Monday, June 14, 2021

The Men's March Against Abortion - Now What Follows?

It happened in Washington DC this past weekend.  Given that the event was put together with relatively short notice, I understand that the attendance was quite respectable.  LifeSiteNews covered it and I now link to their post.

But this was one day.  What about the rest of the year?  I haven't found any talks that hint of any follow-up, so I pray that these men will go back home with concrete plans to bring about a culture of life in their own localities.  As the saying goes, "think globally, act locally."   One rally, by itself, will NOT suffice to protect babies and restore Godliness to western civilization.  It will require regular, disciplined prayer and action throughout the year.  That is where the rubber will really hit the road.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Why Did Maryland Catholic Conference Side With NARAL Against Maryland Right To Life?

In the lead article of the latest edition for Defend Life's newsletter (in which I regularly write a column), one is led to ask that question as the MCC supported a bill in the Maryland State Legislature that would allow Planned Parenthood into schools for easy access to school-aged kids.

I needn't rehash the excellent Defend Life piece but rather, I'd suggest you read it yourselves.  Some things need to be highlighted about the MCC's support for HB 401.  First, two local pro-life groups opposed it.  Didn't Molly Sheahan think it might have been wise to inquire why the other two groups opposed it?  I would think it should have been a part of some "due-diligence" research on her part.  Second, NARAL, existing only to promote abortion, favored it.  I might have thought  that might raise a red flag or two as to whether or not HB 401 was really beneficial.  Defend Life staff questioned Sheahan about these matters, only to receive an evasive response.

So now the question must be asked.  What, or maybe, who urged Sheahan to disregard the voices of others in the pro-life community and stand side by side with rabid pro-aborts in support of HB 401?  I would not be surprised if those directives came from chanceries.  Recall that all three Maryland prelates sit on the Board of Directors of the MCC.

The Archdiocese of Washington has displayed some strange behavior towards pro-life activists.  I touched a bit on it three years ago.  Might our prelates have been willing to support HB 401 in exchange for some other favor?  We don't know.  Suffice it to say that Sheahan most likely would not have supported that bill without obtaining at least the permission of the MCC board of directors - that is, the area bishops.  I regret this episode might be more than just an error of judgment.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Summing Up All The Events Of The Recent Past

What follows is a summation of all the destructive things that we've been seeing over the years, many of them facilitated by Pope Francis.  This is from a post that I saw in Facebook.  I will release his/her identity if and only if I receive permission to do so.  I may disagree with him/her on some minor points, but overall I think this illustrates how seemingly disparate events really do speak to an overarching agenda.

One thing that I did not see in this list is the now-looming attack on the Traditional Latin Mass.  I will have more on that in the following post.

Now follows the facebook post...

My feeble attempt to end some confusion about current events, and explain the actual meanings behind some odd sounding worldwide programs put in motion by the Extreme Left. Feel free to correct, criticize or argue. Bear in mind that I am no Scholar or Theologian. I graduated high school and have a couple of years of Post Secondary education. What I do have is close to 70 years of observation, and a passion for research.
A schism in the Catholic Church is inevitable and necessary because the Vatican, having been taken over by the Extreme Left, controls Pope Francis who publicly, fully embraces all of the following plans:
Globalism / U.N. Agenda 30/ The New World Order
These plans include:
One World Government
One World Cashless Currency
One World Central Bank
One World Military
The end of National Sovereignty
The end of all privately owned property
The end of the family unit
Depopulation, the end of population growth and population density
Mandatory multiple vaccines
Universal Basic Income (austerity)
Microchipped Society for purchasing, travel, tracking and controlling
Implementation of a world Social Credit System (like China)
Trillions of devices hooked in to the 5g Monitoring System
Government raised children
Government owned and controlled schools, Colleges, Universities
The end of private transportation, owning cars etc.
All businesses owned by Government Corporations
The restriction of all non-essential air travel
People re-located into human settlement zones, cities
The end of irrigation
The end of private farms and grazing livestock
The end of single family homes
Restricted land use that serves human needs
The ban on natural non-synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine
The end of fossil fuels and replace fossil fuels with insanely expensive and unreliable ‘renewable energy’, in order to destroy the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors of all Western style Nations.
What isn’t stated, and what is absolutely necessary, is the elimination of all Religions.
Religions have always bred resistance and insurrection. They must be exterminated. We see this happening in Canada as Pastors are being arrested in Ontario, Alberta and Winnipeg for conducting Services in defiance of covid laws. Laws that exist under the guise of Public Health and Safety, but primarily exist to extinguish religious practices.
The Great Reset
Gives Government the ability to mandate all phones and communications devices to have hi-tech tracking and tracing devices, so that every citizen will have their every movement, location, contacts and purchases known, cross referenced and catalogued by Government. “Cashless Societies” will become the norm so that every penny that changes hands can be tracked, traced and taxed. Every transaction will be recorded. No more ‘Cash-No Tax’ deals. No more cash at chip wagons, or for contractors etc.
The Great Reset also means the total control of all Media by Government. With Government controlling all media - no contradiction of Government Propaganda is possible – just as it is now with the covid fraud.
The Green New Deal
Another fraudulent means to destroy Industry and the Middle Class through “Renewable Energy”.
The Paris Accord
Yet another fraudulent means to destroy Industry and the Middle Class through “Renewable Energy”, and the elimination of reliable, and comparatively cheap and plentiful fossil fuels.
As one tool to achieve “Population 500,00,000”. This number is deemed by Bill Gates, and other Hi-Tech Oligarchs as the optimum number of people required to satisfy their manufacturing and production needs. This requires the elimination of 7.5 Billion human beings. This 7.5B are considered to be unproductive, unruly, and unnecessary. They require endless resources and infrastructure, for their health and maintenance, use up valuable natural resources, pollute, and take up space for no good reason.
Gay Pride
The proliferation of “sexes” and sexual orientations as a continuous and ongoing attack on the nuclear family.
The extermination of the Middle Class
No Communist / Extremist Society allows a Middle Class. Middle class people have disposable income, mobility and influence. They are not dependent on Government for their existence. They are capable of resistance. Destroying the Middle class is a priority in all Extremist takeovers. As the Communists did in China's 'Great Leap Forward', (sound familiar? Eerily similar to 'The Great Reset' in intent and application), 70 million deliberately starved to death in the 40's and 50's; The Chinese Regime currently has a an estimated 2 million Christians, 2 million Muslims and 2 million Rohingya people in concentration Camps. The Russians under Stalin, 9 million murdered; the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, 3 million murdered; tens of thousands in Cuba murdered by Fidel Castro; hundreds of thousands murdered by ISIS; murders of millions in North Korea by Kim Jong-Il, and now his son Kim Jong Un; and on and on ad nauseum. In 1985, John Lenczowski, director of European and Soviet Affairs at the United States National Security Council, wrote an article in The Christian Science Monitor in which he stated that the "number of people murdered by communist regimes is estimated at between 60 million and 150 million, with the higher figure probably more accurate in light of recent scholarship."
The Middle Class in Canada are under attack by having their businesses shut down, (100,000 so far across Canada), using covid laws, ostensibly in the name of Public Health and Safety, but in reality, used as a weapon to destroy the Middle Class.
Pope Francis is the most dangerous and destructive force faced by Christianity in 2000 years.

My note: I don't know if I agree totally with that last sentence, but in my opinion, he ranks up there.

Details Of Attack On Traditional Latin Mass Emerge

If you haven't done so yet, please read the previous post.  It is an attempted summary on recent events.  In that otherwise-excellent summary, I saw no mention of the attacks on the Traditional Mass; perhaps the summary was composed before the nefarious designs against the Mass became known.

St Padre Pio once said that "it would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass."  He died before the Novus Ordo Mass was promulgated by Pope Paul VI.  St. Leonard of Port Maurice said of the Mass, "I believe that were it not for the Holy Mass, as of this moment the world would be in the abyss."  Clearly Saints Pio and Leonard understood the absolute necessity of the Mass - as it existed before Vatican II.

