Friday, April 30, 2010

"Dear Abby" Dispenses Deadly Advice

Rather than rehash the column as it appeared in today's Washington Times, I'll link to it now.  Please read it. (note: if you read this May 1st or thereafter, click on April 30th in the calendar).  A young man writes that he and his fiancee decided to "terminate the pregnancy".  He is upset by the reaction of her sister, who obviously is pro-life.  Jeanne Phillips, who now functions as "Abby" spouted the usual pro-abortion sloppy logic.

Cleansing in Miami

Following up on the post below, I link to an excellent analysis of the resignation of Archbishop John Favalora from leadership of the Archdiocese of Miami.  It seems that this man was presiding over a network of priests who were actively living as gays - sodomites.  A number of good lay people and clergy worked long and hard, and suffered much to expose this sinful cartel.  At long last their prayers were answered and their labors bore fruit.

This gives me much hope that indeed there is a paradigm shift towards reverence.  If it can happen there, why not anywhere?  In fact, I daresay that the remaining gay-sheltering bishops are asking themselves that question.  I pray that they follow Favalora's footsteps, and that all these men use their retirement years to ponder their eternal destinies and pray and make reparation.

I'll also be so bold as to say that this is most likely that the New York Times automatons are gnashing their teeth at the Holy Father and all loyal to this Chief Shepherd.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Faithful Catholics = Niggers of the New Age

It really doesn't take too much thought to see how I derived that new title for those of us who hold to the True Faith.  You see, we are what the aging flower children call the "New Age" (postmodernism), where everything and everyone is tolerated - except for - (you guessed it!) Catholicism and all who adhere to it (actually, you can toss in there others who hold to traditional Judeo-Christian values, too).  We are continually mocked in the mass media and we even have localities (San Francisco) passing resolutions condemning our teachings.  The reason is not surprising.  It is because they are God's truth, and as such are not subject to man's approval.  Moreover, they reveal to be the sexual licentiousness of today to be mortally sinful.  With their consciences stung, the progressives and all their little lapdogs nip at our heels.

Pope Benedict XVI has been a favorite target of the "cultural elite".

Today's Catholic Standard

This issue, on the front page, featured an account of the first Tridentine Mass offered at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in decades.  I was unable to attend, but appreciate seeing the pictures of the obvious reverence.

I was a tad disappointed to see the "Catholic News Service" piece about the service for the West Virginia miners.  The disappointing element, of course, was the inappropriate prominence afforded to Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Joe Biden.  The only photo in that article was of them.  Yes, they are the President and Vice President respectively, but they're also men who've used their high offices and influence to promote baby-murder.

The bulk of that article seems to have been devoted to Obama's address.  Well, let's look at that, shall we?  He quotes "from emails and letters" that plead "don't let it happen again" (as though the Messiah Most Miserable is actually divine in nature).  Needless to say, it's a shameless plug for more governmental regulation in matters about which it knows absolutely nothing.

Here is a matter, though, about which the President can, and should act to prevent.  I speak of the slaughter, to the tune of 3500 each day, of unborn children via abortion.  "Don't let it happen again"?  This president is hell-bent on making certain that not only does it happen again, but with much more ease and frequency than ever before!  How dare he and Joe Biden shed crocodile tears over the 29 miners, while at the same time pronouncing death over millions of innocent children?

Why, oh why, do the Catholic News Service and the Catholic Standard insist on celebrating these individuals?  Well, there is some improvement.  In previous years, this article would have occupied the front page and the Tridentine Mass would have been on the last pager.  This is progress.

"Up from the Grave" by Some Budding Stars!

Here they are!  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

This was too cute to pass up!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

USCCB Jumps on Arizona-Bashing Bandwagon

On April 22, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a bill that would make it a state crime to be in the United States illegally and would allow state enforcement officials to verify that individuals are in this country legally.  I for one congratulate Governor Brewer for her courage and dedication to duty. 

Of course, the progressives have their knickers in a knot over this - probably because their main ammunition for voter fraud is going to be reduced.  The Messiah Most Miserable, beneficiary of ACORN-esque voter fraud (remember that?) calls the law "misguided".  He disregards the Tenth Amendment, which does acknowledge the states' rights to police their own territories.  However, not too much of the Constitution resonates with him, so no surprise here.

However, a number of Republicans are jumping on the nay-saying bandwagon.  I understand Mike Huckabee disapproves of this.  As far as I'm concerned, this disqualifies Huckabee as a potential presdiential candidate, as I would want a president who would secure our borders.  Jeb Bush also frowns upon this; truth be told, Jeb's once-rising star plopped into the trash after he basically sucked his thumb during the murder of Terri Schiavo.

But guess who else has jumped onto the progressive bandwagon here?  Guess who else cries out to their progressive funders "Me, too!  Me, too!" and slams Arizona?  The USCCB!   Surprise!  Read that ridiculous statement.  They oppose the "criminalization of undocumented immigrants".  Don't you just love that language manipulation?  Ladies and gentlemen, if they don't have "documents", it means that they didn't go through the steps to acquire those "documents".  Hence they are breaking laws.  What do we call "lawbreakers"?  (Liberals, please sit down for this, lest you fall into a swoon!)  They are criminals!   Yes!  Criminality is defined by behavior.  Boys and girls, if one acts like a criminal, they are a criminal!  Understand?

Of course the USCCB and most of the progressives are snorting about something called "comprehensive immigration reform".   Talk, talk, talk!   Meanwhile, drug cartels come onto US territory with impugnity, ranchers are found murdered on their own property, etc.  It sounds like Governor Brewer is taking that bull by the horn!  Good for her!  Let more follow Arizona's example!

More of Mahoney's Baloney from His REC

I left "REC" in initial format for a reason.  While it would commonly be understood as "religious education conference", I think what it more accurately stands for is "Ridiculous Excuse for Catholicism".  Our colleagues in the Catholic Media Coalition, the Concerned Roman Catholics of America, created this video of the travesty that the Mahoney cabal made of Holy Mass.

Let us keep Archbishop Jose Gomez in our prayers as he will inheret the debacle left behind by this Prince of the Church.  He will need it to deal with the miscreants that will continue to lurk in that chancery.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pope Rebukes Belgium for Trying to Suppress Church's Right to Speak

From Lifesite News we read that Pope Benedict XVI took an opportunity to rebuke the Belgian government because of the latter's attempt recently to suppress the Church's right to speak on moral issues.  This particular issue concerned condom distribution.  In his remarks, he also made reference to Belgium's liberal abortion and euthanasia laws.

We hope that many, including many in Washington, take note and realize that the Holy Father and the Church are not doormats and we will speak the truth - "politically correct" or not!

Pope Benedict at Regensburg - A Review

You might remember this as the talk where the Holy Father remarked that Islam is spread by violence.  Of course that put Islamic noses out of joint.  It also caused all the mass-media wonks and hacks to go all atwitter and wax indignant (they're good at that - probably the only thing at which they excel).

Here is a translation of that address.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Boomers to Blame for Catholic Shambles?

