Sunday, June 6, 2010

DC Prolifers Protest Gonzaga Abomination

As mentioned in previous posts, Sister Carol Keehan was slated to give today's commencement address to the 2010 graduating class of Gonzaga High in Washington DC today.  Despite our protests and pleadings, the administration of Gonzaga (Jesuits, of course!) remained obdurate.  Sister Carol Keehan did befoul the commencement with her address - however, we made very certain the truth was heard, if not embraced.  Read more - it's a long read, but well worth it.  Please click the appropriate link.

I got there a little late, so many of the family members were already in the church.  However, we still continued to offer information regarding Sister's misdeeds of several months back.  We also showed graphic pictures of abortion - that is, what Sister has helped promote by supporting the Obama Hell Bill.  This was met with predictable resentment; truth, when unwelcome, does evoke resentment.  One person declared to us that we were "defecating" on the graduation.  We replied that it was Sister's presence that was the true defecation, the true cause of "ruining their day".

Soon the graduates came out as they prepared to process into the church.  Unfortunately, it appears that many of them succumbed to liberal Jesuit brainwashing.  We continued to proclaim the (unwelcome) truth of Sister's misdeeds.  One of our number even went so far as to give to Cardinal McCarrick a very well-deserved rebuke for allowing the mess to go on.  I caught that on video; the interaction with the Cardinal does occur near the end of the clip.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

The proclamation of truth did NOT stop after the doors closed behind the Cardinal.  A friend of ours had reason to be sitting on the altar, facing the congregation.  She gave to us the following report.

Sister Carol's talk was entitled (Sit down!  Wait for it!) "Confusion and Clutter in Today's Society".  Perhaps she has some arguable expertise in these matters.  She certainly does seem to have a confused mind, if she really believes abortion is no big deal when it comes to fulfilling the progressive dream of socialized medicine.  She also mentioned that people "should follow those who are inspiring".  Sister must now breathe a sigh of relief that no one will be following her around.

Sister finished her talk.  As she left and the next speaker was just getting up from his chair, my friend cried out (referring to Sister Carol), "That woman should not be an invited speaker at any Catholic institution!  She was responsible in part for the health care bill being passed and therefore our country is a socialized country with socialized medicine!  She supports the legalized killing of children!  Wake up, America!  That woman should never have been an invited speaker at any Catholic institution!"  With that, she was escorted out the back door and joined the rest of us in front of the church.  As she left, she could hear another woman (from the back of the church) cry out "Sister Carol Keehan excommunicated herself by participating in the passage of the health care bill!''

Kudos to these two women!

I leafletted many of the cars parked on the street.  Afterwards I and many of the other pro-lifers had to leave.  A few of our number, including the woman ejected from the church, stayed until the end.   They saw Cardinal McCarrick and Sister Carol Keehan walk out - arm in arm!  No surprise there.  Cardinal McCarrick and the late Ted Kennedy were seen walking out in that fashion after some event a few years back.  I understand my friend rebuked the Cardinal and Sister quite forcefully as they proceeded to the reception area.

By the way - one of the graduates did thank us for being there.  To protect him from possible retribution from his fellow graduates, I'll elaborate no further.  I say that to point out that there is hope, and we have to be there to inspire that in the ones that manage to remain sane as they are bombarded with progressive slop, even in (supposedly) Catholic institutions.


  1. I love how u "people" think bishops that cover up child molestations possess more clout morally than she does. What u did was dispicable. She and he entire gonzaga administation is fiercly pro life. Father novotny and conti make it out to the rally in the verizon center each year with hundreds of gonzaga students. Sister keehan only does what she does for her love for Jesus.I met her after the ceremony and she was incredibly kind. She has full support from pro life democrats who actually know the bill and the presidents order backwards and forward.

    Ur actions were disgusting. U not only threatened to ruin those hard working seniors graduation day. I believe u must apologize to those young men for almost ruining their special day. What u did was not Christian. For a civilization to work at least one faction must be civilized. While abortion is a terrible calamity, we must debate the issue rationally. This is what sister keehan did in the passing of the health care bill.

    If u choose not to apologize, do not fret. Gonzaga have done so for u already.

  2. The word I got is the good sister is a Daughter of Charity. If so Mother Seton is doing tumble salts in her grave. Why not do a demonstration in Emmitsburg so that this fine Catholic community will realize that such a jewel hails from the Shrine.

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  4. To anonymous from 6:02PM -
    Do "u" know how to spell? Do "u" know what's in that sorry excuse for a health bill? And no, abortion is NOT debatable, as one cannot debate the deliberate murder of human beings. I agree that Gonzaga owed you (note proper spelling of the second-person pronoun) an apology, but apparently they got the reasons ass-backwards.

  5. To Restore-DC-Catholicism

    You crazy uneducated people need to understand that Gonzaga has in no way "brain washed" the students. I attend the school and ever religion class I have taken has taught that abortion is horrible. We understand that it is a immoral act and needs to be removed from civilization ;however,You cannot say that a person who has lived their entire life helping others and following the teachings of the church is going to hell because the support one Bill.
    Also, try not to make fun of the why people spell we all dont waste our time writing blogs insulting schools that have done more for the community than you ever will.

  6. A debate I characterized by opposing views being evinced ( one of which is wrong) and arguing them out intelligently. I say U do to the fact that U so not deserve the anything more than that. Also, several republicans have added a bulwark to this abortion debate by saying that the bill does not allow federal funding of abortion. U have the support of Michelle bachmann a woman who doubts evolution and republicans who doubt obama's citizenship. Congrats!

  7. You people are absolutely absurd. This website is titled “Restore DC Catholicism,” and in the video above, one of you is seen and heard yelling “shame on the Catholic Church.” You are criticizing and demonizing the institution which you claim to stand for. You are absolute hypocrites.

    Gonzaga is clearly not a pro-choice institution, and it is certainly not “corrupt.” As someone else already mentioned, Father Novotny attends the pro-life rally in the Verizon Center each and every year with hundreds of enthusiastic Gonzaga students. Father Novotny also assured you that “Gonzaga [was] not making a political statement, or any other kind of statement on health care reform.” Gonzaga students are taught extensively about why abortion is always and intrinsically wrong. Why, then, were people standing outside St. Aloysius Church on Gonzaga’s graduation day with posters protesting abortion? Gonzaga’s students and faculty already know that abortion is wrong. They don’t need you “people” to tell them that.

