Sunday, June 30, 2013

Voris On Arrest of Patrizio Poggi

In this report, Michael Voris reiterates what I relayed yesterday.  He too questions what happened with regards to the evidence and witnesses that Poggi brought to substantiate his claims (1:06 mark).  Are we to believe that a scant two days is sufficient time to examine that evidence, question those witnesses and conduct a real investigation?  NOT!  This is a "sweep under the rug" job.  I for one am not buying it.

I do think we need to heed that call for extra prayer, such as that additional decade of the Rosary.

These Religious Sisters Do Gun Control Properly!

In Ohio, the Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus had venison for dinner recently.  That venison came courtesy of their Mother Superior who seems to handle a firearm quite well.  Bon apetit!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nothing To See Here, Folks! Move Along! Move Along!

Note: for background, see my posts on June 27th.

Basically that's what Vatican officials are trying to tell us in the wake of the reports about the gay sex ring inside the Vatican.  Patrizio Roggi has been charged with slander and nameless Italian prosecutors say his charges are "unsubstantiated".

"Unsubstantiated"?  What happened to all these corroborating witnesses, photos, videos, etc?  Did they all evaporate when lire and/or euros started flow?

Now they are insinuating that Roggi fabricated all this out of spite.  I've no doubt that Roggi's integrity is next to none, but if there was proof, wouldn't that proof stand on its own merit?  Moreover, if nothing else, Roggi would know where many skeletons are hiding in the Vatican corridors.  Let's remember a little American history that's related, shall we?  No one doubts that the Boston Globe has been hostile to the Faith for some time.  Yet it was precisely that newspaper that finally broke the dam of silence that existed within the US church hierarchy.  Roggi himself might be a skunk, but that doesn't necessarily render his account false.

Vatican officials are fooling no one.  They simply are trying to stifle truth by an attempt to silence Roggi and anyone else who might come forward.  I fear that there might even be some dead bodies that will soon appear; must it come to that?

At any rate, we faithful Catholics will play the dumb and submissive little sheeple no longer.  For the sake of the Bride of Christ and countless souls, we demand real answers now, not a sweep under the rug.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Being Nice Is Destroying The Church And Damning Souls To Hell

Below I'll present two video clips.  Watch/listen to them and the common themes of their messages will become obvious.  In the first one (yesterday's Vortex), Michael Voris details how good priests are being persecuted by their higher ups (meaning bishops) for preaching the truth and offending dissenting "katholycs" who happen to toss lots of cash in the collection basket.  Voris is in Rome at the moment.  One wonders if he heard of the plight of Father Marcel Guarnizo, for said persecution is precisely what happened to him at my own parish a year ago this past Lent.  Father Guarnizo was heaved under the bus because he refused Holy Communion to openly practicing lesbians.  Kowtowing to the noisy gay community of the DC area, the chancery heaved Father under the bus.  Father is also in Rome at this time.

My fellow lay Catholics, listen closely to what Voris says, starting at 5:36.  We are at liberty to speak, even if it ruffles feathers in our respective chanceries.  We are not vowed to silence and anyone who insinuates otherwise is either misinformed of the rights of the laity or is downright dishonest in any attempt to shut us up.  CLEAR??

The second video is a clip from a homily given by Msgr Charles Pope almost two years ago.  He illustrates the contrast between being "nice" versus being authentically holy.  The word "nice" is a word one will never find in the Bible.  Some folks confuse the words "nice" and "kind".  They are not synonyms.  In fact, they can be antonyms.

From Mother Angelica: "If you're not a thorn in someone's side, you're not doing Christianity right."

Another Illegal/Unlicensed Abortuary In Maryland

This one is located in Prince Georges County.  Last week I linked to the first in a series that Operation Rescue is producing regarding shady killing centers in Maryland.  I link now to their second installment, this one pertaining to Annapolis Road Medical Center, operated by Mehradad Aalai.  He's been in trouble with the law previously, but that doesn't deter him from the murder of babies.  Please read the article and review the video therein.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gay Sex Ring - More Details And Questions

Gay Sex Ring And Satanists Exposed At Vatican

I first got news of this from the Vortex.

Voris did not mention names, but they are mentioned elsewhere.  From the International Business Times we see that the name of the whistleblower priest is Don Patrizio Poggi.  I link now to a podcast from an Italian news agency.  While I cannot understand Italian (maybe some of my readers do?), the documentation appears to name names.

As my colleague at Les Femmes wrote today in her report on the matter, before a boil can heal it must be lanced and the pus removed.  It's ugly and painful but there's no other way but to expose it to medicinal light.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mob Scene In Texas Legislature - CCHD's Hand In It

Last night the Texas State Senate was to vote on SB 5, which would have forbade abortions past 20 weeks in Texas.  Pro-abortion State Senator Wendy Davis conducted an 11-hour filibuster to prevent the vote.  According to their protocol, if procedures are violated 3 times, the filibuster is declared over.  When Davis committed her third foul, that's when pro-abortion spectators in the gallery started making boors and  hyenas of themselves.  They did so deliberately to prevent the vote, impeding legislative order.  As this series of tweets shows, Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, egged on the debacle; she probably picked up some important "mob-action" tips from her SEIU-bigwig husband.  In that link is a youtube showing the pro-aborts, in orange shirts, howling and cackling away.

The above happened during a special session called by Governor Rick Perry.  Today he announced another special session to resume the business that was interrupted in typical progressive community-organizing fashion.  I congratulate him and trust that the rule of law will prevail.

But now comes the revelation of the ties between Wendy Davis and - wait for it! - Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  I had learned of this two years ago, but it slipped my memory until some Facebook posts jogged my memory.  Here is a post by Creative Minority Report from two years ago.  During her 2008 campaign for office, Davis had the assistance of Ralph McCloud as her campaign treasurer.  This was during (not before,not after but during) his first year as head of the CCHD.  Of course everyone on this list has seen various pieces of campaign material: flyers, yard signs, etc.  By law they all bear the name of the campaign treasurer: meaning that everyone knew that McCloud was associated with a proponent of abortion.  Read the CMR link for more details, including alleged hanky-panky.  To this day McCloud is still head of the CCHD.  McCloud helped facilitate this woman's election - and her subsequent shilling for the murders of babies as exemplified in her filibuster.  Can we trust this man with one penny of Catholic donations?  Of course not!

