Saturday, April 30, 2011

Politically Incorrect Truth Alert!

Just some quick notes.  Truth is not to be found in consensus.  Truth is not dependent upon "being positve" as opposed to "being negative".  To the "love beads and sandals/kumbaya" crowd, I do suggest you take off the rose-colored glasses and tie-dyed shirts, grow up a bit and learn to love the truth of God as transmitted by His Church.  Your eternal destiny hinges upon it.

In this Vortex episode, Michael Voris makes clear that salvation history cannot be properly understood outside the Catholic Church.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Circle Of Protection?? NOT!!!

Perhaps it would be more accurate to call that "Circus of Pandering". 

Here are some quotes, from the USCCB site.  "We are also committed to resist budget cuts that undermine the lives, dignity, and rights of poor and vulnerable people. Therefore, we join with others to form a Circle of Protection around programs that meet the essential needs of hungry and poor people at home and abroad."

Let's unpack that - shall we?  Let's look at "resisting budget cuts".  Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the policies of the Messiah Most Miserable (and yes, the profligate spending that did precede him), there isn't the money to keep doling out willy-nilly.  If these "religious leaders" are going to ascribe to the federal government the moral responsibility to meet the needs of the poor, how do they think the government will finance all these programs?  Who will pay for them?  Hint!  Go look in the mirrror!  That's right!  You and I will be taxed - in fact, are being taxed - to the wazzoo.  Who else is being bled to death by taxes?  The poor!  Maybe they aren't paying much income tax (at least not yet), but they are taxed via sales tax, gas tax, etc.  Moreover, businesses are paying onorous taxes too, with dollars that they may have used to hire some of these impovershed people.  I suspect many of these "leaders" are of good heart, but their logic and thinking is downright lousy, if not actually non-existent. 
Notice the talk of "programs that meet the essential needs of hungry and poor people at home and abroad".  Now whose task is it really to meet the real needs of the poor?  Is it that of the federal government?  As I recall various Church documents on that topic, "society" is so tasked.  However, since when are "federal government" and "society" synonymous?  Answer - they aren't!

In Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII set forth the principle of subsidiarity.  Basically, that principle teaches that the fulfillment of human needs must be undertaken at the lowest level of society possible - starting with the individual.  Leo was all too aware of the tendency of centralized government to arrogate to itself all manners of inappropriate functions and to grow into a behemoth.  Our American founding fathers, although predominanty Protestant, seemed to have an instinctive grasp of that principle when they set strict limits on the scope of federal goverment in the United States Constitution - particularly the Tenth Amendment.  Today we find that many progressives, many of them occupying high offices in church structures, are attempting to grow the federal government by ascribing to it all manners of responsibility - and thus authority.

On Thursday I posted about a planned bastardization of Rerum Novarum that will be run almost exclusively by socialists.  One of the two liberal chairs of a discussion panel has, and probably still is, receiving funds from George Soros via the magazine that he edits.  These are the sorts of people whom the Amchurch bureaucracy is allowing to interpret and mutate the authentic social teachings of the Church.  This "circus/circle" is just one more manifestation.

ps HT to Pewsitter

Ron Paul And Libertarianism - Deadly For This Country

About six weeks ago, I posted my opinion that Ron Paul's position on abortion makes him unacceptable as a presidential candidate.  I've no doubt that he personally abhors abortion, but he is of the libertarian mindset that the federal government has no say in the matter.  In that earlier post, I explained why that mindset doesn't pass the "smell test".

It now turns out that Paul voted to repeal the "don't ask don't tell" policy.  In other words, he would compromise the effectiveness of our military and allow gays in the armed forces.

The man is a libertarian, not a conservative.  The two are NOT equivalent by a long shot.  The true consersvative recognizes the indispensible role that morality plays in public life and in the government whereas the libertarian will turn a blind eye to all sorts of depravity as long as he/she perceives that his/her parade isn't getting wet.

Some of the Tea Party seem to be of the libertarian mindset.  Some have gone so far as to advocate the setting aside of "social issues" in favor of "economic issues".  They are dead wrong.  As long as we fail to put God and His laws before all else, including our wallets, our nation will continue its slide towards oblivion.  The libertarians of the Tea Party - and of anywhere else - had better wake up and do some serious soul-searching.  If the Tea Party embraces libertarianism, it will have consigned itself to the dungheap of irrelevancy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dissent-Fest At Catholic University Of America, May 2-3

Catholic University of America is hosting a conference entitled “120th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum: Church, Labor, and the New Things of the Modern World."  It will be held at the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center from May 2 till May 3.  More details can be found on this CUA page.

What we really have here is another venue from which to plug a progressive, socialistic mindset that masquerades as authentic Catholic social teaching.  It is anything but real teaching.  Let's look at the gang of usual supects that are some of the speakers at this thing.  It is quite eye-opening!

Good Riddance To Father Pfleger!

Finally!  Cardinal George has suspended the faculties of Father Michael Pfleger, pastor of St Sabina.  Fr Pfleger has earned his dubious distinction of being "Obama's other pastor".  Apparently the straw that broke the camel's back was Pfleger's refusal of the Cardinal's transfer of him to a local Catholic high school.  Because Pfleger threatened to leave the Church, the Cardinal informed him, "if that truly is your attitude, you have already left the Catholic Church, and therefore are not able to pastor a Catholic church", and, "this conflict is not between you and me ... You are not a victim of anyone or anything other than your own statements."

Time and space prohibit me from detailing all of Pfleger's antics throughout the years.  I will highlight a few of them with links to previous posts:

One lady did bemoan his suspension; she said that Pfleger "has done important work such as trying to stop gun violence."    Hmmm...  Important work!  Does that "important work" include threatening to "snuff out" the owner of Chuck's Gun Shop?

