Saturday, March 30, 2013

Planned Parenthood Wants To Murder Babies That Are Born

The Florida State Legislature is considering legislation (HB1129) that would require physicians to care for a baby who survives an abortion attempt.  They were understandably shocked when a lobbyist for the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Alisa LaPolt Snow, told the lawmakers that the decision "should be up to the woman and her doctor".  Of course she tries to wiggle around the question and claim she "doesn't have that information" when asked a direct question; in other words, she's flat-out lying.

What is happening is that Planned Parenthood and other murderers of babies simply cannot keep up the charade of pretending the baby isn't a person from his/her conception.  The "decision" is regarding infanticide, that is, the murder of babies already born.  They can't pull out the "Her body! Her choice!" mantra since the baby has exited her body.  They can't call it "terminating a pregnancy" since by definition the exiting of the baby from the mother has already terminated "the pregnancy".

As you watch the clip below, you'll see how cockroaches try to run when light is shed.  But this one can't so she must squirm.  By the way, the full session can be viewed here, with the "clip" portion beginning around the 38-minute mark.

A tangential point before I close - One of Snow's objections to obliging an abortionist to treat a child who survives the abortion is that an abortuary might be too far from a hospital (towards the end of the clip).  Well, golly-gee-whiz!  Might that not be a problem if the mother herself is seriously injured?  It's a pity that question wasn't asked of her.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Great Minds Think Alike, Don't They??

Several weeks ago, the Messiah Most Miserable, Barack Obama, stated his intentions to shift focus to "immigration and gun control" according to the left-wing shill-mouthpiece known as the Washington Post.  So what's the big deal about that, one might wonder?  These are just typical progressive talking points.  True enough - but who is echoing him?

Why, it's none other than Cardinal McCarrick, Washington's archbishop emeritus!  He has stated that the Church will push for "immigration and gun control".   He says of the nation's bishops that once a bill for immigration is introduced, "you'll see how active they'll (bishops) be."  I'm sure that both he and Obama hope the bishops will be more "active" than they've been with adherence to Canon 915.  Come to think of it, maybe some bishops have been "too active" in the wrong direction, but I digress!

Isn't it just the most amazing coincidence that both these men are touting the same thing?  What a miracle!  It's almost like one is taking cues from the other - and we can guess the direction of the talking-point flow now, can't we?

By the way - in the same interview, Cardinal McCarrick had some interesting things to say about Pope Francis.  He believes the Pope will show more emphasis on "global climate change" (another progressive cause-celebre) because he took the name of Francis who (and I quote the cardinal) "is associated with the adoration of nature".  I hope for the cardinal's sake that this was a misquote for only God is to be adored - no one or nothing else.  Otherwise we might have to wonder if this was a Freudian slip on the part of His Eminence.

In all seriousness, no faithful Catholic need feel him/herself obliged to follow the lead on any prelate regarding matters of prudential judgment.  In fact, given the murky influences emanating from the USCCB, one should take their proclamations with copious grains of salt.

There's No Possible Way To Spin What Pope Francis Did

I refer, of course, to the now-infamous and yes, scandalous conduct of the Holy Thursday service at Rome's Casal del Marmo prison for minors.  The Holy Father washed the feet of twelve minors - including two women, one of them Muslim.  This is in direct contravention to canon law that stipulates that only the feet of men be washed, if that ceremony is included in a Holy Thursday liturgy.

This is wrong on so many counts.  Yes, he's the Holy Father and he can initiate a change to canon law.  But changing a law is not equivalent to breaking a law.  Unfortunately the latter happened yesterday.  Father John Zuhlsdorf believes that the pope is trying to make clear that the Church is compassionate.  Well, be that as it very well may, the ends do not justify the means.  That principle of moral theology binds even upon the Holy Father.

The Pope has just, by example, led many people to think that the Vatican cannot be taken seriously.  If the Holy Father can break canon law, by what logic can he ever insist that others do so?  Witness the example set forth by King David (read some Old Testament here).  After his adultery with Bathsheba and subsequent murder of Uriah, he lost all moral credibility in the eyes of his sons; all of the notable ones ended badly (including Solomon).  Yesterday the Holy Father stepped perilously close to that precipice and may even have tripped over the edge.  I'm sure that wasn't his intent, but that was a very foreseeable effect.  Some sober thought on his part might have led him to anticipate that.