Vatican II, either by intent of some council fathers or by misinterpretation (and I think it's the former), led to massive changes in the Mass.  I don't have time to rehearse all of them, save to say that extreme violence was done to the dignity and theology of Holy Mass, with devastating spiritual and societal results.  Many good people understood the dangers, if only instinctively.  Thanks to them, the Traditional Latin Mass never completely faded into obscurity.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued a Summorum Pontificum, basically allowing priests to celebrate the Tridentine Mass without having to seek permission of their bishops, provided that a stable group of lay people wished to have said Masses and be willing to support them.  With that, the Mass in the Extraordinary Form started to be celebrated in many locations.  Many of the faithful Catholics attending them were young people.  These young people tend to have large families and thus their children were growing up in a decent liturgical setting.

As I mentioned in one of my posts this past Thursday, it became clear that the pope and many of the progressives in the Vatican have malicious designs upon the Tridentine Mass.  The edicts they are going to promulgate will have the immediate effect of hobbling those who wish to participate in the Mass of the Ages, with the ultimate aim at choking off that Mass altogether.

The details of this attack are now crystalizing.  Both GloriaTV and Rorate Caeli agree that there are two parts to this attack.  First (to come in a matter of weeks) involves focus on the clergy currently celebrating Traditional Latin Masses.  They will have to apply for permission from their bishops to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, even if the Mass is now well-established.  This is a direct contradiction to Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum. 

In addition to the previous post's take on current events, I post the June 4th broadcast of the Anchor Team, where Michael Hichborn and Jim Maughan put forth their own observations.  Please take the time to watch this and to read the other material.  I realize it's a lot of information and it can be overwhelming, but we - each and every one of us - must understand these matters so that we can understand and defend ourselves and our loved ones against all the forces designed to imperil our souls.

Might this wreckage be averted?  By the grace of God, it can.  Sometimes shedding the light and drawing attention to planned mischief can cause would-be perpetrators to reconsider their contemplated crimes.  Of course be praying your daily Rosaries.  Pray the prayers of Leo XIII after Mass.  They are a standard ending of every Low Mass anyway, but consider making them a part of your after-Mass thanksgiving.  Certainly be talking of these matter amongst yourselves to make all aware of what is happening and to strategize how you'll approach your pastor, bishop, etc.

As further developments emerge, I will post them.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Women's Ordination Feminazis Conduct An Aerobics Class

Join in the fun!  Get your pulse rates going!  Pump that blood!  Go for the burn (in more ways than one?)  Do some penance as you listen to the cheesy music!  What are you waiting for?

Persecutor Of Nick Sandmann And Friends "Blesses" Homosexual Sin

Of course the word "blesses" belongs in quotes, for under no circumstance can sin, especially one of the four mortal sins that cries to God for vengeance, can be blessed.  But that is precisely what Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, KY attempted on May 31st.  It's not the first time he bowed and scraped before gays.  Last year, during "pride month", he extended a "welcome" to the revelers and apologized that the Church wasn't "welcoming".  In reality, he was really apologizing for Our Lord Himself - a bit blasphemous by the way.

Maybe we've stumbled on a motive behind his obvious animus against Nick Sandmann and his friends.  They were Catholic young men attending the March for Life; I'm willing to bet that Sandmann wasn't the only one sporting a MAGA cap.  The fidelity of those young men put his own dissidence in a most unfavorable contrast.

Fr James Martin, Stowe's fellow dissident, let us know that this stunt was engineered by Dignity.  Stowe is up to his eyeballs in disobedience, jeopardizing his soul.  Those in his diocese should cut off all donations to him and let him know why.  We will also pray for him.

Thanks To Pope Francis, The Traditional Latin Mass Is In Danger - Act Now

Rumors have been swirling about this for a few weeks now, but not on sites that I trust.  Lo and behold, The Remnant Newspaper now confirms them.  Mind you, this document and the measures detailed therein is simply the first round in what may well be an all-out assault on Holy Mass.

For the record, I am now attending Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  I have been doing so for over a year.  During the disgraceful shuttering of the Churches, the Traditional Latin Mass was all that was available.  It seems that the TLM priests were the only ones to take their sacerdotal responsibilities seriously.  For a few months, I had to drive considerable distances to attend those Latin Mass, but it was well worth the effort to receive Our Lord physically and sacramentally.  I will continue to attend Sunday Masses at TLM locations.  During the week, I attend the Novus Ordo at local parishes, as the TLM isn't readily available. 

Now it seems that the Vatican progressives have the Mass of the ages in their crosshairs.  Early on in this papacy I was alarmed by Pope Francis' disregard of ceremonial traditions surrounding the papacy, being concerned that disregard of tradition (small t) often went hand-in-hand with disregard of Tradition (large T).  Regrettably I was correct.  Perhaps they intend to strip whatever vestiges of dignity that still remain of the Novus Ordo, perhaps festooning it with pachamama-esque debaucheries - once they've choked off any hope of Catholics escaping to the Latin Mass.

The Remnant article has contact information for people whom we should petition to spare the Traditional Latin Mass from progressive wrecking balls.  Please do so, and please explore the Latin Mass.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Baltimore Catholic Review Salutes Pro-Gay Activism Of Local Priest

Several priests in the Archdiocese of Baltimore have retired, including the renegade priest Father Joseph Muth.  Recall that his retirement wasn't entirely voluntary; Archbishop Lori asked for his retirement, and for ample reason.  The Catholic Review sang the praises of these new retirees, Father Muth among them.   I thought that the Review, being the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, might have the good sense not to mention the gay pandering of Father Muth throughout the years.  After all, to have a priest actually herding his all-too-willing sheep on the their way to hell is not exactly worthy of praise.  It speaks ill of the Review, and perhaps the Archdiocese of Baltimore itself, that they would choose to celebrate Father Muth's promotion of mortal sin.

Baltimore Catholics, would not "letters to the editor" be in order?  I suspect that the Review is at least partially funded by the Archdiocese of Baltimore: in other words, by your contributions.  Do you want your contributions used to affirm mortal sin?   On the Review's page, I saw no provision for letter submission, so I'd suggest that you send yours to  Not only Baltimore Catholics, but all faithful Catholics should protest this travesty.  Here is my letter to the editor. 

Dear Editor, I read with disappointment Christopher Gunty’s all-too-glowing article regarding the retirement of Father Joseph Muth.  It’s understandable that when highlighting the career of a retiring priest, that the Archdiocese would wish to laud his legitimate accomplishments.  However, his activity for the mortal sin of homosexual conduct is  not among those accomplishments.  He validated so-called “gay couples” in their mortal sin.  Time and again, he led a contingent of St Matthew’s parishioners in Baltimore’s “gay pride” parade, while carrying a St. Matthew’s banner.  The list of scandalous behaviors could go on. 

Gundy’s article says that he provided “welcome” for gay people.  May I remind you that Holy Mother Church has always provided that welcome?  She has always welcomed not only homosexual people but others also embroiled in mortal sins such as murder, drunken behavior, theft, etc.  That welcoming has always been accomplished through the Sacrament of Confession, when those in mortal sin foreswear their sinful conduct.  Mr Gundy and most likely others of the Review staff seem to approve of homosexual conduct; in so voicing that approval, they commit their own sin and most likely could benefit from a visit to a confessional themselves.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Montgomery County Exec To Those Living As Free People: WE WILL FIND YOU! Mwahahaha!!!

Yesterday Montgomery County Marc Elrich announced that as of 6:am today, that he lifted his tyrannical edicts upon us.  Apparently more than 60% of county residents have chosen to be sheep instead of free people and have submitted to being vaccination guinea pigs.  That satisfied the Democrat progressive lust for compliance so now the majority of shackles are released.  Realizing that Montgomery County MD is a veritable liberal loony bin, I am regrettably inclined to believe that a majority of people here are indeed guilty of both gullibility and cowardice.  Many of them are pro-abortion, too, so I now wonder what happened to one of their favorite mantras, "my body, my choice"?