Let us hope and pray that this suspension of priestly faculties will be a wake-up call to Father Pfleger.  In so many ways he has insulted the God to whom he is vowed to serve.  His immortal soul is in grave danger of eternal damnation.  Pray for him and his misguided adulators, that they will repent and return whole-heartedly to Mother Church.

UPDATE - The full text of Cardinal George's letter to Father Pfleger is available online.

St Camillus Church Mocks The Stations Of The Cross

Apparently National Catholic Reporter is not the only institution that is on the "bastardize the Passion" bandwagon.  My colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic (right side bar) alerted me to an unconventional and dare I say uncharitable absconding of the Stations of the Cross by St Camillus Church in Takoma Park MD.  An article about the mess appeared in the Takoma Park issue of the Gazette

We see that the parish is pushing the pastors' opinions of such matters as immigration and climate change on its parishioners.  I leave it to my colleague to analyze that.  I will say that at the end of the article, Mr. Mario Amleu uttered words of wisdom that the pastor would do well to heed - as would we all.  Read for yourselves.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More On Wonkette Attacker Of Baby Trig

I wrote a bit on the Wonkette's insidious attack on baby Trig Palin.  I thank my blogging colleague Dymphna (right side bar) who pointed out a pertinent fact regarding Jack Stuef, the slime-spewer who calls himself a writer.

Take a look at his Linkedin profile and notice the "education".  Yes, that is Georgetown University.  Does that surprise anyone?  Recall the treatment that the so-called "faculty" meted out to Cardinal Arinze when he proclaimed the truth at a commencement there.  Recall that pro-abortion Robert Drinan (a Jesuit priest) was on its law faculty till his death.  When Pope Benedict XVI evicted Fr Thomas Reese from America magazine, guess what welcomed him with open arms?  Recall, also, that when they allowed Barack HUSSEIN Obama to pollute their halls, they covered over any indication of their Catholic heritage - lest anyone be offended.

It helps to understand how Stuef's mind began to curdle.

Canadian Green Party Candidate "Got Rid Of It"

From Lifesite News..

A Green Party candidate for a local Canadian office, Roger Benham, stated that he got a woman pregnant and "thank god we decided to get rid of it".  The man is brutally honest.  Perhaps it's more accurate to say he's honest about his brutality.   The original article had capitalized the "g" in the second word.  I made it lower-case because he could not have possibly been thanking the One True God whose Fifth Commandment he had just mocked, as well as the child created in His image and likeness.

He whines “I am sick to death about hearing murdering babies."  Well, Roger old boy, I have this to say.


As long as males (no one who advocates baby-murder is a true man) like you are running amok, we will be calling you on the carpet, and to your faces!  Don't like it?  That's just tough toe-nails!  Our culture is devolving into barbarism thanks to "bloody selfish men" (your words!) like you.  Moreover, Our Lord, whom you mocked, seeks your salvation.  We just celebrated His death and resurrection.  Will you heed Him - before it's too late?

By the way - Roger's murderous views are quite typical for environmentalists.  Go to the first blog label, click on it, and do some fascinating reading.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Obama's Easter Breakfast Talk - And The Vortex Analysis

During an "Easter Prayer Breakfast" held at the White House on April 19th, Obama made these remarks.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

So "there's something about the resurrection of Our Savior Jesus Christ that puts everythng in perspective"?  Well, yes, but let's put Obama's remarks "in perspective", that is, the perspective of how the unborn children fare.  The Vortex commentary does an excellent job of that.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Pro-Abort Troll Rails Against Sonograms

In doing so, he inadvertently makes some key admissions.  Read the piece at Broward/Palm Beach News Times.  He is having a snit-fit at proposed legislation to make sonogram viewings mandatory before abortions. 

What might be one problem he has with it?   Yet they look vaguely like babies. Adult humans, with our visually oriented neo-cortices, will automatically ascribe them human characteristics. That's an inescapable fact of our biology.     Now why, oh why, do we suppos that the look like babies?  Here's an answer that anyone with more than submammalian levels of cognition (to use his condescending language) knows.  It's because they are babies!  Go back to Biology 101, Mr Thorp!

He also complains about slip(ing) a piece of pro-life propaganda into the abortion clinic, to give her side's argument one last pictographic airing before the deed is done.   Since when is a sonogram screen "propaganda"?  Might he consider it so, only because what's on that screen would show any pro-abortion argument to be the lying propaganda that it is?  Do facts really cause their consciences to go into such violent tizzies?

The pro-baby-murder crowd is losing the moral argument.  That is why they are getting so loud and full of knee-jerk vitriol.  Keep on speaking the truth and keep on praying for God's mercy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Carhart Being Investigated By Maryland Board Of Physicians

Several months ago Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue filed a complaint to the Maryland Board of Physicians alleging a number of serious deficiencies and violations by LeRoy Carhart, who is murdering late-term unborn babies in Germantown Maryland.  The Board is taking this matter most seriously and is launching a full investigation.

Please read the report on the Operation Rescue site.  On it you will find links to the original complaint.

Why: To discuss this investigation
Where: Public sidewalk on Wisteria Drive, in front of the Executive Park complex
When: Tuesday, April 26, at 11:00am

If Your Lenten Observance Was Lacking, There's Hope!

Thanks to my colleague at Acts of the Apostacy (right side bar), you can engage in some much-needed mortification.  See if you can make it through this "sensitive, metro-sexual" drip without either:
  1. Losing your temper and uttering all kinds of unprintable language, or
  2. Laughing until tears are streaming down your face.
I failed!  I gave into the second one.  Sheesh!  I couldn't dream up this kind of crap to save my life!  Talk about rolling up new age, socialism, envirowhackoism, androgeny and goddess worship into one gloppy mess and delivering it with syrupy violin music!

