Friday, August 30, 2013

How Mainstream Catholic Media Facilitates Rot Inside The Church

Yoo-hoo!  Catholic Standard and Our Parish Times!  Please take note!

UPDATE - If you're visiting this blog for the first time because of The Tenth Crusade's excellent post, permit me to properly introduce this blog.  The title of it will indicate that I'm located in Montgomery County MD, within the Archdiocese of Washington.  It (and the earlier sister website) was started to address real concerns that many of us have with the governance of this archdiocese AND because of the silence of the Catholic Standard.  The latter is the official news organ of the archdiocese.  For some time it had a "letters to the editor" section that was at one time rather fair about printing our letters.  That feature immediately ceased when understandable controversy arose because of Cardinal McCarrick's refusal to obey Canon 915 and his abysmal habit of cozying up to pro-abortion public figures (most notably the late Ted Kennedy, John Sweeney and Sr Carol Keehan).  I inaugurated our earlier website with this open letter to Cardinal McCarrick and have been publishing ever since.   I hope you find this, and the other linked material, to be useful.  Thank you.

Thank You, Bishop Soto!

In the Diocese of San Francisco, a homophile organization called "Defenders/Dignity SF" was slated to hold a "retreat" this Labor Day weekend at a Catholic retreat facility.  The facility is Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center in Citrus Heights, CA.  The theme of this retreat/orgy was "integrating leather and spirituality".  A Catholic priest, Father Tom Bonacci, affiliated with Dignity, was scheduled to give some presentations.  At this post are more details.  The comments suggested that concerned Catholics alert Bishop Jaime Soto.

Some of those Catholics did precisely that.  With admirable alacrity, His Excellency put the kibbosh on the retreat/orgy.  At the very least, it is not being held on Catholic property.  We can only hope that some follow-up remedies are undertaken, particularly with the leadership of the retreat center and perhaps the removal of the faculties of Father Bonacci.  I say that for Father's own good, for as he leads souls into hell by his facilitation of the gay lifestyle, he makes more probable his own damnation.  Pray for him and for all such deluded priests and religious, that they repent.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catholic News Service Movie Review Plops Another Stinker

Many of us have heard reviews of "The Butler", a film by Lee Daniels.  It is ostensibly "a look" at various US presidents through the eyes of a fictional White House butler.  From what I've heard, I've determined that it is not worth one red penny of my hard-earned money.  Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan, excoriated the movie for portraying his father as a racist.

There are also the veterans - particularly Viet Nam veterans - displeased with the portrayal of Nancy Reagan by Jane Fonda.  They know her as "Hanoi Jane".  Read the account of her despicable treatment of American soldiers and POWs.  Several theaters refuse to show the movie for that reason - for which I applaud them.

More appalling is her public advocacy of baby-murder (not surprising, coming from Hollywood but disgusting nonetheless).  From giving keynote addresses at Planned Parenthood fundraisers to uttering brainless remarks about pro-life advocates, she has shown herself to be quite full of venom.

All of the above renders quite mystifying the glowing review of "The Butler" found in this week's edition of the Catholic Standard.  The review is online here; please read it.  Jane Fonda's role should have immediately disqualified the film from any serious attention by an agency that purports to review films from a Catholic perspective.  Instead, the review calls the movie "uplifting with moral significance".  This is actually reminiscent of Catholic News Service's gaffe from 2005, when it gave to "Brokeback Mountain" a "L - limited adult audience" rating.  Only after public outcry shamed the CNS into remembering the "Catholic" in front of its name did it revise the rating to "O - morally objectionable".

I was wondering why CNS would risk a repeat of their 2005 debacle until I saw this.  The Messiah Most Miserable watched the movie and liked it. In fact, (wait for it!) he "teared up" while watching !  Sigh!  Isn't that just - special????  Anyway, there you have it.  If Obama likes it, the USCCB (parent of the CNS) branch of the Minions Most Mindless must fall in lockstep and sing the praises of "The Butler".  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Catholic Standard saw fit to waste its ink and paper today.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unless Souls Are Saved There Can Be No Peace

That is the title of an article written by Rey Flores of the American Life League.  I urge all - particularly clergy - to read and ponder.  I'd also suggest the same of those "peace and justice" types who relegate matters of faith, morality and the spiritual life to the sidelines as they sidle up to pro-aborts to advance some progressive cause.

Again, USCCB, your efforts to jam amnesty for illegal aliens down our throats are at best ill-advised.  If you really want true peace and not just money in your coffers, you'll resume the preaching of all the truths of the Faith and stop demonizing those who disagree on matters of prudential judgment.  In case you haven't noticed, dear bishops, we're on the brink of war in the mid-east.  Be shepherds, not politicians.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Lady Of Czestochowa In Front Of Carhart Death Mill In Germantown MD

Father Peter West of Human Life International is accompanying the icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa on a tour.  Yesterday he celebrated Mass at Mother Seton Church a few blocks away.  Then the pro-life activists attending Mass processed with the icon to the abortuary.  I understand that day three women decided they would not go through the procedure and would give birth to their babies.  Watch the video below.   The murder-center is in the right background.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Now CRS Plays The Hypocrite

AKA Printing and Mailing operates out of Frederickburg, VA.  It is owned and operated by Hugh Brown, son of American Life League's president Judie Brown.  During the past four years, Catholic Relief Services had used AKA's services, paying them over $7 million during that time.