As for that pesky minority of county citizens who still have a recollection of being free American citizens, well, Elrich is still lusting after our blind, stupified compliance.  One sentence from his diatribe speech is quite telling.  I quote, "We still have thousands of our residents who are not vaccinated, and we remain committed to finding them and encouraging them to be vaccinated."

Yes, that is a direct quote from the county executive's blog!  Never in a million years would I have dreamed that he would channel Adolf Hitler so perfectly!  Can't you just picture Hitler and his henchmen saying the same of Jews as they were hunted down and dragged to the gas chambers? 

So they will hunt us down find us!  And then they will twist our arms encourage us to submit to their vile injections - just as the Jewish prisoners were subjected to macabre "experiments" of Josef Mengeles.

Ladies and gentlemen, are we awake yet?

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Cardinal Gregory Repeats Skullduggery Of 2004 USCCB Meeting

Two weeks ago, Archbishop Gomez, current USCCB president, announced his intentions to discuss whether or not pro-abortion politicians should be admitted to Holy Communion.  It was reported that Cardinal Ladaria, current head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, advised against it.  In fact, he advised that the body of bishops come to consensus - meaning that they would have to discuss the matter.  The whole business of Ladaria trying to squelch the topic appears to be a wild interpretation of what he actually said.  I regret that two weeks ago, I didn't catch onto their duplicity.  There is reason to believe that Ladaria issued that directive at the request of Cardinals Tobin and Cupich.  One could suspect that wasn't exactly what Tobin and Cupich wanted to hear.

Perhaps Tobin and Cupich took cues from Cardinal Gregory and MISTER McCarrick.  In 2004, during the USCCB meeting in Dallas, then-Cardinal Ratzinger, then head of the CDF, issued "Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion" and directed that it be read during that meeting.  Gregory and McCarrick conspired to conceal the real letter and issued a deliberate misrepresentation of that letter, implying that it was up to individual bishops to make those determinations in their own locales.

Now some progressive prelates, among them Cardinals Cupich and Gregory, are attempting to recreate the deception that Gregory himself perpetrated seventeen years ago..  They and sixty+ of their colleagues wrote a letter to Gomez with the intent of preventing such a conversation at their June meeting.   Gregory already said that he won't deny Biden Holy Communion.  It seems like Gregory in particular has an odd pattern of thumbing his nose at the CDF. 

We don't know who the 60+ other prelates are, who are trying to stonewall discussion about the denial of Holy Communion to proabortion politicians, outside of Gregory, Cupich and O'Connor.  We know who some aren't, besides the obvious exception of Gomez himself.  Bishop Paprocki has stated that this issue must be faced.  Archbishop Cordilione and Archbishop Aquila stated the same.

Truth be told, Canon 915 is crystal clear and really requires no "discussion", just obedience.  But I suppose they think that if they can stonewall "discussion", they can stonewall obedience.  Do they really think God will continue to be mocked like that?

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Father Altman's Vocation Threatened By His Bishop - Action Needed

Almost two weeks ago, Father James Altman was interviewed by Church Militant.  The video is below.  In that video, Father excoriates the bishops for their dereliction of duty on account of the covid-hysteria.  Please note that at the 10:00 mark, Father praises his own bishop, William Callahan of La Crosse (WI) for at least staying open.  In other words, he contrasts his bishop to the other US bishops.  Might this have made Callahan so uncomfortable that he felt compelled to kick Father Altman to the curb in order to get back in good graces with his bishop-buddies?

On Friday, May 21, Bishop Callahan relieved Father Altman of his priestly duties and asked for his resignation.  His final Mass at St. James the Less Parish was two days later - Pentecost Sunday.  Below is his homily from that Mass.  Callahan is accusing Altman of being "divisive and ineffective".  Could Callahan possibly be more ambiguous and nebulous about those charges?  I applaud Father for initiating a canonical challenge to that bogus charge.

So what can we do, besides prayer, which we should all be doing anyway?  Phone calls, emails, and letters are necessary to these two individuals.   First, contact the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States.  His contact information is given here.  Let them know politely but firmly that it is Bishop Callahan who should be disciplined for trying to get one of his priests sacked for simply telling the truth and providing the Sacraments to his flock.  Second, contact Bishop Callahan himself.  He needs to be rebuked for how he is treating Father Altman.  He needs to be reminded that he is a bishop who must answer for the manner in which he carries out (or fails to, as the case may be) his sacred duties.  Lastly, those in the Diocese of La Crosse can advise their bishop that they will no longer contribute their hard-earned money to someone intent on destroying the vocation of a good priest.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Conservatives Behaving Oddly

I once heard a story regarding former US general and US president Ulysses Grant.  Apparently, while still a general, he was leading a military  expedition of some sort.  Some of his men were telling rather bawdy jokes.  He ordered them to stop.  One of the officers asked why, since no ladies were present.  Grant replied because gentlemen were present.  Another quote that stuck with me through the years is one attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville: "American is great because America is good".   What I have to say in the next paragraphs is directed not towards progressives, but to conservatives who really should wknow better.

Breitbart News posted a story about an Army captain who was reported to his superior offices for bantering on line about a female friend's bra size.  I got wind of it because they also posted it to their facebook page.  Most of the commenters dismiss the crude nature of the captain's action and focus on what might have motivated those who reported the captain to his superiors.  The commenters accuse them of being "leftwing", "pansies", etc.  I will not dispute those characterizations for they are irrelevant to the culpability of the captain.  Perhaps I should mention that Captain Dickson is a public affairs officer - rather ironic.

Many of the other commenters argue that Dickson's free speech rights are violated.  I don't think they understand nor appreciate that military personnel simply don't enjoy the rights as do civilians.  For instance, if any of them were to criticize President Biden as do many of us, they could be court-martialed, for Biden is their Commander in Chief.  Only a handful of other commenters besides myself agreed that Dickson committed an act unbecoming an officer.

But let's look at the commenters themselves.  Many of them chortle at the "topic" of the tweets, seeing absolutely no  problem with the boorish behavior of Dickson and his tweeting companions.  Fifty years ago, no one would have dreamed of cracking jokes about underwear and other adolescent preoccupations.  There was an inherent sense of class and dignity in social conduct.  One commenter remarked that they remembered a strong military.  I replied that I did too, and that time period corresponded with the expectations that military personnel conduct themselves like responsible adults.

Some see the discipline against Dickson as further emasculation of the military.  Since when is it truly masculine to act like guffawing oafs engaging in conduct against decency?  Catholics will recognize authentic manhood in St Joseph, the other saints and martyrs and Our Lord Himself.   Would any of these have been sniggering about a woman's underwear?

Frankly I'm surprised and disappointed in Breitbart.  They are in essence saying that the arguably despicable actions of the progressives excuses the oafish behavior of Dickson and his friends.  In reality, this erstwhile "public affairs officer" has done his share to undermine the morals and morale of the US military.

I'm also somewhat baffled by those who would otherwise seem to respect our military and hope the best for the United States.  It seems that their default modus operandi is to see what position the progressives take on a given matter and then take the opposite position, simply because it opposes the progressives.  They don't stop to examine the facts of the issues on their own merits.  This is not the first time or circumstance in which I've noticed this regrettable tendency.

In this particular situation, otherwise intelligent people see that progressives are lodging complaints against Captain Dickson.  So in order to stand in opposition to the progressives, they are willing to excuse the vulgar conduct of Dickson, downplaying its immorality.  That brings me back to Tocqueville's quote cited in the first paragraph of this post.  Given other situations in which I've seen this odd tendency among some conservatives, I must admit the possibility that some of those defending Dickson's antics are Catholic.  Such Catholics will only hinder themselves and any efforts to pray and work for a restoration of the Church if they are so bent on opposing progressives that they wind up defending immorality.  Can we guard against this?

