Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Little Halloween Fright

I don't know who created this, but it's great! Let us pray that this does not portray our reality for the next four years.

We Laity Must Hold The Clergy's Feet To The Fire.

 Randall Terry, with the assistance of other pro-life people, put out the following video to implore the US bishops to actually act like bishops during this election and warn people that a vote for Joe Biden is formal and material cooperation with the mortal sins that he has promised to commit in office, implicating us all.  Please watch it, especially to learn actions that we can take in this last week before Election Day.

At the 18:12 mark, we hear a suggestion that is easily implemented from your home.  Make a video of yourself addressing your bishop, then upload that video to the social pages of your diocese.  I did so a few days ago - made a video of myself addressing Archbishop Gregory.  I then put it on the archdiocese's facebook and twitter pages.  It took only a matter of minutes.  Many of us can do the same.  Let's get going.

It also should go without saying that we must be praying our Rosaries daily.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Archbishop Gregory Gets His Red Hat! Who's Surprised? Not me!

 In 2004, at the US bishops' meeting in Denver, Bishop Gregory, in his capacity as president of the USCCB, colluded with then-Cardinal McCarrick to withhold from their brother bishops a directive from then-Cardinal Ratzinger regarding Holy Communion.  See here and here.  That delay led the other bishops to believe that Canon 915 need not be applied to pro-abortion politicians.

At his first "Theology on Tap" session upon assuming the DC see, Archbishop Gregory has no bones about singing the praises of Fortunate Families, a dissident, gay-pandering organization.  Apparently he hobnobbed with them quite a bit during his time in Atlanta.

In June, when all the mayhem was erupting over the killing of George Floyd, Archbishop Gregory acted the part of the pompous, race-baiting ass.  He ordered his priests to join him in a protest prayer service on behalf of Floyd.  Then, when President Trump kept a long-standing commitment to visit the St John Paul II National Shrine, Gregory waxed indignant that Trump acted to restrain the rioters and arsonists.  Gregory called Trump's visit to the Shrine "reprehensible" although he himself had been invited to join earlier but politely declined.

These are just a few examples of how Archbishop Gregory has been toting water for his progressive higher-ups, including the ones in the Vatican.  They have displayed their approval in their just-announced plans to make him a cardinal next month.  

Ladies and gentlemen, we knew this was coming.  He was brought into DC specifically to do damage-control for his two predecessors as well as further the progressive agenda along.  He is simply getting a reward AND his appointment is just one more step in the pope's efforts to stack the College of Cardinals with those who will be likely to vote for a progressive to succeed him.  Their gain is the church's loss.

See below for more background on this soon-to-be prince of the Church.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Please Join Baltimore Parents October 31 To Protect Children From Transgender Insanity - POSTPONED

Important Note:  The event described below has been postponed.  The new date is yet to be determined.  I will advise when I learn it.

Recall how the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Assistant School Superintendent moved to have the faculty of the School of the Incarnation in Gambrills use masculine pronouns at the behest of a very confused little girl who is pretending to be a boy.  See here, and then here and here for my attempts to discuss this matter with various officials.

Next week, Saturday Oct 31, a group of concerned Catholic parents will conduct a Prayer Walk, Rosary and Mass for the protection of the children in the archdiocesan school system from the politically correct nonsense being foisted on them.  We will gather at 7:45 a.m. in front of the chancery offices at 320 Cathedral Street in Baltimore. We will then pray the Rosary as we process around the Assumption Basilica and will finish at 10:00 a.m. with Mass.  Parking instructions, and leaders whom to contact, can be found in the flyer below.

Please come and spread the word to others as well.  It is up to us the laity to protect our children and our Church from the wolves within its power structures.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Pictures On The Doors At Our Lady Of Lourdes - Their Disgusting Roots

Two months ago, I reported on seeing blasphemous pictures of Jesus Christ on the doors of Our Lady of Lourdes in Bethesda, MD.  I haven't been there in a while, but I believe they still remain on the doors, despite good Catholics asking Father for their removal.

One of those good Catholics directed me to a blog where Christianity is mocked in general.  The particular post in question is     You can read this piece for yourself and understand the mocking, sneering tone of it.  You will also notice that the picture of the "masked Jesus" is the exact same one that is on the doors of the OLOL church.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Please notice the date of that post: March 6, 2020.  Now bear in mind when Msgr Filardi left Lourdes and Father Walsh arrived there; that transfer was effective July 8, 2020, per the Catholic Standard.  In plain English, that post and picture were on the internet well before Father Walsh's arrival.  It is within the realm of probabilities that Father Walsh obtained that blasphemous picture from the hardtimes post, and if so, he had to have known the utter disrespect that Dan Rice (author of the post) has for Our Lord.