So we have yet one more reason to boycott the CCHD collections within the next few months.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if more "reasons" pop out of the woodwork.

CitizenLink Unpacks Today's SCOTUS Marriage Decisions

In the video below, Stuart Shephard and Bruce Hausknecht analyze what today's two decisions mean, and what they don't mean.  One immediate implication is that the fight for morality is far from over.  We will not roll over and play dead, much to the chagrin of the progressives.  By the way - in his dissent, Antonin Scalia had some choice words for those who seek to demonize us.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Like This Lady

Clare Daly, a member of the Irish Parliament, comments on the Obama's trip to Ireland.  She calls a spade a spade.  May God send some of that same clarity and spinal fortitude to our Congress.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Michael Hichborn Responds To Faith(less) In Public Life

I've written in the past about Faith in Public Life.  My latest post on them had to do with their attempt to discredit Michael Hichborn of American Life League and the Reform CCHD Now Coalition (of which this blog is a proud member).

Today Mr. Hichborn released his rebuttal of FIPL, calling them out on some, uh, "inaccuracies" (to put it delicately) in their "damage control" attempt.  I link to it here and suggest its study and promulgation.

May God Bless These Street Preachers

The below scene occurred a few weeks ago in Salisbury NC at their annual "gay-pride" debauchery-fest.  The Christians are providing much-needed truth and the message of repentance.  Obviously the people with the noise-makers are acting from guilty consciences; try as they might to drown the truth, they will always fail.  So will Planned Parenthood; their booth personnel received much-needed rebuke.

Dr. Mirus Disappoints Again

Dr. Jeff Mirus today released a piece on his CatholicCulture site entitled "We Can't Afford Children, Can We?"  This is an obvious attempt to lay upon good people who are concerned with out-of-control immigration a guilt trip akin to that of the guilt of abortion.  Dr. Mirus, if the attempt weren't so silly and clumsy, it would border on the unethical.

All he does in his two scenarios is basically describe two motivations for abortion and contraception, then asserts that they are analogous to our concerns for illegal immigration.  He doesn't really expound on any philosophical parallels.  It's somehow expected that the reader will passively assume that such must exist.  If the reader is an opponent of illegal immigration, he/she will be tempted to try to refute an argument that really doesn't exist and will expend much mental effort in a wild-goose chase.  It's quite an interesting debate tactic, one in which I've learned not to fall while debating real pro-aborts.

His last paragraph is his real blooper, where he in effect turns the Gospel of John into some progressive screed.  Let's explain this in black and white, shall we?  Jesus came to the Jews proclaiming the Gospel and Himself as the Messiah.  The Jews rejected Him as their Messiah.  How on earth does Mirus justify using this passage to pretend that the Jews declared Him "illegal"?  Does Dr. Mirus really think so little of the intelligence of his readership?

The only voice of sanity in that column is the comments of Ms. Agnes Day; more may appear after this post is published.  Thank you, Ms. Day.  Dr. Mirus, for your sake I hope you are indeed "wrapping this up".

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alinskyianism In DC Parishes

First let me set the stage.  On June 21st, my Catholic Media Coalition colleague Stephanie Block wrote an expose on how Alinskyianism was to be introduced into the average parish.  A group called "Catholic Truth in Education" published some letters decades ago regarding their own findings about a strategy orient parish offices towards "social action" and "community organizing".  Apparently one of the steps to be undertaken by these "change agents" was to implement "outcome-based education" - that is, the manipulation of students' values and behaviors.  The Obama administration is attempting the same exact thing through the Common Core project.

Today I attended Mass at Blessed Sacrament and picked up their bulletin from last weekend.  On page 6 we see "News from the Washington Interfaith Network" - WIN for short.  WIN is the local affiliate for the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by Saul Alinsky himself (with Msgr Jack Egan being a board member).  I've written much about WIN and other Alinskyian organizations that have infested ADW parishes for a while now.  The Blessed Sacrament bulletin column invites the parishioners to get involved with WIN.  How about getting involved with working to end abortion?  Even the bishops recognize (at least on paper) that the murder of babies is the premier social concern of the day - now only if they'd walk the walk along with talking the talk.

Dr Jeff Mirus And His Immigration Quagmire - A Response

Dr. Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture wrote a piece a few days ago entitled "Illegals Are not Immorals".  He elicited a large amount of criticism, much of it deserved.  In the wake of the criticism, he released this piece today entitled "More on Immigration: A Contemporary Case of Corban".  It seems that he still espouses two troubling positions.

He seems to think that national boundaries are mere conventions.  That simply isn't correct.  Just from a Biblical view, we read from Acts 17:26 (Paul preaching to the Athenians) "from one man He made every nation of men that they should inhabit the whole earth, and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live."

I too will quote Section 2241 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with some emphasis:  "The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him. Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens."

If national boundaries are a mere convention, the "welcome" is rather superfluous, is it not?  No one needs to welcome me to walk on the public sidewalk for I do not require a "welcome" to be on property in which I have just as much ownership/stake as anyone else.  I'd like us to recall the situation last weekend in Kansas, when an "immigrant advocacy" bunch called Sunflower Community Action imperiously paraded onto the property of Jeff Kobach.  In reflecting upon this, it is no stretch to see how those folks could trespass upon a family's private property if they hold that such boundaries are mere "conventions".  Do we see the moral hornet's nest that arises when we start allowing sloppy thinking about boundaries?

But let me touch upon Mirus' second mistake which I think to be more troubling.  It is most evident in the first paragraph of the first article.  I quote: "Many Americans, especially conservative Americans, tend to be selective legalists. Despite their recognition of the falsity of some anti-life laws, they hold that the law confirms a sort of territorial moral exclusivity on citizens. This is one of many values which can arise from being culture bound. It typically creates a huge blind spot on immigration."  I don't know in what kind of circles Mr. Mirus travels, but I've never encountered that among my friends.  I will say this, though.  I for one am tired of being judged as being "hateful" or "xenophobic" or "having a blind spot" every time we suggest that our southern borders be secured; I know people in Texas who have suffered at the hands of the Mexican drug gangs who cross the borders with impunity, endangering their families.

