Saturday, November 30, 2013

Liberal Tyranny Increases - We Must Stand Our Ground

There are some who cannot understand why people such as myself who abhor abortion are also beholden to the Second Amendment - the right to keep and bear arms.  After all, they reason, guns snuff out life just like abortion does, right?  Well, no.

Abortion is the murder of babies in their mothers' wombs.  Murder is defined in Catholic moral theology as "the deliberate taking of innocent human life".  The Fifth Commandment is most accurately translated as "Thou shalt not murder".

The Second Amendment is the guarantee of the right of every person to defend themselves and to have the means adequate to do so.  It is a necessary adjunct to the right to life.  If a person is attacked and takes the life of the aggressor while defending him/herself, that taking of life is justified.  It does not fit the definition of "murder".

The Founding Fathers were quite aware that an out-of-bounds government might well assume aggressive stances towards its citizens, and that these citizens had the right to defend themselves against even governmental aggressors.

Now here's the rub.  The Bill of Rights acknowledges certain human rights exist because God, not government, bestowed them.  They state plainly that government must acknowledge its role as guardian of those rights.  However, when abortion became liberalized by governmental fiat, government usurped the place of God in societal life.  Government at that time started to show a tyrannical face.  If government was not going to protect innocent life in the womb, no other innocent life would be safe from its claws.

Here's a "case in point".  Remember Bill Elliott?  He's the cancer patient who criticized Obamacare after he was told that he'd have to pay premiums almost 10 times what he was paying, owing to his cancer.  He said he'd take the penalty and "let nature take its course".  After the media attention, his broker found him a new policy.  Well, guess what?  Both Elliott and the broker who assisted him received notices of (guess!) impending IRS audits!  In the words of Gomer Pyle, "su-praz, su-praz, su-praz!"

If we really want a glimpse of horrors to come, we just need to look at some events in countries that are a little further along in the plunge down the socialism sewer.  From England's Telegraph we read of some social service tyrant who thought some lady might be an unfit mother.  They seized the woman and forcibly performed a cesarean section on her and took her baby from her.  This could have happened in Red China, but at least they didn't kill the baby.  I urge you to read it, and consider that some hgh-and-mighty bureaucrat could pull the same barbarian stunt here.

Eyebrow-Raiser From Papal Homily

During the homily at his daily Mass yesterday, Pope Francis was reported as saying, "In the Gospel, Jesus does not become angry, but pretends to when the disciples do not understand him."  I pulled this quote from Catholic News Agency but one can see many sources if they google the quote.

I'm baffled - "pretends"???  This from the Divine Son of God who exhorted us to "let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no'"?  I'd love to know of what passage the Holy Father is speaking.  Being God, Jesus never pretended for He never sought to deceive.  Such action would be inherently sinful so I fear usage of the word "pretend" in this context could be veering into murky waters.

If Scripture, itself God's word, states that Jesus was angry, then He was.  Jesus had a human nature and thus experienced emotions.  We know He was distressed in the Garden of Gethsemane, for example.  Of course, being sinless, His emotions and passions were under complete control of His will and intellect.  If the Scriptures say He was angry, it was divinely ordered.

I said there were a number of internet sources for this statement.  That doesn't necessarily mean that these sources featured independent translations of the Holy Father's remarks.  They could all be relying on one faulty translation.  Are there other translations?  I pray there are.  Please advise via the comment box.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Of Faintings, Hecklings And The Obama Mystique

Last month at a Rose Garden press conference, we saw Barack Obama, knight in shining armor, rescue a damsel in distress as she was about to go into a swoon.  That was demonstrated to be a quite the skit - albeit a bit unrehearsed, owing to its sloppiness.

This past Tuesday another broadway-esque performance occurred in San Francisco.  The Messiah Most Miserable was giving a pro-amnesty speech there, and was (gasp!) "heckled" by a graduate from UC-Berkely for not being progressive enough with amnesty.  (What?  Did you expect that a UC grad would object to Obama for being too liberal?)  Well, it turns out that Ju Hong (alleged heckler) was invited by the White House and was seated right behind Obama.  Being right behind him makes for a great photo-op, wouldn't you agree?  Apparently all these invitees undergo background checks before being admitted into the Messianic presence; kinda makes you wonder how an illegal alien, with no documents of admission let alone citizenship passed with flying colors, doesn't it?  Well, he racked up the proper progressive credentials at Berkely.

Watch the video of the incident/skit.  I wonder if Obama was cued even on that by the Messianic Teleprompter?  Did you notice the Secret Service at least put their hands up?  I suppose they learned from the fainting skit that they at least have to make some move for some plausibility.  I did note with more than a little concern his lament over not being "able to wave a magic wand".  But for the Constitution (or what remains of it), he would indeed rule by fiat.  That small part was not an act.

I wonder what next month's thrilling episode will entail?  I sit on the edge of my chair, waiting with bated breath...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Where Feminism Shows Its Satanic Roots

My blogging colleague at Eponymous Flower posted a report, with two videos, about an attack on the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista by hordes of lesbians, abortion advocates and a general assortment of depraved degenerates.  They would have stormed the church were it not for 1500+ faithful Catholics who formed a human shield around it.  On the second video you'll see how they were manhandled by the degenerates.  I warn you that there is a goodly amount of nudity and at least one act of sexual perversion.  I also suspect that there is a fair amount of vile language that Spanish-speaking readers can grasp.  You'll also see them burn an effigy of Pope Francis; the way they scamper and dance around the inferno is indicative of some pagan, if not satanic elements to the affair.

