Monday, November 30, 2009

Reminder to Montgomery County MD Readers - Council Meeting on Pregnancy Centers Dec 1st

As mentioned in previous posts, the pro-life pregnancy centers in Maryland are under blatant attack.  Pro-abortion tethers are drawing tight around the throats of the cpcs in Baltimore City.  Now they have their sights trained on those in Montgomery County. These people on the County Council are barely making any pretense at impartiality.  It is being held Tuesday, Dec 1st (tomorrow, that is) at 7:30 pm at the County Council office buildings.  Here are directions:

From Rockville Pike (Rt. 355), northbound:
• Turn left on East Jefferson Street
• Turn left on Monroe Street
• Immediate Right turn into Public Parking garage (may cost)
• Walk out of garage, and go left/up hill on East Jefferson
• Turn left at Maryland Ave. (1 short block)
• Office building on the left, #100 Maryland Ave. Building says, "Council Office Building" over front door.
From 270 (Gaithersburg, Damascus, etc.)
• Take 270 Southbound
• Take Exit for Route 28 (may be called W. Montgomery Ave.), going Eastbound
• From Rt. 28/W. Montgomery, turn Right onto East Jefferson St.
• Pass Maryland Ave.
• Turn Right on Monroe St.
• Immediate Right turn into Public Parking garage (may cost)
• Walk out of garage, and go left/uphill on East Jefferson St.
• Turn left at Maryland Ave. (1 short block)
• Office building on the left, #100 Maryland Ave. Building says, "Council Office Building" over front door.

As reported in a previous posting, five of the nine Councilmembers had their names listed on the program of NARAL's last fundraiser (October).  In other words, they had contributed money.  As did pro-abortion members of the MD State Legislature before them, they are attempting to justify their attack based on this sorry excuse for research put out by NARAL.  The obvious question is how can NARAL have any claim at all to the impartiality needed to accomplish any credible research?  The answer is likewise obvious - they can't!

We need to be there.  Most of the council is most likely in the backpocket of pro-abortion money.  The good news is that every one of them is up for election in 2010.  See you there!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Climategate and the Catholic Church

Most people are aware of the recent hacking of emails within the servers of the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University.  Regardless of how these emails were obtained, they are what they are.  They reveal much deceit on the part of proponents of the "global warming" theory - a hoax upon which the quasi-socialists in DC, including the Messiah Most Miserable, are basing their schemes to seize our money and control over our lives.  Watch the interview below where a retired climatologist discusses the implications of the hacked emails.

Did you notice that he said that some of the emails were between the scientists and a reporter at the New York Times?  Now do we know why they (and their mass-media colleagues) have been absolutely silent on this matter?  Oh, by the way.  This is the same New York Times that published private emails of then Vice Presidential candidate Governor Palin when her yahoo account was hacked, so their attempt to claim moral high ground here is laughable at best.  Anyway, we have further proof that this so-called "global-warming" is a gigantic concocted hoax.

So why does this discussion appear on a blog that ostensibly deals with things Catholic?  That's a good question, and the answer is simple.  There are bishops that have glommed onto the global-warming schtick, hook-line-sinker.  On the website we reported how "Cardinal McCarrick went green" - and prayed before an iceberg (first item).  In fact, the USCCB seems to have been hoodwinked by this, as evidenced by this statement.  We've known all along that there is no "growing challenge of global climate change", so maybe they will now stop getting all atwitter over it and start proclaiming the True Faith and True Morals.

The Myth of the "Good Enough" Catholic

There's no doubt that many of us have wondered how the Catholic Church today has been reduced to a pathetic shadow of what she was a mere hundred years ago - or even fifty.  I've spent some time reading about the matter to try to understand the myriad influences, both internal and external, that have contributed to the Church's obvious decline (and western civilization's too, for that matter).  On the website, I've listed some books to read and now repeat those recommendations.  In addition, please examine the Land O'Lakes Statement that has provided the game plan for undermining Catholic higher education and the various versions of the Humanist Manifesto (the first one was signed by John Dewey, reputed "father of American public education").  I also recommend the book "Behind the Lodge Door" by Paul A. Fisher.  Google the title and many sites (including Amazon) appear, from where you can order the book.  In that book is discussed the many ways that Freemasonry has had detrimental impacts on American culture.  I'd also recommend the dvd movie "Maafa 21" that details the rise of the pro-death movement in America.  Hint: watch the movie and read Fisher's book together; there are common linkages!

So now that I've described some detrimental and even demonic influences upon American and Catholic culture, did all that mean we were doomed sitting ducks?  I think not, but that means more questions must be answered.  Consider the generation that fought in World War II, the so-called "Greatest Generation."  Now let me be clear; they did indeed, at great sacrifice, fend off and defeat some of the worst totalitarians ever to walk the earth.  Because of them, civilization was saved - for the time being.  Yet we must admit that much mischief happened just a few years later, when this Greatest Generation had laid aside its military uniforms and weapons and took their places in political offices.  Under their watch, Lyndon Johnson foisted the so-called "Great Society" with its destructive welfare system on us.  Crime skyrocketed.  To top things off, the Roe v Wade decision came down, courtesy of justices appointed by presidents who were WWII veterans.  We can only conclude that they were indeed asleep at the switch.  It seems that many (not all!) forgot that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance" - with emphasis on the word "eternal".

While I think that much can be explained by Carlin's book (again, check the website book list), something more fundamental went awry.  In the December issue of Homiletic and Pastoral Review is an article written by John Young entitled "From Order to Chaos in Ten Years".  (It's not online yet, but when it is, I'll post the link.)  He points out that the current problems in the Church didn't just magically appear during the turbulent 1960s.  He mentions that Pope St Pius X understood the problem of modernism and issued Pascendi Dominici Gregis.  His encyclical was followed by Pope Pius XII's encyclical Hamani Generis. (Go to the side bar to see encyclicals from Leo XIII onward).

He then talks of his experience of Catholicism in his life and his fellow Catholics.  I was a child during that time, but a fairly observant one.  I can corroborate what Young says based on my own observations.  He points out that while the "rank and file" Catholic during the 1950s generally didn't question what they were taught, they really didn't have a deep grasp of the truths of their faith.  They (like I) could recite the Baltimore Catechism, but couldn't give answers that represented intellectual depth and integration of the truths into their personal lives. They didn't take it seriously.  They did not strive for the highest level of sanctity that they could achieve.  In a word, they didn't make the Faith to heart and make it their own.  In fact, while they may have accepted the directives of the Magisterium in matters of faith and morals, many of them chafed under what they thought were joy-robbing restrictions.  This was particularly true in matters pertaining to sexuality.