When folks utter lines such as "we don't owe illegals anything", I suspect that they're speaking of benefits and social services that law-abiding citizens support with their hard-earned tax dollars while struggling to support their own families.  The statement might be artless and poorly worded, but it's uttered by people who frankly are being shafted by progressives and then being berated when they dare to raise protest.  They're frustrated and burdened, Dr. Mirus!  Will you please cut them a little bit of the slack that you demand that they cut to those who break our laws and add to their - our - burden?  At the very least, to accuse good people of "loving their own comfort and dominance" and "believing in Manifest Destiny (whatever the hell that is)" is unacceptable.  If you must spout condescension like that, please know that we will take exception.  Thank you.

Cardinal Dolan Shames His Faith In Front Of Muslims

A few days ago Cardinal Dolan met with about forty other faith leaders at the Staten Island Albanian Islamic Cultural Center.  Did he preach the Faith?  Did he seek their conversion to Christianity?  Did he, in other words, behave like - a bishop?

In a word, NO.

He uttered heresy when he said to the Muslim leaders, "you love god, we love god and he is the same god'."  There is a reason why I did not capitalize those "g"s.  Simply put, what the Muslims worship is a false idol; it is not the One, True, Triune God.  Even the true Muslims, for all their many faults, understand that "allah" is not equivalent to the One True God (although their perspective is different).  He then lauded them for "not losing their faith".  Faith in a false idol?  Your Eminence, you are more at fault than they for you spouted the heresy of indifferentism at them as opposed to the truth of the Gospel.

He is not the first Prince of the Church to try to curry favor with Muslims by behaving as though heresy was equivalent to the One True Faith.  Our own Cardinal McCarrick set less-than-sterling examples of that many times in the past - chronicled by Yours Truly.

Pray for our shepherds. And by all means, speak out!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Abortionist In Maryland Engaged In Unlicensed Practice

Harold Alexander, late-term abortionist, is attempting to "fly under the radar" as it were.  Rather than "reinvent the wheel" I'll link to the report researched and compiled by Operation Rescue.  Please take the actions that they suggest at the bottom of their report.

The State Is Subordinate To The Church

The June 20th Vortex touches upon what happens when people forget that secular government is subordinate to God.  I agree with it - for the most part.  I think his portrayal of US history is a bit simplistic.  For one thing, he lumps the U.S. into a category of "western democracies".  However, the United States of America is not and never was a pure democracy.  The Founding Fathers feared the notion of a pure democracy, realizing it would lead to mob rule (as happened in France shortly after the American Revolution).  We are a Constitutional Republic; that is we elect representatives who act on our behalf and these representatives themselves are limited by the United States Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

Our culture started to degrade not only when God became marginalized from public life, but also when the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were likewise degraded.   Both tend to lend to the de facto deification of the state into a totalitarian monstrosity.  The IRS and NSA spy scandals are simply the latest manifestations of this leviathan.

Now do I think the United States is beyond repair?  Maybe, maybe not.  I won't go so far as to make a definitive projection yet, for if we carry on like the US is beyond repair, we will bring about what is called the "self-fulfilling prophesy".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guess What Criminal Activity The CCHD Helped To Fund??

Remember this debacle from last week, when so-called "peaceful activists" stampeded onto the front lawn of a Kansas state official?  Well, it turns out that the donations of unsuspecting Catholics, "courtesy of the CCHD", went towards financing this mess.  As you watched the video, didn't you wonder just how a bunch of poor, oppressed immigrants were able to afford those buses, shirts and signs?

First, a "shout-out" to the National Association of American Lay Catholics.  It was their blog post that tipped me off to the CCHD connection with the mob scene last week.  I assume it was they who visited the photo section of Sunflower Community Action's Facebook page and discovered its partnership with Communities Creating Opportunity, the Kansas affiliate of PICO.  As you examine the pictures you can see both the shirts worn at the Kobach house and the CCO logo.

PICO received $150,000.00 from the CCHD.  Here it is right from the USCCB website.  Notice the praise heaped upon PICO for their "established track record of grassroots organizing".  I'm sure enough of those "tracks" were left on the Kobach lawn last weekend.

Do NOT give one penny to your local CCHD collection (if your diocese is still conducting that charade).

Meet One Of Carhart's Deficiencies!

Last week I posted about the investigations of sixteen Maryland abortion mills by the State of Maryland.  Noting the 75% failure rate, I also commented on the multiple failures of the Germantown Reproductive Health Services, where Leroy Carhart murders late-term babies.  The second item of that list mentions that at least three individuals acting as nurses did not possess valid Maryland nursing licenses.  I believe we know the name of one of them.

Lindsey Creekmore has worked as a nurse for Leroy Carhart in both his Nebraska and Maryland facility.  As this Lifenews article states, action is being taken against her Nebraska license for allegedly administering incorrect dosages of sedatives to several patients (notice the first bullet of my post).  Operation Rescue has more details on her, citing her maiden name as Alejandro.  Here's another picture of Creekmore; please note the tattoos.

Here's the Maryland Board of Nursing website.  Click on that and to the left you'll see the link to "look up a licensee".  Search for Lindsey Creekmore, using any permutation of names.  You will not find her.  Yet she was working for Carhart in Germantown.  Here is a picture of her getting out of her car as she arrives at the Germantown facility; again note the tattoos.

The State of Maryland reports indicate that at least two other employees of Germantown Reproductive Health Services were not properly licensed.  I would think that not only is that flagrantly illegal, but also seriously in violation of liability insurance requirements and possibly condominium covenants.  Here's hoping and praying that one of these sets of chickens will come home to roost and that we'll see the hell hole known as Germantown Reproductive Health Services close its doors forever.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Social Justice Became Perverted In US Chanceries

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris gives a bit of history behind the mess that is commonly known as "social justice" in chancery offices across the country.  He also explains how this led to so many Catholics being hoodwinked by the "Catholic" Campaign for Human Development and why progressives are lashing out at the work that faithful Catholics are doing to expose the chicanery of the CCHD.  He mentioned that Church Militant TV is a "proud member of the Reform CCHD Now Coalition"; so is this blog.

I do have one minor difference with Voris.  At 1:02 he mentions that both secular society and the Church started to turn liberal/progressive in the 1960s.  I hold that process began way before then, and only became manifest during the 1960s.