    Since Gonzaga does not support abortion, why would you come to the graduation to protest pro-lifers? You would come to protest Sister Carol Keehan. Gonzaga students had no say in who would give the Kohlmann Address. However, I am sure that almost every single student (except the ONE that you mentioned earlier) was fine with her giving the address. She has done more to better the world and to help people during her life than you people will ever dream of doing. In the video posted above, another of you is criticized for only holding signs and doing virtually nothing constructive to stop abortion. In fact, he is yelling at other pro-lifers. But when he is criticized for holding a sign and yelling at high school students and faculty (of a CATHOLIC school, mind you) what do you do? You turn the camera off! You claim to be spreading the truth, but you yourself can not handle the real truth, which is that Sister Carol Keehan has given her life and professional career to caring for the sick, especially the poor. Remember, she has also been honored by Pope Benedict himself, the leader of the institution which you claim to be faithful to.

    In addition, I actually have read the section of the Health Care Bill concerning abortion, and it seems that it will barely affect the current situation regarding abortion. It allows insurance companies to decide whether or not money may be used for abortions. Is this so bad, considering that if the bill succeeds its original goals, it may provide for widespread medical care throughout the United States and save countless lives? That is the goal of Christianity, by the way (to care for one another as much as possible and love thy neighbor). Moreover, it has been announced that the Bill does not allow for federal funding of abortion at all! While the Bill will slightly affect the use of abortion in the country, it will not dramatically change it, and again, if the Bill succeeds and countless lives are saved, it will be the lesser of two evils.

    YES, I understand that abortion is always and intrinsically wrong, and NO, I am not pro-choice. However, moping around with your signs and ruining the graduation day of 229 diligent students (who are remarkable people) is disgusting. It is not constructive to your cause in any way, and it only harms other people. You are living the complete opposite of Catholic values, bringing shame on your own Church. Jesus forgives sinners, and we are called to live like Jesus, but you do not forgive people who you believe to be doing evil. You demonize them and attack them. You do not love your neighbors. You only love those who share your own views in every single way. Finally, I saw that you believe that Gonzaga owes its students an apology and that some of you people will be praying for us. I, personally, will be praying for all of you lost, confused people, and I think you owe Gonzaga and Sister Carol Keehan a tremendous apology.

    Good day.

  8. My brother graduated from Gonzaga in '59 or '60. I am sending this link to him because I know he would be ashamed of his alma mater. The Jesuits have shown themselves to be anything but pro-life. Most of their educational institutions are a disgrace and scandal to the Catholic Church. And going to the Verizon Center once a year to wear the veneer of pro-life is a farce when they then honor pro-abortion Catholics. Sr. Carol will have to answer for every baby murdered under Obama's massive health takeover. May God have mercy on her soul. Please pray for her and all those responsible for scandalizing the graduates of Gonzaga and their families.


  10. U people are rediculous and full of it. UR story isn't even worth Gonzaga's time. These boys have worked hard their entire lives waiting for that moment when they graduate from one of the greatest schools in the country. Who cares if a "pro-abortion nun" was speaking. These boys are much smarter than U ever shall be(i.e. they know not to believe everything they here). And what do U mean "brain-washed" by the Jesuits? You can't be "brain-washed" to think what U want. Also, keep making fun of people for how they speak or write, it really helps to show how in line UR morals are.


  11. I'm sorry, Mary Ann, WHAT?!?!??!

    "The Jesuits have shown themselves to be anything but pro-life. Most of their educational institutions are a disgrace and scandal to the Catholic Church."

    ARE YOU INSANE? Seriously, I'm not kidding around, are you? Gonzaga is absolutely, 100% PRO LIFE. I am ashamed of YOU and your brother for thinking otherwise. Students spent AN ENTIRE QUARTER learning about abortion AND BEING TAUGHT WHY IT IS WRONG!!! You are so incredibly immature and foolish. WAKE UP. GONZAGA HAS NO PRO-CHOICE AGENDA. People like you make me sick...

  12. As a former high school teacher, I can say that the gentlemen Anonymouses of 6:47 and 6:52 PM, June 6 appear to me to be high school students (I hope not graduates!) who neither write clearly nor think clearly.
    1.) Re writing: Correct grammar and spelling are indicative of a civilized human being who respects the God-given dignity of his opponent, even if said opponent is not to one's liking in the slightest.
    2.) Re thinking: Abortion is murder of an innocent unborn human being. The support of any law that enables said murder is complicity with such murder. A Catholic nun who publicly supported such a bill is thus also complicit, as is the school which honored her with a speaking position during graduation, and as is the Cardinal who graced the ceremony with his presence.
    3.) That being said, the pro-life presence was necessary to remind everyone of the moral insanity that was taking place, namely, that an institution that professes loyalty to God Himself and the Church He founded gave pride of place at its culminating ceremony to a speaker who supports an act that is contrary to God and also permitted a misguided Cardinal to lend the proceedings respectability. For the sake of saving everyone's souls (not to mention the saving of lives), the Truth needed to be proclaimed.

  13. As a former high school teacher, I can say that the gentlemen Anonymouses of 7:48 and 8:01 PM, June 6 appear to me to be high school students (I hope not graduates!) who neither write clearly nor think clearly.
    1.) Re writing: Correct grammar and spelling are indicative of a civilized human being who respects the God-given dignity of his opponent, even if said opponent is not to one's liking in the slightest.
    2.) Re thinking: Abortion is murder of an innocent unborn human being. The support of any law that enables said murder is complicity with such murder. A Catholic nun who publicly supported such a bill is thus also complicit, as is the school who honored her with a speaking position during graduation, and the Cardinal who graced the ceremony with his presence.
    3.) That being said, the pro-life presence was necessary to remind everyone of the moral insanity that was taking place, namely, that an institution that professes loyalty to God Himself and the Church He founded gave pride of place at its culminating ceremony to a speaker who supports an act that is contrary to God and also permitted a misguided Cardinal to lend respectability to the proceedings. For the sake of saving souls (and lives), the Truth needed proclaiming.

  14. There is an international club called amnesty international dedicated to social justice. Gonzaga joined it's ranks. However the group came out as pro choice. Consequently, gonzaga students decided to band the group immediatley without the administration forcing them to do so, but they "were ecstatic" that gonzaga students quit. We formed a new group with the same grounds but obvously pro life. Oh, go to gonzaga's website, check out the ethics program in the religion department, and see how they describe abortion in the powerpoints. The grusome description shows that Jesuits are not sugarcoating the issue. They giving us both views state what they personally view and let us decide as adults, the reverse of brainwashing. Even if we make a wrong decision, we gave each other to fall upon as a school and a God that will love us regardless of whatever we do.

    Also there were four standing ovations surrounding sister's speech. One was at the beggining and one was at the end of her speech. A third was the joy when the women who broke an entry was thrown out. The last was was after we apologized for you. Clearly we did not see her as ruining the senior's day. U attacking our teachers, who possess all different kinds of political views, was the worst part of the day. We have formed bonds with those teachers in way that I can't describe. We love them whether they are liberal (despite that they are against abortion) or conservative. I pray to God that you find the light in all the darkness that surrounds you. Hail Alma Mater!

