Monday, May 20, 2024

Larry Hogan, MD RINO Senate Candidate, Throws Babies Under The Bus

Disgraced by his son
Larry Hogan is falling all over himself to state that he now supports "restoring Roe as the law of the land" and now calls himself "pro-choice".   He is showing himself to be quite the chameleon.  The usual pro-abortion cabal look askance upon Hogan's statements, and quite frankly, I can see their point.  See here and here, for example.  This seems to be a clear case of him trying to please everyone but in the end, pleasing no one.

Regarding Roe v Wade, a little history lesson might be in order here.  That decision was handed down on January 22, 1973.  Five days later, a congressman from Maryland condemned the decision and introduced a Human Life Amendment in Congress.  He also gave one of the speeches at the 1974 March for Life.  The name of that MD congressman?  Lawrence J. Hogan Sr., father of the present-day turncoat who is now doing everything possible to trash his father's legacy.  Hogan Sr. was assisted in his efforts by his obstetrician brother, William Hogan MD.  Lawrence Sr. is pictured at the left.

Larry Hogan is a disgrace to his father's memory.  I certainly cannot support his campaign and I may well not cast any vote for the US Senator come November.

By the way - Hogan Jr, owing to his public espousal of the "right" to slaughter babies, needs to be denied Holy Communion until he repents and recants his errors.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Harrison Butker's Commencement Address

Harrison Butker, a kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, gave the commencement address last week at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.  The school is a small Catholic liberal arts college.  In his address to graduating students at a Catholic school, Butker gave a solid address, full of Catholic truth.  Alas, that truth runs counter to most of the pernicious myths polluting our culture and sadly, too many of our Catholic institutions.   Recall the Chicago priest who, inside a Catholic church, facilitated homosexual perversions; this was covered in my previous two posts.  Also recall that from April 17 through May 3, I relayed my first-hand account of the bile swilling forth from the Archdiocese of Baltimore's social justice offices.

He spoke much of "leaning into one's vocation".  Absolutely true.  I'm not sure what precisely he meant by "staying in one's lane".  One's vocation as a parent means that the parent must be fully aware of all the threats that have his/her family in their cross-hairs.  It means that they must be prepared to meet these threats where they make themselves known, even if the threats don't seem imminent at the time.  If the parent waits until his/her family is being immediately impacted, he/she has waited too long.  I pray that is not what he meant.  Anyway, here is the video, the one that has much of the progressive elements - including those within the Church hierarchy - railing and gnashing their teeth.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Archdiocese Of Chicago's Laughable Attempt At Damage Control

Regarding the debacle of which I wrote two days ago, it seems that Father William's order has put out a smoke screen apology of sorts.  Here it is.  Try not to laugh and/or scream too much as you read this cow-plop.  Commentary below.

In the first paragraph one gets a hint of the true motive for the apology - the video of the blasphemy/sacrilege that has now gone viral.  So is Father sorry for his gross sins in this matter - or the fact that he got caught and is now catching well-deserved heat?  The Vincentians are attempting to deflect scrutiny away from Fiducia Supplicans itself - scrutiny that must continue.

They quote Williams as saying that he wanted to provide the lesbians with "a meaningful moment of God's grace".  In reality, he did the opposite.  This would have been a true statement, had he urged them to repent of their mortally sinful sexual relationship.  Instead, he scandalized the lesbians as he confirmed them in their sin.

He said the episode has been a "valuable learning experience".  What was there to learn that he shouldn't have learned in religion classes and seminary classes?  What in hell do they teach in those seminaries?  I presume that Williams' priestly studies happened under the direction of the Vincentians.  They need to seriously revamp their priestly training.

Then he is quoted as being "deeply sorry for any confusion and/or anger that this has caused".  How about being "deeply sorry" for the peril to which he subjected the lesbians, as well as his own immortal soul?  Is he "deeply sorry" for the sacrilege against the Church, his own sacrament of Holy Orders?  Is he sorry for the obvious blasphemies that he committed?

This pathetic attempt at a "mea culpa" just won't suffice.  He committed public sin.  What will be his public acts of reparation?  Will that Church building, now defiled, be exorcised and reconsecrated?  Are they hoping that this one little attempt to cover their derrieres suffice to avert our gaze, or far more importantly, God's gaze?

I can't help but notice that we are not hearing anything from Father Williams himself.  Does he lack the courage and integrity to face good Catholics himself?  Perhaps the Archdiocese and/or Vincentians are afraid that if they allow him to talk, he'll just garner more eggs on the face for them.

It will be most illuminating if he remains pastor.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Cardinal Cupich, What Will You Do About This? We Await Your Action..