God bless those faithful Catholics who, by God's grace, were able to maintain a prayerful attitude with courage in the face of the hatred and hostility exuding from that barbarian mob.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carhart Sends Another Woman To MD Hospital - Third This Year!

On Feb 7th and July 9th of this year, Leroy Carhart caused two women to be hospitalized as a result of abortions they received at his Germantown facility; for more details read this link.  The woman from Feb 7th, Jennifer Morbelli, died as a direct result of his abortion procedures.

Because of the death, the State of Maryland Office of Health Care Quality conducted an "investigation" of Carhart's practice - or at least went through the motions of doing so.  In May they cleared the Carhart practice.  I learned of this in the Gazette and wrote an open letter to them.  Among other things I pointed out that Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Secretary, Dr Joshua Sharfstein was quoted as saying that "no deficiencies were found" at the Germantown mill - despite reports that are found on the DHMH site (Note: if they're gone, I took the precaution of downloading them, so just advise if they've, uh, "disappeared").  Oh, by the way!  At their October 2013 "evening of chocolate" gala, Maryland NARAL gave one of their "Leadership Awards" to - (Bet you can't guess! - Aw, you peeked!) - Dr. Joshua Sharfstein!  Go to this Defend Life newsletter and scroll to page 12.  Lots of the folks at this event (that we picketed) just gushed with praise for Sharfstein.  And Family Research Council points out that Sharfstein racked up quite a pro-abortion resume.  Way back in April, Jill Stanek noticed Sharfstein's cozy relationships with abortionists.   If you want to see more, just google "Sharfstein NARAL" and you'll see an eyeful.

Boys and girls, given the above, can we all say "fox watching hen-house"?  His May report can be summed up in these words: "Nothing to see here, folks!  Move along!"  His report, along with his chequered career screams of "conflict of interest".  But perhaps I'm being a tad too harsh.  After all, this was just a few months before the July 9th ambulance pulled up at the front door of the Germantown abortuary.

Yesterday, November 26, 2013, 11:45 am, another ambulance pulled up at the door - the second in four months!  The video is below.  At this time I know no additional details.  Operation Rescue states that the woman was taken to Shady Grove Adventist where she underwent emergency surgery.  No staff accompanied her; in fact, as I watch the clip (below) I see no family nor friend get into the ambulance and it doesn't appear that any car was preparing to follow them.  Recall that Carhart has no admitting privileges at any Maryland hospital.  If Maryland had a law similar to that of Texas, Carhart would have to remove his shingle from Germantown.

As long as Sharfstein and his bosses sit in their governmental perches, Carhart will not be dislodged.  In 2014 we have to change a lot of faces in Annapolis to bring about some real reform so that Maryland ceases being the pro-abortion mecca that it has become in recent years.  Now the video...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obama Moves Embassy From Vatican City After He Appoints Hackett - Red Flags Should Be Flying

Just weeks after Ken Hackett, former director of the Catholic Relief Services and not-so-secret Obama henchman, was appointed Ambassador to the Vatican comes this rather strange news.  The Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless are closing the American embassy at the Vatican and "relocating" it to a portion of its Italian embassy.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is quite a snub.  Here we have prima facae evidence of the disdain, if not malevolence, that this regime harbors against the Catholic church.

From their warped vantage point this move is quite understandable.  The Roman Catholic Church stands in stark opposition to the depraved mindset that drives so many of the policies of the Obama cartel.  From the Catholic businesses suing the feds so that they can live by their consciences to those of us who stand outside the Planned Parenthood murder centers to save children, we faithful Catholics - just by the very course of our actions - show to the world how evil this administration is at its core.  The mainstream media, despite its best efforts, cannot completely silence us.  Those in academia and the entertainment industry may hate us and mock us, but they just cannot ignore us.  They are upping the ante on us; we cannot be silent in its face.

Sadly some of these enemies of the faith are in our ranks, just as Judas was one of the Twelve at one point.  Some fly under the radar and some have been quite flagrant in their treachery.  It is no coincidence that Obama made this move just weeks after Ken Hackett took the helm at our Vatican embassy.  As Hackett was on his way to his new digs, he spewed forth pot-shots at pro-life Catholics.  Now he's playing an integral part in snubbing the Vatican itself: a move that five of Hackett's predecessors have denounced.  I mentioned in the post just previous to this that Pope Francis has spoken forcefully against abortion; might this have triggered Obama's move?

I post now a homily given by a priest in Springfield VA last month, regarding the growing hostility harbored by this regime against the Church.  I urge its reading in light of this arguably ominous development.

Viva Il Papa!

Today's Vortex sums up a bit of what many of us have been sensing during recent weeks - that Pope Francis is getting wise to the machinations of progressive media and starting to make points deliberately and crystal clear.  Refer to my post this past Wednesday for two examples, one of which is broached at the 4:00 mark of the Vortex.  Moreover, today the Holy Father has released his first Apostolic Exhortation entitled Evangelii Gaudium; LifeSiteNews has a link to that as well as some analysis including a statement of the Holy Father's that the Church will never change her teaching regarding abortion.

I realize that some progressives, "National Catholic Reporter / America" types are probably having apoplectic seizures right now, but I'd really suggest you listen to him - and then get yourselves to Confession pronto.  Please - for your own souls' sakes.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Don't Tell Your Parents!