The rest of that hardtimes site is pure trash.  If such sites are the inspiration for "priestly humor" and probably the thinking of some priests in general, the people whom they pastor are being cheated of the pastoral care that is their right as Catholics.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pope Francis Formally Cooperates With The Mortal Sin Of Homosexual Perversions

His remarks were made in a documentary on his life that released earlier today, according to Catholic News Agency.  He is calling for the legalization of gay "civil unions".  Some key quotes from it are:

  • "Homosexuals have a right to be part of the family.  They're children of God and have a right to a family.  Nobody should be thrown out, or made miserable because of it."
  • "What we have to create is a civil union law.  That way they are legally covered. I stood up for that."
There is so much error in these two statements.  For the sake of those who still insist on wearing rose-colored glasses with regards to ever-increasingly foul utterances pouring forth from this pope, I will elaborate, again in bullet-style.
  • Yes, they have the right to a family, just as we all do.  Such a family is based on one biologically-born man and one biologically-born woman united in Christian matrimony.  That union is life-long, exclusive, and open to the transmission of life.  Anything other than that is a mockery of a true family.  No one, gay or straight, has the right to engage in any caricatures of the same.  To do so is a mortal sin.
  • A civil union law in this context will only have the effect of facilitating the mortal sin of homosexual relationships.  If a question regards medical care or inheritance rights, there are other legal avenues for that.  There is absolutely no excuse to commit sacrilege against the Sacrament of Matrimony.
  • What is not being touched on, at least explicitly, is the topic of adoption rights.  If anyone has a right to a family, an authentic family according to God's laws that is, it would be the innocent children.  Will their rights to an authentic family be disregarded to satisfy the whims of sodomites and their partners?
We must also recall, as we read this news, that he has had a pattern of hobnobbing with perverted people without calling them to repentance, as is his duty as Vicar of Christ.  Five years ago he held a private audience with a "transgender man", that is, a woman pretending to be a man, with her accomplice.  When the pope visited the US five years ago, he held an audience with a former student of his, now gay, along with his accomplice.  I recall these incidents to the readers' memories, for that is context in which today's news must be seen.

There are some who opine that because the pope is obviously facilitating the mortal sin of homosexual conduct, then he himself is gay.  I believe that to be an unfounded leap in logic.  However, when one cooperates with the mortal sin of another, he/she does share in the guilt of that other's sin.  Catholic moral theology recognizes nine ways in which one can cooperate in another's sin and thus incur guilt.

Below is commentary from Taylor Marshall.  He starts by saying that today is a "sad day in the history of the Catholic Church".  I must agree.  If you needed yet another reason to stay faithful to your daily Rosaries, hopefully this will more than suffice.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Archbishop Vigano And Bishop Schneider Take A Dim View Of Fruitti Patooti

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, namely the interviews that LifeSiteNews had with these two courageous prelates who have been speaking the truth about the bilge that has been slopping forth from the Vatican these past several years.  Please take the time to read these two summaries, and the embedded videos in this post and this one.  Any precursory glance through the Fruitti Patootie tome will bear out the words of these men: that there is no supernatural faith underlying this piece.  Indeed, it is an apologetic for a secular new world order, long envisioned by the masons.  To paraphrase Archbishop Vigano, Fruitti Patootie "represents..the emptiness of a withered heart of a blind man deprived of supernatural sight.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

No Wonder Progressives Rail Against The Death Penalty!

 A few days ago I put up a post containing Taylor Marshall's commentary about the perversion that a priest committed atop the altar of his parish church, in effect desecrating it with his gross sacrilege.  Taylor mentions that the altar is symbolic of Christ Himself; that is why there are five crosses carved into each Catholic altar.  He noted that in more sane and reverent times, such deliberate desecration and sacrilege would have garnered the death penalty for the perpetrator.