Friday, May 21, 2021

Proof That Abortion Is Linked To Satanism

Many of us have been discussing the links between satanism and abortion.  Quite often we have been mocked by pro-abortion activists as conspiracy nuts for so doing.  Well, here is irrefutable proof, from the horse's own mouth, so to speak. 

Governor Abbott of Texas recently signed a bill requiring a sonogram before an abortion.  A satanic temple has filed suit against Texas, claiming that this bill impedes a "religious abortion ritual".  It is not every day that I link to a satanic site, but they are quite up front about this lawsuit, and more importantly, the role that abortion plays in their worship of the devil.  All this serves to underscore why baby-slaughter must be eradicated and pro-abortionists - including those in Catholic church hierarchy - must be defeated.

I learned of this suit from this week's episode of the Inner Circle from Lepanto Institute - lots of good information therein.

Pope Francis Mocks His Duty To Guard The Deposit Of Faith

First, lest truth-deniers charge me with taking remarks out of context, here is the homily in which the heretical statement occurred; note that this is the Vatican's own site.  For centuries, it has always been understood that one of the chief responsibilities of the Pontiff is to guard the Deposit of Faith - that is, the dogmas and doctrines that are the revealed will of Christ.  I regret that the pope, in using the words "guardians of doctrine and dogma", that he knew that he was undermining the mandate laid upon him.  As Marshall points out later in the video, he may well not believe that there really is immutable dogma.  

We got more than a hint of that in my previous post, where he yammers about "culture of encounter".  Well, encounter with what?  We never get a clear answer on that, but we do know it has to do with some idea of "utopia" that is rooted in various evil paradigms.

We need to double down on our Rosaries and pray for a pope who will be a true shepherd of Catholic souls.  I truly hope this pope finds that grace of conversion.  If not, I pray for a speedy replacement, as too many souls are at stake.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Big Announcement! Get Ready For The Culture Of Encounter!

Oh, yippee!  Doesn't that sound hifalutin?   So what or who are we allegedly "encountering"?  That is the mystery.

Unfortunately that question isn't answered at all by this announcement that appears on the website of the Archdiocese of Washington.  The students of Archbishop Carroll High School are to be the first guinea pigs participant of (trumpets and drum roll, please) New Scholas Occurrentes Washington DC Chapter!

On Thursday May 20th, they will be engaging in a live videoconference with the pope as he trots out this latest stunt initiative.  The event is closed to the public (does that include parents of the students as well?) but it appears that we can follow it on that youtube link.

Here is the website of Scholas.  The main page rotates through a number of scenes.  One scene contains a quote from the pope, which is really quite telling.  It starts with "our utopia, that of all who forms Scholas".  Utopia?  Ladies and gentlemen, this is not Catholic thought!  Any talk of "utopia" is rooted in masonry, socialism, humanism, any false doctrine that has its focus on the present world and has absolutely no consideration of eternal life.

Speaking of matters of eternity, I searched that website and found no mention of the words "God", "Christ", "salvation", "heaven".  If anyone finds such mention, please advise via a comment.  But should one have to go on a treasure hunt on an ostensibly Catholic site to see any mention of God?

Here we have some blather about the "university of meaning".  Pardon the pun, but I have no idea what that means.  All that talk about the "unknown" sounds dangerous, as God Himself is not "unknown".  He has made Himself known in the Scriptures, teachings of the Church throughout the centuries and the Sacraments.  Therein lies any authentic "encounter".  These suggestions that we search for the "unknown" may make the unsuspecting young person vulnerable to spiritual dangers, even those of demonic origin.  By the way - for those of us who watched the original Star Trek series, that emboldened blurb from the pope sounds a lot like William Shatner's opening monologue at the start of the episodes, doesn't it?

I'd love to study this, but it all sounds like verbose mush.  And that's what will happen to any remains of Christianity that any participant will have.  It is a bunch of wordy vacuity - at least on the page.  I suspect as people are drawn into all this mumbo-jumbo, the real poison (whatever variety that might be) will be unleashed on them.  Let's watch this one, too.

HT - Canon 212

Monday, May 17, 2021

The End Of Roe V Wade May Be In Sight - Pray

Today the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case Dobbs V Jackson Women's Health.  It will address specifically the ridiculous notion that abortionists are qualified to determine the viability of a child who is targeted for abortion.  This will be the first abortion case to be decided by a Supreme Court without Ruth Bader Ginsburg and with Amy Comey Barrett.  Please note that the abortuary did not want the Supreme Court to take the case.  

Former President Trump appointed three justices: Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett.  As LifeSiteNews points out, their votes are still largely unknown.  Had Hillary Clinton appointed three Supreme Court justices, those votes would be very well known - to be deadly, that is.

I do not know when the Court will begin to hear arguments with regard to that case, nor when judgment will be handed down.  We're certainly looking at several months.  Between then and now we must pray that God will enlighten and embolden these justices to pursue the right to life for all.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Attention, Archdiocese Of Washington Catholics! CCHD Collection This Weekend

This weekend's second collection is for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  As it has been amply demonstrated time and again that monies donated in this collection will serve only to undermine the Faith, we urge you to boycott this collection!  Not one penny of Catholic money towards communism, pro-abortion groups, gay and transgender activism, etc.  There are plenty of truly worthy charities where your donations will be properly utilized.

Please spread the word!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Imagine Your Own Theology

The Vatican seems to be awash in conferences these days.  We've known about the gabfest at which renowned theological geniuses Chelsea Clinton and Steve Perry spoke, but another happened too.  This one is so much under wraps that when I google the name of it "Today And Tomorrow: Imaging Theology", with or without the name of John Paul II Pontifical Institute on Theology (sponsoring group), nothing comes up.

The Anchor Team, in tonight's episode, did an expose of it.  This is the first that I heard of it, but it sounds like it is quite the snake in the grass.  No wonder the Vatican goons kept it under wraps.  The title of this blog post might have been a more realistic title for that gabfest.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

US Bishops Can't Be Bothered As God Is Publicly Insulted

Two troubling events happened this past week.  First, on May 6, President Biden addressed a gathering that commemorated the National Day of Prayer.  Usually, when we speak of prayer, we speak of approaching Our Lord.  Therefore, we'd hope that any address given during that gathering would touch upon that aspect of prayer.  That didn't happen.  For the first time in US history, a US president gave a talk at the National Day of Prayer without so much as mentioning God once.  The internet was ablaze with this news.  Below I will post Franklin Graham's reaction to that travesty.

Two days later in Alberta Canada, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, with Dawid Pawloski, was arrested while on the road from a church service that he had just conducted.  His high crime and misdemeanor?  "Inciting" people to attend a church service.  Yes, the thugs used the word "inciting".  He already had to deal with police barging into his church during services.  I have the video of that altercation below.

A fair amount of outrage (not enough, in my humble opinion) has been generated by these two acts of official disregard for God.  Yet the Catholic prelates of both countries (United States and Canada) have uttered nary a peep regarding these two matters.  Whatever happened to bishops acting like bishops, to standing up for Our Lord against de facto tyrants?  Your Excellencies, we await your answers. Meanwhile, we will salute these two Protestant pastors (Graham and Pawlowski) who act more Catholic than you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Prominent Jesuits Attempt To Obfuscate Clear Teaching Regarding Worthiness To Receive Holy Communion

Yes, the bishops are trying to fenagle some way to allow prominent pro-abortion Catholics to receive Holy Communion - politicians such as President Biden and Nancy Pelosi, for example.  Archbishop Gomez advised the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that they (US bishops) were planning to discuss the matter.  