... or lack thereof, as the case may be.  At any rate, all eyes are on you.  For that matter, the same goes for you, Pope Francis.  What you do, or don't do, will indicate just what goal you had in mind with Fiducia Supplicans.  Notice:

  • The priest is vested for a sacramental event.
  • This is taking place in a church
  • This was recorded, making obvious that this debacle was planned and not extemporaneous
  • "Vows" are being exchanged
  • The priest blesses them AS A COUPLE
  • He calls their union "holy", blasphemous on its face

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Archdiocese of Baltimore And Fiducia Supplicans Versus Protection Of Babies

We proceeded to the school cafeteria where lunch was served.  Along the perimeters tables were set up, with various "social justice" organizations were hawking their wares and dissident mindsets.  The only decent organization that I noted was the St. Vincent de Paul Society.   As you can see, LEAD had a table there.  They seemed to have learned one lesson from last year's expose of their nonsense; they did not give away little "gay-pride" flags.  However, their display table skirt was a gay-pride flag.  I suppose the poor dears just couldn't help themselves.  Among the offerings on the table were several of Fr James Martin's books.  At the opposite end of the row was a table for Pax Christi.  They seem to be having internal difficulties when it comes to being anti-baby-slaughter.  With all the regular "seamless garment" stuff, they are all in lock-step with each other.  Why do they seem to have difficulties decrying the evil of abortion?   Keep that question in the back of your mind as I relate to you the contents of the afternoon workshop.

The workshop was entitled "Fiducia Supplian: Putting It Into Perspective".  The presenter was Keith Wildenberg, founder of Building Catholic Futures.  He's also a partnered gay man.  This organization ostensibly exists to facilitate the integration of LGBT persons into the Catholic Church.  As I read the articles on the web about this, it seems that most of the LGBT people bristle at the idea that their inclinations are intrinsically disordered.  The truth is that they are, given that sexuality is ordered by God for marriage and the procreation of children.

One question that Wildenberg asked at the beginning is "what is the Church supposed to do with the gay couples among us?"  Another was "what can we do to make our priests more comfortable with this?"  "Blessing prayers" were interspersed throughout the presentation.  These always invoked blessings upon the gay couple, asking that their homes be blessed, that they grow closer as a couple.  I emphasize as a couple for one simply cannot ask blessing on a couple without validating that which defines them as a couple, i.e. the disordered tendencies that drew them to each other.

Wildenberg tried to take the writings of various popes regarding friendship to justify the intrinsically disordered attraction found in same-sex couples.  He opined ruefully that the "Church is clear about what we can't do with our bodies; I wish it was clear about what we can do with our bodies."  This sounds a bit like randy, hormone-driven kids asking "how far can we go?"  Let's face it.  Anyone who asks that question already knows the answer in his/her conscience.  Much effort was expended to twist Church writings to lend legitimacy to the existence of gay couples.  That is, the talk was full of attempts to justify the objectively perverse attraction between people of the same sex.  About halfway through the talk, he said, "you can't bless their union but you can bless them as individuals.  And if they happen to be standing next to each other and you have two hands.."  Here the audience broke out in chuckles - and we know why.

So how much of that pow-wow session was smoke-and-mirrors?  Well, consider this recent news.  It was discovered that Father Joseph Williams, pastor of St. Vincent de Paul parish in the Archdiocese of Chicago, presided at a "same-sex blessing" with exchange of "vows" on April 22nd.   It was first reported in Our Sunday Visitor.  Fiducia Supplicans states that any "blessing" not be accompanied by any accouterments that might imply a sacramental event.  Father Williams was vested for the confection of a sacrament.  He recognized them as a couple, asking blessing on their perverted relationship.  A faithful Catholic notified the Chicago chancery and was assured that "it will be addressed".  I'll believe it when I see it.  If Williams is not disciplined for this sacrilege, we may safely assume that such "blessings" as he attempted are indeed the goal of the authors of Fiducia Supplicans.

Priest Blesses Lesbian Couple

Throughout the presentation, various people read sample "blessings" for gay couples.  Wildenberg had planned, as a closing activity, to have the audience break down into groups of 4-5 people so that we could compose our own "blessings" for same-sex shack-ups.  I prepared to leave at that point for there was no way I could morally pretend to engage in that sin and I wasn't prepared to destroy my own cover.  Fortunately, Wildenberg et al noticed that there would not be time for that activity before the closing event of the day.