For a "case in point" of the disaster that was unleashed yesterday, I refer you to a comment on the blog of my colleague at Tenth Crusade; see what "Catechist Kev" said at "Mar 29, 4:51pm".  This scenario will be repeated many times over in the next few months and even years.

Another commenter on one of the other blogs raised this interesting point regarding of the young Muslim girl. She has now been touched by a leader of a religion other than that of Islam.  Her life may well be in danger if her family is of the "jihad" variety.  Did the Holy Father and his advisers consider that?  In their crusade for simplicity, perhaps they've mistaken that for simplistic thinking that doesn't consider all aspects of a given course of action.

This current Holy Father seems to have a disregard for some of the traditions of the papacy, most particularly that of the vestments.  In perhaps a misguided zeal for "simplicity", might he have forgotten that these traditions have historical roots that transcend not only his personality and tastes but those of his predecessors and successors?  Among other things, they are meant to convey the sublime dignity and authority of the Petrine office and cannot be jettisoned with utter abandon.  Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is no longer merely a Jesuit from Argentina.  He is now the Holy Father, the Pontiff who holds Peter's keys.  I pray that he learns to appreciate the dignity and responsibility of that office for he causes many to doubt that such appreciation has already occurred.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Palm Sunday - Cdl Dolan Disobeys Canon 915

Pro-abortion "katholyc" Joe Biden attended Palm Sunday Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral.  Cardinal Dolan was the main celebrant.  At Communion time Biden strode right up to receive - under the Cardinal's eye.  From the Vortex clip we hear that Cardinal Dolan gave Biden a "shout-out" from the altar.  I agree with Voris that the "shout-out" itself was a disgusting "kiss-up" to Biden simply because the latter is famous and well-connected.  An aside - Cardinal Dolan might do well to read Paul's letters to the first bishop named Timothy and to study closely the admonitions against favoritism.

A few weeks ago, I opined that the distribution of Communion to Biden at Pope Francis' first Mass was most likely no fault of the distributing priest as the latter probably didn't recognize Biden.  I pointed out that the real problem is "state-side" and it manifested itself at St Patrick's last Sunday.  The cardinal most certainly recognized Biden (the wrong way, given the shout-out).  He had absolutely no excuse for disobedience to Canon 915.  Then they went for coffee afterwards.  I would be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Cardinal heard Biden's confession at  that time - but it would be a surprise.  There was some chatter during the papal elections that Dolan might be a candidate; clearly God saved His Church from the disaster his election would have been.

We faithful Catholics must intercede and offer reparation - but we must also do more than that.  We cannot pray for a specific intention if we ourselves aren't prepared to be the answer to that prayer.  Are we, the laity, willing to act?  That might mean withholding donations (and letting recipients know why).  It might mean picketing or leafleting church parking lots.  It might mean directly confronting the offending minister and/or katholyc.  Are we willing to step out of our comfort zones?  Perhaps God is not calling you to that, but if He were, would you be willing to obey?

Another Horse-Brained Way To Waste Tax Dollars

And yes, I do mean that adjective "horse-brained".  No more do we have White House tours (but expensive junkets for its occupants).  Air traffic towers are being reduced.  But there remains one critical outlay for $2 million.  The Bureau of Land Management is operating horse farms for the "benefit" of prisoners.

That's right!  Criminals, on your dime and mine, can go out to the Rockies and commune with nature and Mr Ed.  I've got a better idea for criminals.  It's called "hard labor".  Let them learn NOT to get back into prison in the first place.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Goodbye To Starbucks

Actually I cannot say that, but only because I never developed a taste for coffee.  That said, I'm suggesting that my coffee-drinking friends seriously consider eschewing Starbucks.  Its CEO Howard Schultz poo-pooed a suggestion by an investor that the conglomerate's support of sodomy is hurting the business.  While he acknowledged that their numbers weren't up to snuff, Schultz indicated that he didn't care; Starbucks would continue to support perversion.

I'll say this much for Schultz; he can't be accused of "double-speak".  BUT, if he doesn't care about receiving our money and our business, then we might as well take it elsewhere.  There's no need for us to waste our money there, as a portion of it will undoubtedly be used to undermine our core principles.  While I'm sure the coffee is decent, I also understand it's overpriced.  Get your coffee elsewhere and at a more reasonable price.  Then donate the difference to National Organization for Marriage.  As I said, I wish I could say I'm boycotting Starbucks but I never bought there anyway.

