Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye, Archdiocese Of Washington Pro-Life Office!

Read the Catholic Standard announcement here.  Oh, it all sounds nice and rosy, with all lightness and sweetness.  But is it?  Consider that now they will operate under the dubious auspices of Catholic Charities.

We've written a good bit of about Catholic Charities in the past - some of it in the recent past.  Read below..
That's quite a dismal picture - and these are just the problems of which I'm aware.  Now consider that a pro-life ministry is being placed under the thumb of this left-wing group that is obviously beholden to the feds.  What's going to happen the next time another Keehan or Hesburgh is wined and dined at a CC function?  Will the good people who currently work in the pro-life offices be forced to attend, smile and clap for these pro-abortion dissidents/heretics when the latter receive awards and accolades?  Will they be able to speak out forcefully against pro-abortion and anti-morality legislation?  I think we know the sad answers to those questions; they'll either muzzle themelves or lose their jobs.

To my fellow Catholic pro-life activists within the Archdiocese of Washington, I suggest strongly that you look for avenues of pro-life endeavor that are independent of your parishes.  The parishes must necessarily answer to the powers-that-be; now that will ultimately be Catholic Charities.  I'm not necessarily saying that you should separate entirely, but you certainly should not confine your activism to parochial or arcdiocesan initiated projects.  Be prepared to walk away if need be.

The Standard piece is set forth as a happy announcement of change for the pro-life activities of the archdiocese.  "Happy announcement"?  Try "obituary".

Wisconsin AFL-CIO And Planned Parenthood Hold Joint Rally

I know some of my readers are wondering what does the situation in Wisconsin have to do with morality?  After all, aren't the unions all about worker justice?  Well, that's what they'd like us to believe, and it does seem that the Wisconsin bishops and the USCCB swallowed that tripe "hook, line and sinker".  However, in joining with Planned Parenthood in such an open manner, the AFL-CIO has tipped their hand.  Will the dupes who work with the USCCB and the left-leaning Catholic Conferences now wake up?

I for one don't think the paring of AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood to be such an "odd couple" combination.  Why, they've lately demonstrated that they have so much in common!  "What is that?", you may ask.  What they have in common is ravenous desire to pick the pockets of the tax-paying citizens.

In that article is an embedded video.  Click here if you cannot see it.

Chuck Schumer Directing Partisan Smear During Budget Battle

On Tuesday evening, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was giving "talking point directions" to fellow Democrats, instructing them to call GOP "extreme".  The poor guy!  He was unaware that reporters were on the line, recording his, uh, "words of wisdom".  You will hear them yourself in the following clip.  That's how the progressive lemmings are trying to funnel our hard-earned dollars into Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Cowboy Poetry Festivals, and Lord only knows what other pork-barrell junk.

So Chuckie-Boy got caught with both feet in mouth.  For those of you who scoff at the notion that the progressives are willing to engage in smear tactics while claiming to be pure as the driven snow, the irrefutable evidence is below.  Chuckie-Boy has had quite the chequered career when it comes to hard-balling pro-life people and the Constitution.
  • He co-authored the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.  This act renders feloneous the blocking of entrances to abortion mills - but only abortion mills.  That means the union thugs of Wisconsin who blockaded the Wisconsin state house a few weeks ago got off scott free.  It's an act targeted at those of a specific view point, but that doesn't concern Chuckie!  Oh, by the way - the other author was none other than Montgomery County's own Connie Morella.
  • He doesn't know diddly-squat about the United States Constitution.  Read why in one of my previous posts.  No doubt this sort of ignorance impelled him to conduct his FACE caper.
So now here's the clip, along with Michele Bachmann putting him and the other progressives in their places.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Planned Pickpockets And Mammograms? Not!

Do you remember how Cecile Richards shrieked about the poor women who'd be denied their mammograms, should Planned Parenthood be denied continued access to our wallets?  Well you'll be shocked - just shocked, I tell you - to learn that Planned Parenthood doesn't do mammograms

Check out this Brietbart report.  Abby Johnson revealed that while she directed a PP center, they didn't do mammograms.  Live Action did some investigative work and found that in 27 of our 50 states (make that "57", if you're an Obama-phile), the local PPs did not perform mammograms.  I already suspected that, when I went to the 16th Street Planned Parenthood in Washington DC.  On the front of their building they hanged a banner advertising all the lovely stuff they do.  Guess what was missing?  Yep!  Mammograms!  But you needn't believe me!  Go to the website and look at the offerings of the various locations.  At best, they provide mammogram referrals.  That's right!  The mammograms are done at other facilities, not Planned Parenthood.  Cecile Richards, in that clip on the Breitbart report, is not being truthful when she says that unless Planned Parenthood picks your pockets, women will be denied mammograms.  By the way - if you can't see embedded video on the Breitbart report, click here or here.

That being said, I'm happy to report that as of now, it looks like the GOP is going to stand firm this time.  Let's keep on encouraging them to do so.  I for one wouldn't think it a tragedy at all if the federal beheamoth was brought to a standstill for a few blessed days.

Update On Senomyx Situation

Yesterday I related that several major food chains were partnering with a biotech company, Senomyx, that uses cells from aborted babies.  Today I learned from Lifesite News that Solae no longer has a relationship with Senomyx.

Mosque Renovations - Your Tax Dollars At Work??

This appears to be what the Messiah Most Miserable meant by "Hope And Change", that is, he HOPES we don't notice the CHANGE he's effecting.

While the US debt is skyrocketing, he's sending our dollars overseas to renovate mosques!  Where are all the "separation of church and state" whiners now?  We know they'd be in an uproar, had the Feds been renovating old Christian churches.

Watch this report and understand that if Dingy Harry wants to shut the federal government down, it's just fine with us - because maybe this huge waste of our tax dollars will be halted as well.  Click here to watch the report; the video is not embedable.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Major Food Chains Using Cells From Aborted Babies

Children of God for Life has learned that a biotech company called Senomyx is using cells from aborted babies to test artificial flavor enhancers in food.  Senomyx is partnering with several major food chains:
  • Pepsico
  • Nestle
  • Kraft Food/Cadbury Chocolate
  • Solae
Children of God for Life has called for a boycott not only of Senomyx, but also of their partners.  To illustrate the effectiveness of their boycott, they relate that Campbell Soup was another Senomyx partner, but very soon after the boycott was called, Campbell advised them that they were severing ties with Senomyx.

The COGFL site, linked above, has contact information for the companies involved.  Please contact them and advise them that you will not be de facto cannibals.  Thank you.

Important Update on HB235

Yesterday I had announced that HB235 was in the MD Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.  I learned a few hours ago that it has been transferred to the Rules Committee.  This pro-transgender site is now bemoaning what it believes the fate of the bill to be.  However, they also pledge to keep fighting.

I wish I could say their pessimism was accurate, but we dare not presume upon that.  We too must lobby that this bill does indeed die in committee - whatever committee that ultimately hears this thing.  Here is the list for the members of that committee

Below, for ease of emailing, is all the emails for the members of the committee.  Let those emails fly!,,,,,,,,,,

We Are "Taliban Catholics"?

Apparently that's what some in the progressive/liberal circles of the Church are dubbing us faithful, traditional Catholics who actually live by the teachings of the Church.  The Vortex clip elaborates on this below.  In the clip, Voris states that "out of charity" he won't name the journalist who coined this term "taliban Catholic".

