Monday, December 31, 2012

Catholic Relief Services Cheers More Federal Spending

Senator Rand Paul proposed legislation that would have cut aid to countries that are hostile to the United States.  The $9 billion would have instead been used to aid in Hurricane Sandy recovery.

The Catholic Relief Services took umbrage at Paul's common-sense initiative and urged the Senate to defeat it.  The Reid-led cabal did so, by a 91-3 vote (obviously some RINOs were swayed, but that's another post).

Giddy from their "victory for kindness and truth, justice and peace", the CRS issued a gushing press release thanking the Senate for the defeat of common sense.

Did I ever mention that I think the USCCB should be abolished??

University Of Maryland Follies

We hear of the "evils" of "big tobacco", "big banks", "big pharmaceuticals", etc etc.  However, we hear not one peep of the evils of Big Education.  But that's where blogs such as this one fill in the gap.

Amid all the wailing and moaning about funds that issue forth from Annapolis, I find the University of Maryland's funding priorities to be rather misplaced, to say the least.  They have allocated $15,000.00 to combat - wait for it! - drums and trumpets please! ... NON-INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE!  

Such are the funding priorities of the former 1960s hippies that are now university officials and tenured professors.  Whereas they once occupied and blocked Route 1 (an annual ritual at one time), now they work the same mischief from their offices.

Does $15k sound like a trifle?  Dear Maryland citizens, the UofMD is a state institution, funded in part by our tax dollars (that's why we pay "in-state" rates when we attend).  This "program" is an abysmal waste of our tax dollars.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Barbara Streisand Humor

Yes, Babs said this.

She's entitled to her opinion, as we all are.

Several years ago, John McCain demonstrated his opinion of the bloviations of Babs.  As much as I disagree with McCain on various matters, I have to hand it to him with the clip below (from a Saturday Night Live episode on which he was a guest).

Change Agents - Part 2

About six weeks ago I linked to the first installment of a four-part series on Alinskyan organizing and how it has infiltrated the Church.  It is a rather thorough work put together by my friend and Catholic Media Coalition colleague Stephanie Block.  I now link to the second installment.  It's a pdf that can be downloaded.  Enjoy!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Maryland Voted For Last November

Doesn't it just set a flutter in your tummy?  Senator Ben Cardin actually inspired CNBC anchors to act like journalists instead of progressive shills!  Whooda thunk it?  Click here if you can't see embedded video on the ijreview page.

Not to be outdone in sheer tactlessness, Steny Hoyer, House Democratic Whip and Representative from MD's 5th Congressional district, compared the Republicans to thugs threatening to shoot a child hostage.  Mind you, this is on the heels of the Newtown shootings.  Can you imagine the mainstream media uproar that would have ensued had a Republican said that of Democrats?  On the bright side, he makes Joe Biden look like a model of grace and diplomacy - and that takes some doing!

Way to go, Maryland Democrats!  I do suspect we'll see more such follies in the coming years.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pope And British Bishop Preach For True Marriage

This past Friday the Pope delivered a "state of the church" address to the Roman Curia.  Among other things he said, "When the freedom to be creative becomes the freedom to create oneself, then necessarily the Maker himself is denied and ultimately man too is stripped of his dignity as a creature of God, as the image of God at the core of his being. The defense of the family is about man himself. And it becomes clear that when God is denied, human dignity also disappears. Whoever defends God is defending man."  He's making quite clear that disobedience to God's designs and commands for marriage, sexuality and family life are ultimately assaults upon human dignity.

During his Christmas homily, the Right Reverend Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury likened the gays' push for marriage perversion to the attacks on Christianity posed by both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.  Both tyrants claimed that they were acting in the name of "progress".  He urged his congregation to take a stand for marriage as their parents and grandparents had stood against the Nazis in the past.  Bravo, Bishop Davies!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Address From A Real President

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Frustrated White Male Privilege

"What is that?", you might ask.  Well, I bring you "glad tidings of joy", for you need wallow in your ignorance no longer.  According to the (dubiously) learned Hugo Schwyzer, "frustrated white male privilege" is a root cause of the Sandy Hook and other mass shootings.  "And just who in blue blazes is Hugo Schwyzer?" might be your next question.  Why, he's a professor at Pasadena City College who teaches history AND (wait for it!) gender studies!  You see, he thinks all white males are taught that "the world is supposed to be your oyster".

Only a left-wing professor (probably tenured) could dream up that crap; of course the "gender studies" is a contributing factor to that intellectual malfeasance.  Additional manifestations of Schwyzer's proclivities, according to the National Review article, are profanity-laden and pro-gun-control tweets he let out in the wake of the Newtown shootings.  In other words, he won't control his potty-mouth but wants to grab our guns.