At that time, the 1930 Lambeth Conference had already occurred - that conference in which the Anglicans shamed themselves by admitting the usage of contraception.  After the Vatican II conference (and the various misinterpretations regarding it), many matters of discipline were relaxed (fasting before Communion, etc).  There was talk of the Church admitting the usage of contraception.  Of course, that didn't happen - Humanae Vitae happened instead.

I write all this to explain what I believe are the reasons for the faith of Catholics melting like snow in hell during the 1960s: how fairly loyal Catholics could just fall like dominoes into rebellion against the True Church and ultimately against Our Lord Himself.  They did not make heaven their ultimate aim in life.  They did not make holiness a prime personal goal.  I think Mr. Young's lessons are worth the read.

Advent started today, as did a new liturgical year.  This would be an excellent time to take stock, to make the Kingdom of God our ultimate aim.  There is no such thing as a "good enough" Catholic.  The minute anyone thinks he or she is "good enough", that may well be a warning sign of complacency or worse.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CINOs O'Malley and Kaine Hold Joint Foot-In-Mouth Conference

It's the eve of Thanksgiving and our thoughts are geared towards preparations for tomorrow's feast.  However, because Catholic-bashers take no holidays, neither can we.

I read in today's Washington Times that the governors of Maryland and Virginia, both Catholics-in-name-only, O'Malley and Kaine, took umbrage at the Archdiocese of Washington because the latter announced that it would be constrained by the draconian DC city regulations that would compromise the Church's ability to carry on its social services.  Snorts O'Malley, "It would be very, very sad for all concerned. I don't understand how they can possibly do this."  "They", however, means the Archdiocese.

Dear Governors, let me explain some common sense and your own faith to you.  It is the Archdiocese that is having the proverbial screws applied to it.  We as the Church serve the poor and perform other works of mercy because we act in obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ.  However, we obey ALL of the commands of Our Lord, not just the ones deemed "politically correct" by the liberal Democratic establishment.  It is that obedience to the Magisterium that defines who we are and thus what we do.  Our service to the poor stems from our obedience to the Magisterium in all things pertaining to faith and morals.  We serve on God's terms, not on the the terms of those who would eject God from public life.  To put it succinctly, without faith and morals, there are no works of faith.  We must serve God rather than the whims of political wonks.

Again, we as a Church will serve as we can without compromising who we are and the God whom we serve.  Dear Governors, do you understand English?  By the way, are these the same liberals who so often gripe and moan about "separation of church and state"?  Yet here are these government officials trying to dictate to the Church what they want us to do?  My!  That "wall" certainly seems to come and go at the whims of select people, doesn't it now?  But we do notice the basic strategy here.  The Democrat libs in the DC City Council make it impossible for the Church to carry out her mission in its entirety, then these Dem libs from Maryland and Virginia swoop in for the kill by mocking the Church for being unable to render the services in accord with its identity.  In other words, they say to the Church, "You will be and do what we dictate, or else!"

Speaking of government officials, do remember that 2010 elections are around the corner.  We can say anything we want, as we are not a 501c3 charity.  These two CINOs really do need to receive their pink slips asap.  (An after-the-fact correction.  Kaine DID receive his during VA's special election.  Now O'Malley and many more of these people need to be relieved of their offices.)

We also remind you of a tool we developed last year - Wisdom on Windshields.  You see, you might see on a car at your Catholic church a bumper strip or other decal stating support of a pro-abortion politician or candidate.  However, you might also be rushing into Mas and/or not see the car owner.  No problem!  Just deposit a Wisdom on Windshields flyer under the wiper or in the car door (make sure it can't blow away).  You can download it here and have it handy on your own computer.  Print it out and always carry a supply with you to Church, as you'll never know when an opportunity will arise to educate an ignorant fellow Catholic.  Those of you in other areas of the country should feel free to copy the language to your own letterhead, as your politicians may not be impressed with our Maryland address.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baltimore Catholics! You Must Be Doing Something Right!

A source who must remain unnamed forwarded a snippet of communication received from the Archdiocese of Baltimore:  (begin snippet)

Office of the Neumann Vicar
1) Parishes that received envelopes from the CCHD collection without money in them, but with notes or “coupons” protesting the CCHD should send them directly to Bishop Madden’s office at the Catholic Center.

(end snippet)

Now what does that mean?  Will you be receiving "guilt trip" letters?  If so, I'd suggest that you point out your support of authentically Catholic charities: those that actually perform the Works of Mercy (both corporal and spiritual).  You might also point out these most serious gaffes of the Baltimore CCHD office: funding a prisoner-advocate group to have a child molester lobby against landlord rights (our November 9th posting) or, the funding of the Baltmore ACORN from local funds so that they can tell pimps how to engage in sex trafficking of underage girls (our September 23rd posting).

Or just put it in the trash.  If any other fallout occurs, please advise via the comment box.  Thank you, and again - congratulations!  You have made your concerns known to the Archdiocese CCHD, and they have taken note!

More on Manhattan Declaration

I've done some more digging into the "Manhattan Declaration".  I learned that the three principal draftors were Robert George, Timothy George (I don't know if they're related) and Chuck Colson.  I've no doubt that these are fine, well-intentioned gentlemen.  I believe only Robert George is Catholic.  I also downloaded the declaration into a Word document to do a little looking.

In response to inquiries I made to people who are enthusiastically promoting this effort, all they could, or would, tell me is that "Bishop So-and-so or Mr. Prominent-Prolife-Leader signed it, so it must be ok!"  Some of them even implied that I had sprouted an extra eye ball in the middle of my forehead for daring to question what appears to be a herd-mentality stampede towards who-knows-what.  This highlights one of the big concerns that I have regarding this, well, fad.  How do we, as thinking, rational Christians and Catholics, arrive at our decisions?  If we say that a course of action is the way to go simply because some prominent people are going that route, then we are in effect letting them do our thinking for us.  That sort of abdication of personal responsibility cannot be morally acceptable in my opinion.  Now understand that I'm not questioning the decision per se as much as I'm wondering about the decision-making process

I am a Catholic and a pro-life activist, and have long been going out in front of abortuaries to offer witness along with some good friends.  We go out in all kinds of weather.  Occasionally we're mocked, assaulted and even threatened with arrest.  We're no strangers to the rough-and-tumble; we aren't wimps.  I agree with the statements in this declaration that we may have to engage in civil disobedience, as we cannot obey laws that are inherently contradictory to those of God.  I will point out, though, that such statements are to be found in Evangelium Vitae. 