These days, however, the CDF is headed by a Jesuit - Cardinal Luis Ladaria, to be specific.  He wrote back, stating that it would be "misleading" to present abortion and euthanasia as "the only grave matters of Catholic moral and social teaching that demand the fullest level of accountability on the part of Catholics".  Once again, by this current crowd infesting the Vatican, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is being slapped in the face as his clear directive "Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion: General Principles" is being directly contradicted.  In that, Benedict states that abortion and euthanasia are always grave sins, while in the third section, he states that those who differ on matters such as capital punishment can still consider themselves eligible to receive Holy Communion.  On those matters there may (and often are) legitimate difference of opinions - not so with abortion and euthanasia.

Ladaria suggests that unless the bishops are unanimous on their stance, these matters could be causes of "discord rather than unity".  Well, yes, dissent on matters of inherent evils and the absolute requirement to obey Canon 915 are problems, but not because they make visible the lack of obedience of Our Lord by some bishops.  Where evil exists, not only will there be disunite, but in these situations, disunity is necessary.  As a wise saying goes, "it's better to be divided over the truth than united in a lie".

So what does Ladaria suggest?  Why, dialogue, of course!  Lots and lots of dialogue!  These poor little bumpkin politicians just need a good sit-down!  Of course that's nonsense!  These pro-aborts are running the country (and I daresay the Vatican).  They know very well what the Church teaches - they simply could not care less!

The America article paraphrases Ladaria with the phrase "don't rush the debate".  Truth be told, there is no debate.  One either obeys the teaching of the Church that have been handed down through the centuries, in this case as encapsulated in Canon 915, or they put themselves in disobedience.  This is a battle that is heating up, and I will post more on this later.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Young People Return To Tradition, Whereupon The Progressives Scold

It is no secret to any Catholic with at least one functioning eyeball that young Catholics are rediscovering traditional Catholicism, the patrimony that the now-aging hippies tried to trash.  Funny thing, though.  When something truly is of Divine origin, it simply won't stay under wrap.

A few weeks ago we saw Father Reese of Jesuit magazine wail and gnash his teeth.  He actually had the hubris to declare that "children and young people should not be allowed to attend such Masses".  Rather imperious and arrogant, don't you think?  I attend a traditional Mass myself and I rejoice at the number of young families (with several children each) in attendance.

Father Reese is not alone in bewailing the demise of the clown-rock-hippy-clappy masses.  A few days ago, we saw in US Catholic an article entitled "Parish Differences Pont To Divisions In The Church" by Peter Feuerherd.  I wonder if he is related to the late Joseph Feuerherd of the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter?  That certainly would explain some of his progressive bent.  Anyway, the thrust of his screed is that the mean old rad-trads (never mind that many of them are young people) are making others feel bad and driving them away from the Church.  Truth be told, those others probably never had actual faith in Our Lord and love for His Church, for if they did, the presence of differing people would never cause them to leave.  We didn't leave the Church when the hippy Jesuits were in ascendency.  I think they are looking for an excuse to undermine those who are living the true faith and to excuse their own disdain for the Mass.

Speaking of Not-At-All Catholic Reporter, we have Michael Sean Winters chiming in with his "Catholics Behaving Badly" nonsense.  In this installment he belittles Father David Nix, Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Michael Warsaw, and Sohrab Ahmari.  My!  It gives us bloggers something to which to aspire - to be listed by Winters as "Catholics behaving badly"!

As the liberal hysteria grows, I'm sure we can expect more snit-fits to be published.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Another Angelus, Another Heresy

Actually, during Eastertide, we pray the Regina Caeli at noon in lieu of the Angelus, but you get the drift.  Anyway, today the pope mangled a sermon on the vine and branches narrative that is found in John 15:1-8.  While he correctly noted that we, the branches, depend entirely on Jesus for life, he plopped a stinker when he stated that Jesus likewise needs us - because the trunk would be bare or some other sort of nonsense.

He completely mischaracterized the Divinity of Jesus.  Jesus, being the Second Person of the Trinity, is God no less than God the Father is God.  God does not need anyone or anything.  He is all sufficient in Himself.  He lacks nothing, thus can need nothing.

It's a pity that we need to always be on the alert for tiny little heretical zingers interspersed with the pope's words, but it is what it is.  If nothing else, it teaches us to listen and to think about what is going into both our eyes and ears, to filter out the chafe and keep the good.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Xaverian Brothers - Gay Pandering Social Justice Warriors, Disregarding Eternal Life

 I got hold of the Spring 2021 issue of Concordia, a magazine put out by the Xaverian Brothers.  On page 5 is the article that you see on the right-hand side of this post.  It's also on line at their website.  The article calls to memory Tyler Clementi, a young college student who committed suicide after he was outed as a gay man.

The author laments that he was bullied in his final days and sings the praises of the foundation that his family set up in his memory, the Tyler Clementi Foundation.  The article also claims that several bishops have voiced public support of this foundation that exists ostensibly to address consequences of bullying.  Brother Daniel, the General Superior, says, "our work...calls us to stand up for LGBTQ+ youth and against any form of harassments and bullying."  What is missing from this supposedly Catholic publication is any concern for the salvation of Clementi's soul.  Clementi was bullied after he was caught kissing another man.  Certainly the bullying of Clementi was a criminal act, but Clementi was engaging in actions that imperiled his immortal soul.  Why did this "katholyc" magazine not urge that we pray that Clementi, as he was falling from the bridge, have the grace of final repentance?

One might glean from that admission that the Xaverians do not believe that homosexual acts are gravely sinful, as they actually are.  One might also glean that impression from the lauds that they heap upon the Tyler Clemente Foundation.  One can scroll through the banners of their front page to see that this outfit exists not only to address bullying but to cram the gay agenda down our throats.  There is a "birthday celebration" honoring George Takei, Tipper Gore and others.  These must be the bishops that the Xaverian article mentioned; almost all of them dissent from Church teaching on several matters.

The Xaverians are yet another men's order that is actually greasing the skids to hell for any of the unsuspecting people it purports to serve.  Let this humble post be the start of their exposition.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Vatican Has Been Profiting From Medical Abortions

For over 25 years I have been in front of abortuaries with other good Catholics, praying and trying to dissuade women from destroying their own children.  We have found that more and more of these women are subjecting themselves to medical abortions versus surgical abortions.  That is, they are ingesting various chemical compounds in attempts to cause the deaths and expulsions of their children.  These compounds, though varied, are collectively called abortifacients.

Over these past decades we have found ourselves baffled by the lack of support that we have received from the official structures of the church.  Yes, individual priests have been very helpful as they too have come out to the mills.  But by and large, they are few and far between, and these priests often suffer at the hands of their bishops and fellow clergy on account of their witnesses to life.

For a long time, we've simply chalked up the bishops' tepid support to us as clerical cowardice, stemming from their fears of having governmental grants reduced and eliminated or from receiving bad media attention.  With all the scandals coming to light recently, I now fear the reasons for the bishops' lack of pro-life conviction is far more sinister than I thought 25 years ago.

Understanding that many of these clerics simply sought ordination for the express purpose of undermining Holy Mother Church, and knowing that many of these wolves in shepherds' clothing are corrupt perverts, I think it reasonable to believe that they themselves favor the slaughter of unborn children.  We've seen over the past year or so how many of them have acted positively to spiritually kill their flocks by depriving them of the Sacraments under the guise of "safety from the pandemic".

Comes now the news from Gloria.TV that the Vatican held investments in companies that are largely geared towards the production of abortifacients.  That is, they derive financial profit from each and every death wrought by these demonic concoctions.  We Catholics have spent many hours trying to dissuade women from taking these poisons.  Do we now know yet another reason why the hierarchy in many cases acts to undermine our efforts?

The gloria link informs us that this scandal was discovered by Libero Milone in 2016 during an audit of the Vatican's books.  He reported it to senior Vatican officials and only then were the shares sold.  However, Milone was subsequently fired.  Aren't we surprised?  For his sake I hope he is in hiding.  His firing causes me to think that the Vatican plans to resume what is most likely a lucrative investment.