Alternative idea!  Consider coffee from Mystic Monks!

Friday, March 22, 2013

What Have Those Mean Old Conservatives Done To Debbie?

Read Debbie Wasserman Schultz's sad tale of woe here.  But first click the youtube below; you'll need some appropriate mood music to fully appreciate the tragic plight of congressional staff workers!

And have a box of tissues handy.  You'll (sob! sniff-sniff!) need them!  Boo-hoo!

Kudos To North Dakota!

Today the North Dakota State Legislature passed a personhood amendment.  It has passed both their houses and now goes to the people for a vote.  The amendment (SCR 4009) reads "the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected".

Ladies and gentlemen, it can be done.  This would be a worthwhile project for the Maryland Catholic Conference to assume, to justify its own existence.  Of course in Maryland this will mean both jettisoning the current incumbents from their seats AND for the Maryland bishops to start obeying Canon 915 AND for them and the MCC to stop toadying to them.

More Sequestration Funding Priorities

I understand that 149 air control towers at smaller airports are going to close.  Why?  To continue funding these kind of important projects.  Ok, the grant was originally given in 2009 under one of Obama's first spending binges, but most of it hasn't been spent.  Do we really think the ducks would really mind if we took that money back and spent it on something truly useful?  In fact, they might appreciate Uncle Sam's respect of the privacy of their boudoirs!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maryland "Pro-Life Victory" A Sham

The Maryland Catholic Conference is calling the recent repeal of the death penalty in Maryland a "pro-life victory".  Really???  Seriously???   What about the real death penalty in Maryland??

While the MCC and state legislators were celebrating and giving "high-fives" to each other, another 95 babies were slaughtered in abortuaries across the Free State.  Yes, approximately 95 babies are murdered vis-a-vis abortion in Maryland - with the support of many of the legislators who repealed capital punishment.

How many executions occurred in Maryland over the years?  According to Maryland's own statistics, 85 men were executed from 1923 to present.  Obviously that's less than 1 per year: 0.94 to be precise.  With 95 babies being murdered every year, that makes 34,700 per year.  Once again, the Maryland Catholic Conference displays an abysmal lack of perspective just in terms of arithmetic as they wax lyrical about a legislative body that largely condones the murder of innocents.

There's a larger issue here, one that eludes the folks at Maryland Catholic Conference.  Mary Ellen Russell, executive director of the MCC stated the case although she doesn't acknowledge the impact of what she said.  She said, "the test of whether the death penalty can be used is not the gravity of the offense, but whether it is absolutely necessary to protect society."  Right there she acknowledges that capital punishment is permissible if "it is absolutely necessary to protect society".  However, thanks to their short-sighted (and progressive leanings of the "social justice" cabal), they have just removed a means of societal defense that would otherwise be available to protect society from dangerous criminals.

There is a malevolent pattern in recent actions of the Maryland legislature.  It's seen in the repeal of capital punishment and it's also seen in the push to cripple our exercise of Second Amendment rights.  In both cases, the progressives are acting to tie our hands when it comes to defending ourselves, our families and our society against dangerous thugs.  In fact, the thugs who call themselves "doctors" while plying their murderous trades are no doubt joining in the celebration of the death penalty repeal.  Why?  Simple!  They no doubt realize that in a saner time, they would be considered eligible for capital punishment.

ADDENDUM:  Perhaps the MCC staffers are reading the Not-at-all Catholic Reporter.  Yesterday their columnist Bill Tammeus questioned why true Catholics spend so much energy trying to stop abortion as opposed to the death penalty.  Why?  According to this dubious sage, the unborn child is just "a bundle of cells" whereas the criminal is a human being.  What a guy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Biden And Pelosi Sacrilege - What Will WE Do About It?

The news is all over the Catholic blogosphere that pro-abortion "katholycs" Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden received Holy Communion at the inaugural Mass today.  Many are understandably outraged, but I believe that their outrage is misdirected.  They are implying that this bodes ill for Pope Francis as he should have arranged to have Holy Communion denied to the two pro-aborts.

