Friday, July 8, 2016

Pope Enables Progressive Bishop To Select Other Heterodox Clerics For Episcopal Ordination

Archbishop Blaise Cupich of Chicago ranks as one of the most progressive (if not heretical) bishops in the United States.  His disdain for Catholic morality is all-too-well known.  To wit:
  • As bishop of Spokane Washington he forbade his priests from participating in the 40 Days for Life campaign.
  • When the Supreme Court passed a ruling on "gay mowwidge", the statement he uttered was, at best, limp-wristed lip service to marriage.
  • He issued a statement claiming that gun control and immigration are equal in importance to baby-slaughter.
  • He advocates violations of Canon 915.
Despite all these serious and blatant shortcomings, the pope personally invited him to participate in the sin-nod, where he opined that de facto unrepentant adulterers could receive Holy Communion..  Now it seems that the pope is doubling down on promoting this man to high position in the Church. It was announced today that the pope has named Cupich to the Congregation for Bishops  Yes that is the same committee from which the pope ejected Cardinals Rigali and Burke and also placed Cardinal Wuerl.  LifeSiteNews and Church Militant TV both have additional commentaries.

Ladies and gentlemen, this pope knows what he is doing  He knows very well that Cupich will lobby to have clerics of his own low caliber ordained as bishops.  They will most likely offer poor leadership to their own flocks.

I'm calling upon my willfully naive friends to cease their denial regarding this pope.  Yes, others have made mistakes during their pontificates.  But when "mistakes" happen with alarming frequency, common sense dictates that these "mistakes" are deliberate.


  1. The same happened in the UK, but a couple or so have passed through the net in resent times, Deo gratias!

  2. It is all part of the game plan. Make no mistake about it. He is a master at it. Just look at how all the pieces of a new church from Vatican II are slowly coming into being.

  3. Indeed, Cupich and Wuerl TOGETHER??!! Lord help us!! And yes, I do believe at this point Francis KNOWS what he's doing. I used to think not at the beginning of his Papacy....blamed his 'irregular ramblings' on the media, the language barrier etc. You can only do that for so long before you realize his words and ACTIONS are purposeful and he is not so clueless after all. The reason I don't understand Michael Voris' constant defense of him. He's a smart guy, you KNOW he's got to see what's going on.


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