I'm sure there will be other "enlightened" theories.  I suppose there'd be no room to ascribing responsibility for Lanza's actions to Lanza himself?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hysteria And Hypocrisy In The Schools

Well, it seems that school officials in Tamaqua Middle School (in Tamaqua PA) are getting a tad over-zealous.  A 13-year old boy made a gesture with his fingers resembling a gun.  The principal called in the state troopers to investigate a gesture that kids have been making for decades and will continue to make (sorry, "code pink" types!  That's reality!  Deal with it!).

For this high crime and misdemeanor the boy will be suspended and be charged with disorderly conduct.  We can be grateful that his "gun" wasn't loaded with a high-caliber rubber band; otherwise he'd be in jail at this moment.  But hey!  If we're going to go down that primrose path, should we not be consistent about it?  If this boy is going to suffer legal consequences, how about the fellow occupying the White House who once said "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun"?  And he made a whole slew of these remarks!

"But Obama was just being rhetorical!" you say?  Well, if that's the case, what about that poor kid in PA who was just being a kid?  Let's have some return to common sense and balance here, shall we?

O Magnum Mysterium

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cardinal McCarrick Embarrasses Yet Again

Yesterday at the Washington National Cathedral Cardinal McCarrick joined with leaders of other faiths to "call for an end to gun violence".  Let's review the definition of "violence" from the viewpoint of Catholic morality, shall we?  Violence is defined as the "unjustified use of force".   So we can infer that while all violence involves the use of force, not all usage of force is violence for there are cases when use of force is justified, e.g., self-defense, law enforcement, etc.

During the meeting, the Very Reverend Gary Hall, president of Washington National Cathedral had the following to say regarding the NRA's suggestion of placing police officers in schools: "That the NRA seeks to answer the problem of violence with more violence shows that their answers are directly at odds with the teachings of all faith traditions of the vast majority of people of faith in America."

Not only did Hall demonstrate his ignorance of what constitutes real violence, but with this silly-assed statement he insulted each and every police officer who puts him/herself at risk every day to protect citizens from real violence.  To equate the presence of a police officer with "more violence" is over the top.  Hall should apologize to all the police of this country for such a slap in the face.  Unfortunately I'm sure Cardinal McCarrick just nodded in agreement as Hall stuck both feet in his mouth.

Why are they only agitated about gun violence?  Given that violence is inherently evil, why are they not equally concerned about all types of violence?  How about the violence in the womb, about which Mother Teresa spoke so eloquently at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast?  At yesterday's conference, the National Council of Churches was represented.  What is their position on baby-murder?  Quote: "Because of the diverse theological teachings of its member churches, the National Council of Churches does not have an official position on abortion"  Isn't that great?  They've no position on the murders (that is, violence) of over 3000 babies every day, but they're ready to wax indignant about police going into the schools!

We also see New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good represented.  They are described as "progressive evangelicals".  Yep!  There's that "progressive" word again!  Looking at their website we see that they are pro "gay marriage".

Many of these folks are so morally compromised themselves that they cannot be taken seriously.  I fear that includes His Eminence.  His regrettable tendencies to hang around with pro-abortion bigwigs (Sister Carol Keehan, John Sweeney, etc) undermine any moral credibility he might otherwise have enjoyed and put to good use.  Let all these folks address real violence and not this "gun-violence" straw man.

Rediscover Catholicism By Matthew Kelly

Years ago I became convinced that the evil one is quite clever in deceiving good Catholics into error and sin.  I think he knows better than to present us with gross sin such as wild orgies or inebriated debauchery.  No, he'll cloak his temptations to us in holy trappings.  Please note that I'm not putting those last two words in quotes because often enough, the trappings are very good in and of themselves and can lead to real benefit.

For instance, I mentioned a few days ago the Medjugorje apparitions (that I initially believed).  Now at that site many good people are praying.  They're going to Confession (some folks for the first time in many years), receiving Holy Communion at Mass, praying the Rosary, etc.  For the most part, the proceedings from the apparition are sweet if somewhat trite.  However, it's those zingers of indifferentism that are the problem.  Because the devotees are predisposed to accept whatever the apparition says, they're less likely to subject it to needed scrutiny and thus they incorporate the indifferentism into their own thinking.  Therein lies the danger.

Such seems to be the case with the book Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly.  Last year it was sold at my church and was announced from the pulpit.  It only cost $2.00.  I bought one and started to read it.  This book's main "zinger" (and it is a big one) occurs right in the prologue.  I suppose Kelly was trying to illustrate the magnitude of the Crucifixion of Our Lord and what it cost both Son and Father.  He wound up committing what I believe is blasphemy with his attempt.