When a decent and sensible person hears that command being given to a child, they know it's an indicator that wrong is about to be perpetrated.  We might at first think only a vandal might say it.  Recently in the Catholic Church we've heard of that dire warning being given by pervert priests to their young rape victims.  but now it comes from another source - our public school teachers!

Such was the experience of parents of sixth-grade students at Milam Elementary School in Tupelo MS.  The students were instructed to fill out a very invasive questionnaire with the caveat "don't tell your parents".  Fortunately some of them did and they even spirited the questionnaire out of the classroom and alerted their parents.  These parents are understandably up in arms over it.  The kids were asked to divulge:
  • Their parents' political views
  • Their parents' views on issues such as the Second Amendment, gay marriage, abortion
  • Their own political views (Ten year olds have political views?)
Questions to be asked:
  • Why the admonition not to advise the parents of this questionnaire?
  • What would be done with information collected?
  • Are further questionnaires being deliberated?
  • Why aren't the teachers teaching reading, grammar, math, science, etc?
In the comments section is contact information for the school district.  I agree. They need to be contacted.  Other comments suggest that parents pull their kids out and homeschool.  That would be helpful for two reasons.
  1. The most obvious is that parents can protect their children from progressive brain-washing and actually teach them the reading, math, etc.
  2. School districts get federal funding based on their headcounts.  Reduce that and their money will be reduced.  That might wake them up.
Here is that contact information:
Tupelo Public School District
72 S. Green Street
Tupelo, MS 38804
Superintendent email

Melissa Harris-Perry, Roman Empress

Remember Melissa Harris-Perry, the MSNBC host who managed several months ago to make a fool of herself at least twice?  Here's a memory-refresher.

The poor dear must have felt that fellow MSNBC host Martin Bashir upstaged her with his vile crack regarding Sarah Palin, for once again she has demonstrated how to insert both feet into her mouth.  But first a history lesson, from the days of the Roman Empire.

Infanticide was an accepted practice among the Romans.  Indeed, it was almost expected that a weak or deformed newborn be drowned or taken out of the city to be exposed.  And yes, sometimes that happened if the newborn was a girl rather than a boy.  Naturally the father had final say, acting as his own little household despot.  The Christians of that time, of course, banned that practice in their circles, seeing it rightly as murder.  They were also known to have rescued many infants abandoned in the city outskirts.

It seems that Melissa Harris-Perry would like to reinstate that less-than-delightful Roman custom.  From RealNews, we read that Harris-Perry believes that the infant is alive if and only if the parents feel the child is alive.  "Feel"??!!?!  What the hell does that  mean????  Moreover, according to that article, some progressives believe the "window for feeling-decision" should be as long as three years!  Why stop there?  Why not just go to seventeen and close the window when he/she is eligible to vote?

How can anyone deny that a culture of death has permeated society?  Go back and read Humanae Vitae.  It was written forty-five years ago, but as you read the list of consequences to usurping God's authority and laws, you might think it was written just a few months ago.  We need to wake up - most especially our bishops - and start proclaiming God's moral law and obeying it, lest our culture fall into the ash heap of history as did the Roman Empire and countless souls be damned to hell.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Open Letter To Bishop Bransfield Regarding CCHD

Bishop Michael Bransfield oversees the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, WV.  This letter was penned by my Catholic Media Coalition colleague Jim Fritz.  It's worth a read.  Tomorrow do NOT contribute to the CCHD collection.  Say #no2cchd.

                                                                                                November 22, 2013

Most Rev. Michael Bransfield
Bishop of Wheeling - Charleston
1300 Byron Street
Wheeling, WV 26003

Dear Bishop Bransfield;

Friday, November 22, 2013

What Real New Evangelism Is

It's cutting through nonsense and getting down to brass tacks.

Victory! Baltimore CCHD Defunds New Lens

Two weeks ago some of us broke the story that Baltimore CCHD was funding New Lens and, by extension, their partnership with Planned Parenthood of MD in the promotion of abortion and contraception.  Baltimore-area Catholics were urged in email and robo-call blasts to boycott the collection and to voice complaints to Msgr William Burke, the archdiocesan CCHD director.

He must have heard our complaints for lo and behold, an announcement has appeared in yesterday's Catholic Review.  It's on page A5 and I reproduce it below.

Whew!  Just in time for this weekend's collection, too!  Now all is hunky-dorey, peaches-and-cream with the world!  You can all just dump gobs of money in that second collection, right???

Not so fast!  Look at the article again.  Notice that it said New Lens produced "a video".  Actually it's at least three videos they produced.  Notice too that the Review article is quite cagey with the details of these videos.  There is absolutely no mention of the partnership that New Lens struck with Planned Parenthood of Maryland.  With all due respect to the editors of the Catholic Review, this article is typical "cover your ass" damage-control poppycock, omitting so many details as to render it disingenuous on its face.

Let's be very clear about something else.  The only reason why Msgr Burke "noted that New no longer eligible for CCHD funding" is because we melted his phone lines and filled his email box with the irrefutable evidence of the inimical uses that New Lens was making with CCHD dollars.  Had we not raised a hue and cry, there would have been no defunding and New Lens might well have been receiving even more Catholic dollars with which to promote the murders of tiny babies.

The CCHD of the Archdiocese of Baltimore has not acquitted itself of misappropriation of Catholic dollars.  True, it has defunded New Lens - but only because they were embarrassed enough to do so.  By no means am I reassured that their vetting processes are sound - quite the contrary.  I still urge my Baltimore friends not to drop one penny in this weekend's second collection.