Not finding myself in agreement with Voris's concept of charity on this occasion, I will go ahead and name this individual.  It wasn't difficult to determine that; all I had to do was google that term (and Voris must have known we'd do that!).  The delightful fellow is John Allen, a "reporter" from the National Catholic Reporter (no surprise there!).  Here's Father Z's take on the issue - I love that picture!  After a little more web-searching, I think I determined the identity of the priest to whom Voris was referring.  He is Fr Norm Tanck of Blessed Kateri Church in the Diocese of Rochester (NY).  Here's a link to the offending homily.  If Fr Tanck is not the priest whom Voris had in mind, then the "taliban Catholic" phrase is becoming very popular.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

CORRECTION: I now have reason to believe that Voris may have been referring to Fr Thomas Rosica, a dissident Canadian priest. Please visit this Lifesite News page for more details.

Catholic Charities Awards Dissident Father Hesburgh

Just how many  "Centennial Medals" is Catholic Charities going to bestow (at great waste of money)?  Last September they held a "Centennial Gatherings" in Washington DC.  As I said in August, their personage of honor was none other than Sister Carol Keehan; she received one of those baubles.  She had also been awarded the Pen of Perfidy by the Messiah Most Miserable for her pivotal role in forcing the "Obamanation" of Obamacare down our throats.  There were other unsavory people there who were wined and dined, as that post makes clear.

Well, in Alexandria Virginia they gave another "Centennial Medal" away - this time to Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame.  Father Larry Snyder said of Fr. Hesburgh, "few are of his caliber."  To that we reply, "we wish that were true."

What are some of the not-so-stellar accomplishments of Father Hesburgh?
  • He gave Msgr Jack Egan a place and resources with which to originate the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Recall that Msgr Egan was a follower of Saul Alinsky
  • He was a major driving force behind the creation and promulgation of the destructive Land O'Lakes Statement.  This statement explicitly claimed that Catholic institutions of higher learning owed no allegiance nor submission to the Teaching Majesterium of the Church.
Right there you have two ways in which Father Hesburgh helped to introduce progressive poison into the Church.  No doubt he is a darling to many of the thinly-disguised socialists running amok in high places - probably to Obama himself.  Now given the not-so-secret dependence that Catholic Charities has on federal largesse, it's not all that difficult to see why Catholic Charities is kissing up to Hesburgh.

Perhaps we need to promote a boycott of the in-pew Catholic Charities collection, as well as the CCHD collection.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Need To Double Down On HB 235

This past Friday, HB 235, the so-called "Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act", passed the MD House of Representatives.   It has now moved to the MD Senate.  We need to stop it there.

The particular senate committee is the Judicial Proceedings Committee.  I for one do not advocate lobbying the entire Senate at this time.  Rather, let's focus attention and effort on the members of this committee.  Let's keep this from coming to the senate floor.

In The Push To Defund Planned Parenthood, Where Are Our Bishops??

Not only from this blog, but from many other pro-life and conservative sources have you heard the clarion call to lobby Congress for Planned Parenthood's defunding.  However, quite deafening has been the silence of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Judie Brown of American Life League explores this oddity (well, maybe not so odd, coming from the USCCB).  Among other things, she points out the occurence of this struggle with the concurrent announcement from the New York bishops that they will be disobeying Canon 915 with respect to their local politicians.

I also suggest you read this piece by William Mayer.  He illustrates the dependence of Catholic Charities upon Federal dollars.  67% of their budget comes from the Federal government.  I too was struck by that as I examined Catholic Charities tax returns on Guidestar.  He suggests that they are being blackmailed into silence; actually, I think "bribed" might be more accurate than "blackmailed", but it's the same idea.  I also think the same could be true for many of the state Catholic conferences.  Why else this abysmal silence on the part of the shepherds who should be leading the charge?

Pro-Life Groups Secure Space Across From Carhart Abortion Mill In Germantown

Operation Rescue and Maryland Coalition for Life finalized a lease for office space across the parking lot from Germantown Reproductive Health Services, the mill in which Leroy Carhart is killing near-term babies.  See this page by Maryland Coalition for Life that explains the vision behind this office space - and the financial needs accompanying this venture.  This effort is so significant that even the Washington Post, the same newspaper that typically turns a blind eye to pro-life endeavors, saw fit to publicize an article about it.

I urge us all to consider generous gifts to continue with this outreach, to save women and babies from the forceps of Leroy Carhart.

The Truth About Abortion Sends Pro-Abort Lemmings Into A Tizzy

What is it about pro-abortion people and their visceral reactions to the true pictures of abortion?  Could it be that their consciences are stung by the truth?  Might it be that their abortionist pals might lose out on a few hundred dollars if an abortion-bound woman sees the pictures and (gasp!) chooses not to abort her baby?  Just last week at the Silver Spring Planned Parenthood we saw yet another typical knee-jerk reaction, as a deathscort tries (in vain) to block the truth.  Take a look to your right!  Note that tell-tale orange vest.

In another area of the country, the Northland Family Planning Center in Lansing, Michigan, tried to put a pretty, smiley face on the horror of abortion via a video in January.  The Center for Bioethical Reform took that clip and spliced some shots therein telling the truth about abortion.  Seeing that their attempt to put lipstick on a rattlesnake was being foiled, the abortuary is threatening to sue CBR.  The Thomas More Law Center is representing CBR and sent a letter to the abortuary's attorneys stating that they would be happy to take the matter to court.

Below is the CBR video.  Warning: GRAPHIC!  Click here if you can't see embedded video

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Geraldine Ferraro - God Have Mercy On Her Soul

Geraldine Ferraro passed away yesterday at the age of 76 years.  She made history as the first female Vice Presidential candidate.  In 1984, Walter Mondale chose her as his running mate; they lost to incumbents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush.

Her praises are being sung now as being a woman who broke that glass ceiling for women who would come after her; such is coming from the mouths of even pro-life leaders - who really should know better than that.  Only for those women who were not aborted might that claim be made of Ferraro.  The sad fact is that she espoused pro-abortion positions and policies, thus fomenting the most horrible oppression for countless little girls (and boys).  No "broken glass ceilings" for them!  To add insult to injury, she called herself Catholic.  She had the audacity to sign a letter claiming a "diversity of Catholic opinion" about abortion.  The late John Cardinal O'Connor rebutted that at a news conference, rightly stating that she misrepresented Catholic teaching.

I do not approve of all the laudatory things being said of her in disregard to the immense harm that her abortion advocacy caused, for that itself is an injustice to the unborn children and those in danger of abortion.  On the other hand, I have seen horrible imprecations against her on the internet; they are to be deplored as sins against God's mercy.

While we may not lionize this woman, we are obliged to pray for God's mercy upon her soul, that she might have repented at the end and obtained eternal salvation.

Biden Staff Locks Reporter In Closet??

A Michelle Malkin column alerted me to this Daily Mail article.  Given the subject matter, it's no surprise that the mainstream-media liberal lemmings would remain mum about this.  So we have to learn of this through a British publication and Newsbusters.

Apparently the incident happened this past Wednesday, at a Florida fundraiser for Ben Nelson.  Joe Biden was to appear.  An Orlando Sentinel reporter, Scott Powers, was not deemed fit to mingle with the guests (who paid the pittance of $500 to attend this fufu).  I don't quite understand how the staffers got Powers to go into the closet, but once he was there, the staffers made certain he didn't leave.