Now that you've watched this, here is why I must take some exception to Voris's indictment of the so-called "baby boomer" generation.  To start, it is commonly held that the "baby boomers" were born after the World War II soldiers returned to their wives and started to have children galore.  It is these children who are the "baby-boomer" generation, born from around 1946 to maybe 1960 or so.

Voris implies that this generation was somehow responsible for promulgating "the spirit of Vatican II".  I don't see how this assertion can be logical.  This council was held from October 1962 to November 1965.  Many of the baby boomer generation were still in grammar school.  The older boomers were, at most, 20 years of age - hardly old enough to exert any influence on anything.  Granted, that generation did carry that torch - but only after that generation itself had been intellectually and spiritually victimized.

To illustrate, I'll use myself as an example.  I was born in 1956 and went to Catholic grade school.  Up until the time I was 11 years old, the education was decent enough.  However, even at my young age, I could discern the paradigm shift that occurred as I entered 6th grade.  Obviously there was precious little I could do about it as a child.  Even in high school, I was helpless to do much about it as I watched disgruntled priests literally decimate the faith of several classmates.  Some would say we were a spoiled generation, and I'd say that's true; but I'd also ask in rejoinder, "Who spoiled us?"

Voris then says that we are fading from the scene - and then gives the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin as an example.  Example of the "fading baby boomers"?  Not!  Joseph Bernardin was born in 1928.  Whatever else he may have been, he was not a baby-boomer.

I go through all this not to defend "my" generation, as it were, but to avoid what may be shallow and simplistic diagnoses of the reasons behind the cultural decline that is all too evident.  Yes, the baby boomers did their part and carried that destructive torch, but who handed the torch to us?  The corruption of Catholic education began a long time ago; I feel personally cheated of my heritage as I was forced to make those wretched felt banners and to have my religion classes turned into "explore your inner feeling sessions".  We've got to look back at the forces of Modernism (Pope St Pius X was dead-on right about this menace).  We've got to look at other forces, such as freemasonry, humanism and socialism.  I could go on and on, because the roots of this situation are so deep and intertwined.  Let's never be satisfied with simplistic ideas, but always be ready to dig deeper.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kudus to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish!

It is no secret that most couples undergoing marriage preparation in Catholic parishes these days are living together.  That is to say, they are committing the mortal sin of fornication - quite openly - while ostensibly preparing for a Catholic marriage.  Yet those who conduct these sessions, by and large, say nothing of the proverbial "elephants in the living room" that sit before them.

Studies show that cohabitation before marriage is prejudicial to the success of that marriage.  "But wait a minute!", one might say.  "They're seeking God's grace!"  Are they?  By continuing in disobedience to His Commandments?  Let's speak of grace in general.  We know that when one is in mortal sin, he or she can receive no sacramental grace from reception of any of the sacraments - with the obvious exception of the Sacrament of Penance.  Thus, a fornicating couple receiving the sacrament of matrimony can expect no grace or the attendant benefits until they end the sinful situation and go to Confession.

Yet by and large, those conducting the marriage prep courses turn a blind eye, failing miserably to do what would arguably be the most important work in helping truly Catholic marriages to come about and to succeed.

That's why I was pleasantly surprised to read this announcement in a recent weekly bulletin from Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Bethesda MD.  It reads: (begin announcement)
Sacrament of Matrimony In accord with the regulations of the Arcdiocese of Washington, couples must contact a priest and begin preparation at least six months prior to a wedding.  Parish registration and active participation for a minimum of three months is required before preparation may begin.  Living together before marriage is sinful and harmful to the future marriage.  Couples who are living together will be asked to live separately during the preparation time.  (end announcement)

While I might have added that couples living together should go to Confession, this is indeed much more than I've seen in any other bulletin.  God bless those of Our Lady of Lourdes who are conducting this course.

Ready for a Game of Bingo?

Boys and girls, we can't be serious all the time!  So what do we, as Catholics, tend to favor for recreation, especially in our parish halls?  Bingo, right?  Well, here's bingo with a very relevant, modern twist!

What we have here (overlooking that profanity) is the Messiah Most Miserable's contribution to Catholic recreation.  We also have here the gist of every speech that issued forth from the Teleprompter of the United States.  This bingo can be played in the time-honored traditional manner.  But may I suggest an innovative way to enjoy this special bingo?

As I said, what we have here is the gist of the Obama speeches; these slogans comprise the large parts of his talks.  So here's how it goes.  Everyone gets their own bingo sheet.  Then they cut their sheets into the little squares containing the slogans.  Put them in a jar.  Then, pull out the squares, one by one, and put them on the table in the same random order in which you removed them from the jar.  Write them down, or photograph them, again keeping that order.  Everyone send those lists or photographs to the White Hose, explaining that these are your suggestions for Obama's next talk.  They'll be ever so grateful, since the liberal wonks obviously have to strain to write anything halfway intelligent.  By the way - this would be a great project for these "civilian service group" quasi-brown shirts that the libs want to make of our school children now, wouldn't it?

Isn't bingo fun?

Refresher on Climategate

As you contemplate any participation in the Archdiocese of Washington's "Environmental Events", you may wish to consider this brief recap of Climategate, put together by Tradition, Family and Property.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lifeguard Pro-Life Action Seminar - Please Join Us!

Come join us on Saturday, May 8, from 1:30pm - 3:30 pm at St Timothy Catholic Church, located at 13807 Poplar Tree Road in Chantilly, VA.

Come get a glimpse of what it is to be on the front lines of the pro-life battle, and some principles and tips for so doing.  Please visit the site for more details and for a flyer that you can download and distribute to your friends.  If there are questions, please let me know via comments (I don't have to publish these to answer them.)

We hope to see you there!

A Shrine for Chappaquiddick Teddy?

That's what I see bandied about in last week's Boston Herald!  The "Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate" is already slated to receive $38.3 million of our tax dollars!  Now John Kerry and Edward Markey have stuck out their hands for $30 million more! 

Excuse me, but aren't we already spending ourselves into an insurmountable debt in the trillions?  But don't worry!  They want to draw $29 million from (wait for it!) the defense budget.  That's the one area that rightly deserves funding, and the one area that the Messiah Most Miserable seeks to dry up.  Isn't that a coincidence!

What has Ted Kennedy done for us?  He has inspired the Hell Bill that will trash health care in every way while forcing us to subsidize abortion and euthanasia.  He was "pro-life" until 1971 when he put politics before his Catholic faith and always voted for the murder of babies and for the trashing of the traditional family.  He was also a flagrant womanizer, and had been known to abuse alcohol, both of these being factors in the death of at least one woman (how he earned the nickname "Chappaquiddick Teddy"). Of course, while doing all this, he thumbed his nose at his own Catholic tradition.  His bishops were of no help to him, as they continued to cooperate materially and formally with his reception of sacriligeious Holy Communion - but that's its own rant.  And for all this the United States should strap itself for $68 million?

Let us hope and pray that this does not go through, and not only for the abysmal waste.  For should it go through, and this idolotry ediface is completed, I cringe to think of all the Catholic prelates who will go to shame themselves at the thing's ribbon-cutting ceremoney.