  15. To Anonymous at 7:43 pm "YES, I understand that abortion is always and intrinsically wrong" - just wanted to correct this statement - it is intrinsically "evil". Abortion is the murder of innocent children. For anybody to support Obama and this evil healthcare bill is to support the murder of innocent children. Gonzaga should not have invited Sr. Keehan to speak since she supported this evil. Period. You should be outraged by this, but you are not. Ask yourself why?

  16. Do you students posting here really think it doesn't matter whether the school upholds its pro-life principles when it chooses speakers? The bishops' conference condemned Sr. Keehan's support for the healthcare bill which, according to a number of pro-life groups like ALL and National Right to Life (and the bishops) absolutely DOES SUPPORT ABORTION.

    As for the people witnessing outside graduation, I know some of them and they put their money where their mouth is. Do you? Your ad hominem attacks (I'm sure you learned about that in logic) do not invalidate the truth of what they said.

    The bishops' own standards forbade Sr. Carol Keehan from speaking at Gonzaga. As for Cardinal McCarrick. He is a homosexual abuser of young men which has been documented by Richard Sipe.

    That he was participating in Gonzaga's graduation is another scandal, but I'm sure he enjoyed being among a large group of handsome youths. He is another one with a long record of honoring pro-abortion Catholics like Ted Kennedy.

  17. I am not really surprised that this sister was invited by a Jesuit institution. Sen Barbara Makulski was honored with the Fr. Andrew White Award at Loyola University of Baltimore, some years ago. Sister Carol Keehan, as good intentioned as she may be, is another progressive Catholic, drinking the Kool Aid of the far left administration in DC. There is a culture out there that loves to think of themselves as "Catholic", but Catholics that are free to pick and choose among the many dogma and teachings of Mother Church. The teaching of the Bishops and Rome are sometimes tolerated but more often ignored in favor of a feeling of how the Church should be structured, and what it should teach in the 21st Century. It angers me that this culture has hijacked the good name and sacred traditions of traditional Catholicism. Why not incorporate a new Katholic Church of America with married women priests and bishops, condoning same sex marriage and tolerating abortion? Easier yet, isn't that what the Episcopalians have incorporated in their denomination?

  18. Moreover, U protesters at the steps are clearly ignorant and lost. From what I've gathered from site postings and comments is that UR only qualm with sister Keehan is that she supports the "socialist health care bill". Perhaps U all should probably catch up on UR reading because no federal tax dollars whatsoever are allocated to abortion. Simply, insurers may choose whether to fund abortions or not (Something they De facto already do). Like the man yelling at the protester said, stop making signs and do something. U want to end abortion? Fine, go protest at the SUPREME COURT and face real adversity, not blindside a pro-life institution and innocent high school graduates with grotesque images and damning chants. One more thing, U can't ride my little red wagon!!

    Hail Gonzaga!

  19. good to see you're stooping to making fun of an elderly man (who also happens to be a cardinal) for tripping

  20. To all you "anonymous" commenters, whether you are one or more - you are indeed "un" or badly educated people. Your grammar is atrocious for starters. If you wish people to take you seriously, you could at least spell correctly and use proper grammar.

    You do not understand the health care bill at all. You are truly idiots if you believe the bill does not leave abortion intact. An Executive Order - oh, please, give me a break!

    It gives me great joy to know that I have raised pro-life children who are raising their children to be pro-life. They talk the talk and walk the walk. God Bless Them!

    God Bless you too - and I hope He will enlighten your minds and soften your hearts.

  21. Anonymous...

    You’re correct in saying that the story of abortion isn't worth Gonzaga's time. That's clearly apparent from Gonzaga's invitation for Sister Carol Keehan to give the commencement address. And the student's attempt to drown-out the protests of these anti-child killing women further confirms the "pro-life education" these students received from the Jesuits.

    Really. Consider what it means spiritually to state that, "You can't be Catholic and pro-choice." What it comes down to is this:

    1. At the moment of the Incarnation of the Word made flesh, God is with us. Sacred Scripture is directed to just such a deep conversion within the ever-present mystery; and in such union it’s immediately realized by soul and intellect that the power of this love responsible for the incarnation (the Spirit) created everything... And we are introduced to the Word made flesh in Whom all things were made, Jesus Christ, the only Word of the Father. Paul confirms this even to the spiritually ignorant by saying that we all live, move, and find being in God. And God Himself confirms this by stating clearly--"All flesh will know I am God.”

    All flesh, yes, includes those little ones in the womb no matter how small "the clump" of biological material (according to the world) they might be; they are known to God if not to man, or, in the case of Sister Keehan, forgotten for the sake of political expediency by nominal Catholics.

    2. The Catholic conviction that abortion is murder comes from experience of the same Word. The Word has a heart even in this very moment, and the same beastly spirit of the world responsible for piercing the human heart of the Word made flesh still pierces it today in the killing of the innocent, for every atrocity carried out in His day the numbers are magnified today a thousand-fold… It is impossible to love God without loving and defending the unborn. These women are defending Jesus, the Word made flesh, through Whom every child enters the world at the moment of conception…

    And yes, shame on us Catholic’s if we ever fail fully in their regard—

    Many have.

    James Mary Evans

  22. The evil protesters and author of this post might even be responsible for one or more of these lads being ALIVE! (or a sibling).

    These smart, non-brain-washed "powerlesss to stop it" MEN can't even protest a simple graduation in support of their Church and faith? Stiff spines created here! The world is a hard place - start being the Church Millitant already! The "protesters" you insult try to save the mothers and fathers and babies that do not think like them, do not worship like them, because they LOVE them and are out on the sidewalks offering HELP and LOVE and Information and contacts every week, every month, every year!

    They try to save the very type of lives and souls that the health bill doesn't support!

    Alas, maybe some of these men will become doctors, only to quit when they can't work with conscience protections they'll need as non-brain-washed Catholics, like the good Sister. Or they'll cave, like their school taught them - just hold your nose and go along like you did the graduation commencement speech!

    Doesn't anyone love the good Sister? She's getting old. The very bill she helped pass will encourage the cost savings that will encourage her lesser intellectual brothers and sisters to off themselves out of misguided notions toward the good of the masses....for the "children" (not the disabled ones, they're removed after ultrasounds).

    First abort the children, then later euthanize the elderly as there wont be enough nurses and money to care for them - The coming Japanese plan to solve the young adult shortage!

    These graduating students and their parents should have joined in the protest, not been embarassed by it! Are they embarassed to see moral virtue displayed? Sister knows why you listened - because you celebrate her decision!

