Friday, December 8, 2017

Pope Francis Wants To Edit The Prayer That Jesus Himself Gave Us

Yes, that's right.  Pope Francis wants to rewrite the Lord's Prayer, also known as the Our Father.  He thinks the translation of "lead us not into temptation" is poor.  My first thought when I read that was, "if it was a poor translation, how is it that in 2000 years of Church history, no theologian or bishop or pope ever noticed this problem?"  Well, maybe it's because the problem doesn't really exist.

The Remnant correctly points out that the English and Italian translations are taken straight from the Latin Vulgate, and thus the pope's problem is with the prayer as composed by Our Lord Himself.  So he thinks he knows better than Our Lord how His prayer should read?  If the pope changes His very words, then anything can be changed - and maybe that's an ulterior motive.  Maybe that's part of the systematic process of the deconstruction of Faith and Tradition.

But, hey!  We can't be - oh, what does the pope call us? - "rigid Christians", etc.  Perhaps the pope needs help in making the Lord's Prayer more, shall we say, relevant!  Louie Verrecchio has a great suggestion; I'm sure he put hours of prayer into it! :-D  And how about this priceless gem?

Ridiculous, you say?  Not anymore ridiculous than the pope's attempt to mangle the Our Father.


  1. Exactly right. This man believes he knows better than Jesus Christ.
    Imagine this, no two Christians will EVER be able to pray that prayer knowing that they will say the same words. Right now, all Christians do say the same words, but if this maniac has his way, that will end forevermore. More division in Christianity. Some people will continue praying it as it has always been prayed, Neo-Caths may or may not change to the Francis-form, Progressive/Communist Catholics certainly will, because they love change and dismantling.
    And as usual, we stand here with our mouths agape. I have to say, this one takes the ever-loving prize. Of all the lousy things he's done, I think this one is the pinnacle, the capper. A pox on silent Cardinals and Bishops, at this point. They fear man, they do not fear God.


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