He devised a hypothetical situation in which a father of a small boy hears that there is a fatal epidemic.  A vaccine has been developed but will require blood from someone who hasn't been infected.  All are called upon to volunteer blood samples.  The father trots his family to be tested.  Lo and behold, the small boy is not infected and his blood can be used.  However, a lot of blood is required and to draw the required amount of blood from the boy will kill him.  The doctors break the news to the father and let him know that if he doesn't give permission for this blood-letting, all mankind may well die.  The parents give their "consent" for this procedure.  Of course the little boy is bewildered - but it's such a great cause!

So here you have a man's murder of his own little boy being compared with the Crucifixion of Our Lord.  Murder is the deliberate taking of innocent human life; nothing justifies that for as any decent Catholic knows, the end of a sinful act, be it ever so noble, never justifies the sin.

I could spend several posts unpacking the moral mess encompassed in these few paragraphs.  There is the comparison of Jesus' voluntary act with the horror inflicted on a helpless child.  There is the aspect of the boy being utterly betrayed by his parents whose first charge was to protect, not sacrifice him.  And of course we have here a thinly-disguised apologetics for both abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

Some might argue that the rest of the book was okay and even very good.  Be that as it very well may, it matters not one damned bit.  If you knew that the most nutritious meal in the world contained just a little bit of arsenic, would you take one bit of that most nutritious meal?  I didn't think so!

After I read this prologue, I immediately alerted the pastor.  As I was talking, he completed my sentence for me.  That indicated to me that mine was not the first complaint about this heresy.  However, the boxes of books remained in the lobby for several more weeks; I don't know why.

I forgot about it until I went to Mass today at Blessed Sacrament in Chevy Chase - and saw three or four boxes of these books in that church's lobby, just as I saw in St John Neumann last year.  I thought to myself, "well, maybe they've removed the offending prologue in these copies."  It was still there.  In googling the book, I learned that it was popping up in parishes all over the country.  I don't know who is making book-buying decisions or what kind of marketing effort is underway here.

I am urging all to be on the lookout for this in your own parishes and to be prepared to sound the alarm at your church.  Do NOT use Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly.

Friday, December 21, 2012

USCCB Misses The Mark On Sandy Hook Shootings

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops today issued a statement (of sorts) on the Sandy Hook shootings and what they think are the answers.  Well, I don't know if the bishops themselves penned it (although they affixed their names to it) because it has the smell of progressive agendas all over it.

First (after receiving "talking points" from the puppet masters) they launch into gun control.  They opine the intent to protect one's loved ones is an honorable one, but simply put, guns are too easily accessible.  Let me illustrate the lack of logic by applying it to another filial duty, to wit:  the intent to feed one's loved ones is an honorable one, but simply put, food is too easily accessible.  The right to self-defense is a necessary component to the right to life itself - but that right is denied when one is deprived of the means to exercising that right.

A number of sensible articles have been written about the Second Amendment.  I would suggest that the USCCB puppet masters read them, but I suspect they full well know the truth and are doing their utmost to keep the truth from the Catholic in the pews.  Here's one on the gun-control culture.  Here's another that addresses the real fundamental cause of violence (and not just violence involving guns): America's Problem Is a Contempt for Life.

The USCCB piece ends with 5 suggestions that they claim will address violence.  Notice that 4 out of 5 have to do with gun control - that is, confiscation of guns from everybody including the law-abiding.  I've no doubt that the USCCB puppet-masters have been given their talking points from the Democrat money-bags and are obediently doing their bidding, couching their progressivism in a faux-katholyc veneer.

Most telling, of course, is the lack of mention of the complete disrespect of life and morality as discussed by Mr. Bannister's article.  Yes the USCCB made some perfunctory remarks about violence in entertainment, but that's it.  There was no reference to Mother Teresa's wise words linking abortion and general societal violence.  For that matter, there was no mention at all of the most brutal murders of 3000 tiny babies every day.  Those murders, of course, bring in buckets of money to Democrat coffers and they're accomplished with surgical weapons that cannot be utilized against any tyrannical thug that may crash down your door.

Yet another reason why I pray that the Vatican abolishes the USCCB.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

British Pol: "Consider Mandatory Abortion For Disabled"

For now the United Kingdom Independence Party has suspended one of their members when he called for compulsory killing of all disabled babies.  Geoffrey Clark also wrote that women carrying children with suspected Down syndrome, spina bifida and other problems should be forced to have abortions to reduce health care costs.  Ladies and gentlemen, not too long ago Sarah Palin and others were mocked for issuing their warning about "death panels".  Well, now we will be facing our own "Geoffrey Clarks" and they may well already be in the White House.