Early Vocation Indicator?

Obviously his daddy is a pentecostal preacher!  Moms and Dads, if ever you doubted that your children watch - and imitate - your every move, this clip should dispel those doubts forevermore.

There's plenty of time for that family to convert to the One True Faith.  This little guy already has the preaching down - and he's much cuter than Father Pfleger!

Anyway, I thought this was too cute to pass up.

CORRECTION!  In reading the comments on the youtube, I learned that this clip is actually 30 years old, and the little guy is in fact a preacher!  Therefore, parents, if your sons want to "play mass", please let them!

The Hypocrisy of Father Jenkins - Another Thrilling Chapter

By now most of you have heard the not-so-startling news that in 2007, when anti-war (Catholic Worker) and pro-gay (Soulforce) demonstrators dared to set their big toes on the campus of Notre Dame, they suffered no legal repercussions whatsoever.  They were arrested, processed, released - and that was that!  No trial, no specter of fines or jail sentences hanging over their heads.

Contrast that to the treatment meted out to those who protested on-campus the honors bestowed upon the Messiah Most Miserable in May 2009.  This group is known as the ND 88 (although one of them has since passed away).  They were no more violent than were Soulforce or the Catholic Worker people, yet they are being treated much more harshly.  Why?

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Cathlyc" Perspective on Nuclear Weapons

The Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies will have a panel symposium to discuss the "ethics of Obama's nuclear weapons policy".  It will occur this Monday April 26 at Catholic University.  We could save them lots of time and money be advising them that putting "Obama" and "ethics" in the same sentence is an oxymoron and that there would be nothing worthwhile to discuss.  However, progressives always like to look serious and studious and important, as they distribute their white papers and talk on and on.  How do we know they're progressives?  Did you notice the Pax Christi and Global Zero people in the line-up?

Anyway, they'll talk, and talk, and talk.  Perhaps they'll come up with a paper to present to the Messiah Most Miserable.  It will be full of convoluted prose, with all sorts of language both flowery and technical.  May I be so bold as to propose what I think the gist of this hypothetical statement might be?  Now it may sound simplistic, but I think that will be more than compensated by accuracy.  Here goes.

The statement of the symposium participants: (my guess, now!)
" Mr. President, we'd like to start by thanking you for passing your health bill.  And don't worry about those right-wing nutcases; abortion isn't so important after all!  That being said, sir, we ask you to get rid of all those nasty bombs.  They're really loud and icky and..and mean-spirited!  We don't mind if we have to lie on our backs while the world's tyrants put their feet on our throats, for we are gentle souls - meek, mild doormats, one and all!  Thank you, Mr. President, for helping in our quest for change we can believe in!"

Perhaps the Messianic reply might proceed as follows: "Thank you for your heartfelt grovelling before my feet!  I hear you, and I will gladly condescend to your request.  I promise you and the world that we will disarm; I will make that point on my next Apology Tour!"

Now - once again - the dialog above is purely hypothetical.  At least, I hope it is.  I hope that there is no way that this predicts reality.  However, such is my fear.  Moreover, symposium-jokes such as the one that will occur this Monday, will give Obama the perfect "faith-based" cloak for his dirty work, in much the same way as Sister Carol Keehan and her cabal did for the Hell Bill.

Happy Derth Day!

Why "Derth Day"?  Because the adherents to environmentalism display a dreadful derth of:
  1. common sense
  2. humility
  3. openness to differing opinions
I recommend for your consideration the following video.  While I regret George Carlin's profanity and his obvious lack of regard for man's immortal soul, I do think this clip of his puts the environmental nazi control freaks in their place.

The environmentalists are making a religion out of their pet cause because they want control of you and me. 

Pentagon Wimps Out, Disinvites Franklin Graham

The United States Army has disgraced itself by pandering to the politically correct elite, and has disinvited Franklin Graham from the Pentagon Prayer Day.  The Army said that Franklin's comments about Islam were "inappropriate". 

"Inappropriate"?  Was it "appropriate" of Muslims to crash jets on September 11, 2001 - one being at the Pentagon?  Was it "appropriate" of a Muslim to go on a shooting rampage in Fort Hood?

Franklin Graham simply told the truth.  Truth, by nature, pays no obeisance to "inclusiveness".  If the Army is spouting this blather, they may as well call off the "war on terror", as they are now blinding themselves willingly to the terrorists. 

Why, oh why, do I think the reputed Commander in Chief brought pressure to bear???

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Archbishop Borders of Baltimore Dies

Archbishop William Borders (retired) passed away on April 19th.  The Catholic Standard's eulogy appears here.  For another perspective on Archbishop Borders and his impact on Baltimore Catholics, read from my colleague at Les Femmes, who grew up in that archdiocese.

We pray for the repose of his immortal soul.  We pray that Our Lord would send to His faithful true shepherds.

Wisdom from Dietrich von Hildebrand

Back in 1973 von Hildebrand called the bishops' dereliction of their duties to be "one of the most horrifying and widespread diseases of the Church today."  Of course he had seen the outright rebellion to Humanae Vitae and the Land O' Lakes rebellion staged by Catholic colleges.  Von Hildebrand then rebukes those same bishops for persecuting those who try to speak out for the True Church.  I've no doubt that Von Hildebrand himself suffered at the hands of more than one derelict bishop.

The latest example of such a strange prelate is perhaps Cardinal George of Chicago.  Recently he bestowed an award on notorious race-baiter and dissident Father Michael Pfleger (see several previous posts on this blog) while trying to silence Tom Roesser, a faithful Catholic writer.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Republicans Need to Clean House!

They need to start at the top - the very top.  A month or two ago, I blogged about the strip club jaunts being financed by the RNC.  Now it seems that Michael Steele thinks that being homosexual is on the same par as being black.  Now we read from Americans for Truth About Homosexuality that Steele will not meet with representatives from Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays.  Why not?  Of what is he afraid?

The upper eschelons of the Republican Party had damned well better realize that conservatives, particularly Christian pro-life and pro-family conservatives, can no longer be taken for granted.  Have they not been paying attention to the Tea Party movement?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Endanger American Troops?

Why, that's easy!  The answer is, "invite Franklin Graham to speak at the Pentagon during the National Day of Prayer on May 6th".  (Yes, Obama-philes!  There IS a National Day of Prayer!)

Now just how does the son of Billy Graham earn such acolades?  Well, it seems that he had the honesty and courage to call Islam an "evil" religion after adherents of the so-called "religion of peace" did their "peaceful" actions on September 11, 2001.  Thus he would offend Muslims who work at the Pentagon, says the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

That's odd!  I don't recall Mr. Graham being at Fort Hood during that shooting several months ago.  Enough of the political correctness run amok!

Could this be a reason why that dopey judge tried to rule that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional?

Gasp! Has Michael Voris Been Replaced?

As they say, out of the mouths of babes come words of wisdom.  This young man isn't all that little anymore.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Real Catholic TV on Father Pfleger

There will be four youtube clips.  Because the youtubes won't show if they're put before a jump-break, I'll put that break after this sentence, so this post doesn't take the whole main page.  Please click "read more".