  23. It is a sad state when these young students say they are prolife and can't see anything wrong with a pro-child killing Sister speaking at their graduation. Being prolife is not joining a club and making a school trip to the March for Life and holding a prolife banner. There is a blood bath of babies being killed down your street, in your neighborhood. If you really understood the truth of abortion - you too would be protesting Sr. Keehan speaking at your graduation.

  24. Gonzaga has been rated as one of the top schools in the nation and has received multiple awards for educational excellence. Your website is not allowed to speak about education because you say "them scholastics won't learn" or something like that. I would not be surprised that those protestors lack a G.E.D. while Gonzaga students have the privilege to pick and choose between the ivy leagues. Several now prominent men have walked through the halls of that fine institution; also, several powerful people in the District. People ranging from the nephew of George Bush to the son of the man who helped get Clinton elected.

    Fellow Gonzaga brothers, I propose that instead of writing this off and not waste our time on this crap blog or whatever this is we mobilize. We should get a petition going with all the signers indicating our pro life leanings.

    For those who say that Sister Keehan is pro life, I urge you to think before you speak. My aunt, was the head of the Order of the Incarnate Word and she has known Sister Keehan personally for years. My aunt indicates that she has been against abortion. I have also sent an email the secretary of Congressman Hoyer. If you do not know who this man is, Hoyer is the House Majority Leader who was quite important in the final haul of this HEALTH care bill. I bring this up because Sister Keehan worked with these people. The response email stated that she had concerns about abortion provisions and she would only back the bill if a tough anti abortion amendment was placed in it. The Democrats conceded to that wish.

    Lastly, I will try to hunt you down for libel if you refuse to take out the notion of socialized medicine. You clearly support this notion when you say kudos to those women for screaming socialized medicine. How is it socialized? The bill mandates people to buy private insurance! Any government plan was taken out. In fact, insurance company's had their stocks skyrocket on the day the bill passed. This is a result of the fact 32 million people will potentially buy their plans. You are either misinformed or lying both of which we should not stand for.

  25. It is absurd on the part of the protestors to have been there ruining the day of the seniors who have worked hard over their four years at Gonzaga. The graduates were not responsible for whom the administration chose as the speaker; thus, it is appalling to blame the young men and intrude on their graduation day. In every religion class that I have taken at Gonzaga (both of which were taught by Jesuits) abortion has been described as the evil that it is. Gonzaga is by no means a pro-choice institution.

    I, like the rest of the Gonzaga community, am pro-life. I, like the protestors, opposed the health care bill; however, I had absolutely no problem with Sister Keehan giving the commencement address. She has spent her career serving the poor and less-fortunate, something that all Catholics should strive to do. The abortion language prohibits federal funding from going to abortion; the bill does nothing but maintain the status quo regarding abortion. We as Catholics need to work toward changing the status quo; thus, protesting a pro-life institution does nothing to advance the cause. Gonzaga teaches us that a pro-life stance means more than just marching for life once a year. It is our obligation to support counseling for women who have an unwanted pregnancy, to provide facilities for a safe delivery, and to help with the adoption process. It would have been much more productive for the protestors to have spent the same time they did at the graduation volunteering at a pregnancy center.

    At Gonzaga, we are taught to love our brothers and sisters, regardless of ideological differences. God loves everyone unconditionally as He is our creator and knows all of us. There is no doubt that God loves Sister Keehan; therefore, despite differences in opinion, we should also love Sister. The protestors were not there to love. Mocking the graduates, teachers, and Cardinal McCarrick is the opposite of Christian love.

    In my opinion, the protestors owe the entire Gonzaga communuty (students, faculty, alumni, parents) an apology; however, I am not anticipating that any of the protestors will apologize. Though they were well-intentioned, the protestors come off as unloving, unkind, and intolerant of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  26. Do you really care about women getting abortions? If so, your time would be much better spent organizing a support system of adoption, caring for mothers in need, and serious counseling, not the so-called "counseling" you give by shouting "baby killer" at women walking into Planned Parenthood centers. Standing on the street and shouting and praying aloud makes you no better than the sanctimonious Pharisees.

  27. Clearly you are frustrated that students are poking gaping holes in your logic, and therefore are attacking their grammar. You were attacking a bunch of high school students on their graduation day and were still only a nuisance. Please do not think that any of the seniors gave you anything more than a passing glance.

  28. Hey Paul Cortese,

    You understand that Gonzaga is pro-life as well, right? And that we are against abortion? And that having a distinguished guest who may or may not be pro-choice as our speaker does not make the entire school community pro-choice? Why don't you grow a pair and realize that GONZAGA IS PRO-LIFE. Some people are so dense...

  29. Fanaticism lives in the church and with it incredible hypocricy. The fanatics think they are better than a Cardinal of the Catholic Church and a nun who has dedicated her life to the poor and infirmed. Just incredible!

    Read the Gospels and act accordingly. Judge not lest you be judged.

  30. Grace M,

    It is NOT a sad state because these students ARE pro-life and don't see anything wrong with a distinguished Sister speaking at their graduation. You personally do not know Sister Carol Keehan's stance on abortion. It's all speculation to you. You only say she is pro-choice because she backed the Health Care Bill, which does NOT ALLOW FOR FEDERALLY FUNDED ABORTIONS.

    Also, you say that "being prolife is not joining a club and making a school trip to the March for Life and holding a prolife banner" (which is improper English, by the way). If that is the case, what does that say about you people in the video who are MAKING A TRIP to a school and HOLDING PRO-LIFE SIGNS?!?! You hypocrite.

    Now, let's say Sister Carol Keehan IS pro-choice (hypothetically, because you don't know). As a Christian, I do not feel impelled to exclude her and disrespect her. I feel impelled to warmly invite her to speak at the graduation, because that is the true Christian spirit. If someone is pro-choice, do you disregard their humanity? If someone sins, do you not allow them to participate with you in anything? Say someone commits adultery. Does that mean you should not allow them to speak at your graduation? I hope not. We are meant to FORGIVE, but obviously, since you people do not live the true Christian values, you won't do so. You are a stubborn imbecile.

    Luke 7:41
    "Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own?"

    Remember when Jesus forgave the prostitute? No? Well maybe you should pick up a Bible, LEARN something, and shut up.

  31. You ruined my graduation. That is all I wish to say.

  32. Excuse me, James Mary Evans, but I think you are a misinformed idiot.

    "You’re correct in saying that the story of abortion isn't worth Gonzaga's time." I'm sorry, WHAT?!?! I don't know if you have heard this, but last year I spent AN ENTIRE QUARTER, one-fourth of my school year, learning about why abortion is wrong.

    I learned that abortion is intrinsically wrong in all circumstances because it is the intentional taking of an innocent human life. I learned that 93% of abortions in the US are requested for social reasons, 3% are requested for eugenic abortions, 1% are requested for rape an incest, less than 1% are requested for the life of the mother, and 3% are requested for the health of the mother.