Until England's remaining decent voices sounded in indignation, Clark was on his way to Parliament.  This is a man who has the mindset of Adolf Hitler and Chairman Mao all rolled into one - and he's not alone.  Many of the minds who crafted Obamacare share his demented mindset.

Isn't it interesting how, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, that the progressives are rattling their sabers for "gun control"?  The Founding Fathers of this nation were wise to that type of tyrant.  They realized that the citizenry must not only be able to defend themselves from "rank and file" thugs, but also a government run amok.  We're headed in that direction if a Geoffrey Clark ever makes himself manifest in the USA.  Yes, he was stopped in England before he made it to Parliament.  Still, isn't it disturbing that he got as far along in his political career as he did?

This is the "brave new world" that is staring us in the face.  Will we, as Catholics, have the fortitude to stare it down?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Other School Assault This Past Friday

While I was listening to news updates about the Newtown situation, I would hear every now and then some mention of a similar incident in China on the same day - but not much else.  So I googled it.

There was indeed an attack in the Henan province of China, according to BBC News.  A knife-wielding man slashed 22 children and 1 elderly woman.  Two of the kids were wounded seriously.  The attacker was overpowered by security guards.  The guards were apparently there due to previous attacks that did claim the lives of 20 children.

Fortunately in Henan there were no fatalities yesterday and that's why no one saw fit to delve more closely in that manner.  However, I believe there's an additional reason why the lamebrain-mainstream media chose to ignore those attacks.  The Chinese assailant did not use any guns in his vicious crimes.  Nor were guns used in the previous Chinese situations that did prove fatal to some children.  And yes, apparently China has "large knife registration", but that didn't stop what happened Friday.

Fifty years ago, the US didn't have nearly the number of gun control laws on the books as it does now.  Yet we never heard of such occurrences.  Of course at that time we knew better than to allow our babies to be murdered in their own mothers' wombs.  Abortion happened, but not nearly at the rate that it happens now and society condemned - not condoned - it.

Already we hear kvetching and ballyhooing for more "gun control", as if that really addresses the root of the problem.  The usual whiners and howlers include:
And lest you think that these libs are leading by example, think again.  Barbara Boxer and Chuck Shumer have concealed-carry permits.  Why don't they think that we citizens, we the Great Unwashed, have the right to self defense?

All the above-named progressives have something else in common - they promote abortion: that is, the murder of babies.  So of course they won't function on the actual criminal, but merely the criminal's choice of tools.  If they subjected the criminal to scrutiny, they must also subject to the same scrutiny those who assist the criminal in his/her murders.  Could it be that they unconsciously realize that they themselves are complicit in murder?

In my post yesterday, I related the remarks made by Mother Teresa during the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast.  During the lighting of the Vatican Christmas tree, the Holy Father repeated her thoughts when he warned that abortion and "gay marriage" are real threats to peace.  Unless we, as a nation, wake up and repent, these acts of violence will increase.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Shootings In Newtown Connecticut

For those who lost their little ones yesterday, we offer our prayers and condolences.  Words cannot describe the anguish that must be afflicting them at this moment.  Many questions are being asked at this moment, many along the theme of "How could this happen?  Why were innocent children hurt?  What would drive someone to shed so much blood?"

Today I wrote this on my Facebook page:  While we mourn for those who were murdered in Connecticut yesterday, let us not lose thought of those tiny children who will be murdered via abortion today and everyday. Ironically too many who grieve the Connecticut deaths facilitate the murders of babies. In Montgomery County and Baltimore alone, at least 30 babies will be murdered today. Where is the national outcry for them?

During the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994, Mother Teresa of Calcutta had the following to say about abortion: I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?...Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.

"How could this happen," some ask?  It happens every day to 3000 babies in this country alone.  Of course it happens in institutions misnamed "clinics".  We, as a nation, have become coarsened to the value of life, of children.  Our young people today grow up knowing that at any time in their mothers' wombs, they could have been torn asunder at the "choice" of their mothers.  Knowing their own lives were esteemed so cheaply as children, it's a bit of a wonder that this sort of thing is not more prevalent than it is.

"Why were innocent children hurt?"  Well, take Obama himself, for example.  While he waxed teary-eyed on national television when speaking of yesterday's killings, he is still the same man who voted multiple times against born-alive protection acts, partial birth abortion bans and has made the murder of babies the law of the land vis-a-vis "obamacare" with our tax dollars to boot.  From a blog by Catholic in Brooklyn we read an excellent public letter to Obama which bears close study - particularly by those who share his pro-abortion mindset.