Comes now the news that last September, Bishop Gerald Kicanas, board chair of CRS, ended the contractual relationship with AKA because of ALL's critique of CRS's aiding and abetting the pro-abortion activities of its partners.  No one denies that CRS has the right to select its own vendors, but this incident illustrates how far CRS has sunk in the hole of duplicity.  Consider that AKA Printing and American Life League are two separate entities that happen to be run by different members of the same family.  There is no corporate relationship between the two, nor is there commingling of funds.  Yet CRS has discontinued its relationship with one on basis of the actions of the other.  Contrast that with its own relationships with CORE and PSI.  Obviously there is commingling of funds donated by CRS with funds designated for the promotion of abortion and contraception.  By what mental gymnastics does CRS justify such contradictory behavior in itself?

Bishop Kicanas' actions as CRS board chair are rather reminiscent of the actions of a previous CRS board chair, himself a bishop.  I speak of the despicable conduct of St Petersburg Bishop Robert Lynch and his callous treatment of the Schindler family as Terri Schindler Schiavo was being murdered in his diocese.  Recall that while Lynch offered no opposition to Michael Schiavo's murder of his wife, he forbade his priests from speaking out and from offering the Schindlers any spiritual support.  Granted Lynch was not acting in his capacity as a CRS official, but the same progressive brain-rot is evident.  This is all about attempting to punish those who proclaim truth - even if it means retaliation against family members.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

USCCB Immigration Pandering - Ulterior Motives Exposed

Brad Miner of The Catholic Thing wrote a piece entitled "Why the Catholic Bishops Are Wrong on Immigration."  I'd suggest that all read it.  I'd suggest a small but significant change in the title; change "Catholic Bishops" to "USCCB Bureaucrats and Administrators" as it is the latter who actually call the shots at the USCCB while hiding behind the robes of the bishops.  Among other things, he points out the USCCB has far more permissive attitudes towards illegal aliens coming from our southern borders than they harbor for immigrants hailing from other areas of the world.

Dexter Duggan of the Wanderer took what Miner wrote and placed it in context with the immigration battle as it looms in Congress today.  His article is reproduced in  Let me sum that up.  The US Senate has already come up with its excuse of an "immigration reform" bill.  Led by Harry Reid and enabled by the "Gang of Eight (now including Marco Rubio)", this bill does nothing in terms of securing the southern border and dealing with the illegal aliens who are already here.  They understand that a similar bill does not have a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting passed.  Thus the progressives, from Obama on down, are trying a different strategy.  They just want the House to pass some sort of immigration bill.  Once this bill is passed, it will go to joint conference along with the Senate version.  It is in this conference that the progressives plan to strip all border control provisions from the House bill and then ram this joint bill through both Houses again.  Defenders of sovereignty understand that the best alternative would be to keep the House from bringing any "immigration bill" to the floor.

Now, in the minds and dreams of the progressives, enters the USCCB with its push to lobby the House of Representatives to pass "immigration reform".  Recall that right now the progressives aren't too particular on the particulars, as it were.  Their sights are set on the joint-conference version of the bill, but the House must pass a bill as a precursory step.  Notice that all the pressure is being put on the House of Representatives.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless (particularly those in the USCCB, and I do mean you, Kevin Appleby!) are going "full press" on this matter.  Let me now refer you to Father Z's blog; pay attention to his quote from Apostolos Suos, that reminds us that the USCCB does not speak with Magisterial authority, pretensions to the contrary.

I suppose both the USCCB and the Obama regime consider this arrangement a "win-win" proposition.  From the USCCB perspective:
  • They ingratiate themselves with the regime, gaining access to money and some political leverage
  • They think they gain new Catholics in the pews - except that many of them join protestant sects upon arrival
From the regime's perspective:
  • This, coupled with opposition to voter id requirements, gains them a whole new voting block - and just in time for the 2014 elections!  How convenient!
  • More demand will be put on American society for social services, etc, granting the regime prime opportunities to implement Cloward-Piven and an whole host of other Alinskyian tactics to bring about their socialist utopia.
  • Pro-abort and pro-sodomy pols get to appear in a positive light by championing "compassion" and even win some photo-ops (Think of Obama at the Al Smith Dinner just before the election.)
So there you have it!  The Obama regime needs the House of Representatives to pass some sort of "comprehensive immigration reform" bill, so they send out marching orders to their adoring puppets, including Appleby et al in the USCCB.  Right away, they snap to attention, cry out "Yessuh, Massuh!", and waste no time doing the regime's imperial bidding!