    I learned the arguments for why conception, implantation, brain waves, quickening, viability, and birth are the start of life, and WHY ALL OF THEM ARE WRONG EXCEPT FOR CONCEPTION. I learned that there are more Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the US than abortion clinics.

    I learned about suction aspiration (vacuum curettage), dilation and curettage, RU 486, dilation and evacuation, salt poisoning, prostaglandis, and partial-birth abortions. And yes, they all disgust me. I am pro-life, not pro-choice.

    So maybe, HOPEFULLY, now you understand that Gonzaga is pro-life and that we DO receive a pro-life education from the Jesuits. OPEN YOUR EYES. You say that "you can't be Catholic and pro-choice." Well, I do not know who you are arguing with because clearly we are Catholic and pro-life. We agree with that statement. What we disagree with is your incredibly narrow-minded attitude toward Gonzaga and the Jesuits.

    I will pray for you, because you need it infinitely more than we do.


  33. Hi Mary Ann,

    Why don't we exclude anyone who has ever sinned from being a speaker at our graduation? In fact, thank you. From now on, why don't we invite people who have NEVER SINNED BEFORE! I'm sure there are plenty out there, right (sarcasm)? I'm sure you are not one of them (not sarcasm).

    You say that "according to a number of pro-life groups like ALL and National Right to Life," (which is improper English [like all and National Right to Life?]) the Health Care Bill DOES support abortion. WELL OF COURSE! The number of pro-life groups you mentioned are just that, PRO-LIFE! And they therefore are incredibly biased toward the pro-life cause. They don't want to, and will not, admit that the Bill may not be pro-choice. Why don't you go ahead and ask a non-biased group of people whether or not the Health Care Bill supports abortion and then get back to me?

    We are only belittling you with "ad hominem" attacks because you deserve it. You people really come off as uneducated and radical. Yes, RADICAL. Screaming "Catholic" causes at OTHER CATHOLICS!!! You are confused and don't even know what you are doing. After all, who thinks that there is such a thing as a "logic" class. A whole class dedicated to logic? Give me a break.

    Alright, bishops condemn Sister Carol Keehan, but Pope Benedict himself honored her. Pope > bishops.

    Then you bust a Cardinal for allegedly being a "homosexual abuser," saying he enjoyed "being among a large group of handsome youths." That is just sick. You, my friend, are a middle aged woman who likes to sit around all day and fight high school kids on a blog. Congratulations, you are pathetic. You are in no position to be criticizing Church officials, and if you do criticize Church officials, THEN WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE THE CHURCH?!?! You say the Cardinal was "honoring pro-abortion Catholics," BUT WAIT A MINUTE. DID YOU CATCH THAT?!?!?! "Pro-abortion Catholics?!?!" According to the people on this website, there is no such thing. You can't be Catholic and pro-choice.

    So now you don't even know what you're talking about. This is just rich. You are fighting REAL Catholics with your... God knows what kind of cause you're fighting for. And if you still think Gonzaga is pro-choice, you might as well take a long walk off of a short pier.

    Please, go back to high school. I IMPLORE you to get a decent education and come back when you can rationally argue anything.

    Buhbye now.

  34. The postings from students here are a sad commentary on their education. They obviously have book knowledge of the pro-life issue, but do not feel it's necessary to act on it. They are defending hypocrisy. Did no parents or students object to Sr. Keehan's invitation? At least at Notre Dame there was an alternative event which drew several thousands including a group of graduates.

    Jesus condemned the Pharisees for talking the talk but not walking the walk. Gonzaga is guilty of the same thing in honoring Sr. Keehan.

    You young men are future husbands and fathers. That you don't see the necessity to defend the most helpless little ones among us is a tragedy and reflects badly on your understanding of what it means to be men, the protectors of the weak.
    The relentless ad hominem attacks also don't reflect well on your understanding of logic and reasoned discourse or even civility.

    That Sr. Keehan got four standing ovations says it all. She got the same welcome at a Conference in Washington recently organized by Trinity University and the National Catholic Reporter, two institutions committed to dissent.

    Jesus predicted the division that happened last Sunday. He said he came to divide, and that's what happened. The protestors forced the division of the truth from the lie. Sr. Keehan stands for the lie and Gonzaga gave her a platform. They could have invited Clarence Thomas, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, or a distinguished alumus - men who would be great role models. Instead they chose a dissident nun. I'm still shaking my head over one more betrayal by Jesuit educators.

  35. i eat dead babies for breakfast. they're not good, they're grrrrrrrrreat!

  36. Hey Mary Ann,

    I would love to hear what your brother has to say about you trashing his Jesuit education and alma mater. I'm sure he would love that.

    Also, the real problem is, putting all religious views aside, why would you come and protest at a high school graduation. Are you kidding me. It's rude, obnoxious people like you that give Catholic's a bad name and make it hard to have faith in your faith.

  37. Mary Ann, having Sister Keehan speak at Gonzaga is in no way comparable to having Barack Obama speak at Notre Dame. Gonzaga did not award Sister Keehan an honorary degree; whereas Notre Dame awarded Barack Obama one. Sister Keehan has never said she is pro-choice; whereas Barack Obama has.

    Secondly, there is no reason to have an alternative event without Sister Keehan. She has served the poor and ill very well in her lifetime, and that is something Catholics should strive to emulate.

    Being pro-life is more than just being anti-abortion. One who is truly pro-life supports life in all stages from conception to natural death. A true pro-lifer is anti-abortion, anti-capital punishment, anti-euthanasia, and pro-human being while the people are alive and on earth.

    Lastly, how about everybody stops being so judgmental? He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. God is who judges us, so let's leave the job to Him.

  38. Amazing that graduates of such a highly-ranked Catholic school in the nation's capital don't seem to have a clue that this bill was condemned by the bishops or that there was a huge controversy surrounding its passage w/Stupak etc. One young man is threatening to call Congressman Hoyer!

    These boys can't spell, can't frame an argument, and don't seem to understand how their beliefs and behavior are connected. They seem all too likely to end up dead drunk in a gutter at the Inner Barbor like Governor O'Malley's daughter expecting the policemen to clean them up and protect their families. These men and their parents are a testament to what is wrong with Catholic education and the Catholic church--as the corrupt cardinal and sister bless and fawn over these spoiled, selfish, (but monied) monsters.

    No wonder so many parents are sending their children to those "faux" Catholic schools Patricia Weitzel-O'Neill was complaining about.

    Kudos to all you who protested. Wish I was there.