I do find serious fault with this declaration, though.  That fault lies more with what it doesn't say.  It lists many social and moral ills: abortion, divorce, gay lifestyle.  But what is the lynchpin to these sins?   Hint: Humanae Vitae.  As I said, I downloaded it into Word and did word searches.  There was no mention of the words "contraception", "contraceptives", "birth control".  Why this omission?  Please don't tell me that "opposition to contraception is peculiar to Catholics".  That is patently false!  Until as recently as 1930, all Christian denominations understood the intrinsic evil of contraception.  That ended with the 1930 Lambeth Conference.  Even the Washington Post, in an editorial during that time, lamented the resulting societal destruction that the embrace of contraception would bring (back then, there must have been sane people at that helm).  If this document is being touted as some statement of foundational principles, it is seriously wanting.  As far as I'm concerned, the omission of the contraceptive mentality as a precurser to all the other problems is a deal-breaker for me.  I've no bones in saying that those who hold contraception to be a "minor detail" are very short-sighted.

"But all the pro-life leaders say it's ok!" (I can just hear some say).  Do they?  If we insist on playing "who's who" here, shall we look at the whole picture and notice who didn't sign it?  Some names that we all respect are missing.  I don't see Fr Euteneuer of Human Life International.  I don't see Fr Pavone of Priests for Life.  I don't see any of the Scheidlers from Pro-Life Action League.  Nellie Gray's name is absent, as is Judie Brown's and Pat Buchanan's.  Realizing that what I downloaded is a few days old and that they could have signed between now and then, I checked their respective websites and saw no mention whatsoever of this Manhattan Declaration; I interpret that as a sign of them not being on board.  I'd suspect that they were approached for support.  Do we not see support because of the gloss-over of contraception?  That possibility shouldn't be lightly dismissed.

As I said earlier, I certainly believe the drafters have the best of intentions.  However, I would advocate some independent reasoning here.  The Manhattan Declaration is somewhat problematic and is certainly no silver bullet.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Protect Montgomery County Pregnancy Centers! Act Now!

Our efforts to save the pregnancy centers of Montgomery County MD from a draconian attack by pro-abortion members of the County Council are underway.  We will need the fullest participation and cooperation possible from every pro-life person in order to succeed.

The text of the bill has been updated slightly, so please read this; of course we would expect amendments throughout the process.   The Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government, who led last year's fight against granting special rights to "transgendered" individuals, has developed an excellent, two-sided flyer that you can use to educate your friends about this imporant matter.  Download it, print it, email it to your contact list, distribute it - just get the word out.

Let's not put our heads in the sand when it comes to stating quite plainly that the Montgomery County Council is composed of rabid pro-abortion afficiandos.  Maryland NARAL conducts its annual fundraiser in October in Rockville.  In its 2009 List of Sponsors, five of the nine councilmembers are listed; see for yourselves (by the way - Ike Leggett is there, too).   Duchy Trachtenberg, who introduced the bill, is up to her eyeballs in her entanglements with the National Organization of Women (NOW).  This past June, Terry O'Neill, Tractenberg's Chief of Staff, was elected national president of NOW  Upon her election, O'Neill did resign her position with Trachtenberg.  By the way - while O'Neill apparently saw a contradiction in occupying both positions, such compunctions didn't seem to bother Trachtenberg - at least if I read this NOW webpage correctly.  It states that in January 2007, Trachtenberg was both the at-large Councilperson AND president of Maryland NOW!  We now examine this article, written by Dana Beyer, a current staff member of Trachtenberg's; in it, Dr Beyer denigrates good people (us) who dared to exercise our rights as citizens to combat the transgender-rights bill.  It looks like I learned something new.  Whereas I was quite aware of Beyer's affiliation with Equality Maryland, I was unaware, until a few minutes ago, that the good doctor was "Maryland NOW Action Vice President."  Like I said, the entanglements are many and dense.

I could go on and on, but I think we can see that most of the council has vested interests in seeing this bill passed.  Their duplicity is plain.  Even the Washington Post, a newspaper that can usually be counted upon to jump on the pro-abortion bandwagon, took issue with this bill and made plain its opinion that it should be defeated.  The Post takes issue with the inherent duplicity of the bill when it writes, "the proposed disclosure is too cryptic to be an effective alarm bell for many women and yet is suspect because it singles out pregnancy centers while absolving abortion clinics of any disclosure requirements regarding adoption or parenting options."  They've got that right!

Again, please distribute that flyer.  Contact the council (we'd suggest doing so by addressing Phil Andrews, the Council president; all communications to him will be diseminated to the other councilmembers).  Attend the hearings on December 1st; and consider testifying.  Write letters to the editors of newspapers.  And above all, please pray!  We'll keep you posted.

Messiah Most Miserable Does Obeisance to Islam

Watch the video below.  What more needs to be said?

Diocese of Wilmington: Pay Defrocked Priests, But Not Just Debts

From yesterday's Washington Times, we read of some very skewed priorities of the Diocese of Wilmington (DE).  Some commentary is in order.

The diocese filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month.  It had been paying retirement benefits to six priests who were removed from ministry because they were confirmed child sex abusers.  They had agreed in court not to pay such benefits without court approval; but they are arguing for that approval.

In a Chapter 11 case, the debtor files for protection because it ostensibly is unable to pay its just debts.  The creditors are barred from making attempts to collect monies due to them.  The intention of these measures is to let the debtor reorganize itself so it can one again become viable and solvent. 

In this case, we must question how on one hand the Diocese of Wilmington can claim that it is unable to pay its just debts while on the other hand pay pederast priests to do essentially nothing.  One of the priests in question, Francis DeLuca, was actually defrocked after serving a jail sentence for abusing his own nephew; yet the diocese is intent on paying him.  Attorneys for the diocese wrote, "corporal works of mercy such as the provision of charity to Mr. DeLuca are fundamental to the Christian faith."  Wrong, dear attorney!  It is NOT a "corporal work of mercy" to essentially steal from creditors to pony the proceeds over to a criminal who most likely helped put the archdiocese in its financially-precarious position (let alone rape his own blood relative).  It is no "work of mercy" to violate the Seventh Commandment!

Barbara Dorris, an official with SNAP, writes, "it is morally wrong for a church official to put helping child predators ahead of helping child victims."  I don't find myself agreeing with SNAP often, but I do in this case.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Manhattan Declaration - Caveat Emptor!

I'm getting all kinds of emails, gushing over this website   When I go to it, though, I can see no signs of its origins.

Warning flags are flying all over the place regarding this website. I did a "whois" search on it, as I am always leery of these highfalooting-sounding things that seem to bear no names nor signs of ownership. It is registered to a fellow named Reuel Sample of Knoxville TN. I found his personal web page He is now director of something called Fellowship of Ailbe in "the Celtic Christian" tradition. Here's that website It does bill itself as a parallel to Roman Catholicism.

So those who've signed this so-called "Declaration" have just given over their information to a very questionable contact data base. As far as I'm concerned, this is a rotten apple.