MD Governor's Race - There's Hope!

Several people I know went all atwitter at the thought of Bob Ehrlich running against Martin O'Malley.  Not me!  Ehrlich remains unrepentant for his disgraceful treatmetn of Bob Smith when the latter dared to voice his Christian views on marriage.  Both Ehrlich and O'Malley are unacceptable.

However, my issue of the Defend Life newsletter arrived today, with an article about another Republican candidate for governor.  His name is Brian Murphy and he hails from Chevy Chase.  His website is Defend Life article is in the March-April edition, which is not yet online.  Go back to it later and click on "newsletter".  You'll want the "2010 Mar-Apr" edition; then go to page 17.

St Francis' Name is Taken in Vain!

I received, via email today, my invitation from the Archdiocese of Washington to Celebrate Earth Day 2010!  How do they suggest that we celebrate this most solemnly festive of days (April 22nd, I believe)?  "By sinking your roots deep into the fertile soil of Catholic teaching on creation, the envioronment and peace."

So Catholic teaching is compared to soil?  That's an insult to the Magisterium.  At best, true Catholic teaching is being badly distorted, particularly by the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change, about which I wrote on February 20.  Again, take a look at that organization's website, and don't take that first question too seriously.  They should be ashamed of themselves for such a shoddy attempt at guilt-trip inducement.  Anyway, click on the "St Francis Pledge" to see the lack of balance and outright errors contained therein.  St Francis must be spinning in his tomb.  Notice the first point, how "God's creation" is placed before the poor and vulnerable.  Then we hear about "the moral dimensions to climate change".  Ladies and gentlemen, this blog, and others, have demonstrated that at most, "climate change" is very debatable.  Good people can disagree about its very existence.  I for one believe it to be a hoax that is protected and promulgated by the politically-correct progressives that infest both civil government and some of the American church hierarchy.  In short, this so-called pledge is based on junk science.

As far as defending the poor and vulnerable, I'd suggest that in lieu of this politically-correct gobblygoop called Earth Day, that something truly helpful be done.  Most of us live near abortion clinics, where hundreds of the poor and vulnerable are murdered every day.  Find out when the murders occur at your local mill, then go there to pray and offer life-saving assistance.  Click on some of the pro-life links at the right for assistance in so doing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Just Faith" = Junk Faith

In my post this past Thursday regarding the "environmental events" in the Archdiocese of Washington, you noticed that Just Faith has a hand in all this nonsense.  In conjunction with this post regarding Just Faith, I'd suggest you review the posts about "progressives" - particularly the Real Catholic videos regarding the same.  The characteristics of progressives can all be found in the Just Faith program.  Indeed, the website of Just Faith unabashedly proclaims its progressive proclivities.  I also recommend the reading of an excellent article on the Just Faith debacle entitled "Just Faith Is a Big Part of the Problem", written by my friend and colleague, Stephanie Block, who regularly writes for Spero News.

Two or three years ago, the Just Faith program was introduced into the Archdiocese of Washington; that was before I operated this blog.  However, I was quite aware that a Trojan Horse was being introduced into the archdiocese and tried to sound an alert.  My warnings were rebuffed by people whom I thought would be keen to the dangers.  One told me that her parish implemented Just Faith without the ill effects, and that my warnings were destructive.  While I've no problem believing that her particular parish may have been successful in separating the wheat from the chaff, it is my contention that there is inherently much more chaff than wheat in the Just Faith program.  The writings and afilliations of the founder, Jack Jezreel, corroborate my conclusions.

Let's Thank Obama!

Now that you've wiped the coffee or soda off your computer screen that you spit on it upon reading this post title, allow me to elaborate.  You see, the Messiah Most Miserable has enlightened the ignorance of us, the Great Unwashed, at a fundraiser given in his honor this past week - the same week that contains "Tax Day", April 15th.  Even Rush Limbaugh has seen the error of his wicked ways, and now offers thanks to the Messiah and his Wisdom Most Miniscule.  Observe.

Rush's last line is key - we must be at the polls in November, en masse, in droves, to really thank the Messiah and his lackeys!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Alec Baldwin's Hero!

Remember when Alec Baldwin railed against his 12-year old daughter in this rant?

Baldwin is one of several Holly-weird types who declared that he'd leave the country of George W Bush won the election.  I am one of many who wish that Baldwin would have been true to his word - but, I digress!

Having now received a glimpse into Baldwin's mentality of this man, you will not be at all surprised to learn the identity of a man whom Baldwin praised in a documentary - (drum roll, please!) 

Saul Alinsky! 

I would urge one and all to procure a copy of "Rules for Radicals" to see the morality (or lack thereof) espoused by Alinsky.  In it, you'll see all sorts of "ends-justify-means" type of thinking.  Also remember that Alinsky inspired all sorts of Chicago-type thuggery: Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, Rezko, Emmanuel, the list goes on and on.. 

Unfortunately that list includes a great many who walk the hallways of the USCCB, and who still continue to collect Catholic dollars vis-a-vis the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Environmental Events" in the Archdiocese of Washington

That was in the email I got today.  Sounds great, doesn't it?  Here they are, in all their dubious glory.  My comments/quips will be in red

1 Faith, Environment, & the Call to Stewardship
Saturday, May 1, 2010  1:00 P.M. to 4:45 P.M.
St. John Vianney Church
Family Life Center
105 Vianney Lane
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Plenary Sessions

Faith and the Environment, Dr. William Dinges, Catholic University
Actions to Rescue the Chesapeake Bay  Frederick Tutman, Patuxent Riverkeeper (Let's rescue babies!)


Forming a Parish Environmental Committee
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability  (remember the DOE post from a few days ago?)
Environmental Advocacy
Climate Change  (It's junk science)
Closing Prayer
Tour of St. John Vianney Parish Grounds
Parish Vigil Mass (5:30 P.M.)
For further information/reservations, click here to email Regina Carelli or call her at 301-649-7362.

2  Observing Earth Day 2010!   (Let's worship Gaia!)

Poisoned Waters 2009 Frontline Documentary on the Chesapeake Bay
Discussion led by James W. Gracie, Maryland Water Expert
Wednesday, April 28, 2010  7:15 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.

St. Raphael's Earth Community at   (Earth Community??  Guess all the parishes will have one of these)
St. Raphael Catholic Church
Falls Road and Dunster Road
Rockville, MD 20854
For further information, email Patricia Miller or call her at 301-251-1058.

3 Climate Change  (an entire day spent on this junk science?)
JustFaith 8-Week Course  (Naturally JustFaith has its dirty little hands in this)
Beginning, Sunday, April 25, 2010 -- Ending, June 13  2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
St. Raphael's Earth Community at
St. Raphael Catholic Church
Falls Road and Dunster Road
Rockville, MD 20854
For further information, call Kristin Sirotkin at 301-540-4667 or 301-370-5772.