  39. Dear Mary Ann and other contributors to this site,

    I'm sure you are educated individuals and I admire your passion towards the issue. However, what you fail to understand is that we,the Gonzaga students, are Pro-Life, and the reason we did not immediately reject Sister Keehan is because, unlike many of the protesters and the people on this site, we know she is also pro-life! The only contention from this site as to why she supports abortion is because she supports the Obama "Hell Bill". First of all, supporting the bill does not automatically make you pro-choice (if that were the case then 50% of the student population would be automatically excommunicated); in fact, the bill does not allocate any funds to abortion nor change the status quo. Thus, supporting the bill is in no way formal or material cooperation (I learned about them in my Ethics class)with the murder of innocent children. Second, the fact that this site refers to it as the OBAMA HELL BILL leads me to believe that the actions endorsed by this site are more politically motivated than anything else. Secondly, as to the backlash from Gonzaga students, we are here because we love our school and what it represents (despite your slandering and misconceptions). It is a Pro - Life institution which we love and will not stand by as our name, our reputation, and our morality is slandered by radical groups who insult us without ever reading a bill they so defiantly condemn. Finally, many of the supporters of this site praise their own efforts in combating the evils of abortion. Well guess what, they're not (yes, that's improper grammar and I don't care because character attacks on the quality of my writing just show that the accuser has run out of arguments). Those protesters are wasting their time. They are neither restoring Catholic morals to D.C., nor are they doing anything to change the status quo. Just as a previous commenter said, if you want to make a difference go protest at the SUPREME COURT (hell, some of us might join you!)-not an innocent high school graduation.

  40. I'd already posted this but did not go through because apparently it is either rude or goes against the magesterium of the Catholic Church. I don't see any of that, but hell, here i go again.

    I am a rising senior at Gonzaga College High School and i was at attendance yesterday, Sunday June 6, at the graduation ceremony. During the ceremony a lady stood up, subsequent to Sr Keehan's address, and accused her of supporting "legalized child killing" and called her a "socialist" at the top of her lungs. Quite frankly, the entire congregation was shocked and appalled. While I and many others at attendance appreciate the effort to instill Catholic morality in D.C., the condemnations, rash judgments and assumptions in this site fuel what i can only describe as an apocryphal sense of righteousness that disrespects the word of God which we know to be one of understanding and love. The way in which the Pro-life message today was delivered, both by the protesters and the lady inside, was in extremely poor taste. There is a time, place, and way to go about such things and this latest endeavor has failed in all three criteria. In response to claims that Gonzaga is a "corrupt institution" i can only say that the accusers speak out of ignorance. Abortion is not disguised as a political issue. It is not ignored for being too controversial. In fact, in every single religious studies class offered (of which all are mandatory for all four years) abortion is discussed at great lengths. Furthermore, the faculty makes every effort to preach the Church's stance on sustaining life. What it does not do and which i respect above all else is indoctrinate its students blindly into an ideology; rather, Gonzaga EDUCATES students into realizing and rationalizing for themselves the sinfulness of abortion. Evidently this system works and is smiled upon by God since i have both witnessed and experienced enlightenment on abortion without the threats of damnation and orders of obedience barraged upon my back. Now I do not know Sister Keehan in great detail but unlike the lady who interrupted and the protesters, i listened to her speech. She gave the graduating class the advice of knowing what inspires them and to consciously choose for themselves what should guide them through life. From what I know of her and from the testimony of Fr. Novotny, Sister Keehan has certainly let Jesus' mission of caring for the lesser among us, Gonzaga's motto, "men for others", and that love shows itself more in deeds than in words, inspire and guide her to follow God's will and carry out his commandments. I can only pray that we can all follow her example



    I understand that abortion is wrong, and yes, I have been given plenty of information about it. What do you expect me to do about it though? I am a high school student. Of course anything I say will not matter to the cause, because no one cares about my opinion. Look at you for example, you clearly don't.

    "You young men are future husbands and fathers. That you don't see the necessity to defend the most helpless little ones among us is a tragedy and reflects badly on your understanding of what it means to be men, the protectors of the weak."


    Clearly I will do what I can when I am older to end abortion, but because of my age, no one will take me seriously. Because age is clearly directly proportional to maturity, right? (Wrong). I am clearly pro-life, but do you understand what it takes to end abortion in this country? Standing on the street with a sign and mocking high school students and faculty does virtually nothing. You can mope around with all of your posters all day and be dismissed by 90% of passers by (including a lot of pro-lifers who will see you as radical), or you can try to be rational about this.

    While abortion is a tragedy, shouldn't we also remember world hunger, thirst, poverty, sickness, and other major problems? We can focus on tragedies that are nearly impossible to change (abortion) or we can focus on the ones that aren't and make a difference in the world. You writing on this little blog is insignificant. You standing on a street corner with a poster is insignificant. You better get your act together, make something of your life, and stop disrespecting students.

    Just because I am a teenager does not make me incompetent or immature. I have more maturity in my pinky finger than you do in your entire body. This is not a "sad commentary" on my education. Gonzaga is one of the best high schools in the United States of America academically, athletically, and spiritually. Nothing you say on this terrible website will ever change the war against abortion or the viewpoints of Gonzaga students. We are men for others. You are a woman for nobody.

    Sister Carol Keehan has done countless good deeds and bettered the country in a myriad of ways. What have you done? Complained. Grow up.

  42. You people are disgusting. I present exhibit A:

  43. I guess you guys just can't comprehend what we read. Just because we aren't single sixty year old women standing around protesting a women we have explicitly proven to be pro life (through examples in Congress and good friends of her) doesn't mean we do not care. There are 6 billion people in world who do far less than we do; however, you single us out for our other political leanings.

    I know its hard for you to comprehend, after being sucked into the lies of fox news, but you do not have to believe in every single aspect of a political view points. Gonzaga has decided that if one looks at our current state of political atmosphere one can find that the abortion issue remains stagnant. Throughout the Bush years where the Republicans had a majority, they had not made this clear murder of innocent children illegal. So, the Jesuits decided that since that issue will not budge any time soon (do not fret though, as we continue to show you, even though you choose not to believe it, our generation is more and more pro life) and therefore adopted a more liberal policy to lessen the deplorable state of the poor in this nation and this world. You obviously think this is wrong, citing your attacks on McCarrick for going to a global warming conference, continually saying the Jesuits are liberal, and supporting women who broke into the school and screaming socialism, and attack them as a result. Because of this. I AM CALLING YOU OUT FOR MAKING YOUR OWN MOVEMENT FAKE. you are only politicizing, even through the abortion issue, and therefore taking the religion out of this movement.