I believe the logistics of that scenario would have made it impossible for Pelosi and Biden to have been so denied.  Most of us Americans can recognize Biden and Pelosi as they are so prominent in US politics.  We fail to take into account that the two are not "household words" for people living in other countries.  They most likely would not be recognized by most of the European "man-on-the-street" people.  There is no reason to presume that a local priest distributing Communion at that Mass would have recognized Biden and Pelosi, let alone realize that Canon 915 should be applied to them.

So let us all take some deep breaths and count to ten.  This antic pulled by Pelosi and Biden is not some ominous indication of the course of Francis' papacy.  What it is, though, is a wake-up call to us laity that we need to step up to the plate.

What do I mean by that?  The fact is that we bloggers have been raising our voices about this atrocity until we're blue in the face.  Another fact is that we are largely being ignored.  What to do about that?  I have a suggestion and it's not a new one!

Almost ten years ago, when the Rainbow Sash crowd stated their intentions to make sacrilegious Holy Communions in the Archdiocese of St Paul (MN), a group of Catholic gentlemen, led by David Pence stood - knelt, actually - in the gap.  They called themselves "Ushers of the Eucharist".  You can read about them at the link.  That group is now inactive (to the best of my knowledge) but perhaps we should take up that mantle ourselves.  Wait!  I can hear the objections!
  • "That might cause scandal!"  No, the scandal is already happening vis-a-vis the blatant sacrileges.
  • "Tension during Mass?"  Better that than flagrant mortal sins during Mass
This could take many forms, such as the kneeling in the Sashers' path that the original group did, or walking besides them and pleading with them not to imperil their own souls with yet another mortal sin.  It's a pity that we have to contemplate such measures, but the bishops' adamant refusal to obey Canon 915 (and their punishment of priests who do obey that canon law) leave us with no choice.  Perhaps they will reconsider if they see that we ourselves are willing to step out of our "comfort zones" to keep the Eucharist from sacrilege.

Note: See American Life League's Canon 915 Project for information regarding specific bishops.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Gets Funded During The Sequestration?

Yes, because those Republican meanies in Congress won't allow the Messiah Most Miserable to hike our taxes yet again, we must cut back!  We must tighten our belts!

However, there are some programs so essential to the well-being of these United States of America, that their gravy trains cannot pull into the station.  And what are some of these vital endeavors?

Doesn't all this give you such reassurance that your tax dollars are being put to worthwhile use?  It should!  More of your dollars are being seized as tax dollars!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Truly Blessed St. Patrick's Day

Two years ago I posted on St Patrick's Day, trying to bring the true spiritual significance in light as opposed to the giddy, superficial crap that trivializes the significance of this day.  I linked to it for I see no need to "reinvent the wheel".

There is one critical update.  Ireland is on the precipice of legalizing the murder of babies.  We need to intercede for that country as it is (currently) one of few bastions of protected places for babies.  If Ireland starts that descent to national bloodshed, perhaps we'll be seeing some real serpents return to Ireland - and this one is far more deadly than the reptile.

Interview With Father Marcel Guarnizo interviewd Father Marcel Guarnizo a few days ago regarding the "leaked vatileak dossier" debacle.  I present that interview below.  One comment.  At one point you'll hear Father remark that the Vatican Curia is much more reliable than some of the local Catholic Conferences.  I think Father is way too charitable - to the local conferences, that is.  The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops has been downright inimical to the True Faith, having had the paw prints of both the late Cardinal Bernardin and Saul Alinsky all over its founding.  It's high time to throw that monstrosity in the dung heap.

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo from Ed Morrissey on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pro-Life Woman Attacked At Delaware Planned Parenthood

Operation Rescue has the accounts of a rash of women being injured at a Planned Parenthood baby-murders center in Wilmington Delaware.  The most recent count is four incidents in the past five weeks.  Perhaps the City of Wilmington should just have a reserved parking spot for their ambulances in front of the mill since they seem to be visiting there so much.

Yesterday a pro-life activist witnessed two of those incidents (yes, two in the same day), each with their attending ambulance.  As she was recording one of them, an irate woman emerged from the Planned Parenthood and assaulted her.  The details need not be rehashed here as they - and the video - are on the Operation Rescue page.  I understand the perpetrator was at large as of the writing of the OR piece.  However, it shouldn't be too difficult to trace her.  She obviously had business in the Planned Parenthood so unless the Planned Parenthood would like to be liable as an accomplice after the fact, they will cooperate with any investigation of the assault and battery.