We Catholics in the pews can take some encouragement from this episode.  When we raise our voices, complain and - most potently of all - speak with our wallets, we can effect change.  Never think that you don't make a difference.  You obviously did in Baltimore.

It's still recommended that all good Catholics say #no2cchd.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bishop Ricken Bans Common Core From His Diocese

Bishop David Ricken of the Green Bay Diocese is forbidding the schools in his diocese from adopting the Common Core program or any of its mutations.  He seems to understand the problems with it and finds that the work done by his school personnel is at least on a par with Common Core.

Let us hope that more bishops stand firm like him and resist that clarion call to "get on board" and the temptation of Gates grants.

Plan A For Men! Why Should Women Be The Only Ones Doing The Pill-Popping?

We might call it "birth control", but just remove the word "birth" to keep the key word "control"!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pope Warns Against Progressivism And "Spirit Of Vatican II"

I came across these key announcements today of the Holy Father taking a stand against two serious maladies afflicting those within and outside the Church.

On November 18, he warned of an "adolescent progressivism", namely the world-wide push for a uniform secular ideology.  He cited the Book of Maccabees, the account of the Jews struggling against such an attempt by Antiochus.  By the way - the Jewish people will soon be celebrating Hannukah, a feast that commemorates a victory over that regime.

A day or so later, a letter that he wrote to Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, in which he made plain his agreement with the vision of Pope Benedict XVI for the Church in relation to Vatican II.  He militated against the so-called "spirit of Vatican II", that in the minds of so many dissidents takes precedence over the actual documents of Vatican II.

These are developments worth noting.

What's The Big Deal? It Happens Every Day!

Yesterday in Miami, Kathleen So-bileous was shilling for Obamacare and wound up with eggs on her face in the wake of another website crash.  Delight in the spectacle for yourselves, understanding that it's just a microcosm of not only the disaster known as Obamacare, but the entire fiasco that is the Obama presidency.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Texas Abortion Laws Stand, Thanks Be To God!

LifeSiteNews reports today that the US Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote (and we know the roll-call, don't we?) refused to block Texas' abortion restrictions.  That means, ladies and gentlemen, that lives will be saved.  In fact, they are being saved and murder-camps are folding.

Ladies and gentlemen, two "take-aways":
  1. The Texas law is by no means perfect.  But it's progress.  Contrary to popular opinion, Roe v Wade did not happen overnight.  The pro-death march towards that ruling was long in the making.  Our return to sanity will likewise not be a miraculous cake-walk.  It will be accomplished step by step.
  2. Elections matter, even if the candidates put forth are not the knights in shining armor that we think we deserve.  Those five votes were cast by people appointed by Republican presidents, no exception.  No Democrat appointed them.  Needless to say that had some Republicans not stayed home in 2008 and 2012 in temper-tantrum snits, we might be looking at a much different political landscape.  We might have seen a microcosm of the national scenario a few weeks ago in Virginia; had not that libertarian run (supported by Soros money, by the way) Ken Cuccinelli might be governor-elect. 

Our Lady Of All Nations And Co-Redemptrix

We understand, of course, that the prefix "co" does NOT imply equality but merely participation.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cardinal Marx, Hell Is Real!!

My blogging colleague at veneremurcenui pointed out a gross error uttered by Cardinal Marx, one of the members of Pope Francis' eight advisors, opined that the church must "repent of scaremongering hell".  With all due respect to His Eminence, he has that precisely ass-backwards.  Does he not recall that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"?  I could go into a long tome regarding this error and the monstrous spiritual ramifications, but instead I'll post a homily on this very matter.  It's most relevant during November, as we ponder the Last Four Things.  If any friends of Father Robert Barron are reading, will you please ask him to pay special attention to the segment beginning at the 8:00 mark?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Opposition To Common Core Is Increasing

In the video below, we see a high school senior named Ethan Young from Knox County Tennessee give a testimony at a Nov 6 school board meeting against the sabotage of education known as Common Core.  Some friends have dubbed it "Commie Core" and that moniker seems to be more descriptive of the purpose of this progressive move to compromise real education.  Listen at around the 3:50 mark and you can hear him state that fact and that Commie Core is more oriented to "produce workers.  Everything is career and college preparation".  In other words, breed good little worker-sheeple who will blindly follow the dictates of the oligarchy and not ponder any questions let alone voice objections.  Needless to say that those students who endure the blasting of commie core will not be able to think coherent thoughts, let alone exhibit the thought and eloquence such as you've witnessed with Ethan Young.  After you've finished watching the video, read about some Oregon parents who are taking their own remedial actions against Commie Core.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Collections For Aid To The Philippines

Good advise from my Catholic Media Coaltition colleage Jim Fritz.  Do NOT give to any in-pew Philippine aid collection; if you do, your money will be commingled with funds that CRS will use for inimical purposes.

In most dioceses this weekend the second collections at Mass will go toward the Diocese support for the Philippines. The dioceses will be using the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to distribute the funds collected. Many of you have asked me for an alternative to the CRS as the CRS has a reputation for donating some of the funds to other organizations who are in conflict with Catholic doctrine.  Some have suggested the cause of this is due to the fact CRS also collects funds from the government and must follow government requirements and not Catholic doctrine.