Remember when, right after the Obama election, we had "petitions" popping up out of the woodwork, claiming that if you didn't sign their particular petition, we'd go to hell in a handbasket? At that time, I could count on receiving at least 4 of them every week. They were only attempts to collect contact information for databases. Now think - just what tangible, essential good will this "manhattan" thing bring us that nothing else can? Folks, I don't care who signs it; their prominence or their fame is irrelevant to the merit of the manhattan thing. If anyone can show me where they've done due-dilligence research (as I have) and can show me tangible proof that this thing is worth all the hoopla it's getting, I'm game to listen. Until then, I'd advise folks to start taking a more skeptical look at these things and not to glom onto any old thing out of fear and desperation.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Honor Prelates by Breaking the First Commandment?

It seems that is how some folks attempted to honor Cardinal McCarrick on November 17th.  I just learned of this today when I saw this flyer in the literature rack of a church where I attended Mass today.  He was honored at an "Interfaith Concert".  When I first looked at it, I was a bit miffed that there was no Catholic group featured in this thing.  However, as I thought about it more, I realized that it was a good thing that no Catholic group was featured - because then they would have been included in this "Hindu call and response chant".  Since that is inherently an invokation of a false god, they would have been in violation of the First Commandment - "I am the Lord your God.  You shall have no other gods before Me."

Was Cardinal McCarrick ok with being "honored" by this invokation to a false god?  I don't know about this case, but I'm reminded of an incident about which I wrote on the website under "McCarrick watch" in 2005.  Go to the bottom of that page and read how he invoked Allah when some Jordanian dignitaries visited Catholic University.

Two years ago, this annual concert was held in the main church of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  I went to see if my suspicions about the mess were true; unfortunately they were.  I had to pay to get in (which I believe is a violation of Canon law, since it was held in a church).  Underneath the image of Christ in Majesty (shown above), scantily-clad Hindu dancing girls were twirling around, banging their tambourines and chanting feverishly to whatver idol they worship.  I looked up and couldn't help but wonder if the stern expression on the mosaic's face mirrored Christ's actual face at that instant.  Was the church reconsecrated after that obvious blasphemy?  At least this year no Catholic place of worship was profaned.

I've one other note.  You might notice the word "over" at the bottom.  I saw no need to waste bandwidth on this, but on the back is an acknowledgement that this concert was funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.  You might recall that the NEA is the institution that foisted on us, courtesy of our tax dollars, pieces of slop such as the infamous "Piss Christ" display.  Speaking of our tax dollars, why aren't the liberals moaning and kvetching about the public funding of this homage paid to Cardinal McCarrick?  Why aren't they clamoring for "separation of church and state" when they would be right to do so?

We are facing a downward spiral, spiritually and culturally, into the  pits of hell.  We will NOT pull out until our Shepherds recall who they are, Who is their God, and lead the way out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

CCHD - Ties to George Soros??

The video below outlines the various common allies that CCHD and George Soros have - too many to be coincidental.  As you watch, please take some note of the mentions of the Gamaliel Foundation.

Now read an earlier post from October 28th that I put up regarding questionable grant recipients from the DC area CCHD.  You'll notice that two of the recipients are hyperlinked to their websites.  Both of these, by the way, appear on the back page of the Nov 19th issue of the Catholic Standard.  I asked you to take note of the mentions of the Gamaliel Foundation as you watched the video above because the Partnership for Renewal in Southern & Central Maryland is an affiliate of Gamaliel - the same outfit that helped Obama launch his deplorable political career.  I will also reiterate that the Washington Interfaith Network is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, established by Saul Alinsky himself.

It seems that every day there's a new revelation of some stinking worm crawling out from under the CCHD.  Its very foundation is sordid, being the brainchild of Saul Alinsky and Msgr Jack Egan (an Alinsky drone) to separate Catholics from their money to fund all sorts of anti-Catholic and anti-life organizations. 

Again I urge a complete boycott of the CCHD collection this weekend!  In lieu of money, you may place one of these coupons in your second collection envelope.  Give your donation dollars to truly authentic Catholic and/or prolife charities.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

As the CCHD Collection Draws Near, It's Time to Take Off the Gloves

For the record, I agree 1000% percent with this video (no, that number was NOT a typo)!

Some Bishops "Strong-Arm" for CCHD Collection - Thus Betraying Its Moral Vacuity

In a recent letter to his priests, Bishop Loverde of the Diocese of Arlington (VA) has ordered his priests to take up the CCHD collection next weekend.  Read the letter carefully.  Note that he speaks in no uncertain terms to his priests about this collection.  He should be so bold and forthright when it come to obedience to Canon 915!

Notice that he also requires no negative commentary.  There is only one reason why he'd be stipulating that - because he must have received plenty of protests from priests who understand how nefarious the CCHD truly is.  Our colleagues at Les Femmes who are located in the Diocese of Arlington have been shedding the light on one particularly problematic recipient of local CCHD funds - Virginians Organized for Interfaith Engagement (VOICE for short).  They have reported on information that links the Fort Hood shooter to a Virginia mosque within the VOICE network.  That same mosque may have been frequented by some of the 9/11 terrorists.  And Bishop Loverde wants "no negative commentary"?

Here is the letter that the bishop mentioned in his directions to his priests.  Note that he really doesn't address the substantive issues that we, Les Femmes and many other are bringing to light.  After reading this, you might want to review the video posted a few days ago from EWTN.

The priests are vowed to obedience to the bishop.  Therefore, they must comply with his instructions, both in what they say and what they do.  However, we laity are free to sound our protests loud and clear, regardless of whether or not prelates regard them as "negative".  The best protest would be a note in that envelope explaining why, in no uncertain terms, CCHD will not receive one red penny of your money.

More Scandal at Baltimore CCHD

In the September 23rd posting, we saw that the Baltimore CCHD granted $10k in 2008 to the local ACORN - one of the first ACORN branches to be caught acting as a whorehouse advisory services, giving counsel as to how to exploit underage girls without getting caught.  We now learn from Accuracy in Media and a post in that the same Baltimore CCHD funded an outfit called "Out for Justice / Alternative Directions."  On the staff of Alternative Directions is one Jay Sherr - a convicted child pornographer.  Follow the links on the Freerepublic page.  Both Out for Justice and Alternative Directions advocate for released prisoners.  One of the goals for "Out for Justice" is the removal of the right of a landlord to inquire about the criminal record of someone applying to rent a unit.  Translation - they want to remove legal protections of landlords and neighbors from potentially dangerous neighbors and tenants.  Baltimore CCHD, therefore, is funding efforts to expose innocent people in their own neighborhoods to perverts and felons.

The reasons to boycott the CCHD collection this weekend are crawling out from under the rocks at an astonishing pace.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update on the Archdiocese of Washington - DC Council Controversy

Last week I congratulated the Archdiocese of Washington for holding firm against the tyranny of the DC City Council in trying to ramrod gay lifestyle acceptance upon those who serve the DC area. I received the following email today from the Archdiocese that gave an update on this standoff. I now quote it.