Guess what?  The CCHD has announced that it will be giving away over $91 million in grants.  However, it left out one teensy little detail in that announcement: the grant recipients and how much each will receive!  So much for Catholic donors knowing the usage of their money!  For the CCHD, that's simply par for the course - all the more reason not to give them one penny of your hard-earned money.

More From The "Your Tax Dollars At Work" Department

There are oh-so-many uses for the Obamaphone - you know, the things for which we all pay when we pay for our own phones.  Never mind that some of these uses are illegal and immoral, as long as it happens on our dime, right?  Thanks to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mainstream Catholic Media - Aiding And Abetting The Culture Of Death

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris touches upon a key reason why this blog and its sister website were created - to do the job that the Catholic Standard refused to do, and still refuses to do.  We originally sought to put Catholics in the MD/DC area (meaning the Archdiocese of Washington, Archdiocese of Baltimore and Diocese of Wilmington) in touch with realistic information regarding the Church and the culture at large.  We still have that goal while realizing that we can serve the larger Church as well.

Voris is spot-on as he describes the "careerism" that has infected the minds of so many "officials" in various Church enterprises, including the media.  I congratulate him for naming names in the second half of the presentation.  I will say a word about EWTN, but solely in Mother Angelica's defense.  It has only been after her illness and subsequent infirmity that EWTN went "squishy" on us all; pray for Mother as this must pain her greatly.

Of course I'd add to the list the Catholic Standard and the paper sponsored by the Catholic Business Network called Our Parish Times.  The latter is a paper that originated maybe ten years ago.  At one time it did deal with some hard issues honestly, mostly through one columnist.  For reasons that I can only imagine, that columnist no longer appears, and now the Times joins the Standard in featuring happy little photo-ops and maybe some pieces approved by USCCB or other such organs.  For an excellent "case in point", recall the situation with Father Marcel Guarnizo at St John Neumann during Lent 2012.  You saw it on this blog.  You saw it in the Washington Post and other secular outfits.  It was in fact international news.  However, neither the Catholic Standard nor Our Parish Times uttered one peep on the matter.  Such silence on the part of supposed journalists was downright dishonest.

House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

Today the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" (HR 1797) authored by Trent Franks (R-AZ) passed the House by a vote of 228-196, mostly along party lines.  LifesiteNews has more commentary and the roll call.  There was some "crossing of the aisle"on both sides.  I regret that Eric Cantor decided to add the usual "rape and incest" canards to the bill, in essence denying the right to life for those so conceived.

The Messiah Most Miserable has threatened to veto the bill should it reach his desk, uttering some nonsense about "trampling".  Meanwhile it is he who has trampled all over unborn children by opposing partial birth abortion bans, smooching up to Planned Parenthood, etc etc.

Harry Reid will most likely never let a comparable bill get to the Senate floor.  This is why we must change the composition of both Congressional houses in 2014 - and that means GOP leadership.

A Humorous Look At Labor Unions

Monday, June 17, 2013

Borrowing Some Tactics From SEIU..

In Kansas, a "community-organizing" bunch that calls itself "Sunflower Community Action" descended upon the front lawn of Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State to protest the deportation of illegal immigrants (that is, those who deliberately broke our laws).  Their actions bore an uncanny resemblance to that of the SEIU and "National Political Action", who stomped all over the lawn and front porch of a Bank of America official three years ago in Montgomery County.  I daresay there might have been some "consultation" going on between the two "community organizing" gangs.  In fact, go to page 4 of this SCA newsletter to see how they are networking with the SEIU.

Watch the video of the mob all over Kobach's lawn.  The guy with the bullhorn on the porch claims that "we're showing love" (0:14).  He makes a mockery of the word "love".  Whatever else marauding over someone's private property is, it is not "love".  As for the depositing of shoes on the front porch, that was just silly; I imagine the shoes are in some trash can at this moment.

Dear "Sunflower", here are some good-faith suggestions.  If you want to convince the "evil xenophobes" that you aren't a bunch of law-breaking, trespassing thugs, then it's very important that you do not behave like law-breaking, trespassing thugs as you did at the Kobach home.  Otherwise, they (and the public at large) will correctly infer that you mean to bully and terrorize.  Understand that the act of trespassing, especially en masse is by definition not "peaceful", silly pretensions to the contrary.  Mr. Kobach's mention of his Second Amendment rights in this context is most appropriate.  Obviously you won't appreciate it, in your delusional self-righteousness and hypocrisy, but that's not our problem

Illegal aliens are deported because they show disregard for our laws.  We know they make disregard of rule of law and other peoples' rights their way of life (in true Alinskyan fashion; note the reading list of Louis Goseland, along with Alinskyan language all over the site).  The "Sunflower Community Action" bunch was kind enough to provide to us this past Saturday with prima facae evidence of that deplorable trait by stampeding over Mr. Kobach's lawn.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

From The "Our Tax-Dollars At Work" Department

The Obamas are going on yet another vacation (surprise!), this time to Africa.  There will be a scintilla of "official business" conducted.  That said, there is now "justification" (ahem!) for sticking us, the taxpayers/suckers, with the tab.  And how much is that tab?  Why, it's a mere $60-100 million dollars!  That's all!  Jobs are being lost and our taxes are going up, but what the heck?  We are here to serve the wants and needs of the Messiah Most Miserable and assorted Minions Most Mindless!  After all, they have to transport 14 limousines, 56 support vehicles, an off-shore naval hospital, you know - all the things any regular family would bring on a junket abroad - again, with our tax dollars!

So much for judicious use of our federal tax-dollars.  However, we Marylanders get an additional treat, for Martin O'Malley is going on his own little junket, and I believe we poor slobs have the immense (dis)honor of picking up that tab vis-a-vis our Maryland taxes.  Oh, joy!!  This little frolic "trade and investment mission" will take him and his wife to Ireland and France.