The abortion industry - keeping abortion un-safe and un-rare.

Death Certificate Confirms Cause Of Jennifer Morbelli's Death

Operation Rescue obtained a copy of the official death certificate from the State of Maryland.  (Click this link to go to their site and see a copy).  The cause of death stems from the botched abortion.  Specifically it is "disseminated intravascular coagulation" caused by "amniotic fluid embolism following medical termination of pregnancy".

Two things to note about this:

  1. This is the same cause of death for Christin Gilbert, Carhart's previous maternal fatality.
  2. Had Morbelli sought treatment in time, her life might have been saved.  However, she received "instructions" that discouraged recourse to a real medical facility - and he skipped town on her.
The investigation by the State of Maryland has commenced.  We shall do what we can to allow an unhindered and expeditious investigation to occur.  When Carhart is put out of business, thousands of babies will be spared the butchery - as will some women.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam!

Today Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected by his brother cardinals to fill the shoes of St Peter.  He is now Pope Francis I.  Besides the first to take that name, he is also the first non-European to ascend to the Holy See and the first Jesuit to do so.

As Archbishop of Buenos Aires he called upon his congregation to fight the "homosexual marriage" bill there in 2009, calling it a "machination of the father of lies".  Pro-life leaders expressed hopefulness in the wake of his election, which I share.

Now let us lift Pope Francis in prayer, as many will look on him with malevolence - and some of those evil eyes will be in the Vatican itself.  Let us pray that he will stand as did Peter as he commences the house-cleaning that is so sorely needed.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Limbaugh Criticizes Catholics For Alliances With Democratic Party

During his broadcast today, Rush Limbaugh commented on a dialog between Sally Quinn and Carl Bernstein regarding the Papal Conclave.  Both Quinn and Bernstein opined that the Catholic Church will be "irrelevant" if they don't "include" various groups whom they feel are "minorities".  Limbaugh picked them apart, of course.  You'll hear that below.

Towards the end, you will hear Limbaugh utter his own criticism of the Church: that it "is on its way to irrelevancy if it doesn't start distancing itself from the Democratic Party and the ideal that liberalism equals charity".  And keep on listening as he excoriates all major religions for equating governmental largess with charity.

Limbaugh is not Catholic so he may not realize that the bureaucracies that bear the name "Catholic" are not one and the same with the Mystical Body of Christ.  If we think of the former as opposed to the latter while listening to Limbaugh, we can appreciate what he said.

How often on this blog have I called for the abolition of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (and the state conferences)?  Why?  Precisely because they do engage in the chicanery that Limbaugh just denounced.  They will wax hysterical over one murderer being executed yet remain relatively silent over the thousands of babies murdered each day via abortion.  Just a few days ago I posted that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is throwing millions of dollars to help illegal immigrants skirt our laws; could not that money (Catholic donation dollars, by the way) have been put to better use with the purchase of baby-saving sonogram machines for the pregnancy centers or to have bought food for an over-stretched soup kitchen?

He probably doesn't realize it, but Limbaugh is articulating the principle of subsidiarty.  It's time we stopped looking to the government for "charity" and started getting on with the true mission of the Church, to save souls and to put social outreach in proper perspective.

Monday, March 11, 2013

State Of Maryland Starts Carhart Investigation

This past Saturday we learned that three Maryland abortuaries had their licenses suspended by the State of Maryland after long-overdue inspections revealed sub-standard conditions in all three.  Moreover, it was discovered that yet another woman died in the Baltimore mill; no doubt a contributing factor in her death was the non-functional defibrillator in that office.

Today Operation Rescue announced that the Maryland Board of Physicians has started a preliminary investigation into Leroy Carhart's Germantown practice.  The Board made this known in a letter that they sent to Operation Rescue; it can be viewed at the link above.  According to this letter, this sort of investigation can take up to six months to complete.

Through it all Carhart will be free to murder babies as usual.  One wonders why his mill isn't shut while the other three are (and I am grateful that they are closed).  In addition to his demonstrated disregard for Jennifer Morbelli, his license application contained key inaccuracies and he is already under investigation for illegal dumping of biohazards.  But perhaps this seeming disparity of treatments is not so mysterious when "connections" are considered.