He said this in passing, and I was prepared to let it remain a lesser point.  However, this is NOT the first time that a Catholic altar was desecrated - not so much with sexual perversion as with rank idolatry.  I remind you of this outrage, right after the pachamama idols were tossed in the Tiber.  This detailed what happened during the closing Mass of that climate-change gabfest during which the pachamamas desecrated the Vatican gardens and several Catholic churhes before being hurled into the Tiber.  As you watch the video of the Mass, take notice of how many times the camera zooms onto that plant.  Then the plant is placed on the altar in direct disobedience to the GIRM.  Take note particularly from 55:38 to 56:20.  Recall from the previous paragraph that any Catholic altar is representative of Christ Himself - and that defilements of said altars at one time were punished via the death penalty.

I'm going to link now to an article in Catholic World Report, where the author directs three questions to opponents of the death penalty.  These questions, in my opinion, reduce to shreds any attempt to vilify the death penalty.  But have you noticed that among death penalty opponents are all proponents of abortion, gay perversions along with heretics and those who blaspheme and commit vile sacriledge?  One might ask why, but I think the answer to that is quite obvious; they know that in a saner time, they themselves would be eligible for capital punishment.  Let us pray that these people come quickly to repentance.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Time Is Running Out. Eek. Eek.

 That is what the pope told some of his fellow envirowhackos last week.  This happened at a TEDx Countdown on Climate Change.  The conference happened virtually so at least the attendants didn't make flaming hypocrites of themselves by flying in on their gas-guzzling private jets to kvetch about climate change, carbon footprint, yada-yada.

The bunch convened to present "cutting-edge science" and (are you ready for this?) "moments of wonder and inspiration".  This eminently-qualified cadre of (ahem!) experts include such luminaries as (from the Standard article) "scientists, climate activists, actors, singers, poets, politicians and comedians" (Emphasis mine).  Excluse me, but just what in hades do entertainers know about real science?  Have any of the Hollywood wonks ever worked a real job in their lives?  Why on earth should anyone listen to entertainers more than they would the grocery store clerk or the trash man?

At any rate, we are supposed to "act urgently" and to "rethink many things about the economy" because time is running out, you see?  This is nothing more than a cheap ploy for socialism.  

If the pope were really concerned that "time is running out", might he not put some emphasis on getting people to convert to the One True Faith, leaving behind all manners of sin - especially those mortal sins against life and God's plan for sexuality and family life? That's where he should be spending the bulk of his energies, not on this progressive, one-world-order nonsense.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Sacrilege And Idolatry From Within The Catholic Hierarchy

Last week I wrote of the serious sex scandals that came to light in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  I suspect they are related and that they are just two tips of a massive iceberg that lurks in that area.  Below I will post commentary from Taylor Marshall. But now, please be advised of another scandal, this from within Vatican City itself.

Vatican City is its own sovereign country.  Therefore it mints its own coinage. It recently released a 10-euro coin depicting a "mother earth" pagan idol on it.  I link to Church Militant's piece on it.  Mind you, this is where the Vicar of Christ is housed, along with the Church's central government.  One would expect its coinage to be, well, Catholic, with images of Our Lord or maybe the Blessed Mother or other saints.  But a pagan "earth worship" idol?  Since the pope is the head of state of Vatican City, we must surmise that this travesty was minted at his direction.  When I heard that, I immediately thought of the account in Matthew 22, when Jesus is showed the Roman coin and He said "render to Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God's."  Was this an ever-so-sly way of saying that allegiances in the Vatican are shifting?

So how are the New Orleans and the Vatican City situations related?  Quite simply, we are seeing actions taken by clergy of all levels, including the pope, taking what is sacred to God and literally turning them over to demons.  Both of these episodes are simply two occurrences of this profanation of our Holy Religion.  The "fruity patuiti" tome is yet another.  Within a day or two, more will be said on that.  Now for Marshall's commentary.

A Real Priest From Towson MD Speaking The Truth About The Presidential Elections

Father Edward Meeks was an Anglican priest prior to his reversion to the One True Church (raised a Catholic).  Upon his return he became founding pastor of Christ the King Church in Towson MD.  From what I gather, not only he and his wife converted, but the entire Anglican parish converted - hence he is a founding pastor of the new Catholic parish.

On October 11, he preached a homily about voting that was not ambiguous in the slightest degree.  He proclaimed the truth about the Democrats, the party of death.  It speaks for itself. 

I will add only one note to trolls of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and elsewhere.  Should his video come down for any reason whatsoever, I've downloaded it and will put it right back up very quickly.  No doubt other astute souls have taken that precaution.  So don't even bother, dear "katholyk" progressives!