Don't believe me?  Well, to my readers in Montgomery County MD, you probably picked up the latest Our Parish Times (for August 2013) with your bulletins after today's Mass.  Go to page 32 and look at that big gray box on the bottom right.  What do you suppose that is?  Notice that none of those "bullet points" says one thing about securing our national borders.  Notice the term "undocumented persons" instead of making plain that these folks are willfully breaking our laws.  If, for some reason you were pulled over by a police officer but left your license at home, would you get away with claiming to be an "undocumented driver"?  I expect to see similar drivel in the next issue of the Catholic Standard.  Since this is a national campaign, this sort of thing will most likely start popping up everywhere.

Some deluded souls at the USCCB no doubt think they are being "compassionate".  They are, in fact playing into the hands of progressives who want nothing more than to eviscerate this country so that atheism and socialism may prevail.  Will we let that occur?  Contrary to the whining of the USCCB puppets, I'm suggesting that you lobby your Representative to sit tight on any "comprehensive immigration" bill until we can get some intelligent people in both Houses after the 2014 elections.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Vortex: Blindness About Obama

Using Bishop Tobin's announcement of his party affiliation change as an introduction, Michael Voris rebukes the US bishops for their blindness towards Obama's hell-spawned policies.  I'll take it a step further.  It's not "blindness".  The bishops aren't complete fools.  They most likely are jettisoning their sacred duties because they want to keep the government grants flowing into their various coffers.  I will also give Bishop Tobin some additional credit.  Recall that it was he who was verbally abused by Chris Matthews because he (being Patrick Kennedy's bishop) actually sat Kennedy down and read him the Riot Act, so to speak.

As you watch this Vortex, please keep in mind the bishops' planned push for amnesty for illegal aliens.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if they showed the same drive and initiative for unborn babies?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Will The US Bishops Profane The Birth Of Our Lady???

First, I'll present today's Vortex in which Michael Voris comments on the abysmal state of today's Catholic Church.  He lays the blame for the deplorable state of affairs squarely on the shoulders of the bishops for failing (as a whole) to be the shepherds that they were ordained to be.  Now listen closely between 5:55 and 6:12.  He is chiding the bishops for urging their congregations to jump on bandwagons for liberal causes and other matters about which good people can disagree while neglecting the spiritual and eternal matters that should be their primary concern.

When Voris uttered those words, might he have had in mind news of the latest nonsense emanating from the USCCB?  I'll elaborate on that after the Vortex video.

First, ht to Pewsitter for alerting me to the latest crap that will ooze from the USCCB.  It's about "comprehensive immigration reform", folks!  The bishops are launching an all-out effort to press Congress for amnesty for those who've broken our laws.  Breitbart News opines that this effort seems to be garnering more emphasis than did the actions against the Obamacare contraceptive mandate.  In that article Rep Dan Lipinski (one of the few remaining Democrats who is truly Catholic) remarked - correctly - that immigration is a matter of prudential judgment about which the Magisterium does NOT speak authoritatively as it does with matters such as abortion and euthanasia.

The Washington Times reports that this lobbying effort for amnesty will come from the pulpits.  Interesting?  Does that mean that People for the American Way and the ACLU will soon start protesting that effort as they squawk about "keeping the Church out of politics"?  Of course not!  After all, the USCCB is taking its cues straight from the Messiah Most Miserable himself.

So we should hear these less-than-spiritual homilies beginning on September 8.  If that date seems to stand out, it's for good reason.  September 8 is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  While I don't think that liturgy uproots the regular Sunday liturgy, I would think that it deserves a mention.  How on earth can the bishops even think of giving that short shrift in favor of a matter that is merely in the realm of prudential judgment?

Many good Catholics, owing to our fidelity to the Magisterium, take exception with the position espoused by the USCCB.  Bear in mind that the USCCB has no inherent canonical authority in and of itself.  Should the Maryland dioceses participate in this ill-advised lobbying push, we will undertake efforts to advise Catholics that good people can - and perhaps - should disagree.

I echo Voris's suggestion that the bishops occupy themselves with spiritual matters, for indeed when Catholics believe that immigration and abortion are equally weighty matters, then their knowledge of Catholic morality is sorely lacking.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More CRS Entanglement With Contraceptives

Rob Gaspar of American Life League wrote of yet another chapter in the sordid CRS/Abortifacient saga.  It seems that the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) developed a proprietary software (called CHANNEL) to facilitate distribution of contraceptives and abortifacients in Madagascar and other nearby localities.  Some of these areas lacked the electrical infrastructure needed to run the computers housing CHANNEL.  They decided to power them with solar panels.  They set up 33 of these scenarios; 19 of them were funded by - you guessed it! - Catholic Relief Services.

While CRS claims it was using CHANNEL to manage mosquito net distribution, the fact is that UNPF developed CHANNEL with the specific intent of facilitating the spread of baby-killing potions.  Read the ALL article to see the questions that Gaspar asked of John Rivera, CRS's Communications Director.  At the time the ALL article went online, Rivera had yet to respond.

There are many more stones to be overturned, I suspect.  In each case we will catch the worms and bugs scurrying for cover.  Time to defund the CRS.

Me?? A Football Fan??