There were quite a few other workshops, all having to do with various progressive causes: climate change, death penalty, labor organizing, racial matters, etc.  There was only one that even mentioned pro-life concerns.  Bear in mind that Maryland has on its ballot the question of whether or not the so-called "right" to baby-slaughter,   It is the so-called "Right to Reproductive Freedom Act".  Was it mentioned, at least once, in that "pro-life" workshop?  By the way - as I was perusing the tables of different organizations during lunch, there was no pro-life display.  Given that this was an ostensibly Catholic social justice convocation, I found such absence to be quite indicative of priorities being misplaced.

The title of that workshop was "Pro-Life, Social Justice, And Not Being Cringe".  In that description was not one mention of the word abortion, the method by which over 90 babies every day are murdered in Maryland.  Moreover, when I recall that I sat through two workshops in which gays lectured to us, in a Catholic school with permission of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I find it rather backwards that the word "cringe" is being associated with pro-life activism.

To add to the authentically "cringe" factor of this convocation, I noticed that there were a number of Calvert Hall students were present, ushering people through the building and carrying materials to different locations.  I presume that they were doing this for service points or other extracurricular credits.  In forcing those boys to witness the progressives and deviants strutting through their school, the Archdiocese of Baltimore failed those boys miserably.

This year's convocation was no different than last year's debacle.  These are unabashed attempts to normalize gay perversion (and other anomalies) within the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  The fact that this is being done so openly and on Catholic property indicates that such twisting of Catholic teaching is done with the permission of the Archbishop of Baltimore - if not at his express direction.  The directors responsible for inflicting these convocations on Baltimore should be dismissed - even if that includes the current archbishop.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Archdiocese of Baltimore Social Ministry Convocation - How To Justify Gay Perversions On The Sly

We resume with coverage of the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Social Ministry gab-fest.  After the panel discussion, the morning workshops commenced.  I attended the one conducted by Father Buening, entitled "Like Every Disciple: Putting It Into Action".  It focused on Archbishop Lori's document of the same name that dealt with LGBT people in the Church.  

Bruening stated that this document gave a blueprint for LGBT parish ministries.  Then he stated that his parish (St Matthew's) already had a history of such ministry.  Well, if one calls dragging the name of St Matthew's through the filth of gay pride parades and lending credibility to all sorts of perverse sexuality a "ministry",  we can see his point.  In reality, it is committing all sorts of blasphemies and sacrilege.  He thinks Lori was sharing his dreams in this document. I fear he may be correct and that dream in reality will result in nightmares as these "ministries" grease the skids to hell for so many souls embroiled in sexual vices.

He then stated that the Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We call that a half-truth.  In fact, the Church's overarching mission is to save souls, i.e. snatch them from hell and help them achieve heaven.  See how they deftly excise any mention of life after death?  After we die, we ultimately go to heaven or hell.  That truth, too, is removed from consideration.  We are called to love Jesus Christ, but we do so first by repenting of our sins and turning from them, for they offend Him greatly.

Bruening spoke of the "life-giving tension of charity and truth".  Why is there this attempt to pretend that there is "tension" between charity and truth?  One does not exist without the other.  In 1 John 4:8, we read that "God is love".  In John 14:6, Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life".  Ladies and gentlemen, God has no "tension" in Himself and it would be blasphemous to allude otherwise.

Then he spoke of "forming relationships" and a subsequent "earning the right to speak".  What gives Christians the "right to speak" has nothing to do with "relationship".  Rather, that "right to speak" is actually a command from Jesus to promulgate His truth.  Later he said of ministry in general is that the greatest thing is to lead someone to a deep, intimate love of Jesus Christ.  Again, that doesn't happen without repentance.  In this entire tome, the word "repentance" isn't mentioned once.

After some more remarks by Bruening, the panel discussion began.  First we heard from Samuel who is involved with the LEAD gay-enabling group.  Let's take a few minutes to examine just what LEAD advocates.  At the bottom of this page we see them advertising an "Interfaith Renaming Ceremony".  People pretending to be of the opposite sex often change their names to conform to their fantasies.  Clicking through the pictures in the gallery, one sees pictures of St Matthew's parishioners participating in Baltimore's gay pride parade.  If one clicks all the way through the gallery, they are taken to this video that gives a tear-jerker account of two lesbians getting civilly married.  The two sing the praises of Father Muth who, at the 3:59 mark, seems to be joining them at their "reception" dinner.  Aside from the abysmal mockery of marriage, this video makes plain that indeed LEAD and the other "gay ministries" seek to undermine the Church's teachings on marriage and sexuality.  Let us now resume with this workshop.  Father Muth was at this workshop, by the way.