With no further ado, Father Meeks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Public Rosaries This Past Weekend

 On October 3, I mentioned Rosaries that would be prayed publicly as parts of intercessory efforts to beg God's mercy on the United States.  I attended both and took pictures and videos.  One happened on Saturday, spearheaded by America Needs Fatima.  At noon, approximately 30 pro-life people gathered in Annapolis, very close to the State House.  We then proceeded to the Planned Parenthood abortuary that is in the business area of Annapolis.  Bishop Coffey led the Rosary there.

 The following day, several hundred pro-life Catholics (and others) converged on Washington DC.  They processed from St Peter's on C Street to the west of the Capitol building.  I was late so my video starts as I was approaching the procession.

The video of that is below.  I regret its shakiness, as I was walking along and trying to keep the camcorder focused while holding my umbrella.  However, I think the proceedings of the video are self-explanatory.  We had a great line-up of speakers, but most of all we had Benediction and prayed in obedience to Our Lady of Fatima.

On social media I've seen other pictures and videos of similar rallies from across the nation.  Let this inspire us all to pray the Rosary daily and honor the requests of Our Lady of Fatima.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Massive Scandal In The Archdiocese Of New Orleans

 News came to me today, via Catholic News Agency, of two priests who were involved in gross sexual misconduct and perversion.  First, we have the account of Father Pat Wattigny, chaplain of John Paul II High School in Slidell LA.  He had sent explicit text messages to a student.  Apparently the Archdiocese of New Orleans was aware of it for some time, but never advised school administration of the problem, nor of another episode of sexual misconduct in Wattigny's past.  When Archbishop Gregory Aymond made the matter public, he also removed Wattigny from public ministry.  Wattigny had actually resigned from the school at the end of the most recent school year, only to be replaced by someone probably worse.

Father Travis Clark, along with being the new chaplain of the school, was also pastor of Sts Peter and Paul in Pearl River, LA.  A few weeks ago, a local resident noticed the lights on in the church.  He looked in and saw Father engaged in a "threesome" with two women - on the altar!  The three were quickly arrested.  The altar was surrounded by stage lighting and one of the women was a paid pornographic performer and a "dominatrix".  He too was removed and is expected to face canonical sanctions for desecrating an altar.  The altar has been removed and burned, and a new one will be installed and consecrated this weekend.  I'd suspect an exorcism of the church and rectory might need to be done.

Notice in the title that I wrote the singular word "scandal" and not the plural "scandals".  I highly suspect both of these errant priests are part of a network.  Both are in the same diocese and they both "served" at the same high school.  How else would Clark have known how to contact that dominatrix?  Both of them need to undergo a thorough investigation, to include:

  • Examinations of all financial records - bank statements, credit card statements, purposes of each and every transaction
  • Records of their times in seminary
  • Cell phone records detailing calls made and received
  • Careful inspections of any church computers they used
  • Requests for expense reimbursements, particularly travel expenses
  • Interviews with parishioners and/or students who may have had issues with them.
If there is a network, that means there are more perverts in addition to Clark and Wattigny.  That means that no Catholic, particularly children, are safe until that is ferreted out.

More Fruitti Tutti, With Apologies To The Good Samaritan

We continue the mortification of wading through Fruitti Patuiti.  Who knows?  Maybe this drudgery will lop a few minutes off purgatory.

This past Sunday I left off at paragraph 41 so let's pick up with paragraph 42.  From that paragraph up to paragraph 50, the pope vents his spleen against digital communications and social networks.  Perhaps I'm reading between the lines a bit, but I detect some rancor hurled in the direction of independent Catholic media who have the audacity to question the official spin of the mouthpieces of the Catholic hierarchy.  No doubt we are bringing to light the high crimes and misdemeanors of corrupt clergy and bishops, shining the light on cockroaches, as it were.  Well, we will continue to do so.

In Chapter 2, the pope launches into a discussion of the parable of the good samaritan. That covers paragrapsh 57 - 86.  All the points that he lists in these paragraphs are entirely focused on this temporal life.  There is no mention of eternal salvation, that is, Christ saving us from the fires of hell and leading us to heaven.  To the right we see a more apt illustration of the parable of the good samaritan.  Not surprisingly, the pope then segues into yet another tired pitch for open borders.