But that moral responsibility doesn't just lie on Obama's shoulders.  It lies upon the consciences of any one who dares to favor and even participate in the murder of babies - for that is what abortion is.  I'll go so far as to say that it lies with those who call themselves "pro-life" but who don't make the protection of babies a primary guide for the casting of their votes at election time and who don't take any practical actions to combat this horrific evil.

"What would drive someone to shed so much blood?"  Will someone close to Leroy Carhart - or any abortionist for that matter -ask that question of him/her?  Is the Almighty Dollar that much of a god to them?  Most of them murdered more children than did Adam Lanza yesterday; and they will continue to do it next week with impunity and with the permission, if not blessing of civil society.

Ladies and gentlemen, particularly those who call themselves "pro-choice", as you shed tears for those who died yesterday in Newtown CT, resolve to cease your promotion of the murders of tiny infants and work to protect them (and their mothers) instead.  Else, your mourning will be only so many crocodile tears.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Social Studies = Socialist Indoctrination?

I think it's a definite possibility, given how most of the "social studies" departments in all levels of education are exclusively populated by leftists.  As you read this article by Michael Beran, bear in mind that John Dewey was a humanist who signed the Humanist Manifesto.  Anyone who studied education in the United States knows that he is rightly considered to be the "father of modern education".  That's NOT a compliment!  By and large, the poor kids in public schools are being taught to be unquestioningly subservient to the progressives in big government.  A good number escape the stupefying influences, owing to decent family life and Christianity being taught in the home, but they face incredible odds at school.

Many of my friends home-school their children.  I salute their commitment to the upbringing of their children.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Michigan A Right To Work State

All the libs and progressives wail and whine on and on about "big business", etc.  But what about "big labor"?  At one time unions served a vital function - and they may still do some good.  But if you want to see proof positive that unions have gotten "too big for their britches" and have in many ways turned into thugs, here's some clips of union thuggery in Michigan that I suspect won't be considered "newsworthy" by the "lame-brain-main-stream" media.

The Perils Of Indifferentism

As my blogging colleague at Tenth Crusade points out, there has been much heated discussion about Father Robert Barron's critique of Ralph Martin's book, "Will Many Be Saved?".  Father Barron seems to hold the very dangerous notion that hell is not an imminent danger for folks today.  I join my friend, Dr. Martin and many, many saints (including Our Lady of Fatima) who hold that indeed hell will most likely be a very crowded place.  We might recall, by the way, during the deliberations about the new Mass translations, how the phrase "pro multis" was changed from "for all" to "for many"; that caused quite a stir.

I'm going to post a Vortex below, but first I'll say a few things about indifferentism and how some good people seem to be seduced by it.  At Mass during September, there was a homily on "purity of heart".  The priest held up as an example of such "purity" - Mahatma Gandhi.  Mind you, I have no way of knowing his state - one way or the other (yes, non-judgmentalism is a door that swings both ways).  I do know, however, that he was invited to examine Christianity but declined to do so.  One such overture to Gandhi was related during that homily.  Father related that a friend of Gandhi approached him and invited him to become Christian.  To that invitation, Gandhi replied, "Why don't you?".  Father then called that "a good challenge".  I beg to differ.  It seems that in addition to snubbing that Christian's invitation, Gandhi was holding himself as a competent judge of that Christian's virtue.  That was not "a good challenge" but plain old snarkiness - for which I hope he repented.  The troubling aspect of this homily was that Gandhi was being held as a model for Christian purity of heart - without being a Christian.  That homily left a wide opening for the heresy of indifferentism to take hold in the minds of the congregation that day.

In addition to such teaching, indifferentism has found another avenue into the hearts and minds of many sincere Catholics.  That insidious avenue has a name - Medjugorje.  In the early '80s, when word of the apparitions reached the US, I believed them and started to take my Catholic faith more seriously.  However, because I took my faith seriously, I read much traditional literature - and realized that some underlying themes of the apparitions didn't measure up to tradition.  I cannot say there was a subtle undercurrent of indifferentism in the "messages" coming from the apparition - for there was nothing subtle about it.  For a taste of the indifferentism, read this piece from someone who still believes the apparition's claims that it is the Blessed Mother.  Note that it says "you must respect each man's beliefs".  Wrong.  We must respect each man as being created in the image and likeness of God.  But that's very different from saying we must respect the beliefs of each man - for these very same beliefs may lead one to damnation.  (What??  We should "respect" the beliefs of jihadists, satanists, human sacrificers, etc?)  Then it holds out as an example of holiness a Muslim woman who lived in the village at the time.  Now perhaps this lady was a good kind lady - but without sanctifying grace (that comes from the sacraments) I don't see how she'd fit the definition of "holy".  Furthermore, I have difficulty believing that there was no decent Catholic woman in the village who might have been holy.  This evidence of indifferentism has made me realize that the apparition is not what it claims to be.