Parents!  Don't let your sons grow up to be like these wusses!  And for heaven's sake - don't let your daughters look up to these pseudo-sensitive wimps!

And now, let the post-lenten mortification begin!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

The "Controversial" Voris Talk - OR - Contraband Catechism!

I blogged two weeks ago about the treatment that Michael Voris received from both the Diocese of Sranton and the Archdiocese of Detroit.  My friend at Les Femmes did the same.  Please review these postings.

At considerable effort and expense, a new venue was found for the talk and it occurred.  What follows after the jump break are three videos of that talk.

Eeek!!  Eeed!!  Insensitivity alert!!  The politically correct and those addicted to the "gospel of nicey-nice" SHOULD listen to this and grow up and accept the truth.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Passion According To National Catholic Reporter

Well, thank heavens for this Nominal Catholic Reporter article by Jamie Manson.  It's only appropriate to have this sort of tome plopped between Lenten Carbon Fast and Earth-Day Easter.

Here's the first line of the article, to give you a flavor:  I’ve had more than one Catholic who grew up either before or on the cusp of Vatican II tell me horror stories of how they were taught that Jesus died because of their sins.

"Horror story"?  Hmmm...  One of the first things that comes to mind is from the Bible: 1 Corinthians 1:18.  That link will take you to that verse.  What does that say about Ms Manson??  The real horror story will come to those who do not avail themselves of the free gift offered by Our Lord, which this day signifies.

Going on through the article (recommended if your lenten penance has been somewhat lacking), we see progressive poison permeating her thinking of the crucifixion.  She rattles off an endless lists of evils, some real and some contrived by liberal-think, that are included in the "smaller-scale deaths of God" encompassed by the crucifixion.  Well, I should say the list is almost endless, as there are a number of omissions: abortion, euthanasia, contraception, abuse of embryos and homosexual behavior are curiously absent!   Hmmm!!!

Now get this line of hers.  Whenever a creation is killed, whether through our continued ravaging of the earth or through atrocities like genocide and war, God is crucified.  Does that mean that if we used plastic bags, used incandescent bulbs or drove suvs, that "we crucified God" - but the murder of babies is okie-dokie??

I have to thank Pewsitter for directing me to Father Z's piece on this.  Read Father Z's piece to the bottom, as he did a little parody on what Ms Manson might think of the Stations of the Cross.

I hope all have had a truly blessed Easter.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wonkette Removes Its Slimey Attack On Baby Trig Palin

Wonkette, a liberal blog, showed the true colors of progressives and liberals when Jack Stuef posted a piece that mocked Sarah Palin's baby boy, Trig, precisely because the little guy has Down Syndrome.  The occasion was Trig's birthday, and the title of the piece was "Greatest Living American: A Children's Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday". 

I rejoice that there is still a modicum of common sense in this country - enough to raise a hue and cry and to get advertisers to pull their ads.  Among such companies are Papa John's Pizza, Huggies, Nordstrom and Vanguard.  Now perhaps Wonkette was filling pangs of conscience; more likely it was filling pinch of wallet.  At any rate, they pulled the post and apologized - sort of.  I hardly call that an eloquent apology, but what else can we expect from such neanderthals?

Yes, Stuef acted out like the typical school yard bully who likes to pick on those weaker than he, but at least he is up front about it.  Truth be told, such is the mindset of those who espouse progressive, atheistic liberalism.  Embracing abortion and the incumbent hatred of life, they lose any real sense of what it is to be a civilized human being.  Their barbarism becomes more and more blatant.

Stuef's attitude is quite common.  It's well-known that if a woman today receives word that her in-utero baby has Down Syndrome, she is at least 80% likely to have her child killed.  So much for the "compassion" of liberalism.  Yes, they'll put on a nice politically-correct show of "tolerance", but every so often, they let their hair down and the real ugliness shows.  But golly gee, let some advertisers show some outrage, and the false veneer goes right back up, lickety-split.  Well, now decent folks are waking up to these charlatans - finally.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

William Donald Schaefer - God Have Mercy On His Soul

William Donald Schaefer, former governor of Maryland, passed away yesterday at the age of 89.  I have read many accounts today regarding him and his effect on Baltimore and the state of Maryland.  While he is rightly credited for revitalizing the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, and remembered for a somewhat gruff personality, not one of the articles that I read told of the immense harm wrecked by him and his Annapolis lackeys in 1992.

That year may bring back dark memories for long-time Maryland pro-life activists.  That was when Senate Bill 162 was rammed through the Annapolis legislature - largely through the arm-twisting of Schaefer, Thomas "Mike" Miller and some others.  SB162 gutted all the abortion laws in Maryland.  It went way beyond codifying the Freedom of Choice Act and rendered Maryland one of the most abortionist-friendly states in this country.

This is why, my fellow sidewalk counselors, we see cars coming from Pennsylvania, Virginia and beyond for abortions - mostly with young girls to escape the parental consent requirements in their home states.  Every day in Maryland, approximately 95 babies are murdered.  Those murders are facilitated by what Schaefer inflicted on Maryland.

Moreover, we now have all sorts of low-life abortionists coming from all over to set up shop here.  Leroy Carhart is simply the most notorious - so far.

Unless he repented of this most heinous sin sometime before yesterday, William Donald Schaefer is standing before God Almighty with much innocent blood on his hands.  Rather than celebrate his life, let us pray for God's mercy upon his soul.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Utah CCHD Director - Dissident On Crucial Life Issues

Lifesite News reports that the newly-hired director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development office of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, Jean Welch Hill, dissents from the Magisterium on key life issues.  She also will direct the diocese's Peace and Justice Commission and will act as both governmental liason and lobbyist.