Now understand that O'Malley has his sights set on the White House.  He has done all in his power to drag Maryland down the primrose path of progressivism: gay marriage, abortion-coddling, dream act, taxation to the whazoo.  Of course "drag" may not be the proper verb, since much of Maryland (Baltimore and the DC suburbs) is infested with liberalism (as evidenced by six MD school children being bullied over imagined "gun infractions").  He wants to show the Democrat puppet-masters (Soros et al) that he's a good little puppet that can deliver.  Perhaps in light of all of Obama's lavish vacations, he wants to show that he too can be profligate with taxpayers' dollars.  Granted he's not taking over a bunch of limos, but he's only a lowly governor - for now.  Wanna bet that (God forbid) he ever goes to the White House that he'll arrange lavish little trips for his family, on the dime of the US citizens?

Egads!! No Teleprompter!!!

Civilization as we know it almost came to a screeching halt last week as the Messiah Most Miserable attempted to utter a coherent sentence with neither his teleprompter nor prepared speech to put the words in his mouth.  Clearly he was miffed and we can only wonder what happened to the hapless staff member(s) afterwards.  So there you have it - the Leader of the Free (?) World, unable to utter anything intelligent without his crutches.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Attention Kathleen Sebelius! This Is Real Pre-K Education!

Would the government agents trolling this blog kindly alert Madame Sebelius to be alert to this brand of education?  Please ensure that she is seated and has smelling salts handy.  Thank you.

For the rest of us - the decent, normal people, please enjoy this clip of a four-year old reciting the New Testament books.  I find it to be cute!

Kathleen Sebelius - "Third Graders May As Well Drop Out"

What is with these pro-abortion katholyc politicians?  Truly they are Obama's Minions Most Mindless.  Kathleen Sebelius (you know, the Tiller-Carhart fan who turned her back on that 10-year old girl a few weeks ago) is telling the country that children who don't get pre-kindergarten education "may as well drop out by third grade".  She let loose with that stinker while shilling for the Messiah Most Miserable's proposed $75 billion effort to increase pre-kindergarten education.

According to the Messiah Most Miserable, just when would this "education" ideally start?  At birth - that's right!  Birth!  That last link comes right from the White House (third paragraph).  So does the brainwashing education begin before or after the umbilical cord is cut?  May we safely assume that those who fall prey to Gosnellian scissors are among those who "may as well drop out" anyway?

May I humbly offer some modest suggestions to improve education in these United States?
  • Abolish the Department of Education; that would greatly aid in eradicating the poison of humanism from curricula.
  • Remove the National Education Association and all local chapters from schools.
  • Fire all teachers and officials who wax ballistic over the mere talk of guns, and who inflict real bullying on children for biting pastries into gun-shapes.
  • Throw Common Core into the trash where it belongs.
  • Teach real language skills: reading, grammar, spelling, composition - and in English
  • The above list is by no means exhaustive.
Of course, if you can home-school, please do so.  Kathleen Sebelius, who has spent much of her early career running interference for various abortionists and baby-killers has absolutely no credibility whatsoever to suggest that parents surrender their children to the brainwashing machinations of an increasingly fascist government.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pelosi Sticks Both Feet In Mouth - Again!

She and Joe Biden must be competing for the title of "pro-abortion CINO politician who can make the biggest fool of him/herself".  Today during a press conference, she fudged her way around some questions regarding the proposed ban on abortion after 20 weeks.  She proceeds to say:
  • "They are saying there is no abortion" (after the 1-minute mark).  No, the bill is meant to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks   Regardless of what one thinks of the 20-week demarcation, we all can see that she is misrepresenting the bill, probably deliberately so.
  • She claims to be a "practicing Catholic" as she shills for baby-killing.  In other words, she says she's a "practicing Catholic" while she advocates the opposite of Catholic practice.
  • She refuses to explain her reasoning, claiming it's "sacred ground" to her.
I can see where Pelosi comes from, with that "sacred ground" quip.  After all, to someone whose "god" is money and/or power, abortion might well be their "sacred cow".  There certainly is an abundance of blood money at the disposal of these abortionists, and they will dole it out to the politicians to keep them in their pockets.

Poor Nancy!  When Pendergraft's mill was dismantled today, she must have seen it as a profanation of her "sacred ground"!  Below is the video of Pelosi making a fool of herself.

Deo Gratias! Another Abortuary Bites The Dust

In Florida, abortionist James Pendergraft was hit with a $36 million dollar malpractice judgment, with his license being suspended.  Hey!  It's only the fifth time his license has been suspended.  He partnered with Maryland abortionist Harold Alexander in his late-term murder enterprise; Alexander had his Maryland license suspended.

Today at Pendergraft's Orlando Women's Center, moving vans and police vehicles rolled up to the door to seize Pendergraft's assets in payment of the $36 million dollar judgment.  The Operation Rescue article has a video clip of a patient table (on which hundreds of babies undoubtedly were murdered) rolled onto the van.  That must have been a delightful sight to behold.  Pendergraft himself stood on the sidewalk and watched his weapons of mass murder being rolled away.  Sidewalk counselors tried to preach repentance to him, but to no (visible) avail.

LifeNews reports that a baby's life was saved today because the mom, expecting to go into the abortuary, found it being dismantled by legal authorities.  Sidewalk counselors did speak with her at length and she went to a pregnancy center.  Three other women likewise had to leave; let's pray that they don't have their babies murdered elsewhere.

Let us pray that all these hell-holes be closed soon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CCHD Damage Control Attempts Continue

Next "up to bat" is the uber-liberal Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  Michael Sean Winters leads his screed with "the witch hunt must end".  I might point out to Mr. Winters that when the progressive groups flout their anti-Catholic and anti-God proclivities for all to see, there is no need for a "hunt".

He too comments about the Ilinois CCHD's decision to cut funding from groups who support same-sex perversion.  The groups in question are in alignment with the USCCB position on immigration reform and in fact were organized specifically for immigration issues.  Winters does question why they found it necessary to espouse perversion of marriage, but claims that doesn't "let CCHD off the hook".  My question is, "what hook"?

Here's the bottom line, Mr. Winters.  While you read, take deep controlled breaths so you don't hyperventilate as your eyes ingest some truth.  The Catholic Church may never give aid and assistance to those who support actions that are inherently evil and mortally sinful.  Period.  It doesn't matter what other nice things they may do on the side; we don't "look the other way" and dole out money indiscriminately.  Such money is Catholic money and the Church must answer to Jesus Christ Himself for its stewardship of resources.  If that doesn't suit your politically correct ideas, you'll just have to deal with it.

