Monday, March 5, 2018

More On Cardinal Wuerl And Amoralis Lamentia

The thing is entitled "Sharing In The Joy Of Love".  Many progressives are just giddy with joy over it - understandably so, for now immorality and heresy can be formally foisted upon unsuspecting Catholics.  For instance, we see this tweet from Cardinal Cupich; please read some of the replies under it, for some Catholics aren't afraid to speak truth to him.

Then we see Michael Sean Winters from the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter gush that "Cardinal Wuerl's Pastoral Plan On Amoris Laetitia Points The Way Forward", begging the question "forward to where?".  He answers his own question by opining, "We cannot, as some guidelines issued by other bishops, such as those from Archbishop Charles Chaput, skip over the process of accompaniment and discernment and simply repeat the certainty that the divorced and remarried, all of them, without exception and no matter their circumstances, can never be brought to the Eucharistic table."  News flash!  There is no authentic "discernment" whatsoever without the proclamation that adulterers may not receive Holy Communion on pain of sacrilege.  Winters goes on to mock EWTN, First Things and other faithful Catholics.

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters wrote a very cautionary piece on Wuerl's so-called "implementation".  He states that it can be used to justify disobedience to Canon 915.  He leaves open the question as to whether or not that is the intention of the plan.  However, Cardinal Wuerl's past actions leave little room for doubt as to the intentions behind this SJL piece.

I will post more developments as I learn them.


  1. Yes, I left #Cupich a reply. And....I hope we see many more replies to his dissenting interpretation of this God awful encyclical! .....for whatever it's worth.

  2. If will spread among the modernist ones and lead more souls away from holiness and perhaps even salvation. We are watching the Church crumble around us and it is so very painful! To whom shall we go? To Christ and His holy Mother and cling to the age old teachings of the Church because truth does not change or shift or 'accompany' sin. We have to hold fast in the midst of a 'church' that compromises with the flesh, the devil, and the world.

  3. I did not realize the Wuerl is a Jesuit!


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