(begin email)
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recent news reports have mistakenly claimed that the Archdiocese of Washington and its social services arm, Catholic Charities, are threatening to cease providing social services in the District of Columbia if the proposed bill to legalize same sex marriage is passed.

Catholic Charities is not threatening to end its services if a same sex marriage bill passes. Catholic Charities is vowing to continue its services even if a same sex marriage bill passes. However, the bill, as it now reads, will diminish the resources we have to do so. Why is that so? Because without a meaningful religious exemption in the bill, Catholic Charities and other similar religious providers will become ineligible for contracts, grants and licenses to continue those services.

What we have said to the Council is this: While we are opposed to redefining marriage in the District of Columbia, if the Council moves forward to do so, we respectfully request that religious individuals and organizations be afforded protection from restrictions on their deeply held religious beliefs and that the Council preserve the ability of Catholic Charities and other providers to continue to serve the growing and unmet needs of the poor and most vulnerable residents of the District of Columbia.

Additional information, including testimony, press releases and other material, is available at

Sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout
Auxiliary Bishop of Washington
Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

(end quote)

So it seems that the Archdiocese will continue to provide services to the best of its abilities, given that it cannot expect any financial aid or even legal permissions to do so. That's fine. As long as the Archdiocese holds firm and stays true to the One True Faith, I'm sure that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will bless the various ministries. We as a Church don't need funny money with all sorts of immoral strings attached!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Riddance to the Washington Blade!

For years this tabloid trash was the leading gay newpaper in the DC metro area. Along with several other gay publications throughout the country, it was owned by Windows Media LLC. This parent company went bankrupt. Thus the Blade and the other publications ceased proliferation of trash. If ever there was a silver lining to this economic mess, the end of the Blade is such an occurrence. Goodbye! Good riddance!

What Do the Letters "CCHD" Truly Represent?

The official answer to that is (of course) "Catholic Campaign for Human Development". However, what are more accurate meanings? Might one be "Clueless Catholics Headed for Disaster"? Or maybe "Complicit Crooks Helping the Devil"? This question may be somewhat more than merely rhetorical, as you'll see below.

This past Friday, EWTN's Raymond Arroyo hosted ALL's Michael Hichborn and Rob Gaspar, founder of Bellarmine Veritas Ministry. In this interview, Hichborn pointed out that many Catholics have been learning the truth about these dubious recipients of CCHD grants just by surfing their websites. I know that's true, for I have done precisely that, and have posted information here. Hichborn asks, "if we can just go to their own websites ... and we can find this information, why can't their (CCHD) screeners?" He concludes "either they're incompetent or they're complicit."

Below are two videos: one of the EWTN interview and the other is Hichborn pointing out CCHD woes. Please watch these.

We also refer you to this list of new discoveries by the ALL. For these reasons, we urge a complete boycott of the CCHD collection this weekend.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

USCCB Trolls for "Good Works of CCHD" - In Vain!

In a November 13th press release, the USCCB website braggs that "Diocesan Projects Highlight the Good Works of CCHD". Well, let's take a look!

We first hear about Federation of Congregations United to Serve (FOCUS). Right off the bat, we learn that they're a PICO affiliate. Looking at the PICO site under "latest news" we see them extolling the achievements of "Massachusetts faith leaders" in securing commitments from Barney Frank and the Fed Reserve to keep families in their homes. Now doesn't that just make your heart go pitter-patter? After all, Frank et al have done such a stellar job in keeping families in their homes over the past year - right? (Please stop snickering right now!) Of course they're all gung-ho for the Obama Death Bill that passed the House last week. One of their affiliates went so far as to lament the fact that good people with common sense are finding their voices and protesting this nonsense. And the USCCB calls this a "good work"? Let's proceed.

We now examine Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network. Its mission statement states, "Our initiatives help eliminate discrimination based on immigration status to ensure all new Americans can fully participate in building a more united and sustainable Minnesota economy." Let's translate the politically-correct gobblygoop into plain language. "We don't care if you break our laws! You can have a piece of the pie bought by law-abiding Americans simply because we're such nice suckers!" Again, I fail to see how this is a "good work".

Let's move onto Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (two of them from Minnesota?). All they seem to do is foster the naive notion that government can and should take care of all human needs. Read their position paper to that effect. Look under "income security" and "health security". What we have here is a blatant violation of the Catholic principle of subsidiarity - a principle that the USCCB seems to hold in disdain.

As I said in previous posts, I believe that the CCHD is beyond reform simply because the purpose behind its very establishment was nefarious from the beginning. As I read such tripe on the USCCB webpage, I am all the more convinced that the USCCB itself should go into the dungheap of infamous history.

Rhoades to Succeed D'Arcy

It was announced this morning that Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Harrisburg, PA will succeed Bishop John D'Arcy as prelate of the Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend. This transition will effectively occur on January 13, 2010. At age 77, Bishop D'Arcy is 2 years beyond the standard retirement age.

Unknown at this time are:
1) who will succeed Rhoades as Bishop of Harrisburg
2) what this transition will portend in the matter of the various scandals of Notre Dame

If there are thoughts on these, particularly the latter, please comment on these. Thank you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bishop D'Arcy To Retire?

From the American Papist (look to the right-hand bar of this window) I learned of the pending retirement of the current bishop of Fort Wayne/South Bend. Bishop John D'Arcy is 77 years old; he submitted his resignation 2 years ago as per the requirements. The stories have it that he will announce his replacement tomorrow. His successor is already a bishop currently serving in another diocese.

Bishop D'Arcy came into prominence last spring during the Notre Dame commencement debacle, when President Obama befouled the commencement with his pro-abortion presence there. As far as I'm concerned, there is still much clean-up that needs to happen at the episcopal level that hasn't happened. Why it hasn't happened to date has baffled me, but perhaps these questions will be answered tomorrow.

Novena to Clean Up the CCHD

The organization, ReformTheCCHDNOW has called for a Novena, beginning today, for the reform of the CCHD. I will tout the purpose as the "cleanup" of the CCHD, for in all honesty, I think the CCHD really needs to be junked. Its very foundations are rotten; nothing will change that sordid history. We know what that means: rotten roots, rotten fruits.

The novena is one in honor of Jesus as True King. For your convenience, I'll reproduce it below. Please print this out, circulate it and above all, pray.

Each day, for 9 days, say the following prayers...]

Pray one Our Father...
Pray one Hail Mary...
Pray one Glory Be...

O Lord our God, You alone are the Most Holy King and Ruler of All Nations. We pray to You, Lord, in the great expectation of receiving from You, O Divine King, mercy, peace, justice and all good things.