I wish to point out the Knights of Columbus are also collecting donations for their organization and the money collected  will be given directly to the Knights in the Philippines. The Knights are a fantastic and reputable organizations and I suggest all members and others who may wish to donate to them do so. More Information, and how you can donate to them, will be provided at the end of this email. The Knights do not advocate anyone donating entirely to them and ignoring other appeals.

Several of us have investigated a number of alternatives to CRS and we are providing information on our recommended organization.  This organization does not collect any government funds and  a whopping 97 percent of its income is spent for the purposes intended. It has a top rating by Catholic Navigator (  Check it out!

The organization we recommend is the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB). The CMMB appears to be a solid and faithful Catholic group.  Not only are their moneys well spent, but when checking them out under their FAQs they responded very positively to a question on their policy regarding condoms as a means to prevent HIV/AIDS. They stated CMMB does not purchase or receive donations of condoms. They further stated CMMB follows national guidelines established by the ministry of health, and those of the presiding Conference of Catholic Bishops in each country where they have HIV and AIDS programs. I believe we can make the assumption that providing  complete and accurate information about condoms as part of our prevention efforts means they  educate people with the fact condoms are not a fool-proof way of protection against HIV, AIDS, & other STDs.

The response to the immense need in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan CMMB has made shipments of essential meds and hygiene kits of over $2 million earlier this week. They are also preparing additional shipments of medicines at the request of the Philippine Consul General for airlift.
Check them out on their website You can donate online or mail them a check to Catholic Medical Mission Board, PO Box 4715, New York NY 10164-3549.

In regard to donations to the Knights of Columbus, please check out this link to read about their emergency relief fund.

Be sure and watch the short video. The K of C is well established with councils in the Philippines so the relief will be provided to the councils and churches in the immediate area. If you have questions you can call the number at the bottom of their web page.

Michael Voris On The Harm Of Many Modern "Appparitions"

Listen to one key thing towards the beginning about Satan's tactics to confuse faithful Catholics.  There will be lots of Catholic surroundings to them, surroundings that are of themselves good. But Satan is sly - he'll slip that one teensy little poison pill in there and spiritual confusion will result.

Friday, November 15, 2013

I Really Hate To Poop A Pro-Life Party, But..

I'm aghast at what I've been seeing over the past two days.  The blogs, web sites and facebook pages of pro-lifers have been filled with accounts of newborn twins clinging to each other in a neo-natal bath (I suppose that's what it is).  LifeSiteNews has details on it, with video.  Apparently this partial submersion in water is to aid the just-born infants in their transitions from life in the womb to life outside the womb.  These little ones were so bathed and were clinging to each other as they most likely were prior to birth.  All the viewers are touched by how they're clinging to each other.

The trouble is they're so transfixed they cannot see the danger.  When I've mentioned it, I was poo-pooed.  But watch the video and read the LifeSiteNews account carefully.  Both babies are being almost completely submerged - by one nurse.  That's right - one nurse between the two of them.  She has only one hand to devote to each child.  As most folks know, babies squirm!  And these particular babies are wet, to boot!  It only takes a few seconds for tragedy to happen!  What were these people thinking?  Maybe I should ask "were they thinking at all?"  Were they so eager for a "touching beautiful moment" that they were willing to suspend caution and common sense?

This happened in France.  I cannot imagine this happening in an American hospital without that nurse being tossed out on her hiney and perhaps being stripped of her license.  I love babies. For that reason I deplore the dangerous situation in which these little ones were placed.

This, however, is not the first time I've seen newborns treated like gazingstocks at the expense of their comfort, dignity and safety.  About 10 years ago, I started seeing pictures like the one on the right.  Actually, this one is more benign than some of the others.  At least this child is wearing a diaper.  I recall seeing the babies suspended in fishnet baskets without one stitch of clothing between them and the netting.  In other words, they were treated like a sack of potatoes or onions - so that we could all have "cute-attacks". By the way - this particular picture was NOT a "photoshop" job.  He/she really was suspended in the air. I trust that there was a mattress underneath this babe in case the rope at the top became undone.

I'm not sure what caused so many folks not to recognize the danger to those twins.  Peer pressure, perhaps?  Someone saying, "How lovely!" caused them to "jump on the bandwagon"?  Not reassuring!

Bishop Paprocki To Offer Prayers For Exorcism And Reparation For Sin Of Gay Marriage

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield (IL) continues to stand strong against the perversion of marriage.  He has announced that at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Nov 20, he will conduct prayer for exorcism and reparation for the sin of "gay marriage" (I use quotes for the phrase "gay marriage" is an oxymoron).  This is the approximate time that Governor Quinn is expected to sign that legislation into law.  There are accounts here and here.

Bishop Paprocki's actions in defense and proclamation of the faith are numerous and stellar, as previously noted here.  Let us pray for more bishops such as he.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

If You Still Need Proof That The CCHD Is Dangerous To Faith And Morals

Here it is, from my friend Rey Flores of American Life League.  He himself was Director of CCHD for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  When he actually started to run it according to Catholic principles, he was railroaded out of that job, with knowledge of the national office.  Read here.

CCHD = Catholics Contributing to Hell and Damnation.  Say #no2cchd on Nov 23-24th.