That ends the ADW email.  Now that (they think) the Hell Bill is a done deal (not!), the USCCB wants to hypnotize us with more left-wing drivvel.  The plans are underway; the Lenten Carbon Fast was just a warm-up.

The Church exists to save souls, to get them to heaven.  All this other stuff, while not unimportant, is secondary to the Church's first mission.  Right now, the Church, partially because of such dillution of attention, is failing abysmally in that mission.  We need to stop listening to the progressive lemmings who are at the helm of the USCCB and get the Church back on its proper course.

Gays Behind the Media Attacks on the Pope?

Much of what Mr Voris says in this clip corroborates what I and others have been saying: that the mass/mainstream/liberal media types have all been rather resolute in glossing over the obvious gay nature of the sex abuse problem.  What he does emphasize is the gay influence over that same media.  That does go a long way in terms of explaining the mentality and motives behind the attacks on the Pope. 

They STILL Persist in Denying the Gay Roots of the Clergy Sex Crisis

Having a bunch of letters and degrees attached to your name and the letters "Dr" in front of it do not necessarily mean the owner of the name has two firing neurons between his/her ears.  It could also mean that they're pandering to the gays in high places.  At any rate, this article gives us all an idea of why the gay priests were able to prey on young men for so long.

In this article, we read that Margaret Smith, a John Jay College criminologist, says that Bill Donohue "drew an unwarranted conclusion" in asserting that most of the abusers were gay."  Of course she must be right!  Simply because 81% of the incidents involved the rapes of young men doesn't imply any homosexual impetus at all!  Right?  Right???

I seem to recall an old saying: "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, in all likelihood, it is a duck!"  This saying arose from a mental ability once known as "common sense".  In academe, that ability is not so common anymore.

Fr. Fessio on the New York Times Scam-Slander Against the Pope

I do urge you to read what Fr. Fessio has to say in its entirety.  I point out a few of the key concepts that stood out to me as being key.  He rightly describes as slander what the Times et al are doing.  Then he points out some similarities between slander and the sexual abuse: "I'm sure many will disagree with such a harsh assessment, but perhaps they need to contemplate more seriously the parallels between molestation and slander, parallels that are real enough regardless of differences in degree and kind. (Most of us, I think, would rather be slandered than sexually violated. I am not at all making light of rape, molestation, or abuse, which are despicable and vile sins.) Both sexual molestation and public slander are violations of a person's dignity and innocence. Both isolate the victim from good and healthy relationships. Both destroy or seriously harm a person's ability to function properly, to live a full life." 

Then he states succinctly what the Times is attempting: "Here we have a complete rewriting of history. Earlier in this decade, American newspapers exposed the sad truth that many American bishops had kept pedophile priests in active ministry. Now the Times, which played an active role in exposing that scandal, would have us believe that the American bishops were striving to rid the priesthood of the predators, and the Vatican resisted!"   Again, I urge you to read the whole thing.

Now can we say out loud, "New York Times!  Give it up already!  The gig is over!  You have been exposed for the anti-Catholic bigots that you are!  No wonder your subscriptions are in a steady state of decline!"

New York - Former Mayor Ed Koch Rebukes the Times' Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch posted an article in the online edition of the Jerusalem Post defending the Holy Father and the Catholic Church against the bigotry-motivated attacks of the New York Times.  He hits the nail on the head quite a few times.  One of the key points that he spells out clearly is the motivation behind these unabashed attacks: "The reason, I believe, for the constant assaults is that there are many in the media, and some Catholics as well as many in the public, who object to and are incensed by positions the Church holds, including opposition to all abortions, opposition to gay sex and same-sex marriage, retention of celibacy rules for priests, exclusion of women from the clergy, opposition to birth control measures involving condoms and prescription drugs and opposition to civil divorce. My good friend, John Cardinal O'Connor, once said, "The Church is not a salad bar, from which to pick and choose what pleases you." The Church has the right to demand fulfillment of all of its religious obligations by its parishioners, and indeed a right to espouse its beliefs generally."  He mentioned his own disagreement with Church beliefs, but did acknowledge the Church's right to its tenets.

He then directly rebuked the Times' duplicity: "Of course, the media should report to the public any new facts bearing upon the issue of child molestation, but its objectivity and credibility are damaged when the New York Times declines to publish an op-ed offered by New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan on the issue of anti-Catholicism and offers instead to publish a letter to the editor, which is much shorter and less prominent than an op-ed."

He then acknowledged his belief that the Church is a "force for good".  I thank the former mayor for coming to the defense of the Church (more than some Catholics have done).  I pray that he be fortified against the rancor that his article undoubtedly inspired.  More importantly, I pray that the glimmer of light that he has obviously received increase and that he himself will find his way to Christ and the Church.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Root of Clergy Sexual Abuse - Gay Priests (Surprise, Liberal Media!)

Several years ago, just after the Boston Globe blew the lid off this scandal, the Archdiocese of Washington decided to hold meetings in various parishes to "discuss" this with concerned area Catholics.  I went to the first one at St Raphael's in Rockville, MD.  The archdiocesan panel did their best at damage control - the poor dears!  They tried to tell us that pedophilia in the general population wasn't a homosexual problem.  We reminded them that the topic of concern wasn't sex abuse as found in the general population, but as it was occurring in the Roman Catholic clergy - and that was 90% homosexual in nature.  They then told us that the problem wouldn't cost the church any money, that insurance would cover the settlements.  We then pointed out that insurance premiums would skyrocket, and thus would cost the Church a pretty penny.  In short, we blew to smithereens the archdiocese's attempt at damage control.  That "first" meeting at St Raphael's turned out to also be the last!  So I can relate well to this Real Catholic presentation.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Canadian Human Rights Commission Butts In On Internal Church Affairs

From Lifesite News we read that the Ontario Human Rights Commission plans to hear a complaint brought by an openly gay man because Bishop Nicola De Angelis will not allow him to act as altar server.  He is suing not only the bishop but also 12 of his fellow parishioners who complained about the scandal he was posing on the altar.  I urge you to read this in its entirety.

Please consider that affairs and conditions in Canada often predict future conditions in the United States.  In this case, we have a clear-cut case of the totalitarian government (yes, I'll use that term) of Canada interfering in matters clearly outside its purview.  In effect, by even taking on this case, the "Human" Rights Commission is daring to judge the doctrines and morals of the Church and to dictate them.  What's next?  Will these Stalin-wannabees try to tell the bishop whom to ordain to the priesthood?

My Canadian friends and readers!  Stand up and make your voices heard - while you still can!

The Circus Known As Illinois Politics

Alexi Giannoulias, current Illinois State Treasurer, has announced his candidacy for US Senate, to replace Roland Burris.  Burris currently holds the seat vacated by Obama, when the latter became president.  We all recall the rather strange circumstances surrounding his appointment by Governor Rod Blagojevich.

It seems that Mr. Giannoulias' family's bank, Broadway Bank, has lent many millions of dollars to various and sundry interesting individuals.  Among them is Tony Rezko, one of Obama's buddies.  Other indiviudals include convicted felons.