As a political candidate, she:
  • supported same sex "marriage"
  • supported the promotion of contraceptive distribution in schools
  • opposed restrictions to abortion
She received campaign contributions from both Planned Parenthood and Equality Utah.  Are we surprised?

Now go back to events of last November, in Chicago
At that time, the Chicago CCHD had a director, Rey Flores, a faithful Catholic who was determined to undo some of the wreckage of his predecessors.  He diverted funds from aberrant groups towards those who were actually following Catholic teaching.  Well, the progressives who infest that diocese wouldn't have any of that, so they arranged to have him unceremoneously dismissed.  Read the disgusting saga  herehere,  here,  here and  here.

Do we see a pattern here?  The CCHD is remaining true to its sinister Alinskyan roots.  There is nothing, nothing, redeemable about it.  Those attempting to reform the racket are summarily thrown under the bus while dissidents are rewarded.  Not only is it time to defund the CCHD, but to abolish it altogether.  In fact, such abolishment is long overdue.

What Some Dems Mean By "Urban Revitalization"

One of Detroit's local Democrat wonks, Geoffrey Fieger, has a rather unique idea to revitalize the city of Detroit with "new industry".  At least I hope it's unique.  Now just what might this "new industry" be?  Hint - it's not new at all; it's known as the world's oldest profession.  Yep!  He wants to legalize prostitution, that glorious industry whereby people sell their bodies and destroy their souls. 

According to this Detroit Free Press article, Fieger thinks this, along with the legalization of marijuana, will "attract young people".  What kind of "young people" remains the unanswered question.  What else will it attract?  Well, how about human traffickers - you know, those who lure young underage girls into their networks and keep them imprisoned in their iron grips.  Baltimore ACORN was quite familiar with that sordid racket.

What else would be attracted?  The abortion industry, of course!  Planned Parenthood would make out like the bandits they are.  This blog has shown numerous clips of theirs, as they posed as sex-work bosses and scouted out "services" at various Planned Parenthood centers.  They'd dispense contraceptives to the prostitutes, and when they invariably fail, they'd be right there to murder the children conceived in prostitution.

Is this what Fieger means by making Detroit "a fun city"?  If he has his way, watch all the decent people flee in droves and all the, uh, "funny" people move in.  Oh, by the way!  He's not planning to run for mayor in 2013.  He's got his eyes set on the governor's mansion.  Michigan citizens, beware!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Planned Parenthood In Silver Spring Caught Covering Statutory Rape

Two months ago I wrote of the Live Action sting of the Falls Church Planned Parenthood.  I had pointed out that this location is one of the three locations of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan DC that commits surgical abortions.

Before Lila Rose jumped into action on this, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics had done something similar via phone interviews.  It's important to note that he conducted his operations from Texas, where such recording of conversations is legal.  Jill Stanek writes a bit about these recordings, all of which were done in early 2002.  She links to some background information regarding the recordings.

One of these recordings was of a conversation that occurred with the receptionist at the Planned Parenthood facility located at 1400 Spring Street, #450, in Silver Spring MD.  Go here to listen to the recording and to read the transcript.

Anyone from around the country probably can find, on that list, an abortuary nearby them that enables predators of young girls by covering up their crimes.  Many of these are Planned Parenthoods.  Thanks to Boehner's Blunder as well as Obama's servitude to Planned Parenthood, this despicable trend will continue with the help of our tax dollars.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Planned Parenthood Funding Stays

So many people thought that Boehner got such a great deal by compelling the Senate to vote on the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  They thought it just might pass!

Aww, c'mon!!  Get real!!  If Boeher lacked the guts to keep the PP defunding on the table, why on earth would anyone think that Dingy Harry would let that measure go to the Senate floor unless he knew it would fail?  And fail it did.  Here's the roll call on that vote.

"But Planned Parenthood does so much gooooddd!", I'm told.  You know what?  Maybe there's a point here.  Let's look at some of their educational endeavors, their benevolent attempts to reach out to young people.

Obama Wants His "Cool Phones"!

After last Thursday's less-than-stellar speech, things went even more downhill for the Messiah Most Miserable when he met privately (or so he thought) with several donors.  It seems that a microphone or two was still on and caught these gems of "presidential wisdom", particularly in regards to phone upgrades.  To wit:

"The Oval Office, I always thought I was going to have really cool phones and stuff," he said. "I'm like, `C'mon guys, I'm the president of the United States. Where's the fancy buttons and stuff and the big screen comes up?' It doesn't happen."

Well, maybe one reason it doesn't "happen" is because the nation is broke.  We the taxpayers can't afford the "fancy buttons and big screens".  Time to stop acting like an overgrown kid waiting for the next Nintendo upgrade.

Well, that's what happens when he tries to talk without the Messianic Teleprompter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bishop Bruskewitz - Pro-Abortion Catholics WILL Be Denied Communion In Lincoln

Yesterday I commented on Archbishop Chaput's address and lamented that he did not take the necessary step of ensuring that he and his clergy would obey Canon 915.

With that in mind, I was greatly heartened to read today in Lifesitenews that Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of the Diocese of Lincoln (NE) will refuse Holy Communion to Catholics who support abortion and/or euthanasia.  As I read the article, he seems to have in mind not only politicians, but anyone who publicly supports murder.

Thank you, Your Excellency!  May all your brother bishops follow your example!

CCHD Grantee List For 2010-2011 Released - Finally!