Strangely, there is no outrage over this - as there would be, had Republicans pulled this feloneous stunt.  Yes, I said felony.  Last I checked, "kidnapping" and "false imprisonment" were felonies.  Not even the Orlando Sentinel seems to care; I wonder if they were paid "hush money" - or perhaps threatened.

If nothing else, this highlights the need for First Amendment rights to be enjoyed - and utilized - by all, including average bloggers like Yours Truly.

It also highlights the need to further in 2012 what was started in 2010, and to make sure that Biden is safely out of public office.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lautenberg's Apology? I'm Holding Out For Impeachment!

Planned Parenthood's little pink bus tour stopped in New Jersey on March 22nd.  At the stop, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg told the audience at that rally that pro-life people "don't deserve the freedoms in the Constitution".  Such ignorance and arrogance is only too typical of people who advocate and support the murder of babies.  Think of it.  If they have no problem slaughtering children who they deem inconvenient, then how can they have qualms about depriving other people of other rights, when they deem the exercise of such rights to be inconvenient or otherwise troubling to them?  In the video below (provided by NJ Right to Life) you can hear the blatant evil arrogance for yourself.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

There are many demands for Lautenberg to apologize.  While that is desirable, I think there's another aspect to consider.  First, realize that the First Amendment exists precisely to protect speech that a sizable percentage of people deem unpopular.  If speech is deemed popular by a majority of people, it doesn't require protection, right?  The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing in inserting the Bill of Rights into the Constitution.

Senator Lautenberg, in assuming his office, took an oath in which he swore to uphold the Constitution.  Whatever else his ill-advised quip may be, I believe he violated his oath of office.  Remember - he used his senatorial status as a "bully pulpit" to expound his sentiments.  While I'm not a Constitutional lawyer, I think this at least comes close to being impeachable.

To My Anonymous Commenter On My Earth Hour Post

Thank you for your remarks, both on the Earth Hour post, and the post calling for Planned Parenthood defunding.  Yes, I do have access to IP addresses of those who comment and visit the blog (a common blogger capability), so I know the comments originated from the same computer.  I will reply to them together, for together they are quite illustrative of the progressive mindset that has corroded the thinking of so many.

First, when I ask for respect, I do so on behalf of people - human beings.  It is they who are created in the image and likeness of God - not dogs, chickens, bunny rabbits, but human beings are invested with that dignity.  In fact, God bestowed on us the greatest dignity of sending His Son Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, to become true man.

That same respect is not due to actions or ideas that do not conform to God's laws.  Thus the "climate change, global warming, carbon footprint" deserves no respect whatsoever.  It would all be a silly hoax if there was no "method to the madness" behind it all.  I invite all to examine some previous posts, most of them containing links to excellent research.

All that being said, let's bring into consideration your other comment, the one that incorrectly states that "unborn fetuses are far from citizens".  Assuming that their parents are citizens, they most certainly are.  I believe your intent was to dispute their status as people rather than citizens.  If so, mere biology argues for the truth against your erroneous position.  Your dismissive, condescending attitude towards these babies - simply because they're little - speaks much of the moral and intellectial vacuity of the so-called "pro-choice" position.  You display utter contempt for these little people and then have the chutzpah to chide me for "disrespect" because I expose crackpot ideas for what they are?  That's actually quite laughable.  Nice try - but no cigar!

By the way - in a previous post, I suggested we call our lights-on hour "Light Up The Night!"  I also coughed up a little song that we can all sing, to the tune of "Happy Birthday".  Here goes:

Happy Earth Hour to you,
To a very naive crew.
You believe in "carbon footprints".
You don't have a clue!

Friday, March 25, 2011

"If Slaugtherhouses Had Glass Walls.."

"Everyone would be a vegetarian."  Then this video goes on to show the gruesome process of slaughtering animals.  The whole idea behind this is to convince one and all that such practices are inherently immoral and that all should foreswear meat to keep the slaughter from being done to animals.

Let's change the scenario a bit with this statement.  "If abortion centers had glass walls, everyone would be pro-life."  That's why we show the pictures.  That's why pro-abortion proponents and those who make their blood money from baby-slaughter cringe when the truth is shown.

Click here if you can't see embedded video. Warning - it is gorey.

To see some pro-abortion "escorts" make fools of themselve vis-a-vis their hatred of the truth, click here.

Tomorrow - Earth Hour!

Let It Blaze!!
What is that, you ask?  Why, it's the time, designated by envirowhackos and "climate change" dupes everywhere, when we are asked to turn off every light in our homes - 8:30pm, to be precise, in your respective time zone.  Go to the "earth hour" website to learn how they are brainwashed think.  Hey, it's even an item on the "lenten carbon fast" calendar!

Well, guess what I'll be doing?  I will be turning ON every light in my home!  Who will join me in this simple gesture to stand up to "climate change" hoaxsters?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michele Bachmann For President??

She is reportedly going to form a presidential exploratory committee in the summer.  So far she's the most appealing of those Republicans who have made presidential noises.  The thought of Trump, Gingrich, Romney and some others frankly turns my stomach, as all have displayed troublesome RINO characteristics and have given me reason to believe that they will not put the babies at the top of their priority lists.

Michele Bachmann has shown principle.  I don't have time to go into a litany right now, but bear in mind that when the first "continuing resolution" GOP betrayal went down, she was one of a handful of Republicans that opposed the betrayal of babies to Planned Parenthood courtesy of our tax dollars. 

I encourage her to continue. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Current CCHD Grantees Participate In "Economic Terrorism"?

Both Michael Hichborn of American Life League and my colleague at the Threshing Grain alerted me to this.  This past weekend, a left-wing gathering organized by the Left Forum occurred at Pace University of New York City.  A glance at the program (downloadable, by the way) is quite educational in many respects.  You'll see seminars such as "Understanding and Responding to the Tea Party Threat" and "The Attack on Teacher Unionism and Public Education".

Look at the board of directors of the Left Forum.  Take note of the name Frances Fox Piven.  That's right!  She is one half of the brains behind the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  I've written on this previously.  Heavily influenced by Alinskyan thought, the basic idea is to overwhelm the government and other authorities with unreasonable demands and pressures so that it collapses, or comes close to it.  Bear that in mind as you watch the clip later on.

John Boehner! Eric Cantor! We're Waiting! Just Do It!

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Supposedly the adults are now in charge of the House of Representatives. Now's the time for them to show it - even if that means that the feds might have to shut down for a few days (which would actually cut quite a bit more waste, come to think of it).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request For A Fellow Blogger

In this post a fellow Catholic blogger relates that her godfather, in the Netherlands, is scheduled to be euthanized - that is, murdered - this Friday.  What are we coming to, and how can we now avoid God's judgment?

Pray for this poor woman and her godfather.  And pray for our poor deluded world.

New Ways Ministry - An Old Dinosaur Sneezes

New Ways Ministries was one of those gadfly outfits that rose out of the stench of the so-called "spirit of Vatican II" in the 1970s.  Founded by Father Robert Nugent and Sister Jeannine Gramick, their self-styled "mission" was to be "a gay-positive ministry of advocacy and justice for LGBT Catholics.."  In 1984, the Vatican clamped down on this bunch and forced Nugent and Gramick to separate from New Ways.