Of course Giannoulias is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the SEIU and AFL-CIO.  At this time, though, I do not know the acceptability (or lack thereof) of the Republican candidate, Mark Kirk.

I realize that politics in most places is quite corrupt.  However, I don't think most places have corruption with quite the same flagrancy as does Chicago.  What with Cardinal George toadying up to Pfleger and now this revelation, it's quite revelatory to see the slime oozing from Chicago.  I pray for my faithful Catholic friends there.

Why The Holy Father Is In The Mass Media's Crosshairs

Again, American Papist and others have also done great work in exposing the coordinated plot of the New York Times and others in their efforts to discredit the Holy Father and all those who hold and teach proper morality as taught by the Church.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Particularly for Pennsylvanians - Regarding Senate Race

Arlen Specter's seat is up for grabs.  Remember him?  He's the RINO who decided that deep down inside, he was a Democrat after all and switched parties.  Hey!  At least he was honest.  Alas, I understand that he is being challenged in the Democrat primary.

My concern is with the Republican primary.  Until now, I was inclined to favor Pat Toomey.  Some might remember that six years ago, when he ran against Specter in the primary, he was back-stabbed by both President Bush and Senator Santorum in favor of Specter (who later became a Democrat).  I thought he deserved a chance until it was brought to my attention today that had he sat in the Senate, he would have voted to confirm Sonya Sotomayor, who has made no secret of pandering after the Messiah Most Miserable.  Hear in Toomey's own words.

Listen closely to two of his reasons.  First, he says that the Senate owes the President "some due deferance".  Not so, Mr. Toomey!  The concept of "due deferance" has no place in the Senate confirmation.  Rather, what is at play here is "checks and balances" and "division of powers", not "due deferance" which is just another term for "rubberstamp".  Second, he states that a criterion of a judge is whether he or she "rules in the ideological mainstream of America".  Wrong again.  That's another way of saying "go with the flow" - but what determines the "flow" except all kinds of fads and peer-pressure?  Rather, what we need are judges who will adhere to the United States Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers.

Regretably, I now opine that Patrick Toomey is not worthy of conservative support.  I'd suggest that all citizens of Pennsylvania turn their eyes to Peg Luksik instead.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little Something to Warm the Heart!

After enduring the photos from the post below, watch this one for uplifting hope.

Some People Are Displeased About Mahoney's Replacement!

First, watch this montage of liturgical abuses.  Notice that Cardinal Mahoney is in a good number of these.

In LA, we pray that these days will come to an end, although not all are pleased as evidenced in the next clip.   Unfortunately the You Tube owner of the video has disabled embedding.  However, click on the link to see it.

Guilty! Of ECOCIDE!!!

I'm not sure what some British so-called "intelligensia" are drinking; did something befoul the Thames?  At any rate, we've seen in the past week or two several loons propose stunts.  However, in these so-called "politically correct" times, some spaghetti-spined heads of state may well kowtow to them.

By now you've heard of the hair-brained stunt by Richard Dawkins to attempt to have Pope Benedict XVI arrested when he visits England for "crimes against humanity" in allegedly covering up gay-priest pederasty.  Catholic Vote Action and a number of other blogs have demonstrated the vacuuous nature of these charges.  They eventually want to haul the Holy Father before the International Criminal Court.

We now read of yet another Brit spewing nonsense.  Comes now lawyer-turned-activist Polly Higgins!  Her contribution to the late-night comedy shows is her effort to have "ecocide" declared an international crime.  Of course she wants such crimes tried in the International Criminal Court.  If these clods have their way, the International Criminal Court will have no time to try real crimes.

But wait!  There's more!  Get a load of this quote!  "Supporters of a new ecocide law also believe it could be used to prosecute 'climate deniers' who distort science and facts to discourage voters and politicians from taking action to tackle global warming and climate change."  That's right, ladies and gentlemen.  Should someone have the audacity to challenge the fairy-tale of global warming and climate change, they could be hauled into the ICC!  That means that Yours Truly, on account of this very same post that you're reading right now, would be subject to criminal prosecution.  Hello, Orwellian World!  Bye, bye, Free Speech and Free Thought!

These things sound laughable now, but I truly think we need to take these threats to life and liberty very seriously and stop them cold in their tracks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Now That the Left Wing Thinks "Health Care" Is a Done Deal...

The left-wingers at the USCCB and their satellites have a decision: will they focus on immigration or environmentalism?  They seem to have their feelers out at the moment, seeing which avenue of intrusion into our lives will arouse the least opposition.  At least that's my take.

The Feds have been sending out similar feelers (what a coincidence!).  It looks like the EPA is offering "Energy Star for Congregations".   That's right!  The Federal Nannies are now going to tell our churches how to "cut energy costs by 30%".  Of course the churches will be expected to follow the EPA "recommendations" for facility upgrades, maintenance, etc.  Now wait a minute!  Isn't there something in the Constitution about "separation of church and state"?  Or does that only apply when we bring our Christian principles to bear on our political and election decisions, principles such as "it's against God's law to participate in the slaughter of unborn babies vis-a-vis abortion"?  Otherwise, it's just fine and dandy for the Governmental Nannies to slither their tentacles into each and every area of our lives - including our worship of God?

For examples of "tentacles", look at the goodies "offered" to the congregations: how-to guides, building upgrade manuals, ya-da-ya-da.  It sounds all helpful and benign now, doesn't it?  Wanna bet that things will rachet up a bit soon?  Unfortunately, too many USCCB "progressive" types will immediately glom onto this, and we'll soon be having "seminars" and "conferences" on this junk.  Look for something similar to this, and/or "immigration rights" to dominate the various "social justice" outlets.  Who cares about minor matters such as the eternal salvation of souls?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Correction to Mikulski Post Below

I was informed by an alert reader that the blog posting regarding the Mikulski retirement rumor was almost two months old - my bad!  However, that doesn't preclude an involuntary retirement, such as her defeat next November!

Mikulski Spins Yarn About the Hell Bill - But There's Hope!

So what else is new?  Why do I bother to comment on her blather?  Because, ladies and gentlemen of Maryland, her seat is up for grabs this November!  Bear all this in mind as you read these excerpts from her on-line newsletter.  So here goes, and I quote:

"I voted for health care reform because I listened to Marylanders as they told me their stories. People told me about the situation of their lives at roundtables and hearings, at diners and grocery stores. Thousands more wrote to me and called. They shared with me their fear of one big health care incident leading them into bankruptcy.  I heard from people like Karen from Kensington, whose father had to quit his job because he suffered from Crohn's Disease. When he was two pennies short on his insurance payment, he lost his coverage. During the six months it took to reinstate his insurance, his health deteriorated. He died a year after his insurance was cancelled. He was just 59 years old when he passed away."