    I would also like to address those who believe we are only attacking you people. I would like to point you out as hypocrites seeing that you broke into a school and harassed graduates (BELIEVE ME EVEN CONSERVATIVE GRADUATES THOUGHT YOU WERE DESPICABLE AND YOU CANNOT SAY OTHERWISE BECAUSE YOU ONLY HAVE ONE STUDENT ON YOUR SIDE WHILE GONZAGA HAS 229). You also mocked Cardinal McCarrick for struggling up the steps. Really? An 80 year old men struggles with his advanced age and you choose to attack him for that. We may be attacking 60 year paranoid women who probably never been laid in their life but we are merely defending a nun who we have proven is pro life, gonzaga who is pro life, and McCarrick who is pro life and a kind man.

  44. Even if the bill does support abortion (which it doesn't, according to the actual BILL itself), is it really necessary to ruin the day that hundreds of students, family, friends, and faculty have looked forward to for 4 years? If you disagree with one person's opinion, don't protest a fine class from a fine institution's graduation.

    And another thing: perhaps you should do a little homework yourself. Gonzaga has sent no "mixed messages" to its students. Every student is required to take 4 years of religious studies, and 1 semester of social justice, in which students learn to live life according to the Bible, Jesus' messages, and what is morally correct. Never does the school teach that one must comprise their beliefs for the sake of political correctness. Additionally, Sr. Keehan did not mention the issue of abortion, and none of the boy were influenced by her opinion.

    Your group has shamed itself and soiled its name and message. Your actions are an embarrassment to pro-life activists, Catholics, and Christians everywhere. Jesus would never advise destroying priceless sentimental moments for over a thousand people. Whatever chance you had to spread your message to these people was ruined by your inappropriate and childish actions.

    You should be deeply ashamed. If you have any decency in you, you would apologize to the hundreds of people who had to suffer through the destruction of such an important day in their life.

    Keep in mind that you took video footage of these boys without consent. It is illegal to use any "image of their likeness" without their permission. Moreover, you trespassed into private Jesuit property without an invitation. You could have quite a few lawsuits on your hands if your not careful.

    May God have mercy on you for your actions.

  45. "Jesus predicted the division that happened last Sunday. He said he came to divide, and that's what happened. The protestors forced the division of the truth from the lie. Sr. Keehan stands for the lie and Gonzaga gave her a platform. They could have invited Clarence Thomas, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, or a distinguished alumus - men who would be great role models. Instead they chose a dissident nun. I'm still shaking my head over one more betrayal by Jesuit educators."

    Even if Sr. Keehan has sinned(which is up to God to decide, not extremists like yourself.), that is no reason to follow her and ruin events in which she makes no mention of abortion. Every human being has sinned and will sin. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Unless you want others to follow you around and protest your every action and speech for the sins of your past, let the men of Gonzaga enjoy their lives and continue their work of actual service that improves society and leave Sr. Keehan alone. Your hypocrisy is appalling, Mary Ann.

  46. it's interesting that this site has only been in existence since 2009. Did U not support DC Catholicism before then? Due to the overwhelming political messages in this site i can only infer that it is a result of backlash towards the Obama administration. Although there is absolutely no problem whatsoever in not agreeing politically, to use religion as pretext for UR own political preferences is disgusting.

  47.'s some further information on Sr.'s situation:
    Sister Keehan Off Prestigious Hospital Board over Obamacare Fallout

    And Restore-DC-Catholicism...I would close these is NO CHARITY in this 'discussion'. It has gone too far. Charity in all things and all circumstances.

  48. I commend the protesters for their Catholic militancy in standing up against this abomination and public act of schism and apostasy by the reprobates who run these awful Jesuit institutions.

    Oh to all the current Gonzaga students:

    Does Gonzaga still teach that pornography and masturbation aren't mortal sins and having non-Catholic speakers at their "retreats" mention (without any contrition at all) how they were insulted by the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

    Is the great education that so many blind student proudly beat their chests about?

  49. I cannot reply to all these posts, so I'll have to "pick and choose". In general, there
    does seem to be some coordination amongst those who opposed our presence at Gonzaga yesterday; I cannot help but notice too many similarities in phraseology, etc. That's ok, but it's just interesting to note. Now to some salient points.

    To the poster from today who was stamped at 6:40am - You sound like you'd make a great gestapo or thought-police operative. Why? First paragraph "your website is not allowed to speak about education.." Not allowed? Says who? As for the crack about GEDs, not only did we hayseed hicks manage to make it out of those one-room schoolhouses, but we managed to get our diplomas too. We have college degrees and (sit down for this and have smelling salts handy!), there is at least one PhD amongst us! I'm sure you don't beleive me, but that's up to
    you. Getting back to your gestopo-esque manner, in the last paragraph you state "I will try to hunt you down for libel if you refuse to take out the notion of socialized
    medicine." Young man, has Gonzaga so utterly failed to teach you basic US civics? This is the United States of America! Our God-given rights to free speech are guaranteed by the First Amendment. That means we may voice political opinions without fear of reprisal. It may even mean that attempts at reprisal are
    themselves actionable. By the way - for any government to mandate that people buy any service or commodity is itself tyranical.

    Moving along to the 11:09 poster, you mock the concept of a class dedicated to logic. That I can understand, since it's so painfully obvious that such classes are no longer being offered. But there used to be such classes, back when
    schools were actually trying to educate people.

    To the 12:31pm poster. I know Mary Ann, you do not. I know all that she has done for her Church, her family and countless unborn children. For you to make a statement such as "I have more maturity in my pinky finger than you do in your entire body" only testifies to your arrogance and ignorance. I hope both
    of these conditions are cured by your growing up.

    To the 1:31 poster - Prior to this blog, I had been using a website format for about 4-5 years. In 2009 I decided that a blog scenario was more conducive to keeping up with events. This effort predates Obama. Now to answer a
    common misconception, it seems that you all are assuming that religion and politics are separate things. Not so - for our Catholic beliefs should impact all areas of our lives, including political convictions. If that "disgusts" you, may I suggest an antacid?

  50. I'm done with this, clearly there is no reasoning whatsoever with people who get off on the thrill of being the staunch defenders of morality. Get off your high horse, pay a little attention to the substance of posts - not make fun of grammatical errors, our ignorance towards school curriculum from over 50 years ago, or the witty phrases we use to illustrate our points - and finally as the man in the video so eloquently put it, "get a life"


  51. And what about the illegal nature of your break-in to private Jesuit property without invitation and the posting of dozens of individuals'(many of whom are minors) images on Youtube? Surely your Civics class didn't forget to teach you to avoid such actions.

  52. Ok so theres a lot to talk about here, so just a few points.

    1. Ad Hominem attacks, please stop them, both sides are using them, and all they do is incite the other side.

    2. To those who say that our beliefs should impact everything, including politics, I agree with you, and i agree that abortion should be protested, and loudly. However, it would be wise to pick and choose your places to do so. No person at Gonzaga's graduation ceremonies yesterday is a member of Congress, and therefore cannot directly change the current political standing of abortion, which is the only way in which abortion's standing in our nation can be changed.