Now here's the Vortex.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two Bishops Acting Like...Bishops!

In my previous post I focused on the bishops' conferences both in the US and the UK.  I am pleased to note today's news of bishops on both sides of the Atlantic speaking truth.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has made known his advocacy of "gay" marriage.  He received a very direct rebuke from Bishop Joseph Devine of the Diocese of Motherwell in Scotland.  From Lifesite News we read that the bishop called Cameron a "disciple of Nero" and wondered out loud how Cameron could expect anyone to trust or respect him.  The bishop concluded by saying "we will take no finger-prodding from anyone or any group devoid of moral competence."  To that I can only add "AMEN"!

Meanwhile, in the Diocese of Madison (WI), Bishop Robert Morlino has banned two renegade nuns from offering spiritual direction or holding workshops in any of the Catholic churches.  Sisters Maureen McDonald and Lynn Lisbeth have been dabbling in new age nonsense and espousing indifferentism.  According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Bishop Morlino has banned some others from speaking due to errant teachings - including some men (lest some accuse the bishop of sexism!).

Talk about a breath of fresh air!!

Bishops' Conferences Hindering The Church

And the problem is not just a U.S. problem, either.   Today William Oddie of the Catholic Herald in England has opined that "the bureaucratization of the hierarchy has left the church rudderless and ineffective" (not an exact quote as I did use American spelling).  Notice how he too laments the lack of moral clarity from British bishops, and he blames that lack of clarity on an overly deferential homage to the UK bishops' conference.  This is an excellent article and I'd advise all to read it.

The Holy Father was quite clear when he stated that these bishops' conferences have no inherent ecclesiastical authority at canon law, save only that which the bishops ascribe to it.  Well, if the bishops ascribe such authority, they can retract it since they owe fealty to the Holy Father directly.

I know this blog is read by some in England, so I'll address you now.  Not being aware of any other issues with the British bishops' conference, I can only advise watchfulness.  If you've read my blog for long, you'll recall that I've long advocated that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops be immediately and unceremoniously abolished, as it is most definitely controlled by progressives who seek to undermine the Church's mission to proclaim God's word and to save souls.  If your bishops' conference is "frustrating leadership", this may be a deliberated strategy that is merely disguised as bumbling ineptitude.  Do some in-depth investigation - and don't be too surprised if you see real evil and corruption underneath the sanctimonious facades.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Father Orsy At St John The Baptist

Yesterday the periodical "Our Parish Times" was distributed with the parish bulletins.  On page 7 appeared an article on the address given by Father Landislas Orsy, SJ, at St John the Baptist Church in Silver Spring.  I saw he that he is currently at Georgetown.  Right there the combination of "Jesuit" and "Georgetown" raised the proverbial red flags.  The address focused on the Vatican II Council, but first I'll give some other details about his publicized opinions.

I blogged previously on the courageous action of Bishop Thomas Olmsted in pronouncing excommunication on Sister Margaret Mary McBride for her direct aiding and abetting of abortion.  In America magazine (where else?) Father "declared" that excommunication to be "null and void".  I believe the Vatican has given their opinion on this excommunication, but I'll elaborate at the end of this post.

Two months ago America interviewed Father for his comments regarding the council.  Notice how he defines an "ecumenical council" as "human reality and saving mystery".  Hmmm - a rather curious definition for an "ecumenical council"; one might call it overly lofty.  But that's not all!  It's a "tsunami of the faith"!  Why is it that so many people like to co-opt the word "tsunami" for their own pet fantasies?  Now listen closely at the 11:00 mark; it seems that he is claiming that the bishops operate independently of the Holy Father.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

I am not at all surprised that this church would invite him to offer commentary.  Several years ago I had to attend Mass at St John the Baptist.  Right from the beginning I knew I was in for an atrocity.  Immediately after the priest processed in, he stated that before he would begin Mass, we all had to "greet" each other.  Immediately the musicians broke out into a piece that I can only describe as lounge/elevator music while people milled about the nave, back-slapping and howdy-doing each other.  I cringed, and the worst was yet to come.  It turns out that during that very Mass a little girl was making her First Holy Communion.  She looked like the typical First Communicant with white dress and veil.  As Father began the Canon, he caller her to join him beside the altar.  He then asked her to "help" him with the words of the Consecration!  Naturally her family and most of the congregation were all smiles and giggles over this blasphemy.  Of course the little girl was innocent in all of this; in fact, it was she who was the most ill-served in all of this as she received an abysmal example of how to trivialize Mass - and at a time that should have been one of the most holy in her life.