Protect, O Lord our King, our families and the land of our birth. Guard us, we pray,
Most Faithful One! Protect us from our enemies and from Your Just Judgment.

Forgive us, O Sovereign King, our sins against You. Jesus, You are a King of Mercy.
We have deserved Your Just Judgment. Have mercy on us, Lord, and forgive us.
We trust in Your Great Mercy.

O Most Awe-inspiring King, we bow before You and pray; may Your reign, Your kingdom,
be recognized on earth!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

US Bishops Still Seduced by Obamacare

The Nov 12th issue of the Catholic Standard, on page 5, reprints an article from the so-called "Catholic News Service." It's entitled "Successful Inclusion of Abortion Ban Spells Sucess for Health Bill." Click on the link and read the thing in its entirety, nauseating though it may be. I no longer believe that the USCCB et al are simply naive. They cannot be that stupid. They truly are fixated upon establishing socialism in this country (and the rest of the world, of course).

The article lauds the inclusion of the Stupak/Pitts Amendment that was intended to bar federal funds from paying for abortion, making note that if this amendment weren't included, then the USCCB would have opposed it. Well, that's nice. However, since this amendment is included - for now - does that mean that the USCCB is behind this bill? It would seem so, for reasons that I'll explain a little later.

The article ends with a quote from Patrick Whelan, president of Catholic Democrats, "This reform represents progress in helping our nation to realize the Gospel imperative of making health and healing available to all Americans." Catholic Democrats! I wonder if Pope Nazi Pelosi herself is a card-carrying member of that cabal! Unfortunately Mr. Whelan is betraying his own unfortuate propensity towards letting his socialistic aspirations blind him to the reality of the machinations of the pro-abortion cabal in Congress. This Stupak/Pitts Amendment is simply a treat that disguises the arsenic of Obamacare.

Mr Whelan also advises all to follow the example of Anh "Joseph" Cao of Louisiana, the lone Republican to vote for the Obama-mess. We read in that same article that Cao is a Catholic - and a former Jesuit! Well, shades of Robert Drinan! Why, oh why, does this revelation about Mr. Cao not surprise me a bit? Mr. RINO Cao needs to receive his pink slip in 2010.

Here's why I opine that the USCCB is behind this bill. News is now coming from several sources that the bishops were VERY influential in Pelosi's decision to allow the Stupak Amendment to be brought to the floor last Saturday. Again from Catholic News Service, we read that Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, president of the USCCB, praised the passage of the bill last Saturday in the House. The article revealed that "Cardinal George had been among those in contact with members of Congress as they moved toward a vote on the legislation; for instance, he urged Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Nov. 6 to allow Stupak's amendment to come to the floor for a vote." Well, Cardinal George is from Chicago; he must have learned a few political tricks there.

Another bishop involved in the wheeling-and-dealing is none other than Cardinal McCarrick, former DC archbishop. We learn from Catholic Culture that Pelosi called him - not the other way around! Now what is that about???

Ladies and gentlemen, I've said it before and I'll say it again (in concert with many truly pro-life organizations and people). The Stupak/Pitts Amendment is not a victory for us. It is a doggie bone, perhaps even a narcotic to keep some naive folks mollified into swallowing socialistic poison. The very concept of socialized anything is inherently anti-life, as it cedes to civil government authority that is not rightly within the purview of the government. In this case with Obama-death-care, the feds will be given the authority who receives care and who doesn't: in other words, life-and-death authority over innocent people.

We need to disregard the seriously misguided promptings of the USCCB and the Catholic Democrats, and shove this Obama-mess down to hell from which it spawned.

Archdiocese of Washington Stands up to DC Council Bullying

The Archdiocese of Washington has made clear to the DC Council that it will have to cease its social programs that it operates in DC if it is forced to extend employee benefits to same-sex couples. Susan Gibbs, spokesperson for the Archdiocese explained, "If the city requires this, we can't do it. The city is saying in order to provide social services, you need to be secular. For us, that's really a problem."

Council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) referred to the church as "somewhat childish." She went on, "Are they really going to harm people because they have a philosophical disagreement with us on one issue? I hope, in the silver light of day, when this passes, they will not really act on this threat."

Of course, the DC Council has things precisely ass-backwards. They fail, or refuse, to admit that the Catholic Church engages in social services out of obedience to Our Lord's Commands. Those commands are not "philosophical issues". They bind on all of us - including Ms. Cheh, but that's another discussion. Our Lord has taught, and continues to teach that homosexual behavior is intrinsically sinful and can never be condoned nor facilitated.

Let's face it. Those advocating mortally sinful behaviors, be it baby-murder, sodomy or whatever, will never be content to let Christians practice their own faith. Why? The answer is very simple. The sight of Christians practicing sound faith and morals stings the consciences of those who don't. That is why there is such a frenzied attempt to coerce us into facilitating mortal sin. They think that by so doing, that they can assuage their own seared consciences and justify their own corrupt behaviors. That will never happen.

We salute the stance of the Archdiocese of Washington in this matter. We hope and pray that they stand firm.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Open Letter to Father Jenkins of Notre Dame

Father Jenkins, Mr. X forwarded to me your reply to him regarding the arrests at Notre Dame last May.

I am not a lawyer and am not versed in the various legalities of who has what authority to drop charges or who has what property rights over the campus of Notre Dame. I do believe that these are minor questions, and perhaps even red herrings to avoid dealing with more fundamental issues.

We all know that on campus at that time were people of many various opinions regarding the decision to honor President Obama. Many of these individuals expressed their opinions by wearing clothing, carrying signs, etc. I speak not only of the Catholics protesting Obama’s appearance, but those individuals who approved of Obama’s appearance. Yet only those people who opposed Obama’s appearance were barred from campus and subsequently arrested. Obviously there were distinctions made on basis of expressed opinions. You mentioned that the police were professional in their demeanor. Given that, there is no way that the police would have made distinctions concerning who would be admitted to campus and who would not be granted such admission; they lacked the authority to do so, and they knew it. They had to receive instructions from some other authority. That authority, Father, could have come only from your office.

The response you gave to Mr. X is the same pathetic cop-out that you have given to many others. It is an attempt to play Pontius Pilate by washing your hands of this matter while trying to pawn responsibility to Indiana legal authorities, when these Catholic people were plainly arrested at the behest of Notre Dame authorities. It is utter nonsense to claim that you are unable to at least ask that the charges be dropped, when those charges exist because you forbade them to come onto campus. Let me be plain, and please direct this to the Board of Directors and to the Trustees of Notre Dame. By extending that ill-advised invitation to one of the most pro-abortion presidents in United States history, Notre Dame seriously besmirched its very identity as a Catholic institution. Will you continue to bring shame upon Notre Dame by prosecuting these people? What have you to gain, Father, by doing so? Do you think your seared conscience will somehow be assuaged by your vindictive pursuit of these charges against good Catholic people? Why not urge the authorities to drop those charges and retain at least some shred of dignity and honor for yourself and Notre Dame?