If nothing else, we have yet another reason (among many) to curtail any donations to the weekly collection basket, or online donation arrangement.  Approximately 12% of your donations will be funneled to your diocese, and they in turn will pay over a portion of that to the Vatican, where it too can be used to capitalize baby slaughter, along with the contraception and socialism of which we are already aware.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Cardinal Gregory, Restore The Mass NOW

He presented his conclusions (such as they are) in the Catholic Standard.  After stating the obvious fact that participation and membership has declined in the past generation, he quickly states that the pandemic has exacerbated the decline.  We all know that isn't exactly correct.  The bishops' craven reactions to the pandemic have caused that.  When the bishops literally barred their flocks from Church buildings and deprived them of the Sacraments for fear of temporal illness, they betrayed their own lack of supernatural faith and devotion to their mission of saving souls from hell and helping them towards heaven.

Notice how he tried to discredit those of us who decry the abuses that escalated in the wake of Vatican II.  He neglected (maybe on purpose) to mention that the decline in the Church, hence the saving of souls, predated the pandemic.  The deterioration of Catholic life accelerated after Vatican II:

  • Shrinkage of Mass attendance
  • Decline in religious vocations while already-professed/ordained priests and religious abandoned their vows in droves
  • Drop in numbers of Catholic weddings, with a corresponding rise in couples fornicating
  • Growing rebellion against the Church's moral teaching
The Church's problems happened long before the pandemic.  The headline of the Standard article mentions that the Church "must return to its central mission".  Do the bishops (including the pope) even acknowledge what the Church's central mission is?  It is the salvation of souls, for whom Our Lord died on the Cross.  The mission of the Church is not "social justice".  It is not physical safety from the pandemic or other temporal malady.

If Cardinal Gregory and his colleagues in compromise repent and remember their true calling, that is, the salvation of souls through Holy Mother Church, they will see real vitality return.  Just witness what is happening in places where the Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated.  The churches are full, and with a healthy percentage of young and large families to boot.  I will post now a talk by Father Zuhlsdorf entitled "Save The Liturgy, Save The World".  Listen to it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

False, Murderous Church Manifesting Itself

Some think that Padre Pio had some knowledge of the third secret of Fatima.  In the video below, Taylor Marshall discusses that, along with the prophesy of a false church being set up in the Vatican, with tentacles in many of the world's dioceses.  The pandemic (such as it is) has at least brought the false church out into the open.  When bishops - not civil government - spiritually starve their flocks, what else do you call it?  This bishop is still stating that babies shouldn't be baptized; he's not the first.  Some have denied Confession to their flocks.  Oh, it's temporary, you say?  During this "temporary" period, souls could be damned to hell for want of the sacraments, and these bishops will be held to account.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Corrupt Clergy Endeavor To Keep Young People From Holy Mass

Apparently taking inspiration from Father Reese, Cardinal Cupich followed his example, and more.  He not merely lamented young people going to Mass, he forbade Catholic students at the University of Chicago from attending Mass - all to keep safe from covid cooties, of course!  Mind you, the administration of the University of Chicago didn't issue this prohibition; it was purely the machination of Cardinal Cupich.  Cupich didn't just forbid them from going to Mass on campus, but also at nearby churches.

The article to which I linked speaks eloquently of the spiritual starvation that Cupich is wreaking on the Catholic students.  Indeed Cupich is spiritually abusing his young flock.  The author is speaking from her own experience as she herself is a student of the University of Chicago and is currently feeling the effects of Cupich's callous disregard of his episcopal duties.  He has quite a list of his transgressions over his sorry excuse of priestly life, some of which overlap my own list.

I will now link to a response to Father Reese's snit-fit, but won't comment about it.  Enjoy!  What I will also suggest is that you listen to the video, featuring an exchange between Taylor Marshall and Father Chad Ripperger about the merits of the Mass, particularly the Traditional Latin Mass.  In the interview, Fr. Ripperger mentioned an article called "Merit of the Mass", to which I just linked.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Vatican Arm-Twisting Session For The Covid Vaccines To Occur In May

An international conference will occur between May 6-8, entitled "Exploring The Mind, Body And Soul: Unite To Prevent And Unite To Cure".  Frankly, it has a New Age ring to it.  These days, that is what we can expect from the Vatican, for that is who is sponsoring this gab-fest.  Take a look at the description of the thing in that "about the conference" section.  How many times do you see the words, "God", "Jesus", "faith", "eternal salvation".  Zero-zip-nada!  Ladies and gentlemen, the mission of the Church is to save souls from hell and help them towards heaven.  Similarly, that is the mission of the various Vatican offices.  Any other temporal concerns, good though they may be, are ancillary to eternal salvation and the worship of the One True God.

The verbosity of the mission statement is quite obvious, pompous verbal diarrhea notwithstanding.  This bunch is seeking ways to cajole people into accepting the so-called corona viruses and any other medical intrusions into our bodies, preparing us for the Great Reset.  Along with that, we see thinly-disguised plugs for an "equitable health system for all", that is, socialized medicine  

The choice of speakers bears this out:

  • Dr. Falsey Fauci, the covid guru himself
  • Chelsea Clinton, who once lamented that Planned Parenthood's "services" weren't available to her grandmother (let that sink in a moment)
  • Jane Goodall, studied chimpanzees, founding board member of Nonhuman Rights Project , advocate of "population control
  • Kerry Kennedy, President of Robert F Kennedy Human Rights.  Why was her brother, Bob Kennedy Jr,  not invited?  He has been outspoken against the Covid vaccines.  Maybe I just answered my own question.
  • Joe Perry, lead guitarist for Aerosmith.  Pray tell, just what are his qualifications to speak on medical matters?
  • Cindy Crawford, model.  What are her medical qualifications?
  • Deepak Chopra - promoter of New Age practices.  The wise Catholic will understand that many of these practices are gateways to the occult and to demonic influences
  • Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, one of the main producers-distributers of the morally-tainted covid vaccines.  Moderna is listed as a sponsor of this event.
  • Albert Bourla, CEO Pfizer, another producer-distributer of an abortion-tainted covid vaccine
Over the years, an unfortunate pattern has evolved.  When the attendees and speakers of these gabfests are progressives who spew forth crap that is diametrically opposed to Tradition, the nonsense produced often finds its way into "apostolic exhortations" or other official-sounding prattlings.  The objective of that is to manipulate unsuspecting Catholics into believing that these are magisterial teachings binding on a Catholic conscience, and must be obeyed.   We've seen how all those environmentally-oriented sessions featuring Jeffrey Sachs resulted in Laudato Si.  The Synods on the Family resulted in Amoris Laetitia.  Wanna bet that a soon-to-be encyclical will be named Vaccinius Obligatorium (or some such thing)?

We will keep our eyes on this.  Suffice it to say for now that any bloviations these people make about vaccines are not magisterial teaching.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Unhinged Father Reese Tips His Progressive And Tyrannical Hand

The above title is an apt summary for the latest rantings by Father Thomas Reese.  He is a Jesuit purveyor of dissidence and general hatred of the One True Faith.  I suppose that last statement contains some redundancies but it still bears saying.

We find his latest piece of manure at Religion News Service, entitled "The Future Of Catholic Liturgical Reform".  In truth, he is simply engaging in a death throe of the glory days of hippie priests and pant-suit nuns.  It is a hodge-podge collection of anti-Catholic and anti-God slogans, all disjointed from each other.  There is so much error in it, one scarcely knows where to begin to unpack the mess.

You'll notice that he has an axe to grind with Pope Benedict XVI.  No doubt this grudge is a result of Pope Benedict's removal of Reese from his editor position at America rag-mag.  One of the more outlandish statements he made was that "children and young people should not be allowed to attend such Masses (meaning the Traditional Latin Mass)."  One of the commenters in the article rightly pointed out that any such prohibition is a usurpation of parental authority.  Please do read the comments for that article; by and large, the readers see through the farce that pours forth from Reese.  

