Monday, September 1, 2014

USCCB Social Justice - Poisonous From Its Beginnings

I stumbled upon two videos featuring Michael Voris.  Apparently they're from a conference in Louisiana that he gave within this past year.  They both deal with the origins of current "social teaching" by the USCCB.  When I said yesterday that the USCCB's prattling was both deadly and corrosive, I didn't realize how correct I was, for these talks show the insidious beginnings and the sinister players in the development of what is mistakenly called "Catholic social teaching" in the United States today.  In fact, it bears little resemblance to actual magisterial pronouncements but are merely progressive talking points dressed up with "catholic" vocabulary to impress the unsuspecting Catholic in the pew. I post both videos below.

The first has to do with some preliminary ground work and funding of the so-called "social justice" farce.  The Rockefeller family figured prominently in that.  Voris also talks about the eugenics movement that was influential in "social justice".  While he focuses on Margaret Sanger, the eugenics movement had many players.  For an excellent history of the eugenics movement and how it motivated the abortion movement, I'd highly recommend that you buy and study the dvd "Maafa 21".  You'll also hear how the Rockfellers funded Notre Dame while the latter was under the diabolical influence of Father Theodore Hesburgh.  This video will detail just some of the harm that he did to the Church.

The second deals with Saul Alinsky and how some nefarious elements in the Church insinuated "social justice" into current Catholic thought.  Voris pointed out a fact about John Carr that I had not known.  Carr, before become head of the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development, worked with then-President Jimmy Carter on population control.  In researching this tidbit, I did find that Carr was a co-founder of something called "National Religious Partnership for the Environment".  Besides coughing up the vomit known as "Catholic Coalition on Climate Change", he signed onto this statement: "We believe there is a need for concerted efforts to stabilize world population by humane, responsible and voluntary means consistent with our differing values. (Declaration of the Mission to Washington May 12, 1992)".  In other words, he's ok with the murder of unborn babies - provided it's "consistent with our differing values", whatever the hell that means.  And this is the fellow who for many years headed up the USCCB's "social justice" racket office.  Of course that means the CCHD and CRS was under his watchful gaze.

Voris says other key things, directed at the faithful Catholics.  At the 35:00 mark, he notes that the US church has willingly abdicated its responsibilities to exercise the Corporal Works of Mercy to the government.  Continue watching to 37:32 as he explains why that was a colossal blunder.

At 49:38-52:25 Voris explains why the embrace of so many Catholics of contraception was a pivotal moral evil that made us susceptible to the wiles of "social justice".  An important aside: I was sent an email asking why I didn't sign the Manhattan Declaration.  Read the Manhattan Declaration.  In this entire treatise of social ills, do you see any acknowledgment of the havoc wrought by contraception?  No.  In fact, if you do a word search for "contraception", it is not mentioned once.  I wrote back to them and let them know that as long as they embrace contraception by their silence, they themselves are dupes of the culture of death.

With no further ado I post the two videos that both show that the current "social justice" racket is that - progressive poison spread by the USCCB, for which they are compensated rather handsomely by their sugar daddies.  I realize the videos are rather long, but they contain vital information.  If we're going to combat the culture of death, we must invest time and effort to understanding its underpinnings and history.  If time is truly a constraint, I'd definitely recommend the second video be studied in its entirety.

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