Here is the news regarding Bishop Olmsted to which I alluded earlier.  The Vatican Insider reports that he is slated to become the new Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Religious Life.  No doubt the Vatican approves of Bishop Olmsted's handling of the Sister McBride scandal (no doubt to Father Orsy's chagrin).  In his new role, Bishop Olmsted will have much influence over the governance of Catholic religious life.  While the Diocese of Phoenix will miss him, we know that Sister McBride, Sister Simone Campbell, and the rest of that cabal will be quaking in their polyester pant suits - and hopefully come to repentance.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catholic Beliefs Not Subject To Popular Vote

One of my favorite lines from "Chariots of Fire" came from the mouth of the character of Eric Liddell's father: "The kingdom of God is not a democracy; the Lord never seeks reelection."  That hailed from a time of common sense.  But common sense isn't that common anymore.

The Holy Father reiterated that point yesterday during a meeting with the International Theological Commission.  He defined an authentic "sensus fidelium" as coming only from Catholics who actively participate in the life of the Church and follow the teachings of the Pope and bishops.  He went on to say that "it is not some kind of ecclesial public opinion and it is unthinkable to use it to contest the teaching of the magisterium.."  I urge you to read the entire article for yourselves.

To those "cafeteria katholycs":  No one can say "the cafeteria is closed" for there never was an authentic "cafeteria" in the first place - merely a facade of such.  I thank the Holy Father for again stating the truth unambiguously.  If you don't appreciate it, you have two choices:

  1. Repent of your disbelief and/or rebellion.  Go to Confession and study your faith.  Your eternal life depends on it.
  2. Continue on your merry way, but hopefully not for long, for this "merry way" will lead to eternal damnation should you be in your rebellious state at your time of death.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Notre Dame Establishes "GLTBQ" Student Organization

The University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University seem to by vying with each other to win the prize for besmirching their once-Catholic heritages and leading their students down the primrose path to hell.  This week the spotlight is on Notre Dame.  Notre Dame president Father John Jenkins (no, he didn't get sacked after the 2009 Obama debacle) announced the formation of a "GLTBQ" student organization.  Why?  In Father's own words, "to expand and enhance the support and services for students who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and questioning".  Another main goal is "to create and sustain a welcome and inclusive environment for all students".

Uh-oh!  There's that word "inclusive" again!

I thought Father Jenkins was a priest - no?  As such, isn't one of his main purposes "to save souls"?  Nowhere do I see diddly-squat being said about saving the souls of these students who are admittedly flirting with mortal sin.  Let's be clear - homosexual acts are, objectively speaking, acts that are mortally sinful.  Those who engage in them, knowing that they contravene God's laws, imperil their immortal souls.  If they are engaged in these sinful lifestyles, they are on the road to damnation.  How will this "student organization" address this dire situation?  Will they preach God's truth so that these young people will leave that sinful lifestyle and go to Confession?  This pressing spiritual crisis far outweighs any contrived need for "inclusive environments".

The local bishop (of the Fort Wayne/South Bend diocese), Bishop Kevin Rhoades is "hopeful" that the group will be faithful to Church teaching.  Hopeful?  That implies that fidelity to Church teaching on the part of this student organization is not at all certain!  Even this statement by the local bishop does not address the spiritual plight of the students already embroiled in the mortally-sinful homosexual lifestyle.

What is needed, more than any "inclusive" stuff, is the proclamation of the Church's teaching on life, marriage, holiness, etc and emphasis on the need for the Sacraments.  Otherwise, this "inclusive" student group will be one big occasion for mortal sin.  Tomorrow is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.  Let us ask Our Lady's intercession for this university that still bears her name.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

How The Government Fixes Things

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Fallout From Maryland's Marriage Mutilation Law Begins

The Christian owner of Discover Annapolis Tours has decided to suspend his wedding transportation services rather than face suit for not aiding and abetting "gay marriage" vis-a-vis transportation services.  He plans to petition the Maryland General Assembly to recognize his right (and the rights of others) to live by their own religious convictions.  Until then, he is acting on the advice of his attorney.  I link now to the Annapolis Patch article regarding the situation.  Do read the comments.  You'll notice that at least one person  (Mike) who supports "gay marriage" at least respects the rights of Christians and others to determine how and with whom they'll conduct their private enterprise.

