Wednesday, May 16, 2018

From The Et Tu Brute Department: Gov. Hogan Throws MD Parents Under The Bus Because..Political Correctness

From the "Et tu, Brute?" Department we read that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed into law a measure that prohibits therapists from from offering "gay reparative therapy" to minors.  I'm linking to an article from Metro Weekly, a publication that appears to cater to gays as they carry out their perversions.  That should explain its progressive stance.

It cites a study that claims that 20,000 minors could be "forced to undergo conversion therapy".  Well, in related news, these same minors might be "forced" to eat their vegetables at dinner, get their teeth filled at the dentist, do their homework after school, etc.  Who would be doing all this "forcing"?  Parents.  These are the same people who care for their children by feeding, clothing, and housing them.  They are tasked by God Himself to seek their children's welfare: both temporal and spiritual.  If one of these children were to exhibit tendencies towards pyromania, would reparative therapy seem so outlandish to these progressives?

The tendency towards homosexuality is intrinsically disordered.  A parent would be wise to seek professional help for his/her child so afflicted.  Now that avenue for assistance has been denied that child.  Why?  Clearly this is a slap in the faces of parents who seek the best for their children.

Well, let's take a look at some of the supporters of that therapy-gag- order.  Richard Madaleno and Bonnie Cullison, who introduced the measure into the state legislature, both consider themselves "married" to their same-sex accomplices.  The Human Rights Campaign and Free State Justice are two organizations who work to facilitate perversion.  Of course they'd support this gag order.

They all commit and/or support intrinsically sinful conduct.  The simple fact is that they cannot brook any mention of  that truth, lest their numbed consciences be awakened and start stinging them.  Thus they want the truth suppressed.  Any person afflicted with homosexual leanings and who seeks freedom from them is a living rebuke to the gay community and their enablers.  Therefore the gay community will seek to hold these people prisoners, lest they achieve freedom and show the gay mantras to be lies.  These individuals will not be satisfied until all manifestation of the truth is squelched.

Of course any Christian who is awake is not the least bit surprised that the gay community would put forth this piece of putrid legislation.  What is disappointing, though, is Governor Hogan's capitulation to the gay agenda.  The man is supposed to be Catholic, yet he just acted to trap troubled youth in dangerous and sinful lifestyles.  This will be something to consider as Maryland's primaries loom closer.


  1. Diabolical. No other word for it

  2. Never trust anyone who tells you something blatantly against common decency and Christian morality. The Gov must be auditioning for the Episcopate in the FrancisChurch!

    1. And just where, oh where is his Archbishop (Lori)? Probably cowering under his Episcopal desk!:

  3. Considering that the homosexual agenda is being taught to the small children, there will be those wondering about what/who they are and with the push to make the sin be considered "normal" and without being able to get help to show the child the proper inclination, we will have more unhappy, sin filled, sodomites and lesbians which is, of course, the goal. So if everyone is in sin, then the sin can be normalized, legalized, and promoted, right? Even our hierarchy is complicit most often.


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