In one of the later paragraphs, Winters writes, "there is reason to worry deeply about the Church's identity".  It is noteworthy that this is found in the publication that calls itself "Catholic" even as its own local bishop cautions it against taking positions contrary to the Magisterium.  In other words, Winters et al have no credible basis for opining about the "Church's identity".  They may spout all the nonsense they want, but no Catholic of good sense will take them seriously.  The fact that the Not-So-Catholic Reporter champions the CCHD might itself be a clear indication that the CCHD collection should be boycotted.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How Can One Tell When It's CCHD Collection Time?

One answer to that question is "when the CCHD and their supporters start their preemptive screeds against faithful Catholics concerned about their left-wing leanings".  For example, David Gibson of Religion News Service starts his piece by claiming that "conservative activists are threatening the social mission of the Catholic Church... by attacking the Church's flagship anti-poverty program with 21st-century style Catholic McCarthyism."  

Of course he refers to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Obviously Mr. Gibson is unaware that the CCHD, by policy, gives no money to organizations that directly perform the Corporal Works of Mercy.  Perhaps Mr. Gibson knows that and he doesn't give a hoot.  At any rate, CCHD has traditionally given grants - collected from Catholics during the in-pew collections - to organizations that seek to "change social structures and policies".  That quote is taken from one of their flyers.  More often than not, these organizations are socialist in nature, along the lines of Saul Alinsky.  Indeed, the CCHD was originated by Msgr Jack Egan, an associate (and disciple) of Saul Alinsky for the express purpose of syphoning Catholic resources to fund these community-organizing endeavors (Barack Obama cut his political teeth while working with the Gamaliel Foundation, one such group).  But this blog's previous posts have delved in detail into CCHD's sordid past - no need to rehash that here.

Gibson cites as his main source Faith in Public Life - you know, the progressive outfit funded by George Soros.  Here is the link to the 24-page report that snivels about the "growing threat".  If anything's a "growing threat", it's the tentacles of progressives that infest the bowels of the USCCB offices.  I count it as a high compliment to be among those they perceive as a "threat" to them siphoning Catholic money to their causes, but I digress.  

A perusal of page 2 of their report will give you quite a number of progressives and Obama supporters; many of these individuals and entities can be entered into this blog's search box for more information: Pax Christi,   Thomas Chabolla, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Catholics United, LCWR, the disgraced Bishop Gumbleton, Stephen Schenk.  The rest of that report will need to be studied in greater detail.  

Getting back to Gibson's article, I must mention one line that is so silly as to be downright amusing.  He complains about the "well-financed network" that we are, in his third paragraph.  I think I can speak for many of my compatriots when I say that none of that "finance" has greased our palms!  On the other hand, when multi-billionaire George Soros has his paw-prints all over Faith in Public Life and its endeavors, it's not too hard to see where the cold cash really flows.

Lest anyone think that this Gibson piece is just a flash in the pan, I now link to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times by Mark Brown.  Recall that recently, a "gay marriage" bill was defeated in Illinois.  Now Brown is waxing ominous about the Church "playing hardball" with groups that supported perversion of marriage.  He's complaining that the CCHD there might cut off their funding.  Imagine that!  The Catholic Church expects those receiving Catholic money to honor Catholic principles!  Here's hoping they hold firm.  Anyway, we can see how the mainstream media is marching lockstep behind the progressives who are trying to leech money from Catholics to undermine Christian principles.

There will be more on this.  For now, I (and I'm sure my friends) take it as a high compliment that the CCHD apologists feel they have to do this preemptive "damage-control" to restore what at one time was an easy source of cash from unsuspecting Catholics.  We're "unsuspecting" no longer.  The truth is coming out.  Please read the FPL report, and also study the report put out by the Reform CCHD Now Coalition.

Monday, June 10, 2013

IRS Tells Pro-Life Group To Keep Your Faith To Yourself

Both Lifenews and Lifesite News have pieces about this, to which I link (please click their links for substantiating documentation).  They both have the audio of the interview in question.  This agent Sherry Wan is clearly overstepping her bounds when she tells the pro-life group not to exercise their First Amendment rights.  Her arrogance is breathtaking.

Alliance Defending Freedom worked with Pro-Life Revolution and helped them to secure their non-profit status.  I don't know if action will be taken against the IRS and Ms Wan, but both are liable.  Now before some jump in and say that Wan was "simply doing her job" or "obeying orders", perhaps you should think again and remember a bit of history.  I refer to the Nuremberg Trials that happened right after World War II.  There Nazi soldiers and other operatives were tried for "crimes against humanity", most notably against Jews and other prisoners.  Many of the accused tried the "I was only following orders" line, only to be reminded that they were sentient human beings who should have known better than to obey inherently immoral orders.

Such is the case with IRS agents today (I might add DHS, TSA, NSA officials, as well as public school officials and other law-enforcement personnel).  I strongly suspect that as a government officer, Ms. Wan had to sign some sort of agreement that she would uphold the United States Constitution.  Perhaps she even had to take an oath to that effect.  At any rate, she made mincemeat of any adherence to the Constitution.  She and others should be tossed out of their cushy jobs on their cabooses.

In fact, the whole IRS should be abolished quickly and unceremoniously.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nitwits Of Maryland Education Strike Again

I believe the count for Maryland alone is now six: that is, six kids who were (I'll use the word) bullied by public school and law enforcement officials because they dared to refer to guns.  This latest from Owings involved a boy who was merely talking about guns. Again this happened on a bus.  The 11-year-old was questioned by a Sheriff's deputy, who wanted to search the family home - without a search warrant, of course!

The WMAL article is here.  I don't always agree with the ACLU on various topics, but I must commend them for taking a stand against this overreach of authority and abject silliness on the part of school administrators, bus drivers, etc.

Irrefutable Proof That Obama Did Attend Columbia!

My colleague at Les Femmes has linked to material that cast doubt upon the impeccable integrity of our Messiah Most Miserable regarding his attendance at Columbia University.  Well, I have undeniable proof that indeed he did attend.


Coming To A Public School Near You?

It's called Common Core.  Ostensibly a benign effort to "normalize" educational standards, it's nothing more than the Department of Education trying to brainwash the hapless children in public schools.  I'd like to point out that I studied secondary education at the University of Maryland and even then the department was overrun by progressive fans of John Dewey.  I can only imagine it's worse now.