Between paragraph 102 and 103 we see the rather ominous phrase "liberty, equality and fraternity".  As mentioned in my last post, and by other bloggers, this is quite the open salute to the masonic principles embodied in the French revolution.  I will delve more into that in a future post as there is more to this than meets the eye.  For now, I'll end with some of Taylor Marshall's thoughts on Fruitti Tutti.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Kudos To John Carroll School In Bel Air MD

 Take a look at the less-than-charming gal to the right.  Is that some Antifa thug getting ready to torch the car bearing the "Trump Pence" sticker?  Sure looks like it, doesn't it?  She doesn't look that much different than some of those "peaceful" little arsonists running amok smashing everything in sight.  

But no, she's not.  Her name is Najia Stallworth.  Until a few days ago, she taught history at John Carroll School in Bel Air, Maryland.  This picture, that her husband posted on Instagram, came across my Facebook feed.

Fresh from my rather unpleasant exchanges with school officials of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I was preparing for yet another.  However, as I was researching the school on the internet, I was pleased to learn that the school administration had already done the right thing and fired her.  Apparently other faithful Catholics had already notified the school administration of this picture.  Political opinions aside, no sane person can gainsay that "flipping the bird" and posting that action on social media is conduct unbecoming a Catholic school teacher.

Please contact the administration of John Carroll School and thank them for taking prompt and appropriate action when they learned of this picture's existence.  One can bet that progressives are jumping all over them, and they could use some support from us.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fruitti Tutti - Let The Penitential Slog Begin

The pope released his latest 45,000-word tome today.  It's called "Fratelli Tutti".  That link is to the English version on the Vatican website.  Others have already started to wade through it and their reports reveal it to be a hot mess of freemasonry, envirowhackosim, one-world government nonsense, etc.

In the third paragraph, the pope twists the narrative of St Francis of Assisi's meeting with the sultan.  He claims that the saint's "openness of heart..transcended differences of religion".  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He went to preach Jesus Christ and the One True Faith to the Moslems.  To understand that the Catholic Church is the One True Church is to acknowledge that other religions are false.  In paragraph 5, he sings the praises of his own lapse into religious indifferentism a few months ago.  Notice that the title of my post mentions the accolades that this blunder of the pope got from the masons.  There is much in Fruitti Tutti that is obviously masonic.

The next few paragraphs contain blather in vague language, but clear enough that one can detect the pope's detest of the free market system - a system that has actually lifted more people out of poverty than all the other sorts.

However, we get to paragraphs 37-41, where the pope adopts the progressive habit of conflating the topics of lawful immigration versus border-crashers.  This is patently dishonest.  To portray good people who are opposed to having to bear the financial brunt of border crashers as heartless xenophobes is nothing short of slanderous.

I am now just examining this thing and don't have time just now to read this entire verbose monstrosity.  I will return to this in future posts, but suggest you have a look for yourselves.  The link is in the first paragraph.  I will point out some highlights I noticed while I skimmed it.

  • Paragraphs 119-120 are a thinly-disguised attack on the concept of private property.  He fails - or refuses to see that the right to private property is an adjunct to the right to life itself.
  • Following those paragraphs we see an attack on the concept of national borders.
  • Paragraphs 172-173 are an attempt to insinuate the concept of one-world government.
  • Paragraph 263 repeats the erroneous call to end the death penalty.  Therefore it is heretical on its face, most likely rendering Fruitti Tutti to be heresy.
  • Chapter 8's title starts with "Religion at the Service of Fraternty.."  Stop right there!  That is NOT the purpose of religion - at least not the One True Religion.  Its purpose is to worship God and facilitate eternal salvation.  Fraternity can only come about when people are united in faith in Jesus Christ as revealed through His Church.  Anything else is a cheap, sentimental facade of the same.  But maybe there is a reason why "fraternity" is being elevated to the level of de facto idol!
Paragraph 103 starts a section entitled "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".  That phrase will send chills down the spine of anyone knowledgeable about modern history, namely, of the French revolution.  Its motto was Liberté, Unité, Égalité.  How many thousands went to the guillotine in the names of those so-called ideals?  Surely the pope and his ghost-writers cannot be so ignorant of that history, can they?  Or is the pope giving some tacit acknowledgment to freemasonry?  Even the masons themselves will acknowledge their role in the French Revolution. Recall how they applauded that agreement that the pope signed with the muslim leader a few months back.