    Now, to those who say that by inviting the kindly sister to speak, Gonzaga is thereby condoning abortion, I have to say that is nonsense. The sister did not mention the topic once in her speech, and your plants inside the church can back me up on this. I don't believe that we should condemn a person just because they hold a different viewpoint, I know that Jesus wouldn't have. Just because she supported the bill doesn't make her an awful person, I personally despise the bill, but I wasn't going to walk out in protest because she lobbied for it, rather it is best to keep an open mind and try to understand where the other person is coming from, lambasting a person for being different will do nothing but convince them that you are wrong for acting in such a manner.

    I know this kinda rambled, but oh well, it's my two cents.

    I apologize to the grammer nazis if there were any errors in my words.


  53. Humiliating and verbally attacking a nun, telling her and the entire church she "doesn't belong here." And I thought Catholicism was a welcoming religion, and that Jesus cared for sinners most of all. In fact, I could have sworn he died for the sinners. Yet you have shown me the truth: Jesus taught us to openly hate our neighbors for their actions and to try our best to judge them and turn others against them. Let us cast the first stone, fellow sinners! Just as Jesus taught, right?

    You all owe the fine men of Gonzaga, their friends, their family, and especially Sister Keehan an apology. Nothing wrong was done in that church. It is no sin to hear the words of a nun even if she has indirectly supported abortion. It is a sin to pass judgment on another human being. Leave that job to God, I have no doubt in my mind he knows better than you.

  54. To the 4:53 PM poster, in response to your response to the 11:09 post, Gonzaga is one of the best high schools in the nation. Don't play games with me.

    And if you really doubt that it teaches us anything, refer to the 10:44 AM post earlier in response to James Mary Evans. The information we learn is extremely more valuable than any "logic" class would ever teach.

  55. to the 4:53 person, yes gonzaga has failed me, it has failed the governor of maryland, it has failed the attorney general of virginia, it has failed the man who treated the dying lincoln after he was shot, it has failed senator hagel's son, it has failed former secretary of education, william bennet, it has failed John Loh, Air Force Chief of Staff, it has failed Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, and it will fail the son of the chief justice of the supreme court. Gonzaga has failed me so much that I only had to choose between to ivy leagues (Columbia and Darthmouth) and gave me a low score of a 4 on an AP Exam (I have taken 9 by the way)!

    Also, you contradict yourself when you say I am a gestapo member when I say I will sue you for libel for those lies. The Gestapo did not take people to court; rather, they just took them. Second, you claim you have a right to free speech but the Supreme Court in several proclamations (for example, their reaction that said the 1919 Espionage Act was valid) said that if one is harming the tranquility of the nation then they are to be deemed a threat. As I have proven, this bill does not result in socialized medicine. Since your shouts help polarize this nation on the health care issue and as a result cause the multiple death threats to both democrats and republicans, you are causing harm to this nation; therefore, your constitutional right argument is mute.

    With regards to the dig at your education, congrats! You have a Ph.D! i would like to know where he got. While we are on the subject of Ph.D's, several harvard professors as well as the multiple people just out of prestigious graduate schools all concur with the anti-abortion amendment. In fact, the only institution that still argues this as false is fox "news" (a corporation that doctors footage, which is illegal, to prove a point).

    i would now like to support my brother in the 1:31 comment. I have shown that the abortion issue remains stagnant and how our generation (you know, the one that will rectify all of your's misdeeds) is overwhelmingly pro-life. As such, we choose not to be narrow minded and wish to help the 10 percent of Americans who live below the poverty line.

    I would like to finish by saying that Gonzaga students will soon stop responding to your pathetic attacks. About 50 students have already done or are doing a service trip to Emittsberg Maryland. There they shall help the elderly clean up their properties, help the local parochial school deal with their financial challenges buy volunteering to cleaning up the school grounds, and help the mentally challenge feel normal by bonding with them over a game of bowling. Some are in New Orleans rebuilding homes and local sites as a response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Others will be heading to the Dominican Republic to build latrines for the poor communities in the mountains. About 24 will be heading to a native american reservation in South Dakota to help maintain the homes there and tutor the local children. There is also a trip to New Jersey. The rising Seniors will perform 9,200 hours before their last year ends. The school in general will accomplish at least 30,000 hours of service before the next school year ends. Clearly, we are pro life. Our devotion to service shows how much we care for our local community (especially in the McKenna) and our global one. Please think about this before you speak negatively about this fine institution.

    One final note. Read this please:

  56. ONE OF YOU HAS A PHD!!!! wow, I'm definitely going to assume everything you say is correct and disregard my own intellect and knowledge to blindly believe everything you say (sarcasm).

  57. Gonzaga will never be corrupt bc they let the young men think for themselves and not just make them believe whatever their teacher believes. U people are crazy for ruining a graduation. Do u think HIGH SCHOOLERS really care about a debate on abortion on graduation day? It is a shame of what you people did. And the speaker shows of what Gonzaga teaches to it's students


  58. You are true heros for protesting these abortion supporters.

  59. This is interesting. The students make fun of the protestors saying they are ignorant and probably don't even have a GED and then make fun of them because they are well educated and one has a PhD. Somedays you just can't win.

  60. To Mr "6:17pm" - That was just to counter your (or your classmate's) condescending remark about the "GEDs". I don't doubt, though, that the meaning soared right over your head.

    To Mr "6:13pm" Your activities are truly commendable. However that does not in
    any fashion change the unfortunate truth of what Sister's presence did to the credibility
    of Gonzaga's administration. Now you write that "Gonzaga students will soon stop
    responding to your pathetic attacks." Does that mean that all these comments were a coordinated effort (as I suspected)? Not that it makes any difference, I just find that
    interesting. Now was this a purely student-initiated effort, or did the faculty/staff have
    their hands in this?

    By the way - I never said you were a gestapo member. Rather, I said your behavior was gestapo-esque. For someone who's threatening to sue for libel, you'd better be very careful to quote people accurately. And our voicing of the opinion that Obama's bill is "causing harm to this nation"? That's downright funny - thanks for the laugh!

    Mark Twain once said that when he was a teenager, he thought his father was rather
    stupid, but realized that when he was 21, his father all of the sudden became more
    intelligent. I say this in all sincerity and hope for you of Gonzaga, that I hope you
    have an epiphany similar to Twain's. Too many of you seem to be filled with the
    cockiness and arrogance so typical of youth. Some of you have mocked us for our age. However, having been young once, we too suffered from arrogance. We learned, and trust that you will, too. Those of you going to help with the elderly, good for you. Take some time to learn from them; you might find you receive more than you give.

    Comments for this post are now closed.