Between Tim Tebow and these three former Miami Dolphins, it just might happen -provided there are more players with the brains and integrity as these four men have displayed.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Voris And Hichborn On CRS

A few days ago, the two Michaels discussed the ongoing CRS scandals.  Much can be applied to all the "social justice" programs coming from the USCCB.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Forward Boldly Interview With Michael Hichborn

Christine Niles of Forward Boldly interviewed Michael Hichborn of American Life League.  They discussed the CRS, CCHD and Catholic Charities scandals.

Here is the article by Rob Gaspar that Hichborn mentioned: Separating Fact From Damage Control, as well as one that Hichborn wrote: Where There's Smoke.

CCHD To Try New Schtick To Reduce Poverty??

First , ht to Catholic Culture.

CCHD Director Ralph McCloud (the same fellow who indirectly hindered last month's pro-life victory in Texas) has, according to America magazine, thinks he's discovered "the best antidote to lessening poverty".  Now think a bit on the grammatical structure of that phrase, and keep it on the back-burner.  I'll get to that shortly.

First, just what does McCloud claim this magic bullet to be?  Are you ready?  Drum roll, please.  It is reforming prison-sentence guidelines!

And all the sane people said, "Huh??  What??!??!"

I thought one idea behind these "anti-poverty" efforts was to keep people from committing actions that might get them into jail in the first place.  If they don't commit criminal activity, then prison sentences are irrelevant to them, right?  Isn't CCHD more or less admitting that their clientele will wind up in prison?  Is this a tacit admission that they (CCHD) aren't all they're cracked up to be?

To all the CCHD trolls reading this: if you want to reduce poverty, please listen and implement what Holy Mother Church has been saying for hundreds of years - and what honest secular leaders acknowledge.  The greatest indicator and cause of poverty is a broken family.  What causes families to dissolve?  Sexual immorality: that is, the divorcing of the conjugal act from its ends of engendering life and fostering unity between husband and wife.  Conversely, a deterrent to poverty is an intact family where children are living with both biological parents who are married to each other.  Promote that, as opposed to partnering with "community-organizing" rackets that undermine Church teaching, and you'll make decent strides towards eradicating poverty.

Now let's get back to that odd phrase "best antidote to lessening poverty".  I would ask how that slop ever escaped the proofreaders of America, but since so much theological error whizzes right by them, why not simple logical errors?  I could see the sense in this phrase: "best antidote to poverty", or "best antidote to increasing poverty".  C'mon!  Does McCloud really want the "best antidote to lessening poverty"? Wouldn't he want poverty to lessen?  Why would he want an antidote to that?

On the other hand, since one maxim of Alinskyian thinking is "never let a good crisis go to waste", perhaps the statement as originally laid out expresses their true sentiments.  CCHD was founded by Msgr Jack Egan, a disciple of Saul Alinsky.  Perhaps they'd like poverty to continue, since it provides so much "crisis" to justify their existence and constant agitation for "community-organizing" while they continue to fund nefarious groups.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Journey Through The Cosmos Straight To Hell

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (from whence sprang the Nuts Nuns on the Bus) just had their annual meeting in Orlando Florida.  The keynote address was given by Sister Ilia Delio, a Sister of St. Francis.  She is director of Catholic studies and visiting professor at Georgetown University.   She has doctorates in pharmacology and historical theology.  Methinks the pharmacology and theology may have meshed a little too much in her fertile imagination.  As you read the piece you'll get some insight as to why Georgetown's Catholic identity is such an abysmal mess.  Before you delve into it, why don't you break out your "Hair" albums and have "Age of Aquarius" playing in the background for appropriate mood music?

Her address was in two parts.  The first was entitled, "Religious Life on the Edge of the Universe".   Given the way these gals of LCWR carry on, it might as well have been titled "Religious Life on the Brink of Damnation".  Here are some of the key heresies, uh, points!
  • "If we are to rethink in terms of religion, we have to think in terms of cosmology."  Uh, sez who, Sister?  From which of the Church Fathers (dare I use that sexist term?) do you glean this precious pearl of wisdom?  And just what is the idea behind rethink?
  • "There is no cosmos without God (arguably true) and no God without cosmos."  Major fail, Sister!  God is eternal.  He was before anything came into being (of course He brought everything, including this "cosmos", into being).  I learned this in first-grade religion.  This is obviously symptomatic when pharmacology overwhelms theology, I suppose.
  • "A mixture of Scripture and Greek philosophy helped develop our theory of Jesus Christ - unchanging, static - a mechanical God".  Well yes, God is immutable.  He, being the sum of all perfection, cannot change or become "more perfect".  He also can't be molded into some caricature that the LCWR might find less obnoxious to their own rebellions and silliness.
  • "We are on the cusp of an (wait for it!) an evolutionary breakthrough, one that requires our conscious participation as co-creative agents of love, midwives of the new creation".  Just what do these ditzy broads think is so new that it hasn't been seen in the thousands of years of human history?
  • "Nothing is more awesome than to give birth to God".  If she were speaking of the singular privilege of the Blessed Mother Mary, that would be true enough.  But in context with the rest of her drivel, she obviously believes that she and her LCWR cronies are going to go into labor very soon.
Before I write this next gem of wisdom, please put away the "Hair" albums and replace them with Woodstock music.  Because (drums and trumpets, please!)