Now what does this "mission" entail?  They certainly have published no works detailing how the LGBT-afflicted Catholic might be freed of his/her cross.  There have been no exhortations from New Ways urging them to live chaste lives according to the teaching of the Church (as does Courage, a truly worthwhile ministry).  No, they are about dissent and the promulgation of dissent.  Namely, they want all the Church to pretend that the gay lifestyle is just as acceptable as adherence to tradtional Church teaching.

They're headquartered in Prince George's County, MD - within the Archdiocese of Washington.  A few months ago, New Ways plopped one of their booklets upon the public at large entitled "Marriage Equality: A Positive Catholic Approach".  Of course the release of that booklet would coincide with the recent gay-marriage struggle that occurred in Annapolis.  Make no mistake - it was designed to obfuscate the Catholic voice in that struggle.

This past February, then-USCCB president Cardinal George issued a statement denouncing the position of New Ways on marriage as being at variance with the Catholic Church.  He went on to say that "in no manner is this organization authorized to speak on behalf of the Catholic Church or to identify itself as a Catholic organization."   On March 11th, two committee chairmen of the USCCB, including Washington's Cardinal Wuerl, issued a statement reaffirming that of Cardinal George's.

About five or so years ago, some of us picketed a meeting that New Ways conducted in Silver Spring.  There were only five of us picketing.  However, we outnumbered the meeting attendees!  It was a clear sign to us that these dissident groups are in their death throes.  However, just as a dying cockroach often flails its legs about in its final agony, these groups also let loose their sputters during their last gasps.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Abortion Bill In Annapolis Needs Our Immediate Attention!

Several weeks ago Virginia's Governor McDonnell signed into law a measure that would require abortion centers in Virginia to meet the standards required of other stand-alone surgical centers.  Prior to that, they were only required to meet the standards of doctors' offices.  If the pro-abortion proponents were truly solicitous of women's safety, they'd be all for these professional standards that would increase the chances of a "safe procedure".  They show their true colors (and those of the abortuaries) by bemoaning the costs and their "fears" (our hopes) that the bulk of the Virginia abortuaries would close.

We of Maryland have that same opportunity!  In Annapolis, the House Health and Government Operations Committee has recently heard House Bill 23 and much testimony from families of abortuary victims.  They will vote on it very soon.  Maryland Right to Life has a list of Delegates who are on that committee and their contact information.  Contact these delegates and urge them to support HB 23.  If they truly care about women, as most of them claim, tell them this is one way that they can prevent the Brigham and Ferrer debacles from repeating themselves.

The parallel Senate bill is SB 505.  We'll be following that too.

Good people of Maryland showed much energy and determination with the gay marriage bills recently.  Let's bring that same commitment to bear on this matter, also.

Citizenlink.Com WIth Imformation About Planned Parenthood Defunding

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

40 Days For Life Founders Coming To Washington DC

Shawn and Marilisa Carney, 40 Days for Life co-founders, will be coming to Our Lady of Victory Church on Thursday, March 24, starting at 8:00pm.  The church is located at 4835 MacArthur Boulevard in Washington DC.

Come and hear how this prayer effort started and evolved, from a local initiative into a world-wide event.  For more info, contact Beth Garcia at

Father Pfleger To Be Transferred

Lifesitenews reports that Father Michael Pfleger, longtime pastor of St Sabina in the Archdiocese of Chicago will soon be transferred to a local Catholic high school.  Father Pfleger has earned the title "Obama's other pastor" for good cause.  For more on him, put "Pfleger" in this blog's search box.

The article states that the St Sabina parishioners are disappointed over Pfleger's impending departure.  My pity and sympathies are not with them; rather they are with the students whose faith Pfleger will most likely corrupt.

Reid Would Shut Down The Government For THIS????

Yesterday in Everett, Washington, the local Planned Parenthood botched an abortion and sent the woman to a hospital.  See the report here and here.

Currently, ladies and gentlemen, this murder of babies and mangling of women is -


Urge the leadership of the House of Representatives to stand firm and insist on inclusion of the Pence Amendment in its entirety.  If the federal government must cease operations for a while to drive home that point, so be it!

HT to Operation Rescue.

So Shut It Down Already!!

Dingy Harry Reid is on record of saying that he'd rather see the federal government shut down rather than drop funding for Planned Parenthood.  So who's being an "obstructionist" now??? 

I share Father Pavone's sentiments when he says that if the federal government is going to fund baby-killing, it deserves to be shut down, as it has abandoned its main purpose - the defense of all its citizens from unjust aggression.

So the progressives want the beheamoth shut down if Planned Parenthood is defunded; we pro-lifers say it should be shut down if it continues in the baby-killing business.  It seems that both sides see the federal government as being rather expendible - and the greater bulk of it is.  So let the shut-down happen!  I for one don't see that as a problem.  It's far better than the United States incurring more blood guilt for babies slain.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Alberta Bishops Cop Out Of Their Local March For Life

Actually, they claim to be boycotting that March for Life.  And what is the lame excuse?  Oh yes, it's lame!  They're not coming because march organizers cannot guarantee that participants won't bring graphic abortion pictures - the ones that tell the plain truth about what abortion is.  The pictures that do tend to prick consciences with their frank depiction of the horrid violence that is abortion.

I suppose the bishops don't want people to be made uncomfortable by the truth.  But isn't that the nature of truth?  There are, in fact, only two authentic reactions to truth.  They are:
  • Acceptance of the truth and adherence to it, usually resulting in repentance and coversion
  • Rejection of the truth and bitter hatred of those who bear its standard, often resulting in violent actions to the truth-bearers (the woman mentioned in the post below suffered such violence)
No phony "kinder and gentler" approach will do, as any attempt to spin the truth or put a "kind face" to it will inherently render the truth to be falsehood.

So why are the bishops refusing to be around the stark depictions of the truth?  Will they soon be taking down the crucifixes from their churches and other buildings?  The Lifesitenews article from which I gleaned this information has the contact information for these bishops.  Please - particularly my Canadian readers - write to them and insist that they "man up" to their sacerdotal graces and responsibilities.

Fire Bomb Thrown At Pro-Life Prayer Warrior At An Abortuary

Don't expect to find this in the Washington Post or New York Times.  Had it been a pro-abortion person who was the target of the violence, they would sound the alarm far and wide and often.  But not for a pro-life person - mum's the word.  That's why we bloggers are here - and why the Messiah Most Miserable and the Mindless Minions of the Left want to shut us down.

Last evening, in Kalispell, Montana, someone threw a Molotov cocktail bomb at a 40 Days for Life participant as she was praying in front of the local abortuary.  Fortunately he or she missed and the woman, who was rather elderly, was unharmed.  It did ignite as it hit the ground.  Had it hit her, it would have injured her and perhaps even killed her.

From the Lifenews account, the woman appeared to have been alone (I'll get into that deplorable state of affairs later).  She called the local 40 Days leader who alerted the police.  Apparently it's rather difficult to alert that police department out of its lethargy, owing to their dismissive attitude towards what may have been an attempt on that woman's life.  Tom Brecha of the Thomas More Society is stepping forward on that woman's behalf to press for disciplinary action against the (hardly) responding officer and his supervisor.

