Thursday, March 12, 2015

From The Maturation Department - Abominations In Catholic Churches, Sanctioned By Popes

Yes, I put the word "popes" in plural, for they - from Paul VI onward - have wafted freely of the false idol of pseudo-ecumenism.  Why is this ecumenism false?  Simply put, it's a sanctimonious disguise for the heresy of religious indifferentism. It operates under the unspoken and erroneous assumption that all religions are equally beneficial.  For this I'll now use the more accurate term "ecumenicide".

As you watch the video below, think of Ezekiel 8, as the prophesies about the abomination in the temple are announced.  Might this video be displaying a manifestation of this prophesy's fulfillment?  I think that to be a reasonable hypothesis since we see:
  • Talk of a "new world order" (12:38)
  • A statue of Buddha on a Catholic altar (22:30).  In front of the Tabernacle!
  • Hindus invoking their plethora of false deities in another Catholic sanctuary (23:00).
  • Other sundry idolatries occurring in Catholic venues and being placed on a par with Catholic worship and devotion
The video is long but well worth the time to view it.  Below the video I have discussion of yet another profanation of the Vatican, one that occurred this past week.  I can see this will be a long post so I'll now insert the jump break.  So..

As the narrator says, we are witnessing a "journey of apostasy" (26:40).  At 27:11, mention is made of a "World Council of Religions, analogous to the United Nations".  What heretical nonsense!  Leaving aside the obvious evil of the United Nations, there can only be true unity when all recognize that the fullness of truth is to be found in the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself - the Roman Catholic Church.  At 30:23, the narrator has some blunt words of truth regarding Saint John Paul II.  Yes, he's a saint, but very few saints were infallible (More than a few disputed among themselves, for example).

It does appear that the narrator is Orthodox but his discussion is worth attention.  Listen starting at the 34:00 mark.  At 35:48 he asks "where is this hobnobbing of Christians and heathens leading?"  Answering (in part) his own question, he states, "the truth is being relativized.  The new world order, the new global spirituality and the new global ethic are already taking flesh and bones."

According to this film (39:08), this pseudo-ecumenism got its start in Chicago in 1893 with the first "Parliament of Religions".  What is it about Chicago?  It seems all sorts of progressive claptraps can trace their origins to Chicago: Saul Alinsky and his "community organizing" rackets, Weather Underground and of course, the Messiah Most Miserable launched his nefarious career from that place.  I'm beginning to think that place needs a heavy-duty exorcism, but I digress.  100 years later (1994) the second "parliament of religions" occurred in Chicago.  Listen closely to what the "dali lama" says at 14:29, "one religion cannot satisfy millions of different people".  That of course is rank nonsense from a pagan, with the late heretic Cardinal Bernardin smiling in the background.  The Roman Catholic Church can, for she was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  To that nonsense we state the truth "EXTRA ECCLESIAM NULLA SALUS"!  You don't need to be a Latin expert to understand that!  He states his belief that all religions "are the same".  I have to hand this to him: he's honest.

His stated goal is "betterment of humanity".  A few problems are evident in that statement.  First, if there is no one true religion, by what wonderous procedure do all these "equal religions" come to a consensus as to what constitutes "betterment of humanity"?  We've all seen these past months what the jihadists consider the "betterment of humanity" and the measures they'll take to achieve their warped goals.  Second, there seems to be no consideration of the afterlife.  Is there an unspoken assumption that there is no afterlife?  Earlier the narrator stated this pan-theistic movement was rooted in humanism, a view that does not accept the reality of an afterlife.  We Catholics (and most professing Christians) know that there is.  We either will wind up in heaven or in hell.  Unless we join our lot to the Catholic Church and live for Our Lord, we will increase our chances of ending in hell - fat lot of good all this "betterment of humanity" will do us then!

Now the video and regrettable news of the latest defilement of the Vatican.

LifeSiteNews brings word of an abomination that happened within Vatican walls this past weekend.  The Vatican, in its observance of "International Women's Day" (whatever the hell that is!), allowed an event, organized outside the Vatican, to be held within its premises.  One of the organizers/speakers was Deborah Rose-Milavec, a prime agitator for women's ordination.  Another was Tina Beattie, a British feminist who shills for abortion and gay rights.  She once likened Holy Mass to homosexual acts.

The organizers opined that their conference positions could form a "de facto think tank" for Pope Francis.  You can read more of the effervescent enthusing over this conference by progressives everywhere on the LifeSite link.  They are hailing it as a victory for their cause.  Sadly, I can understand their vantage point.  More "smoke of Satan" has poured into the Vatican and this time it is openly welcomed for what it is.  Or maybe it's just another step in our "maturation" before the next sin-nod.

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  1. Excellent post. And you are right about the "Budda" thing. This occurred during an "ecumenical" event in the 80's, called Assisi. I love Saint JPII (he rocks!), but he has been rightly criticized for his involvement in this. I have even heard orthodox Catholics praise Assisi, like it was groundbreaking, and a good thing. Well, maybe some aspects of it were, but they definitely took things too far, and went into false ecumenism. That is why when B16 went to Assisi, he tried to make sure it did not breach into this.

    Thanks for your coverage of this important issue. I wish there where a petition of protest to sign or something. This is a real shame!



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