She prefaced that with the word "literally".  And all the aging hippies said, "groovy"!  Well maybe not out loud.  Of course it's no surprise that she is a devotee of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, as she reminded the attendees that the Church is not opposed to evolution (it is opposed to Piltdown hoaxes, but I digress).    Now we know why Georgetown University is going to seed.

On the other hand, a voice of sanity strove to be heard.  Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, appointed by the
Pharmacological studies at Woodstock
Vatican to oversee the LCWR, met with about 800 of them.  The meeting was closed and was held literally under lock and key.  One statement that he made, their role is "to be thinking with the Church and fidelity to the magisterium of the Church" met with predicable disdain.  Please understand that this link is to the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter so you'll need to "read between the lines", as it were.  I'm sure that experience will count towards His Excellency's purgatorial pit-stop after he passes on.

Time to get the dust mop, spray with Endust and clean up the dust and cobwebs.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shared Risk - Obamacare Explained

Stoplight explains shared risk in a way that a child can understand.  Any of us can understand it, in other words.  Will enough of us take it to heart, to counteract the progressives (including those who control the USCCB) who refuse to accept the basic injustice of Obamacare?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Example Of Good Catholic Parenting

Here's a Catholic father who is doing his job!  The little guy is cute as buttons, too.  It's nice to see solid foundations laid by parents who take their responsibilities seriously.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bishop Lynch Defends Soros-Funded Catholic Relief Services

In the past few weeks Catholic Relief Services has shown its true colors (that is, anti-God and anti-life colors) by allowing, if not outright directing its personnel to distribute abortifacients in Madagascar.  Of course it earned well-deserved rebukes.  The progressive cartel within the bowels of ecclesiastic bureaucracy seemed to have received their marching orders and speaking points for now they are leaping to the defense of those USCCB organs that are funneling money towards the culture of death.

The latest to attempt "damage-control" is none other than Bishop Robert Lynch of the Diocese of St Petersburg FL.  I now link to an article that he posted on his blog this past Wednesday.   I won't pick apart the whole thing, lest I be here all night.  But I will point out one or two things, in light of his own chequered past.

He snidely refers to the Population Research Institute (a branch of Human Life International) as "an allegedly pro-life group" and many others (probably Yours Truly) as "notoriously and consistently wrong entities who thrive on attacking the Church or its entities".  If he's looking for examples of malfeasance by "allegedly pro-life entities", perhaps he need look no further than his own doings eight years ago.

It was a little over eight years ago that Terri Schindler Schiavo was murdered - "legally", of course - within his own diocese.  Not only did he do nothing to prevent it, but he went so far as to suggest that the final word regarding Terri's fate "rightly" lay in the hands of her murderous husband who was already living with his then-concubine.  One year later, American Life League interviewed Terri's family and posted it online.  It details further insulted meted to the Schindlers by Bishop Lynch.  And the bishop has the audacity to say that we are the allegedly pro-life ones???

But perhaps there's more to Bishop Lynch's posturings than meets the eye.  As with many things progressive these days, there seems to be a common denominator.  That "common denominator" has a name - George Soros.

My Catholic Media Coalition colleague, herself a Florida resident, posted an article sometime before Terri died that examines some of the key villains in that situation and some of the money trail.  Yes, Bishop Lynch is one of the villains.  To supplement this article, I'd suggest reading this blog piece entitled Soros and Schiavo.  This delves more into the history of George Soros' involvement in the pro-euthanasia movement in the US.

But anti-life groups aren't the only recipients of Soros' largess!  Why, he's been known to give to Catholic groups, too.  Well, some "katholyc" groups - those that serve as fronts for the Culture of Death!  Five years ago, Discoverthenetworks detailed how Soros money had infested the Church.  Chris Korzen of Catholics United tried to deflect some criticism of Bill Donohue by whining that Soros "contributes to Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Legal Immigration Services".  Donohue erred a bit by implying that those three weren't apologists for abortion.  Perhaps Donohue had not heard that Catholic Charities of Richmond VA was under federal investigation for paying for a minor's abortion (with full knowledge of Richmond Bishop DiLorenzo).  And of course Donohue's statement was long before the CRS aided and abetted murder in Madagascar.

Now perhaps the reader is wondering why I italicized the words "Catholic Relief Services".  At the time that Terri Schiavo was being murdered in Florida, guess who was the board chair of CRS?  Yes - Bishop Robert Lynch.  Please don't tell me he had no idea whatsoever of the Soros money flowing into CRS coffers - and probably still is.  In situations such as this, another version of the "golden rule" is in force, that is, "he who has the gold, rules".  As long as they accept Soros "gold", they accept Soros "rule"; sadly I think they accept both all too willingly.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Thank You, Father Brian Sistare!

Father Brian Sistare, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Woonsocket RI has taken stances for the integrity of true marriage.  He has served notice upon the RI state senators who voted for legalization of gay-marriage-make-believe that he will call them out by name (make sure you read Father's actual letter in this link).