Now that we have all sobbed our eyes out and exhausted our Kleenex stock, let's take another look at this tale of woe.  What's really pathetic here is that this staffer (What?  Did you really think Babs took the time to write this crap?) can't even tell a lie that's halfway believable!  Think - this hypothetical man lost his insurance because "he was two pennies short"?  Obviously this yarn-spinner (paid by "our tax dollars at work"!) has never worked a job in the real world.  No one cancels anything because of two red pennies.  It's not cost-effective to do so.  Premiums are paid in advance.  So are we really to believe that because of a shortage that's not even a nickel, the insurance company would have forfeited the rest of that premium, which would have been several hundred dollars?  Click "read more" to continue - and to see the hope!

If the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against the Church - Neither Will Progressives!

Kudos for Two Bishops!

It's uplifting to read of bishops who are acting in accord with their office and charism, so I'm pleased to pass on the following.

From Billings, Montana, we hear that Bishop Michael Warfel of Great Falls/Billings has ejected the pro-gay Always Our Children from the parish hall of St Pius on April 6.  Read more details at Lifesite News.

From Providence, Rhode Island, we hear that Bishop Thomas Tobin has severed ties between St. Joseph Health Service, the diocesan hospital, and the Catholic Health Association.  Read here for excerpts of his letter to Sr Carol Keehan.

Cardinal George's Incoherent Defense of Father Pfleger

Lifesite News captured the essense of the debacle that did occur on April 7th.  His Emminence displayed monumental silliness in his praise of Pfleger and his criticism of faithful Catholics for having memories greater than those of earthworms.  Among other things, he said "Fr. Plfeger has spoken in anger, sometimes unjustly or uncharitably; and anger is easier to capture on the camera than is love. But Fr. Pfleger is a Catholic priest and a pastor, and in that capacity, like all good priests and pastors, he acts out of love"  Love?   Oh, really?  In those clips that I posted a few days ago, how much "love" did Fr. Pfleger exude?  How much "love" did Pfleger show the owner of a Chicago gun shop owner when he threatened to "snuff out" the owner in June 2007?  Here's a clip of him defending Jeremiah Wright.  (An aside - You'll notice that Father Pfleger is not wearing clerics.)  Click "read more" to see them.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Upcoming Van Hollen Town Hall Meeting

Attention Montgomery County MD residents living in the 8th Congressional District

Rep. Christopher Van Hollen (D-8) will hold a Town Hall Meeting on Monday April 12th, from 7:30pm till 9:00pm.  It will take place in Globe Hall, in the High Technology and Science Center of the Germantown campus of Montgomery College (20300 Observation Drive).

He will report on "the activities of the 111th Congress", including those, I presume, that now threaten more and more unborn babies and other vulnerable people. 

It is open to all, but the onus is on decent people of District 8 to be there and make your voices heard.

Former Planned Parenthood Director Testifies to Effectiveness of Pro-Life Presence

A year or so ago, Abby Johnson, a director of a Planned Parenthood facility in Texas, left the abortuary trade and is now a committed pro-life activist.  Listen as she testifies to the power of the physcial presence of pro-life Christians.  She also takes note of the importance of clergy in front of the mills.

She gives valuable insight to some of the thinking of the abortion workers - and our potential for reaching them.  Again, I point out the importance of your physical presence in front of the death centers.  I certainly do advocate more prayer in Church - but such prayer cannot be taken on as a substitute for getting yourselves in front of the mills.  God is not pleased by that kind of sanctimoneous cop-out.  If it makes us uncomfortable, well so what?  We're not called to be comfortable, but to take up our crosses.

More $$$-Linkages Between Planned Parenthood and Komen Foundation

Jill Stanek has done excellent work reporting on this.  I needn't "reinvent the wheel".  Go to  Also read the comments below and learn first-hand the harm done by contraceptives.  Clearly they testify to the truth of Humanae Vitae.

Some Tricks of the "Progressive" Trade

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy Father Appoints Replacement for Cardinal Mahoney

Let's welcome with joy and gratitude the news that Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a replacement for the rabidly-leftist Cardinal Mahoney.  Archbishop Jose Gomez, the coajuter bishop, will take over when Cardinal Mahoney reaches his 75th birthday, on February 27, 2011.  Read the Lifesite News account to get some sense of the contrast between the two men.

Among the bevy of insults to the Faith that occurred under Mahoney's watch was the so-called "Relgious Education Conference", that always featured dissidents of all stripes.  It might well have been dubbed "The Los Angeles SACRILEGIOUS Education Conference".  Below is a description, with clips of the one that ocurred this past March.

If it was an "education conference", Lord only knows what kind of slop comprised that "education".  The below shows the "closing liturgy".  The beginning, with the "liturgical dancers" (forbidden, by the way) seems to be performing some wiccan new-age incantation session, dancing about as they wave smoking incense bowls above their heads.  Then comes the "procession".  Since when are deacons ever accompanied by their wives?  One of the deacons (no spouse!) carries in the lectionary - holding it above his head and twirling about as he does so.

Now below is the Canon.  Never have I heard this particular language used in the Canon.  What is meant by "gather people of every race, language and way of life.."  Forgive my ignorance, but aren't some "ways of life" sinful?  I hear no clarification of that phrase.  We're sure you have noticed by now the unacceptable vessels used to contain the Consecrated Hosts and the Precious Blood.

If you right-click on one of the videos to watch it on youtube, you can see the entire 12-clip series.  Clips 11 and 12 are the closing.  Why does it take 2 10-minute clips?  Because the mistress of ceremonies producing this thing saw it necessary to try to "give credit" to all their workers - by name - and to call for applause and cheers.  Mind you, this is being done  before the dismissal - that is, during Mass!  Then the presiding bishop chimes in with a few of his own.  Then the bishop closes the Mass, the liturgical dancers start boogying in the aisles to murachi music

My friends at Orate Fratres did a report on it.  Please read it.  Please pray that this is the last debacle of its kind that will disgrace Los Angeles.  Moreover, let's pray for Archbishop Gomez, as he will have a herculean task before him as he attempts to clean the chancery of all the left-wing, pro-abort, ACORN-loving bureaucrats that will lurk in the hallways after Mahoney's departure.

Deo gratias!

Eeek! Here's More of That Right-Wing Vitriol!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Dangerous Nature of Progressives

As you listen to this Real Catholic TV segment on progressives and their nature as social terrorists, think of today's previous posts on NARAL, Fr Pfleger, the mass media and yes, the Messiah Most Miserable.

As I've said on a number of occasions, I'm in front of a Planned Parenthood every Saturday to pray and sidewalk counsel.  Several good people are also out there.  Opposing us are "clinic escorts"; many of these are young college-aged women.  Every now and then we see a young girl being coerced into the abortuary, terrified and frightened.  She is obviously being coerced by the people dragging here there (boyfriend, parents).  Afterwards we remonstrate with the deathscorts, asking them how they can call themselves "pro-choice" in the face of what they just saw.  We usually see stony-faced stares.  That's the nature of what they're doing.  Some might say, "they mean well".  Whether they "mean well" or not is irrelevant.  They are doing evil, and that is what counts.  It's in the "pro-choice" nature.

NARAL Now Gunning After Pregnancy Centers in Austin, Texas

It was only a matter of where and when, but NARAL is going by their little playbook.