He no doubt notices that the abandonment of tradition is itself passing away with each aging hippy that goes to his or her eternal reward.  The young people who stay with the Church understand, even if only instinctively, that progressive wreckovators like Reese have done nothing but mock our Lord and leave many of their contemporaries rudderless and without knowledge of eternal matters.  They understand that tradition is the guardian of timeless truth and are flocking to it.  Some of us older folks get it, too.  I go to Traditional Latin Masses on Sundays these days.  A goodly percentage of those attending these Masses are young couples with their children - and often quite a few children at that.  Now we see why Reese wants them banned from the Mass.  Reese seems to have jettisoned his faith and replaced it with both ignorance and arrogance.

At least he understands, from a perverse perspective, the principle of "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi".  This is why he states quite plainly that he wants the Latin Mass to disappear.  That Mass is the most sublime prayer of the Church.  He and his buddies understand that if the Latin Mass is jettisoned, then both faith and morals will likewise be lost.  We've seen it happen on a large scale now for at least 50 years.  Reese wants it to continue unchallenged.

Below I post an analysis of Reese's screed by Taylor Marshall.  Please take the time to listen to this.  I echo his suggestion that all attend the Traditional Latin Mass. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Living The Communist Tin-Horn Dictator Dream!

This broad is a marxist, people!  I suppose some people really are more equal than others!  Now all she has to do to complete her hypocrisy is put one of those "we are the 99%" signs in her front yard.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Catholic Charities In Texas Caught Facilitating Child Trafficking - Call To Action At End Of Post

On April 7, conservative pundit Alex Jones saw several small children being stuffed into a luggage compartment in a car in Texas.  The children were leaving a facility and were being prepared for smuggling to some seedy destination.

Jones placed himself in front of the vehicle, preventing it from driving away.  Meanwhile, his crew members sought out police attention.  Read more here.

Did you notice what the facility was, from which the children were being smuggled away?  Yes, it was a Catholic Charities office.  Are you shocked?  Don't be!  This sort of underhanded behavior is par for the course with them.  I've written much about their shenanigans throughout the years.  Their dirty deeds include:

  • Taking one of their "clients" to an abortion appointment
  • Coordinating needle-exchange arrangements for drug addicts.
  • Their CEO Msgr John Enzler making political contributions to pro-abortion candidates
  • And the list goes on
Those of us with long memories will recall how various Texas offices of Catholic Charities received millions of dollars in federal grants to "resettle refuges"; I suppose that also includes stuffing small children in a car trunk.  Whatever!  Gotta keep those dollars rolling in now, don't we?  More of their criminal actions can be found here.

The car trunk incident happened in Donna, Texas.  It appears to be in the Diocese of Brownsville Texas, headed by Bishop Daniel Flores.  I would hope that a criminal investigation is underway now regarding this office of Catholic Charities.  I believe child endangerment is a crime, is it not?  Anyway, one can see here the song and dance that the bishop is using to cajole his flock into submitting to an immorally tainted vaccine.  I am willing to bet no social distancing happened in that car trunk.

Contact Bishop Flores' office.  Let him know that you are outraged that a Catholic organization in his diocese is maltreating children in such an inhumane fashion.  They are in damage-control mode and have a "communications person" assigned to this.  I suspect we will have to call often; let's melt their phone lines and fill their email in-boxes.  Please let us all know the results of your conversation in the com box at the end of this post.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Nazis Run Alberta Providence In Canada

When I wrote my April 5th post, I neglected to mention that incident happened in Calgary within the province of Alberta.  Today we all received word of another incident of jack-boot behavior, this time in Spruce Grove, still within Alberta.  The church that is literally under siege by local police is Grace Life Church, pastored by James Coates.  

This pastor was recently jailed for not limiting the number of attendees at his church services.  He was recently released, but made clear that he did not intend to humor the little despots who currently occupy local government there.  Anticipating that Coates might engage in the dastardly deed of conducting church services, the local jack-boots erected a barricade around the perimeter of the church

My!  Alberta must be so free of petty little crimes - you know, teensy little nuisances like murder, rape, robbery, etc - that the police departments can focus their attention on the real nefarious threats like people praying in churches, listening to Bible readings and acting like normal people.

While Canada has, in the past, conducted itself like a free nation, I don't believe that they have anything like the Bill of Rights enshrined in their laws.  We do.  However, we have had incidents this past year.  Like Pastors Coates and Pawlowski in Canada, we must stand up to the tyrants, not violently but forcefully.  We must do the same with their enablers, even if those enablers wear clerical collars.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hats Off To This Canadian Protestant Pastor!

Would that our Catholic priests had half the backbone that Artur Pawlowski displays in the video below.  This gentleman does not have the graces of the Sacrament of Ordination, yet he stood against the thugs in uniforms who apparently intruded on his church service.  Let's all take some lessons from this man.

The Calgary police tried to justify their wanton actions; Vox Cantoris has a copy of their ridiculous tome.

Important note: when I implied that Catholic clergy lacked backbones, I was referring to those who aren't actually in cahoots with the progressive, great-reset crowd that includes many bishops.  They too, like the ones who refuse to apologize to Deirdre Hairston in Texas, need to be resisted to their faces.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

On This Holy Thursday, Pray That Wayward Bishops Stop Strangling The Mass And Holy Priests

Today is Holy Thursday, when Our Lord celebrated the first Sacrifice of the Mass and ordained the apostles as the Church's first priests and bishops.  Yet today we see both the priesthood and the Mass coming under vicious attack.  Most egregiously, that attack is not arising from forces outside the Church, but from within - from corrupt prelates and even the pope.

Father Clay Hunt of San Antonio is one such attacked priest.  When he expressed his desire that all his flock receive the Sacraments, his bishop, who has many times displayed his progressive stripes, initiated canonical action against him.  Read about it in this Church Militant link and watch the interview embedded therein.

LifeSiteNews informs us of prohibitions enacted by the Archdiocese of Boston, limiting lay ministry at the altar to vaccinated persons.  While it may be a blessing in disguise to be rid of lay lectors and "extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion", that places unconscionable burdens and yes, conflicts of conscience on altar boys.  It is utterly immoral, considering that this archdiocese is in fact mandating that their flock make sinful use of the bodies of aborted babies.

I wrote a few weeks ago on the banning of private Masses from the side chapels in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.  Both Archbishop Vigano and Cardinal Burke rightly decry this state of affairs.

There will be more of these.  As I become aware of them, I will publicize them.  Only if these priests and bishops feel the rebuke where it hurts, that is, their bank accounts, our pleas will fall on deaf ears.  That means when we stop our donations, we must tell them precisely why.  Please pass this along to your other networks.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Suppression Of The Traditional Latin Mass

This video from Taylor Marshall confirms many of my suspicions regarding the way that too many prelates have treated the Traditional Latin Mass.  Incidentally, I've always held the Second Eucharistic Prayer in less than high regard.  I've always known that many priests - particularly older and/or liberal priests - use it because of its hurried brevity.  Younger priests are more apt to choose one of the others, including the first Eucharistic prayer, which is the traditional Roman canon.

During this year-long pandemic, I've not had to miss one Mass.  However, had it not been for the priests offering the Traditional Latin Mass, I would have been deprived of the Mass.  For obvious reasons I cannot go into that detail on this blog.  Suffice it to say that it has only been the priests committed to the Traditional Mass that understood the importance of providing that Sacrament to the faithful Catholics.

New Jersey Parish Using The Sacraments To Punish Those Not Bowing Before The Vaccine Idol

 HT - Eponymous Flower

The Code of Canon Law details why and how the Sacrament of Confession is to be administered by a Catholic priest.  The link is to Book IV, Part 1, Title IV, dealing solely with that sacrament,  Please note that Chapter III, Canon 991 specifically states that "every member of the Christian faithful is free to confess sins to a legitimately approved confessor of his or her choice, even to one of another rite".  