Now comes word that Father has denied Holy Communion to two men who are living together in homosexual sin.  Of course gay activists are having snit fits, much like they did when Father Marcel Guarnizo denied Holy Communion to a practicing lesbian at St John Neumann Church in Gaithersburg MD during Lent 2012.  Let us pray that the clergy of Rhode Island join Father Sistare in boldly proclaiming the entirety of God's truth.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Horrific Consequences Of Sexual Impurity

In Friday's Washington Times, Frank Kacer wrote a piece entitled, "Sexual Impurity and the Corruption of Our Nation's Soul".  I commend it to your reading for I think he makes important points.  Many of us see that the acceptance of contraception paved the way for the acceptance of abortion.  Mr. Kacer touches upon some factors that made contraception appealing to the less-principled citizenry.

He states that prior to the sixties our nation held onto a "thin veneer of sexual propriety".  Therein lies the problem; sexual propriety was merely a thin veneer.  In some cases it was so transparent as to be non-existent.  I would hold that by and large, Americans lost sight of the eternal things and sought only to enjoy "the good life".  Gradually, with less emphasis on seeking after the kingdom of God first, people became slowly corrupted and compromised.

Those people included Catholics - and Catholic clergy.  By then, young priests who would later act out as homosexual pederasts were in place; some, like Father Hesburgh, occupied places of great influence.  They failed to reach out to the Protestants to bring them back to the One True Church.  Instead of the Catholics influencing the worldly culture, they allowed the worldly culture to influence them.

In partial answer to Kacer's question, "Can the slippery slope be stopped?", I'll venture to say not, unless the Catholics wake up and start acting like Roman Catholics and not some "am-church" counterfeit.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Operation #no2cchd - Home Stretch For Archdiocese Of Washington

Anyone following this blog is aware that CCHD is not only rife with problematic funding; it was established to provide that problematic funding for those problematic purposes.  They hope to fool as many good Catholics into donating to it as they can.  The CCHD of the Archdiocese of Washington has even gone so far as to tweak the name of the collection to "Communications and Human Development".

The collection for the DC area is this weekend.  But again, if you've been following this blog, you know that and perhaps have even seen the postcards.

I pray that you are not going to give them one cent of your hard-earned money.  Instead, give your donations to a real charity that performs the Works of Mercy and at least doesn't act contrary to the Church's moral teachings.

So you'll go to Mass tomorrow and that second collection basket will pass by you.  You can either drop nothing in it. However, I'd suggest that you drop a note in the basket explaining why you won't donate to this collection.  If you need a suggestion, please feel free to download and print the following picture.

For those of you in other dioceses, you too may find this useful as it is not specific to the Archdiocese of Washington.  While Operation #no2cchd might conclude tomorrow for the DC area, it will still be in force for other dioceses.  Most collections remain scheduled for November, but check your own local calendars.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Voris, Hichborn, Phelan Discuss Catholic Social Justice Frauds

This was broadcast last week.

Disgraced Bishop Lynch Defend Catholic Relief Services

I say Bishop Robert Lynch of St Petersburg Florida is disgraced because of his abysmal conduct during the de facto murder of Terri Schiavo in 2005.  Recall that the protracted murder happened in his diocese.  Not only did he refuse to intervene on behalf of the Schindlers but he essentially gave aid and comfort to Michael Schiavo, the murderous spouse.

During that time period, he was chairman of the board of CRS.  During Holy Week of 2005, when Terri was in her final days, Bishop Lynch left the area, allegedly "on CRS business".  It is a violation of Canon Law for a bishop to be absent from his diocese during Holy Week.  Are there other reasons why he had to flee the heat, as it were?

At any rate, please read the LifeSiteNews article for more detail on Bishop Lynch's pathetic lashing out at the truth.  He claims we're criticizing CRS because we want to "raise money".  Seriously?????

Please note that the collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the Archdiocese of Washington is this weekend.  Please boycott it - say #no2cchd.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Archdiocese Of Washington - Say #no2cchd This Weekend

Boycott the second collection this upcoming weekend!  Spread the word!  See this for more details.

$100 Million Mega-Mosque In Lanham MD

Thanks to Pewsitter, I received today word that a mega-mosque is in the works in Lanham MD, set to open October 2014.  If all goes as planned, it will be the largest mosque in the western hemisphere.  The firm Allen and Shariff did some engineering design for the thing and show that it will be located in the middle of a triangle bordered by Good Luck Road, 97th Avenue and Elvis Lane.

World Net Daily posted a piece going into some history behind muslims and their mosques.  It has been well-known that the construction of a mosque in a locality has signified to muslims triumph in that area.  That is a key reason why they were so eager to build a mosque near Ground Zero shortly after the 9-11 attacks.  They also point out that in the neighborhoods surrounding mosques, muslim "patrols" have often wandered about telling neighbors not to wear skirts, walk dogs, etc.  In other words, they attempt to establish a de-facto sharia environment.  If it happens in Lanham, will the residents put up with it?  We are talking about Prince Georges's County, MD - a bastion of liberalism and political correctness.