Wake-up call for 40 Days for Life leaders!!  Anyone who accepts a position of leadership, formal or de facto, bears moral responsibility for the safety of the people whom he/she directs in any Christian/pro-life endeavor.  You must, before God, do your utmost to make conditions as safe as humanly possible.  Don't be naive or cavalier with that aspect of your responsibilty and then claim that is "trusting God".  That is not true faith; rather, it is a sanctimoneous cop-out.

Leaders!  Please make it a policy that no one goes out alone to the mills - particularly women.  If that means some slots go uncovered, that's just tough tiddly-winks.  Of course there will be some who do so anyway; you can't stop that, but you can make very clear that you disapprove of that.  Again, the responsibility is ours.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today Is Saint Patrick's Day

I'd like to wish everyone a truly blessed Saint Patrick's Day.  When I say that, I mean a day that truly honors the saint and is free of the "green beer", "kiss-me-I'm-Irish" profanations of this day that have absolutely nothing to do with the Saint that brought Christianity to Ireland.  Let me say outright that I am largely of Irish descent - as if that should matter.

Read St Patrick's life from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia.  This is what we celebrate today - not green beer, not Irish culture, but the conversion of an island of pagans in its entirety.  How many here know that today Ireland remains abortion-free?  Granted there are forces that are trying to change that, but the fact that they haven't yet succeeded (hopefully never will) is testament to the foundaton that St. Patrick laid.

Saint Patrick Day pollutants:
Leprechauns  A glance at the wikipedia write-up on these confirms their origins from false religions that were prominent in Ireland before Christianity took root.  It is held that St. Patrick drove snakes from Ireland.  Might belief in these creatures be one of those snakes?  Why then this flirtation, this overly-jocular attitude towards them?  By the way - Druidic culture and practices are coming into vogue by some practitioners of new age idolotries.
Clamoring for exemption from the Lenten abstinence  I first encountered this about eight years ago, when an archdiocesan dispensation was given from the abstinence from meat, because March 17th fell on a Lenten Friday.  In all my years of growing up in Catholic schools, I never heard of it until recently.  What is the motivation for that?  It certainly isn't to celebrate the man who underwent fasting and penances to honor his God for whom he labored.  Indeed, as I discussed the matter with people, I got the sense that they were giggly and gloating about "getting away with corned beef" on a Lenten Friday, like naughty little children.  For the next several years, March 17th won't fall on a Friday, so for now we'll be spared that deplorable spectacle.
Drunkedness  For some reason beyond my comprehension, this is seen as being a rather adorable foible of the Irish.  Many in society truly believe that - why do you think those police vehicles are called "paddy wagons"?  The truth is that alcoholism has plagued many Irish people; Blessed Matt Talbot's life bears witness to that.  However, on this day, drunkedness is expected in celebration of this day.  I heard that there are provisions being made for that in DC, to prevent drunken driving on this day.  Is that how St Patrick is to be honored?

My fellow Catholics of all nationalities, let us throw away the leprechauns and green food dye; at best, they're distractions.  If we're going to pick shamrocks, let's use them as did Saint Patrick - to teach of the Blessed Trinity.  Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Drat Those House Republican Meanies! No Cowboy Poetry Festival!

That's the gist of Harry Reid's screed against HR1, the House budget clean-up bill that starts to strip nonsense pork-barrel money drains from the budget.  As you watch this, notice that he first whines that HR 1 would defund "national public broadcasting".  After NPR's little stings of the past few weeks, we rejoice in that prospect.  More importantly, the Federal government has no Constitutional mandate to interject itself in "public broadcasting".

He then bemoans the fate of (drum roll, please!)


Oh my, oh my!  How will the United States ever survive without the "Cowboy Poetry Festival"?  After all, as Dingy Harry says at the 0:29 mark, "had that program not been around, the tens of thousands of people who come there every year would not exist."  Wow!  It sounds like he's been hanging around Joe Biden for way too long!!  The people would not exist??  Alright, you liberal crybabies!  For weeks you ballyhooed when then-Vice President Dan Quayle mispelled the word "potato", so don't bother to snivvel about any alleged "mean-spiritness" from me!

Listen to Dingy Harry for yourself!  If you can't see embedded video, click here.

Hey!  If this festival goes on (hopefully with no tax dollars of ours), I think I'll enter this into any contest they may have.  Here goes!

   We cowboys will have us a rodeo,
   'Cause Dingy Harry rustled up some taxpayor dough!

Whadya think?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Major Victory For Montgomery County Pregnancy Centers!

The Alliance Defense Fund is rendering crucial assistance to pro-life pregnancy centers by arguing for the plaintiffs in Centro Tepeyak v. Montgomery County.  In light of the victory won by Baltimore pregnancy centers, a federal court has ordered that the onorous regulation be put on hold.  Read the ADF press release here.

We too believe that the pregnancy centers will prevail against this ludicrous, NARAL-orchestrated farce that was put in place by pro-abortion advocates simply to ensure that blood money flows into the coffers of abortionists.  Thanks be to God, and let's soldier on!

Note: For some background on this matter, check out this blog's archives from December 1, 2009 onward.

Here are some posts regarding the ruling pertaining to Baltimore City:

Teachers' Unions Explained!

Probably truer than they might want to admit!  For a whole series of these videos, visit

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

A Less-Than-Peaceful Planned Parenthood Funding Supporter

From the New haven Register, we read that local police and FBI agents visited the home of an elderly woman in Guilford CT after she left threatening messages on the phone of a politician.  She threatened to castrate him because he favors the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  She was "very upset" because she used to volunteer with Planned Parenthood.  See what slavishness these death-dealing organizations engender?

While the authorities did verify that this woman did indeed make the threats, they declined to arrest her, not believing the threats to be credible.  One wonders what might have been their course of action had the woman been in favor of cutting the Planned Parenthood funding and she had directed her threat to a pro-abortion politician.  The reports do not name the woman.

The reports also decline to name the threatened politician.  However, there are many politicians whom the woman would not have been inclined to threaten in her rather bizarre manner, including Republicans.  Due to their votes to continue the Planned Parenthood funding, she would not have felt it necessary to make such calls to them.  And yes, the previous sentence can have several meanings!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"What About Rape And Incest?"

Well, listen to some who were thus conceived - if you dare!

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Planned Parenthood Still Rides The Gravy Train On Our Dime

The House of Representatives passed the second continuing resolution this afternoon, again giving Planned Parenthood $950,000 per day, until April 8th.  However, this time the margin of passage was much more narrow: 271-158.

Happily, many Republicans who voted for the first one abandoned the "go-along-to-get-along" mindset and put principle over politics.  Among those are Maryland's Roscoe Bartlett and Andy Harris.  Mike Pence and Chris Smith also saw fit to join Michele Bachmann and Steve King on the morally-correct side.  On the other hand, I'm most disappointed in Eric Cantor and Jeff Sessions, who still voted for the mess.

Let's give a hand to those Republicans who are bucking the GOP/RINO establishment and who are doing their moral and constitutional duty in opposing Planned Parenthood.  Let's also give words of warning to those who vote to fund baby-murder with our tax dollars.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Less-Than-Charming Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood

I'll put them after the jump break, so as not to overpower this page.  I also should warn you that since you'll see the detrimental effects of Planned-Parenthood-inspired brain poison on young minds, you'll hear similarly dumbed-down and even vulgar language from these kids.  Pray for them.