CRS Double Talk From The USCCB Meeting Today

The nation's bishops are in the midst of their annual meeting in Baltimore.  Today Archbishop Joseph Naumann (of the Archdiocese of Kansas City) in light of the CRS scandals, proposed a rather reasonable suggestion: to make the Catholic Relief Services subject to the same guidelines as is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  While on a practical level I don't see the benefit of that, since the CCHD is so adroit at violating those standards (rather ironic since this meeting is being held in Baltimore, given the New Lens scandal), the response that the Archbishop got was revealing.  The verbal tap-dance is a sight to behold in this clip.  Bishop Kicanas is the one who engages in the double-talk; he's the same bishop who crabbed about the light being shown on the CRS scandals by American Life League.

Now at 2:08 he's definitely uttering something factually incorrect, given the scandals last summer.  If he's aware of them (and I cannot believe he isn't) then we have an Eighth Commandment issue here.  And of course the funds ARE fungible, speaking from my own experiences with not-for-profits.  Bishop Kicanas' blather provides ample reason why the entire USCCB should be dismantled immediately.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obamacare Promoted By The Advertising Firm Of Slobs And Bimbos

Here are two of the marketing geniuses for Obamacare!

These professionals know the importance of proper balance!

Now doesn't that just make you want to go out and sign up?  For if you do, you too can find yourself perched on a keg!  Oh, joy!

There's a whole collection of this trash - eleven in total.  What makes the Obama cartel think that they have to portray their audience as buffoons in order to sell their product?  Are they tacitly admitting that only the brainless and clueless will sign up for Obamacare (assuming that the website will be functional within the next five years)?

By the way - I tried to look up "".  Right away my virus blocker (McAffee) warned me that it was a dangerous site to visit.  Needless to say, I went no further.  Take warning.

"Do you got insurance?"  I've no doubt that is coming from the Minions Most Mindless, given the sloppy grammar of that question - and the "dregs" quality of the people in the ads.

The Necessity Of Infant Baptism - Sidewalk Counselors Take Note

I address this to fellow pro-life activists, particularly sidewalk counselors.  In some meeting that I've attended, I've heard leaders put forth a dangerous theory as to our main purpose on the sidewalks.  I quote from one leader, "our goal is not ultimately about saving babies from abortion…God can take care of the babies whether they’re born or not born.As Catholics we consign them to His mercy…what we’re really after is souls.

Well, I'd hope that these "souls" include those of the unborn children.  Without sacramental baptism, they won't attain heaven.  They most certainly are our first priority.  I now link to a commentary by Dr Taylor Marshall on a bull against abortion issued by Pope Sixtus V in the 1500s (it was a problem back then).  Now listen to this homily on the topic; I find it to be quite thorough.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Barneyfication Of The Papacy

As you might have noticed, I coined a new term "barneyfication".  Permit me to define it.  Anyone who had been in regular contact with small children about 20-25 years ago cannot help but to have made the acquaintance of Barney the Dinosaur.  He had his own show.  VHS tapes (remember those?) were flying off the shelves.  I remember babysitting my niece and nephew, then toddlers.  They danced to the Barney videos.  He is pictured at the right.  As you can see, Barney is fuzzy-wuzzy, cuddly and oh-so lovable!  Never a contrary word issued forth from his mouth.  He was the idol of youngsters everywhere.  Of course he was always affirming.  I never heard any account of him offering correction to anyone -ever.  In short, he was the "non-judgmental" idol.

Ever since Pope Francis was installed as Pontiff, we have been hearing some strange accounts and most tellingly, seeing some strange and downright silly photographs.  First, the internet went ape when a dove fluttered about him while he was giving an address.   Now birds fly around there all the time.  Some photographer simply got lucky and snapped the right shot at the right moment.  Some boring and mundane person like myself would have thought nothing of it, but  Facebook commenters and bloggers everywhere carried on and on about the "significance" of the event.  I suppose we can all be grateful that the bird didn't use that occasion to "drop a bomb", as it were, else these same bloviators would be waxing hysterical about the ill omen that the bird-turd might have signified.

James O'Keefe Stings Obamacare Navigators

Among the "navigator" organizations?  Planned Parenthood!  Surprise!

Monday, November 11, 2013

CUA School Of Social Service Dean Ends Partnership With Pro-Abortion Association

Will Rainford, new Dean of the School of Social Services for the Catholic University of America has ended that school's partnership with the National Association of Social Workers.   The latter had made a statement that "social workers...have a professional establish, secure funding for...abortion services."  (The long-winded statement can be found at LifeSiteNews, which in turn links to the NASW page).  Lifenews also has detail on NASW's rabid support for baby-murder.

Rainford made his decision because he rightly perceives this stance of the NASW to be completely incompatible with Christ's moral teachings as revealed through His Church.  Some progressive elements at CUA are taking umbrage with Rainford, but Rainford has made plain that his decision won't change.

Dr. Rainford is to be commended for upholding the mission of Catholic University of America to provide a Catholic education, particularly in the face of progressive whiners on the campus.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some Videos

Billy Graham is a Protestant preacher whom I highly respect.  Last week he celebrated his 95th birthday and below is what he has called his last sermon.

Choices for Life held a conference.  Hear what one woman said about her experience of giving birth to her child whom she conceived when raped.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Baltimore CCHD Directly Funding Promotion Of Contraception And Abortifacients

On the website of the Baltimore CCHD is a list of its grantees for 2013.  Notice under "local grants" that $13,000.00 of donations bilked from Baltimore-area Catholics went to an organization called New Lens.  They appear to be a youth-targeting community-organizing bunch that specializes in the usage of new media to sell its philosophies and wares.