Given the list of grantees, we can see why they were reluctant to release it, since it appears to be more of the "same-old-same-old".  That is, Alinsyite groups continue to receive Catholic dollars (although perhaps just a tad bit fewer).  I link to it here.  I'd suggest you download this pdf and save it to your own computers, lest it (ahem!) "mysteriously disappear"?

My colleague at Les Femmes has commenced some examination of this list; go ahead and review it.  I'll commence my own review soon.  As soon as information is available, I'll post or link to it.  At any rate, we again urge one and all to let that collection basket pass - or better yet, place a note therein explaining why the CCHD is a menace to the True Faith and should die its overdue death.

Envirowhacko "Easter"

An outfit called "Earth Day Network" has sent to many (if not most) Catholic pastors the not-so-brilliant idea of devoting their Easter homilies to Earth Day!  Apparently it wasn't enough for them to try to bastardize Lent.  Now they're after the holiest day of the year for Catholics.  As you watch the Vortex clip below, notice the left-wing puppets who comprise their "Advisory Committee".  Well, here's some of advice from me, whether you like it or not. 

To these envirowhackos:  Please screw your lightbulbs back in.  You've been groping in the dark way too long.

To faithful Catholics whose pastors may be prone to follow such nonsense: Take a small digital recorder with you; make sure you can upload recordings to your computer via usb port and software.  Record the homily and expose this foolishness.

Here's a link to the memo.  Now understand that this is indeed earth worship.  Many of these people are becoming quite open about their earth worship - and their disdain for humanity.   Just today, the First Things blog picked up on a radical environmentalist who calls humans "a cancer on this earth".  Those of us in Silver Spring will recall James Lee, the envirowhacko who held hostages at the Discovery Channel Building last September.  Read that link and recall that his environmentalism views were very much held by their so-called "intelligentsia".

Boys and girls, can we say "pagan idolotry"?  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chaput Takes A Bold Stand - Well, Maybe Or Maybe Not

Lifesite News has an article detailing an address that Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, as well as some of the proceedings from a subsequent Q&A session.  He remarked that in regards to dealing with pro-abortion "catholic" politicians, the bishops are not in unity regarding how to deal with them (no kidding!).  He also stated that "refusing to act on pro-abortion politicians has not worked".  Both of these truths have been all-too-obvious for the faithful Catholic in the pew.

He then said that "catholics" who support abortion should never approach Holy Communion.  While that's true enough, I fail to see why so many of my fellow bloggers wax lyrical over this.

An important distinction must be made very clear.  Canon 915 is not about telling pro-aborts not to present themselves for Holy Communion.  That's a common confusion with Canon 916, which speaks to the recipient of Holy Communion.  What is needed is a statement declaring that if a publicly dissident Catholic is so brazen as to get into the Communion line, then the Minister of Holy Communion will deny the Eucharist to him/her.  That is Canon 915, which speaks to the minister of Holy Communion.  As I read this piece, I don't see the Archbishop making such a declaration.  That is what is needed, for that is where the rubber hits the road.  When such denials start happening, that is when we might see real change.  It's one thing to talk the talk, but now the bishops must walk the walk.

Obama's Soothing Speech Today

The Messiah Most Miserable spoke today on "deficit reduction".  Notice the reaction not only of Biden, but of the woman with glasses in the top left of the screen.  And heaven only knows about the woman directly behind Biden (partially obscured by him).  Perhaps Obama's words were just a tad too soothing!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good News For Maryland

HB235, the Maryland "gender identity" bill, was recommitted back to the Judicial Proceedings Committee - and the session is now over.

It will probably rear its ugly head next year, and we'll be ready!

Right Change On Boehner's Blunder

Boehner's Blunder is what happened last weekend.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Food Police In Chicago Schools - Big Brother Is Here!!

Remember last December, when Mrs Messiah informed us all that childhood obesity is a national security issue?  Well, it seems that public schools in Chicago are really taking her seriously - I mean really!  (By the way - notice how much of the nutso stuff these days is coming from Chicago?  We know the reason for that now, don't we?  But I digress!)

It seems that the principals have been given discretion to ban lunches that the students bring from home!  The article quotes a school official as saying that they want "to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices," and "to make an impact that extends beyond the classroom". 

They make no attempt to disguise their arrogance or their contempt for the families of the children.  In fact, once again we see a deliberate attempt by governmental officials to drive a wedge between children and their families and to usurp the proper role of parents in the lives of children.  This isn't about food at all; it's about control - and money (your tax dollars at work).  Why?  As the article says, the feds pay the school district for each lunch taken, with the caterer getting a flat fee for the same.  Judging from the appearances of the lunch, the caterer must be making a nice profit, for he/she isn't buying quality product.

So the Food Police are indeed a realty!  What's next?  If little Joey brings fried chicken too many times, might his parents soon expect a knock on their door from Child Protective Services to remove the children on basis of "nutrition abuse" or some other trumped-up charge?  Will police-goons be standing at the door as kids arrive to rifle through any "suspicious" paper lunch bag?

Can't you just see it now?  Eight-year old Jimmy enters with paper bag containing a peanut-butter sandwich and a twinkie.  He passes through a sensor, and suddenly a siren goes off.  Immediately three or four goons approach him, shouting, "OK, kid!  DROP THAT PAPER BAG!  STAND AWAY FROM THE JUNK FOOD!  NOW!!"  Jimmy drops the bag and sobs as the goons frisk him up and down (as they were taught by TSA agents). 

Do you think that's a farce?  I hope so, but fear that it will be reality in the not-too-distant future.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Truth Drives Pro-Aborts Into Barbaric Frenzies!