If you think I'm just spouting "right-wing hysteria", you can keep your heads buried in the sand.  Otherwise, you may wish to review this video by concerned parents and citizens from Utah.  Apparently the curriculum for "language arts" is identical to the curriculum for "left-wing community-organizing"; and it starts in first grade.

By the way - if you live in Indiana, please thank Governor Pence for putting the brakes on this mess.  The Federal government has no Constitutional authority to meddle in education; that is the rightful purview of parents.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Careful! Someone's Listening!

Father Guarnizo On The Situation In Ireland

On the site of Live Action appears an article penned by Father Marcel Guarnizo on the recent legal battles in the Irish Parliament.  In this article he refutes some misguided statements uttered by Austin Ruse.  I invite you to read it for yourselves.

As you read, recall that contraception is the "camel's nose under the tent".  We would not have had the Roe-v-Wade disaster if that had not been preceded by the Griswold-v-Connecticut disaster.  Even now some US pro-life leaders refuse to accept that.  Remember the Manhattan Declaration?  I've delved into its fatal flaw and why I could not sign it myself.  When will we learn??

Yesterday Live Action, Christian Defense Coalition, Students for Life and others rallied outside the Irish Embassy in Washington DC on behalf of our Irish compatriots who are struggling to keep their country abortion-free.  We join our Irish friends in prayer as we pray and work to end the bloodshed in our own country.

Open Letter To The Gazette Papers Regarding Carhart Abortuary

Last February Maryland's Office of Health Care Quality investigated sixteen abortion centers in Maryland.  Of these, twelve were found to be deficient in meeting Maryland regulations.  The Germantown Reproductive Health Services, staffed by Leroy Carhart, was one of the twelve failures.  However, in a very strange article in the May 24th issue of the Gazette newspapers, Dr. Joshua Sharfstein of that Maryland office told the Gazette staff writer that no deficiencies were found at the Carhart center.  Thursday evening I sent the following letter to the Gazette.  I make it public below.  Please note that the hyperlinks will take you to all pertinent background information, including the reports on the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene site.  Now the letter follows:

In the May 24th issue of the Gazette appeared the following article, “State investigation clears Germantown abortion clinic”.  Regrettably the article is factually inaccurate.  Yes, the Office of Health Care Quality did investigate Germantown Reproductive Health Services in February 2013.  On March 26, 2013, that office issued to the abortion clinic a “Notice of Current Deficiencies”.  In its very first paragraph it stated quite plainly that the facility was NOT in compliance with the requirements of the Code of Maryland Regulations 10.12.01.  The report, in its entirety, can be found at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s web site; it is in pdf format and can be downloaded.  I link to it now.

Among the cited deficiencies of Germantown Reproductive Health Services are the following items:
  • Nurses caring for sedated patients unable to document that they received adequate training.
  •  At least three individuals functioning as registered nurses did not possess valid Maryland licenses
  • No policies were in place to ensure that staff were trained to transfer patients to hospitals in the event of emergencies.  
  • Single-dose medication vials were not discarded in accordance with regulations.
  • Unlabeled pre-drawn syringes were found.
  • Instruments were not properly cleaned and sanitized after usage.
The foregoing list is not exhaustive; additional shortcomings are listed in the report.

The Germantown abortion clinic was not the only one investigated by the Office of Health Care Quality.   Sixteen of Maryland’s abortion clinics were examined during the February time frame.  Of those sixteen, twelve failed the inspections.  Again, the reports are found (in downloadable format) on the DHMH website.  In fact, as the article states, four of these centers did have their licenses suspended due to the nature of the shortcomings found in those centers; details can be found in their individual reports.

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein told Senator Midddleton, Representative Hammen and presumably the Gazette staffer Ryan Marshall that “no deficiencies were found” at the Germantown facility.  If he omitted mention of these very significant and relevant reports that are clearly on the DHMH’s site, Dr. Sharfstein was not being completely forthcoming with these individuals and, by extension, to the citizens of Maryland.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Would The ACLU Have Grinded Their Axe For FDR?

In South Carolina, a graduating valedictorian prepared to give his address.  His speech was thoroughly "sanitized" by the politically-correct thought police.  When the moment came, he ripped up the pre-approved screed and led the attendees in the Lord's Prayer.  In this article (that contains video) we read that the ACLU is going to seek information about religious activities.

Today is the 69th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion by Allied forces during World War II.  President Roosevelt's announcement of that invasion is below.  In all fairness, I must warn ACLU types, rabid atheists and other politically-correct hacks that there are (dare I say this?) prayers to Almighty God contained therein!   Eeek. Eeek.  You've been warned!

Two Catholic Profiles In Courage

A few days ago, Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield IL debated dissident faux-nun and New Ways dabbler Sr Jeannine Gramick on the topic of so-called "gay marriage".  The event was entitled "Two Catholic Views on Marriage".  Right off the bat, Bishop Paprocki corrected that misnomer, stating quite clearly that there is only one authentically Catholic view of marriage - which also happens to be the only authentic view of marriage.  He also stated that his late secretary, Mary Stachowicz, was murdered by a gay activist 11 years ago for daring to suggest that he change his lifestyle.  He contrasted the media's silence about her murder in comparison with that of Matthew Shepherd who was murdered at around the same time.  I remember those incidents and recall noticing the disparity of media attention regarding those two crimes.  Please follow this LifesiteNews link for a complete text of the bishop's remarks.  Kudos to Bishop Paprocki for speaking plain truth to the face of political correctness.

Mark Birk plays the center position for the Baltimore Ravens.  He went with them to the Super Bowl.  He's also a Catholic and pro-life activist.  Most of the Ravens attended an audience with President Obama.  He opted not to join them, owing to Obama's support of Planned Parenthood and of the murder of babies.  That might make a football fan out of me yet!

It's nice to have some good news for a change!

A Warning To Bishops

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So Much For Freedom Of Choice

Intelligent people always knew that the buzz-phrase "freedom of choice" was a mockery, something in which the pro-abortion crowd never believed.  Now they are dropping their pretenses.