A look at New Lens' "projects" sub-page gives more detail regarding the misuse of Catholic donations.  They work with "a wide variety of organizations and topics".  These organizations include Planned Parenthood and ACLU.  Using their new media training, proteges of New Lens have produced a video about "making good contraceptive choices for the Health Department of Baltimore City".  Now ponder this, if you will.  Catholic donations are being used to shill for contraceptives and abortifacients, and this promotion is then being donated to the City of Baltimore?  It's bad enough that the City of Baltimore would do this deed on their own, but now Catholics are donating to this over and beyond their tax dollars?  Ladies and gentlemen, how many things are so wrong with this picture???  Anyway, here's the results of Baltimore Catholic dollars - promoting contraception and abortifacients.  Now here's another video, a joint effort of New Lens and Planned Parenthood, called "Birds and the Bees".  If you do watch this, pay attention to the girls on the swings.  There is an outright lie regarding Plan B; it acts by inhibiting implantation of the newly-conceived child into the uterus.  That is an early abortion.  The video ends by thanking Planned Parenthood of Maryland and referring additional questions to them.  So Catholic dollars are purchasing free advertising for the death peddlers known as Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE - Michael Hichborn of American Life League has placed much of the New Lens information into a Power Point presentation.  The pdf of that is located here.  Please download it for your reference.

I understand that the Archdiocese of Baltimore will hold its in-pew collection for the CCHD during the weekend of Nov 23-24.  Might it not be time to say #no2cchd?

I forgot to provide some historical perspective.  This is NOT the first time that Baltimore CCHD directly funded immoral activity.  Four years ago this blog reported that Baltimore CCHD funded a local ACORN office that James O'Keefe targeted in one of his stings as ACORN staffers advised him on "best practices" for running a brothel filled with underage girls.  The post is here.

With this in mind, we cannot reasonably ascribe the New Lens funding to inadvertent error.  Think of it; I and others easily exposed New Lens as peddling instruments of baby-murder.  A little "due diligence" on the part of Baltimore CCHD staff would have revealed the same information.  Do we really believe that people with any modicum of intelligence and integrity would not have learned from their lessons of four years ago?   In all honesty, I believe that Baltimore CCHD directors are completely complicit in funding grave moral evil.  Do we have all elements necessary for mortal sin to have been committed - in the name of the Archdiocese of Baltimore?

Baltimore Catholics, please boycott your CCHD collection.  Say #no2cchd.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

More On Hackett At The Vatican

Below I post the latest episode of Michael Voris' Mic'd Up.  A variety of topics are touched:
  • The nonsensical actions taken by the American Psychiatric Association to normalize pedophilia and ephebophilia
  • The Texas pro-life laws and the legal challenges being raised by pro-abortion entities
  • The persecution of Christians in Muslim-held areas and attempts to rescue them
  • Interview with Michael Hichborn of American Life League regarding the scandal of Ken Hackett, former head of Catholic Relief Services, being selected by Obama as Ambassador to the Vatican
That last segment starts at the 39:14 mark.  I delved into this very topic in postings this past Monday and Saturday.  In my opinion, this is of prime importance over the others.  While the others deal with serious threats and situations, those are largely outside the Church.  The interview with Hichborn deals with moral rot that exists inside Church structures.  That interior rot is much more pernicious than the exterior threats, as they compromise the Church's ability to proclaim the Gospel - and to truly deal in appropriate manners with exterior threats.  Now the video..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feinstein's Freudian Slip On "You Can Keep Your Plan"

Poor gal!  She's trying to explain the debacle of the ObamaHellScare website (using the word "website" loosely) and just what did the Messiah Most Miserable really, I mean really-really, meant about keeping our plans.  HT to Conservative News Service.  Now watch the Face the Nation interview and listen to the video very closely from 1:19 to 1:50.

Doesn't that just clear everything up?  Alrighty, then!  Dang that teleprompter for miscuing our Dear Leader!  Now am I imagining things or did Feinstein's nose just grow a little bit?

In The Wake Of The Virginia Elections..

I posted the following on my facebook page in the wake of the Virginia election results

We could blame Sarvis (and his Obamaphile funder) for this, but in reality, it still comes down to the voters. We cannot even blame the RINO and donor spinelessness; they're not responsible for how the people vote - or didn't vote as the case may be. The populace, by and large, did not take the trouble to educate themselves to the issues and the candidates' stances on them. Had they done so, no "dog and pony show" could have influenced their votes. We've devolved into a nation of atheistic, amoral, intellectually flabby and hedonistic sheeple. In our form of government, we as a people get the leaders we deserve. I truly am sorry for those Virginians who worked valiantly for Ken.

I will add something else.  Even in light of the obvious treachery of the RINO establishment, Ken Cuccinelli almost won.  He was vastly outspent and yet he nearly pulled it off with grassroots support.  I understand that some of the counties managed to shed their liberals for more common-sense officials.  The trend is looking up.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pope Francis, The Boy In His Chair, And Resultant Silly Blather

Last weekend Pope Francis was giving a talk in Vatican City when a little boy climbed onto the stage and hugged the Holy Father's legs.  The Holy Father sat him in his chair and continued his talk.

And all the teeny-boppers went bananas! Google the words "Pope Francis boy chair" and you'll see no less than three pages of links, all waxing giggly over this incident.  Not one of these, to my recollection, had the text of the address that the Holy Father gave at the time.  It was on Facebook too; I link to this very telling page, calling your attention to the comments.

