of the horror unfolding in front of their eyes.  They need to wake up and start exercising their First Amendment rights to pray and speak out boldly against  these evils.  I've used a phrase before, but held back because some had a visceral reaction against the stark truth it stated.  I will use it again, with some deliberate misspelling to elude the bots and algorithms that censor "trigger words".  We Christians, Catholics in particular, are now the "niqq@rs of the new age".  It's open season on us.  We can fight back and prevail, but only if we get serious about prayer, reform of our own lives in true repentance before God, and standing before the world with some steel in our spine and declare "NO MORE!"

Friday, April 7, 2023

Maryland VS Idaho - Depravity VS Decency

Two states stand in stark contrast to each other when it comes to transgender activists preying upon our children.  Both these accounts are from LifeSiteNews.  On one hand, we have Montgomery County Maryland, where I've been living most of my life.  The Montgomery County Public Schools have introduced transgender brainwashing of school-aged children, starting in kindergarten, to the normalization of all manners of sexual perversion.  Moreover, parents cannot opt their children out of it.  Of course that assumes that parents are aware of what their children are enduring, for the schools do not have to inform the parents about anything regarding such matters.  They have their own celebration of "pride month" and have an event called "pronouns day".  Young children are being exposed to nudity, gay "weddings', etc.  More ominously, teachers are hiding from parents any "preferred pronouns" that they might suggest to easily manipulated children and any "transgender status" of the youngsters.  One teacher, calling herself "non-binary genderqueer" (whatever the hell that means) tells her students to use "Mx" rather than "Ms".  Well, maybe if she calls herself "Mixup" that will more aptly describe the state of her sanity.

That's the liberal nuthouse known as Montgomery County Maryland.  Now let's move onto a state where some sanity is to be found, namely Idaho.  Its governor Brad Little signed into law a measure that bans "gender transitions" for minors.  This is simply common sense.  Children can be easily confused and manipulated by unscrupulous individuals who, by their own design, cannot have biological children of their own.  How else are they going to propagate their perversions?  That is why they have their long knives aimed at them.

Another way that Governor Little protected children is by making it illegal for any adult to transport a child for an abortion without her parents' consent.  That would not only stop wayward teachers from subverting parental authority but also remove one gambit that predators could use to remove traces of their sexual predation on young girls.  True, it doesn't stop all abortion, but it's a start.

Elections have consequences.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Abortion Vultures Swoop Down On Allegany County MD

After the Dobbs ruling that threw Roe v Wade into the dung heap of history, many of us realized that abortion-friendly Maryland was bound to be a mecca for baby-slaughter.We saw one of the first manifestations with Partners in Abortion Care, an abortuary in College Park that specializes in killing late-term babies. Now we read that Women’sHealth Center of West Virginia, the last abortion mill in that state, had itstalons clipped, owing to Dobbs and West Virginia’s restrictions on abortions.While still continuing to offer other death-oriented items, namely contraceptives and “gender-affirming hormone therapy”, they had to halt all abortions. The management there was simply having none of that. Katie Quinonez, the mill’s executive director, looked to nearby Allegany County in Maryland to set up shop.

Location of future Allegany abortuary
In December 31, 2022, they filed with the State of Maryland articles of incorporation, and Women’s Health Center of Maryland raised its ugly head.  On February 1, 2023, they purchased a building located at 17202 McMullen Highway in Cresaptown, which appears to be outside of Cumberland. They are now in the process of renovations and anticipate a June 2023 opening. Quinonez et al envision drawing clientele not only from western Maryland, but also from Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and other locales that actually offer to babies much more protection than does Maryland. 
Katie Quinonez, dour-faced abortuary boss

I don’t know what abortionists are in that area (Quinonez appears not to be a medical professional). Recall, though, that thanks to relatively recent legislation passed by pro-abortion Annapolis, one does not have to be a physician to perform abortions. Nurse practitioners are legally authorized to do so, widening the potential pool of abortionist henchmen. A google-earth photo of the location shows it to be in a relatively rural place, with no hospital nearby. It sounds like the perfect recipe for all manners of disasters, in addition to the ones that will be inflicted upon the babies brought there. 

The pro-life people of Allegany County would be well-advised to do all legally possible to forestall this opening. Should this killing center open as planned, again do all that is legally possible to ensure that little to no profit is obtained by the slaughter of unborn children in western Maryland. Moreover, we must not forget the power of prayer, and the God who answers prayers.  I’d suggest that we pray our Rosaries for the intention that this mill never opens in Maryland. We have too many of them as it is.