Again we can thank Operation Rescue for some insight here.  Three years ago they publicized news - and photos - of a dinner that Kathleen Sebelius (then governor of Kansas) hosted for (the now deceased) George Tiller at the Governor's mansion.  Go to their account for the details - and photos.  Notice that Leroy Carhart was in attendance (he's behind Tiller here).  So there is reason to believe that there is at least an alliance if not working relationship there.  Now Sebelius is HHS Secretary and Carhart is under "investigation" in Maryland.  In Maryland's State House is another pro-abortion governor: one who has eyes set on the White House.  If that is the case, O'Malley will need lots and lots of money to campaign - and these abortionists have demonstrated willingness to "scratch backs of those who scratch theirs".  Might Sebelius have a hand here?  Why not?  They all seem to be one big happy network - much like a bunch of snakes tangled up together.  While it's just a theory, I think it quite plausible.

The New Pope And Healing The Rupture

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Three Maryland Abortuaries See Their Licenses Suspended

As a result of the letter written by seventeen members of the Maryland House of Delegates, officials at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (finally) started inspecting the abortuaries to whom they granted licenses.  Said Health Secretary Joshua Sharfstein to the Baltimore Sun, "the department is proceeding on the schedule it originally proposed, which called for issuing licenses in early 2013, followed by inspections. He said the system is working as it should."

So if I understand Mr. Sharfstein correctly, the "schedule" calls for issuance of licenses before ascertaining whether or not the facilities meet the standards prerequisite for those licenses?  Whatever happened to "safety for women"?  As far as "the system working as it should", that's utter bullcrap (pardon the "french" but sometimes delicacy must yield to accuracy), given not only Jennifer Morbelli's death in February, but that of another woman in Baltimore who died at another prematurely-licensed abortuary in Baltimore.  That woman died of cardiac arrest and it was discovered that the defibrillator on hand was non-functional - and the abortionist was not cpr-certified.

This second woman died at Associates in OB/GYN Care on North Calvert Street in Baltimore.  The Department suspended its license, as well as two other abortuaries that are also called Associates in OB/GYN Care; those locations are in Cheverly and Silver Spring.  Here is the website for the Silver Spring location.  Note that all three of these seem to be under the umbrella of American Women's Services.  This network is connected with Steven Chase Brigham.  Here is previously-published information about his chequered careeer.

This Silver Spring abortuary is at 9801 Georgia Avenue - the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Road.  Please note that this abortuary is not to be confused with Ob/Gyn Associates located at 1400 Forest Glen Road, the campus of Holy Cross Hospital.  The inversion of words in their names and their physical proximity can be confusing (deliberately so?).

Now let's see the Department get around to inspecting Germantown Reproductive Health Services and some of the other hell-holes.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Vortex Asks "Why Not Burke"?

During these past few weeks we've heard some American cardinals (Dolan and Wuerl, to be specific) immediately poo-poo the idea of an American pope.  Their rejection of that idea was almost "knee-jerk", which I found curious.  Then it dawned on me just whom many progressives might dread as the next pontiff - the American known as Cardinal Burke.

Of course we all will have to see whom the Lord will have be the next Vicar of Christ.

Father Guarnizo's Interview With Ignazio Ingrao

Ignazio Ingrao wrote an article entitled (translated into English) "The Secret Dossier Will Determine the Conclave".  That article became the basis (using the word "basis" loosely) of numerous other published pieces.  Several weeks ago Father Marcel Guarnizo interviewed Mr Ingrao and wrote an account of that interview.  A copy of that account was forwarded to me and I publish it below.  Because of its length, I'll put it beneath the jump break so..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Randy Engel On Homosexuality In The Catholic Church

Randy Engel, author of "The Rite of Sodomy", gives some valuable background information on the insinuation of the gay cabal into the Church.  She links it with the promotion of abortion and contraception.  She also makes very plain that a major facilitator of this plague was  - and continues to be - the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Listen to this interview; it's well worth your time.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maryland Delegates Call For Investigation Of Carhart

Last week seventeen members of the Maryland House of Delegates affixed their names to a letter to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, inquiring why Leroy Carhart's license wasn't immediately suspended upon the death of Jennifer Morbelli on February 7th.

Operation Rescue has more details, including a pdf of the delegates' letter.  Recall that Carhart was awarded his license even though the Board of Physicians acknowledged the inaccuracies in his license application.  Recall also that the clinic itself received its license just a day before Morbelli's death.  The mill was never inspected, nor were the complaints (regarding disposal of bio-hazardous wastes) addressed prior to the granting of the license.