For starters, let's look at this clip of a bunch of protesters outside of the event held in Joe Scheidler's honor last week.  I don't have to comment on the vulgarity and plain stupidity of the signs; that is evident.  Do you notice how many of them don't want to be filmed or photographed?  What??  Don't they take pride in what they're doing?  Or are they afraid to have their faces affixed to their actions for perpetuity?  By the way - some of us Marylanders will catch glimpses of Jack Ames in this clip as he and others proclaim the pro-life message.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Not being content with chanting banalities at Scheidler, they slashed the tires of cars belonging to pro-life advocates.  They also promised harrassment of him and others.  Read the original post.  Now notice the last sentence; I'm betting the author doesn't realize what he or she is saying (quite typical of these folks not to know what they're saying, when you get down to it).  It reads (and I'll leave the grammatical errors as they are), "Those who attempt to take away ones freedoms deserve it not for themselves."  Interesting!  How would that apply to those who take away the rights of the unborn children - or for that matter, those who take away the lives of the unborn children?  I suspect that if "pro-choice militant" were confronted with that question, he/she would react in much the same manner as did the pro-aborts in the video, when questioned by the pro-lifers with the camcorders.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

40 Days For Life - Fairfax Mid-Point Rally

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

Thank You, Andy And Michele!!

The Republican count for HR 1363, the government funding bill, was 208 yeas and 28 nays.  That means that the 208 RINOs might as well be pledging allegiance to the revamped banner that you see in the previous post below.  Only 28 Republicans can hold their heads high; they deserve our accolades and esteem.

Michele Bachmann and Steve King are amongst them.  Also in the faithful remnant is Andrew Harris, from Maryland's First Congressional District (eastern shore).  One sad disappointment was the vote of Roscoe Bartlett for this terrible capitulation to Planned Parenthood.  Roscoe!!!  How could you????

This Catholic Citizens of Illinois article will now give you an idea of what Planned Parenthood will continue to do with our tax dollars, now that the GOP leadership has rolled over and played dead.  In 2009, Planned Parenthood murdered over 330,000 babies.  That was about the population size of Cincinnati, Ohio at the time.  That's also a rate of one baby murdered every 95 seconds.  I believe that also boils down to PP being responsible for approximately 20% of all abortions performed.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is called "Your tax dollars - hard at work!"  For that, you have to thank Boehner et al, as well as Reid, Obama and the other usual gang of suspects.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The New De Facto American Flag

As of late last night, the GOP leadership (GOP, as in "Gutless Old Poops"), once again wimped out and caved on the funding of Planned Parenthood.  That means that once again, they have consented to the pilfering of the wallets of American taxpayers to fund the mass-murder of thousands of babies every day.  You see, they were afraid of "losing leverage" if the federal government were to shut down for a few days.  Yes, of course the key word is "afraid".

Afraid of what?  The mass mainstream-lamebrain media?  Again the GOP leadership assumed control of the House of Representatives in spite of  the best efforts of the mass-media.  In kissing up to Obama, Reid and all the progressive power brokers, the GOP leadership turns their backs on the American people who put them in their positions of power and the charge that we have given to them.

"But don't worry!  We'll have THE BIG FIGHT in September!" the GOP wonks assure us.  Well, wait a minute!  When they caved the previous time, they told us that they would stand firm this time!  Now that they've caved yet again, why on earth should we believe that they'll grow a backbone by September?

Because I sent emails to my Annapolis representatives these past few months, who all happen to be Democrats, I was placed on the email list of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.  They sent an email today announcing the budget deal.  The first sentence was, "The Republicans blinked."  I regret that this is an accurate summary of the GOP's behavior yesterday.

By the way - I thank Michael Hichborn of the American Life League for the flag; I lifted it off his Facebook page.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Michael Voris: Too "Extreme" For "Catholycs"

Matt Abbott published an article today detailing the treatment that Michael Voris (you've seen his Vortex clips here many times) is receiving at the hands of the Diocese of Scranton.  His article links to the official diocesan statement criticizing his "extreme positions on other faiths".  Now what the hell does that mean???  Doesn't that have just a tad of the smell of relativism about it?   I could understand their consternation if Voris were preaching against the truth of the Magisterium - but he's upholding the Magisterium!   Perhaps the lemmings occupying that chancery office are in fact practicing one of those heretical "other faiths" known as progressivism.

To any "catholycs" reading this, I suggest you sit down and start taking deep breaths!  Truth, by nature, is extreme.  Either a given fact is true - or it's false.  Got that?  If you find that extreme, well, that's just tough tiddly-winks!  Grow up and deal with it!

History lesson time - regarding the Diocese of Scranton!  Remember Bishop Joseph Martino?  He was their former bishop - a fearlessly orthodox shepherd who exemplified what a true Shepherd of the Church is.  Some "powers-that-be" over there railroaded him, too!  Thus, it's no surprise that they canceled Voris's appearances.

Here's the latest of what the Scranton progressives are calling "extreme".  It's actually called "truth".  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed Against DC Catholic Charities

First, thanks to Pewsitter for alerting me to this; we can be fairly certain that the Catholic Standard will say not one peep about this (maybe they will now).

I'll just link to an account of the story here.  I've no way of knowing who's right and who's wrong.  However, given the chequered behaviors of Catholic Charities of late, I think it would be wise to keep an eye on this.  As I learn of unfolding details, I'll post them.

Progressives Say The Darndest Things! Especially Feminazis!!

It's quite easy to see that they fear losing their stranglehold on political power in the halls of government.  As they get more desperate, they let their guards down and let it all out.  In other words, they show themselves to be utter fools.  Don't count on the Mainstream-Lame-Brain Media to reveal that.  The New York Times and Washington Post will be in "cover-up-damage-control" for these people.  That's why we, the new media, are here and must remain free of governmental fetters (that is, Obamnazi iron-grips).  So let's get started.