Immorality - A Danger To This Life, As Well As Eternal Life

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Baby Joseph Has New Lease On Life

Baby Joseph Maraachi is finally free from the clutches of the Canadian hospital that was, in effect, clamoring for the baby's demise.  See the Fox News report here.  After hearing from thousands of good people who beseiged them via phone calls, letters and emails, they finally released the boy to Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life who then had him flown by medical jet to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis, MO.  The last I heard was that doctors there were reassessing his condition.  At the very least, the little guy will live out his last days in a humane, dignified manner.

We all, of course, owe thanks to God for saving the baby's life.  We must also draw some serious lessons.  In that Canadian hospital we see an ominous preview of the degradation of our own health care system should Obamacare ever be fully implemented.  Our own loved ones, and yes we ourselves may find our lives in dire peril - and there will be no US hospital to which to flee.

UN Resolution - Criticism Of Islam A "Crime"

Here it is.  So the UN bloviates that it is a crime to criticize the violent underpinnings of Islam.  Well ain't that just tough toenails.  I guess we're all going to find jail to be a bit crowded.

Hey!  For good measure, let's tell the truth about the United Nations, and what a collosal waste of money and real estate that it is.

UN = Useless Nincompoops

And I Thought The Carbon Fast Was Disgraceful!

Perhaps it still is for the Catholics.  After all this nonsense is occurring in the Episcopalean Church.  An Episcopal priest, for Lent, wants to adopt Islamic practices "to gain a deeper understandng of the faith".

I have to hand it to the Episcopal bishop there.  He put the priest on notice that if the nonsense continues, there will be a defrocking.  Now I might add that this priest was Roman Catholic, but didn't appreicate our "conservative viewpoints".  Hmmm... I wonder what he thinks Islamic viewpoints are.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

And The USCCB Continues To Be The Unions' Little Lap Dogs??

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Alliance Defense Fund And Schindlers Save The Life Of Woman Whom Georgetown Threw To The Curb

Last weekend I notified you of the plight of Rachael Nyirahaabiyambere, an immigrant from Rwanda whose feeding tube was removed at the instigation of Georgetown University Medical Center, a supposedly "Catholic" healing institution.  From now on, I'll use the adjective "catholyc" to refer to them.

At that time, I believed her death was inevitable and imminent.  Happily, I am proven incorrect.  She is still alive.  Moreover, as my fellow blogger Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit reports, her feeding tube was restored by court order.  It appears that the Alliance Defense Fund  and the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network came to the assistance of the woman's family, who had previously been ill-served by lawyers who, at best, had "conflicts of interest".  With that assistance, the family obtained the humane help that their mother needs.  At least for now that murder is averted.

It's truly a blight on the local church that a secular court had to undo a murderous order instigated by a supposedly "Catholic" institution.  Additionally, it is a disgrace that there was not the slightest peep uttered from the offices of the Archdiocese of Washington regarding this murderous situation that was taking place within their boundaries.  (Could it be that they were too busy quashing the Pontifical Mass that was scheuled to occur at the Nationa Shrine next month?  See my fellow blogger's posts on that debacle.)  I also don't recall hearing diddly-squat from the USCCB, those self-reputed champions of the poor and oppressed.

Here's some reminders, from basic Catholic medical ethics.  The providing of food and/or water is not extraordinary medical care.  It is part of basic care; it is the duty of any medical institution - most especially a Catholic one - to provide that care without condition nor hesitation.  Got that, boys and girls of Georgetown?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Say "NO!!" To ANY Budget, Short-Term Or Permanent, That Gives One More Red Penny To Planned Parenthood

Much of this information comes from Jill Stanek's blog; I commend Family Research Council and other groups who are monitoring the votes.  The post relayed the dismal news that last evening, the GOP-controlled House Appropriations Committee released another proposed short-term Continuing Resolution to kick in when the current one expires next week.  It continues the Planned Parenthood funding to the tune of:

$950,000 each DAY

That is unacceptable, to say the least.

Marriage Preserved In Maryland, By The Grace Of God...

And also by a lot of hard work by many concerned citizens over these past several weeks!  Democrat leaders in the House, not wanting to have a failed vote on the measure designed to pervert the definition of marriage, moved it back into committee, putting it into abeyance for the year.

Some are laying the "blame" on Catholics and black churches.  If such be the case, I for one accept such "blame" with glee.

This is the sort of thing that can happen when enough good people stand up and take action and raise our voices - and rely on God's grace.  Now make no mistake - this bill is NOT dead.  It is merely put on mothballs for a while.  The progressive elements will trot this thing out again, most likely next year.  We must be just as vigilant and just as ready to take firm, sustained action.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keep Lobbying The Maryland House Of Delegates To Preserve Marriage!

Please contact House Delegates NOW

The latest word is that the same sex marriage bill's supporters are still a few votes short of the 71 votes needed to send the bill to the governor. Read the Times article on how you have made a difference.

But activists are pulling out all the stops, seeking to win over the handful of delegates who have not yet declared how they will vote. The full House opened debate on the bill today, with a vote to come at any time. We need your help today. Help keep the pressure up! Help make sure your delegate gets the message: The people of Maryland do not want to redefine marriage. Period.


Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. (Democrat, District 27ACalvert & Prince George's), (301) 423-8100

Delegate Veronica Turner (D26 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3212,(301) 858-3212

Delegate John Olszewski, Jr. (D6 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3458, (301) 858-3458

ERIC M. BROMWELL (Democrat, District 8, Baltimore County)
House Office Building, Room 415,(410) 841-3766, (301) 858-3766

RUDOLPH C. CANE (Democrat, District 37A, Dorchester & Wicomico Counties)
House Office Building, Room 364,(410) 841-3427, (301) 858-3427

ANA SOL GUTIERREZ (Democrat, District 18, Montgomery County)
House Office Building, Room 220, (410) 841-3181, (301) 858-3181

ROBERT A. COSTA (Republican, District 33B Anne Arundel County)
House Office Building, Room 159, (410) 841-3551, (301) 858-3551

Delegate Tawanna Gaines (D22 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3058,(301) 858-3058

Delegate James Proctor, Jr. (D27A, Calvert & Prince George's Counties), (410) 841-3083, (301) 858-3083

Delegate Kriselda Valderrama (D26 Prince Georges County) * Judiciary Committee, (410) 841-3210, (301) 858-3210

Delegate Melody Griffith (D25 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3557, (301) 858-3557

Delegate Melvin Stukes (D44 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3544, (301) 858-3544

Delegate Marvin Holmes (D23B Prince Georges), (410) 841-3310, (301) 858-3310

Delegate Nathaniel Oaks (D41 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3283, (301) 858-3283

Delegate Barbara A. Robinson ( D40 Baltimore City) (410)841-3520 (301)858-3520

Send an email to your own delegates.
Please take action right now. Your email could make the difference.

Call individual legislators-Phone 301 970 5000

URGENT We believe the vote may be on Friday; that is TOMORROW.

If you can go to Annapolis and lobby these delegates as well as your own today or tomorrow now is the time!

Come out for the vote in Annapolis in House chambers on Friday (March 11th) from 10:00-1:00 and if they don't have it because of your calls go and lobby some more.

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS AND CALLS!!!! Forward this alert/blog post to as many people as possible.

