Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Vatican Vibrations?

Remember Father Lefty Goodvibes from almost seven years ago?  I'm wondering if he was called to the Vatican to offer his services there - perhaps as a shaman.  Now calm down!  Of course "Goodvibes" is a fictitious character.  I only wish some of the slop coming from the pope's mouth were just as imaginary.  Papolaters, if you think the term "slop" is overly harsh, what would you prefer I call the unabashed indifferentism and New Age glop that he uttered a few days ago?  Bovine excrement?

I'm referring to his recent letter to the mayor of Paris, who happens to be an atheist.  He asked her prayers, but if she is not inclined, to send him "positive waves".  Is this an example of the "new evangelism"?  To affirm someone in their sin against the First Commandment?  To appeal to New Age idolatry?

This serious lapse is not the first such episode. In June 2015 he asked a group of reporters to "send him good vibrations" if the "cannot pray because they aren't believers".   Why didn't he urge them to pray?  Did he have any concern for their souls?  Is he not the chief shepherd?  Our Lord had something to say about true shepherds versus hirelings.

Will prayerful Catholic songs soon be replaced by the following?  I regret that in this clip seems to sum up the pseudo-spirituality evinced by the pope's letter to the mayor.  Let's continue to pray our rosaries that Our Lord will once again be honored at the Vatican.

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