Gordon Creamer at Workshop
We then heard from Diane Lesko, who heads Open Arms Ministry, based at the Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City.  Here is their website.  First go all the way to the bottom and notice that the copyright for this site is held by Church of the Resurrection itself.  This site advertises Fr James Martin's pro-sodomy propaganda as well as PFLAG.  It features a list of "welcoming parishes".  That's thinly-disguised code-talk for perversion-enabling parishes.  Ladies and gentlemen, all healthy parishes are welcoming of the repentant sinner.  In addition to the word "repentance" mentioned above, the word "confession" is likewise not mentioned.  Frankly, I didn't catch much of what she or Samuel had to day; they both held the microphones so close to their mouths that their voices were muddied.

Gordon Creamer in Drag

Lastly we heard from Gordon Creamer  He runs the "Embracing God's Gifts" thing at St Ignatius in Baltimore.  One little tidbit that he didn't mention in his introductory remarks that he is a gay-married dude.  We discovered that about five years ago.  Look at the two pictures to the right.  In the top one, Creamer certainly is dressed normally enough.  The lower one?  That's obviously a different story.  He's the one in the frilly yellow hat and spaghetti-strapped - dress?  His hand is on the shoulder of his partner is sodomy "husband" Brian Fitzek.  That picture was found on Fitzek's facebook page several years ago.

Creamer seemed to home in on this idea of "accompaniment", stating that his pastor at the time was influential in that focus.  I wonder if that was the same pastor that I called to inquire as to the appropriateness of a gay-married guy being allowed to wield positions of influence at the Church.  Anyway, he spoke of "accompanying the parish, to help them understand what it is to be an LGBTQ+ person".  I wonder when we'll hear what it is to be a mass-murdering person.  If the latter sounds ridiculous, so does the former.

After Creamer finished, Fr Bruening enthused, "every time I hear Gordon Creamer speak, my heart melts!"  Unless he is completely clueless as to Creamer's "marital status", I can only surmise that this adulation signifies approval of the same.

He answered a question regarding Courage and Encourage.  They are obedient to the Church and don't appear to be utilizing any subterfuge in promoting perverted ideas and practices.  I regret that nothing further was said of them, and they did not have a table open during the lunchtime session.

Soon after, the session ended and we headed to lunch.  In a subsequent post, I'll report on the afternoon session and the display tables that were set up in the lunch hall.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Some Wisdom Regarding Elections

I'm going to pause my series on the Baltimore meeting to present a politically-oriented video from Michael Matt.  Notice a theme running through it: that the Church, largely because of this dubious papacy, has frittered away its moral credibility.  No decent candidate can rely on the Church to support him or her as they try to stop the train wreck that is now happening in the US and western society.  The Archdiocese of Baltimore Social Ministry Debacle is a prime example; at least two of its workshops were addressed by perverts.  I'll have more details in a day or so.  As the Church goes, so goes the world.

Archdiocese of Baltimore Social Ministry - Brainwashing For Progressivism - Part 1

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, the Archdiocese of Baltimore hosted its 45th Annual Social Ministry Convocation.  Instead of Mercy High School, the location changed to Calvert Hall College Hight School.  It's not far from Mercy, where it had happened for quite a few years now, just a few miles north off Loch Raven Boulevard.  One wonders why they felt it necessary to make the switch.  In reality, Calvert also seems to be inclined to coddle various perversions among its students.   Under the "about us" section of the page, we see a sub-header for "diversity, equity and inclusion".  We know what these buzz words signify.  From that page we read (copy and pasted here) "We endeavor to instill in our students respect, understanding, and appreciation for all individuals, regardless of race, sex, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, socioeconomic status, age, or religion. "  So in practical terms, what does that mean?   Does that mean if some young gal thinks she's a guy and changes her name from Ellen to Allan, can be admitted to the school under those pretenses and share a gym locker room with 15-year-old biologically-born males?  Inquiring minds (like donors and parents) would like to know.  But I digress.

When we discovered what was about to happen last year, one of our friends attended that thing to see how bad it was going to be.  The Archdiocese of Baltimore, regrettably, lived down to the expectations.  This blog covered that quite a bit, and the mess was written up in the March-April 2023 issue of the Defend Life newsletter, starting on page 4.

I attended the mess myself, and another faithful Catholic did the same.  When I registered, I had to write a $25.00 check to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  I was quite revolted at the idea, but did so to gain admittance.  The beginning prayer service was in full swing by the time I got to the auditorium.