This is just the first harbinger of things to come, as we find ourselves facing legal repercussions for acting on our First Amendment religious beliefs.  We stand and resist now - or never.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Centro Tepeyak Versus Montgomery County

In December of 2009 I posted on hearings held in Montgomery County as the County Council members prepared to do the bidding of their NARAL funders with the passage of the NARAL-orchestrated legislative initiative to hamper the work of the pro-life pregnancy centers.  In Baltimore and Montgomery County the measure passed, but in both cases courts issued injunctions preventing implementation until further review.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit will be reviewing the matter of Centro Tepeyak versus Montgomery County.  (See the docket here)  ADF attorneys will be presenting arguments in Richmond tomorrow (Thursday Dec 6).  Similar measures passed in other areas (again, orchestrated by NARAL) have been declared unconstitutional.  Please pray for a similar outcome here.

Voters' Remorse In Detroit?

Yesterday Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson called upon the Messiah Most Miserable to "bring home the bacon" (her words, not mine) and bail out Detroit.  Citing the sterling example set by Jimmy Carter (author of his own disastrous presidency), she reminded her Dear Leader that there "ought to be a quid pro quo" since the Detroit population (as a whole) supported Obama last month.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Ms Watson (and other Obama voters), did you really think Obama gives a rat's rump about you?  No!  He used you, and your misguided lust for free-bees!  I hope the blinders are falling from your eyes; of course the sensation of light will be strange to eyes that have been willfully blinded for so long.  I have four little words for you and your ilk:


It seems you are experiencing a bit of voters' remorse.  Had you known on Nov 1 what you know now, would you have voted for Obama?

To the Occupant of the White House - Are you totally without gratitude?  At least give these poor folks their Obama-phones!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holy Father: "Social Justice" Must Shape Up

That is the gist of the Motu Proprio that Pope Benedict XVI recently released.  I link to it now and suggest that all read it carefully.  It's not long, but it is full of sorely-needed directives.  Look at the very first paragraph.  The Holy Father makes clear that charitable works cannot be separated from the proclamation of God's truth) all of God's truth such as salvation versus damnation, the sanctity of life, the proper use of sexuality, etc) and the sacraments.  In other words, you have all three, or you have none.

Here are other salient points:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prayer Event At Carhart Killing Center In Germantown

Leroy Carhart has been murdering babies in Germantown MD for two years now.  Concurrently there has been a pro-life presence there that has kept at least 70 babies out of his clutches.  Monday Dec 10 marks that second anniversary.  Come and pray.

Social Reign Of Christ The King

The "Blog for Dallas Area Catholics" has a post on the "Social Reign of Christ the King".  I've seen writings like this in the past.  In my opinion, this is one of the areas in which good people can disagree regarding the form of government.  As you watch the video embedded therein (and click here if you cannot see embedded video), you notice the narrator describing what he perceives as the problems of a constitutional republic, but he never quite gets around to offering any suggestion for practical replacement.  The Dallas blogger also falls short in that respect.  He opines (right before the video) that "the republican form of government in the US is not ideal from the standpoint of traditional Catholic dogma".  All this begs the question, "well, what would be ideal in your opinion?  Do tell!"  I believe they have no idea.

The video narrator quotes some Scripture, including St Paul's exhortations to "honor the king" for all authority comes from God.  Then he excoriates the US founding fathers for not inserting Christianity into the US Constitution.  I wonder what he thinks of the "kings" who, according to St Paul, operated under God's authority.  Remember - they were Roman officials and most likely paid public homage to all the Roman deities.

Many folks I know who are adverse to the US form of government (for the same reasons as the video maker) seem to think that a centralized monarchy is more in line with God's will.  I would suggest to these folks that they read closely 1 Samuel 8 - the entire chapter.  It's evident that God took a dim view of the Isrealites' request for a king.  In my opinion, that trashes this idea of the "divine right of kings" or whatever this theory is called.

Now again the following is my opinion; I do not claim any special revelation or doctrine as the basis of my opinion.  Similarly though, the Magisterium does not define what it considers to be the "ideal" form of civil government.  The US form of government is that of a constitutional republic.  It is NOT a pure democracy - never was and (hopefully) never will be.  The Founding Fathers were very wary of a pure democracy, realizing that it would be no more than gentrified mob rule.  Thus they derived the Constitution (after much toil and yes, strife among themselves).  It delineates what the federal government can do and more importantly, what it cannot do.  Among other things, it cannot interfere with the free exercise of religious beliefs.  It may not be perfect, but it works much better than all other options currently on the table.

If there are those among my readers who don't vote because of a disdain for our governmental system (ostensibly in favor of "social kingship"), hie thee hence to a confessional with all possible haste.