As I meander through this verbose gobblygoop, I will have more to say.  Suffice it to say that we must continue to pray our Rosaries and beg Our Lady to join us as we intercede for the Church.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Bringing The Truth Home To Biden's Bishop And Actions For You To Take

 That title should be taken literally, for that is what several area pro-life activists, led by Randall Terry, did yesterday (Fri Oct 2).  They confronted the Bishop of Delaware outside his home in Wilmington DC and advised him, among other things, that he was placing his own soul in peril by not doing his solemn duty as a shepherd to Joe Biden's soul.  Catholic moral theology lists nine ways that one can participate in another's sin, even if they don't do the main deed.  They are listed here.  If nothing else, we can see that Malooly is cooperating with Biden's numerous public mortal sins by his silence.  Terry even rebukes him for that.

This sort of activism is a step in which everyone must be willing to engage - no exceptions!

With that said, I now advise those in the DC-MD vicinity of two public prayer and protest efforts to occur next weekend.  With the election drawing near and the Trumps now ill with Covid, it is all the more incumbent to pray and intercede publicly before our Lord.

The first, a Rosary Rally, will happen in Annapolis on Saturday Oct 10, starting at noon.near the State House area, on College Avenue at St John's College.  Free parking is in the Calvert St garage.  This Rosary Rally is one of the thousands that will happen concurrently as part of a nationwide prayer effort by America Needs Fatima.  We most certainly do need to heed the message of Fatima.

The second happens the next day, Sunday Oct 11.  It is the National Rosary Rally sponsored by the Holy League.  It will start at 2:30pm at St Peter's on Capitol Hill, with a Rosary procession to Union Square, west of the Capitol.  More details, including a list of speakers, can be found here. For those in other areas of the United States, please check here for a Rosary Rally in your area

Please make every effort to attend at least one of these public Rosaries in your area, by checking the two websites.  At the very least, please be praying your daily Rosaries as requested by Our Lady of Fatima, for the protection of Christian civilization.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Why Does The Archdiocese Of Baltimore Refuse To Call Out Evils By Name?

The Archdiocese of Baltimore, when dealing with intrinsic evils such as abortion and homosexual perversions, has adopted the practice of not actually naming said evils.  Two days ago, I did a phone interview with Denise Ball, assistant superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese.  The main topic of conversation was that deplorable arm-twisting of teachers of the School of the Incarnation located in Gambrills.  In order to cater to one well-connected but seriously confused little girl, the teachers were ordered, under pain of termination, to use masculine pronouns per the girl's dictates.

That exchange is in the video below.  It appears that her main purpose in the conversation was to read a canned statement that she must be spouting to everyone.  The language she used was very similar to that quoted in the Church Militant article.  I then pressed her on whether or not the archdiocese was at least permitting the teachers to use incorrect pronouns to appease the child.  Notice she did not answer.  She gave the excuse that I was recording the conversation.  However, I believe that had the archdiocese instructed the teachers to remain objectively truthful in their dealings with the girl, she would have trumpeted that to me quite loudly.  The coddling of homosexual perversion and the scandalization of children is allowed to run rampant at that place, and in other locales in the archdiocese, as I cited last week.  Is the archdiocese being cowed into silence, by bribery or blackmail, or (God forbid) all-too-willing cooperation by corrupt clergy?

That last question comes to mind as we contemplate what Church Militant discovered in reading the Archdiocese of Baltimore's sorry excuse for a voters' guide.  Please notice in all that blather about "civility", there is not one mention of moral matters that simply are not subject to negotiation or compromise.  They are:

  1. The overarching imperative need to eradicate the baby-slaughter known as abortion.
  2. The need to deal with murder at the other end of the life spectrum, also known as euthanasia, or "death with dignity".
  3. Abusing tiny children as guinea pigs in what is called "embryonic stem cell research".
  4. The attempt to play God by attempting to create human life via cloning
  5. The mockery of the sacrament of matrimony by allowing homosexual to pretend that they are married
The CM piece mentions that abortion wasn't once mentioned in that guide.  I did not see any of these five mentioned once in that entire tome.  The archbishop waxes mournful about the "rancor" and "division" present in society.  Dear Archbishop Lori and all the other pantywaists, understand this.  As long as the culture of death is increasing not only in secular society but in the church hierarchy as well, rancor and division are not only inevitable, they are absolutely necessary.

So what is the archdiocese trying to accomplish, by demurring to call out those five evils by name?  Whom are they trying to placate, and why???