Shortly thereafter, the beginning panel discussion took place.  The panelists are pictured to the right.  I will name them, left to right.  The first lady is Giuliana Valencia-Banks, Chief of Immigrant Affairs for Baltimore County.  She was not a member of the panel but was simply the discussion moderator.  The panelists are, moving to the right:
  • Father Matthew Buening, pastor of St Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard and Archdiocesan Coordinator of LGBT Mininstries
  • M. Gayle Briscoe, Baltimore City Organizer for Bridge Maryland Inc
  • Erin Younkins, Director of Office of Life, Justice and Peace for the Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Jose Aguto, Executive Director of Catholic Climate Covenant
I will give some background on some of these people and/or their organizations, not in order of their appearance in the line-up.

We'll start with Ms. Briscoe's organization.  Bridge Inc, as evidenced from their website, is a community-organizing bunch affiliated with Gamaliel Inc.  I've written a bit about Gamaliel before; among other things, it is with them that a young Barack Obama got started in "community organizing".  As you read that anthology of posts, you'll notice Gamaliel's ties to CCHD.  To whom did all us convocation attendees have to fork over $25 to attend the little gab-fest?

Let's look at Catholic Climate Covenant, shall we?  Readers of this blog will recall that I've written a bit about them in the past. Exposes on them and other such organizations have shown them to be into the promotion of population control, one-world government, and earth-worship.  One can often get a decent sense of the organization by looking at its board of directors.  Notice that Stephen Schneck sits on that board.  At one time, Schneck was co-chair of "Catholics for Obama".

Then we have Sister Patricia Talone, of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  They are headquartered in an office suite in Silver Spring, MD.  I remember several years ago that some of us picketed them when they hosted New Ways Ministries for one of their meetings.  A gander at this site makes plain their own disobedience to Church teaching on sexuality.

Moving onto Father Buening, some background is in order.  He succeeded Father Joseph Muth as Pastor of St Matthew's church when the latter was forced to retire by Archbishop Lori.  Muth had been there approximately 20 years.  During that time, he led St Matthew's down the primrose path of all manners of gay-coddling.  He even led a contingent from St Matthew's in several of Baltimore's gay pride parades.

After Muth left and Buening took over, many of us had hopes that he would restore some semblance of the Catholic faith to St Matthew's.  I am not so sure of that now.  During the panel discussion, Buening remarked how he met "holy gay and trans people".  FULL STOP!  One cannot be "holy" while continuing to reject the very nature of how God created them, and that is precisely what those engaged in sexual perversions are doing.  Moving on, he said his ministry was about "listening, hearing stories, accompanying people on a long and winding road..."  Then he lamented how the Church has been "condemning and judgmental...I started to feel very strongly that we as a Church need to change this, not just with dry catechesis, but love and relationships."  

Fr. Muth
Let me pause for a little unpacking. First, don't we all hear echoes of Francis in this speech, what with all the talk about "accompanying" and "dry catechesis versus love"?  Accompany?  To where, precisely?  Moreover, this "dry catechesis" is God's word and commands.  Without these being promulgated clearly and often, the sexually deviant person will be "accompanied" straight to hell.  All are welcomed into the Church, but all must come in via way of repentance, and that means repentance from sexual perversions of all sorts, including the LGBTQ categories.

The last question for the panel members was who inspired them the most.  Father Bruening stated that his inspiration was Father Muth, his disaster-laden predecessor at St Matthew's.  He also gave a shout-out to Muth for he was in attendance.  In fact, Muth was seated just a few rows in front of me.  Truth be told, when I first noted him as I sat down, I thought he looked somewhat familiar.  As Bruening spoke, the bulk of the attendees broke out into a rather loud yet dismaying applause.  Such adulation revealed the regrettable mindsets of too many Catholics. 

Thus the panel discussion ended and we all headed to various workshops.  They will be the topic of subsequent posts.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Restore Jesus Christ To His Rightful Place In Secular Society

This video from Michael Matt deserves careful consideration.  I have been a pro-life activist for several decades now.  While it is important to continue to fight abortion - for babies need to be saved now - we need to address the root causes of this and many other malaises.  HOWEVER - if we focus solely on abortion, or the gay agenda or any other manifestations of the expulsion of God and the Church from public life, we will be fighting these ills till the day we die with scant progress being made.

Whether or not we worship God according to His dictates made through His Church will determine whether or not we see reverence for life return to our society.  An authentic reverence for life is simply a subset to a reverence for God and the honoring of God as Lord of public as well as private life.

With the aforementioned considerations in mind, I present to the DC/MD/VA readers an opportunity to work for the restoration of Christ's kingship by joining this public Rosary in reparation for the sins of perversion that are slated to be showcased at this restaurant.  Please join us and spread the word.