At yesterday's rather pathetic "pro-choice lobby" event, Rep Louise Slaughter (D-NY) let loose with her opinion that the GOP freshmen (many elected by us Tea-Party types) went to Washington "to kill women".  Now it's just an accident of circumstance that her name is "Slaughter", but it is her doing that she has voted to foster the murder of babies - many of them very young women.  Mzz Slaughter, who's really in Washington "to kill women"?  Watch the video below to see her make a fool of herself.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Not to be outdone in the "open-mouth-insert-foot" department is Maryland's own Senator Barbara Mikulski.  She had this to say about the defunding of Planned Parenthood: "They (Republicans) want to take our mammograms away from us!"   Poor Babs!  She didn't get the memo!  The lie behind that talking point has been blown to smithereens!  She thinks if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.  Sadly, some will, but not as many as she and her feminazi buddies might wish.  Oh, by the way - Babs calls herself Catholic.  Archbishop O'Brien, this woman needs Canon 915 applied to her.  She's getting on in years and needs to set things right with her Maker sooner rather than later.  Watch her carry on in this video.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catholic Standard's Attempt At "Guilting" Us

In today's Catholic Standard (page 4 of the print edition) we read "Anti-Muslim Sentiment: Catholics Say It Reminds Them of Own Experience".  I linked to the online version as it appears in Catholic News Service because it does not appear on the Catholic Standard's page (at least I couldn't locate it).  I've a number of problems with this article.

First we hear of testimony from such "stellar" Catholics like Richard Durbin and Patrick Leahy.  Both these men have spent their political careers advancing positions in direct opposition to the Catholic faith: legalized baby-murder, promotion of gay lifestyles, perversion of marriage.  Whatever "experience" they're relating, it isn't authentically Catholic.
There is in this article much ballyhoo about "persecution" and "violence", but no specific examples are given.  Are the details being kept nebulous for a reason - such as "they don't exist to a relevant degree"?  However there is just the slightest hint of an agenda from Thomas Perez, when he alleged "instances of religious intolerance in the workplace, harassment of school students, threats of violence, disputes over Mosques and other actions of bigotry in the past decade."     


Is this an attempt to get good people to simply shut up about the Ground Zero Mosque?  Much has been written about the folly of that proposed mosque.  I needn't rehash that here.

Let's be honest about something else.  There is no doubt that Muslims, just like anyone else, deserve the respect and dignity due to any human being, simply because they are created in the image and likeness of God, who wants their salvation as much as anyone else's.  However, while all people  are created equal in God's eyes, the same cannot be said for religions and other subordinate ideologies.  Some are clearly dangerous - as is Islam.  It is the willfully (and thus sinfully) naive that insists that all faiths are equal.  That's called indifferentism, folks.  That's a heresy.  On the right sidebar are links detailing the dangers of Islam; some of those are created by former Muslims (at great risk to their own lives, I might add).

Yesterday I posted  Ann Barnhardt's video.  Please watch it.  Notice that as she tears out a page, she quotes from that page Islamic passages that justify rape, pedophilia, beheadings and other manners of violence.  Actually, "justify" isn't the right verb; what would be more accurate is "command".  Some might take umbrage to her tactic; this is probably a matter about which good people - even good Catholics - can disagree.  For an interesting treatise on the matter, read this blog article.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank You, Monsignor Charles Pope!!

Monsignor Charles Pope, a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, openly decried the silence of the Church regarding the sin of homosexual activity; his article appeared on the diocesan blog.  He also stated the Biblical principles underlying the Church's teaching, making clear that such activity is a sin in the eyes of God and can never be condoned.

I for one thank Msgr Pope for speaking out on such matters, as a priest is called to do.  If we have any reason to believe that repurcussions are visited upon him for doing so (like being shipped to "diocesan Siberias", as has happened to others), be advised that we will blow the lid off that in a hurry.

Attention DC Area Pro-Lifers! Assistance Needed Tomorrow!!

From 7am till 7pm, pro-life activists will be setting up a Genocide Awareness display behind the Russell Senate Office Building.  This will speak truth to a farce called "pro-choice lobby day" that's being planned for tomorrow as well.

See this link about tomorrow's pro-life display and what you can do to help.  Contact information is also contained therein. 

Pass this along.  Thank you.

Ann Barnhardt Tells It Like It Is!

Don't you wish our bishops had half of her courage?  She is a Catholic (note her correct use of the term "Church Militant") who is not going to be complicit in the politically-correct boot-licking in which Lindsey Graham is engaging.  Hear him, in this clip, say that "freedom of speech is a great idea, but.."   Click here if you can't see embedded video.

No, Senator!  Freedom of speech is more than a "great idea".  It's an integral part of the United States Constitution.  You do remember what that is, right?  Do you remember your oath of office to uphold the United States Constitution?   Try to understand that "uphold" and "subvert" are not synonyms!

Let me ask this question.  When is the last time you heard of Christians running amok when Bibles were burned?  When is the last time that Catholics went on looting and murdering sprees when the Eucharist was desecrated or the Blessed Mother's pictures were profaned?  I haven't heard, either.  So why is it that when the Qu'ran is burned, that we expect the jihadists to wet their pants and go on killing sprees?  Where are the so-called "moderate" Muslims on this?  Why aren't they condemning their more violent members?

Watch Ms. Barnhardt here.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

A Decent Perspective On The Pence Amendment From The USCCB

A few days ago, the USCCB Pro Life Office published a piece on their website entitled Taxpayer Funding and Planned Parenthood.  It's written by Vicki Evans, who is the Archdiocese of San Francisco Respect Life Coordinator. 