Vortex On "Climate Change" Bastardization Of Lent

Michael Voris asks some very good questions of the "climate change" drones who prowl the halls of the USCCB building.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

The Catholic Investigative Agency episode to which he refers can be found here.  If you haven't watched it yet, please do so.  It's an hour long, but worth every minute.

Time To Fire Some Parish School Teachers In Sioux Falls, SD

We've all seen videos lately of singers doing  "flash mob" performances in train stations, shopping malls, etc.  I've no problem with those venues, as there is nothing inherently sacred about those surroundings.

However, there are some teachers at St Mary Catholic Church in Sioux Falls who, not appreciating the gravity of Lent and Ash Wednesday, goaded their pupils into doing a "flash mob" stunt during Ash Wednesday MassRead this article and watch the video contained therein.  As you read how these teachers wax lyrical about this stunt, you may think such blathering to be almost as insipid as the thinking that instigated their liturgical abuse.

What was also abused, in the name of "art", were these children.  They were ill-served by those teachers as they learned that they can do goofy stuff and glom all sorts of attention - attention that should be directed soley to Our Lord.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is That A Carbon Footprint On Your Forehead??

There appears to be a renewed attempt to substitute adherence to environmentalism for authentic Lenten practices.  As noted last week, Blessed Sacrament in Chevy Chase has pulled the "lenten carbon fast" out of the mothballs and is foisting it on their unsuspecting parishioners (causing the death of many trees with all that paper used, I might add).

We now see from Catholic News Services that the so-called "Catholic Coalition On Climate Change" wants us to do things like "give up disposable paper products such as napkins and paper towels"  We should be grateful that they didn't include toilet paper in that litany.  Of course the incandescent light bulb has to go; that seems to be a common one.  Why?  Well, as their Dan Misleh says, "Lent is the perfect time to examine our lifestyles," he added. Even giving up a food item like chocolate or ice cream "reminds us that we do need to live more within our means, more in touch with people who don't have any of these things."  That's not why we sacrifice things.  We do so to remind ourselves that these things are fleeting and that we must prepare ourselves for eternal life.  Oh, by the way - they plan to send "Catholic Climate Ambassadors" to brainwash "educate" us on their enlightened thinking.

 Now I have a question.  With all this talk of "reducing carbon footprints", what do these earth-worshippers think of the Ash Wednesday liturgical practice of burning palm leaves and applying them to the foreheads of penitants?  I can imagine that some are in a tizzy that those palm leaves weren't put in a compost pile, but instead were burned (polluting the air and corroding the ozone layer, to boot) and that this is done world-wide.  Will we soon hear from them clarion calls to reject even more tradition, one that again recalls to us our mortality, to worship Gaia and Mother Earth?

Forget all this environmentalism.  Let this Lent for you be a true time of repentance and renewal.  One of the most useful things to come out of the Archdiocese of Washington in recent years has been Cardinal Wuerl's "The Light Is On For You" program.  It is an effort to get Catholics to resort to the Sacrament of Confession; and it appears to be working.  Prior to that, when I went to Confession, I could just walk straight from the church doors into a confessional.  Now I have to wait in lines of 8-10 people.  I'm not complaining!  This is a good, healthy sign that people are taking their spiritual welfare seriously.  So go to Confession - regularly.  Get to daily Mass.

I'd also suggest prayer at the abortion centers, to ask God's mercy on our nation and to perhaps reach out to troubled women.  Today was the start of the 40 Days for Life, a campaign of prayer and outreach that is now international in scope.  To learn more of this program and to find a location near you, visit that website and click on the locations tab.  Right off the bat I can tell you that there are campaigns in Silver Spring, Germantown, College Park, Northwest DC, Fairfax, Severna Park.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why Ron Paul Is NOT An Acceptable Presidential Candidate

I thank Mr. Paul for his candor about the role that he feels the Federal government should assume in protecting unborn children.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say "should NOT assume".  In a nutshell, he believes that abortion is murder, but he also believes that the Federal government has no role in making any decisions regarding the same.  It "should be left to the individual states".

He's a big advocate for states' rights over federal obtrusiveness.  Generally, I'd agree with him, but not here.  There are matters that trump even states' rights - such matters are the rights of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", and IN THAT ORDER!  One of the prime functions of government is to protect its citizens from unjust aggression - all of its citizens.  If abortion is outlawed in one state, but embraced in next state, that means some citizens are imperiled while others are protected.  That's not morally acceptable by any stretch of the imagination - and perhaps a violation of the 14th Amendment to boot.

Some might say, "hey, if you don't like a state's law, you can move to another", with regard to abortion.  Oh really?  Let's try a little common sense here.  The person who has the most at stake in this question, the unborn child obviously lacks the ability to "just pick up and move".   He or she deserves no less protection than does anyone else.

This is one primary reason why I believe this "libertarian" position is immoral and is not compatible with true conservatism nor Christianity.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Maryland Citizens! Keep Up Those Phone Calls And Emails!

HB175 is on the House floor now.  If it passes, O'Malley will sign it.  Please - in addition to your own delegates - call and email the following:

District 19-(Montgomery County) Sam Arora- 410-841-3528
District 43¬(Baltimore City) Curt Anderson- 410- 841- 3291
District 8-(Baltimore County) Eric Bromwell- 410-841-3766
District 40- (Baltimore City) Frank Conaway- 410-841-3189
District 22- (PG County) Tawanna Gaines- 410-841-3058
District 25-(PG County) Melony Griffith- 410-841-3557
District 44-(Baltimore City) Keith Haynes- 410-841-3801
District 46-(Baltimore City) Brian McHale-410-841-3319
District 28-(Charles County) Peter Murphy- 410-841-3247
District 27A (PG County) James Proctor- 410-841-3083
District 47-(PG County) Michael Summers- 410-841-3340
District 40 – (Baltimore City) Shawn Tarrant- 410-841-3545
District 13-(Howard County) Frank Turner- 410-841-3246
District 26-(PG County) Veronica Turner- 410-841-3212

For a "one-stop" web location of all contact information, visit

Sister Carol Keehan! Help Baby Joseph!

I echo the call of my fellow blogger for Sister Carol Keehan and her Catholic Health Association to step up to the plate and put her money where her mouth is!  Lord knows with that salary, she has ample resources for the same.

C'mon!  Father Frank Pavone has a plane waiting to help the boy!  Where are you?  Take out that Pen of Perfidy and put it to good use for a change!

Yoo-Hoo!  Are you there???

Governor Cuomo Not Meeting With Catholic Leaders

New York's bishops and other leaders are preparing for a state Catholic conference.  According to this CBS article, it is apparently a tradition for the governor to participate in these conferences.  However, he informed Archbishop Dolan that he could not make it this year.

Some view it as a snub, owing to Edward Peter's remarks that Cuomo should be denied Communion, on account of his very public shack-up and dissident views.  My opinion?  Big deal!  If anything, the governor is sparing the New York bishops the duty of telling him that he has absolutely no business attending that Catholic conference.  There is nothing worthwhile he could bring to the conference table, seeing that he is playing the dissident both in his public policies and not-so-private life.

Let's be even more realistic.  I doubt the bishops would have the requisite calcium in their spines to turn him away from the conference if he did attend.  Cuomo is (perhaps unwittingly) preventing their further disgrace and humiliation.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Georgetown University Medical Center - Starving & Dehydrating A Woman To Death!!!!

