Friday, April 13, 2018

Remnant On Young People's Synod

While Michael Matt states that Pope Francis et al are trying to take their lead from these young people, I don't think that's the case.  I think the next Amoralis Lamentia is already written.  They are simply going to use these poor kids as props that they can use to trot out their latest heretical poison.


  1. I suspect you are correct. This is how the rules for radicals work.

  2. The people in that picture used to be called grownups.

  3. Anybody notice anything weird about that photo? Not only are those not actual teens, would you not say they all appear to be on the favorable side of attractive? I mean, I work with teens. Where is the acne, the bad hair, the dumpy, the average? I don't believe they are there. I believe these young people were hand picked because they are attractive. Now besides what that says about how off track our churchmen are, there is a group that clearly prefers physical beauty to other qualities...

  4. Some of those young people look awfully effeminate. Of course! They need one of everything, they've got the whites, the blacks, the browns, whatever, and they need some gay types. Gotta check off those boxes.
    I don't believe young people asked for what they are claiming they asked for. Not a bit. It's all made up, all fiction, all pre-determined. They knew what they wanted, and they are just claiming the kids asked for it. So fascist, so typical, so Vatican-y.

  5. Something is very wrong when Wisdom is being replaced by the ideas of the youth.
    Yes they all look like handpicked models who are in their twenties .
    I am reminded of Maciel's tactics to send handsome youthful male priests to the homes offmilies with young boys to convince the parents, especially the mothers, that their sons have vocaions to the priesthood and should enter a Legion of Christ boarding school.

  6. Here comes contraception, gay "marriage", etc...........


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