Now if only the USCCB would step forward and actually endorse the Pence Amendment, they would actually be doing what bishops are supposed to do - stand against the murder of babies.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Needs Pro-Aborts When We Have The USCCB??

One would have to be an ostrich with head in dirt not to know that we are in the midst of a budget showdown with the Messiah Most Miserable.  The GOP in the House seems to be showing some backbone in insisting that abortion and Obamacare be defunded - period.  The pro-abortion Democrat party has flat-out said (mostly through Reid) that they'll shut down the federal government rather than defund abortion.

Comes now the USCCB, bemoaning the governmental shutdown, whining about "the poor and vulnerable" who might be hurt by a shutdown.  Read this "action alert" from the USCCB.

I've got some clear-cut suggestions for the USCCB.
  • There's something called the principle of subsidiarity that the bishops insist on forgetting.  Well, amongst other things, this principle lays the care of the poor at the feet of the Church, not high levels of government.  The USCCB cannot abdicate this responsibility.
  • If the USCCB is concerned about the poor and vulnerable, they might do well to remember the poor and vulnerable babies that governmental funding would murder.  They should then raise loud and courageous voices to join ours in insisting that abortion be defunding - and that's just for starters.

HB 235 On The Maryland Radar Screen Again

It now appears that HB 235 is back in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee again.  This is a far more liberal committee.  A few weeks ago I posted the committee members; please go back to that post and start the phone calls and emails up again.  For the sake of our families, churches and children, we must send that bill down in flames.

ALL: "Excommunicate Planned Parenthood Supporters"

I can only add "AMEN!" to what Michael Hichborn says below.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama's 2012 Campaign Gets Underway!! Yippeee!!!

Actually he probably was always in "campaign mode".  However, he deemed this day, an anniversary of the shooting of Martin Luther King Jr to kick off the campaign officially (nice cheesy touch!).

Well, of course we want to "reach across the aisle" as it were, and help him get the message out!  We understand he's proud of his record, and we share in his jubilation with the clip below!  Watch the Messiah Most Miserable in all his dubious splendor!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

PETA Announces A Contest - With A Rather Strange "Prize"

The so-called "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" is throwing a contest.   One enters the contest by having their dog or cat spayed, and by submitting an essay.  The topic of this essay?  Here it is!!

"Why Should PETA Neuter You?"

The "winner" will receive a vasectomy, compliments of PETA.  I've known for a while that they are part of the progressive, population control (e.g. elimination) cabal.  Here they make no bones about their intentions.  Truth be told, I'm not sure how much they really give a rat's ass about animals; I think that to be a pretext to induce gullible liberals into, well, spaying themselves.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

David Rockefeller And The New World Order

From  By the way - the Rockefellers have long been affiliated with freemasonry, too.  Note the push for population control, government control over individuals and the "climate change" appeal.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

40 Days For Life At Spring Street - Mid-Point Rally

Today's usual stint at the Spring Street Planned Parenthood was augmented a bit by the 40 Days for Life Mid-Point Rally.  These rallies are occurring at about this time, as we are near the mid-point of Lent.  We were priviledged today to have with us Shawn Carney, Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life and a co-founder of the original 40 Days for Life in Bryan Texas. 

You'll see two clips below.  The first is that of pro-life activists gathering and praying during the rally, before Shawn's address to us.  Note that the people in the orange vests are "pro-choice clinic escorts".  We refer to them as "deathscorts".  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Now you'll see Shawn's talk.  One thing you might want to note is the deathscorts in the background.  They try to ignore Shawn, as they try to ignore us week after week.  They can't; the words will sink in - what they do with those words is another matter.  We must pray for them.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Immoral Sidewalk Counseling Techniques

Yes, I realize that sounds like an oxymoron, but that is what I must describe below.  In this clip, you'll hear Troy Newman, Mark Crutcher and some other people interview a sidewalk counselor who calls herself "Rachel Smith"; that is a pseudonym.

During the telephone interview, she states that she was discouraged at not being able to talk to abortion-minded women going into the abortuary.  She herself has a number of children, including a baby girl.  She states that the baby is five months old, but because of her birth size, appears to be two-three months old.

She got a "brainstorm" to walk into the abortuary to get a pregnancy test.  Now here comes the morally problematic part.  She took her baby girl with her.  As she was talking with women in the abortuary's waiting room, she passed her baby around to the women.  They held her, and they just kept passing the child along.

In the beginning, the panel asks, "why didn't we think of this sooner/ourselves?"  There might be one simple reason for that.  What the woman did, regardless of her honest motives, was inherently immoral.  I'm not looking at her motives, which I have no business addressing, but the action itself.

"A Lifelong Journey To The Center Of The Self"

"And just what, pray tell, is that?", you ask.  Why, it's the definition of Lent - according to Sister Joan Chittister (per US Catholic).  Moreover, and I quote, "it is not a penitential season".

Well there you have it!  Lent is all about ourselves!  Golly-gee-whiz!  Aren't we just the silly geese for believing tht Lent is about turning from our sins and turning towards God?

I for one am glad that "Sister Pant-Suit" bunch of feminazi nuns is fading away.  I pray that they do repent of their heterodox ways - in other words, that they do Lent properly before it's too late.

Point Of Clarification On Pro-Life Office

In regards to my post immediately preceding this one, a closer read of the Standard article specifies that it's the Birthing and Care Office that will move to Catholic Charities - for now.  I do understand that in Pittsburgh, their entire pro-life office was transferred to that local Catholic Charities; at least it was under common direction.  Who was the bishop at that time?  You get one guess only!

For the reasons stated below, the move of Birthing and Care to Catholic Charities is enough of an abysmal disaster.  However, it may be just the first step to moving the whole kit and kaboodle over there.