That seems to be what they're doing to Rachel Nyirahabiyambere, who emigrated from Rwanda.  She suffered a stroke last April and has been unresponsive since then.  She had been at Georgetown University Medical Center.  According to this New York Times article, her feeding tube was removed - at the instigation of Georgetown!  Her six adult children - two of them US citizens - opposed the removal of the tube.  As one of her sons said, "In our culture, we would never sentence a person to die from hunger.”   Once upon a more humane and just time, we could say the same thing, but I digress.

Facing the principled opposition from the woman's children in their attempt to murder her, Georgetown sought appointment of a guardian to "make decisions that the family would not make."  The lap-dog courts happily obliged, and on Feb 19th the tube was removed.  Yes, a true family would not make that decision, being bound not only by familial love, but also the 4th and 5th Commandments.  They shouldn't.  Neither should a Catholic hospital that pretends to call itself "Catholic".

First Things commented on the situation.  They illustrated how the family was railroaded by the legal system.  In short, an attorney appointed to their case had been recommended by another attorney who was paid by Georgetown.  That's called "conflict of interest".

Here is what this court-appointed attorney, who is charged with guarding the interests of her ward, the patient, had to say: “Hospitals cannot afford to allow families the time to work through their grieving process by allowing the relatives to remain hospitalized until the family reaches the acceptance stage, if that ever happens,” Ms. Sloan said in an e-mail. “Generically speaking, what gives any one family or person the right to control so many scarce health care resources in a situation where the prognosis is poor, and to the detriment of others who may actually benefit from them?”   To me, it sounds like she's speaking on behalf of Georgetown, and not her ward!

At this time, Ms. Nyirahabiyambere is in a hospice in Millersville.  She may be beyond rescue after two weeks of no food nor water.  However, this matter cannot go to the grave with her.  Some things must happen, and must happen NOW.

My colleague at Les Femmes has also posted on this deplorable manner.  At the bottom of her post, she includes contact information for both the Archdiocese of Washington and Georgetown Hospital.  While I think it's a great idea to contact the Archdiocesan pro-life office, it's Cardinal Wuerl who will have to step up to the plate.  Urge him to follow the example of Bishop Olmsted, who dealt with a similar situation when St Joseph's Hospital authorized and performed an abortion.

I'd also contact the USCCB.  As much as they ballyhoo about justice for immigrants, here's a chance to put their money where their mouth is.  We have here a true case of brutal injustice being done to an immigrant family by corrupt lawyers who have all the appearance of being in bed with Georgetown Medical Center.  As a result, a woman is being brutally murdered.  Please contact the USCCB's Migration and Refuge Services offices.  The name of the Executive Director is Johnny Young.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The "Flower" Of Pro-Abortion Journalism

Cenk Uygur is a commentator with MSNBC - or so the saying goes.  We have here a clip during which he is ranting against a proposed law in Ohio that would forbid abortions after detection of the heartbeat.  During the hearings, pro-life lawmakers brought in a pregnant woman and did a sonogram on her.  Well, that got Mr. Uygur worked up in a tizzy.  Listen to him blather.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

To date, I have heard no news of him being dismissed from MSNBC -which says a bit about the network's high standards of intelligence and professionalism - more like LACK of the same.

Whatever Happened To "Reading, Writing And Arithmetic"?

Remember those three words?  They were considered to be basic bulwarks of subject matter taught be our schools.  But that was back in those antiquated days when the average American regularly (and correctly) used words of four syllables or more and when he/she could write sentences without the aid of a "spell-checker" or "grammar checker".  That was back in the days when academic achievement was valued, not belittled so that "under-achievers" wouldn't get their poor widdle feel-bads thrown out of joint.  That was when "esteem" was earned by effort rather than considered "granted" because you occupied a school desk.

Well, thanks to the National Education Association (another union that needs to be thrown in the trash), new ideas are emerging for a "brave new world-order"!  Oh, yippeee!  And with what are those three staples (reading, writing and arithmetic) being replaced?

Be sitting down, have the smelling salts handy, and understand that I'm not making this up!

The new staples of modern, progressive education are:
  • Oral sex
  • Masturbation
  • Orgasms
That is precisely what Diane Schneider of the National Education Association told a United Nations panel this past week.  The panel was on "combatting homophobia and transphobia".  Read it at this Lifesitenews article.  She's arguing for "more inclusive sex education".  Moreover, she says and I quote "She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out."   Not only that, but "opposed to homosexuality are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create."

That's right!  You Christan parents are knuckle-dragging neanderthals who know nothing - absolutely nothing at all about raising your own children, and you need these, uh, "enlightened, progressive" NEA types to brainwash your children of any scintilla of morality - for their own good, of course - to free them from the "binary boxes"!  Got that?

Of course the other panelists just ate it up.  I would expect nothing else from the United Nations, another monstrosity that needs to wither in the dung heap of history.  I am not being facetious in opining that for the good of the future of civilization, both of these monstrosities - the NEA and the UN, need to be scrapped. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick Excuse For Fake Sick Notes

Fox New's Megyn Kelly makes a Wisconsin teacher union boss squirm when she questions him about the fake "sick notes" that striking teachers used in Madison this past week.  Now just think - these are the people who are payed - with our tax dollars! - to influence public school children.  Bearing in mind the Vortex video below, did the USCCB really turn a blind eye towards that?

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Vortex Weighs In On Wisconsin Debacle

"It is most decidedly not the case that whatever a union does is somehow sacrosanct and beyond criticism."  That is a truth that Michael Voris makes clear in order to dispel the delusion which the USCCB seems to hold in regard to labor unions - particularly the gang in Wisconsin.  Listen as he makes clear the problems inherent in public-sector unions.

Voris makes reference to two documents.  Here is Bishop Morlino's statement.  Here is the USCCB statement.  Read both and compare.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shame On The House Of Representatives!

The House voted last evening on the stopgap measure to keep the government afloat while the final budget is in negotiation - without the Pence Amendment!!!   Yes, that means that Planned Parenthood, at least for the time being, still has their sticky fingers in our pockets, using our tax dollars to murder babies.  It appears that our so-called "intrepid" leadership rolled over and played dead right on the spot.  Moreover, the measure lacked the language to defund the Obamacare abortion provisions.

However, kudos are due to Michele Bachmann, who voted against this measure on account of the betrayal contained therein.  (I believe this is the roll call; if that's not the vote, please advise and I'll correct)  I quote from Lifesite News: “Abortion is the watershed issue of our time. We shouldn’t have one red cent go for Planned Parenthood,” declared the Congresswoman, who said she was ready to fight “eyeball-to-eyeball” over the Pence amendment. “At some point you have to have a knock down, drag down fight. This is it.”  Her last sentence is dead-on correct!

Ladies and gentlemen, if the Republicans roll over and play dead on this one without so much as a whimper, I frankly haven't much faith that they'll hold out when it really counts.  I truly hope I'm proven to be incorrect on this.  To that end, I urge us all to demand that Speaker Boehner appoint to that joint committee those individuals who will not budge when it comes to funding baby-murder.  Michele Bachmann would be a great choice.

For more information, consult
I wrote an open letter to the Speaker this past Monday.  Here's another one.