That said, by what chutzpah did the Church of the Precious Blood of Monmouth Beach NJ attempt to restrict the Sacrament only to those who've received the Covid vaccine?  Think of the logic, or lack thereof.  In order to have one's sins forgiven at that parish, the penitent would have had to commit another sin by receiving one of the morally-tainted vaccines.  This is the announcement as it appeared earlier on the parish website.  Note that this is an archived page for they amended the requirement in an even more bizarre fashion.

Here is the announcement as it exists at the time of this writing.  I can only imagine that they removed their previous draconian requirement because they drew some rightly-deserved rebukes.  But the parish priests only manifested their vaccine-enslavement in another way that violates yet another canon law.  On that first link, Chapter I, Canon 964 section 2 states "The conference of bishops is to establish norms regarding the confessional; it is to take care, however, that there are always confessionals with a fixed grate between the penitent and the confessor in an open place so that the faithful who wish to can use them freely."  In other words, the penitent has the right to anonymous confession, no if ands or buts.

Now I for one find it rather interesting that the parish is mandating that there be no barrier between the priest and the non-vaccinated penitent.  Why, one might think that if the priest were truly fearful of contagion, that he might want a barrier between them to block all those dastardly, deadly microbes that must ooze forth from every non-vaccinated person these days!  Sarcasm aside, we know the motive - to shame and punish those who will not sully themselves with vaccines derived by the usage of the bodies of murdered children.

Here we have the contact page for this parish.  All of us should contact this parish and advise them that their misdeeds, unless rectified, will not go unpunished in the next life.  If they persist in their punishment of the non-vaccinated people, parishioners should punish them in this life too by withholding their donations.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Pregnant Woman Arrested During Mass By Police For Not Wearing Mask

The lock-down, mask-up tyranny continues to be foisted upon Catholics who are trying to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion.  Before I continue, let me clarify a point.  The tyranny of which I speak is being inflicted by conniving bishops and their crony pastors.  Quite a few governmental officials have lifted restrictions on the churches, but they continue to be imposed by these same faithless bishops who are showing themselves to be lackeys of the atheistic new world order.

I wrote last week on this matter, pointing out that in Texas, the restrictions on church attendance and mask-wearing were lifted by Governor Abbott.  I also pointed out that the bishops continue the strangulation of Sacramental life, with the happy exception of Bishop Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler.  News comes to us now of quite a sinister twist in the Texas bishops' smackdown of faithful Catholic life.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas is one parish that retains the draconian restrictions, at the behest of Bishop Edward Burns of the Diocese of Dallas; you can see the mandate right on the home page.  A few days ago, Deirdre Hairston, a pregnant woman sitting in the back of the church was arrested by local police.  She did not wear a mask; remember, she's pregnant.  They were called by the pastor, Father Milton Ryan, and they proceeded to remove her while Mass was still in progress.  At least she was able to receive Holy Communion.  Taylor Marshall interviewed her, and played the video of the encounter that she was able to obtain.

Before you watch the video, I must point out some errors in what the two of them engaged.  They all stem from a regrettable tendency of Catholics to conflate civil law with canon law.  At canon law, Father Ryan was completely, 100% wrong in denying Mrs. Hairston the right to attend Mass.  Compounding his canonical crime is that he had her forever banned from stepping onto Church property.  At canon law he had no right to do that.  Unfortunately at civil law, he did.  They observed that Bishop Burns is the legal owner of the parish grounds.  Marshall and Hairston mentioned that, but then assumed that Burns himself had to request her removal.  Not so.  Most bishops do delegate that authority and responsibility to the local pastors.  Moreover, the police, by virtue of being enforcers of civil law, could not consider canon law; the latter is simply out of their area of competence.  I fail to see what good it did to criticize their calling the church a "business".  Well, maybe "establishment" might have been better, but they were unable to enforce civil law using the standards of canon law.  We Catholics have simply got to stop assuming that our civil servants can take church law into account when enforcing civil law; we accomplish nothing by this sloppy thinking.

I am linking now to the web page of Holy Trinity Church - their "contact us" page, to be precise.  Therein you will find phone numbers, email addresses, etc to which I urge every one of us to direct our polite but very firm protests.  Those of you in the Dallas area should consider whether or not this diocese is worthy of your financial support; clearly that goes double for parishioners of Holy Trinity.  Sometimes money, or lack thereof, is the only language these people understand.  Here's the Dallas diocese's contact page.

Another important note - I and many others don't post these things to get hits on our blogs and sites.  As we try to assist Holy Mother Church, we seek to: 1) inform you of the perils that really do exist and 2) to motivate and assist you in taking concrete action in setting these matters aright.  All of us - including you - are the Church Militant.  We have a solemn duty to slough off indifference and take action.  Prayer is vital, of course, but by itself is an inadequate response.  Ora et labora.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Pope Francis, Health Care, And Sustainable Development Goals

 If we recall the meetings that the pope had before Laudato Si was inflicted upon us, we will recall that he is all on board with the UN's Sustainable Development goals.  The pope lends a facade of moral credibility to these Masonic goals.  With President Trump gone, the progressives - and that includes the pope - have a more clear path towards the implementation of these goals.  All this and more was just discussed on this evening's Anchor Team broadcast by the Lepanto Institute.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

State Of The Current Spiritual Battlefield

 In this video, Father Ripperger ties together many current events/disasters of the past year, showing how many of them, including the bishops' abysmal response to the Covid situation, have been orchestrated by diabolical spirits.  Of course he also delves into our need to remain in a state of grace - made harder by the deprivation of Sacraments.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Restricted Churches Will Mean Restricted Dollars

Last Sunday, Laetare Sunday, the priest at Mass gave a homily regarding the link between the Eucharist and the priesthood.  He recalled to our memories that Our Lord instituted both the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Holy Orders on the first Holy Thursday.  The Holy Thursday mass commemorates both those realities.  That is why it is an abomination that women have their feet washed along with men during the Novus Ordo version of that Mass, but I digress.  Father went on to point out that the Church would cease to exist without these two Sacraments.

Whether or not Father intended to shed some additional light upon the current state of sacramental life in the Churches throughout the world, I don't know, but he did.  The shutdowns as inflicted upon the Catholic Churches are an attempt to strangle the Church to death and to choke off a necessary avenue of grace for our world that is obviously in dire straits.  I think it could very well be a deliberated goal on the part of some corrupt clergy, but it clearly is of the devils.  There are, of course, the clergy who really have no faith in God nor belief in the spiritual realm, so they play right into the hands of the other masterminds.

The immediate dissembling and capitulation of our bishops in the face of immoral and unconstitutional intrusion by civic officials is nothing short of sinful.  Indeed, in many cases, the bishops outdid the government in choking off the sacraments, and the graces that would flow from them.  Now that some of the local governments are backing off the restrictions, some bishops are moving to retain them.  The situation in Texas comes to mind.  Governor Abbott has done away with most restrictions, but that state's bishops, with the exception of Bishop Strickland, are keeping the sacraments from their flocks.

We now have a situation in which the world is spiritually and physically dying for lack of Masses being offered and other Sacraments being conferred.  It is up to us, the laity, to insist that Sacramental life be restored immediately, with our without the permission of increasingly rogue states.  No more can we just suffer this situation in silence.  If ever there was a time when "offering up" was simply a sanctimonious excuse for cowardice, now is that time.

For starters, please find below a petition that can be downloaded and mailed to your local bishop.  When you send it in, sign your name.  If you'd rather not spend the postage, you will be pleased to realize that many of the dioceses are having their annual appeals about now.  Many of those campaigns include the distribution of postage-paid envelopes in which you can send donations.  Well, use it for something more profitable to your diocese.  Put your letter therein and send it.  Please send them no money until they open both the Churches and the Sacraments.