Princeton "bioethicist" Peter Singer declared his latest schlock: "Women's reproductive rights may one day have to be sacrificed for the environment".  And where was he when he made this none-too-surprising statement?  Why, he was at that Women Deliver Conference last week, along with Melinda Gates, Kathleen Sebelius and Leroy Carhart.  What a charming bunch of folks.

(By the way - Women Deliver, Inc has 501c3 status.  I wonder if Lois Lerner made them jump through hoops and turn over their donor lists, website passwords, etc?  But I digress!)

Read that LifeSite News article; Singer's arrogance is actually quite typical of progressives.  Don't you just get a thrill when he says regarding women's rights, "there can be imaginable circumstances in which you may be justified in overriding them."  Wanna bet that Carhart and other abortionists in attendance were contemplating how they might "assist" in such "overriding"?

He's concerned - very concerned - about "greenhouse gases".  One immediate step he and all the other attendees could take would be to shut their mouths and stop emitting their own noxious gases.  But that won't happen.

I link to a previous post regarding the anti-life underpinnings of environmentalism.  These underpinnings were made starkly evident last week.  Please read and pass on.

Addendum: For a nice synopsis on real ecology in the service of humankind, see what Pope Francis says about the saving of babies as being the most important aspect of preserving environment.

What's The Point, Asks The Vortex

Today's Vortex touches upon the chequered careers of two prelates that are drawing to their ends due to their impending retirement ages.  One of them is Bishop Robert Lynch of St Petersburg, FL.  I agree that Lynch's blog post is dopey enough, but that was not the "lowest of the low" for Bishop Robert Lynch.

It was in his diocese, under his (supposed) watch, that Terri Schiavo was allowed to be brutally murdered via dehydration and starvation.  Bishop Lynch went so far as to rebuke those who endeavored to save her life for causing "lack of peace".  He forbade his priests from offering comfort to the Schindler family (they did have assistance from a priest attached to the Military Archdiocese).  When it was evident that Terri would die during or after Holy Week, he fled his see - in direct violation of Canon Law.  And while he wouldn't allow her parents use of a Church for any sort of memorial service, he did allow her murderous husband Michael to marry his fornication partner weeks later in a Catholic Church.  What a guy!

Good riddance to Bishop Lynch.  May he spend his upcoming retirement in prayer and reparation.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

True Church Leaders Opt To Part Ways With Boy Scouts

Note that I said true Church leaders.  The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has disqualified itself from that classification with their convoluted attempt to justify the exposure of boys to toxic influences.  You may read their tripe here.  My friend Rey Flores had an article published in the Wanderer that rightly rebukes the NCCS.

Father Derek Lappe, pastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea in Bremerton, WA, published a letter in his parish bulletin detailing why he was separating his parish from the Boy Scouts.  I urge all to carefully read it, as he explains the truth of the matter most thoroughly.

I am happy to report that Dr Taylor Marshall, a good Catholic blogger, is at work on a Catholic alternative: The Scouts of St George.  Read his blog pieces: both of them.

There are good Protestants who rightly perceive the dangers posed by the shameful capitulation of the Boy Scouts to the Tyrants of Political Correctness.  The Southern Baptists will separate from the Scouts, taking away 45,000 congregations and 16 million members.  I trust they will derive programs for their boys.

As usual, the Vortex serves up some words of truth to Catholic parents regarding this latest gay assault on Catholic families.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Abolish The IRS

There never was a Constitutional basis for the existence of this behemoth.  They tyrannical monstrosity it has become is merely the logical consequence of the overreaching authority it has been allowed to exert over citizens.  It's time to abolish it.  At this IJR article, watch the video in which Senator Ted Cruz is voicing what so many of us believe to be the correct course of action.

UPDATE:  The IJR link isn't working, so let's try this one.  Apologies!

Kiddie-Gun Paranoia Worsens

This latest has occurred in Nebraska, and this time the little would-be terrorist is 3 years old.  He's totally deaf and has to sign his name.  However, his school doesn't like his name-sign, the one taught to him by his parents from day one.  Apparently the ninnies who run that school think it looks too much like a gun so they want him to change his name-sign.  His parents are standing up to the real bullies and have made this national news.  You can see the interview here.

Here's some common-sense education for those who think they're qualified to teach our children.  Now read carefully, boys and girls (or whatever gender you call yourselves)!  Here are some basic facts.
  • Human fingers are not firearms.
  • Pop-Tarts and other breakfast pastries are not firearms.
  • Little children saying "pow, pow" is not a deadly weapon being discharged.
  • Hello Kitty bubble blowers are not firearms.
  • The little toy soldier plastic guns, no bigger than an adult fingernail, are not firearms.
  • A drawing of a gun is not an actual gun.
And now, dear children (that is, the overgrown brats who inhabit the NEA and chapters, school administrations and school boards), do we understand these basic facts of reality?  You probably do, but are ever so zealous to brainwash and traumatize our children into being obedient and docile sheeple who are always beholden to the statists and progressives.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some Religions Are More Equal Than Others

How Orwellian the Obama regime has become.  We hear now that the Department of Justice (of AP-email-snooping infamy) is rattling its saber against those of us who dare question the portrayal of Islam as a "religion of peace".  DOJ official William Killian said that federal civil rights laws can be violated by those who post "inflammatory documents aimed at Muslims" on social media.  Only these Minions Most Mindless know what constitutes "inflammatory" in their (excuses for) minds.

So if I link to the article about the Muslim who murdered and beheaded two Coptic Christians in Jersey City, am I being "inflammatory"?  How about if I link to this interview of an Egyptian Muslim cleric who gives pointers on how to properly beat one's wife?  (By the way - where are all the feminists?  Why, oh why, aren't they in an uproar over this?)

Well, speak I will.  This is still the United States of America, where there is at least still some lip service paid to the Constitution - for now.  Go to this Breitbart article about last week's Congressional hearing regarding the DOJ misadventures.  Trent Franks is questioning Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General of the DOJ Civil Rights Division.

This "inflammatory" nonsense is simply a ploy to get good people to shut up about the obvious encroachment attempt by adherents to a violent ideology.  By the way, if Islam is truly a "religion of peace", would someone please point me to the links where mainstream muslims denounce their misbehaving brethren for beating women, blowing up the Boston Marathon, 9/11, etc?