Only two of us were so mundane and boring as to ask where the boy's parents were during this incident.  I can tell you if my little boy had scampered away from me at that instant, I would have immediately and rather unceremoniously removed him from the stage.  There would then have followed some "teaching moments" about proper respect and, more importantly, never leaving the side of your parents in a crowd situation.  But I suppose I hoped for too much - not from the boy but from what I'd hope would be the "responsible" adult supposedly watching over the boy.

But there's an even more troubling mindset to be found within the comments.  One of the comments sums it up with "FINALLY a people's pope."  (Yes, the caps are in the original comment.)  Pardon my french, but what the hell does that mean????  Does this individual understand the supreme insult she lobbed in the direction of the still-living Pope Benedict XVI or towards Blessed Pope John Paul II?  Regrettably I suspect she did, as did some of the others.

You can see my own reply, right above that.  I wonder out loud what qualifies Pope Francis, in the eyes of these folks, to be a "people's pope".  I truly believe those qualities are, at best, silly and superficial.  I say that not in criticism of Pope Francis at all, but of those who are spouting such brainless pronouncements about him.  I truly believe Pope Francis would be mortified to hear himself being lauded at the obvious expense of Pope Benedict XVI.  I suspect he'd be more interested in being "God's pope" first.

Catholic Educators Warn Bishops About Common Core

Over 100 Catholic educators sent each US bishop a copy of their joint letter decrying Common Core and detailing why Common Core is a danger to authentic education.  They reiterate that Common Core is not about true education of human beings but about training future workers, or (in my own words) programming little robots to obediently take their pre-assigned places in the workings of the socialist utopian-state "people's paradise".

I link the letter now.  It is a pdf file so it is downloadable.  Remember - this letter was penned and/or signed by Catholic educators who have been exercising that apostolate for decades.  I hope this can be broached by the bishops at their Baltimore meeting in a few weeks.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ken Hackett, Former CRS Head, Demonstrates Why He's Obama's Ambassador To The Vatican

It didn't take Ken Hackett long to do the bidding of the Messiah Most Miserable.  Of course he had the slavish cooperation of the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  You can read his interview here.  Notice how he talks about us as "those who don't have mud under their toes because they haven't been working in the tough places."    LifeSiteNews commented about the interview and published some rebuttals against Hackett's ignorant remarks.

Monica Miller's reply bears some thought.  She said, "He should go with pro-lifers who help the most needy and broken women in the most dangerous and depressed neighborhoods such as pro-lifers do every week in Detroit. And he should have the experience of retrieving the dead and dismembered bodies of the innocent aborted unborn from trash containers.  Such pro-lifers may not have ‘mud under their toes’--instead they have the blood of the innocent under their finger nails-- rescuing them from their trash dumpster cradles-- a tragedy I personally know, having come face to face with the victims of abortion."

I might also add that in lieu of this "mud" we have had spittle upon our faces, spray paint upon our signs, coffee thrown at us, along with threats and assaults.  I suspect none of these can be found in Mr. Hackett's ambassador credentials.  Moreover, Michael Hichborn of American Life League points out the rather handsome salary that Hackett has drawn from CRS; the links to the evidence are found in the LifeSiteNews article.  As for the contributions to the Messiah Most Miserable, here's the evidence, bearing in mind that CRS is headquartered in Baltimore.

I suspect this performance of Hackett's with the NCR gives us a glimpse into one of the reasons why Obama chose him as ambassador.  He wants someone willing to trash-talk pro-life activists and faithful Catholics (that is, those whose opposition to Obama's death-dealing policies is most adamant) to the Holy Father's face.  Hackett is already demonstrating his "bona fides" as a true Minion Most Mindless - and has been doing so for quite some time.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Texas' Abortion Restrictions - Are Back!

A few days ago a Federal court judge blocked most of the abortion regulations in Texas (the ones that Wendy Davis and gang tried to railroad).  Today Operation Rescue announced that the Federal Fifth Circuit Court reversed that judge's ruling and most of the provisions are restored.

Among the provisions are that doctors doing abortions must have privileges in nearby hospitals.  Since approximately 1/3 of Texas' abortionists have no such privileges, they must cease committing abortions.  Naturally Texas abortionists and cronies are having snits about not being able to murder as many babies as they had in the past.

If Maryland had such a law, Leroy Carhart would not be murdering babies here.  And Jennifer Morbelli might still be alive.

Hell Is Real, Father Barron's Errors Notwithstanding

Father Robert Barron of Word on Fire recently uttered some very misguided statements about the reality of hell and damnation.  Basically he stated that we could harbor "a pious hope that no one is in hell".  Not true.  Our Lord Himself made clear that some would be damned by their own choices.  Our Lady of Fatima showed the three children visions of hell and the damned suffering therein.  I'd go so far as to say that Father Barron's claims are dissident and maybe even heretical.

In his Vortexes of the past few days, Michael Voris debunks such ridiculous and dangerous notions that hell can be dismissed.  I'd suspect Satan would be overjoyed if more people ceased believing in hell.  That way, they'd be more careless about staying free from sin.  I recall a story about the Venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen.  A woman imperiously stated to him that she didn't believe in hell.  He immediately replied, "Madam, you will when you arrive there."

Today is All Saints' Day; it is also the beginning of the month that the Church has traditionally set aside to ponder death.  Let us ponder too the Last Four Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.  Every one of us will undergo the first two, and only one of the latter two.  We'll be in either of these states depending on our obedience to God and His Church.  Now the videos, below the jump break.