At the bottom of the OR page are some actions that can be taken by all people of good will.  For Maryland citizens, electoral action needs to be taken in 2014.  Many in Annapolis, including the entire Montgomery County delegation, are rabidly pro-abortion.  Governor O'Malley (katholyc-in-name-only) even stooped so low as to be the keynote speaker at one of MD-NARAL's recent fund-raising galas.  These people need to be handed their pink slips in November.  O'Malley won't be running as he has had his two terms, but let's face it.  Barring a miracle, the Democratic candidate will be a pro-abort and needs to be defeated.

Democratic Strategist In La-La Land

Democratic strategist Zerlina Maxwell, on Sean Hannity's show, was arguing against allowing women the use of guns to defend against rape.  When queried about defenses against rape, she uttered the following gem of brilliance: "we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there".

Tell them not to rape women?

My stars!  Such brilliance!  Why in the name of heaven didn't we think of this earlier, in all the thousands of years that mankind existed?  Just tell them that rape is a naughty thing to do - and they'll cease and desist!  Holy-smokey!  Why stop there?  Why not just tell crooked business people to stop corporate theft?  How about just telling the corrupt politicians to stop taking bribes?  Or the jihadist to stop beheading non-muslims?  Or tin-horn dictators (such as the late Hugo Chavez) to stop oppressing their people?  The list could go on and on!  Let's just start telling all these nasty people to stop doing nasty things!  Of course they'll listen to us immediately and we'll usher in the Age of Aquarius (or whatever the current new age fad is these days)!  <'/'sarcasm>

Now remember - this female throwback to the 1960s hippie era is a Democratic strategist.  Is an individual in her position really that naive?  Perhaps she's putting on an act or she may be what is known as a "useful idiot" - a puppet to draw in other such individuals who will be the Dems' useful drones and foot soldiers.

The video of that ridiculous statement is below.  I now link to the account of hearings regarding a concealed-carry ban at the University of Colorado.  This is also the same state where women about to get rape invoke another lame-brained "tactic", that is to pee and/or puke on their assailants.  Sounds like another Democrat winner to me.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monkey Business As Usual At CCHD

"Comprehensive Immigration
Today the Catholic Campaign for Human Development announced that it will grant $800,000 to "mobilize for comprehensive immigration reform".  The announcement was made by none other than Bishop Jaime Soto, chair of the bishops' CCHD subcommittee; I've written before regarding his (mis)statements.

As you read down the USCCB press release you'll notice that the Alinskyian PICO, a major supporter of the anti-life Obamacare bill, will receive a huge chunk of these latest grants.  I said "latest grants" because this expenditure brings the total immigration-related grants to $3,500,000!  Yep!  $3.5 million!

Read the report uploaded by the Reform CCHD Now Coalition.  In it you'll find more egregious wastes of your donation dollars.  The damage done is more than just mere waste.  The CCHD is knowingly and willingly misappropriating your donation dollars to organizations working to undermine the Church and the salvation of souls.  Don't donate one more penny to them.

Let me also say this to my colleagues.  Let's cease calling for the reform of the CCHD, for it is rotten to its core and foundation.  Rather, let's call for the abolition of the CCHD.

Why Some Folks Long For Gun Control

Monday, March 4, 2013

Charity In Truth

The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) is roughly equivalent to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Like its American counterpart, D&P has been caught diverting the donations of Canadian Catholics to organizations working to facilitate baby-killing, perversions of sexuality, etc.

LifeSiteNews, a major source of this blog's news, has launched a project called Charity in Truth.  Its website is  That organization is roughly analogous to the Reform CCHD Now Coalition (with which this blog is affiliated).  They are urging the Canadian bishops to bring D&P into conformity with Catholic teaching and until then, they are urging Canadian Catholics to boycott any D&P collection until it can be demonstrated that D&P has truly reformed.

I invite all readers - particularly Canadians - to examine that site closely and all other sites to which it links.  Join their efforts to make sure that Catholic donation dollars are not misappropriated any longer.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oscars - Pro Abortion Style

Ladies and gentlemen, the Oscars were awarded last week, were they not?  I didn't bother to watch, but I know there was a glaring omission - and I mean GLARING!  Why, I'm surprised that Michelle Obama didn't take that Oscar committee to task over this one!   To what do I refer, do you ask?  Why, nowhere to be found was any mention whatsoever of any of the pieces of cinematic art produced by the pro-abortion community!  For shame!

