Saturday, May 28, 2016

From The Envirowhacko Department: Married To The Sea!

Yes, you read that right!  And why not?  Men are "marrying" men, women "marrying" women, and some are "marrying" their dogs, brick walls, etc.  So why not "marry" the ocean?  I wish this was a parody, but alas, some eco-eccentric folks actually pulled that stunt!

A philosophy professor at Santa Monica College in California (where else?) led her students in what she called an "eco-sexual sextravaganza" during which the students "married" the ocean.  The site contains detail and a video entitled "Married to the Sea: An Ecosexual Wedding".  If you thought the era of the hippies was over, you'll see that it is very much alive.  You'll also see paganism throughout the clip.

After "vows" were pronounced, the "newlyweds" were urged to go to the ocean to "consummate the marriage".  Heaven only knows what that might mean.  At any rate, before such "consummation" occurred, the "spouses" were exhorted to (wait for it!) get the ocean's consent before so doing!  And just how were they supposed to do that?  Put a conch shell to their ears and listen for the ocean to whisper sweet nothings to them?

Now with all this talk of "gender", I wonder which of the 58 genders per facebook the ocean is?  Or does it come with its own batch of "genders"?  I can see there being a "Pacific" gender, or an "Atlantic" gender.  Maybe there's a Chesapeake Bay gender?  I better stop before I give that professor any more ideas.

I suppose there's one positive aspect to this.  When one of the students complains about their "spouse" being a big drip, it'll really be a compliment!  I wonder when the first "divorce" will happen; the ex's will just wave good-bye, I suppose.

This is yet another mockery of marriage and God's plan for marriage, sexuality, family life and the procreation of children.  While this sounds like a loony lark, it will also be another cause for God's chastisement when (not if, when) it comes.

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  1. This is getting to be too much! 'Consummate' their marriage to the ocean? I don't even WANT TO KNOW what that might entail. The insanity is truly frightening!


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