Father, this letter to you is open. It appears in the blog, under a posting with the date of this email. Any replies – or lack thereof – will likewise be posted. Please do the right thing and have these charges dropped.
Praying that God will bless you with common sense and wisdom regarding this matter, I am

Janet Baker, President, Faithful Catholics of MD/DC, Inc.

Here's the email from Fr Jenkins that occasioned this open letter:

(begin quote)
Thank you for your email regarding Notre Dame’s response to the arrests of protesters on campus in connection with the commencement exercises in May.

As I understand, you are calling upon Notre Dame to “drop the charges” against those arrested for criminal trespass. It is important to note that these protesters were arrested for trespassing, not for expressing their pro-life position; we agree with them and uphold the Catholic Church’s position on the sanctity of human life.

Under Indiana law, however, Notre Dame is not the complainant in these matters and so is not in any position to “drop the charges.” Nevertheless, Notre Dame officials have been in regular contact with the prosecutor’s office on these matters, and, in consultation with the University, the prosecutor has offered Pre-Trial Diversion to those for whom the May incident was a first-time offense. As described by the prosecutor, this program does not require the individual to plead guilty or go through a trial; rather, the charges are dropped after one year so long as the individual does not commit another criminal offense. We understand that most of those arrested have chosen not to take advantage of this offer and obviously we cannot force them to do so. In essence, the choice of whether or not to go to trial belongs to the defendants.

Finally, it must be stated that the police who were on duty during this time were professional and respectful in carrying out their responsibilities to protect private property. Each person was given fair warning to leave the campus prior to any arrests.

Hopefully, this information provides you with a greater understanding of the issues involved in this matter. Again, thank you for writing. (end quote)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Christmas That's Coming - Not "The Holidays"!

When July 4th comes around, or Memorial Day, the stores are quite happy to remind us of the specifics of each special day. They actually name the holidays! Well, why not the birth of Our Lord? Here's a video from Stuart Shepherd that I saw last year. It's still very appropriate!

Now as a rule, I'm not a fan of "contemporary" Christian music. However, I've got to hand it to this group of young men called "Go Fish". In this next video, one of them hits the nail on the head when he opines that a reason for purging the word "Christmas" from cultural lexicons is that people are still intimidated by Christ. Well, maybe they aren't so much as intimidated by Him as much as they resent the demands He makes on their wayward, corrupt consciences. Here it is!

Merry Christmas - or Tossmas, as the case may be!

Good for Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island!!

Finally there's a bishop who's not afraid to take a dissident Catholic to the woodshed simply because that Catholic bears the Kennedy name. Most of you are aware that Patrick Kennedy seems to be charging along his recently-deceased father's chequered footsteps. I did post a bit about that not too long ago.
I'll redirect you to Jill Stanek's blog, where she summarizes the situation nicely. Bishop Tobin has released a public letter to Kennedy in the online version of his diocesan newsletter. I urge you to read it to see how a real bishop talks.
Perhaps his willy-nilly brothers will see his example and rediscover their own faith and backbones. Who knows? We might even see Canon 915 being obeyed. We might once again see some vitality in the Church restored. Thank you, Bishop Tobin!

Monday, November 9, 2009

CCHD Boycott - Getting Down to the Wire

The CCHD second collection is less than two weeks away. We not only urge you to boycott this on Nov 22nd, but also to encourage your family, friends and other fellow Catholics to do the same. To this end, I've designed a flyer that briefly describes the current systemic problems of the CCHD and where to find more information. You may download it to email or print out for distribution.

Additionally, you may download and print this envelope stuffer to put in the Nov 22nd envelope in lieu of money. You might also visit the site for alternate envelope stuffers and more information.

I'd also like to direct you to an interview done by Pro Life Unity Radio this past weekend. Please listen to the November 7th interview.

If you have questions or concerns, please note them in the comments box below. Let's move on this, as time is of the essense. Thanks.

Text of Montgomery County Council Bill to Coddle Pro-Abort Donors

As promised in yesterday's post, here is a preliminary text of the bill that the pro-abortion lackeys on the Montgomery County Council is going to foist on the pregnancy centers. They make no attempt to disguise the contempt and resentment that their task masters of NOW and NARAL demand of them. If this isn't a clear violation of their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution, I don't know what is. I suppose they're just following the leads of the other pro-abortion puppets who rammed through the vote on HR 3962 in Congress this past Saturday.

It appears that they just issued a press release about this legislative slop. Of course, Trachtenberg introduced it. Notice what's missing from this press release! Ladies and gentlemen, do you see any hint of disclosure about Trachtenberg's relationship with NOW? Neither do I! And then Trachtenberg has the gall to falsely accuse cpcs of providing "misleading information."

Trachtenberg pouts that "cpcs often discourage women from seeking contraceptives or abortions." Of course, when that happens, the abortion mills lose money (gasp!). That might cause them to reduce their donations to NOW (Trachtenberg's buddies). Horrors!

Please contact the council asap about this matter. Ladies and gentlemen, each and every one of them is up for reelection next year. Let them know that their complete disregard for the babies will cost them your votes!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

NARAL Attacks Montgomery County Pregnancy Centers

Still salivating over their progress with the Baltimore City Council, NARAL has enlisted its lackeys in the Montgomery County Council to persecute the pregnancy centers in Montgomery County. You can see on this agenda (page 2) that they plan to introduce the legislative slop on Tuesday November 10th. Please notice that a public hearing is scheduled for December 1 at 1:30 pm.

Maryland NARAL makes no secret of the resentments that they harbor against the pro-life pregnancy centers in Maryland. Of course they couch it in such self-righteous, sanctimoneous language, pretending to care only about the women. Nonsense! What irks them about the pro-life centers is that for every mom and babe they save from abortion, they prevent the abortionists from leeching between $400-$600 from the women into their already-overstuffed wallets. Of course, these same abortionists donate some hefty chunks of change to NARAL, NOW, etc. Oh, by the way! Duchy Trachtenberg, a councilmember, is (or was) the Mid Atlantic Director for NOW! Hmmm! Just a strange coincidence, I'm sure!

NARAL's strategy is obvious. They do want this all over the state, but they're going to get the more liberal-leaning areas under their thumbs first. In other words, Prince George's County is probably next.

I don't have the text of the bill at the time of this writing, but I will post it when I get it.