More Trumped-Up Media Hype Against the Holy Father

I wrote a few days ago about what is most likely a coordinated mass-media barrage against the Holy Father.  One key story regards Father Lawrence Murphy, former principal of St John's School for the Deaf.  He abused a number of the boys there.  Of course the New York Times and its cohorts had their slant.

In the newsletter of the Catholic Citizens of Illinois, we read the account of Father Thomas Brundage.  He was the Judicial Vicar for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from 1995-2003, and presided over the canonical court that tried Father Murphy's case.  I won't rehash it here, as you can read it at  I will point out some salient points.

When Father Brundage ordered Father Murphy to a deposition in 1998.  He was informed by Murphy's doctor that he was in frail health and could not travel that distance.  Father Murphy in fact died a week later.

As far as the Vatican goes, these cases were reviewed and handled by the Romam Rota.  Only in the year 2001 did that shift to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed by then-Cardinal Ratzinger.  To me it seems that this matter didn't cross Cardinal Ratzinger's desk until three years after the perpetrator died.  I fail to see logical basis for the mainstream mass media's insistance that the handling of this matter was the responsibility of Cardinal Ratzinger's.  But then again, I fail to see the logic behind much of what the mass media does.

Cardinal George to Honor Race-Baiting Father Pfleger

On April 7, Chicago's Cardinal George will bestow upon Father Michael Pfleger the Office for Racial Justice Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his life "of service in pursuit of dismantling racism, injustice and inequalities on behalf of African Americans and all people of color."

Does that name "Pfleger" ring a bell?  Think back during the 2008 Presidential campaign.  To jog some memories, here's a sampling of his "service in pursuit of dismantling racism."  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

What class!  Such dignity befitting a Roman Catholic priest, an "alter Christi"!  Here he is now, defending fellow racism-mongerers such as Louis Farrakham and Jeremiah Wright.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

There are more clips, but you get the picture.

Now what on earth could be motivating this "Office for Racial Justice" in its rather dubious choice of honoree?   Is it just politically-correct stupidity - or something much more insiduous?

Meanwhile, Cardinal George is apparently trying to silence Tom Roesser, a decent man who has had things to say about the Chicago archdiocese.  Read Mr. Roesser's account here.

Quite a dichotomy, eh?  Go figure!!!

To contact Cardinal George:
FRANCIS CARDINAL GEORGE, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago
PO Box 1979
Chicago, IL. 60690-1979
Phone: 312-534-8230, Fax: 312-534-6379

His Home Country??!?!?!?

Watch and listen as Michelle Obama speaks at the Democrat Convention.  About 17 seconds into this, near the beginning, listen to what she says is the "home country" of the Messiah Most Miserable.

From hence forth, I will entertain no snide comments about "birthers".

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More on Opus Dei

Last week I posted Real Catholic TV's celebration of Opus Dei and its offerings as a solution to the formation crisis within the Catholic Church - along with my own "sed contra".  Today my colleague at Les Femmes posted a piece that disclosed that an Opus Dei Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, is giving shelter to Father Carlos Urrutigoity, founder of the now-disgraced Society of St. John.  Father Urrutigoity is himself a pederast.  Randy Engel, president of U.S. Coaltion for Life International, is the source of this information.  She is the author of Rite of Sodomy, a book that exposes the homosexual network that currently infests the clergy.  She echoes my beliefs that these organizations are cults.

She suggests that you contact Real Catholic TV.  I too encourage you to do so.  Let me give you a "heads-up".  I did that as I posted my own piece.  Immediately I was told that I and others were "spreading calumny", and that the first-hand testimonies of those cited by the Opus Dei Awareness Network (see right sidebar) were to be disregarded since they didn't agree with Opus Dei teachings.  (I have the emails that document all this)  Readers, that type of response is a sign that the responder may well be under thought-reform influence.  Take it with a grain of salt, and don't be inclined to disregard your own native intelligence.

Friday, April 2, 2010

This Easter Mass - Take Wisdom on Windshields with You!

As you know, Easter and Christmas are the only two times a year that many Catholics attend Mass.  A goodly percentage of them are woefully ignorant of Church teaching in many, many areas.  These areas may well include matters such as restoring God's order to public life and the primacy of life issues when making electoral/political decisions.  Some of this confusion may be manifest by bumper strips on cars that indicate support of pro-abortion politicians.  What can you do about that?  More than what you may have thought until now.

We developed a tool last year called - Wisdom on Windshields . If you see such a car as described above, you can just deposit one of these on the car's windshield.  That way, you don't have to worry about looking for the owner or being late for Mass yourself.  You can download it here and have it handy on your own computer. Print it out and always carry a supply with you to Church, as you'll never know when an opportunity will arise to educate an ignorant fellow Catholic.  In doing so, you will have performed several of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Obama: Conservative Talk Radio Spreading "Vitriol"

For someone who thinks that they're the President of the United States, Barack HUSSEIN Obama sure seems to have thin skin.  Yesterday, when he interviewed with CBS News' Harry Smith, Obama suggested that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are stirring up "hatred".

No, my dear BO, that's not it at all.  They are merely vocalizing what many, many Americans are feeling as they see the United States of America being systematically morphed into a socialistic backwater.  In fact, there are many, many of us who write, blog, etc to wake up the liberals from their mental stupors before it's too late.  We don't hate you, sir, but we hate what you and your Democrat lap-dog lackeys are doing to our country!  We've no bones saying it, either.  What we're spreading is not vitriol, as you so derisively term it, but the plain truth.

While we still have a First Amendment, we will make use of it to shed the light on the cockroaches that threaten to consume this country, and civilization at large.  This brings me to my question: is this "vitriol" talk going to become some lame excuse to stifle the speech of conservatives?  Why do I think that might be the case?  Might it be that the liberals are afraid of us, given the backbone that we displayed during the Hell Bill deliberations?

Let's watch this bunch.  Above all, let us pray God's mercy on the United States of America.

Condoms to Prevent AIDS?

Remember several years ago when Cardinal McCarrick opined that the usage of condoms for that purpose may be permissable?  Read what Dr. William May has to say on the topic.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

See a Sampling of the Folks Who Are Running the Country

Rep Hank Johnson's website is now in damage-control mode, saying he was only making a joke.  Was he?  He looks pretty serious to me in this clip.  Oh by the way - he did vote for the Hell Bill.

So if anyone is even thinking of going to the beach this summer, make sure it's not crowded, lest those barrier islands capsize and you all drown.  But wait a minute - you should be ok.  Why?  Because now that the Messiah Most Miserable resides in the White House, the sea levels are receding!

Kudos for A TV Actor with Moral Principles

I don't watch TV, so I really have no idea of who the current actors or TV shows are.  What little I hear of them in casual conversations assures me that I am missing nothing by not prostrating myself before that electronic deity known as the TV, sopping in all the slop like a passive sponge.

I was looking for something else when this caught my eye.  An actor named Neal McDonough walked away from his $1million dollar contract with a show called "Scoundrels" because he would not do a sex scene.  He, a Catholic, has made it a habit not to do those scenes.  For that, he deserves much credit.