Not to worry!  I will do my best to compensate for the Oscar committee's negligence.  Below I will feature some of the pro-abortion community's finest works - works that so clearly illustrate their morals and ideals.  So grab your popcorn, or barf bags if you prefer, and let's get started!  They are below the jump break, so..

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Maryland School Suspension Over Gun Paranoia

Many Maryland public school teachers (and most of their bosses) suffer from PCIAS Syndrome.  "PCIAS" stands for "Political-Correctness-Induced-Asinine-Stupidity".  The latest outbreak of this social disease manifested itself at Park Elementary School in Baltimore last week.

A 7-year old second grader was eating a strawberry tart.  He decided to shape it into a mountain but it didn't turn out the way he planned.  Instead it resembled a gun.  His PCIAS-afflicted teacher became "visibly mad" (from Fox News) and gave into the symptoms of his/her disorder.  The poor little guy was suspended for two days for "using food to make an inappropriate gesture".

Maryland citizens, we have elections coming in 2014.  We need to clear the local boards of education of the fools that are turning our tax-funded schools into loony-bins.  One rule-of-thumb: vote against the "apple ballots"!

Friday, March 1, 2013

How NOT To Promote Confession

The video below was posted by a young priest three years ago in an attempt to convince people to go to Confession.  One could say it's rather "novel".  See additional remarks below the video.

Unique, wasn't it?  Let's hope it remains unique, meaning "not to be repeated".

May I humbly propose my "novel" idea?  Let a video be made, where the presenter (be they cleric or lay) conducts him/herself as a rational, dignified adult as opposed to acting like a barker selling snake-oil at a carnival side-show.  Unfortunately we just saw the latter.

Moreover, how about the presenter treating his/her viewers as though they too were mature, rational adults rather than treat them as though their mental/emotional developments were stunted at the teeny-bopper level?  Again, we saw the latter.

St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, never tried to "entertain" his congregation into receiving the Holy Sacrament of Reconciliation.  What did he do?  He preached the truth from his pulpit.  He let his congregation knew precisely what constituted sin.  He was not afraid to preach on the Four Last Things.  He made very clear that mortal sins (and he defined them explicitly), unconfessed at the end of one's life, would cause a person to go to hell.  I read in a life of his where he told a penitent, who didn't have sufficient contrition, in no uncertain terms that he was damned if he retained his current attitudes.

The sainted Cure certainly didn't put on "dog and pony shows" such as that you just saw.  He realized that as a priest he stood as an Alter Christi, not a stand-up-comic clone.  He treated the subject matter of sin and reconciliation with all due gravity.  Were people intimidated by this?  Did they avoid his confessional?  Quite the contrary.  People came from places far and wide to have him hear their confession.  After the long travels, they would wait patiently in his line for days.  That's right - days!   Not minutes, not hours -days!

The juvenile approach that this video evinced was bad enough, but the bit about the "just-baptized feeling" borders on dangerous.  Ladies and gentlemen, the sacraments are not about "feelings" at all.  Maybe "feelings" are present and maybe they aren't.  It doesn't matter.  The efficacy of the sacraments is due to them being instituted by Jesus Christ Himself and administered by His Church.  If one properly confesses to a priest, their sins are - in fact - forgiven when the priest gives the absolution.  One can literally jot down the date and time that Father absolved them of a heinous mortal sin.  No doubt there is a peace of mind, but that is far different from "feelings".

Let me be clear about one thing.  I mean no disparagement to this young priest at all.  I've no doubt that his heart is in the right place.  At least this is an attempt to get people to avail themselves of the sacrament.  He's young.  I suspect this was part and parcel of his seminary formation.  I trust a little real-world experience will cure this.  Let us pray that the new Pontiff will correct any lackluster priestly education.

Note to commenters:  Please don't bother with "but it's cute!"  Ladies and gentlemen, "cute" is not what is needed.  The Sacraments must be treated with dignity and respect.  The truth must be presented without gimmicks.  Souls are going to hell and the Sacraments were instituted to save them.  That is a very serious matter and it's an insult to truth to try to "lighten it up".