Maryland's political configuration is rather interesting.  The high-density areas such as Montgomery County, PG County and Baltimore City have for long been infested with progressivism/liberalism: blue areas, with the rest of the state being relatively red.  However, those areas contain the bulk of the voters (both living and dead, but that's another post) so they carry the state in elections.  The progressive poison is slopping over into Howard, Baltimore County and Charles County.

Perhaps the above shows reasons why both Montgomery and PG County tend to attract flotsam and jetsam.  Montgomery County has Leroy Carhart to its dubious credit.  To be certain, PG is scourged with its rogues' gallery of abortionists.  However, in attracting this mega-mosque, PG now will be inflicted with a pestilence of a different variety, especially if this mosque brings with it creeping sharia.

But this scourge is spreading north.  In researching this Lanham mosque, I became aware that one will be erected in Germantown.  This one will be quite a bit smaller than the Lanham mosque.  The one in Lanham is being promoted by the government of Turkey.  When was the last time you heard of a Christian church being built in Turkey?  Crickets?  This is the United States of America, where freedom of religion for all is respected.  It's quite telling, though, when a Muslim state builds a mega-mosque here while squelching the rights (and lives) of Christians within its own borders.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pat Robertson Spouting Anti-Life Heresy

I was going to comment sooner or later on Robertson's most recent gaffes, but the Vortex beat me to it.

Boogie-Woogie Bishops - Sinister Underpinnings

Last week I posted about the disgraceful conduct of some bishops at World Youth Day as they mindlessly shirked all sense of their episcopal dignity and engaged in a silly dance - in their robes.  I know that some of you thought I was just being too uptight and (to use the words of one of the comments) "judgmental".  I'd like to remind one and all of a Latin phrase that is most appropriate here: "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi".  Sloppiness in liturgy and decorum often leads to sloppiness in moral conduct.  However, as I wrote that post, I didn't realize how true that was even in that situation.

The bishops on that occasion were following the direction of a Brazilian choreographer who goes by the name of "Fly" (or perhaps its Portuguese translation).  His resume is chequered to say the least.  My blogging colleague Eponymous Flower published a piece revealing that Fly has posed for several gay magazines in the nude.

Consider that the bishops probably thought it was ok to "let their hair down", as it were.  Not so.  No one is at liberty to suspend their prudence and critical thinking processes - not even for an instant.  If one stops being vigilant for just one split-second, often disaster results.  I would think that goes double for those who are our shepherds in the faith.  In this case, the shepherds allowed themselves to be sheeple - and the shepherd they followed appears to be a homophile.  They have placed themselves in the position of mindlessly doing the bidding of a probable pervert, much like the mice followed the Pied Piper to their ultimate demise.

Regarding my coined term "homophile", if Fly himself is not gay, he obviously is a supporter of that lifestyle; else he would not have been associated with their magazines.  That probably puts him in the position of formally and materially cooperating with mortally sinful homosexual behaviors.

By the way - was not Fly also leading young dancers?  Is he the sort of fellow that should be held up as any kind of leader for impressionable young people?  What were the organizers of WYD thinking when they retained Fly?  What kind of vetting (if any) went into their hiring procedures?  Did they exercise any kind of due diligence to ensure that those whom they hired were at least not flagrant violators of Catholic moral teachings?  The answer to that last question is obviously "absolutely not".

St. Joseph Cafasso and St. John Vianney, and all sainted bishops, pray for the bishops on earth and the entire Roman Catholic Church.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Catholic Social Justice Branches - Accomplices In Destruction Of Families

I'm sure for many working in the various social justice offices in the US Catholic Church (state conferences, diocesan offices), their cooperation with this evil is unwitting.  They are dupes and puppets, honestly believing that they are "serving the poor".  Nevertheless, the damage they do is real.  They fail - and many refuse to consider - basic economic principles.  They forgot (or perhaps were never taught) that "no one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true socialist." (This quote is from Quadragesimo Anno, released May 15, 1931 by Pope Pius XI).

Six years ago, Maryland Governor O'Malley signed into law some of the biggest tax hikes (as of that date) in Maryland history.  Just before that happened (such a coincidence!), the Maryland Catholic Conference released a statement that in effect tried to stifle opposition to the tax hikes by trying to con us into thinking that these same hikes were part and parcel of Catholic social teaching.  That was before I operated this blog and was using the older website.  It's still up and running so I link to it now.  Please note that the piece in turn links to the MCC statement in all its dubious splendor.

The Independent Journal Review posted a video of US Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) saying outright that the government has a right to our money.  These progressives aren't bothering to couch their language anymore.  They're announcing their socialism and are "out and proud" about it.  With lapdogs such as the MCC chiming right in, why not?