Pelosi Barely Ramrods Death Bill Through the House

As you may have heard by now, HR 3962 was passed by the House late last night by a very slim margin. The Stupak/Pitts Amendment passed earlier that evening by a respectable margin. But let's make no mistake about this. The Stupak Amendment is at best a stale doggie-bone. Make no mistake about it. IF this bill makes it through the Senate and then through reconciliation, abortion funding will be restored.

Why do I say that? Because the pro-aborts don't like the Stupak/Pitts Amendment. Planned Parenthood is now on record as opposing HR 3962. NARAL is having a similar snit-fit. Get this strange statement by Nancy Keenan, NARAL president: "This vote is a reminder to America's pro-choice majority that, despite our gains in the last two election cycles, anti-choice members of Congress still outnumber our pro-choice allies." Well, I sure wish she was right on this, because if she were, HR 3962 would have gone down in flames a long time ago. Not to be outdone by her colleagues, NOW president Terry O'Neill sniffs that, "The House of Representatives has dealt the worst blow to women's fundamental right to self-determination in order to buy a few votes for reform of the profit-driven health insurance industry."

My! Don't these feminazis have a flair for statements long on drama and short on substance? They (and we) know full well that abortion funding will be returned. For thus have these slave-drivers ordered! Make no mistake about this. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are (behind closed doors) saying to these broads, "Yessuh, Massah!" as they click their heals together Nazi-style and go do their bidding.

We will have our work cut out for us. I was at the rally at which Steve King and Michelle Bachmann spoke yesterday. I'd say a good 500 folks were there: not bad for less than 48 hours notice. We've got to keep up the momentum as the focus now shifts to the Senate. I think we can take some encouragement at the slim margin by which the bill passed. Clearly the mystique of the Messiah Most Miserable is wearing thin.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Cracked ACORN Bites the Dust

Today in New Orleans state investigators raided the ACORN offices, as part of an investigation into tax fraud and embezzlement during the days when ACORN was headquartered there. Computer drives and documents were hauled away for copying.

In other words, state officials were simply cleaning up some of the mess that was financed by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. In future years, who knows what Gamaliel affiliate or IAF organization will be raided? Ladies and gentlemen, this is just another reminder why we cannot contribute to the CCHD collection on November 22nd!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Urgent! Your Prayers and Presence Requested at Capitol Sat Nov 7th!

I received an email blast that the Obama-concocted death trap laughingly referred to as a "health care bill" is scheduled for a floor vote this Saturday at 6pm.

Much has happened in terms of protests this past week. However, on Saturday evening, the proverbial "rubber will hit the road". I am therefore asking that Catholics join me at the southeast corner of Constitution Avenue and First Street, NE on Saturday at 5pm to pray the Rosary to beg God's graces in preventing a disastrous vote. This location is directly accross the street from the Capitol. If you take the metro, take it to Union Station and then just walk south on First Street. Of course all good people are invited to join us and pray in accordance with your own traditions. If you plan to be there, please advise via the comments at the bottom of this post.

Between now and then, please pray and contact your own congressional representatives.

Picket of SOAR Dinner Canceled in Light of Health Care Vote

You might recall that on October 18th, we called for a picket of a Catholic function at which two prominent pro-abortion proponents will be honored. While that debacle is still scheduled to occur, we have learned of a more crucial situation that demands our attention at that time (Saturday, Nov 7, early evening).

So that these two announcements aren't blurred by each other, I'll put the details in my next posting (appearing just above this one).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Montgomery County Council Attempting to Shove More Perversion Down Our Throats

After their nefarious victory with transgender "rights" last year (Bill 23-07), the Montgomery County Council is now attempting to force the private sector to provide same-sex benefits for their employees. The idea is that contractors will have to provide to their employees the same benefits that County employees enjoy if they are to be awarded contracts from Montgomery County.

The photo at the right is the Council, along with members of Equality Maryland, announcing this proposed bill. The woman at the left, with the green blouse, is Duchy Trachtenberg, the at-large councilperson who introduced Bill 23-07 in 2007. The tall blond individual, directly under what appears to be a tv screen, is Dr. Dana Beyer. Dr Beyer is a staffperson of Trachtenberg's, and the vice president of Equality Maryland. Dr. Beyer's first name used to be Wayne. It was legally changed in 2002. Trachenberg, Beyer's boss, is (or was) the Mid Atlantic Regional Director for National Organization of Women (NOW), a rabidly pro-abortion organization. Such are the folks who occupy high places in Montgomery County Government.

At any rate, this new nightmare is just starting to rear its ugly head. In the face of this new peril, what will be the response of the local Catholic parishes? Will they sit on their hands as we the laity try to fight this? Will they refuse to assist until it's "too little, too late" as they did in 2007-2008 with the last debacle?
We must all sit up and take notice. Let's nip this one in the bud.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

USCCB - Starting to Smell the Coffee?

I speak, of course, regarding the USCCB stance on the current Obamacare debacle that the Reid-Pelosi cartel is trying to stuff down our throats. At the USCCB, some sleepyheads are starting to rub their eyes a bit, although they're far from being fully awake. They are no longer in denial that abortion is fully ensconced in the bill and are now trying to get the nations' parishes in gear to oppose the bill in its current form (about time!).

The bishops assert that "healthcare is a human right". Well, be that as it may, does it therefore logically follow that healthcare falls within the purview of Federal government? There seems to be a tacit belief on their part that it does - which of course flies in the face of the Principle of Subsidiarity. Moreover, in their unspoken belief that healthcare is Federal responsbility, they lurch dangerously towards socialistic mindsets. Go to the bottom of the linked page to see what some recent Pontiffs had to say about the dangers of socialism.

Planned Parenthood Director Sees Ultrasound, Resigns

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)
I am the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6)

These words of Jesus recently came home to Abby Johnson who was, until recently, the director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary in Bryan, Texas. This town, by the way, is where the first 40 Days for Life campaign was conducted by David Bereit and some others.

After witnessing a sonogram of an abortion, she realized that she could no longer faciliate abortions; her words indicate an almost instantaneous conversion. She is now joining other Christians in intercession against the sin of abortion.

Naturally, Planned Parenthood, blood-sucking leeches that they are, seek to legally gag Ms. Johnson from talking. The truth hurts, and Planned Parenthood is no doubt quaking in its boots because the truth will hurt their bank accounts!

Our Lord tells us that the angels in heaven rejoice over one repenant sinner, and we suspect that there was much joy when Ms. Johnson opened herself to God's truth and forgiveness. I join my colleagues at Les Femmes who caution pro-life activists to give Ms. Johnson some time to come fully to terms with Jesus and her past, to stabilize her relationship with Jesus and other Christian friends and to iron out other details of her life.

We pray that Ms. Johnson's example, as well as those of other former abortionists, will inspire current abortionists to take honest stock of their lives, their prospects for eternity - and to turn from their sin and convert to being followers of Jesus Christ.