Below is a Vortex episode.  Michael Voris explains (albeit a bit simplistically) how taxation cripples families (Is anyone from the MCC reading this?)  Note at 5:25 when he asks, "how come you never hear this story from the social justice squawkers in Catholic circles?  Isn't the dignity of man as worker a foundational concept?"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

If You Saw Our Postcard

Welcome to this blog, if this is your first visit.  We are dedicated to reminding one and all of the timeless truths of our Faith and to bringing Catholics back to fidelity to the Magisterium.  That includes reminding of the primacy of the sanctity of life and family in matters of morals, as opposed to dilution and even pollution with other issues that can be a segue into socialism and eventual atheism.

The postcards that you may have seen, either in the mailbox or at church this weekend, are part of an effort to thwart the siphoning of Catholic resources that would otherwise be surreptitiously sent to organizations that are opposed to Catholic moral teachings.  The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), since its inception, has been an avenue for diverting the donations of sincere Catholics towards causes that they no doubt would find abhorrent.  You might remember that a few years ago, a "community organization" known under its acronym "ACORN" was involved in massive voter-fraud schemes in several states.  They were also shown to be coaching (undercover agents posing as) pimps into "best practices" for running brothels.  During the past few decades, the CCHD has funneled millions of dollars towards this nefarious organization.  We had been pleading with CCHD to cease these grants, but their ears were deafened to us.  Only when these scandals made national news was CCHD shamed into defunding ACORN.  However, CCHD continues to fund many other questionable organizations.

I link now to a previous post.  It was written just after we released our postcards into the mail.  In that post is a downloadable link to the postcard, as well as links to valuable background information regarding the CCHD.  Please take the time to study it.  I realize it'll take a bit of time, but there's years of sordid CCHD history with which you should become familiar as you evaluate any course of action to take with them.

Please boycott this collection and send your donation dollars to an organization that respects Christian morality and actually practices the Works of Mercy.  In your collection envelope next week, you might want to write a note explaining why you won't donation.  For instance, you could write, "I cannot donate to CCHD because it funds organizations that work to undermine the Catholic faith and Christian morality".

Please spread the word.  If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, please use hashtag #no2cchd.  Thank you.

Friday, August 2, 2013

From The "Biology Flunk-Outs" Department

Ladies and gentlemen, the linked article is not a leaked script from the Twilight Zone.  There really are people who believe this crap.  The author, Lauren Rankin, is a graduate student at Rutgers University focusing on (you guessed it!) "Women and Gender Studies".  It's one of those fields that's guaranteed to have one living off governmental largess or carrying on as a tenured social studies professor; come to think of it, both outcomes are almost identical, but I digress.

This graduate student from Rutgers (who arrived there no doubt with brain properly washed with progressive public education) has startled the thinking world with this pronouncement (trumpets and drum roll, please!):

Not Everyone Who Has An Abortion Is A Woman

After all, there's "transmen", "transgenderqueer", right?  The author takes great umbrage at feminists from the 1960s for not recognizing these newly-discovered genders (and issues a few "mea culpas" herself).

No wonder the poor kid mentioned in my previous post thinks he has ovaries!  Just think!  These people vote!

It's time we took back our language and our culture.  Pray for God's mercy on these folks, but then be prepared to exhibit the Spiritual Works of Mercy - all of the works!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pro-Aborts Flunk Basic Biology Class

Last week Nancy Pelosi plopped another stinker when she let loose with (speaking of the GOP and contraception), "I don't know if my colleagues need a lesson on the birds and the bees.."  Well, bust my britches!  I never knew that birds and bees use contraceptives, but we'll save that for another post.

If "pope" Pelosi is of a mind to give lessons, may I suggest a poor young fellow who is desperately in need of tutelage about basic biology?  Courtesy of LifeNews, here he is!

See how the progressive slop known as public education, coupled with pro-abortion brain-wash, has befuddled this poor young fellow?  He thinks he has ovaries!  Quickly, Nancy!  There isn't a moment to lose!

What am I thinking?  If Pelosi thinks that "birds and bees" contracept, her teaching of this kid would truly be the blind leading the blind.

CRS Thumbs Its Nose At Madagascar Bishops

It didn't even dawn on me until I saw this LifeSiteNews piece that there are bishops overseeing Madagascar who should have had a voice in what transpires within their dioceses.  Recall that a few days ago the news came to light that the Catholic Relief Services is distributing abortifacients in that area, and doing so in its own name.  Now I could be incorrect on this, but when a Catholic agency takes up action in a given locality, it is at least supposed to notify the local ordinary if not seek his permission.  After all, that bishop is answerable to God for the well-being of the souls in his diocese.

The local bishops' names are Archbishop Desire Tsarahazana of Toamasina and Archbishop Odon Razanakolona of Antananarivo.  They were not - repeat, NOT - consulted before CRS started distributing its baby-murder tools there.  Their Excellencies are understandably and correctly incensed that this would occur.

So much for collegiality among Catholic bishops.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops displays supreme arrogance by allowing - if not outright directing - the CRS to run roughshod over the prerogatives of local bishops, even as they protest the murder of babies within their dioceses committed with complicity of the CRS.

Once more I suggest that the USCCB be abolished.  It is a blight upon the entire Roman Catholic Church.

Dancing Bishops No Big Deal? Think Again!